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  1. Count Number Of Classifieds In Each Category
  2. How to find pharses stored in a file in another large text and replace them
  3. IMAGE UPLOAD grrrrr >.<
  4. How to use example print function to print within your php code?
  5. make a field of database into a link
  6. how to obtain checkbox values that are in associate array form ?
  7. Email PHP Form "Confirmation email" - Radio Group Problem
  8. Issue in $_POST
  9. how to create and open directory in php directory dynamically?
  10. put each element of an explode string into each cell of table
  11. Undefined offset: error
  12. when running the code I am getting this problem: ( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, une
  13. What is an equivalent to Java's super keyword?
  14. XTEA Encryption/Decryption
  15. connection to two database and query for if data is recorded
  16. How to read from a three-dimensional array
  17. how to save data and at the same time redirect to another page with the data in php
  18. Script to know whether my email was opened
  19. How to display all images from MYSQL using PHP
  20. how can i put weather info in my website ?
  21. php completing action but not emailing.
  22. AJAX can't access php from outside xampp folder
  23. Nested PHP loops
  24. Transfer the value
  25. login only works on localhost
  26. How to create a pop up that will appear on a third party website
  27. Count the data
  28. multiple search
  29. mysql-php error message
  30. Get Title of web page, print as text in body.
  31. how to bcc with php
  32. Why is my PHP files opening as downloadable files?
  33. How do you embed a .exe into a website?
  34. sending items to db MySQL from the second select form
  35. when the first field value is given how to display the remaining values automaticaly
  36. how to solve the SMTP server response: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unava
  37. jquery image not loading from array in php
  38. Cannot open a website containing .php files !!??
  39. smtp email in php not send mail
  40. how to get data from ajax responseText. Here i use three parts.
  41. ob_get_contents() returns empty string
  42. php mail function
  43. phpExcel question about "AutoSizing" work sheet
  44. Scheduling tasks such executing a php script
  45. import php variable to javascript
  46. I can't understand or fix this problem
  47. ERROR Message Warning: session_start()
  48. how to resolve parse error
  49. send users activation Email for the new accounts
  50. best object oriented php book
  51. How can i send SMS to user's mobile phone with PHP ??
  52. How to email details of a form in a pdf attachment
  53. How to query XML data? Move data to MySQL or xQuery?
  54. How to send option values to diffrent db tables
  55. I have to click a search button twice in order to get the results when the file loads
  56. How to SELECT data using 2 tables and show data only from table 1
  57. How can i display sort by ascending & descending list on PHP page from MySQL database
  58. send data from server to all clients
  59. how while loop value prints outside loop
  60. getting php value to javascript
  61. Help Finding Book for PHP
  62. SOAP PHP Client returns missing params but soapUI works fine
  63. remove odd data from array
  64. preg_match_all to retrieve data from HTML page
  65. This webpage has a redirect loop
  66. Logistic Regression Algorithm?
  67. WAMP server, PHP
  68. Drupal (CMS) and CodeIgniter(Framework)
  69. Assembling data for an .xls download file
  70. Call function from converted Array ?
  71. trouble in nested if statement
  72. adjusting my code to take the user to the search results if there is any
  73. Log username and password
  74. how to get item name in combo or list box from its index using i try in js
  75. search with php on my site problem
  76. php session expiry
  77. save and load image file with php and jquery
  78. Need help with HTML2PDF
  79. using session variables in my javascript
  80. Sort a array of substring
  81. Error re-sizing image on upload php
  82. APACHE HTTP set up for PHP
  83. Using Apache_note to log session details while accessing the images/js
  84. Truncate string but keep full html tag content
  85. INSERT into table ? problem
  86. how to hide (encrypt) password in table ?
  87. How do you send form data back to itself (wait, there's more!)
  88. how to pass php variable to ajax url
  89. Saving data error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')'
  90. validation not working: function not defined error
  91. PHP list directories
  92. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in C:\wamp\www\r
  93. drop down list
  94. i want to replace alert box with jquery dialog box.
  95. unexpected T_STRING
  96. Memcached not loading in PHP, in XAMPP (Windows 7)
  97. How to determine if 0 rows were returned from query
  98. multiple update in of rows in mysql using php
  99. registered user upload image & store file path to MySQL
  100. how to POST checkbox values to php program from database?
  101. Collapsible Panel that increases it's id every time in my loop
  102. Form validation/s fail in Internet Explorer only...
  103. Post drop-down menu selection to different tables in mysql
  104. mail() not sending email
  105. Need alternatives for ini_set() - disabled by host server
  106. displaying an image in php from an xampp database
  107. Why is this code for uploading files not really uploading files
  108. Undefined index variable errors
  109. How to ZIP a Directory and Its Files Using PHP on Plesk?
  110. Activating users using email in php
  111. display domain name instead of filename in php
  112. blank page error while retrieving data from postgresql database
  113. Php session cookie
  114. php form
  115. Uploading multiple images from a cms form to server & database
  116. Convert ja to php variable value
  117. To retain values from ajax on page refresh
  118. Session dont work (PHP)
  119. how can we transfer data using post?what is that process called?
  120. XML file in PHP
  121. How to create a telnet session using php?
  122. PHP - date format fails just in IE
  123. Removing files into a MySQL database using PHP
  124. Creating pages on the fly and expiring pages
  125. cannot send mail using PHP beyond domain
  126. I just want to get the values in to combobox from the database
  127. How can I detect metadata in webpages?
  128. How to remove this error from my header
  129. Alert popup in php
  130. how to create a php function that's create html file to image?
  131. How to search multiple items in a multidimentional array ?
  132. download corrupt?
  133. help with echoing out the url
  134. check if client is still connected
  135. registration form
  136. Display image from MySQL (BLOB) from HTML Page using IMG Tag.
  137. error in your SQL syntax
  138. 3 dimensional array assigned to smarty pass to javascript
  139. login authendication
  140. Uploading files into a MySQL database using PHP
  141. php ajax
  142. PHP - Verify username and password of remote website
  143. Retrieving textbox value from the first page to the next and up to the next
  144. php/mysql
  145. Retain checkbox value
  146. use group by with query
  147. how to make this code work?
  148. single .csv file how to store the multiple tables using php
  149. Simple regex problem - please help.
  150. How to Copy a File from Remote Server to Local Server?
  151. How to use data line by line with loop
  152. Why is this code won't work
  153. Display thumbnail in a second container using PHP
  154. Strange Issue - Joomla multi site
  155. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  156. Html, css, php& mysql
  157. why this iframe is not working for IE
  158. php code for searching phrase that is enclosed within double quote (") characters
  159. help with sorting out messages
  160. how to send form data to email in php
  161. How to retrieve a text from my DB and display it in textarea
  162. get acces and Read files from sharepoint using php
  163. How can write html tag and php variables in a single line
  164. What is the use of question mark and colon (? and :) mean for in PHP?
  165. related to <select><option>
  166. upload pdf
  167. Regular expression help
  168. How can i remove '=' sign and white space from end of a each line in a multiline text
  169. How to replace a charater from end a multiline text using php ?
  170. Retrieve bold and sized text from Mysql using PHP
  171. Why is PHPSESSID cookie not setting?
  172. Help a script with giving more detail.
  173. sort date in sql by DDMMYYYY
  174. How to extract data from sql DB into the form
  175. Msword Com issue
  176. php syntax error
  177. How can i store dynamically generated form field values into mysql database table usi
  178. Strange PHP Parse Issue
  179. Synchronization between threads
  180. unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in CODE
  181. how to create calender in php
  182. file_put_contents problems
  183. Framework vs Core PHP
  184. New Row for each Year?
  185. session variable is not updating with new one session variable
  186. Undefined index error for the last element of array
  187. Warning: mktime() expects parameter 6 to be long
  188. How to remove facebook page vertical scrollbar when using PHP SDK
  189. change value in a configuration file
  190. UI-Builder from OpenGate Software
  191. assign many attribute to one function
  192. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE(please help)
  193. help with ajax and javascript in php
  194. Require user to type an specific word in form in order to get form submitted?
  195. MySQL Query Browser
  196. PHP another mysql_insert_id() not working
  197. PHP mysql query is not executing
  198. how to upload video and image using php?
  199. about date format on mphp
  200. How to display fetch menus from database as horizontal menus?
  201. Conection between PHP & DBMS
  202. Another mySQL/picture problem
  203. CakePHP .htaccess
  204. Cake php
  205. Time estimates
  206. How does this piece of code work?
  207. ComPort to Web Page. With PHP?
  208. orange m2m API
  209. Call to undefined function _parent_where_query() in
  210. difference between " quotes and '' quotes
  211. value update by using class
  212. Search query to select multiple database (Different Tables in different database)
  213. PHP Form Help please...????
  214. how can i display a search output like of this that could be clicked or have a link
  215. my web site has been hacked
  216. How can i generate a random pin about 8 alphanumeric pins..?
  217. Go to php from php
  218. sent request
  219. Filtering Alumni members by matching their firstname and lastname ...
  220. imagepng returning 0 bytes image
  221. Queing Messages For SMS Gateway API
  222. timer
  223. how i can open my php file as pop up window through php header function.
  224. Php & ajax
  225. Joomla 2.5
  226. php header function not working
  227. How do I pass arrays of objects through a web service in PHP?
  228. How to fetch kannada values from the database in php?
  229. 3 drop down list box for selecting country state and cities
  230. Is this code correct
  231. throw giving error message
  232. WAMP & LDAP Extension
  233. php try / catch gives syntax error
  234. Multi entry form not passing info to mysql database
  235. What is wrong with this code?
  236. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\wamp\www\upl.php on line 16
  237. How to check for double occurence of a string and delete one
  238. SQL Injection PHP
  239. Cant write code in button click
  240. php login table linking to another table?
  241. Increment a number(upto 4 digit ) and reset counter on the next day
  242. Decryption of password which was encrypted using base64_encode
  243. Error in $Filename_or
  244. How to keep track of the questions in a quiz using PHP
  245. 403 Forbidden Error, When trying to update a page contents
  246. PHP coding
  247. php->html conversion reg
  248. 'Notice: Undefined index:' Error
  249. CSVfile to wordpress
  250. Unable to open PHP file in browser !
  251. how to save values of checkbox in mysql using php
  252. autologin in wordpress when loged in non wp-site
  253. Replace bbcode with increment value
  254. How to open and edit a file on the server
  255. How to generate and save a html page on the server
  256. How to create a path in php?
  257. problem with preg_match_all() ????
  258. Fatal error
  259. Method POST
  260. Image viewer in PHP?
  261. Google map with a marker connected with the database
  262. help in PHP : about LINKS INDEX.
  263. How do I add dots to my link?
  264. I M Getting An unexpected T_IF Error Plz Some1 solve it
  265. calculate no. of days dynamically
  266. "Check PHP $_SESSION empty" problem
  267. How to calculate a percentage using php
  268. how to show title of module in the form
  269. Error in sending mail using php
  270. Is there an elegant alternative in PHP for '#ifdef'
  271. Help needed with Php session variable..!
  272. countdown timer
  273. what is difference $a=10,$a='10' and $a="10"
  274. send values between functions
  275. Saving image paths into mysql from j2me using phpconnection
  276. covert php page to pdf
  277. How to decrypt md5 password in php and mysql data base ?
  278. Display image from database using php
  279. Warning: mysql_fetch_field() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:\
  280. How to connect PHP to Oracle database
  281. call two session in an isset
  282. Split a variable into an Array
  283. How to break a string in php after a specified number
  284. PHP: error-Undefined offset: 0
  285. Process Multi Record Form
  286. How to execute PHP file with parameters automatically?
  287. adding column and retrieval data from database
  288. select multiple values from mysql between intervals
  289. How to read next row in a mySql Query
  290. Sending Form Data
  291. How to set a drop down option by picking value from the database.
  292. report from mysql
  293. Error in sending mail
  294. Email headers $message - Don't Show if not exists
  295. array of as session variable
  296. how to insert value of datepicker into mysql database
  297. php code for searching data alphabetically from MySQL database
  298. Unexpected character
  299. Export MS SQL server 2005 express to Excel
  300. PHP fatal error : Failed opening required
  301. help creating form for website
  302. Is there any way to open multiple emails using mailto: tag?
  303. Verify record's existence in MySQL database?
  304. how to display records from multiple tables
  305. php
  306. undefined offset:2
  307. embed excel or .csv in webpage
  308. First time PHP Login
  309. Show selected record in different style
  310. How to send mail with PHP
  311. How to get value from JavaScript function
  312. PHP form sends blank variables
  313. How to extract user name with php
  314. handling multiple checkboxes
  315. how to get particular id from mysql db
  316. Why can't I pass this by reference.
  317. Problem with login script using php
  318. looking for a WYSIWYG HTML browser Editor
  319. mysql export fields mapping
  320. HTTP 1.0 503 service unavailable
  321. php mail function
  322. css divs overlapping in IE8 and if logged in with tablet / netbook /diff size screans
  323. preg_split not working
  324. Multiple sessions with own variable values
  325. .inc or .php file different
  326. How To upload resume in JobPortal site for Php languages???
  327. problem having a complete record from mysql_fetch_row
  328. How to store in MySQL multiple checkbox values using PHP code
  329. how can i store information in mysql database ?
  330. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in E:\wamp\www\forums\view_topic.php on li
  331. PHP define not working with jquery load
  332. how to insert multiple array into database using PHP
  333. Print page
  334. how to select post values in php when it in loop
  335. how to insert multiple array into database using PHP
  336. how to display a prompt when user chooses to delete a record in php
  337. failed to retrieve data?
  338. error message displaying when field isn't empty
  339. PHP web form Call MSSQL stored procedure, display search results
  340. SMTP error
  341. Error message not displaying
  342. Making an order form for a pizza company
  343. sending variables from one php page to another php page
  344. cURL post data to page
  345. Retain drop down menu value... can't quite get it :( ....
  346. MVC form submission POST-Redirect-GET problem
  347. Php extension error
  348. delete query format
  349. passing variables from php page to html page
  350. Discussion: Select Single Column Using MySQL
  351. PHP/SQLite connector PHP5 and SQLite 3
  352. error
  353. POST & GET - Passing a string value from javascipt to php
  354. jason_encode fails with special characters
  355. Web Page Has Expired
  356. PHP and MYSQL
  357. Displaying an image between php tags
  358. How to format this? Comma and periods stuff
  359. PHP Unique execution
  360. The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Eit
  361. php thumb
  362. php query doubt
  363. how to make call xml file in php runtime
  364. Updating record's quantity in mysql table if exist otherwise insert a new row.
  365. i written this code and i have error this code to retrieve my data from
  366. How to identify Daylight saving Time
  367. Convert string to date format and add 1 year
  368. PHP/forms: refreshing page with new results after submit
  369. [Help]User must login to access the pages
  370. php session
  371. Fetch
  372. Difference between <?php ?> and <? ?>
  373. PHP Form sending blank
  374. PHP Hyperlink in an if else php statement
  375. How to handle date and time in PHP..??
  376. how to abstract $_POST?
  377. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\wamp\www\job_detail.php on lin
  378. using a variable to get the node number in simpleXML
  379. I want to use input from multiple drop downs and input the values into an sql table.
  380. MIME header appearing in the email message body
  381. how to insert value from drop down menu list into database?
  382. not able to insert/update mysql keywords in database
  383. passing values from child pop up window to parent window
  384. Insert into db using keys and MD5
  385. Dropdown in php
  386. passing a php variable to a jquery hidden div with a link
  387. How to add my own rows to a query in MsAccess using Union,Dual Table
  388. SQL wont display results
  389. trouble with php/xml edit via form
  390. calling some other php file from php file
  391. auto complete textbox value from input of another texbox
  392. threaded comments
  393. report creator in php
  394. copy rows
  395. directory not show in website
  396. file name not show in addressbar
  397. read registy values from hkey_local machine using php
  398. mssql post state to email
  399. select single row by id in php mysql
  400. php_domxml.dll for PHP 5.3.2
  401. Hide file name from url
  402. connect form to mssql database
  403. Page gets included but Images aren't loading
  404. Remembering if checkbox is checked from dynamically created checkbox array
  405. unable to insert into db through php using xampp
  406. Dynamic Dropdown
  407. Wrap content in a <tr> tag to a new line
  408. error in your SQL syntax
  409. creating a poll using user input
  410. here i want to transfer multiple textbox box in a mysql database using php coding...
  411. PHP on IIS7
  412. ceil ceils what should be an integer
  413. PHP/MySQL connecting 2 databases from 2 servers/hosts
  414. Error in SQL syntax
  415. Create x amount of checkboxes based on data in table
  416. I need a litle help about fsockopen function
  417. iOS 5 Lion: mysql_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed:
  418. unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/ukinfote/public_html/templates/bee
  419. csv file
  420. upload file is not working
  421. Javascript to PHP
  422. php code to display image from mysql db
  423. Excel Date to PHP date
  424. Getting ???? while reading data from database which is in utf8_unicode_ci
  425. Session_array
  426. How to open a plugin on my PC that is in a php file?
  427. Call to a member function() on a non-object
  428. Reading Comment Lines from XML File using PHP
  429. weekstart dates of a year
  430. button enabled in IE 8 AND disabled in IE7 please give me the solution
  431. delete multiple rows using check box in PHP
  432. How to get on to facebook using https
  433. Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localho
  434. Undefined variable php error guestbook app
  435. Query to search services...
  436. The images doesn't display with pagination in windows..
  437. How to insert 2 arrays into mysql table.
  438. FirePHP not responding in FireFox 8 with Firebug 1.8.4
  439. How to set the name field in a HTML tag as a PHP variable?
  440. Php mail function
  441. Undefined variable: name
  442. Allow selected users to view document.
  443. Password convert
  444. Feedback on scriptcase RAD tool.
  445. How to remove newlines from header
  446. Regular Expressions
  447. Passing variables between PHP and ASP on the same page
  448. My new line \n does not work
  449. How do you write for SSL in PHP?
  450. PHP else not working
  451. is ftp connection code working in other website?
  452. How anyone can send email to members with a form?
  453. figure out which form was submitted out of dynamically created forms.
  454. php cookie acting strangely
  455. Output multiple query result in csv
  456. Need Help in Calculating Unix Start time and End time.
  457. Unable to post arabic text in Ajax using php
  458. can $_POST have variables?
  459. Download Problem
  460. how do you fix Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in
  461. Iframe, bookmarking, when the iframes/DB/App pages are hosted elsewhere?
  462. PHP pre-defined error displaying
  463. Detect Seasons with a given date interval
  464. arrays don't merge
  465. how to make the reply for existing comments?
  466. INSERT values into mysql table with PHP using checkboxes
  467. Dyanmic Rows
  468. Downloading files into a MySQL database using PHP - PHP
  469. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting T_STRING
  470. Storing Image Path in mySQL field
  471. How to delete in database using php and javascript?
  472. Need help with errors
  473. How to solve empty query due to session cache?
  474. restrict access to directory revisited
  475. PHP Error
  476. How to plot dymanic pie chart from text file?
  477. query was empty and login form just keeps looping
  478. Showing image stored on server...
  479. PHP search (basic level)
  480. giant database vs mysql
  481. Save search results to DB
  482. image header error
  483. Whole mysql stopped working
  484. Syntax error: unexpected '!'
  485. hyperlink in PHP
  486. to display value from database
  487. How to read the data from text file and make the data appear in a pie chart
  488. Print SQL Query Results to Table
  489. How to print a php page (With data from mysql table)???
  490. How to use PHP file in src tag of img?
  491. Logout question
  492. send data from sql to email
  493. create and install SSL Certificate
  494. Permission to access error using WAMP
  495. Jpgraph gantt caption goes outside the box
  496. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /var/www/clie
  497. How to detect duplicate values in session array php?
  498. PHP Email Script - Need advice
  499. Have you ever used Scriptcase?
  500. how to upload an excell data into mysql with php
  501. How to solve the following error
  502. how to create table for inserting mltiples values in one field?
  503. Input being converted to integers in form array
  504. What is the best PHP code generator?
  505. convert other video formats to flv in php
  506. Assign variable in php
  507. Get input value of a form
  508. Values not set from login session variables
  509. php getting row from database using users id
  510. print webpage of required size
  511. Session Not working
  512. Playlist with PHP, HTML5, JavaScript
  513. Error: supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource
  514. How to open a HTML using PHP page id's?
  515. Fetch Unsubscribe mail list scan it and remove / ignore
  516. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING
  517. cURL Truncates Data..even with urlencode
  518. Retrieve saved data from database
  519. using Select tag to populate dynamic list - but how to make those list items links?
  520. Undefined Index Error While Inputting A New User
  521. I can not make the php script to reconize a variable
  522. How i can integrate myspell spell checker in smarty.
  523. Drupal cck hidden field not accessible
  524. swedish characters doesn't work
  525. Is there a way to tell paypal server is down on postback?
  526. Simple Issue With cURL
  527. Doesn't Redirect After Successful Update
  528. autoload does not call class
  529. Error Handling If A Record Is Not Found
  530. Changing a date in a script
  531. changing values based on top 3 highest numbers in a list
  532. More objects from a database
  533. Left Join Query MySQL Database
  534. PHP to Total Fields
  535. passing an imageurl in html to php
  536. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' on line 10
  537. how to find middle character of string?
  538. How can change the error
  539. Warning window with PHP startup when debugging a script
  540. No Record Found Error Handling
  541. Accessing remote file when ports are disabled?
  542. why MSSQL SERVER return question marks, when I execute query in PHP?
  543. Sorting text file content
  544. Image upload verification
  545. Get the value returned by a function (mysql)
  546. Update Doesn't Work
  547. urlencode and urldecode properly
  548. function not calling by on click
  549. Language selection
  550. how to create pdf report in php and mysql?