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  1. C++ gateway?
  2. Help! - Upload file(s) to Rapidshare with PHP script
  3. PEAR, Mail Queue and Mail Mime
  4. Performance of lots of ECHO's V Jumping In/Out of PHP
  5. Gettext fails me
  6. Performance question - passing data between objects (PHP4-style OOP)
  7. diphost
  8. php designer 2007 command line
  9. problem with sessions
  10. input from same php page
  11. pdf generation via php
  12. Problems with sortby
  13. Function Recursive returned value
  14. why does this regular expression fail?
  15. Help with a Form...
  16. Counting in Dynamic Tables
  17. phpinfo() - How does it generates PHP Logo
  18. recursive function is wrong
  19. require();
  20. Parsing MS word text to a datbase
  21. help! what should I do when there is a segmentation fault in my php script
  22. How to get all variables defined in the current scope?
  23. javascript - Two different values set in one select/option choice
  24. Passing objects from one page to another
  25. For Each with 2 different arrays
  26. PEAR installation fails with 5.2.0 on Win XP
  27. What is True templating?
  28. Popup window that darkens the window that opened it
  29. Passing objects form one page to another
  30. exec() and zip
  31. Table
  32. how to capture a listbox selected value in to variable
  33. Detect a Browser Back/Forward by PHP
  34. sending mail in php
  35. How to write a array in the cookie
  36. !isset
  37. PEAR DB not working with recently upgraded MySQL 4.1
  38. php & access
  39. E-Commerce Partner Program
  40. How to make, write, compile or convert PHP to API?
  41. Urgent | Info Required | PHP ini_set
  42. {SOLVED} How to display the image strored in mysql database
  43. drop down
  44. Link Mysql on linux to MS Access on netware6
  45. Database/Email Script
  46. Rounded Rectangle...
  47. displaying a page at a specified position
  48. PHP as image
  49. Wanted: PHP A/P, United Kingdom
  50. new input notification - newbie
  51. Reading EXCEL (XLS) documents with other charactersets
  52. Basic variable passing
  53. Need a script to send an online course in 20 lessons / newsletter
  54. Problem with dynamic pages on publishing server
  55. PHP 5.1.6 and SOAP and Apache on Linux
  56. editing header.php ?
  57. recommendation for easy-to-use form validation class or file?
  58. Page Administaration
  59. Mapping binary data into the filesystem
  60. Image MIME/file type
  61. passing array to a function as a single parameter
  62. ldap_search question
  63. xampp - get rid of mysqlrootpasswd
  64. GET vs POST related problem solved
  65. Creating Gantt Chart in PHP
  66. file_get_contents VS fread
  67. redirect / new website how to redirect old (google) links to newsite ?
  68. WSDL-SoapClient
  69. how to change javascript to php script
  70. |OT| GG user ratings for c.l.php regulars
  71. Word Document To Form
  72. PHP Programmer Wanted
  73. configure mail client to work with php.ini file?
  74. - anyone had any experience?
  75. Visited Links
  76. Trouble with PHP formmail
  77. different timezones in different directories
  78. Xampp - get rid of mysqlrootpasswd
  79. get array
  80. PDF/Doc/PPT Reading using PHP
  81. Can you give me ip-cms 0.99+all moules???
  82. jpgraph
  83. how to crawl a specific word in whole website using php
  84. How to perform conditional?
  85. {SOLVED} MySQL query and post
  86. if statement
  87. Why is PHP substituting an underscore in my form?
  88. Common session_start() error..
  89. Cannot compile php 5.1.6 under Windows XP using Cygwin
  90. retrieving id using button
  91. exec or shell_exec for dumping MySql info?
  92. Help me to solve this problem with php-form-db ..!?
  93. Send a form through PHP
  94. php 4.4 not working with mysql 4.1
  95. Web Based File Manager
  96. CW - my latest php website
  97. Handling Binary Strings
  98. Curl fails with Apache - but works in Command Line
  99. Simple cookie reading problem
  100. google SOAP API
  101. calling a perl program from a php script
  102. Rotating code
  103. Apache2 Not Recognizing PHP
  104. How to get array element?
  105. Array doesn't pass.
  106. Do I have a time out issue?
  107. array_rand anomaly: "/" removed from values.
  109. How to get visitor host name?
  110. how to call a function when somebody click a link?
  111. How to do video rating using php?
  112. IE won't display gif created by GD threw php.
  113. input through radio button in php
  114. Just a beginner in php
  115. Test
  116. crlf causes problems in array functions
  117. Extending variable scope? (Related post at alt.php.mysql)
  118. PHP mail
  119. PHP Not Recognizing MySQL
  120. Need Help to Eradicate a flaw occurred in my Implementation
  121. php find differences in multi dimensional arrays
  122. Google maps, php and SQL problem
  123. Ticket Pin Generation (Urgent Request)
  124. Captcha's
  125. Help with trapping a file error: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Foundin
  126. Dynamic Pictures
  127. how to read an xml document from a web method parameter in a php soap server
  128. Pear's MDB2/DB and PostgreSQL 8.1
  129. sessions/cookies and sharing files between multiple servers
  130. Problem in hyperlink of pagination.
  131. PHP Email
  132. $GLOBALS array
  133. A little problem with phpinfo
  134. calling stored procedures of MYSQL in php
  135. Urgent : php_zip.dll not getting loaded
  136. Some php files in same directory of working files with same permissions won't process
  137. Problem Getting Script's URL ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] not what I expected)
  138. login script and mysql database problem
  139. Help rendering Javascript?
  140. regular expression matches too much, how to limit?
  141. Running GD externally to PHP on Linux?
  142. Help with PHP + Apachie Recompile
  143. common MySql search algorithms in PHP?
  144. Special Search
  145. Creating e-mail accounts on the fly
  146. 2.0 vs. PHP 5?
  147. on (missing class method) call class method X
  148. PHP site connecting to MySql on the same server.
  149. {SOLVED} newbie - some values not passing, some are ?syntax
  150. Problem in opening a file in php
  151. tpl questions.
  152. PHP v Python: fair comparison?
  153. Classes and objects - please explain
  154. Refreshing part of a page
  155. defined() doesn't work correctly
  156. PHP works or not?
  157. |OT| Microsoft Opens PHP Door
  158. Searching problem using string contains umlaut(german)
  159. drop down to e-mail
  160. Problem with random script
  161. Problem with link
  162. Downloading from a directory not in the server's path?
  163. Email - Query
  164. "=20" getting appended to each line of a text file when downloaded from a pop server.
  165. OnClick from HTML should trigger a query - depending upon that a new PHP page should
  166. php odbc support for ms access
  167. Creating download link for a pdf
  168. Nusoap issue
  169. Problem with Windows PHP script
  170. PHP not working.
  171. need help with dates
  172. how to display there msg ( there is no item ) when mysql query return no data
  173. Does this Auth script have an unwanted loop?
  174. table
  175. PHP and Outlook
  176. php5 builds fails (cannot stat `sapi/cgi/php': No such file or directory)
  177. Can anyone suggest a flowchart program
  178. My error log
  179. php job
  180. $_SESSION / $HTTP_SESSION_VARS behaviour
  181. Dynamically assigning a CSS file to a TPL file
  182. call another php page into php
  183. Update web page from PHP
  184. if...else - in which order
  185. HTTP authentification
  186. Pulling date-specific data from flat file
  187. Creating Graphs in PHP
  188. Smatry Number Display Problem
  189. How to get argument name for some function?
  190. extracting text from pdf files
  191. named pipes on Windows
  192. Multiple php.ini instances - configuration tree errors (PHPIniDir)
  193. PHP scripting... An similiar awk command
  194. [SOLVED] printing textarea variable
  195. Efficient Connection To MySQL
  196. Voting mechanism (think digg) without registration
  197. Russian characters in mail()
  198. simple error trapping question
  199. cannot load excel
  200. PHP-FTP Downloading Files
  201. particular search
  202. Parse error - please help
  203. save file on server
  204. running PHP at commandline
  205. error in calling a stored procedure in php
  206. error in calling a stored procedure in php
  207. php script to create mySQL database programmatically
  208. regular expression
  209. Faster read of filenames
  210. Problem with domnode->next_sibling()
  211. slashes
  212. Parsing XML with PHP in a special way.....
  213. about php and excel
  214. extracting data from pdf files
  215. image resizing in php
  216. Want to spawn process from Windows PHP
  217. convert mysql data to excel file
  218. email query results
  219. PHP + Upload + picture script
  220. Loading progress bar
  221. Need authentication while reading file.
  222. Bin packing problem
  223. insert data -
  224. Long script strange behaviour
  225. Submitting form data to a different server
  226. If Statement Problem
  227. Content Management System in PHP
  228. raw data
  229. [SOLVED] error in php code
  230. readfile() and file_get_contents() seem slow
  231. When is an array not an array?
  232. Get http response codes
  233. How do I display radio button results?
  234. getElementById in PHP5
  235. to check system date with server date
  236. need help with logout (logout not perfect)
  237. client-side checks in php
  238. session time out
  239. run excel
  240. Help with PHP File Upload Issue
  241. Oracle insert query
  242. Why preg_split works only if the char # before the delimiter is 21 or less?
  243. Create thumbnails with clickable links XYZ
  244. Can no connects to mySQL database
  245. Parse .cfm files
  246. Help me with a regular expression for PHP
  247. does php+apache have caching of page+data, db connect pool?
  248. avoid sugarcrm like the plague
  249. PHP Form Processing hangs page load
  250. Uninstalling PHP5
  251. what does it mean fieldRequired.lenght in php 4.1 ?
  252. |OT| Current trend in c.l.php
  253. question about datetime column in mysql
  254. Retrieve and display 3rd party pages
  255. SOAP and auto WSDL writers
  256. SOAP and auto WSDL writers
  257. CMS advice
  258. PEAR, WebServices & .net 2.0 Problem
  259. Pull part of an external webpage into another
  260. mysql + fedora 5
  261. File select on server (repeated)
  262. PHP runkit and DOM insertAfter
  263. what is the header to stop buffering?
  264. Problem with executing MySQL queries through PHP.
  265. Building thumbnail page (mysql)
  266. recursive file search
  267. show array name
  268. PHP reporting Tool - Need one that allows design on the Web
  269. Pagination from a directory...
  270. hashing and indexing
  271. Any reason NOT to compile PHP with Curl?
  272. conversion of java script variable in to php
  273. Storing dynamic form values in Arrays for display & insert
  274. Server software - remote find out what it is
  275. Help with array
  276. exec(), system(), chdir() problem
  277. how to compile and test php script in my pc?
  278. Sending mail with php
  279. How do I generate reports on PHP, is there any Report Manager available for this job?
  280. how to delete file from directory
  281. provide pretty page for fatal errors?
  282. HELP: strange php behavior downloading html
  283. Speeding up a function
  284. Variable is nor right but how
  285. Function like "in" in Delphi?
  286. Function like "in" in Delphi?
  287. Can I read an Excel spreadsheet?
  288. Mod_rewrite and PHP headers
  289. PHP get directory and switch image (and css)
  290. Blind carbon copy
  291. Access violation at 00C6DA27???
  292. sessions and domain names
  293. HTML forms and PHP
  294. sessions and domain names
  295. sessions and domain names
  296. urls and paths...
  297. GD library
  298. Strange results from foreach loop
  299. Is there any Limit in no of lines in PhP Coding Part
  300. csv import to database.
  301. passing information
  302. php for IIS
  303. CSS and PHP
  304. Problem with my SELECT
  305. cURL - copy image file from one server to another
  306. Defining personal upload_tmp_dir..???
  307. redirect.php maligns redirection URL every time
  308. scheme for access control
  309. classes and reference in php 4.x
  310. replace part of an url with a regular expression- having trouble
  311. Is this a PHP script?? BASH?? Please review!
  312. ajax help
  313. PHP wants "mysql_config" for configure, but this is not on system
  314. need php script to collect and send data to email
  315. Text Editor
  316. functions, which returns changes
  317. Counting how many times a word appears in a var?
  318. how to add CC & BCC to mailers?
  319. Need assistance with selecting and displaying data
  320. Sessions - Not working with IE
  321. insert html code in phpmyadmin
  322. Wondering about a search page!
  323. Page redirection doesn't work using header function
  324. is_uploaded_file fails...
  325. PHP 5 OOP book
  326. Internet Explorer 6 refusing to let me download
  327. function to extract key/value pairs?
  328. Unable to create folder
  329. PHP error
  330. loading screen
  331. Php Email Headers prob
  332. Ordering array won't work?
  333. parameters in URL not readable
  334. Zend Certified Engineer PHP5
  335. Using PHP to talk to AS/400
  336. newbie sql error - wrong syntax in select query
  337. class montly calendar - review code
  338. Newbie problem 2 with Announcements
  339. Newbie problem with Title of main page
  340. PDF form Files
  341. PLEASE detailed __sleep() and __wakeup() code for databaseconnection
  342. [SOLVED] how to get the text to stay the same?
  343. Play song when page load using PHP
  344. PHP Template
  345. Popup question.
  346. Why to use PHP
  347. Cron Job
  348. datetime problem
  349. How do i make cookie for non-member ?
  350. Mailer
  351. Accessing the form name
  352. PROBLEM: passing variables to FILE()
  353. Windows package/binary
  354. php and pear - module API number matching problem
  355. PHP and Opera compatibility
  356. PHP/SQL forum
  357. Using PHP to add a word to a txt file every X charachters
  358. ereg_replace -->REG_BADRPT warning
  359. Screen Scrape Issue preg_match
  360. Output PHP data to text file?
  361. PHP to read XML file and export data to MySQL
  362. Backslashes all other the place
  363. Password Protected directory - grabbing uname
  364. I need help
  365. How do you deal with characters in the 128-159 range?
  366. strange extra quote mark appearing in mysql query
  367. SSL PHP "Do you want to see secure and non secure" ?
  368. [SOLVED] Using CSS class to color alternate rows
  369. oracle stored procedure?
  370. A Question of design.
  371. "YouTube-style" Tabbed Menu w/ Sublinks?
  372. Get data from two files
  373. dynamically created form info not passing all data properly
  374. creating a mysql table
  375. Compiler to build PHP
  376. struggling here...with a table lookup....
  377. Get a list of network interfaces in PHP?
  378. PHP file download counter
  379. Simplest scheme for password protection?
  380. Convert datetime to unix timestamp
  381. [SOLVED] how to change the hyperlink to a button.
  382. looping two arrays
  383. Why doesn't "make install" generate
  384. PRADO 3.0.5 is released
  385. how to invoke a message style Axis service from php
  386. Selected item of selection box not visible during display
  387. Outputing data from mysql;
  388. Software testers wanted - I still need 1 more
  389. Show the data from database
  390. config file parse ?
  391. not able to find the mysqli.dll
  392. php lacks mbstring extension on my solaris 10 sparc
  393. Extension Can't Be Found But Why?
  394. Switch isset and $_get
  395. Approving Items
  396. How do you profit from your applications?
  397. load vars to stage?
  398. e-commerce site - need advice
  399. detecting session timeout or tracking concurrent sessions
  400. PNG Piecharts
  401. Table row with an even hight
  402. authenticating from ASP.NET to PHP !!
  403. Differences between Unix production and Windows development environment
  404. HELP! Selecting Array Rows based on an array of field=>value s
  405. Language redirect
  406. encrypted link?
  407. server side scripting?
  408. Regex to get sql statement parts
  409. log in system
  410. Can't find built-in PHP function which I know exists...
  411. PHP v PERL
  412. edit an html file on a database
  413. problems using copy() and rename()
  414. barcode
  415. Help with path issue?
  416. Uploading a file
  417. duplicates ...arrays + loops
  418. help on pear modules
  419. PHP insert
  420. Secure registering...
  421. Remote login?
  422. I want to secure the folder songs from Unauthenticated usage
  423. [SOLVED] Web to SMS
  424. greying out form boxes
  425. ezpdf table and graphics questions
  426. forum templates
  427. MySQL 4.1 / PHP 5.0 : Unicode problems
  428. PHP IMAP problem
  429. Please help, php file function problem
  430. Uploading images
  431. how to limint the number of result that occur in one page?
  432. Roadsend PHP Compiler Help Needed
  433. Where to start
  434. Double quotes in text input
  435. Document management in PHP?
  436. How to speed up php?
  437. CSV output
  438. Trying to install phpMyAdmin
  439. Linking tables to display data?
  440. How do you pass a variable via a "pseudo-directory" or URL prefix?
  441. PHP Coding question
  442. LAMP on x86_64 LINUX REDHAT4
  443. PHP and FrontPage Forms Output - HELP!
  444. fsockopen
  445. PDF and Print the files
  446. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object. Pls help.
  447. How to filter the words in HTML ?
  448. Symfony Lessons
  449. RADICORE v1.17.0 released
  450. Regular expression
  451. Simple ereg help
  452. Set the selected text for option box of a menu..
  453. prepared statements with mysqli-extension
  454. What is wrong in this code?
  455. Use php variable in javascript function
  456. select option
  457. PHP + SQL : Number generator, how to create it?
  458. go to a URL after delete
  459. asking 4 username n password b4 updating a form
  460. upload, save and edit photo using php
  461. select data in drop-down box
  462. return values
  463. retrieve data in mssql database and save it to mysql database
  464. PHP Affiliate script
  465. PHP Shopping Cart software
  466. Why won't variable echo?
  467. Need to get values form form without going to a new script
  468. installed PHP and now Apache won't start
  469. array -> query
  470. How to Print Status during the MultipleFile Upload Operation in PhP
  471. software reco
  472. Help with mod_rewrite
  473. portinstall php5
  474. Php problem
  475. while loops within while loops causing huge memory problem
  476. How to detect if file download completed or cancelled
  477. mysql_free_result return error saying not valid mysql result resource
  478. php directive to make print_r use "\r\n" instead of "\n"?
  479. select image by color
  480. problem in using system to run a program.
  481. Software testers wanted
  482. Which is faster? While vs For, if vs if...else
  483. Delete records via checkbox
  484. PHP + AUDIO CD
  485. Updating checkboxes / Checking what was checked
  486. Problem with session variables
  487. I have seen much, but this...
  488. Creating WORD docs in PHP
  489. how to highlight cell
  490. re-compiling php
  491. How to strip styles embedded within html tags?
  492. file upload and download
  493. upload photo, save in database and edit photo
  494. Problems with return statement in function
  495. playing media on my php script
  496. Security matrix
  497. XML/DOM deleting childnodes/hierarchy
  498. run socket script?
  499. upload_tmp_dir
  500. how to get lowest value
  501. Registered Php steams - https, ftps
  502. AJAX Consultant needed for top NY News paper
  503. array help
  504. Mysql Data into Email Message
  505. Permission denied?
  506. Prevent users being kicked off
  507. can you set FILES[] variables to session variables?
  508. Printing image.
  509. New to this
  510. 'gd' PHP extension is not installed
  511. array_search() not working correctly?
  512. Problem with mod_rewrite and replacing spaces in URL
  513. serious problem need help.
  514. warning: rewind() supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in...
  515. PHP error logs for multiple sites on IIS
  516. including a PHP file displays the file's content to the user agent (PHP 5.1)
  517. mail not working
  518. read data from excel using php
  519. MySQL date, and time entry issues.
  520. Warning: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known
  521. Warning: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known
  522. Student has to view own details
  523. session in intranet
  524. How to return a file
  525. Dynamic Variables
  526. Can't get Insert to work from one class to another
  527. Screen resolution
  528. why does soapserver always returns a null object?
  529. using a set of arrays togther and keeping data in sync?
  530. Why not generate static pages instead of dynamic?
  531. Bring some Ruby/Prototype Flavour in your Regular PHP Array
  532. Problems with MDB2 -- Anyone using it?
  533. 2 questions: 1) learning PHP/MySQL 2) writing XML
  534. PHP Scanner API
  535. Validation after form submitting..
  536. Problems installing PEAR during PHP Installtion
  537. Error while fetching values from table containing login info
  538. How do I auto-login to a protected site?
  539. Class variable problem
  540. PHP - without http on a client-server model
  541. php DOM How to access CDATA
  542. Query on explode()
  543. Dynamic search with checkboxes
  544. Two forms
  545. ----Php Programmers Available----
  546. PHP programmer needed- Maybrook Saint James
  547. max_user_connection, when is it a bad script and when is it a busy server.
  548. Post Security
  549. zend_extension VS extension
  550. <select> value ?