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  1. How to find the length of an audio file based on it's size?
  2. Down and Upload Problem
  3. sending data to multiple pages
  4. need help in installing php
  5. trying to display image from mysql database
  6. expression problem
  7. Redirect due to problem
  8. Stripping html
  9. MySql Error 'Unknown Column' from PHP variable
  10. pack format - how do I handle int->char conversion?
  11. Any method to trace function and execution calls?
  12. The following code fails
  13. Duplicate entry 'something' for key 2
  14. session_start() intermittently fails on the same page, then works, then works, then fails..
  15. shell_exec and
  16. Radio button/Checkbox value passing
  17. Unicode entities in email subject
  18. What's Missing From This Form Mail Code?
  19. Deleting row in mysql database using php script
  20. file transfer in php
  21. PHP Frameworks...
  22. PHP script gets called without extension
  23. header() sometimes fails, sometimes works, same url
  24. Sort after adding leading zero to date?
  25. Luck Compiling PHP5 and Apache2 From Scratch?
  26. Any luck with MS SQL Server API from PHP5?
  27. one submit button two diff. DB's and one value needs to be encrypted
  28. Cookie expires at end of session
  29. quick way to parse a file?
  30. Checking for blank data
  31. accptable audio file on soholaunch software
  32. -> Image submit buttons OK in Firefox, not in IExplorer. Why? <-
  33. create images with special chars
  34. How to wrap column headings ?
  35. Cybershop2u
  36. check javascript is enable
  37. From: <>
  38. numeric/alpha pairs regular expression
  39. Authenticated SMTP Gateway
  40. Argument should be an array
  42. auditing php programs?
  43. will HTML dissapear
  44. PHP Math equation showing two decimal places
  45. session - save data
  46. snoopy files is undocumented
  47. domxml - parsing an xml file once per session rather than every time
  48. Sajax: lost parameters passed to php function
  49. Extra rows being put into database
  50. Retreiving a session varible and querying db if found redirect user.
  51. 2 Forms
  52. Deleteing a product when taken from a table
  53. Php, ISO-8859-1
  54. Problem with gethostbyaddr
  55. Building a binary 'string' with PHP
  56. Executing a php script from C, using fork and execv
  57. Digital Picture Auto Correction in PHP?
  58. dropdowns
  59. Trying to get a thank you message to post in the same area as the survey.
  60. Incredibly Slow DB Connection
  61. Updated SNMP support for Win32?
  62. $_FILES[$field_name]['tmp_name'] dirname missing trailing slash
  63. domxml->dump_file formats
  64. Subscription management software?
  65. validate database entry then echo message
  66. PHP unable to Upload to Fileserver
  67. Coding standards without control?
  68. UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1
  69. Php Form and Array
  70. Php Form and Array
  71. session handling using classes n objects
  72. URL vs URI ???
  73. Evaluating php tags/documents outside of web server?
  74. Getting date (timestamp) as time value?
  75. replacing single quote
  76. form validation
  77. Importing data into combo box
  78. import csv file into different tables in one database
  79. Linking with form php and mysql
  80. php databases
  81. aliasing and reference confusion....
  82. Allowing users to download files using headers
  83. PRADO 3.0.6 is released
  84. processing xml file
  85. email injection query
  86. Problem Enabling Ldap Module on Php
  87. How do you find the path to the php executable?
  88. Alpha/Numeric problem.
  89. Does an array contain an element?
  90. logging in twice with one user account
  91. I need script in php for web mail log in
  92. Form and If command
  93. problem executing exe from php
  94. Office 2004, where 1 + 3 = 40
  95. Can i convert MySQL db records into microsoft word documents?
  96. MSSQL server 2000 and php
  97. php and gzip
  98. Programmetically add attachement to email.
  99. php session lost with popup
  100. how to suggest a new function?
  101. Array not recognized when form submitted
  102. Page Redirection
  103. exec wont run a cpp program
  104. Why this error? mysql php
  105. Creating Variable Variables from concatenation. I THINK
  106. mysql query - select any
  107. PHP/MySQL lookup location/country (beginner)
  108. display thank you message in original form page
  109. showing network of friends
  110. configure question - pear
  111. SOAP server in PHP 5
  112. Configuring PHP 5.2.0 with Postgres 8.1.3 (no source)
  113. anyone here usinf prado, how is it?
  114. warning: sugarcrm is a hunk of crap
  115. getting data from multiple forms
  116. opening a file when you do not know the full name
  117. php zip code will NOT work on my WinXP Pro IIS installtion!!
  118. How does that work
  119. php trim
  120. PHP form question utilizing mysql database.
  121. Performance issues with frequently closing/opening mysql connections?
  122. Functionally premature
  123. PHP File Upload Fails
  124. Cannot open file
  125. simpleton classes
  126. encrypting a string (and server varaibles)
  127. Trouble with function calls
  128. Script for visitors email account facilities signup automatically
  129. symlink in URL
  130. date difference
  131. how to fetch data from database and then display in title bar?
  132. php://stdin too long?
  133. array / mysql question
  134. DOMDocument thinks "<html></html>" has two childNodes?
  135. Input not saving.
  136. php embedded in html does not print anything on the browser
  137. GD center text on a image
  138. DOMXML issues
  139. Problem With Php Insertion From List! Urgent
  140. PHPDocumentor code not displaying properly
  141. Printing mysql_fetch_array
  142. 'echo "": No such file or directory" error using "exec" to pipe in PHP script
  143. Restrict access to php script
  144. Help With CURL And GET Forms
  145. retrieveing vars from mysql join ?
  146. If Else Statement Wrong
  147. Keeping scroll position
  148. real world singleton class example?
  149. MySQL server 99.99% usage
  150. Getting larger text - also with formatting
  151. cut large XML files
  152. preg_match help
  153. Arrays: $SomeArray{0} vs. $SomeArray[0]
  154. error in php code
  155. xpath XML and PHP4
  156. PHP is unable to retrieve information via $_POST on my localhost but $_GET works?
  157. generating a select list from a database
  158. save list of numbers
  159. PHP commandline script without commandbox?
  160. ezPDF Question
  161. <--> é
  162. Php code query
  163. How to delete sessions before closing a window ??
  164. -> PHP4 Singleton implementation question <-
  165. Need help with $_POST
  166. How to have line breaks in this text
  167. imagecreatefromjpeg failing
  168. Help with ini_set and upload_max_filesize
  169. File Upload issue - Unable to Upload a Large File
  170. PHP and MS Access + XML
  171. php/mysql puzzler
  172. Remote Network Server Connection to an Index Server
  173. Help with mail() - message not displaying
  174. Sessions and Shared Hosting Provider issue
  175. slow mysql "sending data" stage between mysql and php
  176. Concate
  177. Insert And Then Update
  178. Please Help With A Curl Issue
  179. Can't compile APC with PHP 4.4.4 (too many arguments to function `zend_do_inheritance')
  180. Can create the rtf/doc document in php ?
  181. Shared memory between 2 processes???
  182. PDF Generation using PDFLIB
  183. Find a string and highlight it
  184. Trimming a large log file?
  185. pack and unpack problems.
  186. image url
  187. Cookie HELP!
  188. Passing by refrence in FOREACH
  189. Install
  190. Pagination
  191. memory issues
  192. Getting EXIF data from external images (http URLs)
  193. Replacing image tags in entirety
  194. Problem with PHP discussion forum
  195. receive value $_POST
  196. PHP to generate XML
  197. Session Probleme
  198. padding with spaces
  199. php parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE...
  200. Redirect with .htaccess
  201. return of a field value (auto-increment) after insert (mysql)
  202. who can design algorithms for e-Auction? pls help me!
  203. Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  204. Passing Variables/Security Issues
  205. what is the meaning
  206. php form help
  207. php parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  208. date function problem
  209. Reload (refresh) page within an if statement
  210. managing text boxes based on the drop down list value
  211. is lisp better than php?
  212. What is the best way to debug/test a PHP code ?
  213. How to execute a perl script on remote host
  214. XML Insert and Delete
  215. Weird $_POST behavior when trying to unset elements
  216. are wombats good?
  217. PHP/MySQL login script strength. Good enough?
  218. sprintf with dynamic number of elements
  219. where are wombats?
  220. html to php help
  221. When to quote?
  222. interested in wombats
  223. Uploading mutiple binary files to single row in Mysql with Php
  224. Portal Software - For PHP /MySql
  225. Form Results Display on New Web Page
  226. Php Gd... when white is not white
  227. security question(s)
  228. E-mail validation
  229. Cookie problem
  230. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ...
  231. -forgot- Storing objects in a session PHP 5.2.0
  232. Storing objects in a session PHP 5.2.0
  233. php 5 classes: public, protected and private
  234. Getting directory contests using DIR
  235. php code to retrieve latest data from mysql
  236. Array Problem
  237. IF Statement to display image
  238. How do i join 2 querys and use the result from one to disallow part of the other.
  239. How to get NT login with PHP
  240. with out submit button click form submit
  241. need help custimizing software
  242. Generating multiple output on one page
  243. how to embed image into a word document
  244. trouble making a date
  245. Simple Document Sharing Software
  246. HOw to check if day is Saturday?
  247. idea behind implementing search facility
  248. two related dropdown menus
  249. spl_autoload
  250. Problem with Add text to animation GIF by ImageMagick
  251. Microsoft WCF (Indigo) Interop with PHP NuSOAP
  252. win32 filetime conversion
  253. problem with multiple conditions
  254. Problems with the function "mail" of PHP.
  255. Omitting certain $key / $Val from being sent thru form
  256. how to avoid session ID being appended to url?
  257. Need autologin facility to other site.
  258. Dynamic Height based on Content
  259. hoe to use sessions
  260. Sending Check Box Value to Database
  261. why use session id in URL?
  262. After upgrading PHP...
  263. PHP Parsing Information
  264. Want to include RSS feeds on my web page
  265. does php 6 support $REMOTE_ADDR???
  266. Image Upload, Resize, Rename and create record in mysql
  267. Mod_rewrite Is it Necessary?
  268. Need Help
  269. javascript widget
  270. Emergency help with user login and greeting
  271. populating a dropdown menu based on user login
  272. command-line PHP problem
  273. check for jpg and gif without Zend?
  274. dos batch file execution
  275. print_r()
  276. move_uploaded_file permissions problem
  277. How to include JavaScript into PHP to get 2 Variables ??? Need urgent help with that
  278. xml beginner - hierarchies
  279. Open .php file with PHP Designer 2007 by clicking the file in XP
  280. A PageRank implementation
  281. Looking for a highly modular time manager/task manager system
  282. TCL/PHP/XML problem: I need to convert an XML file into a TCL list
  283. sending via http_post_vars
  284. Using /parameter instead using ?variable=value in querysrting
  285. Seacrch text using php
  286. problem with 'include' and 'file_exists' function
  287. PHP 4.3.11: move_uploaded_file
  288. command-line PHP problem
  289. No connection with database
  290. $_FILE variables returning null when in body of page.
  291. Uploading mutiple binary files in Mysql with Php
  292. driver not found error when trying to use PDO, PHP (5.2) and mysql
  293. I need some help here
  294. Array length in SimpleXML
  295. session management hangs firefox on mac
  296. snmprealwalk questions
  297. 2 documentroots set up possible
  298. line drawing?
  299. |Survey| Define your ideal IDE
  300. Search engine friendly URLs
  301. Specify a source address/interface to use when using fsockopen
  302. HELP! How to I get one session tied to all the browser windows??
  303. Working combination of PHP5, MySQL and OpenSSL
  304. validate dynamic xml document
  305. capturing the screen size
  306. PHP help - want to hide the location of an swf file
  307. treat large string like file
  308. the script wont work and i cant find anything wrong please help
  309. Indexed file dynamics
  310. Need Help!!!
  311. Best way to implement static global variables (in an extension)
  312. Dynamic PDF output
  313. compiling PHP with Informix IDS
  314. playing music across pages
  315. step by step instructions for xedbug install (am using Eclipse)
  316. can't play music
  317. Getting a list of COM Domain objects in Windows XP
  318. Program to display video thumbnail like youtube
  319. mysqli-trouble with mysql5
  320. Problem detecting an Ajax request
  321. php user registration on system
  322. I want PHP Program to convert video file to .flv file
  323. Why ini_set( "short_open_tag", 1 ) didn't work?
  324. Header Problem (Its a very urgent).
  325. NOT Retreiving Page in IE6.0 or above.
  326. Advice about fetching user information
  327. VERY URGENT! Relating to PHP Script..........
  328. Q: file path in php includes
  329. special hitcounter (get location that link to my site)
  330. Not sure what is wrong... HELP pleasE??
  331. Force access to subdomain from domain?
  332. Doubts in PhP Curl Functions
  333. ok problems entering data into database
  334. no session_start()
  335. multiple input boxes
  336. Posting Authentication Variables To A Website
  337. No Content appear on WS
  338. php mysql form variable works one time
  339. Analysing page content
  340. how to perg_match between <tr>and </tr> or <td>ot</td> in php
  341. How to retrive only the last inserted row from the database
  342. upload_max_filesize or max_post_size
  343. Word to XHTML
  344. SearchEngines
  345. blank response from curl when posting form data
  346. blank response by curl when posting form data
  347. How to index file
  348. SOAP and PHP 5 Authentication
  349. MySQL results into SELECT drop down alternative?
  350. php/mysql single quatotion problem.
  351. problem with simple php code
  352. Lots of small queries vs one big query
  353. how to copy files from ftp directory to web-accessible directory?
  354. convert array to string
  355. Looping problem?
  356. Excel Parsing
  357. Trouble with multiple mysql databases
  358. directory permissions
  359. Writing to a Local File
  360. quick question
  361. strtolower() for query results
  362. PHP check a email.txt file or MySQL if exists before sending a message
  363. unzipping while preserving permissions
  364. Finding the results of a query
  365. beginner's print question
  366. is that possible ? how ?
  367. Processing form but showing another page...
  368. how to Install php on linux system?
  369. Uploading Images onto a web page and resizing automatically
  370. check on reading webpage
  371. create .pdf file
  372. How to use the mail() function in php?
  373. Cropping of an image through url in php
  374. XSS / Cross Site Scripting Attacks Fixed $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?
  375. Reflection API doesn't provide list of Nested Functions
  376. What is better? an external page or a database
  377. Programmatically setting a radio buttones
  378. PHP MySql Update
  379. fsockopen error need some help thanks
  380. file upload limit using php form, can I use FTP somehow from form?
  381. add content to word or pdf file using php
  382. Email handler problem
  383. PHP Page Redirect
  384. php and ssmtp
  385. Support of Handheld Web Browsers
  386. Checkbox disable/enable feature to return to form-POST
  387. Dynamic dropdown menu to database
  388. MySql count
  389. using mysql count
  390. PHP 5.2 and Mysql
  391. Need Guidance
  392. how to make php make extra pages and edit info
  393. Need helps with date and time in PHP/MySQL
  394. Print form information to a prinable hard copy
  395. Multiple submit buttons in one page - PHP and MYSQL
  396. png->svg conversion
  397. problem in passing variable from soap client to soap server
  398. $this variable help.
  399. counting hyperlink clicks
  400. if i wanted to have the text i enter into a database be retrived formated the way i want it how could i do that
  401. CGI-BIN Forced Termination (Apache)
  402. Suggestions for creating thumbs after upload
  403. first day of month from sql date.
  404. how to parse an XML Feed in PHP 4.4 using curl without domxml_open_file()?
  405. Datetime within past week
  406. Open Dir
  407. use variables from one php file to another
  408. ok i decided to take Erwin Moller and start a fresh topic and im taking a different approach
  409. Adding Crystal/ Active report on a PHP application...
  410. i dont understand why this wont run
  411. PHP problem, or is the CSS at fault?
  412. Internet radio relay
  413. Display errors off problem?
  414. What's a cron job?
  415. A whois website
  416. Submitting to a php form handler with only a simple hyperlink
  417. Session Problems
  418. just trying to do simple site but no php hates me :(
  419. Is there a workable script out there for formmail for php 5?
  420. Some commands execute via PHP "system", some don't--why?
  421. parsing RSS feeds where allow_url_fopen=OFF on php 4.4.4??
  422. check variable against an array of words.
  423. A Football Management Game In PHP?
  424. show text box value according to the selected combobox value
  425. eror with copy function
  426. Onclick event on radio button
  427. merging 3 layers
  428. Something strange introduced in 5.2.0
  429. A problem with pcntl_fork
  430. Communicating between frames (session variables)?
  431. retrieve and get input from same page using php
  432. Serving Files with PHP
  433. Session garbage collection query
  434. How do I "global" an array?
  435. PHP and MySql
  436. PHP 4.X vs PHP 5.x
  437. header() with if/then statements
  438. PHP fails to work in fileuploads
  439. Need help with Dynamic PHP gallery
  440. sending mail without using mail()
  441. form mail for php 5
  442. For loops to show an amount of text fields based on a variable quantity
  443. [Speed] Multiple scans through variable for search/replace
  444. fetch data from database display data in drop down menu
  445. parse huge XML file
  446. what is the different between get & post in PHP
  447. Back Button
  448. How to append data in LIST box
  449. How to "fetch" a certain id
  450. what is the easiest way to compare strings for alphabeticalness?
  451. Use parameters within a Function, please help me
  452. Windows Command Window - exec/system
  453. making a class object global
  454. Suggestions to News Class
  455. Tutorial recommendations
  456. Database class allowing saving data to (XML?) file
  457. Another Regular Expression Question
  458. Validate an image type using php
  459. how to force hosting server not cache php codes
  460. what is wrong with this code
  461. php::xml_parse really really slow
  462. how to get left portion of string?
  463. Recommended framework
  464. application level database connection
  465. Novice needs help :)
  466. Postgre to MySQL problem
  467. Linking Master Page to Details Page
  468. Linking Recordsets In Two Pages To Display Master And Detail Record
  469. Is it common to use session.use_trans_sid?
  470. PHP with XML
  471. Need PHP testing tool that connects to external Linux server
  472. extra newline characters when ftp'ing php scripts
  473. PDOStatement error : Call to a member function execute() on a non-object
  474. inserting data from form to database help
  475. TEST - please ignore -TEST
  476. zend_http_client & Proxy
  477. Sorting Massive amounts of Data
  478. "connect failed"
  479. question about @
  480. adding to form?
  481. getaddrinfo failed. help needed
  482. case sensitiviness
  483. Shutdown order
  484. Displaying Detailed Result
  485. curl twice
  486. using Sessions for the first time
  487. Regarding PHP as well as mySql DB
  488. Strange Bug
  489. Setting radio button state
  490. help me
  491. PHP Question -Simple right?
  492. Is there some magic in building php for arm?
  493. PHP & MySQL (by acousticmarc)
  494. PHP programmers required
  495. mssql connection
  496. Which CMS content management system (or DMS) is best for my needs?
  497. cross-compiling with phpize
  498. PHP plug-in dont work in Eclipse?
  499. {SOLVED} How to access Sql Server using Apache on a windows machine?
  500. Why Date() goes backwards
  501. Include and Values
  502. Image resizing problem
  503. " Working in Faith watch this "
  504. Modifying Rating Script
  505. {SOLVED} PHP script not working properly.
  506. Sending data form a vb program too a mysql DB
  507. date math
  508. employee form
  509. Best Object Oriented PHP book?
  510. PHP upload_max_filesize problem
  511. How to open ppt in Firefox
  512. Matching entries in flat file db to form input
  513. getting variable from a form
  514. Namespace not included in SoapClient Request XML
  515. how to click a link automatically using PHP
  516. File upload action to iframe
  517. unsetting
  518. Posting Raw XML to PHP?
  519. How to recall the PhP Program once submit to server
  520. What Next?
  521. Validate HTML in a post
  522. Why is FTP upload failing?
  523. PHP WWW dialog box not poping up
  524. rename() on Windows
  525. Future Calendar
  526. GWT
  527. Download-scriptto DL files outside the public_html folder
  528. moving pictures
  529. PHP MySQL
  530. Hard Disk Serial Number
  531. View PHP pages locally without installing
  532. {SOLVED} PHP trim whitespaces
  533. tikiwiki: blank page
  534. back to html page from php
  535. php inside html
  536. Grabbing checkbox values
  537. compny name
  538. Testing php scripts against versions
  539. phpMyadmin and winMysqladmin problem
  540. extra newlines in output text added by PHP file include
  541. Dynamically managing certain document aspects (e.g. title)
  542. PHP hidden variables disappear in firefox 2.0
  543. Why we are using seed function in generating Random Numbers
  544. Generating listing of directory
  545. Calling Javascript function in php script.
  546. {SOLVED} how to store an unknown ammount
  547. Zend Framework View & Viewhelper
  548. Multiple db access from php
  549. Executing PHP in a variable?
  550. positioning output from MySQL