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  1. is it possible to call a .js in php???
  2. how to redirect a webpage in php
  3. email from script to client mailbox.
  4. checkbox help
  5. Why? [Oracle][ODBC]Option value changed
  6. Trying to submit multipart/form-data HTTP POST using PHP script
  7. PHP with Excel
  8. strtotime and a very mysterious date
  9. What is wrong here with in_array?
  10. Zend Studio (debug feature) 5.5 and XAMPP
  11. Zend Studio (debug feature) 5.5 and XAMPP
  12. Is there any function in PHP like setTimeout with same functionallity in javascript
  13. Using PHP with MySQL Datetime
  14. ??Dreamweaver testing server help??
  15. submitting form from button or dropdown
  16. Download a file once
  17. some configure error appeared in install php-gtk
  18. Mail() is eating my bcc: header
  19. PHP version verses timezonedb version verses Olsen timezone database version
  20. Symfony
  21. PHP Redirect
  22. PHP script help
  23. Images and PHP
  24. Not getting current date in calendar using strtotime
  25. Announcing : Fixes for PHP-issues in SMODL Development Suite 1.0.2
  26. Getting selected values in multi select comobo box through PHP
  27. Html parsing
  28. unable to load dynamic library /usr/lib/php4/
  29. unable to load dynamic library /usr/lib/php4/
  30. passing the value from a text box to a varible
  31. when memory_get_usage() isn't available to you...?
  32. display data in textfields
  33. How to move arrays from html webpage to webpage?
  34. website using php
  35. PRADO 3.1.0 alpha is released
  36. basic session question
  37. best practice global variables
  38. phptriad - offtopic
  39. Getting started - not quite working
  40. inserting into a mysql database
  41. SimpleXML and load php file (Content-type: text/xml)
  42. php not recognizing array
  43. xtra line dispaying form
  44. Line breaks (\n) from a html form textarea??? HELP!
  45. php and mysql
  46. sessions and persistence?
  47. Error trapping getaddrinfo - File not found v. Temporary failure in name resolution?
  48. problems with saving and retrieving data with new line (\n and \r\n)and slashes from mysql database
  49. Joomla - User Data with mails to Admin
  50. PHP script that displays another page partial content
  51. PHP script that displays another page partial content
  52. Hotmail webfetching
  53. What does -> do?
  54. Sending an array ouput to an text file
  55. Can I change folder/file property CHMOD from PHP script
  56. PHP-MySQL product search tool with list menu
  57. How many databases presents in mysql with php
  58. MySql Select question
  59. Parent Objects
  60. How do i check the an image before uploading
  61. fetch html tag
  62. Referencing objects?
  63. Collect data from serial port - rs232 to browser
  64. session data stored but new session everytime!
  65. i can not get addslashes/stripslashes to have the same effect on different servers
  66. paging like google
  67. apache php security question
  68. Extracting data from a sring.
  69. Error Messages
  70. Having problems submitting form details to email
  71. how can i import excel data into mysql
  72. query in regular expression
  73. pushin' arrays
  74. echo VARIABLES
  75. To check the existence of an image before uploading
  76. How to use multiplce MySQL socket on a single web server?
  77. retaining value in listbox array
  78. Include with variables - why does this work ?
  79. Include Content pages in Master page
  80. PHP undefined variable Email
  81. PHP-FastCGI?
  82. How Can I See My Friend's Profile On My Website......Plz Help
  83. preg_match to detect \r\n - doesn't work
  84. installation of php/apache/mysql on win98
  85. Get the Information About the Image in the page
  86. How to view the data by using ListBox
  87. CMS Design
  88. PHP problems. uploading a script....
  89. Problem with Code
  90. file upload problems
  91. About directory
  92. PHP - How to recall 'this' PHP script
  93. Cursors and PostgreSQL
  94. PHP Bulk Email script
  95. Problem with sessions / external javascript files in IE6 only
  96. Simple Variable Syntax Question.
  97. I was programming in PHP on Sokkit and suddenly . . .
  98. Alternative to apc_fetch?
  99. PHP5 and arrays of complextype
  100. how to use action="PHP_SELF" but have three php tags in same file
  101. Receiving data via email and posting to a website
  102. How to avoid Maximum execution error
  103. [Date] Converting dd/mm/yyyy to YYYY-MM-DD?
  104. PHP script for lastlog
  105. delete button
  106. Extract data between tags
  107. printing only data in a spcific row of a mysql table using php
  108. need PHP to read file date in directory
  109. creating a directory with PHP
  110. what is the preg for capitals in a word to be replaced by that word preceded by a space
  111. how to access oracle from php4
  112. Stack Memory Error
  113. Soap Fault
  114. Query Value from one table and insert into another table.
  115. -> LDAP question <-
  116. PHP/Apache Configuration
  117. how to append some string in img src by regularexpression
  118. how can i remove blank spaces from text file.
  119. converting xml files to multidimensional php arrays
  120. connect to mysql database
  121. How do you generate an array of actual font names from your /fonts folder in PHP?
  122. Simple PHP script doesn't work with new web host
  123. zip_read strangeness
  124. redirect
  125. can any one tell about joomla
  126. A php script to suggest usernames
  127. How to close a window?
  128. Query problems with PostgreSQL
  129. Array of 'n' dimensions?
  130. Set directory permissions - directory already exists
  131. Problem with php ini (???)
  132. [PHP4] Upload progress meter
  134. character sets
  135. user disabled(inactive) when I add it to Active Directory using ldap_add
  136. Getting an included PHP script to to include a file in the same directory.
  137. Survey respondents needed for masters thesis
  138. Zero and NULL
  139. headers already sent
  140. Positioning Menu
  141. Output an image directly at a particular position in the browser window
  142. i need to write content of one text file into another text file.
  143. An AJAX Simple Example for PHP
  144. Oop Php
  145. Updating data feilds with php
  146. mysql_fetch_array + creator anchor links in php
  147. Error when transcoding from UTF16 to UTF8 with utf8_encode
  148. php javascript postback
  149. pear DB converting ' to &#039 - how to convert back?
  150. PHP blocks and inlines weirdness
  151. Get hostname of domain alias
  152. atoi and similar functions?
  153. create a sequence in MySQL, with mysql variable?
  154. create a sequence in MySQL, with mysql variable?
  155. php listener
  156. How to use mail( ) with out asked for "RECEIVE FIRST BEFORE SEND" Message
  157. how to update a table in a database by a html form
  158. What is Indexing in mysql and how it will be useful and how we can retrieve database content easily from a database table containing about 5lakhs datas
  159. Reviewer
  160. Tempoary Link Downloads...
  161. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  162. using foreach loop to get values of a multi-dimensional arrays
  163. how to make php_gd2.dll working
  164. I need $this->self to be identical to and reference to $this, but how in PHP 5.2+?
  165. I need $this->self to be identical to and reference to $this, but how in PHP 5.2+?
  166. authentification on Active Directory with LDAP
  167. Question about Arrays from php and arrays from mysql
  168. Why does is_dir($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) produce false in Windows XP?
  169. using sessions, pdf fails in IE
  170. mssql data retrieval
  171. question about str_replace function
  172. Imagemagick and php
  173. Dropdown, formatting
  174. Assembly Language inside PHP - possible / not ?
  175. Need a CSS example for use with PHP
  176. UK Zend Certifiction
  177. noob question
  178. Accessing SQL Database from PHP scripts
  179. hi me again, How do I limit the amount of chars i get from a query.
  180. phpMyAdmin
  181. How to attach a file in mail() function
  182. How do you get PHP 5.2.0 to talk to MySQL 4.1.22?
  183. Uploading photos........
  184. Is this the correct Code?
  185. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Session as array in
  186. Stuck with Session Variable code problem
  187. Learning PHP and MYSQL on own laptop possible?
  188. Best PostgreSQL Install Practices
  189. Extracting date, phone, zip and currency after validation
  190. writing pdf docs and going back to the previous page
  191. multidimensional array merge using PHP
  192. Question on using GD in PHP to size/resize images
  193. drop down blank?
  194. PHP email form not working
  195. Timesheet PHP Problems
  196. Undefined Offset
  197. returning autogenerated ID on new item
  198. unable to start TLS in ldap queries
  199. One script passing control to the other?
  200. can any1 recommend script
  201. Auction Script
  202. Installing an configuring PHP
  203. trying to export to excel using PHP and Oracle 9i
  204. How to use php on the command line?
  205. Encrypting Passwords
  206. Secure login tutorial
  207. Recursive Function
  208. converting Excel to MySQL using PHP
  209. Get video file total time of playing using php
  210. logout script not working properly.
  211. How to configure G.D. library with PHP.
  213. Select random files out of a directory
  214. Few lines of C++ to PHP
  215. valeur par défaut
  216. need a forms IDE designer for use with PHP
  217. PHP Output... or lack thereof (on first time PHP Install)
  218. image resizing that doesn't sacrifice quality
  219. Setup Usenet groups within phpBB
  220. date, phone and zip edits
  221. Delete a directory and all its files and sub-directories?
  222. better programming
  223. Download Files Quickly = Hang
  224. Resize image problem
  225. online word processors?
  226. Time + 10 minutes
  227. PHP - Checkboxes
  228. PEAR or PECL
  229. value becomes empty after used once. originated in a textarea
  230. Suggestions for best practice: mysql vs array sorting
  231. remove last part of email address
  232. Regular expression: preg_match_all()
  233. Creating graph
  234. php questions
  235. editable pdf
  236. Problem with LDAP-add
  237. Problem with LDAP-add
  238. Problem with LDAP-add
  239. printable reports
  240. displaying distinct rows
  241. How can one get real time stock quotes for an online-community?
  242. How to download/extract a running PHP from a website?
  243. Adding together the results of a query
  244. PEAR Package not found by PHP Script
  245. Eval, Variable Variables problem
  246. Upgrade OpenSSL = relink PHP?
  247. Not being able to send mails through PHP using SMTP
  248. Upgrade OpenSSL version = rebuild PHP?
  249. Integer to code and back
  250. CGI PHP vs. FastCGI vs. mod_php vs. application server?
  251. about database connections
  252. PHP / Mysql - Retreive "Next" Row data in "this" row
  253. commande onclick/pb dates
  254. regular expression problem (preg_replace)
  255. UTC Timestamp into MySQL
  256. i needed that at a perticular time only one user able to enter threw admin section.
  257. $_SESSION unset for other user
  258. How to check this valus against mysql
  259. ms and odbc - only returns half the rows
  260. Most CMS packages are PHP based, why is this?
  261. opendir issues Wired vs Wireless
  262. How to overwrite default php installation
  263. delete null elements from an array
  264. calling PHP with HTTPrequest security
  265. PHP install question
  266. i cannot post a question to your PHP forums!
  267. ldap_set_option
  268. What does <?= mean?
  269. Simple If Statement
  270. invoking php file
  271. CGI bin or Apache Modul
  272. How I convert swf to jpg,jpeg using php
  273. IMAP to parse string?
  274. ZipArchive on windows
  275. preg_replace_callback() is segfaulting in 4.4.4, length related?
  276. Debugging "Specified Module Not Found" error?
  277. I would like to use session_decode while in a loop
  278. installed and still no go
  279. How can I list the MM/DD/YY for the next 4 Thursdays?
  280. Online Books
  281. exec, run until finished
  282. Accessing GET variables with include file
  283. Accessing GET Variables with include
  284. Returning References
  285. Image gallery w/ pagination - No image on 1st page
  286. looking for script to remove/add images
  287. How to import large MySQL data dump using PHP?
  288. Dynamic function creation?
  289. SQL Query and Display Problem
  290. two statments - same result ????
  291. Convert integer to GUID and back
  292. How many rows in a table
  293. php - header Location very slow
  294. wake up on file (inode) change (again)
  295. How do i strip the extension from a query result.
  296. phpinfo() - strange results...
  297. fopen url with using post variable
  298. Sending Login/Pwd through Shared SSL to PHP/MySQL
  299. ordering mysql request by part of a key
  300. I need some ideas on XML parsing.....
  301. Poogle caming !
  302. PHP E-mail Processing
  303. Php in custom application
  304. What is the php predefined variable that tells the What types of images that php supp
  305. HELP ! ! ! something simple . . . :D
  306. PHP Interview Questions
  307. Need Consultant to Help with CakePHP
  308. Reversing PHP into UML
  309. My First PHP - Learning PHP/New Project
  310. How to build a web application the right way
  311. I cannot install anything with pear.
  312. PHP-gen'd images won't display in HTML
  313. posting with cURL problem
  314. Problems including a file referenced from SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
  315. PHP-Smarty Caching Database Templates
  316. Creating PDFs in PHP
  317. Advice on Data
  318. Cli error with imap_open()
  319. How to insert these values to database in php
  320. BUG IN PHP? (class member undefined)
  321. Array Sorting issue--php
  322. php & security or limiting activity
  323. ODBC Connection
  324. Export Html Result Pages using PHP into PDF
  325. question on passing a "variable" back to a calling page
  326. reading requested pages from *.doc file
  327. php soap server/client
  328. strange POST vs GET behaviour
  329. 404 header
  330. number of logins
  331. smtp error in phpmailer
  332. Reports in PHP
  333. Zend Certification PHP 5 : Difference between isset() and other is_*() functions
  334. word replacement in file
  335. cant connect php to access via odbc over network
  336. exec() incomplete $output
  337. creating a ul from php submitted links
  338. change value for calculation - help
  339. Google Custom Search Engine
  340. Maintain a Checked Checkbox
  341. compile error
  342. Does PHP have an end-of-file problem.
  343. pattern containing single quote in IF statement
  344. The best way to protect SQL injection?
  345. Help in understanding php
  346. failed to open stream problem
  347. Exposing Variables
  348. PHP won't interpret php code any more
  349. How do implement search option in php
  350. Session_id not automatically saved in PHP 5.2
  351. questions about uploading file
  352. cannot see dbg in phpinfo
  353. Need To Interrogate, In PHP, How Many Rows In A Table Window
  354. using mysql_real_escape_string
  355. excel file reading using php
  356. calling a php function
  357. "Contact Us" Form
  358. Customizing unserialize output.
  359. Reading COM1 with php-win
  360. data access btw: Merry Christmas!
  361. unexpected t_variable
  362. Ming Functions or maybe Flex???
  363. Include some picture or macro 2 MS Word file
  364. quote smart fails with null string
  365. here document syntax not working
  366. Dot Matrix Print
  367. Selective rendering of part of a page
  368. how to copi file from website to localhost using php?
  369. how to hide PHP from browser?
  370. Register Globals=Off Not Working
  371. PHP Best Practices
  372. PHP Mail
  373. can any PHP framework match Ruby On Rails clarity of design?
  374. Yet Another Thumbnail-Slideshow Program Quick and Dirty
  375. Best Practice for layout items at one page
  376. eleminating duplicates in php array
  377. Selling PHP Scripts
  378. Multiple links
  379. Variables From My Include File Are Being Ignored
  380. Loading png images into a mysql table/database
  381. How to make PHP call a remote Script
  382. fetch_array()
  383. php, outlook 2k3
  384. PHP Debugger
  385. $_POST not working
  386. Setting up a RSS reader with PHP
  387. Why do PHP emails (that come from a PHP web site) go into the junk email inbox?
  388. how to open a file
  389. ROUND
  390. PHP 5.2.0 on FreeBSD
  391. Nusoap
  392. monitor file (inode) changes effectively, how?
  393. Compiling PHP on solaris
  394. getting pages with curl
  395. Need to restrict access to same pages on a web site
  396. down ?
  397. About mysql_pconnect
  398. Video -> Flash
  399. Cannot handle uploads: because max_input_time=-1 ???
  400. image generation problem
  401. FUSEBOX framework/methodology experiences?
  402. "Session side effect"
  403. Pear install question..
  404. Maintain and Manage DB relationships
  405. CodeMash?
  406. Life is Different here, sky has no limit but you must grip it with this website
  407. Basic PHP4 Class question
  408. port data
  409. problem with php and digest authentication scope
  410. How to disable right click and ctrl+c use in a web page
  411. session id passed but not session contents
  412. Web Services Requests using Nusoap
  413. drawing nice charts
  414. Framework or not?
  415. Read html/txt mail from postfix queue
  416. How can I save the value of textbox when it is written in javascript
  417. AOL Contact List Grabber (Address Book Import)
  418. PHP Include Horror
  420. serialize() and unserialize()
  421. Learning PHP with Lighty and W3Schools
  422. Error msg cannot showed in php & txt box matching not work
  423. Array filtering
  424. PHP exec() and Zipping Upload file in Windows
  425. newb: Expain me this
  426. Payflow with php5
  427. req: simple traditional lookup table entry
  428. ERROR: signing the return value of new by reference
  429. inclosed variable heredoc
  430. Life is Different here, sky has no limit but you must grip it with this website,
  431. Chage script for Linux servers?
  432. Getting a function result while in heredoc
  433. SQL injection and PHP spoofing
  434. Problem in Integrating Java and PHP
  435. regular expression
  436. Mixed
  437. how to append variable to url which already has variables
  438. Using Dreamweaver MX but php not working.
  439. A secure user login example
  440. PHP MySQL Connect Problem
  441. How to grab a piece of text with help of a php-script
  442. strange number format
  443. Session ID in PHP
  444. php diff
  445. PHP and search engine
  446. Sessions, Cookies or both?
  447. htm vs. php problem
  448. The Challenge is On for the PHP Script Guru'S
  449. <? is not recognized as php only <?php is on my apache 1.3 server!!
  450. Efficiency of file vs database
  451. Adding PHP extension?
  452. Problem with an array
  453. Client-Side Session Data
  454. no insert ...
  455. capture address
  456. How to retrieve an Oracle VARRAY
  457. Adding rows to a database
  458. inbox and PHPmailer
  459. Server-Request has to look like Client-Request
  460. New script shop
  461. Returning a "304 Not Modified" responce
  462. Multi-page form that preloads
  463. Sample month at a time code for events calendar
  464. posting form data to two scripts at once
  465. php ftp-like uploads
  466. posting form data to two php scripts at once
  467. How to get the source code of a method/function call?
  468. How to asynchrously POST a HTTP request?
  469. PHPDebugger release preview-1.2 available
  470. Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in
  471. Parsing word document using PHP
  472. Need Help in arrays.. Please
  473. a gentle nudge
  474. regex , ereg() Problems???
  475. Porting Perl to PHP
  476. Session duration ?
  477. PHP and Diagram Tool
  478. Scriptaculous Drag Drop and Database Integeration!
  479. problems with my first test code
  480. Adding line breaks to a variable dynamically
  481. mail() function help
  482. Script needed
  483. PHP Login Script
  484. Php sessions
  485. PEAR DB_DataObject auto-generator multiple databases
  486. reading http request raw data as stream
  487. sesson_mm_apache2handler0.sem
  488. unset array
  489. Error in PHP syntax
  490. Connected Dropdown for database
  491. If you're good with arrays and lists, this one's for you
  492. How to convert ascii to text
  493. pdftotext conversion--please help
  494. creating MLM system; what are re-cycling and forced matrix?
  495. Easy question, return variable name
  496. Best practices for bundling PHP runtime libs?
  497. Address validation and verification
  498. Wnat to embed full HTML page in email, but migrating style from css files to element style attributes
  499. job posting: Sr Systems Programmer needed
  500. Looking for documentation
  501. simpleXMLelement wrapping a few node in a parent node
  502. PHP certification
  503. Create unique value
  504. HREF Link to open newest file, or only file in drectory?
  505. what is PHP
  506. error 500 and download php file
  507. Page Access
  508. Having Trouble With CURL Function, Please Help
  509. [CuteNews 1.4.5] Problem with editing news
  510. php generated table lists problems.
  511. how to add delete buttons per subitem in 1 form in an easy way
  513. reply-to works with some but not mail clients
  514. Grabing the 5 latest rows
  515. Page load frequency
  516. New member stuck in write php script
  517. Insert information to MySQL using PHP in a foreign language
  518. Attempt to compile PHP 5.2.0 with mysql and gd (2.0.33)
  519. Calling gcc from within PHP code
  520. AJAX IDE and AJAX TOOL--The Release of JoyiStar AJAX WebShop 3 Beta
  521. paging php mssql using next prev button
  522. USA Locations Where Not To Relocate
  523. Record inserting twice
  524. manipulating forms
  525. add text on top of PNG
  526. Using PHP to set error docs.
  527. sorting an associative array of objects by value?
  528. video upload website
  529. How to upload large files
  530. General Design and Programming Question
  531. Caching query results: PHP caching vs MySQL caching
  532. How do I get this value from a regular expression
  533. Web clipping of a "remote" web page for insertion into a "local" page: is it possible?
  534. Joomla newsgroup
  535. warning ftp_put - Urgent
  536. always enable addslashes
  537. URGENT: Problem with cookies
  538. Javascript/PHP interaction
  539. Php code using webcam
  540. anyone used xpdf plug in?
  541. how to execute DOS command thru PHP
  542. Need Help on user registration form
  543. PDFlib
  544. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  545. Question about DB & accessing fixed records from local C:\ .txt file
  546. PHP newbie would liek some tips
  547. No mbstring function for finding suitable encoding.
  548. Sessions
  549. Could eval() error crash other scripts?
  550. Concat in a join?