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  1. headers already sent in php
  2. HTTP 403
  3. preg_replace question - ASCII characters?
  4. combo box alignment
  5. addcslashes
  6. multi-user php setup problem
  7. Menusystem!
  8. Filetype filter help needed.
  9. Need Help in downloading pdf
  10. Creating extensions
  11. session_destroy()
  12. Need help creating an export file that imports into Quickbooks.
  13. download counter?
  14. PHP Script Error
  15. PHP create HTML email inserts '!'s
  16. php5 and mysql5 connection
  17. simple adding of data to a table
  18. getting values in an array of arrays
  19. create array from members of an array of objects
  20. VB/PHP Linking Development
  21. break apart a variable
  22. multiplication math not working ?
  23. header (Location: ) not working on web server
  24. Recurse an array with an object/s
  25. Multiple List with PHP
  26. Using AJAX with a PHP Front Controller
  27. PHP, mysql, and escaping characters
  28. disallow a page to be re-displayed
  29. 6 dropdown boxes populated from PHP/MySQL using Ajax
  30. How to add (or emulate) a new superglobal
  31. PHP not supporting MySQL
  32. global vars on/off
  33. PHP with Style="Display:None"?
  34. PHP variables lost when uploading >~7MB files
  35. Why this code is not working on PHP
  36. Syntax for min and max
  37. min and max
  38. help on coding needed
  39. CSS file size limit?
  40. PhP Guard Dog 4 not running!!
  41. loaded latest edition of Apache http server on XP, and installed php on that server...
  42. select a folder with option select in php
  43. cannot load mysql extension - desperate
  44. How to get error info
  45. Blank pages
  46. Can't run php
  47. include problem
  48. PHP Link with VB,ask for help
  49. Reading a cookie
  50. Your opinion on best language file practise?
  51. getting multiple data from <select>
  52. php-debug-faq-post in progress
  53. Regular expression - match string containing a but not a and b
  54. phpmyadmin
  55. XAMPP and Windows Vista
  56. variable cannot be passed to multiple pages.
  57. Php Security Code
  58. num_rows
  59. How to link php forms
  60. How-to: avoid some code problems in advance
  61. logging solutions mail()
  62. Mzk - Mezzenger Klient (php Class), Class for making PHP bots and webmessengers (MSN Messenger)
  63. Creating black images when trying to create thumbnails
  64. include files with similar contents
  65. Error Creating an Image from an Uploaded File
  66. question about preg_*'s s modifer
  67. _GET['name'] truncates
  68. Array_Search Problems
  69. PHP email script
  70. book
  71. radio button
  72. MySQL does not show on php info
  73. Interesting date
  74. time table generator
  75. How to get UTF8 octets?
  76. Migrated from PHP4 to PHP5, index.php did not run as expected
  77. Can't get_file_contents?
  78. file upload across domains
  79. Best text search for many Gigabyte Database?
  80. !Need advice from other PHP developers.
  81. Submit Buttons using php
  82. PECL install fails, autoconf problem
  83. Problem with RewriteRule when url contains percent character
  84. Webmasters
  85. Multiple Get's ...
  86. how to grab info from other websites?
  87. forget password can't function...
  88. sleep() output
  89. Problem to set a cookie
  90. Problem inserting a function - Easy question
  91. PHP5's SOAP Extension Simplifies WebSite Payments Pro SOAP Integration
  92. create rss xml
  93. modify XML file with DOM
  94. Confirmation via email
  95. how to get the values of an array using javascript
  96. How does PHP store strings?
  97. PHP configure script problem
  98. PHP configure script problem
  99. Calendar
  100. PHP shopping cart
  101. sql query with php problem
  103. Looking for PHP security tips
  104. Browser showing blank pages with SSL & PHP4
  105. creating an alert
  106. Dropdown Menu
  107. How do I get rid of long URLs?
  108. how to retreived images from the database
  109. maximize images or pictures
  110. Image Upload + Other Form Data At The Same Time?
  111. Easy PHP question from clueless
  112. capture images remotely with PHP
  113. capture images remotely with PHP
  114. email with php
  115. Unable to install PHP on Linux to work with Apache
  116. [Book] "Professional Ajax" - is it ok if I prefer Open Source ???
  117. Posting to SQL table problem?
  118. Security - PHP Vs Java
  119. Php signup problem
  120. New Groups for Smarty
  121. Cannot send session cookie?? Cannot send session cache limiter??
  122. bidimensional array from query
  123. Fatal error: Call to a member function add_item() on a non-object
  124. Printing array items sent in a form
  125. HTML Form validating with PHP, processing via ASP?
  126. Excel as HTML
  127. Parse Excel sheet through PHP script
  128. Format of session id and $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
  129. dumping all existing variables
  130. PHP(Passing Objects)
  131. Substring Function.
  132. error says can't see include file, yet executes some code on include file
  133. PHP client web services - save soap attachment.
  134. Structure of a PHP-driven site
  135. Please help - calling an external script
  136. Problem with COM on just one machine?
  137. Apache2Triad PHP Errors without Error Messages
  138. I have sub-categories but want to display full category path
  139. help with dates
  140. index.php...bootstrapping?
  141. High performance
  142. phpize and autoconf, custom installation of libssh2
  143. filling out form and displaying errors
  144. Button to execute python script
  145. email attachment in php
  146. mod_php or fastcgi?
  147. Reference to THIS from inside constructor
  148. working with xml's
  149. adding a new line character in a string.
  150. Can not view company profile after user login: session problem??
  151. Reference to reference?
  152. imagettftext problem with angle
  153. Public response to A Kaufman
  154. Finding elements of an array in another multi-dimensional array
  155. PHP 5.2.0 and Python 2.5
  156. error in php program
  157. detect a server in LAN
  158. Bug Bounty program
  159. php on windows
  160. Dynamic 2x2 growing table
  161. setlocale problem
  162. filesize() not reading http pages
  163. PHP includes question
  164. failed to open stream error in php
  165. usage of @ symbol in php
  166. php
  167. Getting Content-Language info?
  168. how to choose the correct height/width for images
  169. Using Javascripts In PHP Codes
  170. SimpleXml Query
  171. Multiple (OR ||) case usage
  172. MSIE 7 and cookies
  173. How do I limit my number of PHP hits per second?
  174. telling people which inputs they missed on a form
  175. Checkbox array passes to script fine but doesn't mail right
  176. do i have to use a php.
  177. working with array with floats
  178. remote file transfer through http using exec
  179. simple form validation
  180. Life Webmaster
  181. Flat File DB, PHP, and charaters
  182. Sending a variable
  183. Concatenating object methods
  184. Newlines don't work.
  185. How to use LDAP using PHP
  186. search engine cant function
  187. How does safe_mode_exec_dir work?
  188. how to call a function in javascript from ihtml or php?
  189. which driver along with php
  190. how do you send a lot of data between scripts
  191. split string
  192. mod_php or fastcgi for heavy loaded server?
  193. Join 2 files
  194. how to declare a cookie that will destroy after browser is closed
  195. Query string encoder for php
  196. redirection question
  197. Weird Permissions Problem With Includes
  198. parse error - php form script unexpected $end parse error
  199. Dumping an array to a web page
  200. Mail Attachment Security
  201. Calculating some formulas from database data
  202. How to create an image on the fly?
  203. what is difference between ->, =>,<=,<- ?
  204. event calendar problem
  205. PHP and upload
  206. mb_eregi_replace
  207. using conditional statements in where-clause
  208. Whats a good way to write GUI apps
  209. Is it useful to remove comments & spaces from source code?
  210. x
  211. wait for result from exec
  212. Urgent please reply web application in Client server Program
  213. PEAR mailing problem
  214. Sending a GET request and getting the response using fsockopen.
  215. creating and presenting an image in php
  216. how to read datas retrieved from database?
  217. Saving a page into html in php
  218. PHP inside JS - Not working 4 me - Any help much appreciated
  219. difference between two date in seconds: problem with daylight saving time
  220. Last-modified?
  221. "Special Character" Problem with DOM
  222. Classes in files
  223. upload file error 3: "The uploaded file was only partially uploaded"
  224. php form issue?
  225. automatically loading a new page in a frame.
  226. PHP Code Pop-up...
  227. Values not passing - this has truely stumped me!
  228. CLI Doesn't install when building from source
  229. SimpleXML Error: Node no longer exists (using addChild())
  230. variable php_value in apache .htaccess?
  231. counter
  232. PHP 4.4.4 vs Perl 5.8.7 for Object Oriented server code
  233. a question about URL formating /category/13/ vs /category.php?id=13
  234. WAMP5, short tags and CLI PHP issue
  235. how to post the values to the form whose action is in javascript?
  236. PHP script showing up blank or displaying actual PHP source
  237. Chinese filenames
  238. Problem With Arrays Of Arrays, PHP 5.2.0, Windows
  239. Group an array
  240. how to store an array in cookie
  241. Setting a timeout when using fopen.
  242. How to start with it...?
  243. reading pdf files using php script
  244. session user_id
  245. Picture Frame
  246. Php ini setting--mail function
  247. generating a list of dates
  248. handle multiple related form on one page, urgent
  249. Auto increment numbers in php
  250. how to pass commandline argument to C program from PHP code
  251. Reading a page with file() - Problems with https
  252. command-line php displays code instead of executing code
  253. form processing with input validations
  254. SimpleXML question
  255. dont know how to use session in login function
  256. how to manage foreign key, what php coding i need??
  257. parsing a string for keywords
  258. php session
  259. Changing Page Title
  260. Validate domain name context
  261. php cli
  262. Username regular expression
  263. php + mysql. updating various tables using the same peice of code.
  264. its urgent to get in php by learning some basics
  265. Compute and display data on the same page
  266. how send messages between two proceses?
  267. how to direct users
  268. convert XML feed array to assocative
  269. ereg question
  270. How to build a site with access privieges?
  271. how to display employer profile after they login?
  272. Please Kindly, CD needed ()
  273. Please Kindly, CD needed ()
  274. Please Kindly, CD needed ()
  275. Function execution before page reload
  276. How to display database table data in a html table.
  277. New to OCI - double results?
  278. Video Embedding Script
  279. A noob question about operators...
  280. why use $_POST when you have $_SESSION?
  281. How do I resize an image to a given window size?
  282. Any ideas how to Run Macro in Microsoft Publisher through PHP COM ?
  283. PHP functions
  284. PHP5: using __CLASS__ within __toString in parent class
  285. how to check folder size
  286. php errors going to apache error log - can't change
  287. Single PHP file - *.php = process, *.phps = source.
  288. security precautions on REGISTER_GLOBALS
  289. Database structure decision
  290. Save an array
  291. how php parses code
  292. what's PHP?
  293. simple Code Question
  294. how to call stored procedure MySQL 5 from PHP4
  295. -> Printing PDF files? <-
  296. Parse error: syntax error | HELP?
  297. Unable to access elements in SimpleXML
  298. Need help with writing easy script
  299. array value as array index
  300. POPing mail
  301. how to avoid eval()
  302. Consume .NET Web Service
  303. dynamically displaying all the contents of table
  304. please help lauching programs through php system and exec
  305. merge (concatenate) a 'png' file
  306. Just PHP will give you nothing unless you upgrade yourself
  307. Pass XMLNode to web service method
  308. Convert HTML entities to Unicode UCS2? What to do?
  309. Include <? ?> in string literal
  310. Download Remote Files
  311. how to call C program function from PHP
  312. License for php/ mysql
  313. PHP+mysql based quiz software
  314. regex for preg_split
  315. Problem with while
  316. Problem with while
  317. random pic - does not ALWAYS show
  318. Strange Database Error
  319. urldecode Help Please..
  320. urldecode Help Please..
  321. Redefine math operators in PHP
  322. 1800+ php scripts
  323. Automating email reports
  324. HTML table Update row PHP/MySQL
  325. Php script and PDF / FPDF
  326. printing a .RTF file to the screen
  327. PEAR doesn't seem to be working
  328. PHP Flash
  329. can anyone help with this coding? please??
  330. PHP IP blocking script is not working...
  331. writing data into text file and sql table
  332. remote files
  333. Image Upload using PHP
  334. DB -> Flat file, did I waste my time?
  335. how to browse and attach file in email?
  336. dumb PHP question - yes/no answer
  337. Is it possible to resize an image stored in database?
  338. mysqli connections and oop
  339. dependent select menus
  340. curl - html/1.0
  341. session_?
  342. Email Encryption
  343. Read the contents of a text file into MySql using PHP
  344. Ignore testing message
  345. how to check for "a href=" in a string
  346. xml-rpc webserver
  347. Separation of logic, design and data
  348. PHP and DLL loaded into MTS: not working
  349. SQLite Version 2.1?
  350. my code works slow. need some other logic
  351. difference between var and private in a class
  352. How to call value in different programs in PHP
  353. Javascript alert not working
  354. how to insert data into databse when a button is clicked
  355. Help to do unicoding in PHP???
  356. ftp_get: what goes wrong?
  357. Session Management
  358. How to pass a same variable across mutiple pages using sessions
  359. how to passs and use variables in different scripts
  360. copy($source, $destination) not working for me
  361. Processing array values
  362. How do i Convert a String to an int?
  363. Need help - PHP search function... can I clear text onclick?
  364. Script to record/updated RSVPs
  365. date difference calculation in PHP
  366. How to delete a file in my web server via php
  367. Connecting to MySQL Using PHP
  368. connectivity error in mysql due to authentication protocol
  369. PHP mail function issue
  370. Exporting html to doc in php
  371. Undefined offset error in php code.
  372. Sorting Array: $value[$s][$i]
  373. how to send a email by offline server
  374. New To PHP, looking for PHP tutorials
  375. php 5 oop
  376. php@mysql problem, using MySQL reserved words
  377. php drop-down menu
  378. bad performance with php 5.2.0
  379. Help , i cann't Read session value in another page
  380. export tables from mysql -> ms access
  381. regular expression
  382. session cookie
  383. A little problem with move_uploaded_file()
  384. Printing AIML response in a textarea in PHP
  385. You must specify the PHP executable used for the debug session
  386. how get differences between text files: help!?
  387. Need to integrate with paypal ...
  388. Problem with image in $pdf->Cell() function of FPDF
  389. how to call a table data with username
  390. PHP program sorting
  391. How do I remove extra lines out of text before it is written to a file..
  392. confirm previously entered email address
  393. Comparing Dates
  394. how to pass textbox value to <a href=new.php?cat='textbox value here'>
  395. quick question about stats
  396. i18n - how best to provide multilingual content
  397. Com object with PHP How to use? Here is the code
  398. cgi setup on apache under rhe
  399. I having problem updating User Records
  400. SMTP_Port in configuration
  401. appending to an associate array
  402. calling individual functions on a remote php page
  403. concatenation of string and int in php
  404. extension loading works in command-line, but not Apache browser
  405. using PDFlib
  406. use virtual hosts to develop locally but upload throws error in source file references
  407. Convert SQL server data to XML using PHP
  408. Import database from excel sheet to PHP
  409. Types of Payment Gateway
  410. Undefined index error when using frames
  411. system() error ?
  412. php script kicking off another php script
  413. image size
  414. Interesting PHP page
  415. Com object with PHP How to use?
  416. PHP file upload
  417. post values from html form radio buttons
  418. php job
  419. resetting the result of a mysql query
  420. PHP: Ready to manage email ?
  421. PHP meets HTML: IMG display problems
  422. How do I externally update a table in my htm file?
  423. login function got problem
  424. php code for job search engine
  425. Remove columns from CSV using a php script
  426. Retrieve POSTed .NET control values in .PHP page
  427. error checking in php?
  428. Parsing XML File - PHP out of memory?
  429. filename parsing....stuck!
  430. Php MySql dynamic table populate
  431. Best way to conditionally show large blocks of HTML
  432. Problem creating PDF on linux m/c
  433. Compiling extensions DLL's for Windows
  434. printer driver for linux
  435. got trouble connection to mysql5 using php5...need help
  436. Runnnig PHP in windows
  437. MYSQL table rows and PHP array
  438. Making Apache to 'reload' its configuration
  439. Printer functions and GD created image (Windows)
  440. Should I use a one php program or multiple
  441. associative array in associative array
  442. How do you stop PHP from printing warnings on the screen for everyone to see?
  443. update mysql database with lots of varabiles in the query
  444. execution order problem
  445. Pay by creditcard and PayPal in PHP
  446. reciving post data from form
  447. Does setting session.gc_maxlifetime affect all sessions on server?
  448. Request for help with fsockopen
  449. directly using an index on returned array
  450. Request for input : What makes most sense in *your* PHP environment?
  451. E-Mail Anhang kommt statt als doc-Datei als PDF-Dokument an
  452. Asset Management Questions
  453. I have a wrong idea on how to code...Welcome, mankolele
  454. Tracking what has been requested
  455. Variable not used in adocument.css.php
  456. "Array to String Conversion" error when constructing a multi-dimensional array
  457. -> LDAP in SSL problem <-
  458. Importing csv file into SQL Server
  459. how to delete session automatically after ther the time expires
  460. What these files are?
  461. showerror() vs mysql_error() ..... difference
  462. Where can I the Printer extension
  463. Redirect a form back to the calling script
  464. php variable in sql string
  465. fopen( )
  466. File Upload works but only for empty file
  467. submiting a form to a php function
  468. PHP Authentication Cookie Issue
  469. max_execution_time ignored, multiple Apache processes spawned
  470. is it possible to call a .js in php???
  471. how to redirect a webpage in php
  472. email from script to client mailbox.
  473. checkbox help
  474. Why? [Oracle][ODBC]Option value changed
  475. Trying to submit multipart/form-data HTTP POST using PHP script
  476. PHP with Excel
  477. strtotime and a very mysterious date
  478. What is wrong here with in_array?
  479. Zend Studio (debug feature) 5.5 and XAMPP
  480. Zend Studio (debug feature) 5.5 and XAMPP
  481. Is there any function in PHP like setTimeout with same functionallity in javascript
  482. Using PHP with MySQL Datetime
  483. ??Dreamweaver testing server help??
  484. submitting form from button or dropdown
  485. Download a file once
  486. some configure error appeared in install php-gtk
  487. Mail() is eating my bcc: header
  488. PHP version verses timezonedb version verses Olsen timezone database version
  489. Symfony
  490. PHP Redirect
  491. PHP script help
  492. Images and PHP
  493. Not getting current date in calendar using strtotime
  494. Announcing : Fixes for PHP-issues in SMODL Development Suite 1.0.2
  495. Getting selected values in multi select comobo box through PHP
  496. Html parsing
  497. unable to load dynamic library /usr/lib/php4/
  498. unable to load dynamic library /usr/lib/php4/
  499. passing the value from a text box to a varible
  500. when memory_get_usage() isn't available to you...?
  501. display data in textfields
  502. How to move arrays from html webpage to webpage?
  503. website using php
  504. PRADO 3.1.0 alpha is released
  505. basic session question
  506. best practice global variables
  507. phptriad - offtopic
  508. Getting started - not quite working
  509. inserting into a mysql database
  510. SimpleXML and load php file (Content-type: text/xml)
  511. php not recognizing array
  512. xtra line dispaying form
  513. Line breaks (\n) from a html form textarea??? HELP!
  514. php and mysql
  515. sessions and persistence?
  516. Error trapping getaddrinfo - File not found v. Temporary failure in name resolution?
  517. problems with saving and retrieving data with new line (\n and \r\n)and slashes from mysql database
  518. Joomla - User Data with mails to Admin
  519. PHP script that displays another page partial content
  520. PHP script that displays another page partial content
  521. Hotmail webfetching
  522. What does -> do?
  523. Sending an array ouput to an text file
  524. Can I change folder/file property CHMOD from PHP script
  525. PHP-MySQL product search tool with list menu
  526. How many databases presents in mysql with php
  527. MySql Select question
  528. Parent Objects
  529. How do i check the an image before uploading
  530. fetch html tag
  531. Referencing objects?
  532. Collect data from serial port - rs232 to browser
  533. session data stored but new session everytime!
  534. i can not get addslashes/stripslashes to have the same effect on different servers
  535. paging like google
  536. apache php security question
  537. Extracting data from a sring.
  538. Error Messages
  539. Having problems submitting form details to email
  540. how can i import excel data into mysql
  541. query in regular expression
  542. pushin' arrays
  543. echo VARIABLES
  544. To check the existence of an image before uploading
  545. How to use multiplce MySQL socket on a single web server?
  546. retaining value in listbox array
  547. Include with variables - why does this work ?
  548. Include Content pages in Master page
  549. PHP undefined variable Email
  550. PHP-FastCGI?