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  1. Where is mysql_connect()?
  2. Little script error
  3. is session_register able to handle objects?
  4. separate file from its extension
  5. Session Variables dissapears...
  6. Single sign on
  7. Fill web form from text file
  8. Add/Delete/Update records to MySQL tables Via PHP
  9. Create browse box
  10. Form Processing
  11. PLEASE HELP - Very odd problem
  12. Watch online TV and listen radio programes
  13. How to use associative array in WHERE clause
  14. candidate search, blanks page, problem...
  15. List Fails on some computers - www missing in url
  16. POSTing through frames
  17. I cant delete my data
  18. New PHP-IDE - Delphi for PHP
  19. PHP/MySQL Sitebuilding help
  20. Blocking with fopen when file is already open for writing
  21. Parameter passed in URL
  22. how can i cache data that took from a txt file before?
  23. Need to find-out improper sign-out
  24. mail function
  25. Register DLL using PHP function
  26. Session Error
  27. Executing Code on session timeout
  28. Need some help on header refresh...
  29. Problem with mysql_query
  30. Thoughts on the best way of highlighting form input errors?
  31. 2 dumb questions
  32. IP spoofer problem
  33. mod_authn_db alternatives
  34. Multiple Statements in a query
  35. When to flock
  36. PHP- createThumbnail() function error
  37. how to read tables from database
  38. arrays and for loop problems
  39. join for three tables with grouping
  40. after include login.php in homepage, the print message cant display in homepage
  41. PHP with GD2 and FreeType1.x
  42. textarea fields --> export to ms word --> word is stretch
  43. image display error
  44. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end
  45. PHP MVC framework worth looking into ?
  46. Problem downloading file in IE6
  47. problem with getting fullpath of the selected file from my computer
  48. Adding rotating ads to our PHP page
  49. root path problem
  50. Shopping Cart
  51. Session Variables
  52. Transaction processing advice
  53. Working with PHP, XML, MySQL
  54. Inserting data into MySQL using PHP
  55. search script
  56. Mail Function doesnot work
  57. Want to get old data
  58. Sticky form won't show POST data after showing MySQL data on page load!
  59. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
  60. Pulling Title Tag out of HTML
  61. How to display web page continuosly?
  62. Debugging FPDF
  63. session expire help
  64. Script Help required
  65. Send files by email
  66. file transfer from server to client
  67. Programming language of choice?
  68. Max php memory_limit?
  69. Looping a MYSQL INSERT statement for a questionnaire tools answers
  70. Test if an item is an object or a reference to an object
  71. More Regex
  72. looking for a price quote
  73. How to set-up a $default language.php?
  74. Perl to PHP conversion
  75. Very Difficult But Could Be Simple Question
  76. Delete and create file and folders
  77. Confusion about classes and objects
  78. passing value to php script
  79. Zend framework - using router and rewrite router class
  80. PHP Skipping validation
  81. Login via php code on an external page
  82. PHP + Javascript UK Map
  83. database values in the combo box
  84. mysql_query / password error
  85. Finding with value in combo box
  86. onchange behaviour save my data
  87. Variable after WHERE
  88. PHP sendmail as HTML with Javascript?
  89. Invoice check number
  90. Need Help
  91. Fatal Error on Polymorphism
  92. shell_exec
  93. PHP AJAX Drop down menu from Mysql data
  94. retrieving id of a row to edit in the next page.
  95. Is PHP mature?
  96. credit card reciept response
  97. Accessing stdClass object vars
  98. running php automatically on server when my computer is offline
  99. a help for newbie
  100. strange shopping cart number
  101. Reflection question
  102. local ( downloadable ) manuals are unreadable!?
  103. Using sendtohost for redirect
  104. Exists installer written in pure php?
  105. PHP and regular expressions
  106. Copy input values in form
  107. Perl to PHP conversion
  108. Writing an array to a text file
  109. AJAX file upload
  110. form validation
  111. how to generate a number in a textfield automatically
  112. SoapClient: __doRequest doesn't get XML SOAP Request in its $request parameter?
  113. change URL variables
  114. post values from command line program in php
  115. not able to retriving values from one page to another page.
  116. Multiple select issue
  117. web page control application of vb, ask for help!!!
  118. regexp question
  119. drawing images and text
  120. implode an array for query condition
  121. How can I change a file's date?
  122. Mail() DOESN"T work...
  123. how to create a text box that generates auto number
  124. decimal to ip
  125. php pattern for text (if there is any dot found set a single space for next word!)
  126. How to detect a line break in a multiline textfield
  127. open new window and pass content of a text input control, with other parameters
  128. Explode
  129. php website
  130. Weird PHP/SQL problem
  131. Filtering arrays based on an object attribute
  132. mhash functions for my windows apache development server
  133. PHP script for Arrays
  134. ImageCreateFromJPEG fails if path contains apostrophe ?
  135. Can php form data be saved into a MySQL database?
  136. php 5.2 $submit action no working...
  137. email person based on radio and select selections
  138. mysql vs. mysqli, how to call stored procedure from php
  139. re-using variables
  140. vb6 php interaction
  141. Trouble passing mysql table name to php function and using it!
  142. is PHP less secure than Perl, Python, or Ruby?
  143. Site search classes?
  144. dynamic dropdowm list
  145. sending xml data
  146. PHP quit navigator
  147. User-specific chat
  148. array $_GET
  149. Display MySQL table values as bulleted values
  150. calling C function in php
  151. view execution error
  152. How to remove row from ezSQL object?
  153. Regular Expression Detecting Entire Page
  154. OWL api
  155. OWL api
  156. To get last modified date of website
  157. help with layout display in php
  158. Multiple WHERE statements and numrows()
  159. Want to get checkbox name
  160. question about variable's scope
  161. 'PHP and AJAX MySQL Database Example'
  162. sorting query results
  163. Use php to "echo" javascript on a web page
  164. New PHP coder having trouble writing 2 types of data into a file.
  165. Has anyone ported Turck MMCache to PHP 5?
  166. Last Reminder: Survey about Architecture and Design Patterns
  167. $_SESSION only seems to work part of the time for my site
  169. data input
  170. Sending information to a webservice
  171. PHP5 as a CGI: how to set OPEN_BASEDIR per user using PHP.INI
  172. $http_response_header differs depending on OS
  173. CMS with media content on another server
  174. Forum with Members register php
  175. Having a problem returning an array from a function
  176. parseing text file from web server
  177. Apache2/PHP4 compile/startup fine but no PHP parsing (blank page for phpinfo)
  178. How to compare dates using combo boxes
  179. newby question : function parameter passing
  180. Work with BIG picture
  181. reload image directly
  182. somebody help me!passing variable to same page after button submit
  183. Quanta upload problem
  184. Please help me with this
  185. Problem with addslashes
  186. Urgent Plz!!passing variable as variable
  187. how to generate a title automatically
  188. Want regular expression to stop at first occurrence of word
  189. problem during execution of a php code
  190. dynamic combo boxes more specific description
  191. php pattern problem for NAME using all character (not include any noncharacters)
  192. SESSION IDs data disappearing?
  193. PHP Powered search engine
  194. Big problems with mysql_num_rows - PLEASE HELP!
  195. Need Help
  196. contact.php not working from flash on vurtual server
  197. Help With PHP Preg_match to search
  198. Lmit Characters
  199. photo gallery question
  200. regexps: dollar sign, lookaheads/behinds and speedquestions
  201. Extending the mysqli class
  202. no gzip option in phpmyadmin
  203. ISO an easy CMS for a non programmer..
  204. extract web data
  205. Small piece of php needed
  206. Date Formatting mysql->php
  207. Use of PHP to generate (X)HTML compliant forms from XForms
  208. php odbc
  209. parse error
  210. Help need it creating a search engines like those in Real Estate sites
  211. regular expression
  212. Securing the Web Folder
  213. regular expression
  214. 'slider' applets
  215. I need help in working out why my php sites don't work
  216. How to change the method and display format of voting results?
  217. Responding to Exceptions
  218. php-cli for system admin?
  219. Time Stamps
  220. sort array
  221. Screenscraping UTF-8 characters problem
  222. XAMPP and VISTA
  223. Link Pages in PHP
  224. new to php and mysql and need a little help
  225. sending email
  226. How to call Postgres Stored Procedure function using ADODB
  227. best xml parser for php?
  228. PHP Mail() and versions
  229. looking for a great php programmer - immediate start
  230. Shortening a fetched array
  231. ajax.response max size
  232. Trying to prevent duplicates in preg_replace Regex
  233. How to timeout queries that are taking to long
  234. JPGraph - setting Y axis range and calculating left margin width?
  235. Get/Retrieve data from website
  236. Renaming a file but preserving the extension
  237. Searching for a file if I only part of the name
  238. what code should be included to display all the latest job
  239. a question about syntax
  240. inserting values from a multiple selection list menu using dreamweaver php
  241. check if file was downloaded
  242. a recursive function that traverse the multi-dimensional array using explode()
  243. Problem With new PHP Sites i have
  244. Parse Errors are causing me a problem
  245. Regualr Expression
  246. How to convert display of poll options results?
  247. page load data slowly
  248. how if i want to include a picture after a message??
  249. what about future of RUBY in coming days in it field
  250. php pattern problem for xxxxxx-xx-xxxx using all digits
  251. Calling perl script from PHP
  252. Sessions
  253. How to Enable SSL in Login page
  254. "SSL: Fatal Protocol Error" with fsockopen()
  255. Qustion on viewing code
  256. Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals
  257. Looping through array
  258. PHP Chat
  259. visitors online how
  260. php email problems
  261. PHP Open XML
  262. Are there any good solutions for checking the validity of IP address?
  263. utf8
  264. Prepared SQL query not working with PEAR::MDB2 and SQL Server Express
  265. Weird Session Behavior in Browser
  266. Looking for a good GPL Job site script
  267. Utility to print to screen class name, vars and functions?
  268. Looking for competent PHP script kiddies forming a DEV team
  269. Help understanding object-oriented approach
  270. Long CLI-process consumes too much memory
  271. error_reporting and session.save_path have random values
  272. standard login window using PHP to get LDAP authentication
  273. Ad rotation on a website
  274. Streaming Video - Secure
  275. SugarCRM Soap API problem
  276. PHP mail () function configuration
  277. Sessions
  278. Script to download files only allows 1 download at a time?
  279. Form in 2 steps - Preserving button radio
  280. PHP scripts NOT timing out
  281. Seeing other users
  282. Hide/Show PHP Values
  283. PHP Mail Not Working?
  284. IF statements not working...
  285. can't find all the includes after upgrading to PHP5
  286. connecting to remote database
  287. Dynamically generate movie new releases from Amazon?
  288. Parsing content for links
  289. number_format() question EASY
  290. PHP saving embedded HTML in XML
  291. [Q]switching from php4 to php5 missing recode_string()?
  292. Encoding Problem
  293. -> Updating a page when check box clicked (using Ajax)? <-
  294. Form Processing Issue
  295. My Blog
  296. inserting into MySql database
  297. Performance project for the SigEx Foundry
  298. Php Error message on my homepage. Please help me
  299. The mbstring PHP extension was not found
  300. PHP version 5.0.3
  301. how to convert .txt to .csv
  302. Problem in permission of uploaded files
  303. what is RUBY
  304. Take screen shot using PHP?
  305. Is it possible to submit two forms at a time
  306. PHP Session problem
  307. How to make the randomly generated text as an image
  308. PHP?stuff
  309. Trying to make a simple book catalog
  310. 404
  311. get table data from php/mysql and save as part of a form to another table
  312. address of functions
  313. multi image print
  314. i want to do Explorer kind look and work of category and products
  315. opposite of isset
  316. what happens when you print an entire table
  317. Session_start() result in headers already sent
  318. cannot re-assign $this ...
  319. What is the difference between Ajax POST and GET
  320. Converting Videos to flv using PHP
  321. use of undefined constant
  322. Beginner level projects
  323. Beginner level projects
  324. Beginner level projects
  325. Accessing a locked MS Access Table with PHP
  326. DOS Frontend
  327. Display Dynamic form on a click event of a Button
  328. Sessions and AOL
  329. Alternatives to $PHPSELF
  330. can someone help to upload content into the system
  331. How to Grab the data from other websites?
  332. Need help with cookies
  333. Queues and Stacks in PHP
  334. Cannot use object of type MagpieRSS
  335. Parse PDF Form fields in PHP
  336. Apache 2.2.3 PHP 4.4.5 Install Fails
  337. can we search for a word in an openoffice spreadsheet/msexcel using php
  338. New2PHP. Need validation on form OR good BACK navigation in IE6.
  339. INNER JOIN Problem
  340. PHP webDAV
  341. Creating Forms
  342. Is session.save_path possible in .htaccess using CGI?
  343. Who To Make The Rsa Algorithm In Php?
  344. PEAR MDB2 - Fatal error: Call to undefined function MDB2_Driver_mssql::getMessage()
  345. script magicaly appears on my computer
  346. character conversion from MS Word to HTML
  347. Stumped by Array problem!!
  348. Problem with ($q->fetchInto($row)
  349. showing results of query with right join
  350. sending username and password with hostname in socket programming with php
  351. i need help with my mail script
  352. Need a very simple script to capture email
  353. unexpecting result with my code
  354. PHP echo _POST problem
  355. What do i need to do to post the different page information into a table in database
  356. what are the technologies?
  357. locale
  358. month and day of month edit fields
  359. can any body tell me the dff between Rredirect through javascript & header
  360. Data objects vs. speed
  361. Parsing a text file
  362. Problem With Log in and Log Out using Session
  363. job post code cannot post into database
  364. How to upload and download large dara pdf files
  365. unable to store the session values
  366. PDOException : get the bad query with exception handler
  367. How to execute PHP file on the fly
  368. can i upload without an upload (browse) input box?
  369. xml_parse and entities and quotes
  370. draw on picture
  371. Not getting values using $_POST - Please Reply Soon
  372. match values of 2 arrays in smarty-urgent
  373. how to change the font style in php
  374. Mail Function
  375. return corresponding value from the array in smarty-urgent
  376. how to get "checksum" of a webpage
  377. PHP Guard Dog 3.0 or 3.1 and PHP5
  378. World Funniest Video
  379. how to cache pages with login names
  380. extension_loaded() causes Apache to lock up tight!
  381. CURL ignores $_SESSION???
  382. FAQ... should we have one?
  383. getting last file from linux directory
  384. Looking for PHP beginners tutorials
  385. Archiving on the fly
  386. heads or tails of email address parser
  387. logic template methods?
  388. [ask]should i use some framework out there?
  389. [ask]should i use some framework out there?
  390. Sorting alphabetically backwards lists
  391. Problem with Sessions when Log in and Log out
  392. mysql_real_escape_string/htmlentities issue
  393. Can't read $_SESSION variables set by previous request, AJAX
  394. date_format problem
  395. Error: Divide by 0
  396. mysql upgrade
  397. upload script creating files with CHMOD 600
  398. Determining filetype
  399. PHP-SQL interactive voting script
  400. How to detect and delete a string like this
  401. php4 end of life
  402. Defered interpolation
  403. Loging Script
  404. Will mail() function still work with Postfix and not Sendmail?
  405. email problem
  406. <?php ...<? both are the php tags whats the diff
  407. what is MD5
  408. what's the Basic Encryption method used in mysql
  409. whats the max /min life time of session variables
  410. PHP/MySQL UPDATE problem
  411. PHP and Internet Explorer
  412. show time spent on page
  413. Why are there locale troubles under Windows?
  414. upload multiple files if filenames are known in advance
  415. Create a multidimensional array from XML doc
  416. Login, authentication: After entering username+psw nothing happens?
  417. New Daylight Savings Time in US
  418. multi image print
  419. multiconditional if statement
  420. array decleration
  421. Passing the Value to other page using ahref
  422. Redirect
  423. SQLite admin tool?
  424. difference between oscommerce and oscmax
  425. Cant Seem to run the Forum tutorial code
  426. href passing values to php script
  427. persistent MySQL connection?
  428. Track user's Online Status
  429. Scrolling through Blog Pages
  430. I have developed a web forum and I need help
  431. protect proyect from copy, not encrypt or obfuscator
  432. Functions v includes
  433. which version control system?
  434. Daylight Savings Time, PHP/Mandrake Linux, March 2007. Options?
  435. Hide files from non-members
  436. how to fetch an image from mysql database
  437. php files downloading
  438. is it safe to store a cookie user id as a login for my site
  439. How to disable controle keys
  440. Run php code
  441. Zen Cart and Google Apps Email
  442. socket_read on Binary files.
  443. Having trouble or possibly i am just TOO stupid to understand
  444. Carrying a variable from PHP form
  445. php vs php3
  446. img display from mysql database needs help
  447. cookies does not work under win xp + ie
  448. Include shows on my computer but not when uploaded
  449. array sort
  450. setting up a POS system... help with scanners?
  451. Problem with Redirect in PHP
  452. converting string to float
  453. Internet Explorer 6 vs 7
  454. PHP in Windows. Can I read from the Event Log?
  455. Editing HTML in a form?
  456. .php5 versus .php
  457. Arrays and references
  458. POST, GET and variables ?
  459. changing password script not running, help me?
  460. Random Map Generation
  461. Shop online
  462. Problem related to Gd library
  463. logout script not functioning
  464. MOD Re-Write
  465. php.MVC
  466. If condition doesn't work with ODBC
  467. Templating... Is Smarties the answer ?
  468. Error- Contact Form
  469. PHP: imagecopy problem
  470. wrong mySQL record updated with PHP
  471. Tracking download completion
  472. Info About Web Crawl
  473. What is CMS (Content Management System) and what is frame works
  474. parse CSV data sets for export to mysql with php
  475. Error with while Loop... very confusing!
  476. Mod_Rewrite / Regex to PHP URL
  477. php/mysql syntax help
  478. features for atom photoblog
  479. new to uploading files...
  480. PHP PDFLib Lite Binaries (Windows)
  481. php image upload script seems isn't working and i don't know why
  482. really weird file-linereading problem
  483. How to display Form Errors in same page
  484. Disable relative path in php.ini
  485. Has anyone integrated a java class into php?
  486. i'm confused and don't know what to do, i need your help
  487. my script not running and i need help
  488. my script not running
  489. i'm confused and don't know what to do
  490. exec and $_GET
  491. PHP, MS SQL, OBDC and variable length columns
  492. Is Java Obsolete?
  493. Will staying in php and mysql forever affect my future?
  494. Regular expressions
  495. i have a doubt in php link page
  496. hacked referrer
  497. Noob query: Voting or Poll Scripts
  498. uploading and saving images into a mysql database
  499. fprintf problem
  500. output from a <textarea>
  501. global variables
  502. Whether to use CMS or to build from scratch?
  503. Login interface
  504. submiting variables from a php script
  505. Cleaning up White Space
  506. Text formating after print
  507. "asort" is not doing what it is supposed to do
  508. gmdate of a gmmktime time is a day off
  509. Absolute Beginner (Setup Questions)
  510. problem to open a distant XML file in PHP
  511. Run PHP scripts outside of the web directory
  512. Proper Way To Store, Retrieve Text To/From PostgreSQL
  513. please help in socket_send function in php
  514. connectivity error in mysql
  515. php code "export table to excel"
  516. Announcing new SQL compatible flatfile database (Gladius DB)
  517. Date Conversion
  518. brand new on PHP so advise me a good book to show me the way
  519. Web page expired message display when click on IE7's Back button
  520. regular expression for comma-delimited pairs
  521. Multidimensional array remove values
  522. discussion: script structuring and mod_rewrite?
  523. have to "actions" or run two types of queries (select,and update) on the same form?
  524. Jerrata Backbone PHP Operating System
  525. How to determine if a function has set a cookie?
  526. Running a class on a remote machine.....
  527. new line character
  528. Flattening Multidimensional array to unique values
  529. code to generate RSS feeds
  530. error while doing 'make' in php-5.2.1
  531. making classified ads website
  532. problem with headers already sent!
  533. combine html and php
  534. ldap_bind warning instead of false
  535. How can I catch a session cookie ?
  536. 15 seconds survey (literally) 1 radio button click. thx for your time
  537. problem on how to design a front end
  538. Curl Post method executing more than once
  539. images shown in Outlook Express but not in Outlook 2003
  540. How to insert a value by encrypting and should be able to get this by decrypting
  541. Strange Behavior when Loading MySQLi Extension on Win32
  542. PLS HELP ME " I want to know about Frame works in php"
  543. PLS HELP ME " I want to know about Frame works in php"
  544. Sessions in PHP
  545. preg_match() regex to validate URL
  546. parse_url questioin
  547. add facility of voice recording in my website
  548. Requirement of Sales Manager - FTK India
  549. PHP Forum Templates/Generators for my site
  550. Converting <br/> to \n and Back Again (Textarea)