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  1. php ming size problem
  2. PHP issues with file ownership
  3. PHP and Ajax - classes, utilities or tools
  4. Is phpdoc block boundary syntax strict?
  5. working with classes + php
  6. How to read next row in a mySql Query
  7. una quert mysql
  8. sendmail.php problem
  9. Is this possible? Login to remote site using cURL, then pass credentials to browser.
  10. Payments Mangement & catalog
  11. ActionListener for PHP???
  12. 5.2.2 and POST data change?
  13. How to show weekly monthly data in a report.
  14. How to extract from array
  15. send error_log() message to email
  16. script executes differently when triggered remotely
  17. Is this a secure PHP mail form?
  18. The new code colouring makes my eyes bleed!
  19. developer environment / linux
  20. php file is downloading instead of running in WAMP
  21. code to display weather feed based on city entered in textbox
  22. Variable
  23. configuring PHP with GD support
  24. session id changes in Textpattern based on URL
  25. multipart message in PHP to send mail via lotus notes
  26. Quick question regarding basic template
  27. Problem with deleting records from DB
  28. Regex with a '*' in it?
  29. PHP MySql Forms
  30. PRADO 3.1.0 RC is released
  31. string concat vs. join/implode
  32. PHP Sessions
  33. Problem loading html containing scripts using Dom LoadHTML
  34. English to Chinese conversion
  35. setting error level for a particular directory / page
  36. How do i get a downloaded html file to update content via ajax?
  37. Generic MySQL/PHP Tree Schema?
  38. How do you echo a long space
  39. Adding together time hh:mm:ss to a total
  40. Autoloading class definitions of composed objects on unserialize() from session
  41. script to specify a url to an file (exe, rar, zip, etc)
  42. How to hide file name from URL?
  43. -> How to read a form variable before posting? <-
  44. keyword search in admin to allow us to quickly search
  45. CREATE command denied error when installing phpbb 2
  46. From CSV To MySQL Table
  47. stack tracing
  48. Processing an XML feed
  49. Simple SELECT query not working
  50. Can You run asp in php
  51. problem with checkbox
  52. Using PHP in fckeditor
  53. Problem with HTTP_REFERER when clicking on refresh button
  54. Saving a form to the server
  55. REQ: Backup of website
  56. Apostrophe - when used it mucks with my odbc
  57. ADODB and Sessions
  58. Downloading content to a client without prompting to save
  59. character
  60. image functions
  61. php regular expressions
  62. array and value type
  63. Querying database with form data
  64. Auto_prepend_file
  65. Freelancer needed for Small PHP job - install 2 PHPBB mods please
  66. Wy in Php 01 is greater than 1 ?
  67. Problem PDT-Subclipse
  68. Problem PDT-Subclipse
  69. Probem PDT-Subclipse
  70. MS word file
  71. function similar to filter_var() in php4.3 ?
  72. Can using the date cause problems for date comparison?
  73. people = ?
  74. 'nested conditional' that can identify parent page?
  75. Getting results from MySQL Database in PHP
  76. Forech question (Sorry if duplicate)
  77. Cleaning up session cookies
  78. Compare Two Names Based on Characters
  79. Get Variable Memory Size
  80. PHP: using input=hidden type data from form to get MySQL data
  81. PHP5 SOAP Server how to return complex data
  82. Create Mysql database?
  83. Simple question for once ?
  84. PHP not working with XAMPP (possible Virus Scan issue?)
  85. Safari interprets 'submit()' as method 'POST'
  86. Listing Directory Contents For a User
  87. Parsing error
  88. Fatal error: Call to a member function getHTMLString() on a non-object
  89. how to insert data into mysql using cakephp
  90. need to make a picture split into all corners
  91. Custom Software Development
  92. enable SYSVMSG in PHP
  93. javascript help
  94. making php module built into apache ?
  95. Including functions, scope.
  96. user friendly php form processor that includes sticky fields
  97. Unable to catch dropdownlist value, error in SQL statement
  98. is_blank()?
  99. upload multiple files----still waiting for your reply
  100. gettext vs custom ways
  101. site map
  102. 309833 web views last week
  103. A quick question about xml-rpc
  104. Not sure how to approach
  105. Forms spanning over multiple pages
  106. Multiple threads/connections in cURL
  107. A public appology to ZeldorBlat
  108. php vs mysql speed
  109. variable in include
  110. eval, include and output buffering
  111. HTML parser
  112. Insert array values into MySQL
  113. php/mysql multiple select list box(beginner).
  114. Count the characters of message
  115. 14 year guy takes on Myspace with jus php
  116. Apache ErrorDocument / PHP header() interaction does not work as expected
  117. Sending data to two different php scripts on seperate pages??
  118. How to connect to Analysis cubes via PHP
  119. how to hide query string
  120. how to hide query string
  121. transferring data between PHP files using CURL
  122. FLASH handwriting based form on Tablet PC to capture signature and other fields.
  123. cookies
  124. How to handle lengthy operations?
  125. OS Authenticated Connections to Oracle with PHP
  126. preg_match method to validate phone numbers
  127. Syntax Problem
  128. Sending auth email
  129. captchas
  130. Posting form contents without having to push the button
  131. Problem sending mail using phpMailer class
  132. java to php code conversion
  133. website support english and chinese
  134. Need help with some OO php
  135. PHP, ODBC, SQL Server Select Statement
  136. OnClick output size help
  137. Anyone ever use Image_Graph?
  138. Iterating Over DB Results (Idiom?)
  139. Using PHP to load part of a page
  140. PHP Warning: Module 'readline' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
  141. how to use php variable in .js file
  142. Decrypt md5 encrypted string.
  143. Web Solutions based on SugarCRM (PHP/MySQL)
  144. Add data from file into MySQL
  145. unicode conversion
  146. Redirecting the page if any errors occur
  147. Configuring MySQL ,PHP and APACHE to work together
  148. Need custom software - pay good!
  149. Failed to connect to mail server error for mailing list using PHP
  150. Having problems displaying variables in php page
  151. Unix-style echo?
  152. Parse error
  153. Weird loadHTML behaviour
  154. Calendar with multi-day support?
  155. sql query error
  156. images with php
  157. PHP 5.2.2 (non-thread-safe?)
  158. Getting and using current page URL
  159. unicode help
  160. How do I send 2 variables
  161. Form data loss
  162. Php Paging not showing all records
  163. Installing locales for strftime()
  164. PHP "speed coding" tips
  165. Help! with php and cURL
  166. PHP, Dropdowns, and Radio buttons
  167. name of the calling method
  168. Monitor Web & MySQL Services ??
  169. Refresh problem
  170. how to implement automatic invocation of a script
  171. setting the session time-out after some time of inactivity
  172. [PHP 4.4.6] BerkeleyDB or equivalent?
  173. LF: PHP To help build a site
  174. Concurrency Question
  175. virus sent vie webmail running on Apache
  176. [regex] Why doesn't preg_replace work?
  177. explode() problems
  178. Storing multiple-line variable in a php from form
  179. Need help? Display domain name
  180. Connect to MySQL Database using PHP
  181. parsing phone numbers
  182. meaning of specified parts of this code
  183. cURL and Cookies
  184. Need to remove escape (backslash)
  185. set timer on page access
  186. phpmyadmin
  187. Adding arrays
  188. Regular Expression to validate password
  189. Got one problem solved
  190. Saving to PS or PDF
  191. How to send cookie value back to server
  192. shopping cart-checkout problem
  193. Custom Software Development
  194. ArrayToXml function
  195. lack of XSLT support in php 5.2.1
  196. Help with creating PHP forum? I'm a PHP newbie
  197. Blank page is coming..
  198. Populating a list box or a dropdown list using php and odbc
  199. Contents of CD of The book MySql/PHP Database Application by Jay greenspan / Brad Bulger
  200. PHP exec
  201. Staring another application from PHP
  202. HTTP Error Code 401 Unauthorized
  203. how to get windows login domain with PHP
  204. Cannot upload multiple files
  205. Refresh/Double Submit problem
  206. Creating Variable using mysql and php
  207. Passing Value Via Header
  208. New Skype 4.1 Alpha released for linux.
  209. PHP newb needing help.
  210. How can I get session variable names
  211. How can a form set to 'get' return 'post'????
  212. converting Word document to PHP with Apache
  213. exec() Silent Death
  214. Did you read about that?
  215. References
  216. Error in my_thread_global_end(): 3 threads didn't exit
  217. session_start() problem
  218. PHP Table
  219. delete expired queries
  220. Another question about Security
  221. Smarty or Pear - anyone else?
  222. problem with returning all results from search query MYSQL & PHP
  223. create a temporary table
  224. Resource Id
  225. ImageGif
  226. Resource Id
  227. CMS and templates
  228. EXIF I have a problem
  229. PHP IDE
  230. match any character but
  231. Modifying and posting uri
  232. Image Mime Type Problem
  233. authentication script
  234. mail and displaying errors
  235. file upload as "idnumber".bmp
  236. Building a Dual Pane File Manager
  237. split with regex
  238. help troubleshooting script
  239. WebDav with Windows XP
  240. if elseif not working
  241. help with posting conditional if statement
  242. Debugging PHP with Eclipse PDT
  243. $_FILE[name][error] - Maximum Filesize exceeded
  244. The simplest php webapp ever
  245. I can't create New Database using PHP command on server. My coding is here...
  246. My PHP file is unable to connect MYSQL
  247. calling a function through user input.
  248. File Sizes Smaller After PHP Upload
  249. Recursionalism
  250. $_POST and Building SQL Strings
  251. Open Source PHP Forum Code?
  252. Files being read in (seemingly) random order
  253. PHP script to RECEIVE XML documents?
  254. Stored Procedures
  255. xampp installation
  256. Problem fileupload
  257. Populating <options> tag with SQL data?
  258. Thumbnail orientation
  259. sending session cookie
  260. Uploading 2 Files Optionally with Form
  261. PHP script
  262. Can you print from a browser and PHP like this?
  263. Memcached improves latency of site from 23 seconds to .23ms
  264. Paying to Multiple Sellers....
  265. Determine contents of listbox
  266. mod rewrite
  267. Apache and Mysql as services
  268. problem with php passing variable
  269. Unable to upload multiple files
  270. Does the pear package sub-include use a backslash on linux?
  271. help with sql setup scripts
  272. HELP - Can't change Include Path
  273. Problem When Generating HTML
  274. $_POST
  275. error log overflow
  276. Current url
  277. strange behavior of class: lose data on throw exception.
  278. PHP remove previous output
  279. need help with word wrap function
  280. PHP Web Controls
  281. cascading dropdown menus
  282. Formating of excel file through php
  283. PHP web portal
  284. query optimization
  285. Connecting PHP to MS-SQL Server
  286. Need help choosing Blog Software
  287. Getting Info. for specific record?
  288. ISO PHP Chat with Games
  289. PhpMyAdmin and MySql login
  290. Smarty errors - page not displaying - HELP please!
  291. need double join query or not??
  292. Price Comparison Script
  293. php extensions
  294. Need Help
  295. how can I use getdate(...) excluding TZ.
  296. Disable safe mode without loss of security ?
  297. Passing session variables across pages
  298. ERROR: SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM in Wordpress Bolg
  299. Embeding PHP function in javascript
  300. Strange fatal error in terminal
  301. simple test
  302. A Web Development QUICK LINK PAGE (QLP) - HTML, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, CGI, etc.
  303. PHP5 and Oracle support?
  304. How could people enter a forbidden character in a form?
  305. Graphing
  306. Writing Barcodes
  307. Possible bug? Strange problem trying to return a value from a function
  308. Stored Procedures
  309. dynamic checkboxes from mysql table
  310. get video sizes
  311. Template System
  312. Trouble with SoapVar or is it xsi:Type?
  313. Mysql problem(Very Urgent)
  314. Restricting access to a php script
  315. search with a menu list criteria
  316. shortif (tertiary) fails with echo but not print ?
  317. Security of Unix Pipes (with Application Details)
  318. Newbie. Just starting PHP. . . need help
  319. PHP PEAR DB module not working?
  320. php5 java integration
  321. php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in
  322. Dynamic Value in MySql
  323. excel to mysql
  324. PHP & sound system
  325. MySql 5 not working with PHP 5.1.6
  326. retrieveing browsed file and save it into mysql database
  327. Smarty
  328. Pictures in mySQL
  329. Sessions Expire Unexpectedly
  330. Complex replace in php 4
  331. mysql database connection
  332. Parsing a PHP file
  333. Getting PEAR modules to work
  334. ISO 8859-1 Charset in PHP Mail Not Working.
  335. exec stopped working?
  336. @mysql_query ?
  338. Reassigning variable to new object destroys old one?
  339. Inserting multiple selection into a database
  340. Programming PHP offline
  341. pdflib help adding an image
  342. DHL shipping method API
  343. Unexpected absence of expected warning
  344. Retrive the Image From the mysql database
  345. Database server auto-close
  346. Delete temporary images after loading website
  347. How to configure PHP-FFMPEG in windows
  348. images in email
  349. help on integrating RSS in site done in php
  350. help on integrating RSS in site done in php
  351. php formatted html shows up in Yahoo mail but not gmail
  352. IF statement with SQL query
  353. RegEx - Chk for special chars
  354. Problem When Serializing Array With Multiline Text
  355. converting php variables into javascript
  356. Check if user is logged in in vSigup
  357. Select statement with a NULL
  358. SOAP and Accept-Encoding
  359. Echoing Language Characters
  360. Newbie. Help with making forum?
  361. Error accessing class files in php
  362. Call to undefined function displayHeader()
  363. Manipulating binary data
  364. How Read a Header Info Like Bitrate and playtime of a mp3 file
  365. PHP 5 and PDO
  366. Authorization code for access to administration - Dialog ask for login and password three times then the authorization failed although I entered correct pw and login
  367. PHP parsing script
  368. One Global Connection vs. Open-Close
  369. Variable Declaration
  370. Easy Php Question. Take two secconds.
  371. Serialze/Unserialize do not work
  372. Serve html file parsed for ssi
  373. Scroll down but not the top row.
  374. using echo but need something to execute php code
  375. Viewing Hidden Fields from Form1 to Form2?
  376. Using phpMailer & HTML
  377. Looking for coders
  378. updating table using a form
  379. php joomla! mysql person wanted
  380. Notice: Undefined index:
  381. How do I retrieve a mobile phone id
  382. Parse Doc file using php
  383. Browse a folder...
  384. error :Email with attachment:move file upload :failed to open stream
  385. sessions
  386. max_execution_time and fork
  387. help on include
  388. Parsing XML with PHP Problem
  389. transaction Mysql with php
  390. Validating data
  391. GNUPlot with PHP
  392. Exporting Html using php to Excel with multiple worksheets
  393. help passing variables
  394. PHP mail send with more than one attachments
  395. Directory above designated root dir
  396. isset returns true when it should return false
  397. Strudel before function
  398. PHP and PEAR and MySQL Setup on Apache
  399. php GD makeing thumbnails to a certain size
  400. JS/PHP Integration
  401. Design Patterns (Gang-of-Four, Addison-Wesley)
  402. Unzip folder in php on linux
  403. Upgrade or Separate Installation?
  404. How can I reliably get an html path with .htaccess 'RewriteBase'
  405. How can i get a value from a table in mysql and get that value in to a TEXTAREA?
  406. mysql_free_result()
  407. if and foreach
  408. Staying on topic
  409. dropdown menu
  410. MySql relational database
  411. PHP Email
  412. form processing technique
  413. TOP
  414. Garbage collection
  415. What PHP CMS to use for Web Deveoplment
  416. Best way to parse a url for validity?
  417. PHP Programming website
  418. web hosting billing system
  419. PHP connection problem, I can't get success with loging in though I think I use corect login and password...
  420. web query builder in php
  421. not a valid MySQL-Link resource
  422. Form Submit button in flash
  423. can you use html as value for php variable
  424. Tool to validate HTML code with PHP tags?
  425. prepend data to field
  426. show json in browser?
  427. Sending mail through php
  428. Download files to local computer
  429. Extract Body from Email
  430. invoke a php script in a table TD
  431. Html-encode all characters not in the current character set
  432. Clickable graphs in php ?
  433. Problems populating form select list dynamically
  434. How to fix Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header()?
  435. problem in sending email with attached file
  436. curl timeout problem
  437. Sending Attachment with mail()
  438. session checking
  439. I can not match "&" - regexp
  440. mssql connectino error
  441. Occurrances of a String
  442. popup window
  443. file uploading
  444. file uploading
  445. file uploading
  446. html table trouble
  447. uniqueness of session
  448. Off Topic? Handling Client Expectations
  449. Head scratcher
  450. check != NULL
  451. ($) PHP Developers/Authors Needed
  452. data submit error
  453. Unable to login and post to a site via Curl
  454. Query and Synchronization...
  455. Problem building php 4.4.6 and apache 1.3.37 on RHEL 4
  456. PHP and Crontab and Current Directory
  457. PHP and Poetry
  458. Check box question
  459. Using PHP to manipulate HTML tags
  460. Some difficulty with file_exists
  461. How do I do something like $color = ("red", "yellow", "blue")[$colornum]?
  462. php file upload permissions
  463. Can PHP discover hardware/software - like bellarc
  464. Best way to Learn to use SSL in my PHP websites
  465. Scope Woes - IF statement nested in WHILE statement -PHP
  466. Session variable problem
  467. Problem With Argosoft Mail Server
  468. Parse CSV file
  469. How to check weather a variable contains serialized data or not
  470. Accessing an array
  471. PHP "equivalent" of Jasper Reports
  472. Can't post message
  473. Session variable problem
  474. How to check weather a variable contains serialized data or not
  475. How to create mysql query through php form?
  476. Session variable problem
  477. Tool for cleaning up PHP code - HTML Tidy like
  478. Track of files ?
  479. Error with ocilogon() : OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed
  480. [smarty] addressing associative array
  481. Merge Two Wave Files using php
  482. Unexpected Absence of Expected Warning.
  483. How to create an image file(jpg) from swf(flash) ?
  484. Unexpected Absence of Expected Warning.
  485. $_POST variable isn't collecting values for email
  486. Notice: Undefined index: Error
  487. File Upload Error
  488. NEED HELP. Call another PHP Page in PHP
  489. PHP + OCI8 not working(error ": OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed + ORACLE_HOME not right")
  490. ${}
  491. edit lines in txt file
  492. Book about building web applications with PHP
  493. Automatically fill out form in other site
  494. function call as an array
  495. how to loop in templates?
  496. user input?
  497. COM Objects
  498. is_numeric and MAC input
  499. single quotes
  500. Stripping multiple identical entries to display only one.
  501. FYI: PHP-Unconference in Hamburg/Germany
  502. debug_backtrace and FILE/LINE indices
  503. include_path related issue
  504. about return a array
  505. best php resource site
  506. Using a form to write and update a XML file
  507. Appending a variable name with another variable
  508. iconv to strip out specfic language characters
  509. Meta search script
  510. Can I use smarty variable inside {php} ?
  511. File upload problem
  512. help to clear a url query string
  513. ajax problem
  514. DOM child finding
  515. How should I add php code in a smarty template?
  516. problem with array_unique variation
  517. basic PHP questions
  518. How to check the Mime-type of an uploaded file
  519. mssql_connect() Problems
  520. Not stuffing up permissions on my files
  521. Reducing memory consumption
  522. Help plz...if statement
  523. Apache22\logs\error messages
  524. Issues with ftp_put() Upload
  525. A general buffering function
  526. Updating mysql table
  527. $_POST Help
  528. SQLite3 and PHP
  529. Checking if var is integer string or int
  530. form post to database best practice?
  531. php and asp
  532. What performs better, theoreticaly?
  533. How can i run PHP file on a machine that is running IIS
  534. best php resource site
  535. best php resource site
  536. Alternating Background Color of DB resultset
  537. php freetds and iodbc
  538. parse_ini_file yes/no aware?
  539. Echo after delete
  540. New to webservices, wsdl and nusoap
  541. Slow PHP on IIS 6
  542. How to check variable posted in the same page
  543. How to include RSS Script in to our webpage
  544. soap client for apache soap server.
  545. the dynamic zone of list PHP. please it 's very urgent!!
  546. Add variable to variable name
  547. 2 questions about smarty
  548. uploading image through PHP
  549. Language file, Best practice
  550. XAMPP installation is better or Manual install is better for PHP, MySQL & Apache???