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  1. Unable to load module... 2 Extension Directories possible? (WINDOWS)
  2. looking for suggestions for a php ide
  3. Dot in POST parameter name gets converted to "_"
  4. Jpeg to HTML
  5. web advertising
  6. Object Oriented Approach to PHP programing and MySQL database
  7. Outputting $_GET variables
  8. how to link it(my project)
  9. decoding mail -
  10. Reporting
  11. Is there a way to interact with external webpages
  12. php, mysql and kerberos?
  13. Making a BACK buntton work
  14. _POST check then _POST same info
  15. set_time_limit(), using includes, & strange timeout behaviour
  16. Not sure how to finish this zap statement/conditional...
  17. OOP and RAM usage
  18. md5 crypting in vbulletin
  19. Piratemasters1
  20. PHPMailer Question about using CC in Forms
  21. Styling php generated menu items
  22. How to check whether MySQL service is running or not ?
  23. eregi
  24. precompiled bcompile for windows (vista)
  25. Need to return reference in this case?
  26. command line tool
  27. How to Use XML Parsar in Cake PHP
  28. pagination
  29. reference assignment
  30. How is HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header interpreted?
  31. Can't insert record into Access Database
  32. Can PHP know when a page is refreshed?
  33. https
  34. Fonts and Image_Graph
  35. Foreach displaying data twice
  36. Back Button Problem
  37. Faked $_SERVER variables
  38. Saving Form as query to a file.
  39. header()
  40. Passing multiple values of a select box to another php page
  41. How to display .png file from MySql in php?
  42. Running a PHP script from an email in Outlook
  43. Estimate script for products
  44. AT Commands
  45. Which module could not be initialized?
  46. Great Computing Surface for Road Warriors
  47. Is it possible to avoid loading the script for each request
  48. mkdir sucks, really
  49. yellow text box
  50. attempting to return values from array from w/in a function
  51. re Prevent loading of php pages
  52. Get a remote file size
  53. Using sessions, and 'please wait' pages
  54. Can't copy() stream from https site
  55. checkboxes and update query
  56. form textbox populated by clicking on a list of data
  57. Count the number of votes in a row
  58. Web Site
  59. mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size not working
  60. Collecting User Information
  61. Array manipulation
  62. Preserving Chinese Characters when reading and writing text
  63. Debugging PHP in OS X
  64. Writing to Heredoc from Text Area Form
  65. Problems passing a hidden variable
  66. login script with two levels of access
  67. PHP/mySQL Forum/BBoard Recommendations
  68. How to know user is using Yahoo Beta or Yahoo original
  69. Variable substitution to replace switch
  70. Help with Php and Regex
  71. Error in Apche
  72. PHP .msi installer nightmare
  73. Japanese character problem in mail subject line
  74. To populate a drop down menu by the option chosen in other
  75. two levels of access login script
  76. PHP Setup
  77. Quote Request Form
  78. nonblocking STDIN in CLI PHP app
  79. Search bar on a website
  80. PHP accept cookies?
  81. Warning: Cannot modify headerm msg
  82. To redirect if no parameters
  83. Php webservice extensions on IIS, IIS returns 404 on php
  84. Checking if record with some field exists
  85. Reading from a Dynamic Page
  86. Php webservice extensions on IIS, IIS returns 404 on php
  87. Outside variables needed inside class
  88. Passing variables out of a function
  89. Shopping cart skeleton
  90. [News] [Linux] More Boycotts Against Microsoft and Its Axis
  91. CLI environment.
  92. RC5 algorithem
  93. Simplifying a basic if statement conditional
  94. [News] [Linux] Firefox for Linux Could Soon Be Improved at Expense.
  95. Php webservice extensions on IIS, IIS returns 404 on php
  96. Working with an array and HTML
  97. Intense CPU strain....suggestions
  98. One more Image_Graph question
  99. cURL firestarter help needed
  100. ECHO or concatenation with single quote, for performance?
  101. My $_POST variable works only for the first page.
  102. PDO support (bit of a rant)
  103. PHPMailer security
  104. [News] [Linux] Microsoft Says It Won't Sue, Wants More Novell-like Deals
  105. HTML email using PHP problem (Receive html tags)
  106. Safe to delete elements of array in foreach
  107. Is sql just for hobbiest?
  108. include more than once
  109. Login
  110. Prepackaged Auction Software
  111. Read data from USB using PHP
  112. Changing pages: header('location') or PHP require()?
  113. Crosstab Report
  114. Regular Expression Tags To Lower & Adding quotes
  115. Can I change session timeout intervals?
  116. get the recently modified files in a folder
  117. I need a subdomain service like
  118. Detect uploaded files
  119. Traversing $_REQUEST array and excluding items
  120. Editor
  121. please helme people to do my project..
  122. Populating an html form with mysql data.
  123. Processing SMS Application
  124. memcache not connecting
  125. Tool to build RSS feed?
  126. Rewriting URLs and links on a page
  127. class dependence
  128. Password protect a file
  129. php code formating
  130. Reading a cookie set in javascript with php
  131. It works but I don't know why
  132. Declaring array in php
  133. How to emulate isset() ? (is it possible?)
  134. Permission denied
  135. My php source code do not work
  136. PHP- undefined Index
  137. if_exist question
  138. Insert Select image from MySQL PHP -- what am I doing wrong
  139. simple formm & $_POST
  140. Windows/ Unix regular expression question
  141. Problem setting up a local server.
  142. Php6.0
  143. multidimensional array
  144. date_default_timezone_set() returns a 4-hour late time
  145. Image_Graph and Freetype support
  146. Sending a mail through exchange server
  148. RSS
  149. how to show an output more than 1 in database
  150. mmap errors when running go-pear
  151. Remote Access of PHP
  152. a good one
  153. help with form field validation
  154. New Message Notification
  155. still not working: why?
  156. still not working: why?
  157. class explanation
  158. why this error?
  159. Bulletin board system help
  160. To OOP or not to OOP
  161. Php... 01 greater than 1 ???
  162. script to generate an external link
  163. anything incorrect?
  164. Why does include file text need to be bracketed by <?php> ... <?>
  165. binary string length
  166. Regex needed for splitting on commas (not inside quotes)
  167. It appears that <?php ... ?> is not portable. If this is true, why do so many scripts use it?
  168. php/ajax slideshow
  169. Error uploading files
  170. how to make a php form action do 2 things?
  171. help for php mysql
  172. doubt
  173. Users can login, but they all see the same page.
  174. problems with mysql_fetch_array($IsResult,MYSQL_NUM)
  175. Cannot load php_mysql.dll extension
  176. strange behaviour: preg_replace with /e modifier and str_replace
  177. Display and check entered data before submission
  178. MVC Patterns on the Web and Static Resources
  179. Newline (\n) in printf doesn't work?
  180. how to resolve this error in imagecreatefromjpeg(Image020#1.jpg)
  181. php include() inside mail()
  182. Unable to echo POST input
  183. Naming conventions in php referring to mysql databases
  184. Total size of serialized data
  185. touch and fopen command
  186. Connecting to remote MySQL server.
  187. Choosing a random entry in a table by "weight"
  188. Denying Public Access to Smarty Templates?
  189. Working with Timezones and DST
  190. Working with Timezones and DST
  191. Any reason why $_FILES['userfile']['error'] wouldn't be populated?
  192. billing based on usage concept
  193. how to not write password in code for using to mysql?
  194. Formatting Medium Date Using PHP
  195. strtok() rationale
  196. When I run a PHP script the result displays in a DOS Window instead of browser
  197. Script gets executed twice unless filename is in the URL
  198. Calling functions from includes (Wvar)ITHOUT classes)
  199. header ->"sendmail: Can't send mail: Sender domain ("
  200. Hide the form action value
  201. Looking for experienced C / C++ / Java / PHP programmers to work in India
  202. datetime format
  203. Error:"Cannot modify header information" why?
  204. php to mysql connection
  205. Logout session-problem
  206. uploaded file not saving - move_uploaded_file doesn't
  207. Warning: getimagesize(...)failed to open stream: Permission Denied in ...
  208. xml_parse error in php
  209. Trouble in accessing the database
  210. Small problem with PHP
  211. PHP and XML
  212. Simple Ping Tool - Display Each Line
  213. PHP 4.1.1 and Email Attachments
  214. PHP5 Windows 2000 IIS - php.ini not being read
  215. import data from Excel to MySql using php
  216. Dynamic Content - Meta Tags
  217. SQL Abstraction layer
  218. php reporting tools
  219. how to go to new url after proccess form
  220. How can i show the path of visited links on each page?
  221. downcasting in php
  222. Finding MAC Address
  223. html width not working
  224. how to change the character to capital format
  225. preg_replace backreferencing problem
  226. php zlib
  227. passing radio button values to a submit button (gif)
  228. simple grep question
  229. Getting deep array value without knowing keys?
  230. How would you attack this programming strategy?
  231. Scrolling display is blurred
  232. mssql_connect not defined on MS Windows w/ IIS
  233. read excel property
  234. perl extension for PHP - stuck?
  235. Wamp server problem
  236. [NEW] - from Java to PHP
  237. Which mailing script do you recomend?
  238. AJAX Problem
  239. ? euro symbol
  240. cURL and .htaccess based user authentication
  241. The Relative Importance of Web Development
  242. Using LGPLed PHP source
  243. Assignin rooms to student
  244. hit appointments
  245. How to stop new sessions starting?
  246. Extracting day and month from a date string in PHP
  247. Getting the ID of the last inserted row in MySQL via PHP...
  248. Help with PHP setup
  249. Sending data from a form to two seperate pages?
  250. Editing source files via textarea in the browser
  251. unsetting PHP_AUTH_USER and PHP_AUTH_PW
  252. creating a session variable on every page
  253. PHP & SSL for secure cookies
  254. problem setting permisions
  255. Interesting Timeout Problem - Please Help
  256. PHP $_COOKIE is never empty... why?
  257. Login to a forum using php and curl
  258. What is with the massive postings?
  259. Protecting 'contact us' emailing forms
  260. Nesting a Foreach Loop inside a For Loop
  261. Parse Xml in PHP
  262. Poll's options - two queries to MySQL or Unserialize()?
  263. highlighting regex matches
  264. Problem with nested if-else statement
  265. help on webservices
  266. Whois lookup
  267. PDO ,Lobs and fpassthru
  268. Loading an HTML file from PHP
  269. mb_convert_encoding
  270. making an alert with php
  271. How do I get the list of databases in PHP/MySQL?
  272. working on ie and not in ff
  273. Error checking for unique value in database table?
  274. Drawing a Line using a particular font
  275. How to convert from array to variable to be stored in database?
  276. Wiki with a twist
  277. does PHP support ancillary chunks in PNG images (background color)
  278. does PHP support ancillary chunks in PNG images (background color)
  279. does PHP support ancillary chunks in PNG images (background color)
  280. does PHP support ancillary chunks in PNG images (background color)
  281. Can't find my Query syntax error
  282. quick php forum question
  283. issue with imap_open
  284. Zend debugger won't load
  285. Copying remote files using fopen and fwrite
  286. Getting started with a PHP/MySQL Online Banking App
  287. PHP Drop Down Selection
  288. Looking for a good Php book to use with Adobe CS3
  289. Mail Fields To Database. Exportable...any ideas?
  290. how to identify Letter v Number in string
  291. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE
  292. Form field value containing backslash
  293. "unknown date" via mail()
  294. php/mysql replace
  295. How to pass variables via GET
  296. retrieve data from mysql database to display in a dropdown box with php
  297. Trying to define variable from a form
  298. Possible problem with session_start() not resuming session
  299. xml and php
  300. Which version of PHP ?
  301. How to get value of file type input in php
  302. Twist in call to undefined function - Contd.
  303. Twist in call to undefined function
  304. Resource for PHP XML required .
  305. Generate fields on the fly for task manager
  306. Calling one variable as part of another
  307. How to restrict multiple login using a single account.
  308. ajax file upload help?
  309. php5 XML collection size without looping?
  310. require_once fails with file in same directory
  311. 2 Drop Downs?
  312. Fetching
  313. strip tags with contents n times
  314. Trying out Typo3 CMS ... no LZW GIF compression?
  315. PHP5 with JAVA
  316. Will Love Any Help... :D
  317. comment pls on how i take data from the database..
  318. I need help with a echo statement
  319. Increase views/visitors by spoofing IP address with PHP
  320. start_session() help please
  321. What book to choose?
  322. What php book to use?
  323. PHP Website Management
  324. Changing filename makes getimagesize work...?
  325. Help needed for Captcha Script
  326. Restricting access to articles based on number viewed
  327. cURL Post through proxy
  328. How to execute exe files from a browser
  329. Capture the current page(url) into a variable?
  330. CMS Site Base required.
  331. How to trim parameters and give them a prefix?
  332. Parse Errror help please.
  333. split()
  334. code problem
  335. PHPUnit 3
  336. can't upload file
  337. ftp_close() vs. ftp_quit()
  338. COM object HELP
  339. upload file
  340. how to get value from php to shell command
  341. How to send fax through my PHP application using Windows XP fax service?
  342. Session ID problem
  343. ftp functions
  344. select into statement not pls
  345. PHP will not post to next form
  346. Resource
  347. How to connect to MSSQL SERVER 2000 with WAMP server?
  348. Paging
  349. PHP Threading
  350. New ideas
  351. POST/SESSION variables and pagination, part II
  352. Confirm dialog box
  353. Missing element in array?!
  354. PHP or Javascript for this?
  355. how to get the path and the url of a file?
  356. Favorite Coding Tools?
  357. Why Do PHP Cookies and Sessions Work Even When Cookies Are Disabled?
  358. Evaluating variables in a string
  359. mime content type
  360. nested foreach
  361. nested loop
  362. if AND
  363. Get values from textfield
  364. Multiple selection using php w/ javascript
  365. Data Mining / Data/Website Scraping
  366. INSERTING data into MySQL using PHP Scripting
  367. Newbie Upload Script Help
  368. Errors from a NULL value
  369. Print out array keys only
  370. How to redirect based on url (various domain aliases) entered by visitors
  371. Store multiple selection from pagination info into single array
  372. Ready-Made Website Tools?
  373. DysFunctional
  374. PDT or PHPEclipse?
  375. Simplifying a basic if statement conditional
  376. Validating a Paragraphed String
  377. Can you use this webservice ?
  378. Manipulating database records using a checkbox
  379. To redirect if no parameters
  380. Wierd setcookie Problem
  381. classifieds php software
  382. Fetch_array: Invalid result resource
  383. include() not working properly
  384. One time links / urls
  385. Getting values from a query string
  386. choosing a greater number between 2 numbers
  387. imap_open issue
  388. HTML email using PHP problem (Receive html tags)
  389. shopping cart skeleton
  390. Parser script for a telephone directory?
  391. Post Form Data From HTML Mail To Web Browser
  392. technique to add and remove cookies after output
  393. checking if record with some field exists
  394. Universal login for multiple web applications
  395. how can I insert data in a pdf from php??
  396. Outlook .vcs files, working in everything but IE 6
  397. CLI environment
  398. Unable to connect to MySQL database... what's 'hostname'?
  399. php webservice extensions on IIS, IIS returns 404 on php
  400. Parsing results via regular expression.
  401. safe to delete elements of array in foreach
  402. on error
  403. Passing variables out of a function
  404. MVC/OO pattern clarification
  405. Getting two variables from a PHP loop
  406. PHP: Securing from Session Hijacking
  407. Reading from a Dynamic Page
  408. [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream & unable to display XML content
  409. is sql just for hobbiest?
  411. Testing for php?
  412. Need help for date calculating
  413. to insert data into MYSQLdatabase from dropdown menu containg many items
  414. How to prevent editing of a cleartext license file.
  415. Value of $_POST variable is null, but shouldn't be.
  416. No value when setting variables based on $_POST variable.
  417. Looking for a multi-page form script
  418. Linking a
  419. Calling session variable inside a function
  420. HTTP/URL Question
  421. imagegd2
  422. Searching through an array
  423. cookie spec
  424. Passing arrays through posts, gets, and cookies
  426. regex for PHP variable name
  427. Get get include pages to work...
  428. Drive Letter And A FQFN (Fully Qualified Filename, OS:Windows), PDO
  429. php login video upload display script
  430. Outside variables needed inside class
  431. Server Includes
  432. php visio
  433. Php odbc_prepare/odbc_exec error
  434. Opensource Job Portal
  435. Local hard disk backup of my application
  436. Incrementing a variable by one loop
  437. Parsing Large XML files using XMLReader
  438. Check if "curl over ssl" is installed
  439. contact form tutorial
  440. auto thumbnailing
  441. display random set of pictures on page
  442. configurations required after installing Wamp
  443. Trying to make prepared statements work in a loop
  444. redirect to a JSP file from a PHP file
  445. query criteria based on checkbox
  446. Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening
  447. Connecting to local database from Internet
  448. using session_start on Wampserver
  449. Embed lots of html code in php & construc objects in php
  450. How do I decrypt a password from database
  451. href to link file
  452. Problem combining validation and templates
  453. MAX_FILE_SIZE for HTML forms
  454. what does "->" and "=>" do?
  455. combining serialized data
  456. PHP/MySQL array w/zero results
  457. dbm support
  458. strval $_REQUEST
  459. Can I do this in php5?
  460. XML_RPC_Response fatal error: Call to undefined method kindof
  461. Advanced Search Query
  462. AES Written in PHP?
  463. antiword through php
  464. Hello
  465. to make chessboard program
  466. get current number of image as x of y where y is no of images
  467. dynamic image display in src attribute of img tag
  468. RC5 algorithem
  469. ADODB question
  470. store session variable data
  471. how are php arrays indexed?
  472. Regularly poll server for messages
  473. Shorten this line?
  474. how to print out the first value in array after asort($array)
  475. include google maps in php code
  476. any one give solution
  477. PHp mail function
  478. Mail tracking
  479. Predefined variable
  480. how to store data from database to array?
  481. how to split the index and the value in the array
  482. Text Encoding data feeds to UDirect
  483. SWC vs SWF - getImageSize - file_type ???
  484. Database Abstraction Layers / Frameworks
  485. help on taking textbox value without using a <form>
  486. Refreshing the page INSERTs into the database
  487. php ming size problem
  488. PHP issues with file ownership
  489. PHP and Ajax - classes, utilities or tools
  490. Is phpdoc block boundary syntax strict?
  491. working with classes + php
  492. How to read next row in a mySql Query
  493. una quert mysql
  494. sendmail.php problem
  495. Is this possible? Login to remote site using cURL, then pass credentials to browser.
  496. Payments Mangement & catalog
  497. ActionListener for PHP???
  498. 5.2.2 and POST data change?
  499. How to show weekly monthly data in a report.
  500. How to extract from array
  501. send error_log() message to email
  502. script executes differently when triggered remotely
  503. Is this a secure PHP mail form?
  504. The new code colouring makes my eyes bleed!
  505. developer environment / linux
  506. php file is downloading instead of running in WAMP
  507. code to display weather feed based on city entered in textbox
  508. Variable
  509. configuring PHP with GD support
  510. session id changes in Textpattern based on URL
  511. multipart message in PHP to send mail via lotus notes
  512. Quick question regarding basic template
  513. Problem with deleting records from DB
  514. Regex with a '*' in it?
  515. PHP MySql Forms
  516. PRADO 3.1.0 RC is released
  517. string concat vs. join/implode
  518. PHP Sessions
  519. Problem loading html containing scripts using Dom LoadHTML
  520. English to Chinese conversion
  521. setting error level for a particular directory / page
  522. How do i get a downloaded html file to update content via ajax?
  523. Generic MySQL/PHP Tree Schema?
  524. How do you echo a long space
  525. Adding together time hh:mm:ss to a total
  526. Autoloading class definitions of composed objects on unserialize() from session
  527. script to specify a url to an file (exe, rar, zip, etc)
  528. How to hide file name from URL?
  529. -> How to read a form variable before posting? <-
  530. keyword search in admin to allow us to quickly search
  531. CREATE command denied error when installing phpbb 2
  532. From CSV To MySQL Table
  533. stack tracing
  534. Processing an XML feed
  535. Simple SELECT query not working
  536. Can You run asp in php
  537. problem with checkbox
  538. Using PHP in fckeditor
  539. Problem with HTTP_REFERER when clicking on refresh button
  540. Saving a form to the server
  541. REQ: Backup of website
  542. Apostrophe - when used it mucks with my odbc
  543. ADODB and Sessions
  544. Downloading content to a client without prompting to save
  545. character
  546. image functions
  547. php regular expressions
  548. array and value type
  549. Querying database with form data
  550. Auto_prepend_file