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  1. imagepng dont display both in ff and ie
  2. How To Extract/Fetch HTML source code from another website?
  3. Have my script see if their is anything on the next page befor showing the "Next" ?
  4. An "Undefined Variable" Problem - or even more simple?
  5. Assigning a style sheet to an array.
  6. Instantiate subclass depending on string value
  7. how to ignore the empty fields of a database?
  8. Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING'
  9. Object's fontSize attribute not changing
  10. What does this class do?
  11. fpdf, multicell, number of lines
  12. Best way to create object from a form with lots of fields
  13. $_SESSION values changed... but I didn't change them!
  14. I need some cleanings tips and advice.
  15. MySQL: 11 Mil Rows = Slow Performance!
  16. Page reloading and loading .css, .jpeg, .js as if normal php scripts
  17. Fill in form fields on PDF
  18. Regex help
  19. Refreshing the page to display database results
  20. How to send form data to email id by using PHP
  21. IPB and search by forum_id
  22. Sorting strings with special characters
  23. Line Break Madness!
  24. need last 20 rows from table and compare if a value exists..
  25. Display and Update record in php
  26. ORACLE Error
  27. GIF PHP Exploit
  28. email sent by php script has empty content in Thunderbird
  29. showing the change between original timetable n proposed timetable
  30. Is it possible to type in a new entry to a drop down list?
  31. PHP 4 security File Access Issue on AIX
  32. how to get the fullpath of hte file
  33. domain search script
  34. Page number links are not appearing in MySQL paginated result set
  35. Here's handsoff function() updating fields in multiple tables from big form.
  36. How to get the redirected URL?
  37. At what point should I implement validation?
  38. Options in a select element depend on selected value of another select element
  39. Why PHP instead of Perl?
  40. filehandle write to variable
  41. Parameters aren't received from PHP in Web Services
  42. Can't get Update to work on this script
  43. retrieve an image in folder from info out of database
  44. CMS research question
  45. Converting XML into a Stream
  46. Module 'modulename' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
  47. PEAR DB/MySQL Prepared Statement with LIKE
  48. includes in php as cgi
  49. Variables
  50. While Loop and Arrays
  51. Dates, daylight savings and netdaysworked
  52. including html
  53. advice on selling an ebook?
  54. Urgent openings at Wipro/UG Software/Crestsoft/Applied Software
  55. regular expression help needed
  56. PDO catchable fatal error on prepare->execute()
  57. data conversion
  58. Extension causes sporadic segfaults
  59. while and stopping
  60. PHP and exec(dir)
  61. PHP Script works great on Windows, but not on Linux.
  62. Header already sent
  63. How to create store procedure in mysql
  64. Create an Array Code Help
  65. image needed
  66. on line programming event
  67. Setting up a webmail system
  68. hi friends this is shyam please answer me
  69. Program execution
  70. mysql5.0.1 is not configure with php4.3.9
  72. fill out a form
  73. Can this be done with PHP?
  74. Pagination Script using GET attributes and DIVs
  75. How to change a field content in a database for the search engine
  76. using __call() to simulate extending classes
  77. Testing Servers Response with PHP
  78. Email not being Sent
  79. how to resize images locally before uploading to server?
  80. Backup with mysqldump
  81. file reference "\n" characters interpreted as carriage return
  82. Application Scope Implementation - PHP with Memcached
  83. ebay
  84. PHP parser error only on production box
  85. How to notify the User that a payment is due
  86. Disable .php handler for a specific browser,
  87. PHP relay/anonymizer?
  88. imagerotate problem with PHP 4.3.9 - PHP 5.2.0 using GD2
  89. Running a shell script in PHP does not create valid output file
  90. Calculating probability only works on the last box
  91. how to assign attributes to paramater in php for nusoap client
  92. open_basedir: allowed path not recognized
  93. Exporting data to MS Excel
  94. Conditional display of an item
  95. Partial Sort ?
  96. innerHTML Javascript Issues. can anyone help?
  97. Can PHP do this?
  98. No-Cache in IE?
  99. preg_match function for URLs
  100. FCK Editor: Javascript Validation
  101. Parsing a php include (which also contains php code) - or "Reparsing" the php file
  102. connection specific question
  103. Errors won't show up even with error_reporting(E_ALL) and ini_set("display_errors","1")
  104. Delete image from server using php?
  105. Post type Submit when radio button clicked
  106. using php to move rows from text file into mysql table
  107. supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
  108. Sending an email via mail() - message is all jumbled up!
  109. Solving system of equations
  110. Compare similar tables from separate MySQL servers
  111. PHP Blank Page.
  112. PHP mailscript for Merak email server
  113. Or syntax for directory search
  114. Problems with form processing: array_key_exists() and while (list($k,$v) = each($arr))
  115. How to generate .csv files with data from mysql ?
  116. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  117. getting the current date assigned to a database field
  118. Fedex Ship Manager API
  119. problem with functions and paths
  120. why does MATCH/AGAINST fail to catch entries that LIKE does catch?
  121. Progress bar in php
  122. configure php4 --with-mysql=shared,/usr option dose not create file
  123. Spell Checker w/PHP
  124. Separating search terms with commas and passing variables in the URL
  125. include("/main.php") won't work on a hosting machine
  126. Cannot modify header information - Headers already sent
  127. Passing array for maxOccurs="unbounded"
  128. I am a php noob and have a quick question
  129. Export data to *.pdf file
  130. Does $i = 0 equal nothing?
  131. setting and deleting cookies
  132. Retaining checkbox state on redisplay
  133. compare strings echoing for wrong records
  134. Setting my own session handler..
  135. Securing public images
  136. Blank Row added to database when existing row found
  137. Multi User Login from the same machine
  138. help include
  139. Discover As Beginning Successful Business In Internet.
  140. Popup alert similar to yahoo messenger in PHP
  141. PHP and mySQL concurrency problem
  142. Compare Current Time and time inputed in Textbox
  143. agata report triggered from application directly
  144. How important is software maintenance?
  145. PHP?MySQL+Dreamweaver
  146. Inserting a value from a drop down list into a mysql database
  147. getting process id in php
  148. How to call the function from javascript
  149. Code to calculate number of visitors
  150. Upload a file without using Browse field in PHP
  151. Opening links from a table
  152. Rich text online editor
  153. Extending ArrayObject
  154. PHP photo text authorization
  155. Fetching image from MySQL database results in blank / invalid image file.
  156. dynamic pages without using $_GET?
  157. Simple Problem With Variable Scope
  158. PDO - setFetchMode() before each getting?
  159. Using wildcard * in php
  160. test mail() on development machine w/o smtp server
  161. How should i done this in PHP?
  162. how to use anchor tag in php
  163. Maximum dropdown size
  164. GET values not available when using META redirect
  165. passing values from php to program
  166. How to convert your URL?
  167. Why can't I send an email address via a param in a function?
  168. running scripts without session
  169. Returning 0 for level in hierarchy query
  170. Warning: stream_select(): unable to select [0]: No error in ...
  171. Submitting form automatically
  172. Help with populating an html form having more than one attribute
  173. sharing an IMAP resource between scripts
  175. What does this PHP code do?
  176. Creating a User Registration/Profile system
  177. Trying to run matlab via PHP exec, but not executing....
  178. Using an array to check for valid file extensions in PHP
  179. Capturing form input
  180. Coding help
  181. Arabic Text does not appear properly on localhost, looks OK on remote server.
  182. PHP5 installation problem (Win XP)
  183. How to store referring URL in a Session variable
  184. Distinct down
  185. How to order by date desc... onload ...
  186. Calling Java Classes on Server
  187. Please help! Stuck in miserable puddle of preg_split.
  188. Sort by date picture taken
  189. Thread safety -- how to disable?
  190. PDO - closeCursor and unset($stmt)
  191. Background images don't show up in Emails
  192. Includin files in the parent directory
  193. PHP Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  194. Memory leak in PHP
  195. dec to string
  196. php image gallery/image view
  197. PHP Error message: Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/jplane/certcent/phpweb/quiz/index.php on line 20
  198. $dbh = null;
  199. Handling Dates
  200. Changing a Field in a Database Table
  201. Senior PHP Programmer Montreal, QC
  202. Senior PHP Programmer Montreal, QC
  203. help with eval usage
  204. Parse errors encountered
  205. PHP OO Java Main Method equivalent???
  206. persistent postgres connections in PHP
  207. Call a static variable from instance
  208. removing a string from a file -- best method
  209. avi, mpeg player on my site
  210. Maps load different
  211. MySQL SHA1 and PHP don't give same result
  212. Session variables set on the homepage... how to redirect or generate values?
  213. To call a C/C++ function in PHP using SWIG.
  214. Holiday Planner
  215. Suse 9 -php 4 - oci8 connection
  216. function mail(): error "SMTP server response: 501 #5.1.1 bad address"
  217. process handling in php
  218. Placing PHP output in an HTML file.
  219. Finding and displaying an uploaded image file
  220. How to configure SMTP in php.ini
  221. Limit access to just one IP
  222. help on catching xml response
  223. how to get the clip information from the real media file
  224. Help Please
  225. ecommerce development solutions
  226. What are good ways for keeping your script faster then 47.01 seconds?
  227. PHP Programming Contest
  228. mail() function
  229. Working around InnoDB Contraints in PHP
  230. strtotime
  231. Calculate Days Worked
  232. php and jsp integration, image processing, simple question
  233. php file storage in server issue
  234. Foreach Loop with Nested Arrays
  235. Comparing 2 sentences that are almost the same
  236. Mail not working
  237. Why isn't my script collecting information from all of the mysql_queries?
  238. 2 or more tables with FULLTEXT index
  239. getting data from a feed file
  240. crontab and the include() function
  241. Question about displaying MySQLl data
  242. PHP files not phrased..,
  243. Syntax error when using Password function in php and mysql
  244. Allowing whitespace when validating form entries
  245. Positions still available in the South of France. deadline for applications : 15th of June 2007
  246. mail() to Outlook, no carriage returns
  247. How to interface my server to mobile phone service provides
  248. help on xml
  249. Can I pass a wildcard to this function?
  250. php.ini not being read
  251. recoding from fopen to curl
  252. Display Links
  253. How to Enumerate and Calculate Timezones?
  254. If, And, Or code for data entry
  255. tzdata Documentation: Where?
  256. $parts = $struct->parts;
  257. PHP Mail() function, getting 553 error
  258. <font size="-1">
  259. <font size="-1">
  260. Need a little help with creating an image from MySQL data...
  261. echo or ?><?php
  262. Remove all unicode from a string
  263. PHP Password And Redirect Script...
  264. drop down not displaying all rows
  265. search with AND boolean operator
  266. UTF8: file_put_contents doesn't seem to write UTF8 content properly
  267. Using regular expressions to count words
  268. Illegal Characters in FDF File - Stream
  269. imagecopyresampled not working
  270. Passing CDATA with SoapClient?
  271. include.. but it doesn't!
  272. best laptop and lowest lowestprice sale online
  273. php upload file to a single directory problem
  274. PHP code not getting parsed on WAMP server
  275. begining - tutorial
  276. Image Downloading small problem
  277. Facing problems with $_POST. Data can not be processed by PHP...
  278. origin group?
  279. Why does a session variable return to its old value?
  280. Urgent Requirement for H/W Professionals
  281. Do for X amount of seconds ?
  282. Problem with headers using mail() function
  283. Problems with headers using mail() function
  284. joining two/more video file into one video file using php
  285. if on allow_url_open is set to off is there a way to override this?
  286. POP access in PHP
  287. Printing query result from MySQL
  288. How to get table detail clicking on row?
  289. how to submit xml
  290. PHP and FTP
  291. getting information about the file
  292. Problem running PHP on localhost
  293. [preg_match_all] Better algorithm?
  294. Using PHP on home page, index.php not working
  295. Mail via SMTP
  296. Tips on creating a Forms Repository system for a company Intranet
  297. inline frame and sizes
  298. Having trouble with imagecopymerge() with gifs and imagettftext()
  299. Inserting text into an existing file (at a specified line).
  300. Unable to display data using PHP to populate a text area field
  301. How to Do Collapsible Navigation Menus?
  302. Simple header file that doesn't work rightly...
  303. Where are the extensions?
  304. A BILLION do they do it?
  305. $_SERVER variables coming up empty...
  306. php and perl
  307. Moveprevius problem
  308. Unable to connect to MySQL server
  309. Fight Stopping AIDS, Let's Do it...
  310. How to redirect users back to a specific page using Sessions
  312. Passing values to PHP script via check boxes.
  313. How animate dated filename like "history20070611s202635195.jpg"
  314. How to rename file name in DB
  315. Incrementing The number of posts
  316. php and .htaccess
  317. Post form to external URL; redirect to local page
  318. Need help reading file in an array and splitting using spaces
  319. Did not close Oracle Database
  320. Browser wants to save to the hard drive when I open a .php file.
  321. Debugging error
  322. include file into class, retain class scope
  323. Syntax Error When Passing Array By Reference
  324. parser error : Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding
  325. PHP/MySQL to ignore part of a date.
  326. php4 flash Q
  327. PHP Currency converter
  328. Displaying existing data in a text field - 2 issues
  329. How does PHP order an array? Are numbers > letters or vice versa?
  330. Group mailing, want to suppress all the "to" addresses in the "to:" field
  331. Project Mgt App using PHP or Java
  332. PHP Load balancing
  333. session_start hangs parallel requests for the same session
  334. Filename with System Date
  335. imaps-capable webmail client in php
  336. Is PHP session safe?
  337. Using WAMP - I cannot connect to Oracle
  338. php + mysql website design
  339. print $q->header; # How is the $q declared?
  340. Running php project
  341. randomly run phone number and how to convert the result in .csv file?
  342. Retrieving an attachment from a piped mail
  343. sum problem
  344. date value to epoch
  345. How to properly version your source code... ?
  346. Read lines from text file using PHP
  347. Help : How to upload image file in update page
  348. how to send data from one page to another page to fetch a record
  349. Random include() help
  350. Image upload php script.
  351. Object of class Person could not be converted to string
  352. Debugging blank PHP page.
  353. soapclient. need to extract information in php from a webservice that was built in C#
  354. including POST data with header("location: ")
  355. a tool to generate background
  356. preg_match and html question
  357. how to display the table names in the combobox
  358. handling warnings, php5?
  359. nested associative arrays
  360. maintain a single session across multiple servers
  361. Redisplaying upload field value
  362. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result,
  364. How to Update Multiple MySQL Database Records
  365. Creating Invoices in Inventory Software
  366. want to see Aliens on Earth
  367. Moving my SQL to different location other than in my script.
  368. help on xml
  369. Nothing happens when the User clicks the submit button
  370. Captchas and <img>
  371. [authlib] Why "id int(11) DEFAULT '0'"?
  372. Clicked link text
  373. SoapClient Escaping XML Tags
  374. Implementing a PHP Poll without compromising server filesystem security.
  375. Positions still available in the South of France. deadline for applications : 15th of June 2007
  376. encrypt php source code
  377. Indefined index
  378. PHP Online Quiz
  379. Pattern Matching When $haystack _may_ be an array
  380. [CMS] Storing rates in the database
  381. Viewing my PHP files.
  382. knowledge management in OSS communities
  383. $HTTP_POST_VARS[' ']
  384. Problem including the other php file.
  385. cURL timeout
  386. How to change the value of text feilds after the button is clicked
  387. E-Mail Encryption
  388. How to protect password?
  389. date conversion
  390. Dutch Hosting party
  391. how convert milisecond back to date format
  392. Simple Bayesian classifier?
  393. photos stored in database or as files
  394. positioning
  395. Ready Forums
  396. Regex replace doesn't catch nesting properly.
  397. hi
  398. Monitoring custom log files
  399. Preserving form values between page loads
  400. Coding a Daily Attendance Register in PHP
  401. mod_rewrite doesn't. Want to change the URL Address.
  402. How to get return values from Java Applet?
  403. have a look at my blog site for .. there is microsoft contest also ( u can win so much)have a look at my blog site for .. there is microsoft contest also ( u can win so much)
  404. Need help for using MING library
  405. Can I remove Year from this code ?
  406. sessions - with or without cookies
  407. outputing image directly to browser
  408. "!" in string when sent by mail()
  409. output to spreadsheet - how to use format?
  410. Finding the PHP Root Folder on a Linux Server
  411. LDAP Function with intl' character set.
  412. Not Loading?
  413. How to force data not to load from cache?
  414. Images outside of webroot
  415. Encryption using PHP with Nothing Special Compiled In
  416. header... nop!
  417. drop down populated by database
  418. drop down populated by database
  419. PHP encoder/compiler
  420. weird fseek and fwrite issue
  421. require_once() and Subdirectories
  422. Unable to connect to localhost to send SMTP mail.
  423. Creating Thumbnail image of a webpage ?
  424. logout using session
  425. smarty simple question?
  426. Php with Sun Java System Application Server Platform
  427. Error occurs in XHTML pages when i write php code inside it
  428. URL mod
  429. Calculating total amount per quater
  430. code for Updating a query when the browser is closed
  431. Search Engine for Job Portal like
  432. Uploading viles via php
  433. Mathematical Formula Validator
  434. _GET parameter size limit
  435. pls help sending xml using php
  436. Virtual path
  437. Why isn't my script inserting info into my mysql database?
  438. Inserting and reading data from a mysql TEXT field with php!!!
  439. Getting spacific when searching?
  440. using MCRYPT_ARCFOUR_IV
  441. function "attributes"
  442. Uploading binary files to postgreSQL from PHP
  443. Unexpected behavior when creating xhtml documents
  444. php_flag and AllowOverrides
  445. methods of a class
  446. Mysql_Num_Rows Error in PHP Script
  447. $message = ""
  448. Dynamic creation of Graphic on Linux Web Server
  449. can't upload file to $_FILES
  450. PHP inline execution in HTML
  451. How to code <table> arguments within PHP
  452. installation problems
  453. Testing for emtpy result.
  454. $_SERVER[PHP_self]
  455. need help parsing/reformatting MovableType returned PHP code
  456. Securing a PHP Form
  457. Where to start?
  458. What are the differences between PHP, ASP.NET and JSP?
  459. action="<?=$PHP_SELF?>">
  460. Can't redirect from HTTPS to HTTP in Firefox?
  461. go to next page!
  462. return to html
  463. ASP.Net, VB.Net walk-in at Noida
  464. formatting time string from: 2007-05-30 11:46:34
  465. Adjacency List Model Hierarchical Structure into HTML Structured List
  466. How to send arguments to php class?
  467. Reading LDAP Entries in PHP
  468. Open new window using header
  469. PHP code is not getting parsed or isn't outputting anything.
  470. How does one delete a folder?
  471. Problem with "" in content.php
  472. Reading Binary Files in PHP
  473. Content management with flat text files...
  474. Optional $_GET argument
  475. Centering text in a dynamically created image (GD or ImageMagick).
  476. PPT to PDF
  477. Open Source Geographic Location LIBs?
  478. rename a file in Windows XP server using php script
  479. auto increment - how to reset it?
  480. PHP session variable
  481. Include HTML file as variable
  482. LAST_INSERT_ID() doesnt work properly
  483. Getting Apache Constants with PHP
  484. Images
  485. Importing an external relative link to your page
  486. SOAP Client timeout
  487. Get error when removing a part of this if statement
  488. dynamic SQL built in a PHP form - problem with character values
  489. simple php queston
  490. preg_grep question
  491. Getting a value from menu/list to populate a $_POST?
  492. I've created a small online app to draw diagrams in ASCII...
  493. events in php
  494. mail() not reaching hotmail
  495. set upload_tmp_dir
  496. unlink - permission denied
  497. Opening at SwiftMail Communications Limited
  498. Capturing substrings with preg_match_all()
  499. Is $_FILES more secure than $_POST? Which should I use?
  500. Mime part numbering
  501. A little problem making to thing happen
  502. Cat set `upload_tmp_dir` in Windows
  503. php5 PEAR error on test scripts
  504. PHP with MySQL
  505. read users permissions on files in the local network
  506. help pls on taking url value
  507. Database design for multiple types of products
  508. Why is my class throwing warnings?
  509. crond
  510. help on searching for website
  511. Parsing Sentences into Subject,Predicate
  512. Any regex pro's out there?
  513. How to configure MySql support?
  514. new session always created on session_start()
  515. php programmer positions in the South of France
  516. what do you think, why that?
  517. Database, PDO, MySQLi, OOP, S...
  518. Problem passing values from a multi-field search page to the MySQL statement
  519. remailer
  520. XML-based survey engine
  521. SOAP to Pass Object to PHP
  522. Send value from Flash to database with PHP
  523. creating variables in a loop
  524. Suppress snmp-warnings/errors in PHP?
  525. Problem with http File Transfer
  526. US based MNC need graduate trainee
  527. Filesystem to XML class function is giving incorrect output.
  528. Extracting XML & RDF data using PHP
  529. Efficiency of mysql_close()
  530. How to link a checkbox to a textbox?
  531. php querying
  532. Issue with building PHP 5.2.2 from source on Windows XP
  533. How do I know if a Session has been started?
  534. php and mysql issues
  535. regex/preg_replace? How do I do this?
  536. mcrypt
  537. Getting Started with PHP Hosting on a Linux Server
  538. How to download whole data from a webpage into a csv file
  539. PHP Error on Password Check (SQL Database)
  540. Removing Leading Slashes Before Special Characters in a PHP Query
  541. GTK help
  542. PHP and Lucene Search
  543. Preprocessor for csv file
  544. Drawing
  545. Contact Us script
  546. Unable to load module... 2 Extension Directories possible? (WINDOWS)
  547. looking for suggestions for a php ide
  548. Dot in POST parameter name gets converted to "_"
  549. Jpeg to HTML
  550. web advertising