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  1. Changing nav menu text "Home" to logo link
  2. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING,
  3. How to submit multiple values to the database with a single submit button?
  4. Download a video file and have it play in Media Player
  5. Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty
  6. can't insert value getting error: Function name must be a string
  7. Upload multiple image in mysql
  8. Why does the PHP tags and all display in browser
  9. Write byte array to file in PHP
  10. PHP Form function not working on SSL/TLS yahoo server
  11. full day name
  12. PHP MS SQL connection (Dreamweaver cs6)
  13. How to create simple SOAP request using PHP?
  14. select value of combobox2 depending on selected value of combobox1
  15. 'Failed to connect to mailserver' and 'Cannot modify header information' warnings
  16. populate drop down menu can not retrieve data from mysql database
  17. How to prepare FCK editor In php?
  18. Create Dynamic page using php and mysql
  19. fetch multiple image from mysql in php
  20. Everytime I try to go to this site it shows me "System Settings for ELGG"
  21. How To Make Website Secure From attacks?
  22. Store references in array
  23. how can i count sunday in a particular month on present year
  24. populate drop down menu cant retrieve value
  25. PHP MSSQL connection
  26. pdo request insert problem
  27. how can I send email everyday to registered user using mail function?
  28. How to validate a form using if statements
  29. how can we show data from database which is checked by checkbox
  30. Updating and deleting from database
  31. PDO and MYSQLI
  32. Expiry date notification
  33. for checking database null column value
  34. getting data from database according to the user selection
  35. syntax error, unexpected 'echo' (T_ECHO
  36. how can i add new string at the beginning of an existing file
  37. My PHP/Web page does not persist data when page is refreshed. Sample code attached
  38. I want to get a specific table from a website and place it on my website.
  39. PHP Variable in HTML Table Cell
  40. Php vulnerabilities
  41. how to pass a variable from one table to another
  42. How to implement URL rewriting in php
  43. Php header is not working on server...
  44. check folders size and set the size limited
  45. What do you mean by Parse error?
  46. Inserting data from the form
  47. go the url with out clicking the url.
  48. how to add cms editor
  49. How to send bulk email using php
  50. Copy a file from a folder to another
  51. How to pass parameters to another file?
  52. Submitting several fields with same name
  53. How to optimize a website running on API?
  54. change color of text box when value entered into text box
  55. I want to put a link to view profile page on a directory listing
  56. print database records (SQLite)
  57. why easyphp localhost won't work ?
  58. error in downloading files in php
  59. How to parse a function's result to php select dropdown value property.
  60. Read 2 columns from mysql and Populate a html combobox
  61. How can help me for class.smtp.php?
  62. doing cart to change order information
  63. Firefox incorrectly displays slideshow
  64. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\xampp\htdocs\nothing\index.php o
  65. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  66. How to display images from mysql table at below after selection of dropdown category
  67. for display output from database in horizontally manner
  68. submit div content to html2pdf page
  69. htaccess RewriteRule with {HTTP_HOST} and {REQUEST_URI}
  70. PhpMailer does not show altbody, but unformatted html text
  71. How to connect database to PHP coded barcode generator
  72. How to set a PHP SESSION Variable Value when clicked on <href>
  73. How to Read XLS File Data in PHP
  74. Add content page under content div
  75. Is it possible to create PDF file through url?
  76. Learning the basics of developing database applications with php?
  77. PHP documentation (internals)
  78. How to hide multiple id values in url
  79. How to sum the total after filtering the data?
  80. How to show the php result on the same page
  81. how to hide the id in url using .htaccess in php
  82. How to allow the visitor to a page if they have entered only full registration number
  83. Unable to locate the source file
  84. send values of hiden variables of a javascript form to email through php
  85. Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in
  86. Socket programming: Call to undefined function socket_create() error
  87. Sending mail with attachment
  88. How do you implement MOD REWRITE in PHP?
  89. Selected Listbox item in editable mode
  90. How to send automatic email alert if data not updated
  91. How to implement Association,Aggregation and Composition in PHP?
  92. Combo box does not change result
  93. session problem in php
  94. Coding PHP extensions
  95. how to pass values of grid which is on one page to another page in textboxes?
  96. How to add columns to an existing array
  97. Big size file upload problem in PHP
  98. Decrease and Increase Product Quantity
  99. Notice: undefined index: what is wrong?
  100. Cannot access php files after downloading xampp
  101. Using a selection from a drop down menu
  102. Checkout Using 2D Array
  103. Table creation for temporary table
  104. How To Increase Speed In PHP Site
  105. Accessing variables defined in unit testcase file in src file using phing
  106. Fetch rows until quantity has been met
  107. Reducing Quantities Request and Seller table
  108. Using a .txt document within a select tag
  109. echo mysql table inside a new html or php page in php.
  110. why isn't table border displaying with this code ?
  111. $_SESSION variable in php (page to page)
  112. WP plugins
  113. Take a snap from webcam in PHP & Save image
  114. Str replace for a particular position leaving white space
  115. How to include PHP file in HTML
  116. mysqli_prepare for queries with NO parameters
  117. my browser show my code not output when i write a program in php...
  118. AGI in asterisk Asynchronous agi
  119. HTTPS link are not working in chrome and IE but working in firefox
  120. Undefined variable: y in C:\wamp\www\gun.php on line 8
  121. PHP not inserting multiple records correctly
  122. php mysql multiple row insert problem, only last row inserts properly
  123. Imagecopy() Issue
  124. How to Convert C to PHP?
  125. how to write php code to get xml dynamic page?
  126. Why only first digit added?
  127. Upload file not working
  128. how to go more than two pages through the session s variable?
  129. Code to prevent a double booking
  130. xml parsing error, using php's asxml
  131. Geographical Location
  132. Create a dynamic hyperlink inside a cell and send variable to another page
  133. Password protection
  134. fancy-box does not open form/URL, only opens image
  135. php sessions and session destroy: log out still allows access to admin page
  136. How to create a dependent dropdown for country, state, city
  137. Push email support in php 5.3
  138. Echo database results in multiple table rows
  139. Cascading combo boxes
  140. Undefined offset: 5 in [file location] on line 22
  141. Issue regarding Files transfer in wordpress to server
  142. How to auto-login to index page after registration without going to login page ?
  143. XHTML in HTML 4
  144. Create a new movie database or import from other site ?
  145. In paragraph "."(fullstop) ends the sentence end (limitation)
  146. populating from database and autofill textboxes using ajax,php
  147. Regular expression needed to change the URL while keeping the parameter
  148. PHP arrays
  149. How to Create a Text Editor in a Website (like google docs)?
  150. How to combine these following two scripts as a single script?
  151. How do i insert hidden input id from a form to database in php?
  152. how to autopopulate dropdown list with previous textfield input from database?
  153. how to update the images in php
  154. I have to implement a search engine. Which Framework is better?
  155. Help with PHP GET and POST, show TinyMCE editor HTML formatting
  156. Single user access a particular page
  157. Not all cells in FPDF showing
  158. Showing "weekday, date (dd,mm,yyyy)" problem
  159. I would like to make a simple blog
  160. Undefined index error after submitting the form
  161. Gallery Of Blog Feed Interface Problem
  162. How to know which framework is using a web application/website ?
  163. How to input content for particular topic to database in php?
  164. How to input content for particular topic to database in php?
  165. php reminder alert Without page refresh
  166. How do I convert word file to jpg image using com and php
  167. YII Database connection Problem
  168. header redirection is not working
  169. only the first character goes to my db
  170. how to process batch of rar files archived at one time using single php script
  171. how to run .php files in xampp in cmd
  172. What is the database structure for storing multiple user reviews for single topic?
  173. uploading image (same name) ignores error message, shows "Notice: Undefined variable:
  174. display an error message when inserting duplicate value
  175. smtp server error in wamp sserver
  176. Proofing Class-Name with preg_match
  177. How to send PHP email calendar request with HTML body
  178. How to display posts of a specific category onclick of menus?
  179. how to rar files unrar through php script
  180. Can we call php function in html events?
  181. function.fopen failed to open stream no such file or directory in php
  182. make connection between php with oracle database
  183. merge values of the relative indexes
  184. PHP - Need to redirect to top of page
  185. how to automatically extract all rar files recursively from a top directory in gmail
  186. Sending mail using PhpMailer
  187. How to use session uniquely each time page loads?
  188. how can I find the system mac address?
  189. Add custom php page in wordpress
  190. Unable to receive form details run on PHP script to email
  191. Auto Increment Reset to Lower Value
  192. How to make autopost back for 2 buttons on same page using php
  193. Help using two arrays in one foreach
  194. My code (from a template) is saying: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING,
  195. Logout script is not working properly
  196. A little help to imagecopy() / imagecopymerge()
  197. How to send only last mysql data to email after submitting the form by customer?
  198. Disadvantages of using class name as constructor name
  199. Static And Dynamic IP
  200. Joomla - Home Page Disappeared: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end...
  201. Check if admin has logged in (CodeIgniter)
  202. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING..
  203. Pass through authentication
  204. php ajax nested div: no change after ajax call
  205. how to unzip multiple zip files through ant script using for loop; no output
  206. remember selection of drop down menu using ajax with php
  207. preg_match_all returns 1 or empty array
  208. Display database item in columns in a page
  209. not opening specified page with header
  210. error even after instantiating the class
  211. A database search alternative to Views
  212. problem when updating image: field is empty in database
  213. PHP Time Script Echos Different Time from Current System Time
  214. Protected Code which won't allow admin entrance
  215. OCR SDK for PHP
  216. How to retrieve a selected value from drop-down list ?
  217. A Call to PHP Function on INPUT field is not working
  218. page reload on selecting dropdown item like country, state, district, etc.
  219. add new icon next to menu link
  220. how to display image and description side by side? left image and right side desc?
  221. how to create dependent ajax combobox using jquery/yii extension?
  222. get the value from std class object(from web services)
  223. controlling hardware like door of a room form computer
  224. Adding Two times to change current date
  225. can't update my database with drop down list from form.
  226. Read a file in a subdirectory
  227. Notice: Undefined index: id in C:\xampp\htdocs\project1\edit.php on line 4
  228. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$sql' (T_VARIABLE), expecting catch (T_CATCH)
  229. Database Error: Can not connect to MySQL server
  230. Feed not working
  231. Multiple php Session ID problem
  232. Session Destroy For While User Stay In One Page Without Any Action?
  233. How to run a XL / Word macros on server using PHP
  234. Line break not working well
  235. How to restrict a class from creating its instances?
  236. Having trouble passing values via href
  237. avoid email going to spam email
  238. Create dropdown menu retrieves all items in a database
  239. Dropdown Menu Item to GET All in a database?
  240. How to display recent posts from database into php homepage?
  241. Export MYSQL data for specific date into Excel/CSV via php
  242. calculation that fetch value from different table
  243. How to access a database from localhost?
  244. How to deny/block a url from the address bar?
  245. Multiple unzip file. Error on line 3 in ant script
  246. how to set initial value for $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] and $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']
  247. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by..
  248. I edit this script .. but one error occured i.e:D:\Projects\sohyper\workspace\Reports
  249. How to Connect with scanner .Whwn we clickn scan button it starts the scanning hardco
  250. how to unzip multiple folders using ANT script
  251. master and sub code
  252. appear time onclick a button and save the time in a database
  253. PHP mail with attachment
  254. Php mail his Error occured ...till now i don't have idea how avoid this plz .. help
  255. Display data in one form from 2 different tables
  256. Insert New line in php
  257. preg_split to split offset time from time
  258. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '['
  259. decrypt md5 in php
  260. Store {$lang['name']} in database -> display on page?
  261. Notice: unserialize()
  262. Login For Wordpress
  263. Any practical Laravel tutorials
  264. WAMP SERVER does not run on browser
  265. search Threads / Topics with given number of replies
  266. Online Video Capture
  267. wamp server connection
  268. retrieval of data from database and display in text box
  269. parse error, syntax error unexpected $end in line 25
  270. what does 'split() is deprecated' mean and how is it corrected?
  271. how can PDF file appear as full page on screen with scroll option
  272. search problem
  273. undefined offset 1 and 2 on line 5 and 6 in cart.tpl
  274. splitting strings into two words
  275. Send the user the id_user number in the subscription answer email
  276. How to add dynamic textbox (row) and save to database using PHP
  277. Code encryption
  278. Barcode reader
  279. How to only show something at a certain time of day
  280. PHP/HTML WEB DESIGN TOOL with MVC architecture LINUX
  281. How to store a select menu value in a variable
  282. what does this do -> in PHP Code
  283. add/subtract php mysql
  284. how can i get content in wordpress ?
  285. How to put MYSQL_QUERY with variables in it, in a if statement.
  286. Url change hidden variable and submit form
  287. Writing a condition for a variable which stores text
  288. optimizing speed of inserting 1 million record in php mysql
  289. how to i am access phpmyadmin on lan when i am using wamp?
  290. Login Problem
  291. Change eventselect box on change event of data select in first select box
  292. error (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in line bold
  293. Feedburner's API Alternative
  294. padding a string with blanks
  295. Fedex Air waybill webservice php
  296. Linked List implementation in PHP
  297. how can I show data in php from a View in mysql?
  298. Customer Delivery day name select using radio button
  299. How to add alert or count down timer here ?
  300. gmail signature settings using php
  301. Display mysql records from database 1 by 1
  302. Display mySQL query with PHP on a webpage
  303. var_dump does not show full data
  304. Getting error
  305. PHP and MySQL umlauts communication
  306. How to stop my images from many times refreshing on my site?
  307. How can I expire a page when a user clicks the refresh or back button of a browser?
  308. warning - filesize():stat failed for (some file)
  309. i want view table by array three dimension
  310. Sending multiple values from one php page to another?
  311. The color change is not synchronize with date
  312. How to read activeX controls from excel sheet in php?
  313. compare time for multiple cases
  314. how to solve large numbers display problem in php
  315. To enter multiple serialize textbox value in table column in php
  316. Apache installtion problem in window xp home edition
  317. how to insert data into different tables selected from combobox
  318. Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in C:\xampp\
  319. how to insert dynamically data in pdf by calling method
  320. my image upload script is not working while insert script is working
  321. dynamic php\html dropdown listing from postgresql
  322. What is to be done, to add JSON CODE to php code?
  323. how to have a login attempts after 3invalid password cant login for 5minutes?
  324. how to concatenate values in php?
  325. display pictures before upload not working in ie9
  326. Javascript document.write inside PHP
  327. Steps to make Wampserver Online
  328. call 3rd party extensions func from PHP extension
  329. problem with facebook app
  330. pass variable through onclick()
  331. Accessing a pendrive on client system
  332. how i can display image with force path?
  333. The Relation of TABLES ?
  334. how to create search engine by using explode function to get answer.
  335. Using two databases by the same script on one server?
  336. Why can't I save the data from the LIST/MENU ???
  337. how to generate pdf in php?
  338. kindly help me...... how to clear this error.. Error: Notice: Undefined variable: tot
  339. File upload size limit.
  340. I've a problem with showing data from 2 database's table in 1 table
  341. PHP form data output to CSV with date stamp
  342. file_get_contents not working -- sometimes
  343. How to post an image and text from RSS feed
  344. Escaping double quotes when displaying text
  345. How to print an echo statement before header
  346. Mysql: How to SELECT from diferent tables...
  347. regarding wamp server(browser does nt display the page)
  348. Record insert, delete fetch and update through PHP coding with database connection at
  349. GROUB BY problems-(Using ORM Doctrine-DQL)
  350. how to use in_array
  351. I need the remove child node in side bar in map api v3
  352. How to send SMS via a webpage?
  353. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/person69/public_html/templates/ga
  354. retaining values on form reload
  355. Security concerns regarding $_SERVER
  356. how to send gmail and save in mysql using xampp in php
  357. How to echo array values and hide some of them?
  358. Advice on converting asp to php
  359. Live update for post and comments like facebook
  360. pagination link does not working
  361. image uploading validations
  362. How to fix undefined index error in in line no3
  363. kohana: ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Class 'Controller_Template_Website' not found
  364. Link to a page and open a toggle on the page with one link
  365. php socket socket_create blocks
  366. Not able to upload a file above 1MB in my MYSQL database
  367. Gettig error Notice: Uninitialized string offset: -512 in /public_html/
  368. how to download the files stored in database using php
  369. how to store arry in different different value?
  370. how genrate report in pdf file in php?
  371. how to put present or absent in particular date in one php calender ?
  372. Voice Recognition is possible in PHP or not?
  373. PHP Corn Job not inserting into database
  374. how to get <td> value from different resultset in one table ?
  375. how to admin notification particular selected employee?
  376. Array Lookup after fetch_all
  377. fire sql on hyperlink click before opening external link
  378. make exefile of php
  379. run php file in another php file using predis
  380. need to print data using joins
  381. need to generate a unique id on submit ,in php form
  382. PHP header not working
  383. Solve my Database Insert error?
  384. download recursive files using ftp
  385. PHP Google Drive API Create New Row In Spreadsheet
  386. how to call a column value from a tablein database
  387. how to use two array in single query
  388. need sql query to update columns
  389. validate numeric entry
  390. problem when printing class's variables
  391. Send data type into textbox to addressbar
  392. mysql_fetch_assoc query
  393. You don't have permission to access /method="get" on this server.
  394. user can login twice by using different browser
  395. Shipping Configuration in Zencart .....
  396. gantt chart
  397. How to update image using mysql in php?
  398. Problem in if(isset($_REQUEST['var'])
  399. how to list all imags in a directory
  400. Adding carriage return within a text file
  401. fix contact form in right side and hover see contact form?
  402. GetBetween in combination with file_get_contents
  403. Get id of a row in a php table
  404. Get a table from a website without curl
  405. How to posibal image hover effect another image ?
  406. how to link two webpages by using php
  407. Insert SQL syntax error. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  408. How to remove encrypted number from XML string
  409. Logic of PHP based chat application like Google Talk
  410. 403 Forbidden Error in Ajax / JSON submit call in Zend Framework
  411. How I insert hidden field in database?
  412. How to access the php project in LAN systems using WAMP?
  413. Dynamically select box
  414. How to call object one class to second class
  415. Mail function not delivering
  416. adding hyperlink onto a word (with auto system)
  417. php5 and php4ts.dll
  418. YouTube decrypt
  419. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type vB_Session as array in
  420. Specifying line numbers with file_put_contents()
  421. Add two number from two textbox and disply result in third text box
  422. php checkbox
  423. Why does Apache parse old PHP pages but not new ones?
  424. how to make it appear in mulit line like as in database
  425. Emailing members of a forum
  426. Read previous HTML /ouput with PHP
  427. how genrate crestal report in php ?
  428. PHP Error: Warning: Error parsing
  429. What is difference between html button?
  430. What a difficult WAMP server!
  431. PHP Libchart
  432. Problem with script to save images from multiple urls to local folder
  433. Permission denied with unlink
  434. send my Bank account number to bank website
  435. How to upload videos in database?
  436. Send variable to a page without sessions, post or cookies?
  437. How to get radio button value from the database
  438. Looping through PHP arrays
  439. how to send data to other application which is running on different server?
  440. Upload question answer word file DATA in mysql using php
  441. Need help with "Prevent Users from Submitting a Form Twice"
  442. PHP date/time questions
  443. fopen/fpassthru most files won't open except pdf & txt do!
  444. optgroup label in array
  445. trying to pass multiple row entries through a single select list.
  446. Help with grabbing value from jquery generated select tag
  447. PHP assiging a variable to an array
  448. problem in php script to upload a file
  449. retrieve selected value in select list
  450. Onsubmit not working!
  451. How can i make my combo box display field value from my table.
  452. Simple check for $_POST and $_GET at the same time
  453. How to use preg_match_all to retrieve multiple images in a blog entry
  454. Missing array elements
  455. Display accessory which match with mobile model
  456. How to configure XAMPP so that i can use the mail() function
  457. md5 password
  458. Convert below code to a multiple choice quiz format
  459. mysql table into multidimensional array
  460. How I generate error if it duplicates in data ?
  461. Using an Object to fill in a template
  462. Validating phone number
  463. Trouble sending email using php form
  464. how to call php function in several time duration ?
  465. Parsed html but not php or coldfusion
  466. Getting syntax error in facebook API but my site is fine?
  467. how to compute excess hour
  468. Php multiple selection
  469. I had a customer drop down if i select customer i should fetch the addaress and tinno
  470. Need Help on Storing cookies fastly
  471. Bolding text with PHPExcel
  472. Pipe an email to a PHP script
  473. Whats wrong with my code
  474. How to update mysql with varying quantities of information?
  475. help with the formula to compute rate
  476. Help needed with saving today's date back to database.
  477. global array
  478. Database structure for categories and subcategories
  479. preg_replace failing on new line, unsure best way to fix
  480. Select drop down and display details
  481. whats wrong with this " if "condition?
  482. remove scroll and resizing php embeded
  483. how to get the absolute path of a file?
  484. Equivalent Code in php to select a complete table (select * from table query)
  485. PHP driven form doesn't update data back to database!!!
  486. Google chrome issue
  487. yahoo messenger API automatically sign off after some time.
  488. Can't execute javascript function in PHP
  489. how to display AND and OR conditions IN QUERY
  490. text file change to php file
  491. How to create a php form that can be filled in 2 separate sessions?
  492. Accessing MSSQL 2005 from PHP
  493. why are my colours changing when i use imagetruecolortopalette() ?
  494. drivers to connect PHP 5.1 to sql server 2005
  495. code for retrieve posted image path stored in session variable in another page
  496. problem with if statement help
  497. PHP fgetcsv inserting only one row into Mysql table
  498. Display a Wait/ Busy cursor
  499. uploading pictures to Mysql with PHP.
  500. facebook og:image meta tag not working
  501. installing and configuring flex
  502. reading Rss Feed
  503. soap header between client and php server
  504. how to automatic text in a textbox all uppercase?
  505. How can I adjust my php emailer script ?
  506. Stripslashes from this file overwriting form
  507. any free host to run php ???
  508. php script upload works while register global Off
  509. Sending Messages
  510. How to send data from form to email address
  511. Uploaded image cant display in php
  512. Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [prefix0:MessageInformationHeaderRequired]
  513. php code working on localhost but not working online
  514. Add random number per day to an amount which never go less than its previous value.
  515. How To Replace Variables in RTF File in PHP
  516. Using multiple submit buttons on a single form
  517. how do i replace pixels colors with my own colors ?
  518. unable to download mp3 file using mozilla
  519. Generate Random URL
  520. Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [prefix0:MessageInformationHeaderRequired]
  521. ordering data by datetime from 2 different tables
  522. Create table not working
  523. the bytes found are not valid values in the specified Character Encoding
  524. Hyip php coding pro lem with deposit
  525. how do i get the filename of an image
  526. What are the new changes in PHP 5.4
  527. Binary file transfer fails when > 2mb
  528. RS232 Serial Port Communication
  529. strange characters when trying to attach the file to mail
  530. Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to you
  531. Is it possible to check which fields were changed?
  532. Please Help with User Loggin and Registration
  533. PHP exec has no responding
  534. Strlen return different length in windows and linux
  535. Stock Quantity leven
  536. PHP files do not run on my own pc
  537. Phonegap on symbian
  538. How to search data from multiple table in mysql using php
  539. how to store the time,date when we switch on our system?
  540. Why does this value return true?
  541. Pipe SMTP mail messages to a PHP file located on the server with all headers
  542. How to show the data from sql by any chosen value from dropdown menu?
  543. PHP+ODBC+FREETDS: select [field] AS [name] does not work!
  544. Undefined index
  545. How to include header in html
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