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  1. POST data & Refreshing
  2. php session was not working on the firefox
  3. is this a unicode/php issue?
  4. cant insert cyrillic or greek charachters into mssql db
  5. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in...
  6. Problem with displaying records
  7. ftp_fget
  8. Will this SQL dump reload
  9. Next Generation Information Map Site
  10. Locking threads
  11. Paypal testing
  12. Zend Framework?
  13. transaction page
  14. Re-opening a file
  15. How could I get php to list the files in a directory?
  16. How to send argumets from a php class to another class?
  17. Single file upload in a multiple uploads system
  18. paging with column hyperlinks
  19. PHP Users Online Script
  20. Sending drop down menu selection to another page
  21. Web page template using the address bar
  22. Warning: Failed to connect to mailserver, verify your "SMTP" setting in php.ini
  23. read images/graphics in spreadsheet
  24. Create table LIKE won't work
  25. how to do "contact us" page
  26. Retrieve other database table's data
  27. test
  28. how to remain correct user info in signup page
  29. how to do "comfirm delete dialog box" before confrim delete
  30. A tool for form generation based on a mysql table.
  31. what
  32. Exercises to learn PHP
  33. cURL is not working
  34. how to convert "14/07/07 03:56" this format to number of seconds
  35. $_SESSION and explode()
  36. Preventing Users from using the back button to view restricted pages after logout.
  37. integrated PHPNews with phpbb?
  38. PHP variable passing
  39. php cookies in AJAX?
  40. Count visitors on my website
  41. session_set_save_handler and error handling
  42. Rating System
  43. propagating LDAP Authentication to IIS with PHP
  44. Sending arrays through http
  45. XML error parsing SOAP payload : Empty Document
  46. Manipulating an object returned from function
  47. Atomatically Refreshing a dynamic webpage
  48. Version Control - What is the best way forward
  49. Find when DST comes into effect for a specific time zone
  50. Race condition when inserting data / MySQL 4.0+, MyISAM tables
  51. single quotes, double quotes and "undefined index"
  52. how to remain the correct value in signuppage
  53. Best tools for PHP email on windows server
  54. cURL question, how to return final URL where Im redirected?
  55. Static Attributes
  56. if in_array misfiring?
  57. is it possible to stream police radio on web(particularly on the webpage)?
  58. concatenating < or > not working
  59. Difference between local SQL and host SQL
  60. PHP under linux
  61. Login Security Code
  62. PHP on Tomcat on Windows
  63. cURL form submission without button + hand over control
  64. FTP connection problem (Connection refused (111))
  65. Using php to frame old website
  66. Recommendations for a business class PHP/MySQL host?
  67. Submit a form & go to the new page after validate
  68. Hi, I'm looking for a good book on PHP design patterns for a OOP beginner - Reccommendations please
  69. How to get value of an input box into php? is it possible? syntax?
  70. PHP - MySQL Login script error
  71. Hide password input in CLI PHP script?
  72. Using PHP to go in a deeper link without expire.
  73. help parsing linefeeds
  74. PHP / MySQL relevance in searching
  75. trouble with PHP session - i think ????
  76. Error: $end on line 64
  77. Database for Social Networking Site
  78. combine array of array
  79. PHP Pdf Creation - UTF-8 Support
  80. Execute php page automatically in the background ?
  81. how to upload an image using php and javascript.i can upload multiple images .
  82. how can i use paypal?
  83. variable declaration
  84. Uploading data
  85. advise needed: storing huge structure persistent or alternative
  86. error with saveXML()
  87. Paypal in firefox using PHP
  88. download
  89. Date calculation in php
  90. <div> problem
  91. how to save html page
  92. PHP script + .htaccess file integration
  93. file convesion
  94. POSTing a form programatically with cURL
  95. Run exe through web page
  96. exporting a mysql table to excel format via a php program
  97. Looking for a test class<?>
  98. header('Location: ...') is not giving immediate redirect
  99. Refreshing Prob
  100. time() function returning wrong tiemstamp
  101. General sessions question
  102. php web service streaming SOAP output by nodes
  103. Php developers - looking for work???
  104. User name and Password
  105. How to relate database info in a select file??
  106. Should I yum install php or compile it?
  107. How to display a result uptop if it has the value of one?
  108. mysql support missing
  109. Copy MySql DB between servers
  110. problem getting search script to work
  111. email php
  112. Get code from another site
  113. Table Look-up & Autofill problem
  114. Short syntax for array in PHP
  115. Dynamic Page PHP Help
  116. perl-freeze like alternative to php_serialize()
  117. search message
  118. Upload file permissions problem
  119. how to use multiple language for an application?
  120. Copying data from MySQL to Oracle
  121. Header-Content
  122. session_start costed too long....
  123. How do i Get the Title Name of the script
  124. Problem of "reply" page in forum
  125. Mapping fileds from different
  126. What does this statement do?
  127. Upload progress bar
  128. any idea about i18n
  129. Read and write flat files using php
  130. i want to get all errors occured of php & mssql database through email
  131. Reading from users computer
  132. Need help for forgot password page
  133. Simpler urls
  134. magic_quotes_gpc woes
  135. Username and PW capture
  136. php system command on vista
  137. Tree data structure
  138. Sqlite DB and PHP
  139. What's slowing things down?
  140. Upload question
  141. Openning a HTTPS connection
  142. strtotime("2007 Jul 10") fails
  143. unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting '{'
  144. How to connect Excel with PHP
  145. Postgres php segfault
  146. Computing an expiration date
  147. Need script to copy a database and all it's tables
  148. Protecting an inhouse CMS
  149. how to create pie chart
  150. PHP mssql connection pool with IIS
  151. regarding top 10 php based frame works
  152. File upload in ajax with PHP
  153. Passwording a PHP page
  154. displaying bulleted text
  155. Anything in php like Rails @content_for_layout
  156. how to make the check box to checked
  157. date.timezone = 'UCT' in php.ini not working
  158. Increment Buttons
  159. Reg expression to get referer's domain?
  160. hide image if image does not exist
  161. Add one to a $_Session variable on a HTML Button Click
  162. Page redirection?
  163. Checking if a value is repeated in an array
  164. Looking for a debugging app I saw here..
  165. How do I read from a serial port?
  166. resize an image and upload it to server
  167. Error checking
  168. Warning: msg_receive(): message corrupted in
  169. imagecreate() function is not working and giving fatal error
  170. Drawing a pie chart
  171. how we use i18n resource file in different languages in php
  172. Open a file with a proxy
  173. web page not getting loaded properly
  174. pagination not retaining data field
  175. Getting data from form via php into mysql
  176. setting a filter on dates
  177. Testing PHP Scripts
  178. Switches and IP addresses
  179. Problem handling database with php
  180. reference stays reference even if passed by value
  181. Connecting to MySQL
  182. php not working as apache module on gentoo
  183. loop problem while the content of csv file is trying to insert into database
  184. How far does it take to be called a advanced programmer?
  185. What is this PHP code all about?
  186. How can I keep my site's newsletter out of SPAM folders?
  187. mysql_connect error on local webserver
  188. Smarty "Flush"? (Displaying Smarty templates in parts)
  189. Uploading multiple files-opinion
  190. Help with PHP Class connection
  191. Paypal notify_url
  192. function createNewFile() (user defined) isnt creating a new file...
  193. Zend Optimizer encoding
  194. PHP Large file upload
  195. Array syntax
  196. Having problem in forget password page
  197. Unable to update and delete
  198. strtolower with polish sign
  199. wt is Dijkstra algorithm
  200. File read problem (Line by line )
  201. Fast MYSQL table lookup in a large table
  202. accessing files which are not in a public web area
  203. Is it a php bug?
  204. how to use several criteria to retrieve the specific email address in database
  205. problem with "setlocale"
  206. how to put retrieved value from database into textarea
  207. how to match user selected item with their respective quantity and size
  208. undefined function: exif_thumbnail()
  209. ["HTTP_POST"} versus ['HTTP_POST']
  210. ezPDF Question: ezTable - simulate colspan?
  211. generating receipt no
  212. simplexml and attributes with a namespace in front. How do you getthe attribute?
  213. Execute script based on the parameter passed with the URL
  214. detecting user's timezone
  215. PHP mail() Issue
  216. how do professional PHP developers handle defaults for function parameters?
  217. how to make crystal reports using MYSQL in PHP?
  218. Can you *set* Apache credentials from PHP?
  219. OT a bit: Facile Forms question
  220. MySql session not working
  221. Help solving php calendar thingy
  222. PHP equivilant to the javascript back
  223. How and where to code if/then logic
  224. Fileinfo installation
  225. Having similar records only display once with a mysql database using PHP
  226. key board short cut in programming
  227. time out if exceeded the time limit
  228. php ldap problem
  229. PHP with OCI8
  230. Can I instantiate a new object within an if statement?
  231. python in PHP
  232. include statement
  233. magpie rss code
  234. Passing three values with a single radio button
  235. Launching an application: Does PHP limit network connections?
  236. Php Secure Shell2 (ssh2) Unable to request command execution onremote host
  237. how to check out if a checkbox has been checked?
  238. Using Value from Dynamically Created drop-down list
  239. Output differs between browser and console
  240. SSH php
  241. php ssh2
  242. Php SSH
  243. Php Open Ssh library
  244. Occasionally Get Duplicate Emails from mail()
  245. Session cookies enabled ?
  246. php date conversion
  247. Get text from a template variable
  248. dropdown populate from db and update db
  249. Php Informix Connect
  250. Selecting Table Rows for update, edit or delete
  251. Foreign keys
  252. Uploading large files results in blank screen
  253. Lasso
  254. Creating Persistent Php Sockets
  255. File Upload Time Tracking Problem By PHP From Linux Server Hosting
  256. Creating a vCal-interpreter
  257. Socket Connections with PHP
  258. How i set image on left side and text on right side in PDF
  259. have php create a new .html file on my server...
  260. carrying over variables from a form to multiple pages...
  261. How to get all the check box value that already checked
  262. password changing
  263. considerations when changing the PHP environment
  264. file uploading error
  265. Eclipse PHP IDE - 3 nagging questions
  266. javascript : form .submit in while loop
  267. Pause the code execution
  268. Invoking dompdf via the command line
  269. or condition in an ifelse statement
  270. Matching user inputed regexp
  271. Convert image to jpg useing php
  272. mime_content_type() returns empty string for AVI using PHP5
  273. I want Answers for the Questions relate to PHP
  274. Difference between the PHP3,PHP4 and PHP5
  275. PHP - Preprocessing Filters using wildcards on URL path
  276. spreadsheet
  277. how to redirect to other page when press ok on alert message
  278. Help with a socket script execution
  279. mysql_real_escape_string memory leak?
  280. fckeditor formatting getting lost
  281. sprintf for db query strings
  282. Questions about HTTP headers sent with PHP in HTTP authentication
  283. how to upload rtsp files ?
  284. How to display integer data as currency USD
  285. php session variable
  286. text area/php code?
  287. Error in mysql_fetch_assoc()
  288. PHP and exceptions. Your opinion?
  289. Upload->resize->pathname in Mysql
  290. Table info not appearing when called.......Please help
  291. Query question
  292. Barcode Licence Fee
  293. Unable to get PHP scripts to work from root directory
  294. Getting Local Ip
  295. Detecting Windows or *ix?
  296. How to add a </textarea> within a textarea
  297. How to install php on Linux machine
  298. RTF export: UTF-8 to ANSI conversion?
  299. Using SELECT statement from user input
  300. I need to convert excel file into PDF file.
  301. Unable to use GD library
  302. Does anybody have the phakt 2.7.6 I could download
  303. File String Find and Replace
  304. creating a time out feature
  305. time zone for mountain standard time with/without DST
  306. time out in php
  307. $_SESSION over two + pages
  308. Selecting item from populated dropdown list and displaying results from database
  309. List of OOP features?
  310. risk of chmod 0777
  311. flash movie on the fly with php
  312. Comment form
  313. POST in http help needed
  314. fopen() with url and search engine (beginner)
  315. Assign Javascript output to php variable
  316. how to get a value from dropdown list and connect to database?
  317. Php: tutorials, samples, codes, security issues
  318. making more textboxes on the same screen appear when a user clicks a button
  319. Special characters in MySQL
  320. IMAP PHP - Reading contents of 200+ emails
  321. Sqlite and php
  322. CMS supporting interactive content editing.
  323. checking fields of log in form
  324. Suggestion for Barcode implementation in php
  325. PHP and command line (for Wiki)
  326. Handling a multiple submit from VXML
  327. php not working with 'localhost'
  328. Help me with dynamic select box
  329. Resource to learn code and share code and knowledge
  330. how to compile a perl prog in php
  331. How to integrate MOTO for TPSL?
  332. Convert php file to pdf
  333. help on using curl
  334. Php access to Dlls, without creating extensions
  335. SSI problem
  336. Sharing variables between functions
  337. conditional posting of a record
  338. 'Undefined index' notice - what does this mean?
  339. What are func_num_args and func_get_args?
  340. How to save a url dynamically into a database.
  341. help on image header
  342. PHP visit DOS system command
  343. How to logout alert message ??
  344. PRADO 3.1.0 is released
  345. Was using mysql_fetch_assoc not trying MultiDimensional Array Loop
  346. What is the purpose of the 401 Header in this PHP Manual Chapter 34 'HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized' seems unncessary in this
  347. What is the purpose of the 401 Header in this PHP Manual Example?
  348. Counting survey votes
  349. using INSERT into construct to add data into a table
  350. php get command
  351. Trouble with $_POST data
  352. Paypal return
  353. PHP Calender Template
  354. Openings HSBC/Mirage/PCS/WIPRO/HCL/Siemens
  355. anchor tag and php
  356. foreach loop variables.
  357. Cannot understand this libcurl script, any help?
  358. PHP Blogging Module
  359. PHP stopped working on with IIS
  360. Mac OSX PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 class.pdf.php
  361. Trouble with mhash
  362. php dunamenu
  363. mssql module not loading
  364. Searching a array
  365. The pound # in $_SERVER variables
  366. Frustrating PHP Session Error
  367. Server Wide Scripts in a Linux Environment
  368. $_GET variable got empty when running PHP as CGI
  369. creating a dynamic template
  370. User Login Script with Session
  371. Function is not working when calling from Onload event
  372. The structure of PHP/Web Application coding.
  373. Php file is not working
  374. Creating a Hit Counter for Image Album
  375. Send Links to Pear Tutorials
  376. Virtual URL with PHP?
  377. Image resize function
  378. Career questions: databases
  379. PHP dynamic dropdown-change form action based on user selection
  380. Cannot pass SESSION variables between pages
  381. Array_merge() Question
  382. A small problem in running PHP4 under PHP5 - $row[fieldname]
  383. isset(), undefined variables, and null
  384. Save thumbernails and delete original images
  385. How to create links between keywords
  386. Populating an HTML ListBox
  387. How to copy a dynamic website?
  388. mail() fails to connect to SMTP server
  389. urgent please help (how to show .doc file on an html page)
  390. 'Edit' form doesn't update the database.
  391. Editable for only specific active directory user goup
  392. resize image and memory limits
  393. fopen function is not working in "W" mode in php
  394. how to import xml into mysql using PHP4.3.1
  395. php generated images vs image file...which is better?
  396. Fetching values for a pop-up window
  397. Permission denied when creating a file in PHP
  398. Passing a session variable from page 1 to page 2 via a hyperlink.
  399. ORACLE Describe Table
  400. Is Php built in function ' imagecreate()' compatible in Php version 5.2.2 ?
  401. PHP version Problem with AJAX technology
  402. Custom PHP UI Components?
  403. Logging into Windows through RDP via PHP
  404. php speed compared to C++ cgi
  405. PHP html Forums
  406. conditional "implements"
  407. PHP Frames Page
  408. question about arrays and functions
  409. Retrieving and comparing data from arrays
  410. order by error
  411. Openings at LOOPING Multimedia/Nucleus Microsystems/Siemens/Damco Solutions
  412. how to check if variable is an array?
  413. ADODB::RecordCount() crashes with empty recordset
  414. Puting an array in preg_match!
  415. What is PHP?
  416. Creating an exception in FULLTEXT searches
  417. php object performance
  418. ./configure and build with .so libraries
  419. validate username
  420. php mail() randomly appends "%20" to my emails
  421. error during a transaction gets a php script to abort
  422. Implementing PHP Captcha
  423. Passing data through pages
  424. Regarding Zend PHP5 certification
  425. php degugger on php 5.2.2 (xampp 1.6.2) real brainer
  426. To allow access only from the designated site.
  427. Moved server to Linux, and now everything has stopped working!
  428. The <select> tag doesn't support a value option
  429. Adding nofollow tag to all my <a href='...'>
  430. Checking for bad words in a posted comment
  431. how to conditionally submit a form without a button?
  432. Converting NMEA to KML
  433. Pick up page name in PHP?
  434. Why are there so many forwarding headers?
  435. Parse errors after intalling JBook
  436. PHP srnd two emails
  437. fckeditor formatting problem
  438. How to know from where you come?
  439. Getting directory contents
  440. MySQL Backup with period
  441. file_get_contents failure
  442. single sign on software for all application?
  443. run PHP with user's permissions
  444. Reading XML POST-ed Data And Replying.
  445. Finding the right db connections
  446. http_referer
  447. How to show the available time on the day which i select??
  448. What is an API?
  449. how to reply to a topic for simple thread forum (PHP)
  450. Php file expired
  451. displaying a calendar to input dates
  452. 800MB File upload through FTP using PHP
  453. how to add in quantity and size in my online shopping
  454. Implementing a Basic CMS
  455. Cannot upload data into database
  456. Alphanumeric Regular Expression with atleast one letter ?
  457. How to redirect a page after 3 views
  458. what percentage of propessional PHP developers use OOP?
  459. Session will not register from index.php to search.php
  460. Removing all elements from an array that have a specific word in them
  461. help on image display
  462. Connecting to MySQL via PHP using ActionScript
  463. Users Unable To Login To My Site
  464. search string using case sensitive
  465. Setup Vista business, IIS 7, PHP5.2.3 with fastcgi
  466. very basic question on function
  467. Professional opinions on development frameworks
  468. Run PHP Script Automatically
  469. Difference between <?php ?> and <? ?>
  470. Passing a $_POST reference to another page
  471. how to generate a pdf file in php
  472. error-logs() bug ??
  473. display full resume
  474. Transferring data, files and variables between pages
  475. how to receive a xml string from post method
  476. $_GET[timespace] not working
  477. What is the future of PHP?
  478. Putting an email address in a textarea
  479. Current date as the default value of a date field
  480. get_meta_tags
  481. How to implement PHP with HTML forms
  482. running out of mysql-connections
  483. Automatic Login To Website like Yahoo Mail!
  484. get image size from binary data
  485. Security login box
  486. Pimp my function
  487. Getting the dynamic 'name' with $_REQUEST[] , Pls help
  488. Php
  489. pls help...parsing xml
  490. Copy HTML CODE IN GMAIL,Yahoo,hotmail
  491. Gubed Debugger Client will not Connect to Server
  492. accessing web service...
  493. Searching for a location in the database by latitude/longitude.
  494. how to insert the constant date in mysql using php
  495. Uploading file, works in firefox but not IE
  496. the global key word
  497. content write to file
  498. PHP Functions, Calling function in another page.
  499. PHP -Send Multiple E mails - when submit the form
  500. To add specials in C.R.E. Loaded
  501. mail problem
  502. formmail blues
  503. Retrive contact list from msn account
  504. system() return value 127 regardless of what I put into it
  505. Streams and wrappers
  506. How to Decode a Sha1 url in Noramal Url
  507. instanciate class from array
  508. functions for sorting/paging functionality for imap mailboxes
  509. Most efficient alternative to odbc_num_rows
  510. Custom file:// scheme stream wrapper and chdir() behavior
  511. Oracle Connection
  512. PHP Scaffolding.
  513. printing the http path to the root of my site?
  514. Fatal error: Script timing out after 60 seconds.
  515. SQL Statement with DATE format
  516. PHP Script to block a page
  517. Implde vs join
  518. Explode vs Split
  519. mysql_connect vs mysql_pconnect
  520. mysql_ fetch _row
  521. embedding .doc, .ppt and .pdf files in php
  522. Where to get the PHP installer
  523. Multiple spaces become single space when submitting
  524. What is PHP and what can it do?
  525. How to use PHP sessions to manage user login / logout
  526. How to stop a form from submitting when enter is pressed.
  527. fopen GB2312 encoding problem
  528. Storing Images in a Database
  529. How to do alert message box
  530. modifying a text file
  531. imagepng dont display both in ff and ie
  532. Validating Forum inputs
  533. PHPMailer
  534. Changing text color in a string (email message)
  535. problems with mail() and email forwarding
  536. RAND_MAX
  537. How do I add values to my $_SESSION variable?
  538. Passing form action value to a url(Link)
  539. Building a forum
  540. Eclipse - method for deploying/uploading project
  541. Hello Group
  542. How can I count variables ?
  543. How to post data to the same page
  544. Upload problem...
  545. Http post fields ...
  546. 2 methods of including files sequence
  547. Why is dirname(__FILE__) returning different results?
  548. Unable to connect to PostgreSql database.
  549. Birthdays
  550. Get IP address in Ajax shoutbox