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  1. Browser incompatibility with Form Fields
  2. Sending a mail using php
  3. mode rewrite with relative path
  4. Resource ID no. error
  5. proc_open on windows: can't get stdin to a perl script
  6. html page with php will not load data to mysql table
  7. stuck
  8. Check Box and Arrays
  9. Problem with PEAR + PHP5 + is_a function
  10. Saving User login info in a cookie
  11. Session Variables in Red Hat?
  12. Need to create a username password login
  13. PHP being interpreted and saved
  14. save sessions even when the browsers closed
  15. Table sql
  16. updating problem with phpMyAdmin
  17. Writing to text file problems
  18. the procedure entry point empty_string could not be located in the dynamic link libra
  19. Creating Thumbnails - GD
  20. Hello?Anyone who would like to write IM extension?
  21. Unable to connect database from php
  22. Object to array
  23. Rotating images in a folder using php scripts
  24. Post the form automatically
  25. Making folder
  26. Configure the php in Tomcat webserver
  27. Sending mails with Php
  28. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  29. PHP Simple Mailer Help
  30. Subject1
  31. Displaying webpage size?
  32. Anyone know how to create automatic download using CURL and creating a new folder every day???
  33. Coverting week number to date
  34. how to retrieve all the ascii characters from a binary file.
  35. Can't get PHP Session Across multiple pages
  36. array_merge bug ?
  37. Defining dynamic javascript variables in PHP
  38. Double Drop Down Send to URL
  39. mail() connects to SMTP server, but then immediately disconnects
  40. auto refresh
  41. Searching Multiple Tables
  42. Paypal pro integration ERROR
  43. relative path wooes
  44. Mail from PHP
  45. fetch_fields, flags and mysqli
  46. php is not recognizing 2-byte filename
  47. Best Practice in PHP & MYSQL
  48. Line breaks in MySQL Text Field don't show when displayed in web page
  49. php serial web
  50. i want to use the check box to delete when clicked
  51. sending some data from my site to another site
  52. Execute download in Server side.
  53. Inserting more than one record
  54. Paypal pending_reason status
  55. Open db connection
  56. Advertisement & sms?
  57. help with email form
  58. PHP string wildcards
  59. configuring IIS for PHP5
  60. send feedback to multiple emails
  61. A lecture on Symfony Framework (A PHP MVC pattern)
  62. Help with Using sessions
  63. Custom directory listing and $_GET question
  64. pgp trash troll delete Guy Macon guymacon Guy Macon guymacon Guy Macon
  65. How to check if the user input is a string?
  66. Multiple Text Boxes help
  67. displaying single column data in multiple columns
  68. How to format text retrieved from an MSQL Database
  69. PHP Date/Timezone not working
  70. modifying an array
  71. php, GD library, Content-type
  72. I wrote code to connect to the database but it is showing in browser like this
  73. How to connect to the Mysql from PhP
  74. Getting list of checkboxes and value in next page
  75. Testing PHP Programming Skills
  76. include file and variable
  77. Major - Header problem
  78. GD Strange error
  79. file type and file conversion in php
  80. what does this error mean?
  81. How to get the data from checkboxes
  82. Help to paginate query result
  83. imagedestroy()
  84. Options for Generating Reports with PHP/MySQL
  85. Is PHP the right language for this application (described below)? If not, any suggestions?
  86. Using curl to Query Remote Servers
  87. PHP supporting Japanese Characters
  88. How to hide action url of HTML Forms
  89. Problem with displaying tables
  90. Load external js file inside PHP file?
  91. Multilingual Version of the Open Source Project I'm working on
  92. how do i show error on same page after post
  93. queries strings and time travel
  94. Access denied when connecting to MySQL
  95. PHP Server-based variables/flags
  96. convert excel file to mysql database using php
  97. Showing an image bar partially
  98. I need help with a general flash ".swf" question
  99. Fetching numerical values from a database
  100. mysql_real_escape_string()
  101. A follow-up to my download-all-files-as-a-zip-file post
  102. How do I create a link to a form
  103. IIS and Apache to serve one PHP page?
  104. finding a specific area from page using regular expression
  105. How to count a $result
  106. PHP Web hosting and domain registration
  107. Writing Form contents back to file
  108. PayPal integration
  109. Sending and Recieving XML via cURL
  110. About copying $_POST variables to $_SESSION-simple clarification needed
  111. Help in displaying all the record instead of 1
  112. Mimic Gmail's "Download as .zip" feature
  113. resize image on server
  114. Omitting / excluding files in xdebug session
  115. Help needed with is_null
  116. Has anybody tried AutoCRUD?
  117. image resize / database
  118. Planning Web Applications
  119. experienced PHP and MySQL programmer REQUIRED
  120. PHP Code for Submiting Pdf Form
  121. HELP - please with populating form text box.
  122. MVC development in PHP - best tool?
  123. ShootingHistory:: Agenda 8/3/2007
  124. Importing MS Access into MySQL on Mac?
  125. php gd not working
  126. a better way to do this?
  127. Send email with gmail by using php
  128. Fatal error: Call to a member function mysql() on a non-object
  129. Opening multiple instances of a tool using PHP
  130. Help on generating reports in PHP+MySQL...
  131. PHP Design With Sybase PowerDesigner
  132. Time occurs between two time
  133. <noscript>
  134. POST data is Not working
  135. reading email body
  136. Delete email from mail server
  137. Undefined index: C:\\Apache2.2 in C:\\Apache2.2\\htdocs\\upload_file.php on line 11,
  138. Sending Form based emails
  139. Problem with save as at Safari for Windows
  140. Remove POST data warning
  141. Getting Started with Server-Side Validation
  142. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ']' in C:\
  143. Help in JPGRAPH - display different text of Y-axis
  144. Set system time using PHP
  145. Compress a directory
  146. NTP - Time Synch?
  147. image resize - confused (code)
  148. Call to a member function free() on a non-object
  149. How to display 5 pictures stored in mysql using while loop.
  150. Loading of required data
  151. [Resolved] Parsing HTML File
  152. Help using XAjax
  153. input with special characters disappears on mysql insert
  154. Socket server in browser
  155. Problems creating a persistent socket
  156. PHP on IIS with basic authentication
  157. mysql database backup
  158. Memory exhasted Problem in php
  159. PHP comand line CLI CGI - whats that for?
  160. Anyone know of a script I can use for...
  161. Text field as date (MySQL)
  162. Between tags
  163. viruse scan in php(lamp)
  164. Selecting a file in our webspace from our local system
  165. Selecting a file in our webspace from our local system
  166. am I doing unnecessary operations by mysql_fetch_array?
  167. Add To Google Search
  168. sending mass email fom php using mail function
  169. sending mass email fom php using mail function
  170. Help with multiple queries
  171. How about const supporting array in future?
  172. How to autologin?
  173. php - POST
  174. Getting multiple emails from a single mail()...
  176. Uploading one file works, but uploading two results in 'Connection Interrupted'
  177. POST variables with a form
  178. Apache Question
  179. php program to backup/restore mysql database?
  180. Creating an array of unique entries from a database table.
  181. Programming PHP 2/e == PHP5 only?
  182. catch errors with SoapClient
  183. Problem with links with form data
  184. Number of displayed pictures should fluctuate depending on how much text there is.
  185. Which content management system
  186. how to get my site searched through google or any other search engine
  187. Using transactions in MySQL + PHP
  188. Disable right click in opera
  189. PHP Session Time Limit
  190. array
  191. How to use parameters in sql ?(PHP)
  192. Passing and processing XML Document
  193. PHPBB help
  194. call_user_func_array vs $myfunction( &$params )
  195. Uploading via PHP
  196. SUBMIT A #Number to open that page number
  197. help to solve this problem
  198. How to use this logic to apply to my code?
  199. sending email from a php page
  200. What is the difference between"Header" and "Meta" data in PHP
  201. "Premature end of script headers: php.cgi"
  202. only list dirs if they have jpgs inside
  203. About the zend_search_lucene framework
  204. using PHP & MySQL to Input XML data to database!
  205. MySQL SQL Via PHP - Insert on duplicate key update
  206. Can anyone recommend a good PHP web site backup program?
  207. image resizing
  208. Looping from a fetcharray()
  209. PHP4->PH5 tutorial
  210. unset a function
  211. code for search method
  212. POST form to dynamic page name
  213. mySQL Apache PHP conflict problem
  214. Saving form values between page loads
  215. Designing a Login Process for a site
  216. creating variables
  217. what is problem with curl_init()
  218. Code not Working
  219. PHP URL Validation in html text bar
  220. Please Reply Urgently-Regex Doubt
  221. how can i import the contacts from outlook express to a php page?
  222. Calling for data to be displayed using the URL
  223. online exam including time
  224. Latest News - Shortening to 100 characters
  225. Encryption in MySQL and PHP
  226. Extracting data frm a webpage into a database
  227. Installing Php5.2.3 In Windows Vista!
  228. how to get rid of "Popup block message "
  229. Pre-Defined Variable For Calling PHP File.
  230. fsockopen(); works on one server, but not the other...
  231. reversing str_replace() function in the textbox.
  232. PLEASE HELP - PHP menus
  233. Determining The Mail Server Settings Without Asking
  234. return back the value generated using MD5 fubction
  235. How do i view 37 pages in one page?
  236. passing $_POST variables to classes
  237. Editing Files: Help!
  238. How to get just the string in mysql ?
  239. Custom Guestbook Security Validation for Form
  240. Barcode implementation regarding php
  241. mysqli problem with stmt and binding parameters.
  242. variable problem
  243. Parse arrays.
  244. hot regions on image maps
  245. Search the site?
  246. how to join 2 select box's
  247. how to make auto-add field in a table for apriori?
  248. problem in update data into database??
  249. php.ini file and phpinfo()
  250. shell_exec() function
  251. problem with $_POST['foo']
  252. web: have to develop a web based mail client ,plz suggest which language to use?
  253. 'if' statement returns true in both cases
  254. how to add Comma in number
  255. Is there any way to combine "url rewrite" and Header()
  256. PDF Generation and Google Maps
  257. newbie need urgent help on installation PLEASE ...
  258. mysteriously added php script
  259. Create XML with MySQL and PHP
  260. PHP / mySQL select all variable in a pulldown menu
  261. PHP & FTP
  262. Read and Write file contents
  263. PHMailer & Hotmail account
  264. Selective permission to write in the directory.
  265. HTML Sorting of a MySQL Table
  266. Nitifying logged in user after function execution
  267. Extracting the birthday of a person
  268. Scripting Language
  269. Zeilenvergleich mit php
  270. Strange download script problem
  271. If next row duplicate ignore
  272. Required files confused between applications on same server
  273. mysql command line client
  274. How do you interpret single quote embedded in double quote embedded in single quote?
  275. shell_exec() function
  276. Windows service
  277. clamaris HTML ouptut format
  278. htmlspecialchars doesn't appear to be working
  279. Mssql Iis6
  280. IP Address LAN
  281. PHP + MySQL + Queries that depend on each other?
  282. Problem in linking pages
  283. How to store the value ?
  284. image validation
  285. IE Browser Settings
  286. preg_replace help?
  287. preg_replace help?
  288. size limit for xml-files used for import/export of data?
  289. Sending Newsletters - Detect Bounces
  290. OOP Marshalling(?) in PHP
  291. Need support on an if-else statment working one way only
  292. Posting into a MSSQL Database
  293. Getting value of servername in <VirtualHost>
  294. Shopping Cart Theory - Update cart VS Checkout
  295. Authentication for File downloads
  296. Random order List
  297. Problem with Pagination code
  298. fopen - append works, write fails (but file is truncated)
  299. xhtml 1.0 validation on php site
  300. anyone know of a mirror for the OSX php builds?
  301. colour code schemes on image map
  302. Code not going to JS Validation
  303. Problem gettin a value from a file input
  304. Retain File Upload Field Data
  305. reading Array
  306. Select distinct from array
  307. Sending an image to a browser
  308. PHP premade databases anyone know where i can find one that will fit my needs?
  309. choosing framework
  310. Changes for PHP5 ?
  311. PHP in html
  312. .phtml file problem
  313. Fetching a row in a array where the column number is unknown
  314. Sessions trouble
  315. Fetching message body (sans headers) from WebDAV in PHP
  316. Setting up a secure server; getting a weird error message when using https://
  317. Creating a zip file for download
  318. chfeedback.php 2.0
  319. Sorting by Date in MySQL
  320. Php + Weblogic 8.1
  321. MySQL problem: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
  322. New to PHP, need help with basic page
  323. Repeating references
  324. So, SELECT count(*)... or mysql_num_rows(...)
  325. how can i configure memcache in php4?
  326. Does Synchronization work properly in file handling in php?
  327. combo box change event
  328. Session variables across multiple pages
  329. troubles with mdb2's numRows() function
  330. Read the parameters thrown by an url
  331. Encoding problem, can't solve it
  332. Show default image if recordset is empty
  333. mojavi sessions problem
  334. PHP persistent UNIX sockets between sessions
  335. Reality check
  336. Uninstall Php
  337. [reading email] How to save the attachments?
  338. session problem
  339. Help on reports using dates
  340. Multiple forms in one iframe container
  341. Recieving Parameters from Javascript to PHP Oracle
  342. Pull Down Menu Query
  343. How can I transmit session id in login php
  344. Mail Function showing header info
  345. apache hang when executing PHP code
  346. Usings Arrays & Multiple Filters
  347. is it possible to have more than one header(location: );
  348. Fetching login records
  349. What is this php code doing?
  350. How to troubleshoot xml-rpc error in WordPress?
  351. Emailing user information problem
  352. Where are my values?!
  353. error message: unexpected $end only when running file on Windows XP
  354. dynamic button not working
  355. how do I query with a string as part of the where clause?
  356. Regarding Treeview
  357. Generating a frame preview from an uploaded video file
  358. Request: server space
  359. How to use refresh and location?
  360. question on loops
  361. detecting path from Mysql
  362. Sending email as MMS and SMS to mobile from php
  363. Access DB in PHP
  364. array_diff_assoc Madness... Help?
  365. Determining if a year is a leap year
  366. Unable to write an array to a file
  367. How to change file permission of multiple files at once using chmod?
  368. Logic Flow in PHP
  369. Problem in decryption
  370. unexpected T_IF error
  371. class within a class
  372. problems with list..
  373. encryption
  374. RFC 1766
  375. PEAR used inside a function
  376. Passing varaible through $_session but not working..
  377. Passing varaible through $_session but not working..
  378. reports based on date...
  379. Implementing encryption in PHP pages
  380. session_start
  381. How to get information from web page?
  382. Delete MySql Rows Problem
  383. Login issue
  384. What is the best chmod for a fopen/fwrite?
  385. Gif based counter
  386. test
  387. test
  388. Processing data using a web interface
  389. how to get client browser's souce code
  390. accessing database in wamp environment
  391. "Object Expected" - What does this mean?
  392. Two servers, two different results with session variables?
  393. Getting elements with same name
  394. Parse error: Unexpected '<' (opening HTML tag marker)
  395. Dynamic Multiple Input Processing
  396. Save a image from web given the image url
  397. Constructor as a "Reset" Button
  398. Toby and Jerry
  399. evaluate code before serving it
  400. UNIX Socket does not send data until closed
  401. split keywords into array
  402. Can mysql_connect close before exec() finishes
  403. Sending email from form - can't get html though
  404. Soap Module Already Loaded
  405. multiple queries to multiple tables
  406. Type conversion
  407. Calling Calamaris from PHP file
  408. Sending mail from php script via Outlook
  409. what is better : readfile, fpassthru, or header(" Location: ...")?
  410. stripslashes vs quotes
  411. Images pulled from DB appear in IE but not Firefox.
  412. how to start reading a file in line number 5?
  413. when will php support alias name?
  414. Issue With Simple Php Login Script - Mysql Error
  415. Disscussion about filling combo box from database in php
  416. How to do logout alert message ?
  417. Reversing htmlspecialchars?
  418. please give me code for tree view .plz its urgent
  419. List Constants
  420. Session time out too fast
  421. No input file specified.
  422. run program or command using php
  423. equivalent of PS in PHP?
  424. Sending multiple emails from a form
  425. Session problem
  426. Not able to load oci8.dll extension
  427. Adding Radio Buttons to my script. Need help.
  428. Uninstalling PHP from linux
  429. Convert a pdf to an image format with imagemagick
  430. how do I print the result of a query to the screen.
  431. How to find out the execution time of a sql query...
  432. Need help to get more than row at the same time
  433. How important is software maintenance?
  434. Cannot redeclare dbi_connect() (previously declared in /home/mrityunjaysingh/html/Inc
  435. Action depending on drop down
  436. script for uploading video with php
  437. soap on apache
  438. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  439. Connecting to an Informix DB using ADOdb
  440. php mail() question
  441. Jpgraph : Set Value Y-AXIS
  442. escapce unvalid charactors
  443. How to submit the data although it return false?
  444. .phtml file
  445. Hi how do I join my php statement together and send it to actionscript?
  446. Need Help For Last Visit
  447. how to trap empty string(value) before it save to database
  448. ODBC Pagination help w/ MSSQL
  449. Problem with PHP output
  450. script which time
  451. Play an audio file locally on server
  452. Help needed on time calculation
  453. a single query to achieve two sequential ones, is it possible?
  454. how to have these two consequent queries become a single one by 'join' in mysql
  455. db2_pconnect SQL10007N Reason code: "3"
  456. Configuring xampp to work with MySQL
  457. Ebedding images in PHP email scripts
  458. PHP does not recognize PECL classes/functions
  459. PHP Include - file of the day
  460. problem with charset
  461. Framework, which one?
  462. Session variable is not getting saved.
  463. Using a Resource as a Class Property
  464. PHP slow to execute
  465. LDAP authentication
  466. GD Library Problem
  467. If you are looking for
  468. Reload in to another frame
  469. Copy Image
  470. SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
  471. Disscussion about deletion of record from php form
  472. Problem in images as a submit button
  473. insert multi rows with a single mysql function call?
  474. How to cut long text in MySQL?
  475. Can PHP Post without a form?
  476. Displaying results of mysql query from database
  477. Type of Data Returned by a Function
  478. jak w php wyswietlic n-ty wiersz tabeli
  479. PayPal Processing
  480. reloading information from drop down menu
  481. Question on how to query db
  482. Deleting entries
  483. Disabling Zend optimizer, ionCube loader, etc
  484. removing some text.
  485. Generating reports, variable is undefined.
  486. Problem in retriving datas using link
  487. new linux web site found
  488. Rotator - Problem with Adsense and Else
  489. Police state declared? 'What this statement is saying is the president's claim of executive privilege trumps all.'
  490. Building a forum
  491. $_SESSION getting lost
  492. problem in applying platform specific css
  493. problem in applying platform specific css
  494. Help with regular expression please
  495. PHP / PEAR & MySQL encoding
  496. Compiling PHP with GD support.
  497. Discussion about updationof records in php
  498. What is the meaning of @ in @file
  499. can this be achieved by a single mysql instruction?
  500. hyperlink problem
  501. Call to undefined function
  502. Search query
  503. Auto-update proverb once per day.
  504. Problem with PEAR DB
  505. Creating an array from an HTML table
  506. Forms
  507. Are PHP libraries linked dynamically or statically?
  508. How to find if a URL redirects
  509. How to split a long form into two pages and have all field submit at the end.
  510. how to insert values into mysql, after parsing a submiting textbox?
  511. auto select actual month in dropdown box
  512. Is my site hackable?
  513. Search and ago. How?
  514. How can I redirect to "Thank You" page?
  515. PHP-Java Bridge won't start, crashes Apache.
  516. Number of CPUs using PHP?
  517. Having Trouble with a Basic Hit Counter
  518. php include
  519. Operation Not Permitted
  520. Iterated calling static variables from different classes
  521. Code needed to make PHP read from text file Properly
  522. Reports in PHP
  523. secure soap connection where server is in java ?
  524. GD Library Problem
  525. pdf to word file
  526. About Submit Button
  527. php is showing undefiened variable
  528. in php the value keep - undefine help me pls!!
  529. Verifying user inputs
  530. return search results on same page
  531. __destruct() destroy an object that contains a reference to another object
  532. problem integration php with html
  533. exec() function doesn't work for me
  534. In PHPMailer, can we set the To adress and BCC address as same
  535. Selecting multiple checkboxes and sending mails to selected.
  536. Session timeout
  537. Getting and using binary image data from ImageMagick
  538. Howto Make a PHP MP3 Player?
  539. view code
  540. Help regarding drop down list is required
  541. Session
  542. PHP5 connection to MySQL problem
  543. Copy a file from one server to another
  544. Command fails if I use variable instead of string constant
  545. php checkbox and textbox combo
  546. Valid XML for SimpleXML
  547. Linux and PHP
  548. Grouping MySQL Query Results
  549. $_SESSION variable not carrying
  550. how to get the int value from access.log and divided into session for each time?