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  1. PHP Proxy which works with flash
  2. During production the generated HTML by the PHP was not displayed.
  3. How to send email to multiple addresses using PHP
  4. How to OS new line char
  5. Fatal error with mssql_connect()
  6. building arrays
  7. PHP driven CVS pull
  8. Running cronjob on php script -> constantly running out of disk space
  9. Fester Bestertester
  10. round number to the nearest...
  11. Any thoughts on this prepared statement for $stmt_insert->bind_param ?????
  12. Need clarification of installing php_mysql.dll php_mysqli.dll simultaneously
  13. double click make the problem for me...
  14. file upload permission error
  15. Help in trying to make a web page counter
  16. function to read ms document's file
  17. Running a regular expression on the HTML of the current page
  18. Bizarre problem when trying to write to a csv
  19. not writing to array correctly
  20. OOP mysql result strange behavior
  21. Strange class OOP behavior
  22. Strange class OOP behavior
  23. Read a file with filter, and give the output
  24. Automatically formatting ActionScript with HTML
  25. php.ini file editing
  26. Email Parsing And Retrieving And Storing In Database
  27. i want in pure php
  28. how to put my images in a row, let's say 3 images in a row by using php
  29. Uploading an image to a folder and save its path in the database
  30. Keeping my Script tag
  31. check for match in Mysql and then proceed to page x
  32. How can I get data from Database?
  33. how to create a magnifying glass in my shopping online image
  34. HTML read from the DB
  35. How to put my PHP web page on the internet?
  36. sending param in _GET causes problems
  37. How to create Contact Us page?
  38. How to UPDATE an integer field by adding a specific number?
  39. pass product descrip to php array
  40. Limit number of results to 10 with next button?
  41. Process a list from a textarea input
  42. PHP within javascript
  43. Having Problems with a Php code Involving File Upload and MySQL database entries
  44. Make an IF statment on table text?
  45. $_SESSION does not work to me...
  46. Simple Logic Question
  47. WIldcard to ban user from posting
  48. Display info from table how?
  49. Imagemagick - Best print quality from a TIF to JPG conversion.
  50. How does one handle JSON strings from the browser
  51. Prevent search of same word twice
  52. PHP and .NET
  53. Znf Pear Setup Not Run.
  54. How to get the path from localhost?
  55. PHP with html form elements to an order page
  56. Working charset converter
  57. new bie...
  58. "overseas" help...
  59. ereg_replace syntax question, thank you :)
  60. no permission to access a folder my script created on a server
  61. PHP / MySQL how many times can I use a Mysql result resource?
  62. Wordpress Blog Modifications -- HELP
  63. Getting started saving form data to a CSV file and/or database.
  64. Post to newsgroup script needed
  65. add up mysql row and then echo the result
  66. PHP validation problem
  67. Get first image of AVI file
  68. Physical location of cookies created by setCookie() function, and expiry
  69. Internet Explorer is being very strage (not that i'm suprised)
  70. How to connect to MySQL in PHP
  71. SESSION lost when submitting form
  72. without using JavaScript events
  73. using PHP to stream with Windows Media player in Firefox
  74. echo $_SESSION returns <br /> and I can't fix it
  75. PHP and Dreamweaver
  76. Creating a dynamic drop down menu
  77. real time sql query
  78. How to display PHP code in HTML
  79. Double Session ID in my URL, why?
  80. trouble MySQL AES_ENCRYPT() using PHP for SQL statement
  81. json_decode() returns string type?
  82. Problem display image through image path
  83. Imagemagick always fails with "Thumbnail: Unable to Create"
  84. Email header decoding
  85. Unable to pull $_POST for checkbox?
  86. Simple example of how to wirite php using classes
  87. Putting an array within an array?
  88. Image optimization Emergency lol
  89. Trouble in Log In function...
  90. PHP listbox
  91. Template based Forum
  92. Forums Page comments/topics code
  93. Send mail listing the maximum number of users online on a particular date
  94. help! passing list value using href
  95. How can I allow guests and registered users but stop spammers
  96. I had problem with cms made simple can anybody help me?
  97. Php Forms Wont Submit In Linux(centos)
  98. hello
  99. Number Formatting - Quick question !!
  100. Posting and validating multiple select
  101. Quick and Simple CMS solution/script; does it exist?
  102. Help with a php register - login script
  103. changing a 2 column 'report' into a 4 column 'report'
  104. Auto-increment field not letting me insert multiple records at once
  105. Invoke function from initiated class within a class
  106. Best Coding Practice
  107. having a special stylesheet for 800x600
  108. upload script
  109. upload script
  110. "Who's online?" always = 0
  111. Sending a User-Agent header
  112. generate calendar appointments
  113. MySQL Connection and loop
  114. How to configure PHP manually to work with MyQL
  115. PHP form validation with highlighted error fields
  116. Age to seconds calculater
  117. Getting started writing a PHP web application
  118. Protecting a whole directory - PHP Authentication
  119. Problems with "mail" function
  120. php to display mysql output text as hyperlink
  121. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING
  122. Using exec function to get a .exe return status gives CGI Error
  123. syntax? how to declare a member of a class which is itself a class
  124. syntax? how to declare a member of a class which is itself a class
  125. "PHP Users" include issue
  126. PHP EMail Form and set cookie
  127. Finding A Word's Length In Pixels
  128. file_get_contents functions shows error
  129. Information Regarding $_Session and Extract
  130. Calculating page bandwidth usage (PHP/Ajax)
  131. PHP - Data from access db
  132. Ajax asynchronous is it possible ?
  133. login form does not output error messages
  134. How much memory does my script use?
  135. how to search two array value in two table
  136. how to make the long page into multipage?
  137. I can not get file uploads to show up when I upload a file
  138. what is the code that to block certain user to acess the certain page
  139. Compile Apache 2.0.59 with PHP4.4.5?
  140. pattern matching in php
  141. Help to retrieve data from mysql
  142. protecting against ldap injection?
  143. php mail() change header to remove unrequired information
  144. How to UPDATE data in MySQL
  145. only for saved password for the form...
  146. disable backbutton - when page has expired...
  147. open an excel file directly online
  148. two-dimensional switch statement?
  149. Directory problem
  150. To gzcompress or not to gzcompress...
  151. Browser does not respond while downloading
  152. Set include_path for SimpleTest under Eclipse
  153. spliting the time and date from MySQL
  154. fsockopen not enabled now what?
  155. PHP MS-Access odbc_exec() gives 'too few parameters' error
  156. Name of the Form that was POSTed?
  157. displaying data by clicking combobox in php
  158. file download script
  159. Using Smarty... what to do with my .tpl files?
  160. Adding to Opera's Search Engine List
  161. DPI and libGD
  162. newsletter software
  163. declaring array as a session variable
  164. PHP Notice: Undefined variable
  165. extracting data frm mysql database and displaying in dropdown list
  166. array keys
  167. show list of users online
  168. can't call JavaScript function from php
  169. Sql For Join 3 Tables
  170. CODE RELEASE: [www custom] DutchPIPE: Turn sites into virtual multi-user environments
  171. Problem of Symfony
  172. php session failure
  173. Setting session cookie manually
  174. Web Template PHP Error's - Scripts listed inside
  175. Submit Your PHP Scripts
  176. Posting with &amp;
  177. Question on refresh
  178. Edit an existing pdf document
  179. Extracting data from raw HTML
  180. Writing a stopwatch in PHP
  181. Preventing "Are you sure you want to resend POST data?" warnings
  182. wrong summation using php to read mysql database
  183. UPDATE won't; value is unchanged in MySQL table
  184. how to use dll file with php
  185. How to deal with several users using php at once
  186. Problem with cookie in cache
  187. Knowing the form action
  188. Sending form data to PHP
  189. Best Way to Combine Results from 2 mySQL Searches, into One Sorted List?
  190. database class
  191. Command line output bypasses my capture!
  192. how to offer files for download on your site
  193. cron not working with php+gd
  194. retrieving the value of the div using php
  195. question mark in serialized object
  196. Unable to load OCI8.dll
  197. Any ideas how to read a url that's changed by the server?
  198. session variable values are lost when redirecting
  199. A different array question
  200. Displaying data from Dropdownlist
  201. how to use DB_DataObject database abstraction layer class from PEAR,
  202. Sending emails with Php
  203. drop down options list in forms
  204. Problem read and display data from database
  205. Adiing time (10:56:45+01:12:52)
  206. How To Configure Pear With Php
  207. PHP on PowerPC
  208. run an exe file on click of an image
  209. tutorial in php
  210. Interact with External CGI Forms (Local PHP Site to Webmin)
  211. [FRENCH] Blocage des visiteurs non autoriser par IP/HOSTNAME
  212. file_exists() function doesn't return a value
  213. PHP source
  214. PHP require_once/include_once at runtime
  215. Looking for a solution to have php refresh when new data hits database
  216. how to use PDFTK in php
  217. Problems with a new install
  218. Line break in email
  219. mail() encoding problems
  220. jpgraph_table.php source code...
  221. PHP to insert and retrieve image from MS SQL Server
  222. message system mark and count unread message
  223. Is it Possible to Append Variables to a Query String?
  224. CSS Help
  225. php mail() send to outside addresses
  226. MySQL ignores INSERT queries unless I specify values for every column
  227. Why the loop is not working?Playing mp3 file
  228. reducing decimals
  229. How do i insert a movie/pic in the database?
  230. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  231. Total without and with a condition
  232. php.ini sets max time to 90 seconds, yet I get a "Max execution time of 30 seconds exceeded"
  233. problem with browser
  234. Quick Question
  235. using POST from one page to another
  236. Looking for an image gallery with one important feature
  237. Capturing the username logon the computer(windows 98)
  238. Installing PEAR on WAMP
  239. Capturing the username logon the computer (Windows 98)
  240. sell sports shoes air jordan af1 ipod mp4 wa
  241. Child class references static variable of parent instead of its own
  242. PHP on PowerPC
  243. Problem showing PDF file from a MySQL blob field
  244. cron or command line: run a very long php script
  245. (!isset($_GET['image'])) - getting junk when trying to call an image
  246. How to secure pages to require login to access them
  247. How to define a new global function?
  248. Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.2.3 crashes when loading a page on Windows server
  249. Problem with require_once
  250. Need help sorting a XML file
  251. Updating Multiple Rolls Using PHP
  252. Two MySQL servers, one script
  253. Playing a movie file stored in the db
  254. how to get a random record from MySQL database with PHP
  255. Looking for a login script
  256. db2_columns trouble
  257. conituation regarding register_globals
  258. Image resizing
  259. color palatte
  260. Simple User Authentication application
  261. Displaying mail id as an hyperlink
  262. Writing a login script for a community site
  263. lambda inside of lambda?
  264. md5 hashing's lenth
  265. Scrubbing MySQL Values and CSVtoArray()
  266. mysql update statements running 4 times
  267. how to keep a session variable alive across browser closings
  268. Finding geographic location of IP address
  269. PHP flat file comment engine -- Design
  270. Adding Color to what is being emailed back to me on a PHP form....
  271. Changing or removing the mailed-by header when sending email via PHPMailer
  272. file_put_contents question
  273. weird session problem
  274. address of function or a virtual function
  275. php include problem
  276. PHP refuses to create a logfile
  277. want take a video screen shots in php
  278. serialisation db4o
  279. Differance between commandline and http
  280. nl2br + htmlspecialchars - Resulting in \r\n\r\
  281. Passing Javascript variable to php
  282. How to convert php files into pdf, onfly?
  283. Lost session across folders
  284. XML parsing error
  285. opening a popup window with php
  286. Search Engine using PHP and Mysql
  287. watermark image
  288. Does PHP support multiple inheritence?
  289. Advices for a good php debugger
  290. PHP E-mail with file attachment
  291. database exception message to user-end information
  292. print barcode fonts ?
  293. Failed to connect mail server
  294. How to develop a Webmail?
  295. HELP! HOW do you Post the COLUMN NAMES of your mysql database?
  296. my php can't connect the mysql
  297. social networking software
  298. SELECT FROM DB2 with PHP
  299. Radio buttons : how to make them link
  300. Using echo for a table produces blank page, not even errors!!!?
  301. using my database class inside other functions - "Fatal error: Call to a member"
  302. Finding the decimal part of a number
  303. Grouping results by multiple variables
  304. Problem with PHP query using multiple tables
  305. Handling time limit in executing C program through PHP
  306. Problem using md5 to insert encrypted password into table
  307. XML RSS reader with BBC Website..
  308. images in php
  309. Variable Passing Not Sending Complete Name
  310. Prob with Gdlib
  311. How to programming in PHP that supports Arabic characters.
  312. script not working
  313. array_walk loses data
  314. strange problem with php
  315. How can I tell if a time was yesterday?
  316. pdf conversion
  317. Page always asking for downloading after executing the ffmpeg using exec() function
  318. please I need help with my mail() the code is not executed
  319. php script appearance in the time
  320. need help in array...
  321. Hyperlink modified dynamically
  322. reading email body through php code return some extra characters
  323. Internalizations in PHP (correct encoding/charset to support Japanese chars)
  324. Sorting multiple XML data by date
  325. Can I make an array of tuples? Is there a better way?
  326. Stamping PDFs
  327. Controlled/Dependent Lists - for experts ;)
  328. selectbox dynamic range options
  329. Question about using templates with FPDI
  330. Compiling PHP source on a Windows XP machine
  331. how is echo implemented in php
  332. turning execution operator on
  333. use of constants in an interpreter environment
  334. Remote MySQL Server
  335. Using ranges to accelerate streaming content downloads
  336. Creating .chm files on the fly
  337. need help with php getting a selection from a drop down
  338. Strange Issues with $_Cookie
  339. Run Win32 executable in client from apache/php based server ?
  340. Message queuing with Mysql and PHP
  341. PHP w/cookies to load Flash video????
  342. Checking a dropdown box
  343. echo to php
  344. array levels
  345. To Read Folder Names
  346. mysql_real_escape_string necessary when using prepared statements
  347. Advice needed; php5, utf-8, mb_*
  348. How to bring PHP to the desktop? (GUI) / no browser?
  349. Secureing the data
  350. PHP mailer i problem
  351. How to write cookie in client machine (php)
  352. Passing data over web pages
  353. selecting/using multi-table data how do you manage 'current record'?
  354. How to open a new window that runs with ActiveX object?
  355. Problem with Login/Registration System
  356. Strange problem with file upload - works with Firefox but num IE6
  357. How do I set a $_SESSION variable
  358. Posting in Address Bars
  359. PHP/MySQL + IIS
  360. Accessing a file on a separate computer, not in the web directory
  361. How do I return result of mysql row deletion
  362. configure exim instead of sendmail
  363. Testing if an array is empty
  364. Getting started with website programming and databases with PHP
  365. RDP algorithm?
  366. file_exists does not work
  367. What are the changes todo in Apache And PHP inorder to work with MultiMedia
  368. How to configure apache and php to work with COM(component object model)
  369. Setting up php5/sqlite3 with apache2
  370. Delete mysql records with array_diff
  371. encode JPG pictures into a video
  372. Microsoft explorer or Mozilla Fire Fox
  373. Cookies problems - why do they need special treatment?
  374. A type is which named resource What is this.
  375. Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg
  376. Learning PHP
  377. submit form in iframe from parent form
  378. adding php variables in hidden value
  379. adding php variables in hidden value
  380. Need help on how to retrieve the respective value of array from another table
  381. space is not been taken through echo as a value of textbox
  382. One form, two different tables that data needs to be entered in
  383. Having trouble use "While"
  384. Replace form inputs with <br> tags
  385. mssing session variable in other page
  386. Passing variable number of arguments from array to function with call_user_func()?
  387. php debugger ide?
  388. str_replace question
  389. Request: howto use a CLI php script at webserver (webconsole)?
  390. Axis camera and PHP
  391. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  392. PEAR auth package - how does setSessionname work?
  393. Notice: Undefined variable
  394. form-tak php and javascript
  395. ChinesePingyao518
  396. if any one can post a general classified script from deltascript or
  397. invalid use of group function
  398. Passing variables between pages in URL
  399. streaming live video, from Web cam to my website
  400. Rewrite Url Issue / Clean URL
  401. Dynamic Conditions/Criteria in PHP form
  402. php update and continue button
  403. I need another set of eyes to find my error :oops:)
  404. Asynchronous function call?
  405. Sending Query Result to Excel
  406. Passing variables to fill a form
  407. Counting entries: php / mysql
  408. Update row via HTML form
  409. Spam error in PHP
  410. Deleting record from MySQL
  411. how to get the values of a <tr>
  412. Thumbnails - Halving width but doubling height?
  413. Advice on how to integrate sql with a php if condition
  414. Dynamic Image Saving
  415. Capturing output from a system command
  416. Determining if a file exists
  417. Audio Filtering via PHP, program
  418. Excel Help Please!
  419. any safe way to sell and distribute event tickets
  420. Different sessions on the same server usgin PEAR
  421. Pear Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer question
  422. Run win32 executable in browser/client ?
  423. sessions and redirecting in opera
  424. Not the common "failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!" problem
  425. Stop link to mp3 playing it
  426. $_GET['offset'] - Page number links
  427. Not Able To Connect The DataBase
  428. Continuous Form
  429. Echo record from referenced table
  430. Retrieving the posted values from a form in PHP
  431. how to send SMS With SMS MODEM
  432. Transferring $_GET variable to $_POST
  433. split large xml files
  434. Read a full text file
  435. [PHP] using object of a class in different files
  436. Screen Capture
  437. Track the email as its being opened or read in gmail or yahoo.
  438. Opening file from folder.
  439. Problem in downloaded file
  440. Php Output Multi Coloumn Formating
  441. Different result when adding Header function to set the Content-type document
  442. Flash stronger then PHP?
  443. mysql_real_escape_string() chopping off after quotes
  444. Errors while querying a table and using <option></option>...
  445. PHP Session Variables with SSL?
  446. PHP:How to reset GET variables and clear previous selection results
  447. Where can I get a scuba dive logbook module?
  448. configuring phpMyAdmin
  449. if statement, message not being output
  450. 404 Forbidden - No permission to access autoindex script
  451. creating time
  452. Upload of bug files
  453. CURL and SSL
  454. error on sql in php code
  455. PHP Warning: Cannot load module 'pdo_mysql' because required module 'pdo' is not loa
  456. Haunting problem in joomla..
  457. Escaping for PHP and MySQL
  458. PHP Proxy failing to load pages
  459. Please help to configure mysql with apache and php
  460. correctly getting utf8 characters in the content of an e-mail
  461. correctly getting utf8 characters in the content of an e-mail
  462. correctly getting utf8 characters in the content of an e-mail
  463. correctly getting utf8 characters in the content of an e-mail
  464. correctly getting utf8 characters in the content of an e-mail
  465. ldap and entry attributes
  466. smarty and php
  467. Problem with double quotes
  468. Unknown column 'ItemPageName' in 'where clause'
  469. Session Problem
  470. Browser incompatibility with Form Fields
  471. Sending a mail using php
  472. mode rewrite with relative path
  473. Resource ID no. error
  474. proc_open on windows: can't get stdin to a perl script
  475. html page with php will not load data to mysql table
  476. stuck
  477. Check Box and Arrays
  478. Problem with PEAR + PHP5 + is_a function
  479. Saving User login info in a cookie
  480. Session Variables in Red Hat?
  481. Need to create a username password login
  482. PHP being interpreted and saved
  483. save sessions even when the browsers closed
  484. Table sql
  485. updating problem with phpMyAdmin
  486. Writing to text file problems
  487. the procedure entry point empty_string could not be located in the dynamic link libra
  488. Creating Thumbnails - GD
  489. Hello?Anyone who would like to write IM extension?
  490. Unable to connect database from php
  491. Object to array
  492. Rotating images in a folder using php scripts
  493. Post the form automatically
  494. Making folder
  495. Configure the php in Tomcat webserver
  496. Sending mails with Php
  497. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  498. PHP Simple Mailer Help
  499. Subject1
  500. Displaying webpage size?
  501. Anyone know how to create automatic download using CURL and creating a new folder every day???
  502. Coverting week number to date
  503. how to retrieve all the ascii characters from a binary file.
  504. Can't get PHP Session Across multiple pages
  505. array_merge bug ?
  506. Defining dynamic javascript variables in PHP
  507. Double Drop Down Send to URL
  508. mail() connects to SMTP server, but then immediately disconnects
  509. auto refresh
  510. Searching Multiple Tables
  511. Paypal pro integration ERROR
  512. relative path wooes
  513. Mail from PHP
  514. fetch_fields, flags and mysqli
  515. php is not recognizing 2-byte filename
  516. Best Practice in PHP & MYSQL
  517. Line breaks in MySQL Text Field don't show when displayed in web page
  518. php serial web
  519. i want to use the check box to delete when clicked
  520. sending some data from my site to another site
  521. Execute download in Server side.
  522. Inserting more than one record
  523. Paypal pending_reason status
  524. Open db connection
  525. Advertisement & sms?
  526. help with email form
  527. PHP string wildcards
  528. configuring IIS for PHP5
  529. send feedback to multiple emails
  530. A lecture on Symfony Framework (A PHP MVC pattern)
  531. Help with Using sessions
  532. Custom directory listing and $_GET question
  533. pgp trash troll delete Guy Macon guymacon Guy Macon guymacon Guy Macon
  534. How to check if the user input is a string?
  535. Multiple Text Boxes help
  536. displaying single column data in multiple columns
  537. How to format text retrieved from an MSQL Database
  538. PHP Date/Timezone not working
  539. modifying an array
  540. php, GD library, Content-type
  541. I wrote code to connect to the database but it is showing in browser like this
  542. How to connect to the Mysql from PhP
  543. Getting list of checkboxes and value in next page
  544. Testing PHP Programming Skills
  545. include file and variable
  546. Major - Header problem
  547. GD Strange error
  548. file type and file conversion in php
  549. what does this error mean?
  550. How to get the data from checkboxes