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  1. replace single slash with double slash
  2. xsl:processing-instruction name="php"
  3. file extention - wildcard
  4. Check a varible for a value
  5. running pl/sql from php
  6. static call of non-static method? [again] sorry.
  7. Redirect to different pages depending on result of a form driven MySQL query.
  8. How to show player controller button
  9. Formatting mail() headers "prettier"
  10. server side form validation - update form fields
  11. static call of non-static method?
  12. accessing network shares with opendir()
  13. Simile Timeline problem
  14. PHP_USER_AUTH not defined with fastcgi
  15. Upload files in PHP and move url link into MYSQL database
  16. Passing the value of a text box whose name is not unique to JavaScript
  17. Turning a file of text into a list of hyperlinks
  18. Detecting the URL using IF ?
  19. Showing the progress of an upload processing script in real time.
  20. OT - Jerry/Shelly - Final Thought
  21. Looking for a WYSIWYG editor for PHP + HTML
  22. generate text in the form of image
  23. how to pass session names
  24. how can i restrict the first character in PHP string?
  25. E_STRICT notices on PEAR MDB2
  26. Replacing HEX with HEX in PHP - preg_replace()
  27. E_STRICT messages in Pear MDB2
  28. using text area to store and retrieve values...
  29. RE: function to go through each element of the array
  30. ZipArchive ER_NOZIP
  31. php coding website password protect
  32. array_push
  33. Is there anyway to access MySQL database using ODBC without opening port 3306?
  34. Creating an Archive from Date
  35. Grabbing form values from an external page
  36. Storing session data in a database
  37. Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory
  38. imageTTFText with GD2, problems converting from pixels to points
  39. anyone knows what this php script means????
  40. anyone knows wha this php script means????
  41. My non-working PHP radio button checker
  42. Need help understanding a script
  43. Upgrade php 4.3.6 to 5.2.4 ??
  44. how do we make threads like they do in IPB
  45. Form which updates MySQL DB, then sends email notification
  46. Creating a 1-on-1 chat script
  47. PHP MsAccess ODBC Connection to database on Networked Volume
  48. export to pdf with no phplib
  49. How can i send the mail with db field attachment?
  50. Getting $this in __constructor
  51. Hot to plus the vote score into data base
  52. Imposing a maximum size limit on uploaded files
  53. dynamically generating Ads on top of uploaded pages
  54. Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
  55. outsource your programming and webdesign projects
  56. External files
  57. Email script isn't sending emails
  58. Generating random text
  59. how get multiple values from combobox using php
  60. 'value already exists' - how to send error message to the User?
  61. using php how do i generate random numbers?
  62. Adding values to a database depending on checkbox state
  63. PHP/MySQL Forum Comment Reply System Issues...
  64. need an uploading message
  65. How to enable register_globals on a host that has disabled it.
  66. PHP files not being
  67. Help Me
  68. a open source chat tool needed
  69. wiki group calendar
  70. pear mail error
  71. Connect to SQL Server
  72. Need "Resume Support" in forced downloding of media file
  73. Why did PHP remove Informix support?
  74. how to compare two different fields from two different mysql db
  75. Splitting a string into three parts
  76. how I make to recoup the value of database and to keep selected in combobox
  77. Adding LDAP support to existing PHP install?
  78. Protecting PHP Files from Download?
  79. Stange behaviour: PHP5.2.4 userdefined Sessionhandler in write function
  80. Loop through a recordset and display data in two columns
  81. php & ajax
  82. Trouble Connecting to Database
  83. Dowload script
  84. how to get the country from ip ?
  85. href with php how do
  86. Creating a unique order number using auto increment.
  87. substr() chops off variable's name instead of its value
  88. PHP Login Problem
  89. How to store data in multidimensional array in a loop
  90. HOW to create .doc file
  91. operand a database value?
  92. Accessing POP3 Mail in PHP
  93. Returning only numbers from a string.
  94. Error message in display records from database...
  95. PHP With Exchange Server 2003
  96. HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 400
  97. broken image when displaying raw jpeg data
  98. Server GMT time problem
  99. how do I implement a visitor counter
  100. can anyone give me idea of PHP framework?
  101. php.ini location confusion: (Loaded) Configuration File
  102. Passing multiple IDs to the WHERE clause of an SQL query
  103. Sending HTML Email
  104. Running a Unix Command-Line App via PHP?
  105. Failed to connect to mailserver
  106. Get "all" the cookies with the same name?
  107. Dynamic List menu with mysql_fetch_assoc
  108. slicing a complex array
  109. Sanitation of a MySQL backup file
  110. Links Prob in Windows
  111. automatic save
  112. diff between $x == null and is_null($x)
  113. getting variables from iframe
  114. Problem socket connection in Unix
  115. PHP within PHP...
  116. wrap text
  117. any example of building a web service using php?
  118. Efficiency and Performance
  119. MySQL grouping
  120. MySQL grouping
  121. Checking Get variable exists
  122. Seeking LAMP / Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP Freelancer Programmer on hour/daily/weekly/monthly basis
  123. preg_match on HTML content
  124. thank you
  125. how to store the image in database using php
  126. Help Creating a Job Bank
  127. PHPMailer - False Positives
  128. after the button click, we want to display the color pallete
  129. Accessing Class Method
  130. KDG in subversion
  131. Resizing pictures...
  132. How to restore a mysql dump with php
  133. Creating encrypted/password protected zip files.
  134. I need some help please with mail() & else if problems
  135. which is the better option for directory hashing to store large number of image files?
  136. how to implement CV builder
  137. innodb and php
  138. wrong input pop-up message
  139. retrieving select values using php
  140. Passing an array from one page to another using $_SESSION
  141. Parse Error - Unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR
  142. How do i display both text and image field from MySql using Php?
  143. Phantom of the TEXTAREA
  144. I am going out of my mind, select * from not working.
  145. Regular Expressions to match HTML
  146. multiple pages linked by hyperlink mysql query
  147. foreach and str_replace
  148. I need script as used or
  149. Shall I disable short tags?
  150. Downloading Uploaded files under a different name than the one on the server
  151. Constantly updated list
  152. Is there any INPUT type that is stored in an array on PHP?
  153. algorithm to highlight required words in a paragraph
  154. how to verify the code?
  155. php scripts for serial port
  156. forcing image refresh in Mozilla firefox
  157. Using Xml With Php
  158. Do I need $_GET[" "]; autoglobal with php embedded form page?
  159. Do I need #+GET[" "]; autoglobal on with php embedded form page?
  160. multiple string matching
  161. Using php variable in javascript to load page.
  162. PEAR SOAP is intermittent
  163. Forcing the browser to download a music file
  164. Shall I disable short tags?
  165. Stripping MS Word code from my forms once and for all.
  166. Dependent dropdown list with mysql
  167. How to update a multidimensional array?
  168. Want to display errors, server admin disagrees
  169. Help with 'recently uploaded pictures'
  170. How to create a newsletter in PHP and MySQL
  171. alt
  172. variable
  173. sum of two numbers using php $_POST vars
  174. How to build dynamic reports
  175. apache httpd not releasing memory after keepalive timeout
  176. Looking for a flexible Polling/Voting Script
  177. Apache 2.2.4 ignores PHP 5.2.4 scripts on Win2K3
  178. How to get a keypress?
  179. Already integrated shopping cart - NEED selections linked!
  180. stuck
  181. Where can I get a copy of php_gd2.dll for Windows XP?
  182. mysql query split into array
  183. php guestbook
  184. Parse Error
  185. mysql_query($query) returns mysql_errno 0.
  186. Slow performance using strtotime on prior 1970 dates
  187. pawekraowkropawerkawoprkpawork
  188. Anyway to add music to the website using php
  189. numbered code lines
  190. Different XMLHttpRequest Object status on the same file??
  191. no empty form fields after submitting form
  192. Tweaking PHP.INI for maximum performance
  193. problem with using PHP variables in MySQL statement
  194. Formmail + Captcha Verification
  195. Short instruction: Install PHP (ISAPI) on Vista (IIS7)
  196. Dynamic Page Title - Supposed to Pull from row in DB
  197. associate user account with filename
  198. Subtract number of days from date in url parameter
  199. PDF to picture
  200. Displaying an image from inside Mysql database..
  201. How to detect if there is more then one capital letter in a word
  202. What is wrong with this piece of code?
  203. Saving uploaded audio/video files into a database
  204. Write a file to disk with PHP
  205. Sort Mulit-dimensional Array
  206. about get_cfg_var() function
  207. Creating a Security Graphical Verification system
  208. Validating submitted form values on the server side
  209. File permissions for a wiki-like site
  210. Proxy detection
  211. Text Wrapping Db Query
  212. PEAR SOAP Question
  213. Need correct calling statement
  214. hyperlink to a particular section of the page
  215. Novice needs help finishing a script...
  216. Processing data from a text area, one line at a time
  217. Cannot create a file using php on appache web server
  218. PHP5/ Apache strange install problem
  219. Selecting items from a DB
  220. "Specialized Search Engines" along with Google Search Capability
  221. Get unlimited visitors to your website
  222. confused in simple variables
  223. Looping through fields in a row
  224. Query by Date Range
  225. Appear the form...
  226. Email attachment with word documen
  227. Making height variable according to content of page
  228. Any good Open source CMS
  229. unable to connect with mssql_connect()
  230. How can I update my multiple rows? Send over name,link to another page
  231. How can I upload multiple files to my web server?... FTP!
  232. how to get a pc time
  233. Php search Form with two multi select list box and how to create Mysql query for data
  234. clear leftFrame
  235. problem to retrieve multiple data from mysql using php and multiple checkboxes
  236. Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer()
  237. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in "xxx line no 103"
  238. Anyway to pass variables down to an include()
  239. Regular Expression Problem
  240. How to refresh page every time it is used
  241. how long does $_SESSION last?
  242. scarcity of PHP5 hosting
  243. php connect to mysql via ssh
  244. Saving configuration options from POST data
  245. cXML
  246. Undefined index: phplogin, Undefined variable: username ,Warning: session_start()
  247. accessing vars from within classes
  248. My readdir and display images snippet - Thanks
  249. Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted
  250. supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  251. How to check if a record exists in a MySQL database
  252. What is better PHP Or JSP
  253. varibale image with php
  254. Single cmd/bash session for all exec() calls - is this possible?
  255. How to parse a config file into an array?
  256. imagecreatefrombmp in 32bit BMP
  257. how to check the memory
  258. file_get_contents() or file() not working with URL on same server
  259. Securing Select tage
  260. Deleting data using select list
  261. phparser problem...
  262. fopen error
  263. How to get value of an private member?
  264. Escaped has become is_file help
  265. Counting query problem
  266. I need To get search results from to my website
  267. Trying to write array to file & add new line
  268. Simple PHP Fedex & UPS shipping label form
  269. Warning: extract(): First argument should be an array in
  270. com_dotnet
  271. Parse Error
  272. PHP fails to open required files after database import
  273. Can't Escape
  274. PHP Beginners - From Where To Start
  275. Wrong checksum - socket+fwrite
  276. redirect data by click back button
  277. Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated;!!!
  278. Generating a PDF file in PHP
  279. write a analoghrim in php to write the text..
  280. PHP Multi level contact form
  281. file upload/download issue
  282. Passing by Reference
  283. mail and smarthost
  284. How To Get The Field Values In The Same Form
  285. Joomla anyone? Component easiest one possible?
  286. unexpected T_STRING
  287. Converting .ppt files to Flash in FFMpeg
  288. Whats Is Php ?
  289. mssql_query not returning
  290. URL variables have no value after migrating to a new server
  291. Related List Menu Php And Mysql
  292. how to pass the javascript array value to for the php variable.
  293. how to create a search engine in php
  294. Need help with email-match query
  295. Creating a referral system for my site
  296. How to use $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] properly
  297. New to $_SESSION
  298. Echo statement doesn't display in PHP
  299. Multiple WHERE conditions in an SQL query not working
  300. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  301. Need to break a while..
  302. validation
  303. Trying to get mail() to send an email
  304. file_get_contents vs readfile
  305. Session ID and PHPLib
  306. PHP Sessions Not working
  307. If statement and session
  308. Creating a Sequential ID Number
  309. Webcam using PHP
  310. to give the link
  311. linking to another page
  312. recommended books on PHP-MYSQL
  313. How to kill all active sessions?
  314. easiest method for secure data retrieval
  315. <?= no longer works after upgrading PHP
  316. Here is the code
  317. Form Help
  318. append to file and delete from file
  319. Checking for deleted images
  320. php sql information extraction
  321. How to check if a file was sent by a form?
  322. Change the root directory
  323. Using Multiple Tables for Categories and SubCategories
  324. arrays as function arguments
  325. Error when using a variable to select database table
  326. Table with different colors
  327. PHP retrieve the values of only one column
  328. problems with fgets()
  329. Output HTML code in comman line with help of PHP
  330. How to add 2 numbers with out Plus operator (integers,floats,..etc. In JAVA language
  331. Writing first mysql abstraction layer, would like suggestions
  332. PHP page should run once or disable Page refresh
  333. joomla
  334. Redirecting from a page after a certain amount of time has elapsed.
  335. "Invalid Access to Memory Location" - PHP and MySQL Configuration Problem
  336. UPS shipping Module in a Zencart webshop
  337. Zend Studio 6
  338. SOAP / PHP Problem
  339. Save webpage
  340. How to add multi items to shopping cart simutanously?
  341. mysql calls work from command line but not from web (apache) on win xp
  342. How do i creat a php url after 3 seconds?
  343. Enable HTML in BBcode?
  344. How to order the alphabet in search result order by the keyword ?
  345. Help me fix this, echo statment
  346. MySQL refuses connection from phpMyAdmin
  347. checkbox not passing to sql database
  348. Displaying the top 10 search phrases searched for on a site.
  349. Factoring Intergers script does not give correct results
  350. Creating Dynamic Links
  351. Simple String To Date Question
  352. include_once() within a function
  353. mysql_num_rows Error. Suplied argument is not a valid MySQL resource.
  354. Memory leak occurs when exec() function is used on Windows platform
  355. Payment Gateway for website
  356. Is it possible to split class definition over two files?
  357. fopen, where is the file placed ?
  358. PHP mail() function returns no error, but I'm not getting the email
  359. Is It working?
  360. fatal error cannot redeclare class
  361. fetal error cannot redeclare class
  362. how to auto check a checkbox
  363. how to change date format
  364. Download code
  365. Can not open url using fopen or file
  366. Zend debugger
  367. Show details after signup, for printing!
  368. PHP with photoshop layout issue.
  369. Weird message, pops up once in a while why?
  370. How to use a form to insert OR update
  371. using two dependent drop down lists in single page using PHP
  372. An e-mail question using PHP
  373. Enabling cURL in PHP
  374. How to redirect the refer page after loggin ?
  375. How do get the state of checkboxes in php?
  376. Do you think mcrypt is too difficult to use?
  377. php bug? strange end of php file error
  378. Problem with MySQL UPDATE
  379. what can this be ?
  380. How to store image in 300 dpi using php
  381. The error message is lost
  382. PHP Dynamic Form.
  383. PHP Include problem...
  384. ok, I'm stuck: recursive function restting vars and not returning when expected
  385. calculate the quantity of stock in database
  386. Array results are not displayed incorrectly
  387. Help with php and this part of the code...?
  388. unifying two or more sql query results
  389. Session and cookies
  390. How do I see which button I clicked using PHP?
  391. Is it Possible To Transfer Data From Php Variable To Javascript Variable
  392. How can implement Http Attributes
  393. Convert Msdoc file to text on linux
  394. Using curl_setopt to post to an encrypted Form
  395. can you foreach() two arrays at once ?
  396. Is frontpage a type of PHP?
  397. what does this error message mean?
  398. PHP Performance Boost (SugarCRM)
  399. Not possible to turn register_globals on
  400. da script a php
  401. website form to send to a email with php
  402. Passing a value from php to "form"
  403. techniques for Inserting DB NULL values (PDO is what i use now for "all" DML)
  404. data fitting with php
  405. How to insert GET variables into a HTML form
  406. Start another process?
  407. sorting random values from a string
  408. using forms to add records to mysql database - block submit on entering
  409. Passing Parameters From URL to Web Form
  410. help with str_replace in select statement
  411. What are these php.ini variables for?
  412. How to verify if an email address actually exists?
  413. HTML to XHTML conversion / correction class
  414. php image login
  415. echo out something else than what is in the database
  416. Apostrophe in email form renders as a square
  417. problem with array_push
  418. How to POST 'submit' when ENTER KEY is pressed on a FORM with only one textfield
  419. How to make the Link Next page in search engine
  420. Extending classes at runtime
  421. phpinfo() errors after compiling PHP 4.4.7
  422. myImageFile.php?id=$myImageID to myImageFileID.jpg conversion
  423. 5th FEBRUARY 2007 = time()
  424. How to Check if a Dynamic URL is working or Not
  425. How can i validate the email, so it's not fake...
  426. Control a mailbox from PHP
  427. Xml parser performance and Xml generation
  428. Upload image works fine unless image is edited first
  429. enable java support in php
  430. Download files without <a>
  431. including jsp content in php page fails: URL file-access is disabled
  432. Generating dynamic text boxes
  433. Can't get $_session variable on some other page
  434. My Apache htt web server 2.058 can execute PHP command
  435. count number of bytes downloaded
  436. Get page with authentication code
  437. How to stop direct execution to my page
  438. AJAX file upload script replaces existing images
  439. Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent
  440. Required Visual Fox pro fresh programmers
  441. Mailer script sends email twice
  442. Problem with permission
  443. Problem with uploading larger files
  444. Whats the correct MIME type for wordpad, for my php upload?
  445. how to switching session value base on id chosen?
  446. PHP txt/doc Upload, and make url to it?
  447. Undefine index error
  448. PHP & MySQL help
  449. Warning:Cannot modify header information...
  450. Email Form not quite right
  451. Dynamic MySQL query is supposed to order by column name (variable), but won't
  452. fgetcsv() - bug or ?
  453. Developing an RSS scraper, but getting lost in all the regexps
  454. Form Arrays
  455. Form data to sql database
  456. how to use delete function with checkbox table
  457. PHP Stylesheet File
  458. Error with the loop
  459. Sending emails to group of recipients
  460. PHP File not loading via AJAX
  461. check box
  462. How to prevent the browser from refreshing the page
  463. Preventing multiple Users from logging into the same account at the same time
  464. Hello, anyone who know why zend framework only support php version great than 5.1.4?
  465. Preventing the User from selecting an invalid date in a drop down menu
  466. Using COM to launch Firefox
  467. Re-point into first record
  468. how to get the color pallete in single value from text box
  469. how to get a color ramp in php i.e like ARC Gis
  470. Garbage collector problem with sessions
  471. I am totally stumped..with this on..LOAD_FILE Mysql+PHP= FSCK!!
  472. consensus on Vista?
  473. doing filemtime after fopen / fwrite / fclose
  474. string manipulation
  475. isset fails, getenv succeeds (Apache configuration problem?)
  476. PHP script for previous page viewed?
  477. Synchronizing Time Zone settings between PHP and MySQL
  478. Can I learn PHP 5 with PHP 4 book?
  479. Joomla ready for large critical enterprise e-commerce application(s)?
  480. Simultaneos connections
  481. Internet Explorer reports 'page not found' when logging in
  482. Destroy session when the User leaves the site
  483. How to execute SQL queries posted from a HTML textarea.
  484. Is my site hackable
  485. Get output on same page as form. Reload page will "empty page".
  486. Select image menu, display in form?
  487. undefined index
  488. Calling function in a child window from main parent window
  489. Using sessions in a mailing script to prevent flooding of mail.
  490. will pay for php solution
  491. Simple mysql code doesn't run, why?
  492. Can't get all the results to show in my form
  493. Creating a popup menu using PHP/MySQL
  494. PHP fopen file_get_contents AND javascript top.location
  495. Fatal error: undefined function mssql_connect()
  496. How to get JavaScrip variable into PHP
  497. maintaining relation while POSTing and while fetching.
  498. Playing with PHP socket extension dll - not working.
  499. Why the user always faced the different page when click back button?
  500. window.setTimeout equivalent in PHP?
  501. Let's Unite Against Jews and Mongrels!
  502. PHP 4.4.1
  503. Try catch from php5 to php4?
  504. Edit form, data not re-fill
  505. .php / Linux / MySQL / C /Netscape 4.79 - Automatic Browser Refresh
  506. loadHTMLFile->(current file that has been output by php)
  507. Sending multiple check box values not in an array
  508. passing a variable to paginated query results
  509. Cannot View Pages With PHP Suffix
  510. Check Connectivity Of Http Port Of Given Ip Address
  511. How to make selection?
  512. php java integration
  513. How can i make a selection from a table random?
  514. Getting started with a video upload / display script
  515. Web Data Extractor
  516. form.php?action=sign doesn't work
  517. SOAP Client fails to connect to SOAP Server
  518. Limiting access by reading server logs and matching against client IP address.
  519. MySQL query changes depending on $_GET
  520. Read Registry from PHP
  521. Looking for coders to help with SomeryC Webcomic Management Script.
  522. Sending raw SOAP Message to specified port
  523. Can someone explain ($this->varname) to me..
  524. How to check for an existing value in mysql
  525. Question about form classes
  526. how to copy images from one directory and paste into another directory
  527. Session Variables Lost - Help
  528. SoapClient not sending proper SOAP requests -- how do I correct this?
  529. Best way to create XML stream from assoc array
  530. ComboBox Action
  531. two actions on single form submit
  532. Generating a color ramp similarly to ArcView or ArcGIS
  533. Php Tree Menu
  534. FedEx Web Services
  535. Best way to call an object method
  537. Soap Error
  538. Is PHP 6 is backward compatible with PHP 4?
  539. Problem in getting multiple images at once
  540. Time for page
  541. sanitizing USER input
  542. Whats the limit in a text feild?
  543. Barcode and PHP
  544. Integrating Barcode scanning to php
  545. Php Login Page User Authentication Issue
  546. Uploading problem
  547. Search engine pagination shows a blank page on every page except page 1
  548. Please Help Me - PHP Installation
  549. mssql versus odbc HELP
  550. linking a research form with a display page