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  1. arrays and explode help
  2. Site menu IF statement help
  3. Unable to UPDATE record in database
  4. Refresh button
  5. Use 'exec' in PHP to remove files older than 1 day in remote folder
  6. PHP Include - external files
  7. PHP and mysql help SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE
  8. Show MP3/MP4 File Details with PHP
  9. Read DOC files with PHP
  10. Show JAR/JAD File Details in PHP
  11. Retrieving array values by range of keys
  12. Dating Script
  13. Dating Script
  14. PHP Editors/IDEs
  15. Directory / File Indexing - Structure Question
  16. preg_replace question
  17. 2D vector graphics, approach to take.
  18. Install PHP/Java Bridge
  19. Page Redirecting Problem
  20. RDF parsing with php ( simplexml ? )
  21. How to set php.ini through Apache
  22. CCBill Datalink parsing
  23. Unknown column admin in where clause
  24. Effect of "include_path" on URL of PHP script
  25. javascript popup and php variables - possible?
  26. Looking to Expand
  27. using php mail to forward email?
  28. Can I import RSS feed into MySQL db?
  29. can't run shell script
  30. MySQL timezone support - setting from PHP
  31. including a file outside the accessable area
  32. Getting ID's to insert into a relation table for a "many to many" relation - MySQL
  33. Unexpected T_VARIABLE in image database script
  34. how to make the previous page unavailable to the users
  35. How to work around FORM method="post" changing "." to "_" please?
  36. Radio Button Response Help.
  37. PHP5 - Object
  38. Getting variable names passed to form in php
  39. Having trouble validating email addresses.
  40. Getting parse errors with these small bit of codes
  41. historical use of microtime() as a string
  42. Checkboxes created using Javascript DOM not available in $_POST
  43. connect to mysql
  44. Script stops at imagecreatefromjpeg in my script.
  45. SQL query failed: "Table doesn't exist."
  46. Ping: OMH
  47. Fopen Timeout
  48. imagejpeg() unable to write to file: "is a directory"
  49. Passing Radio button arrays to second page of PHP
  50. using location:
  51. NO book i read did sticky form correctly
  52. Help with saving a thumbnail of uploaded image.
  53. Connection to a database on an external server
  54. Image Handling
  55. Searching for a name in a database when I only know part of the name
  56. A little help with POST and DATE fields
  57. am Stack with this update program
  58. help with i/o in text files, please
  59. How do you keep from timing out for long
  60. Using mail() for HTML bodies.
  61. how to check if autogenerated checkbox is checked or not ?
  62. I wan't to lose the HTML reply page, please can you help
  63. Which is best overall? PHP vs ASP(or ASP.NET) vs Python
  64. Creating a blog in PHP
  65. cURL help please
  66. Simply Syntax Question
  67. Regular Expression to extract all .JPG and .PNG URL's
  68. Notice: Undefined index ERROR - Help!
  69. Another... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  70. PHP MVC Framework -> URL problem
  71. Script times out when sending bulk email
  72. directing the output of exec function
  73. Can you run php on batch file?
  74. Radio option null (not tached) value posting problem
  75. Storing a history of what users do in a LOG file
  76. Any idea what this probe is about?
  77. strtotime - Monday of current week
  78. Directory path issue
  79. website analysis script
  80. dbconnect.php
  81. Lifecycle for Web Development?
  82. Implementing "URL redirection" in PHP
  83. send email address as a part of confirmation email
  84. No clue, I am new....need a way to get data out of mysql
  85. IE bug with inline PDF
  86. Getting PHP5 to work with MySQL
  87. Can anyone help me understand the ffmpeg thing? I'm lost !
  88. how to insert data into mysql using text box by php ?
  89. SMTP Cofiguration
  90. PLease explain this to me
  91. md5 - message digest encryption
  92. rule to rewrite
  93. file uploading problem
  94. need help: some advices about webroot structure and organization
  95. Problem with $_POST values
  96. how to write a error?
  97. one part refresh in a page
  98. Force PDF Download & Acrobat Reader Plugin
  99. MySQL cardinality
  100. how to take out the space /p $pic n.jpg
  101. Connecting two mysql tables from different databases
  102. checkboxes are not passing respective textboxes values
  103. simultaneous updating of rows in a databse
  104. update database entries
  105. sending mail to multiple ids from database
  106. Download Then Redirect
  107. How to make foreign key linking in INSERT statement?
  108. database entries search
  109. URL Variables
  110. URL Variables
  111. CLI keyboard input not working in Windows XP
  112. Encoding Problem
  113. Paypal IPN troubles
  114. Simple beginners question about inserting data via an URL
  115. SSL Error Pop up
  116. Data won't Update via PHP/MySQL UPDATE
  117. Random Map Progress
  118. PHP syntax error causes no output
  119. Dll in php
  120. confirming download
  121. Auto Email Greeting in PHP to Members
  122. CAPTCHA images/algorithms
  123. Trouble with htmlentities() and html_entity_decode()
  124. open command prompt using php
  125. Getting the names of variables passed to functions
  126. working as a daemon and executing tasks at a certain time
  127. Need A function which...
  128. Any opinions on CodeIgnitor Framework?
  129. installing php locally. PHP.ini 2 lines to write
  130. do you know a directory script that allows for logo upload?
  131. what is the difference between echo and print
  132. calling javascript function in a php code
  133. want my email sent using SMTP
  134. Add and Update not working
  135. connect
  136. Php Cookie based voting script
  137. PHP code for profile
  138. Calling one PHP script from another
  139. Chinese Characters
  140. Image gallery - my own script
  141. $_SESSION in <select> element
  142. debugging php mail
  143. FPDF
  144. check MAX_FILE_SIZE
  145. define a constant array
  146. Form submission same field, multiple values
  147. image crop polygon
  148. Clickable File Link in PHP
  149. How to investigate slow LAMP site?
  150. Unable to see full result of mysql query in php
  151. Undefined Index Error
  152. PHP file displays code
  153. Finaly I'm done with my website
  154. count last row in a excel file
  155. Displaying the contents of a mediumblob
  156. php.ini not loaded
  157. Php error in module mode and not in CGI
  158. how to make changes in web site
  159. files from directory
  160. Get unlimited visitors to your website
  161. removing every even character from a string
  162. Execute php files
  163. Jpgraph in FPDF
  164. Applying quote_smart() to Arrays
  165. Warning: ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Can't contact LDAP Server
  166. Calling a static function.
  167. Protecting source code
  168. basename(dirname($var))
  169. Joining search queries
  170. Help - stripping special characters from email and retaining html tags
  171. PHP Editor/IDE
  172. Dynamic Array Vars
  173. mysql_connect and encrypted password
  174. Encoding problem when using OpenLaszlo
  175. No "$results" from query on Godaddy DB.. Solved it thanks!..
  176. select value in a table
  177. php and javascript ????
  178. Allowing two "if" statements
  179. Executing multiple commands in PHP
  180. Convert file .doc to .html in Unix/Linux OS
  181. how to convert blob into string
  182. browsing photos
  183. New lines to <br>
  184. Problem in Sorting two resultset..
  185. How to insert all possible choices in the checkbox?
  186. converting Excel to MySQL using PHP
  187. Batch Job Scheduler
  188. MSSQL_QUERY not returning True
  189. php.ini location
  190. Volunteers for a scientific project.
  191. send out invitations to friendlist emails
  192. Purpose of '#' character in regular expressions
  193. Some email providers don't recieve my emails
  194. looping through a result set. How?
  195. Exec() and 'keyboard' input
  196. would it be more natural if it is "loopover ($arr as $value)"
  197. File Attachment problem with PHPMailer class
  198. Select a region based on a country selected
  199. Ratings????
  200. Echoing a variable inside a function ... no output.
  201. PERL -> PHP <STDIN> equivalent for PHP CLI
  202. Cookie difference IE/FF
  203. PHP if statement within echo?
  204. How to use a form to insert or update question..
  205. Script Modeling (UML)
  206. Including all the files in a directory
  207. MS Access
  208. question about notpade++
  209. PHP Object BLOB storage in MySQL
  210. showing mysql data as html wysisyg
  211. Send HTML mail with PEAR
  212. Creating a tree menu with PHP/MySQL and Smarty
  213. Anti Leech php script
  214. i'm a beginner in php what sort of excercises or scripts to try to hold on the grip
  215. Preventing data loss when the User refreshes the page
  216. php smarty
  217. Detecting an empty file and removing slashes from text
  218. PHP and MSSQL - executing php code from mssql
  219. what is the pid when running php in FASTCGI server mode
  220. Very frustrating Parse error on Html table creation, using time().
  221. Send data to print one page at a time
  222. access php cli from flash
  223. Mysql table crash
  224. Format text in a CSV file
  225. Import MySQL table data into PHP
  226. Adding users in phpBB 2.0.x
  227. Delete new lines
  228. read parent directory in PHP
  229. How to send mass mails?
  230. Creating a list box with options that link to other pages
  231. inserting session values into database
  232. how to retain the values when the page is refreshed
  233. how to open new page with php using if statment
  234. Newbee Question
  235. PHP5, Win2003, Apache need help bad
  236. Recalling stored session values
  237. PHP Drop down Menus
  238. how do we delay a page redirect
  239. mail() and pdf attachment
  240. Template systems - which method?
  241. magic method's __set().
  242. Complete header control with curl
  243. How to create page navigation buttons in PHP.
  244. Need help, PHP5 no errors show and server will not parse php code.
  245. 500 Internal Server Error w/ PHP 5 and Vista
  246. excell to mysql
  247. error
  248. Check it out:Very good online resources,tons of cool men and beautiful women eager for lovers....:
  249. access to the file containing passwords
  250. submitting two forms in a single page
  251. Display Window username with javascript
  252. display the value error
  253. php undefined offset error
  254. Array small question
  255. php.ini listed in phpinfo questions
  256. treeview
  257. (yet another) DB Class...
  258. Redirecting to the same Login Form after invalid login
  259. PHP & MS Access Date
  260. Webpage not displaying records
  261. Where is the location for store session variable?
  262. echo text to a text box
  263. Tool to find unused methods?
  264. Upload error message display
  265. List of Predefined PHP exceptions
  266. How to call a class function from XML
  267. Simple image gallery?
  268. Switching Pics with the Date
  269. Suggest me a Voting / Polling tool
  270. issue - Pear's Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer creates a 0 byte file
  271. Passing JavaScript form field to PHP function
  272. Retrieve One Row Of MySQL
  273. Paging Problems
  274. inbuilt PHP function to check date and time.
  275. php (store send mail in to sent box)
  276. Casting Objects Within Class?
  277. php+oracle+insert multiple clob
  278. php download
  279. PHP Detail page help
  280. simultaneous inserting of row in a databse
  281. parsing of squid log
  282. PHP Form Mailer Problems
  283. retrieving data from memo data type field
  284. CSS is inactive when sending mail through PHP
  285. Computer tools
  286. mysql_query(), mysql_numrows(), foreach() and implode() problems
  287. Header Redirect with Anchor Workaround
  288. Problems in removing double quotations
  289. Undefined index Beginer here
  290. Configuring PHP 4, Oracle 10g, and IIS 6
  291. MySQL not working on PHP 5.2.4 zip based install
  292. Help Using Checkboxes to delete MySQL Rows.
  293. How to sort array values
  294. Link to a PHP page not working.
  295. PHP multiple fields
  296. Text truncated to 255 chars with ODBC
  297. Embeded font
  298. Apache Mod Rewrite
  299. Scheduling a PHP Script
  300. + OsCommerece Shopping Cart
  301. PHP Tracker
  302. e-commerce
  303. If result set is empty print "no records"
  304. Retrive client windows username in php
  305. Get unlimited visitors to your website
  306. Parse Error:
  307. embedded links with php
  308. php convert zip
  309. PHPDev5 | Mail Function
  310. Error: Notice: Undefined index: channels in /home/forcefed/public_html/index.php on
  311. MySQL query not returning expected results.
  312. return a reference but it is a number, like 100
  313. Oscommers problem, all data is being deleted.
  314. mcrypt_encrypt giving different results for same input?
  315. How parse XML variable to Javascript
  316. Working with php on a new site but after a few clicks site loads only on a mac not pc
  317. dynamic image and area creation
  318. how do you pass a zero as a function argument?
  319. PRADO 3.1.1 is released
  320. Accessing a PDO DB object from within Singleton pattern
  321. How can you pull a random item and leave that item on site for a specified time period?
  322. PHP5 and Apache 1.3 in Ubuntu - how?
  323. Search Engine not returning any results.
  324. Calculating the difference
  325. changing From in email envelope
  326. new Object()->function() ?
  327. filtering key-value pairs in a multidimensional array
  328. PHP JOB India Noida 2+
  329. include with image
  330. How to create a dynamic drop down box
  331. Hotmail style paging
  332. Get MySQL function clean-up and support required
  333. Any good PHP performance management tools?
  334. .inc extension files not runing on WAMPP
  335. Escaping SQLite
  336. Need help with sending HTML formatted emails
  337. Restrict file types in upload
  338. Proposal for Lite Encryption for Login Form without SSL
  339. Getting a parse error when comparing strings.
  340. Save PHP variables to a text file
  341. $_SESSION array
  342. How to find out what PHP error was printed?
  343. Dbugging PHP and Eclipse
  344. Cannot instantiate non-existent class
  345. redirect after send form to email with message
  346. PHP login templates
  347. .htacess and fopen
  348. which language allows you to change an argument's value?
  349. create dynamic sub domain
  350. Do you use _set?
  351. the usort 's puzzle
  352. Can't insert and retrive session_id into mysql database
  353. Getting Remote Windows Username on Intranet
  354. Function to check file extension not working
  355. creating a forum
  356. how to auto generate such tables?
  357. Can this be RegEx, or do I have to go DOM?
  358. Good storage solution
  359. New To PHP
  360. Export local variable to global variable scope?
  361. Format a number with grouped thousands
  362. Cross Server Saving a html page to my server with php proxy
  363. Working with crystal reports
  364. <?php title ?>
  365. PHP CLI & Forking children
  366. Commission Junction SOAP access Error
  367. unable 2 open phpmyadmin in easyphp
  368. How to transfer text file into oracle database by using php?
  369. converting a javascript variable to php variable
  370. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  371. Count the visitor of website
  372. Count the visitor of website
  373. if a have a mass of binary data, which is suppose to be an image, how do I turn it into a file on a harddrive?
  374. Framework - do we need to go with framework
  375. Executing external program without getting output
  376. PHP mail() function sends nothing
  377. cURL lib
  378. How to get and store visitors IP address in a MySQL database.
  379. Table schema for user login system?
  380. php4 insert()
  381. Choosing a database table dynamically by the value of a session variable
  382. regular expression time out
  383. Uploading a file to my shared-server.
  384. Nunber check Function failing
  385. How to re-fill a form with its original data if the user is sent back?
  386. <?= does not work on Windows XP Apache 2.2.x and PHP 5.2.4
  387. login page code
  388. if $a =& $b is assignment by reference, why don't you need to dereference it?
  389. Creating database in php
  390. test..
  391. Basic multilevel admin panel
  392. Why get_file_contents not working?
  393. Learning patterns... Decorator
  394. not receiving emails expected
  395. using $array1 = $array2 in PHP5 as if array is an object?
  396. Tidy removing img and link paths
  397. Can this task be done a better way?
  398. multidimensional array of arrays
  399. PHP 5.2.4 core dump during pear install
  400. need help with moving a html site to mysql php
  401. If Checkbox Is Empty, Display Different Result
  402. in PHP 5, $obj1 = $obj2 not the same as $obj1 =& $obj2
  403. php problem with gd library
  404. thumbnails of transparent background gifs
  405. Site preview with thumb
  406. Search Engine Optimization with PHP
  407. php 5 error + lighttpd
  408. Passing ID through form
  409. Client server sockets script
  410. PHP: FOPEN issue
  411. Client server sockets script
  412. Session full details
  413. How to prevent form data being re-submit when page is refreshed?
  414. How to test Procedural code using "PHPUnit" Framework?
  415. How to read serial port(rs232port) by using php code?
  416. How to implement a webservice (e.g., Google API)
  417. How to destroy session when browser closed (window closed)
  418. Looking for product catalogue/shop
  419. Can i design php page on Front page ?
  420. php not sending mail
  421. WSQ image library for PHP
  422. How to odbc_connect use DSN in Other Computer?
  423. tell the browser not to cache the previous pages
  424. is print_rh() and microtime_float() in some package?
  425. caller has no way knowing whether the function will modify the argument?
  426. query issue
  427. Nameservers? Why?
  428. php from 4 to 5
  429. Come up with a cool PHP app and you could win
  430. fopen permissions problem - PHP5 and RHEL4
  431. php 5.2.0 on solaris 10
  432. How to seperate user input tags for image
  433. Simple db query errors in: 'unexpected T_WHILE...'
  434. official interactive PHP?
  435. abstract static methods?
  436. How to remove register_globals dependency from my code?
  437. need help with generating html source from the php
  438. Header redirect based on a GET variable does not work.
  439. php mail bounced <full mailbox>
  440. Ranking Search Results (Levenshtein)?
  441. Select records from mysql Table
  442. Regular expression help
  443. session checking for login
  444. Problems Using Eval
  445. How to get output (using php) of shell command from unix server to browser
  446. resubmit form
  447. Using Chinese language in HTML
  448. Need help to make a php script to work via cron...
  449. How to PREG any character?
  450. $_POST Problem
  451. read M S Doc using php from linux
  452. Passing Record ID Problem
  453. Capture Complex Dynamic Display Data
  454. reinventing the pdf wheel
  455. php doesn't load
  456. PHP string function
  457. preg_replace e modifier
  458. ADV: Zend Reviews
  459. Dynamically embed SWF file in to PDF from PHP
  460. Using seesion or cookie
  461. how to get ssh status on PHP
  462. attaching a word document with email in PHP
  463. hacking,anti-hacking,registry tweaks,compter tricks
  464. Display web page in php on click of submit Button
  465. which editor software is for php?
  466. Configuration in php.ini to make the session works
  467. ecommerce solution for bundles and subscriptions
  468. how to force logged in user to logout (kill his session forcefully)
  469. includes and paths and organization
  470. No response from remote server after migrating
  471. Delay script execution
  472. Full Text Search - characters limit
  473. PHP Sessions
  474. XSLT 2.0
  475. Bypassing an Array
  476. Uploading multiple files to server & MySQL
  477. does textpattern have a forum for discussing issues?
  478. Echo NOT displaying long text read in from a database
  479. phpinfo() page on live site
  480. good editor for php
  481. keeping session data across two domains
  482. =& when creating new object
  483. String Replace
  484. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  485. How do I disable magic_quotes_gpc in .htaccess?
  486. HTML within PHP
  487. Determine difference between two times
  488. PHP Business reporting
  489. Good editors
  490. forms + validation
  491. finding location (start and lengh) of a substring in a bigger string.
  492. preg_match issue
  493. PHP5 with sqlite2 instead of sqlite1
  494. file_uploads = Off ; but uploads allowed via PHP ??
  495. XML parser will not return a single element from my XML code
  496. Need File Upload Progress Bar using Ajax and PHP
  497. Using phpflickr to search for photos
  498. Don't get all records from SQL-table
  499. I could not connect for multiple login
  500. Please send me the driver file ""
  501. transfer excel worksheet data to mysql table
  502. how to protect php code?
  503. Saving an uploaded file with a User-specified name
  504. Creating a watchlist
  505. Parse the date into integer
  506. Dynamic forms ???
  507. weather file - accessing xml data
  508. Best freeware PHP IDE easy to learn for someone used with ide
  509. Newbye - help on installing PHP 5 on winxp/2003
  510. how to add several days to the current date using php?
  511. Loading different flash elements with session control
  512. Is it possible to interface with a bluetooth device using php?
  513. How to calculate the sum of the values in a loop
  514. How to use password authentication in php
  515. Validation of drop down menu and radio from dynamic display form
  516. PHP startup problem with
  517. php & html editor
  518. PHP emulator
  519. CURL = Error 501
  520. CURL = Error 501
  521. Login script seems to work, but members-only pages won't allow access.
  522. Configuring Apache, PHP, and MySQL for Mac OS X
  523. Problem with php 5.2.4 on wamp5 ?
  524. Find and replace
  525. Regarding LDAP and PHP conectivity
  526. Search tree for files containing gettext function?
  527. Unable to send email on one server; works fine on a different server.
  528. PHP / Smarty include() results in 403 Forbidden error
  529. Checking if a string contains a word?
  530. I need a xml parser script
  531. SESSION is not set
  532. Dedicated 404 pages how do they do it?
  533. keeping track of selected check box and its values on all pages
  534. mail() gives error: SMTP server response: 503 5.5.2 Need Rcpt command
  535. Directory traversal
  536. php & mysql
  537. Quick Question
  538. How to use a radio button with php
  539. replace single slash with double slash
  540. xsl:processing-instruction name="php"
  541. file extention - wildcard
  542. Check a varible for a value
  543. running pl/sql from php
  544. static call of non-static method? [again] sorry.
  545. Redirect to different pages depending on result of a form driven MySQL query.
  546. How to show player controller button
  547. Formatting mail() headers "prettier"
  548. server side form validation - update form fields
  549. static call of non-static method?
  550. accessing network shares with opendir()