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  1. search key help
  2. i can't set a cookie? Or is it a Windows problem?
  3. Win2K3 IIS 6 ApplicationPool DLL Loads Fail
  4. Passing selection box values
  5. Protect files (on web server) from web admin
  6. PHP and WGET generate 0 byte files
  7. Tricky array question
  8. Clear my Doubts Immediately on PHP Coding
  9. PHP Calendar/Date Question
  10. Help Needed: Upgrade Fedora 4 / Apache 2 to PHP 5.2.x from 5.0.4
  11. Return value of 1 instead of -1
  12. mySQL Problem
  13. IIS7 + PHP
  14. a very simple questions about array
  15. Problem with Include (newb question)
  16. Furthering my education in OOP - where/how can one learn professional skills?
  17. upload file class not working 100%
  18. function in mysql query
  19. Arabic and english character problem with phpmyadmin and MySQL databse
  20. Problem using FPDF
  21. Rate a page (like in you tube)
  22. array_rand() problem
  23. compile php with gd and freetype support for jpgraph
  24. Getting dates between two dates and related information from the database.
  25. SELECT'ing from an arry?
  26. MS Exchange 2007 Calendar with PHP
  27. udp read
  28. Capitalization and Classes
  29. assigned values in 'ByRef' call
  30. PHP echo function within an img tag, whichis within another echo tag! hehe
  31. multiple tables in one page
  32. Check if any fields are filled in
  33. Fopen does not work anymore, need CURL option
  34. PHP 4 to PHP 5 gone wrong
  35. About Php
  36. Cookie expire
  37. SOAPclient and the header
  38. SOAPClient Header PHP
  39. Please help with correct paging links
  40. new open programming contest for school programmers
  41. Auction Script
  42. how to check in the databse
  43. Running php file as a background process
  44. Header problem
  45. How to install ffmpeg PHP extension on Windows?
  46. connecting msql and php using the wamp software
  47. Multiple forms in single submit button
  48. MySQL ORDERBY issues
  49. Best Practice -- PDO, SQLite?
  50. Printing out info from a form
  51. variable getting cleared on host, works fine locally
  52. PHP_AUTH_* doesn't work on Apache?
  53. convert byte array to unicode?
  54. Can't get if statement to work
  55. How can I get this redirect to work? (and this mail function)
  56. Redirecting
  57. Control structures
  58. Html Contact Form Trouble
  59. Define, constant, quote, double quotes....driving me crazy! Help!
  60. replace content of object
  61. help
  62. Regex help with removing double quotes
  63. Joomla replacement suggestion re AOL problem
  64. exec() with Linux
  65. Duplicate array strings
  66. display logged in USER in textbox ?
  67. no message ignore
  68. sing two arrays in a 'for each ..." statement
  69. Simple calculations in PHP
  70. Travel Website
  71. Travel Website
  72. Is there an operator to compare likeness in PHP?
  73. search in an array of array
  74. How to separate data in Session variable
  75. ionCube
  76. Array function
  77. draw circle in php
  78. Problem displaying accents in CSV file on Mac
  79. mail() with authentication doesn't work
  80. Display previous month
  81. How to Convert resource as array of array ?
  82. how to stop page refresh
  83. how to retrieve data using dropdown from database using ajax on same page
  84. Storing sessions
  85. How Can I Create RAR Archive And Split To Volumes Online In Server
  86. How to scan the user-entered value ?
  87. Soap problem
  88. Question about encoding of data in LDAP server?
  89. best var dump I've ever seen!
  90. Using date link from a calender to query table
  91. For-loop and mysql
  92. Multiple rows added to mysql with php
  93. Multiple field Arrays
  94. PHP help
  95. how to create a html page programatically using PHP
  96. PHP Static Class Properties
  97. tricky replace function
  98. Bzip2 Question
  99. Apology to Jerry Stuckle, Michael Fesser, and Rik Wasmus
  100. mysql_connect stops via php
  101. Should I use mysql, mysqli or PDO?
  102. How to show the URL users came from in the current page?
  103. Mailer Error: Language string failed to load
  104. How can I convert a image to text code?
  105. Help on mysql query to compare 2 tables
  106. Is this secure code?
  107. Simple Regex for Alpha-Numerics?
  108. Do you use Pear?
  109. Announce: PfP Studio Beta 2.1 released
  110. i have a problem with interger number in PHP
  111. Email Form Scripting Error Help
  112. os commarce
  114. MYSQL access works on Server as LOCALHOST but not from PC?
  115. retain value to previous form
  116. conveting php file to pdf file
  117. Email script hanging on execution.
  118. Help with session count code
  119. Autofill fields in a form
  120. progress bar
  121. need help about download large files
  122. How to pass variables throught the URL into my PHP page?
  123. url rewriting
  124. Globally included file
  125. preg_replace
  126. Numbers in VARCHAR field in mySQL database problem
  127. FTP unable to connect with fsockopen
  128. htmlMimeMail problem
  129. Run a script from within a script
  130. require/include: constant vs. variable
  131. error in mysql_num_rows() supplied argument is not a valid...
  132. Find urls in plain text files
  133. Condition in Action within Forms
  134. How to Use variable of One form into other form
  135. what editor is good for php?
  136. How to create a log file in PHP?
  137. Format output from mysql table
  138. How to pass variables from one page to another.
  139. Converting fopen to cURL
  140. Spamproofing a send mail script
  141. Custom HTTP request not returning expected results.
  142. how to upload animated gifs
  143. url simulation
  144. Amazon API - Number of results returned
  145. Regarding object reference
  146. what date is it? PHP style
  147. Weird problem with PHP
  148. Getting country name of users using their IP address
  149. Refresh problem after submit any Form.
  150. Finding X & Y co-ords of text on an image
  151. Read XLS file
  152. allowing client to download swf file
  153. broken file upload
  154. Auto creaton of filed in a table
  155. How to change the .php exntension into some one
  156. unable send message using soap client class
  157. Quick terminology question
  158. mail() function sending twice
  159. Class, Connecting to mysql
  160. Validate variables w/out empty
  161. Radio Buttons answers not going into MySQL
  162. Why is server starting on
  163. get associative array for str_replace
  164. Formatting Received POP Emails
  165. Looking for help on what is probably a simple task
  166. New at php and need some help
  167. Greetings! from a PHP resource website
  168. flock and blocking
  169. iterating through object structure
  170. PHP/Mysql update syntax
  171. Help with Serializing Objects
  172. how to insert data into database by using Php and Ajax
  173. FileMaker and PHP and MySQL
  174. PHP cURL
  175. How to get the php function or method attributes?
  176. how to redirect to a path( a string variable )
  177. gh
  178. CURL: Result on console and in PHP are different
  179. Deleting uploaded images through php.
  180. ldap_add not working in php
  181. Joomla help
  182. Is it possible to transfer unselected values in a list box to another php file
  183. Open a html Page using PHP
  184. Php withinh javascript
  185. Multiple Domains; 1 Server; 1 PHP Install; Only One Domain Has A Working PHP; WHY??????
  186. Frustrated and confused
  187. Get the name of the column 2
  188. Get the name of the column 2
  189. JavaScript execution engine for PHP
  190. Important and Urgent
  191. Error on Insert on a Access Data Base
  192. Question about Select Query VERY URGENT
  193. Add recent searches to index page
  194. Get the name of the column
  195. PHP Developers Required
  196. Sniffer program to HTML contents visitors will see)
  197. Find the end date for a month
  198. HTML Forms, ONSUBMIT, PHP Functions
  199. avoid duplicated friend
  200. How to transfer Java Script variable to PHP variable
  201. Conf file retrive the particular campaign
  202. how to echo out the username of the session.
  203. multiple forms problem
  204. how to create 'remember login' functionality during login
  205. passing a query to another page
  206. FCKeditor Image upload with IE7
  207. using php to export data from mysql to excel
  208. Resizing shmop ?
  209. Transfer Session Data to another page with Curl Functions
  210. Problem in Multilanguage in php
  211. Sleep function in PHP
  212. Links to website
  213. Start array key at 1
  214. Upload file that does not exist
  215. PCRE - Negative Lookbehind Assertion problem
  216. Help connecting php to a MS Access database
  217. adding space between words preg_replace
  218. PHP accessing CLICKBANK data for a logon
  219. getting multiple url variables with the same id
  220. PLEASE SOMEBODY KINDLY HELP ME: How I can make recovery CDs from my USB HDD?
  221. Best way to get the contents of a local file in a server variable
  222. boost search performance
  223. image + text on top both separate coordinate
  224. PHP and MySQL
  225. syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE
  226. How to restrict multiple login in a time?
  227. image upload problem
  228. Strange behaviour with ' char
  229. Strange behaviour with ' char
  230. Mail Function
  231. Import data from HTML to MySQL
  232. Compare two batches of text and return difference
  233. Check if a string only contains "A-Za-z0-9_" and "."
  234. want to run the perl programs thr PHP in background
  235. What is PHP function have same features with Server.Tranfer in ASP
  236. selecting hyperlink text into popup window
  237. Null value / non checked chexkbox value posting problem
  238. how to attach together with the query in include
  239. PHP not executing
  240. PHP read email
  241. accessing variables in an include script
  242. query select as input to next query
  243. php5 URL file-access is disabled
  244. online quiz Minor Bugs
  245. PHP exec function no output
  246. PHP Debugging Engine?
  247. Passing by reference better than returning a value when calling a function?
  248. PHP site security
  249. Character encoding in PHP & GD2?
  250. cURl get Yahoo! Search page
  251. PHP-script stops but the browser keeps on loading
  252. filtering xdebug ini keys
  253. Session or browser problem??
  254. How to connect php with Oracle9i database?
  255. How to customize paging links for mysql table
  256. cURL connecting help
  257. PHPBB3 get_username_string() function woes
  258. Word wrapping in php
  259. Is it possible to pass a variable to a PHP script from inside another PHP piece of code?
  260. determine of part of string is uppercase, based on requirements
  261. Formatting a date with php from a mysql table
  262. mod_rewrite rules for live site
  263. Problem with Function Arguments
  264. About Resource id's
  265. Adding to array in session
  266. Does a lower php.ini replace an upper php.ini in the directory tree ? Activation in .htaccess necessary ?
  267. display question
  268. Drop down / login
  269. how to read string from multiple rows in a textfile?
  270. Question about reading an array
  271. From DB to email to personalized page and back
  272. Need scroller that reads a php file
  273. resampling images
  274. comparing two XML->objects
  275. Turning words in string into individual variables
  276. Best solution to tedious form validation?
  277. Keep getting "Resource ID #4"
  278. Freebsd locales (gettext)
  279. Read from XML
  280. E-mail Alert
  281. How to create log or usage files in php
  282. Making a link to sort results in a php script
  283. Handling trailing spaces after removing words from a string.
  284. Import records from excelsheet to mysql
  285. Getting rid of the 'are you sure you want to re-send the form?' on page submit.
  286. Trouble with AddType application/x-httpd-php .png
  287. variable value
  288. Include Problem ?
  289. Read From an Array and Create Form
  290. Auto Populating A Form
  291. anyone know this error msg?
  292. difference between mysql_fetch_assoc and mysql_fetch_array
  293. copy of object is a reference in PHP5
  294. cannot pass query string (GET) vars
  295. E_ALL whats happened with error warnings and messages?
  296. What to use? PHP or .NET
  297. Putting together a History from 3 different database table
  298. PHP code not sending POST form variables
  299. ssh2_shell on windows
  300. why is the $_POST variable empty?
  301. file_get_contents outputs nothing
  302. Is it Daylight Savings Time ?
  303. Failed to connect to mailserver
  304. Error. Urgent, please help
  305. File upload
  306. Help on Development Program
  307. to link two directories!
  308. shell_exec works for commnads like pwd but not for ls -l types
  309. Select list that causes an input text box to appear
  310. Help PHP Search database by selecting checkbox
  311. Help with using $_GET
  312. My queries do not execute. It just redirects to blank page. Please help.
  313. Why the mail cant work?
  314. Printing information after checked radiobox
  315. know when user tries to access php file
  316. General Advice - objects, classes and coding style
  317. What does @ do?
  318. Why is "include" printing my code instead of executing it?
  319. display data from mysql array one row at a time
  320. Decoding a retrieved password from MySQL
  321. Problem reading/writing sockets
  322. Optimization of mySQL to XML output...
  323. sums, averages stuff help
  324. How to fit text to a <DIV>/<SPAN> of width X px / height Y px
  325. trying to understand example code for Mail_mimePart::addsubpart()
  326. update/requery db
  327. Processing from without print function
  328. crypt and decrypt
  329. Hotlinking protection using php
  330. Send automated sms from application
  331. Editing and modifying an existing text file
  332. send email to me
  333. register_globals on / off - I think I'm missing the point
  334. Getting the last mysql query
  335. how to write select query and insert query at the same time
  336. XML Extension missing in windows installation....
  337. checkboxes in MYSQL table
  338. Line Feed Problem for SMS email message
  339. php regular expression doesn't match
  340. Textarea and Breakline
  341. .htaccess and mod_rewrite
  342. Need Help With a Form on a Website
  343. array inverting itself
  344. Integration of differential equations in PHP
  345. PHP - Search data from a txt file
  346. PHP - maximum price search on a text file
  347. PHP - display from txt file with explode function
  348. Question About Regular Expression
  349. Email triggers mailing list script
  350. URL rewriting question
  351. Parameters in PHP
  352. WordPress question....
  353. PHP checkbox input
  354. Screen Res Question
  355. PHP - HTML
  356. unset() unsets more than it should from $_SESSION subarray
  357. New to OOP in PHP. Where to start?
  358. Using php to create a form from a text file
  359. submit to dir
  360. Looks like the "conspiracy theories" really were true after all...
  361. php & xml
  362. sort object array
  363. How to make 2 col
  364. printing python script execution inside php
  365. Disabling browsers
  366. PHP script problem
  367. How to get same quality video using php ffmpeg
  368. unpack() function generates Fatal error
  369. Save CSV in text file
  370. Debug for substr
  371. How do I redirect after loading page content?
  372. Limits to XPath implementaiton in PHP5
  373. 300-500 GB of hosting. It is not advertising. I really doubt if the service is good. Alquian have 300 a 500 GB de hosting. Que opinan. Verdad o mentira?
  374. php script sporadic downloadable
  375. How paginate page can keep up after the table was sorted
  376. PHP Script Installation with XML
  377. PHP4 and Imagefilter
  378. Dirty Form Error Trapping?
  379. Cookies and MediaWiki
  380. c with php
  381. Internal Server Error
  382. trying to write php/ajax instant messenger.
  383. Cant figure out ajax/php problem.
  384. Creating a reference to $_POST
  385. header functions doesn't work with Opera Why?
  386. Why Wont My Session End
  387. How to save page content to a text file
  388. First attempts in PHP
  389. Where's the error in my code?
  390. integrating php applications
  391. Include php files
  392. Exporting data in mysql to an excel sheet
  393. Fat Loss 4 Idiots
  394. How to send mail in INBOX instead of SPAM in php
  395. selecting all text that starts with a in mysql
  396. GD_Image, imagecopyresample, dithering the transparent color
  397. how to seperate the numbers in $_POST["num"] textbox
  398. Error: Not a valid sql result
  399. parsing lookup tables
  400. Parse error, expecting `']'' in eval()'d code
  401. Calling JSP with PHP?
  402. Reccommend a good PHP+APACHE+MYSQL set for Windows
  403. Sending to email Problem: "unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE"
  404. Enter a world of maic...
  405. PDF generation library
  406. Script to access a webpage every few minutes
  407. if i am able to understand RSS right or no ?
  408. move_uploaded_file() doesn't; returns an error.
  409. Comparing arrays: foreach or for?
  410. Help needed: some code to help me get and list contents of an upload folder
  411. Finding PHP for W95
  412. How to capture client browser address bar when click to an icon
  413. I need a powerful flexible developer-oriented CMS
  414. Downloads, headers and scripts not finishing...
  415. Simple Regular expressions fix
  416. Using while loop within another to output multiple strings in a tr
  417. mysql_query() will not accept multiple queries?
  418. Having Problems in passing the checkbox value to next page
  419. phpMyAdmin Linked Tables Infrastructure
  420. how do I tell a browser the name of a file, for download, if the file has open space in its name?
  421. php/mysql update problem and switch execution question
  422. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (------)
  423. PHP Processors for Forms....anyone know their way around?
  424. help with post global
  425. php/MySQL index filing?
  426. list out field names in a mysql table
  427. php knowledge base/content management using mailing list archive
  428. problem with upload..
  429. How can I have PHP identify $POST values.
  430. algorithm help
  431. Using external web sites search form to query database
  432. PHP to Fax
  433. PHP script not returning data, please can you help
  434. can't see email BODY when sending email with attachment
  435. how to resize image
  436. my project recommendation
  437. Downloading data in excel file from database
  438. Pay-per-view implementation in wordpress and oscommmerce
  439. How to build a proxy for your website?
  440. What function?
  441. Resource ID
  442. Opensource bug tacker PHP + mysql
  443. Best PHP Auction Software
  444. Undefined index: inputValue
  445. Select list help
  446. preg_replace problem - please help
  447. BR tag doesn't work in php emails
  448. Simple ajax - yahoo quote retrieval and display in few lines
  449. File upload problem...
  450. How to resize image by GD in PHP without color noise?
  451. Any RSS Readers For PHP 4.0 and under?
  452. How to resize image by GD in PHP without color noise?
  453. How to access and modify and add records in MySQL table from a Windows Client?
  454. Finding variables in a string?
  455. print out variable name as well as its content
  457. redirecting user back from the page he came after login
  458. find month, have hour, minute, day, week and year
  459. Insert text file in a text field
  460. Insert text file in a text field
  461. Insert text file in a text field
  462. Unable to retrieve records from php
  463. navigate multidimensional array with path in flat array
  464. Regex help for email
  465. include ('url') VS readfile('url')
  466. Adding a clickable button or text into a image with GD
  467. Mobile phone / PDA recognition
  468. Exception error handling?
  469. How to use a ranbom generator ...advanced style???
  470. HTTP HTTPS Session question
  471. Could someone please critque my code?
  472. HTML_QuickForm2 (PEAR) and Rules
  473. Error while developing touricoholidays webservice in PHP 5
  474. how to insert the listbox values from php to mysql
  475. __autoload and duplicate vars clash
  476. how to write a code to retrieve the image (DataType) in the mssql
  477. mysql / php5 configuration
  478. Getting started working with media files
  479. Modifying php.ini
  480. Page Last Updated Syntax error
  481. referrer
  482. Regular expression
  483. arrays -- can they be words, not bytes?
  484. Undefined index
  485. Do you think my site is fast enought?
  486. round function issue
  487. Use of chmod
  488. dropdown box problem
  489. Dating Software
  490. Dating Software
  491. Dating Software
  492. Max. file size in fopen
  493. Generate a 10 digit unique id every time
  494. undefined index error
  495. more than 1 submit buttons in html + php in IE browser
  496. Word Automation from the client side javascript
  497. definition of variables in a mysql statement
  498. bubble sort
  499. Finding the replaced text.
  500. problem with php + form + input type = "hidden"
  501. what does this mean
  502. curly braces or square brackets?
  503. Don't write / duplicate email if it already exists
  504. Addslashes and SQL injection
  505. problem with php mail() function (too many parms)
  506. Know a good open source classifed ad script?
  507. security (dis)advantages of php
  508. private var = $_SESSION['var'];
  509. How to configure PHP 4 running SBS 2003 Server with IIS 6
  510. (OT) 300-500 GB of hosting. That opinion. Truth or lie? My english not is good. 300 a 500 GB de hosting. Que opinan. Verdad o mentira?
  511. I have problem with connect to MySQL server please help me!!
  512. addslashes, mysql_real_escape_string or magic_quotes_gpc?
  513. is it possible with in one form more than 1 submit buttons
  514. howto stop exponent to float conversion in phpExcelreader
  515. CSS Equivalent of Frames?
  516. Existing columns vs. Null columns question
  517. How to map arrays?
  518. Getting Referral URL from I.E.
  519. How do i schedule task using php on windows?
  520. Pagination Tutorial
  521. how to save the recorded audio file in vxml using php script
  522. to show fixed no. of rows (data) in one pages
  523. drop down menu
  524. Career Help
  525. php sorting number
  526. Displaying DATE or DATETIME in PHP
  527. Paragraph tags in script (textwrap)
  528. hidding data passing through url
  529. PHP Hyperlink Problem
  530. "Pseudo" cron job
  531. Radio Button response - continued.
  532. Problem viewing image blobs
  533. The principle of include files in PHP, not as in C++
  534. trying to create an interactive form for my company
  535. Webcam accessing using PHP
  536. arrays and explode help
  537. Site menu IF statement help
  538. Unable to UPDATE record in database
  539. Refresh button
  540. Use 'exec' in PHP to remove files older than 1 day in remote folder
  541. PHP Include - external files
  542. PHP and mysql help SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE
  543. Show MP3/MP4 File Details with PHP
  544. Read DOC files with PHP
  545. Show JAR/JAD File Details in PHP
  546. Retrieving array values by range of keys
  547. Dating Script
  548. Dating Script
  549. PHP Editors/IDEs
  550. Directory / File Indexing - Structure Question