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  1. PHP Warning
  2. Question about passing multiple checkbox variables in form to displayin e-mail
  3. How to get Subdomain with parse_url()
  4. run code on session destroy
  5. display multiple random rows from a table if nothing found in search
  6. How to access Global Array of an Array...
  7. Splitting a name based on Capital letters
  8. problem in session variable and database connection
  9. show specific data from database with php
  10. for each\create table\webservice
  11. php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed
  12. Showing number of records returned after search
  13. php-5.2.5 compile error with xmlrpc
  14. Connecting to SQLite3 database from PHP 5.25
  15. Update news entry
  16. PHP site update - 02-12-2007
  17. How to read previous and next urls from address bar
  18. displaying <DIR> in opening text files with table
  19. To get the window name using PHP
  20. Headers, session, include, - and header again?
  21. given a package name, how do I find the 'yum' command to install it?
  22. PHPMailer debugging (Failed to connect to server)
  23. Extension files not loading
  24. PHP Form Question
  25. Failed to connect to mailserver
  26. Regexp to force line break/word wrap in long words
  27. Does a login system prevent Spam?
  28. Best Way to Process PHP Form
  29. PHP Auction Script
  30. Would Anyone Like To Send Me The Code How To Insert A Records On The Database??
  31. Dating Script
  32. javascript content in $_POST
  33. how to make a popup window that loads everytime a user logs into the system.
  34. Update XML Data with PHP code
  35. PDT Zend Debugger
  36. What is the difference between exceptions and simple error handlingtechniques?
  37. Unable to get my POST form working
  38. include name from variable name? help?
  39. OpenID authentication failed: Server denied check_authentication
  40. Multidimensional array - search for relationships
  41. Installing Safemode patch on Mambo
  42. Keep script alive when set_time_limit( 0 ); cannot be used?
  43. Is OOP really appropriate for PHP?
  44. Preparing a html string for rss
  45. HTML portion
  46. PHP seems to be ambiguous: which result is correct ?
  47. Getting trouble with classes and functions
  48. The Quickest way to get Top Page On GooGle...
  49. bulk-uploading of files using PHP
  50. file_exists() question.
  51. looping to insert event types into schedule
  52. Help With Bitwise Operations
  53. PHP Query for Multiple Database Tables
  54. php unserialize is not returning anything.
  55. Browser Type
  56. cart shop, forum and blog as one solution
  57. foreach loops are sooooo tricky.....
  58. insert value in<input type=file>
  59. Get the highest result from a msql_query using php?
  60. What function allows conversion md5 in text
  61. Smarty Error
  62. calculate last update time
  63. How To Extract Outlook AddressBook In PHP
  64. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  65. pattern matching
  66. Doubled PHP_SELF
  67. Problem with euro sign (and others)
  68. Blog search engine APIs
  69. cXML response page in PHP
  70. set a banner through admin like page
  71. Variable email address
  72. PHP Positions in South Africa
  73. getting values of checkboxes.
  74. Session overwritten - but why
  75. How to Output Messages from PHP page to another?
  76. Singletons in PHP
  77. Joomla?
  78. status on Homepage
  79. Read a website with Fopen()
  80. how to get url
  81. payment gateway
  82. &$ in functions
  83. how to do Gantt chart and milestone using PHP, mySQL?
  84. how to do Gantt chart and milestone using PHP, mySQL?
  85. How to get PHP function status?
  86. Namaspaces, caling functions and classes defined in the global namespace
  87. I am new developer , php language.
  88. Bable fish translation. form goes empty
  89. php mail() not sending to mail Clients (ie, Outlook, Apple Mail,thunderbird, etc..)
  90. Passing variables to database
  91. Hard time with a regex...
  92. Time
  93. Access Database - Insert - Auto Number
  94. Reading File Summary Fields to Variables
  95. php with rss
  96. Include Pages and PHP
  97. PHP Notice: Undefined index
  98. How to open and read "feed:" in PHP?
  99. Why I need to set the memory limit for large file upload?
  100. Code execution Time
  101. inline HTML images using PEAR's mail_mime?
  102. Confused on how to merge javascript with php
  103. Is there a way to put text onto an uploaded image?
  104. keeping information on a page when you go back
  105. problem with fmod()
  106. how to move files from host to another using Cpanel
  107. pdf parsing
  108. Date get previous day
  109. Implementing Secure File Upload with PHP
  110. how to delete selected records from database
  111. PHP MSSQL non english characters, problems with freetds on linux
  112. how to schedule a task from a php page?
  113. creating table cell regarding txt files
  114. How do I get extensions to load?
  115. Smarty and SPAW-editor
  116. Submit Button For Each Row
  117. Splitting date into chunks
  118. php inserting table
  119. inputing "==" in opened text files
  120. "send to a friend" script
  121. Creating a simple feedback form using php
  122. passing php variable to input form
  123. Groovy/Grails vs PHP for scalable web site dev
  124. upload and insert into database using checkbox
  125. php sessions and db insert
  126. Is anybody here running PHP on IIS7?
  127. has anybody done any travel & tourism site before?
  128. PHP Send mail with attachment
  129. Code for Importing data from tables into MS- Excel
  130. HTML to XLS formatting
  131. Using a different session in a new window.
  132. Php/Ajax redierecting problem
  133. PHP 4.3.9 function mail and safe_mode
  134. Assigning variables in if's
  135. Survey of unit tested OS PHP applications
  136. Error message
  137. posting form to self with data display !!!
  138. Script running under Command Prompt or Browser or some otherapplication?
  139. Page Need to be Auto Refresh after every bid
  140. Having problem with some characters
  141. Wow, is it a bug? Session variable is lost if array with the samename is created!
  142. How do I see the contents of an object?
  143. IIS + PHP -- Worker Process alert & w3wp.exe crash?
  144. Inserting multiple records!!!
  145. I resolved that problem...
  146. Setting a varialble using a variable
  147. Is there a way to make a form name a variable?
  148. Number each row in a table
  149. Some array counting math
  150. Is there a php script to accept terms & conditions
  151. Complex array sorting
  152. How to use max() for 2-dimensional array?
  153. Suggested Mac OS X Leopard dev environment?
  154. php ajax redirect
  155. PHP code destroying the alignment of my table???
  156. error while uploading big files say 3.3mb
  157. Insert record using a var - basic question :(
  158. Search engine
  159. PHP shows in page source
  160. Problems with exec
  161. Search using Umlauts
  162. Change 1 line in a php file
  163. PHP to AJAX - a little off topic
  164. Posting information from form to text file
  165. read html file with php
  166. uploading a file! can i prevent the page from being refreshed?
  167. sqL query Required
  168. copy field from one table to another
  169. PHP Auction
  170. Comments For CmsForNerd
  171. Speciality in mysql_fetch_array
  172. Language translation
  173. AppServer Problem - How can I connect MySQL in another pc.
  174. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 454 5.7.3 Client does not have
  175. Help detecting User Details
  176. image upload & data adding to mysqldatabase in the same page possible?
  177. Get value from javascript to PHP
  178. Can't figure out how to create hierarchical multi array in suchsituation
  179. regular expression to extract text
  180. Changing cell color based on value?
  181. How would one protect against XSS - HTML injection?
  182. need help with my delete form
  183. require_once() with relative-path in Zend Framework causes so manyextra syscall.
  184. Configuring PHP on Tux Web Server
  185. Question about Assembla
  186. Redirecting to First Page
  187. Load password protected Zip files dynamically
  188. browser waits forever on my script
  189. Calling an array with a string as it's index... $($_Post...)['email']
  190. file download?
  191. How to protect password for mysql_connect in php script?
  192. User online or offline
  193. Options for Validating a Date Value?
  194. Searching a string for a lot of characters...
  195. problem managing session with cookies and session_set_save_handler()
  196. mail() function sending two emails
  197. image resizing does not work for large size images
  198. How to read binary in MSSQL 2005
  199. include/require cached and fopen is not?
  200. Streaming ZIP -- Only extracts relative files?
  201. see the jop
  202. see the picture
  203. displaying mySQL data in php
  204. how to delete the remaining records from a specified date(ex:lasstdate)
  205. grabbing html data from sql database and displaying as html
  206. PEAR MDB2 Unknown Error
  207. Getting php to run ob button click
  208. html_entity_decode when reading from a database
  209. move_uploaded_file lose variables
  210. Does MD5 work cross-platform?
  211. Help out at the first open source hospitality network
  212. select_audio.php on line 43
  213. PHP and daylight saving time
  214. Using DOMXML with PHP
  215. New to Sessions 2
  216. Problem in reading a file from database
  217. PHP thinks existing extension files don't exist.
  218. php and qmail queue (qmail-qstat)
  219. CMS Brazuca bombando!
  220. Javascript not working
  221. Change url without actually changing it.
  222. Accessing superglobal elements
  223. Can Imagegrabscreen() actually grab content?
  224. Downloading a file from http url
  225. PEAR Package not found by PHP
  226. mail() - message lines <= 70 chars
  227. Data From a Form to JavaScript to PHP and onto MySQL
  228. Random generator
  229. restrict browse access to folder by php
  230. Integrate Php with .Net
  231. location finder by typing your post code (UK)
  232. adding rows to the table
  233. PHP buttons and variables
  234. configuring php in xp profissional with iis as web server
  235. Please need Classified script with payment option
  236. PHP and SQLIte: UPDATE statement fails
  237. Half duplax Voice proraming
  238. Currency...
  239. Adding space to string
  240. Want search on timestamp ! Any other alternative ??
  241. Debug
  242. php code, timezones affecting mysql?
  243. Looking for a Data Minion compatible shopping cart written in PHP
  244. Massive problem with output buffering
  245. Can I Read from XLS (Excel) documents as if it were a database?
  246. PHP/MySQL warnings about results
  247. SOAP on php v5.2.4
  248. [SQL] need help on a mysql query
  249. php image upload ,resize &making thumbnail
  250. Looking for a generic DB-maintenance application
  251. DocumentRoot syntax error in a VirtualHost config on Apache
  252. Using a form to search a database
  253. php session error
  254. upload resume from form to database and later retrieve in another php file
  255. loop through php page with different GET and save
  256. opening a txt file in php
  257. CheckBox Selection Based on data retrieved
  258. to show the doc file in web pages
  259. htaccess redirect
  260. While Loop Problem
  261. Login Form (USERid, Password) getting error
  262. how to multiply the numbers inside for loop when is loop?
  263. php calling c#.NET web services
  264. PHP5: precompiled XSL stylesheet
  265. How to select item in dropdown after posting a form?
  266. Security Question
  267. Tables from MySQL query results
  268. using this IF to forward to page?
  269. PHP BB Security Check
  270. Totals items from two databases
  271. unset $_POST variables
  272. CHAP Authentication
  273. sorting array...i
  274. SQLite PDO numRows problem
  275. Variable variables in classes
  276. How to create a login page in PHP?
  277. Content Management System- CMS
  278. How to learn PEAR in php
  279. Ad managers
  280. php code of a form both readonly/write
  281. problem while calling series of pages
  282. Redirect url using htaccess
  283. Hyperlinks in CSV file
  284. How can call .dll from PHP?
  285. resizing an image with the gd library
  286. Switch
  287. Session Problem - could it be cos of register_globals?
  288. Search Php volonter for humanitarian organisation
  289. Returning the id of an inserted row when using DB_DataObject->insert()with postgresql
  290. Code problem: Form will only work under GET method
  291. How to learn
  292. Uploading using POST method
  293. best programming method?
  294. Cannot display multiple images per same id in one entry-Need some help
  295. function define
  296. __contruct in php4 not same behavior as php5
  297. How to share/use a variable between PHP and HTML on the same page ?
  298. how to use ioncube loader dll ?
  299. Problem with image upoloading.....
  300. how to submit a form using php?
  301. unexpected }
  302. PHP Include Files Security
  303. Error in function imagettfbbox()
  304. I'm really confused
  305. Php Socket Read Problem
  306. Atuo Update
  307. printing .php file to .pdf format
  308. accessing array data inside of an array
  309. PHP autofill text box from MySQL
  310. Copy apache logs Ubuntu 7.10
  311. SOAP problem: how to pass multiple occurrence of an element?
  312. Clearing the "form submit" cache: how?
  313. Getting Values from database with php/html form
  314. PHP email form values
  315. pulling mulitple selection listboxes into a PHP array for updating a MySQL DB with
  316. Find longest matching key
  317. to write an arrau to a table
  318. Retrieve an image based on mysql_insert_id in its name
  319. MYSQL Error when i try to execute
  320. how to highlight entire row by selecting chekbox
  321. how to produce a tooltip ( like one we have in VB ) ?
  322. Make wikis for multiple people on one site
  323. bulk mailer script
  324. inheritance vs composition 3 tier archiecture
  325. incremental links adding to uri
  326. uploaded file validation is not working
  327. Uploading a file from a URL
  328. How to insert an image into a MySQL table using a BLOB field?
  329. Call to undefined method Zend_Gdata_Entry::link()
  330. What is the safe way to implement file upload in PHP?
  331. Php brainees Whether my idea is correct
  332. Error while opening cpdf_open() function.
  333. send mail error
  334. [PHP] failed to open stream: continued - 3 -
  335. Printable Output
  336. [PHP] failed to open stream: continued - 2 -
  337. nothing ... do not read
  338. how to use session variables throughout all pages
  339. send contents of page in email
  340. Passing an incremental variable into a URL
  341. If elseif statement help
  342. api for shipping with DHL
  343. get first and last items in array
  344. Uploads and mime type
  345. convert page to PDF or .xls or .doc and email as attachment
  346. Storing file information in memory
  347. Pseudo-random month based selection
  348. KaleidoscopePro Ver. 2.0
  349. how to insert data in the first column of a table in MySQL
  350. OT - ORACLE
  351. [PHP] failed to open stream: Permission denied
  352. Server/Client Date and Time
  353. Might be PHP after all
  354. POST data not being sent when sending large strings.
  355. 500 internal server error
  356. File upload
  357. Help with Image/$_FILES Handling please
  358. Passing a Smarty array to javascript Function
  359. Multiple where condition in PHP Mysql
  360. php.ini extension development
  361. Session variables not working in PHP 5.0.4
  362. help regarding frames with sessions
  363. Nested foreach-statements in templates
  364. how to use data base Ids
  365. help with sessions and frames
  366. Parse URI
  367. Efficient web search
  368. PHP vs Pike
  369. Spawning sub php scripts in a master script
  370. PHP5 Include Doesn't Work?
  371. Sending server response with CURL
  372. PHP compared to Java/J2EE
  373. new to sessions
  374. new to sessions
  375. MySQL Remote server || Open ports
  376. String as a URL variable - split to query recordset
  377. What is the php_operator.dll extension
  378. PHP Auction Pro
  379. PHP Auction Script
  380. Surfing Script
  381. Classified Script
  382. Auction Script
  383. i Would like to join the groups
  384. Help with displaying MySQL query results
  385. PHP to a COM object
  386. [Help] Script to get contents of a function from other file.
  387. paging problem
  388. What is the code to move threads in forum?
  389. Upload problem with filesize
  390. Overclocking Guide
  391. How to do in PHP
  392. Calculating Number of days in php
  393. How To Handle a String Containing Apostrophes and Quotation Marks
  394. how to find out the image size stored in database?
  395. Error with file_put_contents()
  396. Simple (?) Singleton Question
  397. Counting field and update database
  398. Array Maximum Size
  399. Linking image to URL using PHP
  400. MSI installer fails eror 2878
  401. MySQL: 4.1.20 DB from external servers. Why ?
  402. Downgrade of MySQL
  403. Next version after 5.0.4?
  404. How do i control a "foreach" loop when it is inside a "while" loop? (uses smarty)
  405. die() php but continuing on to html below the end php tag?
  406. MYSQL Localhost restriction || Multiserver Architecture
  407. PHP HTTPD Process + MYSQL Multi-server
  408. Help: SMTP authenticated server
  409. PHP: Simple question
  410. Warning and Parse error
  411. How to do in PHP
  412. .NET EComm Portal Revamping _
  413. Objects or not ?
  414. checking for broken URLs with PHP?
  415. GD library installed but not showing up
  416. Multiserver - Spread Traffic. Localhost restriction
  417. what is fastest php combo fastcgi mod php lighttd or what?
  418. Converting color image to black and white
  419. How to view image from mysql usin php in this case
  420. Getting a substring
  421. Using Ftp's in php
  422. PNG maximum dimensions?
  423. smarty using index to get the value in array
  424. How to use mysqli object in object, need advise
  425. Redirect Help Please
  426. Quick Syntax Question:
  427. MYSQL - Multiserver communicate tables ?
  428. mysql_affected_rows() question
  429. what is the proper way to publish newsletter
  430. reCAPTCHA PHP to stop spam
  431. How do I pass forward a file or file name from a redirect page
  432. Guide for this error..
  433. how to show in popup?
  434. how to pass a php array to a sql query
  435. user authentication with SESSION and FORGOT PASSWORD script
  436. Cannot modify header information
  437. Converting HTML content to word doc using PHP code
  438. Save dynamic data to text file
  439. How to read blob data from database
  440. Send User Name and Password to the Intranet Site??
  441. Convert exam.php?id=1 by google-compra-Microsoft.html
  442. GD Functions leaving lines in graphics
  443. getimagesize function and using variables to display an image
  444. select with DATE_FORMAT( )
  445. PDO and Oracle
  446. Convert some files from html to plaintext
  447. PHP Login Script, Why MD5 Hash?
  448. Two Bulletin Boards Different Results
  449. formmating dates?
  450. php.ini seems broken
  451. How to create an array of columns from a database result?
  452. Comparing Single Value to Multiple Values in Single Statement??
  453. Being safe with user's input
  454. Is there any function in php that will match a word exactly and if it finds it, it returns true.
  455. Using a class to handle the output of another class
  456. Using a class to handle the output of another class
  457. Is it possible to get the full url using php, url with an hash?
  458. cURL help
  459. Unusual Query of three tables
  460. How to get to know if file is currently being written by another app?
  461. Form submit POST & php on one file problem.
  462. Getting PHP to login somewhere (POST username and password) and then get the cookies
  463. Swapping array elements from two different arrays
  464. Mail to function
  465. Accessing help of wamp server through WAN
  466. Using last_id and transactions
  467. When to use memcache?
  468. Sorry to Mr. Stuckle and Mr. Fesser
  469. How to start with PHP
  470. Variable not passed
  471. PDF Output
  472. Sending textMessages with PHP?
  473. Posting Multiple Listbox Items?
  474. Stress testing tool?
  475. another parsing problem...
  476. Need help with forms and php
  477. binary and & vs &=
  478. problems with my login
  479. Forcing download dialog
  480. $http_post_vars
  481. Dynamic updating text and background running task
  482. Passing 2D arrays from PHP to Oracle
  483. best php framework
  484. Unable to compile PHP 5.2.4 with mysql extension on Hp-UX 11.11
  485. create a 3 cell table and populate it from an array
  486. Submit problem on second form in a file
  487. Scripting Advice
  488. Map IP to another creative unique identifier
  489. Why do my inputs contain an underscore after an ARRAY?
  490. Cookies and session variables
  491. RegExp help
  492. Strange date increment problem
  493. Question on PHP regular expressions
  494. Unable to compile PHP 5.2.4 with mysql extension on Hp-UX 11.11
  495. Enlighten me as to how i will go about creating my site.
  496. Joomla - opinion
  497. using fputcsv()
  498. Security questions regarding password protected ZIP files
  499. using fputcsv()
  500. Listing every combination of a multi-dimensional array
  501. How to create TRIGGERS in PGSQL via PHP?
  502. MySQL function error
  503. binary data manipulation
  504. search key help
  505. i can't set a cookie? Or is it a Windows problem?
  506. Win2K3 IIS 6 ApplicationPool DLL Loads Fail
  507. Passing selection box values
  508. Protect files (on web server) from web admin
  509. PHP and WGET generate 0 byte files
  510. Tricky array question
  511. Clear my Doubts Immediately on PHP Coding
  512. PHP Calendar/Date Question
  513. Help Needed: Upgrade Fedora 4 / Apache 2 to PHP 5.2.x from 5.0.4
  514. Return value of 1 instead of -1
  515. mySQL Problem
  516. IIS7 + PHP
  517. a very simple questions about array
  518. Problem with Include (newb question)
  519. Furthering my education in OOP - where/how can one learn professional skills?
  520. upload file class not working 100%
  521. function in mysql query
  522. Arabic and english character problem with phpmyadmin and MySQL databse
  523. Problem using FPDF
  524. Rate a page (like in you tube)
  525. array_rand() problem
  526. compile php with gd and freetype support for jpgraph
  527. Getting dates between two dates and related information from the database.
  528. SELECT'ing from an arry?
  529. MS Exchange 2007 Calendar with PHP
  530. udp read
  531. Capitalization and Classes
  532. assigned values in 'ByRef' call
  533. PHP echo function within an img tag, whichis within another echo tag! hehe
  534. multiple tables in one page
  535. Check if any fields are filled in
  536. Fopen does not work anymore, need CURL option
  537. PHP 4 to PHP 5 gone wrong
  538. About Php
  539. Cookie expire
  540. SOAPclient and the header
  541. SOAPClient Header PHP
  542. Please help with correct paging links
  543. new open programming contest for school programmers
  544. Auction Script
  545. how to check in the databse
  546. Running php file as a background process
  547. Header problem
  548. How to install ffmpeg PHP extension on Windows?
  549. connecting msql and php using the wamp software
  550. Multiple forms in single submit button