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  1. PHP unable to unlink after readfile()
  2. you ask and quran answer
  3. write to log
  4. Return info about PHP installation mySQL compatibility
  5. How unique is temporary file names (from file upload)?
  6. Learning PHP/MySQL/Apache - Starter page
  7. Can i have more access to post data in a file other than mentionedin 'action' param ?
  8. Fill a array from ODBC connection
  9. php display errors
  10. Help...
  11. php help prepared statement
  12. Banner Page Impressions and clicks
  13. $message is var but $$message is ???????
  14. Problems when using PASSWORD( $pass) in PHP/MySql
  15. What is wrong with: str_replace('\\', '\', $content);
  16. ISO "sometime" help
  17. unrtf
  18. Output from python to php page
  19. Q: using str_replace to replace braket '{'?
  20. Use external SMTP server (like google apps) to send email
  21. PHP/MySQL dynamic multi-level menu problem
  22. New to PHP Facebook group
  23. filtering an ip address
  24. PHP Array from SQL Database
  25. Some help with some code.
  26. question about select tag
  27. calling javascript file in php
  28. How about a php5 parser-generator
  29. cookies & sessions
  30. POST variables are empty
  31. PHP Class Trouble
  32. php exec and nslookup
  33. getting a drop down list value with php?
  34. Converting to PDF
  35. updating radiobutton data
  36. CheckboxProblem
  37. installing phpmyadmin problem
  38. session_start(0), session already sent error
  39. uploaded files - if they already exist?
  40. Adding News/Announcements
  41. PHP Basics
  42. unrtf and php
  43. I need help with having one form's results on one page for multiple answers.
  44. Zend vs PHP extension
  45. ANOTHER Parse error
  46. Image Compression Problem
  47. revive the fresh-session stored or apply the re-post first?
  48. speeding up reading opendir...
  49. combo box selected value problem
  50. using smtp mail in php with windows xp...
  51. in creating a from .. some help needed ..
  52. array problem
  53. array problem
  54. How can I restrict access to a data file?
  55. adding php to html/htm files
  56. Dirlisting & filemanaging
  57. How to Upload and update images in mysql database using php
  58. Command line PHP: suppress warnings?
  59. get remote file content
  60. Importing into MySQL
  61. fopen to curl
  62. Large file downloads under IIS hang -?
  63. Temporary output (please wait screen)
  64. Removing unwanted characters from users input
  65. preg_matching an XML node not working
  66. debugging PHP with XDebug in Eclipse PDT
  67. How to draw graph?
  68. ImageMagick and PHP
  69. Using a simple regular expressions to check a filename has '.php' onthe end of it
  70. php mysql stored procedure
  71. Send email at certain time
  72. Mojavi 2.0 PHP4 Problem with object storage
  73. Email scheduling through Cron and php
  74. OCI8 connection problem with php and oracle
  75. help pls!
  76. defining the variable
  77. Make a form secure which accepts credit card numbers
  78. autorefersh the page
  79. calculate date
  80. can oci_connect be in a function?
  81. mail Cc problem
  82. drop down menu
  83. chown() problems
  84. objects of MyClass in array?
  85. Script to figure out if it's a weekend
  86. strtotime a2038
  87. Freeware PHP/MySQL/JS based personal web history manager
  88. Freeware to schedule appointments
  89. Approach to internationalization
  90. Watermark using ImageMagick
  91. Is there a PHP command to
  92. http/https anomoly
  93. How can I access other scopes (NOT global)
  94. Search DB by more than one word
  95. print tables by php code
  96. if an multiple statements
  97. copy/move files..
  98. how to save the element of a $_GET[] ?
  99. using unrtf in php
  100. php redirect
  101. manipulating text file
  102. Problem in code (Update query)
  103. Using Crosstab Query In PHP For further summing details
  104. Installation
  105. Working with time zones in php
  106. fwrite for log
  107. Higher perfs by running PHP app in (Fast|S)CGI?
  108. How to use Remember Me feature
  109. How to detect when and button is push on a site
  110. Function returning 2 arrays - which way to do so?
  111. Image Coordinates
  112. Using SESSION in PHP
  113. dumping a array into PDO::db using place holders.
  114. include function inside an isset function
  115. PHP - ASP Session Variables
  116. how send array to other page in URL??
  117. problem with include.
  118. Freeware PHP Windows Editors
  119. Separating static and dynamic contents?
  120. Multiple URL Variables
  121. php -r
  122. export data in csv format
  123. php and Javascript
  124. I just don't have a great feeling about diving into ZF
  125. Php Session Problem
  126. Control PDF access via PHP?
  127. Serial Communication
  128. view date as dd-mm-yyyy but insert to mysql as yyyy-mm-dd
  129. Eclipse PDT and EasyEclipse for PHP
  130. Create PDF file using PHP...
  131. regarding Yahoo shopping api
  132. timeout problem
  133. cronjob not working
  134. register - using PHP & MySQL
  135. Where to find exercises
  136. best approach to caching DB results
  137. issues with contact form
  138. How to split string around textarea tags?
  139. Saving CSV file to read from php
  140. Reading PDF Headings and Page Numbers using PHP
  141. help with image name to match with DB table record
  142. getting the username variable and putting it in txtbox?
  143. XML Parser
  144. PHP -> jScript popup-> FPDF
  145. Reducing load for LAMP app?
  146. lucas ares
  147. does upgrade cause slowdown?
  148. CSS Style switching using PHP
  149. php 5 call to member function prepare() on a non object error
  150. TRIGGER Help
  151. static classes and methods
  152. How large is the mysql_query() buffer?
  153. Creating an HTML parser using PHP
  154. PHP form/database help
  155. jpgraph: text X scale
  156. Is PHP/MYSQL development domain gradually getting saturated?
  157. Variable value gets rounded off
  158. $_GET
  159. Lyricsfly releases API to their database
  160. File upload with php and ajax - possible?
  161. Setting $_SESSION in PHP 5
  162. php script as a cron job
  163. freeing memory
  164. Php Scripting : Mysql Time format and PHP Calc based on opening hours in database
  165. Script that receives email message and responds depending on content
  166. Problem hostin PHP web site
  167. is missing after "yum install php" in Fedora
  168. PHP read from file on server
  169. file exists problem
  170. navigation system
  171. PDOStatement::prepare overhead
  172. Search for a field with the same informations
  173. problem with this code..??
  174. how to update
  175. pop-up & pop-under Ads implementation
  176. can we do a calculation n auto sending an email
  177. how to connect php and mysql
  178. Problem with webservices in php
  179. Using a <SELECT> field on a Form
  180. Need CRM
  181. Do I Need to Break a Mail Message into Lines of 70 Characters?
  182. problem in passing argument
  183. Php form checker
  184. Possible to make a Calender in PHP to be display on html?
  185. Date storage format
  186. question about displaying select and radio button
  187. Data structure in php
  188. text file download on .php page
  189. Deleting session with connection open
  190. A wildcard problem
  191. Some strings are not true ?
  192. parse only content from node containing CDATA using DOM
  193. Accessing URL parameters
  194. Pass login details to Exchange Sever 2003?
  195. Attach multiple files
  196. XML vs. SQL
  197. Last Day of Year Date Bug?
  198. Auction Script
  199. how to establish relation between html and mysql
  200. mkdir permissions help
  201. Search Database Engine
  202. PHP equivalent to XMLHtttpRequest functions
  203. imagetruecolortopalette returns a max of 128 colors
  204. Uploaded images displayed after a few minutes
  205. problem in displaying image
  206. PHP/MySQL DB Scaling
  207. problem while uploading
  208. Is APC the defacto opcode cache for PHP now?
  209. PHP log errors
  210. looking for a CMS, any suggestion?
  211. Grid widget with inline editing : PHP or ASP.Net?
  212. Updating a database via a textarea
  213. How can I view multiple image in PHP through Database??
  214. how to create Re-enter password / Username ?
  215. Complete Amature
  216. Secure Login PHP
  217. how to make good use of includes
  218. how to make good use of includes
  219. Server Push - Cross-Platform?
  220. Image problem with $_FILES and $_POST
  221. admin user permission
  222. Unique, secured and short id using php. Possible?
  223. Forgotten password
  224. How to create a next/back link?
  225. problem with isset($_POST['submit'])
  226. Inserting alternating event/appointment type using time and date range
  227. url of pop up
  228. Error
  229. '0' passed to function treated as 'null'
  230. How to auto detect a remote IMAP/POP3 server given only an emailaddress ?
  231. Session problem
  232. radio button in mysql
  233. String handling
  234. Novice error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  235. which is better? varchar, file, BLOB
  236. Formatting
  237. PHP Cli arguments
  238. strpos - and multiple needles?
  239. database
  240. capturing control+alt+<any key>
  241. Forms...and WHERE in mysql
  242. Master page using php
  243. Problem in concatenation
  244. seperating by words
  245. I'm being hacked regularly
  246. handling 64 bit ints in php
  247. why readdir() prints . and ..
  248. Level 0 compression in ZipArchive
  249. cant compile php_imagick on M$ windows ?
  250. [Windows + PHP5] Localizing date()?
  251. Online Book Reservation (Any Idea?)
  252. using the header funtion to redirect to the same page
  253. Running BATCH files on local machine
  254. Gz Compression on the fly
  255. A textbox that keeps track of time
  256. How to install PHP &MySql script to remote server?
  257. problem while converting image to thumbnail from database
  258. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /opt/lampp/htdocs/Verify_user3.php o
  259. authenticating a user before opening a document by clicking a hyperlink
  260. find specific word in url
  261. Sending mails in PHP with a delay
  262. .net libraries
  263. persistent ajax/comet
  264. best way to creat Content management system
  265. Flash not reading the PHP files
  266. Passing value with Hyperlink click !!!
  267. Sending email using PEAR
  268. Use PHP to do Line Graph
  269. how to hide file name (.php)
  270. Server issue?
  271. Looking for a close package of secure register and login
  272. Upload script - not workin in IE 6
  273. problem while uploading image.
  274. file saving problem...
  275. for a new project should you do it with open-source or start fromscratch?
  276. Business contact manager for SOHO use?
  277. Getting random row from MySQL
  278. Returning image.... (header format)
  279. how to send more emails than servers limit
  280. Changes between some lines
  281. Server variable $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]
  282. streaming video in PHP5
  283. Cannot iterate through an object collection.
  284. Force PHP CLI to stay in RAM?
  285. Getting image as GIF
  286. Sorting Results Problem
  287. Time format in php
  288. PHP on IIS
  289. php sessions
  290. recieve zip file via xml
  291. Hi how to redirect http to https using php
  292. Logout Session - not working
  293. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE on line 4
  294. file upload
  295. Convert database attributes into record using PHP
  296. Asynchronous socket connection timing issue.
  297. help to code yahoo piping system
  298. PHP Image Gallery and Pagination
  299. How to create page parameter?
  300. Making a variable 'global'.
  301. Java Script and PHP
  302. storing php5 classes and function
  303. How do I insert specified time as a query?
  304. how make trackback URL
  305. Displaying 'image deleted' image if an image was deleted.
  306. A pattern about detect domain
  307. popen on Windows
  308. PHP Mail Confusion
  309. PHP and YUI combination
  310. Validate User Input
  311. COM ppt
  312. imap_headerinfo is not working
  313. Value passing
  314. allowing users to log into my website
  315. How to forward a email in IMAP
  316. schedule future blog posts
  317. PHP Validate URL is RSS site or Not
  318. function error
  320. Dropdown Menu Passing Last Row as Session Variable
  321. emailing data from my DB...??
  322. trouble formatting text
  323. Webmasterslookup tools are fixed.
  324. file_get_contents + https + proxy + authentificationS
  325. What is wring in my .htacess file. Please help
  326. exec php
  327. Passing Variables between frames
  328. auth module
  329. difficult query
  330. signout code corrections please
  331. Prevent duplicate entry
  332. Prevent duplicate record entry
  333. Will the code be much different if requirement on the number ofmaximum concurrent visitors is greatly different?
  334. Info from form shows in headers but not in body of email
  335. Call to undefined function socket_create()
  336. new MVC web framework
  337. Drop Down Field to Drop Down Field
  338. Multiple form submit using single button
  339. sendmail function in php
  340. Changing session logout times
  341. PHP Forms Security
  342. sort() and an array. Quick question.
  343. image src and relative path
  344. Disable refresh toolbar and F5 key
  345. HTTP Error 406 - Not acceptable
  346. to retrieve 10 records values from db and display values in a table format
  347. how to retrive value from database and display value in a text area using php
  348. convert rtf files to html using PHP
  349. how to get client ip php
  350. select from three tables and WHERE statement
  351. url post data
  352. trying to parse xml
  353. Select Distinct Question
  354. Upload Recommendations
  355. Help w/Zend Studio install...
  356. How to expire an idle php page after some minutes
  357. Would you stop for a moment?!
  358. Bad connection / maximum execution time exceeded PHP?
  359. security: validate post and get varis for mysql query
  360. Postgres from PHP in Leopard
  361. Why are session variables not working for me??
  362. connection refused error
  363. Problem with transparent background with imagerotate
  364. Too Many PHP Scripts?
  365. Select if in Array
  366. Changing AD Password using PHP/LDAP
  367. PDO: determining if a transaction is active
  368. Regular expression for check that an entered filename is valid
  369. PHP, OOP, and Constants
  370. Insert into MySQL Database with PHP POST Method
  371. can i use more than one header(redirecting page)
  372. Read specific word(number) from text file using PHP
  373. Migrating OOP php4 -> 5 - $this re-assign - Recreating an instance scope outside
  374. unavailable email question
  375. How to Convert URL in difference format
  376. Difference between quotation and apostrophe in PHP
  377. Loop of queries fails
  378. Session counting
  379. Need help regarding php with nested MYsql statements
  380. Searching in different table with multiple values
  381. Firefox destroying layout upon page load / reload fixes it
  382. Prevent scientific notation
  383. online editor?
  384. printf / sprintf function usage
  385. Return A Value To The Top Of The Script
  386. secure file uploads and downloads
  387. ForEach question
  388. Regex help
  389. accent char in php
  390. Cutting down memory usage
  391. How to install PHP + MySQL on pre-installed Apache ?
  392. Two Languages Using PHP
  393. Why did this not give an error?
  394. Hi,
  395. coding on generate password and username in php
  396. Cake PHP
  397. Looking for the author
  398. outputting a navigation menu
  399. Relative paths in require_once problem (possibly all includeroutines)
  400. Echoing from a Script
  401. Resource id #4
  402. Metaheuristics
  403. Need advices in choosing approach
  404. Radio buttons and updating multiple rows with an update query
  405. finding length of time from two date/time entries
  406. Code revealed to user!
  407. Massive data and database, how to handle it efficiently?
  408. Remove everything between square brackets.
  409. Modifing a small script
  410. help regarding permission issue in Joomla
  411. PHP Sending mail
  412. Difference between mysql_affected_rows() and mysql_num_rows()
  413. updated scripts for calculating UPS shipping?
  414. Adding screenshoots to my site...
  415. health surveillance system coding
  416. I cannot understand why php flags up certain code that used elsewhere is fine
  417. image using xampp
  418. Changing arrays at runtime
  419. Need help with WebCam page, understanding scripts?
  420. Making my site secure
  421. get extension of a file
  422. Mail Sending Problem
  423. Post with redirect?
  424. Cannot load into server: undefined symbol: xmlResetError
  425. How to append new data in beginning of the text file in php
  426. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  427. how to display/print images in 4x2 format.
  428. PHP Session Resetting on 2nd Page
  429. syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home/allummfa/public_html/auth.php on line 11
  430. Extract integer from mysql via PHP
  431. syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/allummfa/public_html/auth.php on line 10
  432. Time Help
  433. mbstring settings for English/Japanese Environment
  434. multiple images with php gd
  435. PHP to MySQL Connection using ssl or ssh?
  436. Increase in Failed Attempts after change in parameters
  437. Click event of a dynamically created input box array
  438. Decryption of md5
  439. phpunit3 using PDO could not find driver postgres
  440. Profiling memory usage of php scripts
  441. Editing a Generated XSL file with PHP
  442. TDateTime type conversion
  443. My form or windows?
  444. Php Oci8
  445. Authenticate the page with Php 4.4.1 on IIS Web Server
  446. Send mail function
  447. Dynamically enabling / disabling a row's elements using PHP
  448. Import images to a new image ?
  449. PHP doesn't find MySQL extensions
  450. stop duplicat entry in db
  451. how to use receive mail
  452. Read / Modify (Update) data of an Excel Sheet using PHP script
  453. Reset pointer for mysql_fetch_array($sth)
  454. Using a proxy with php_imap/imap_open
  455. Calling (non-php) scripts from inside PHP
  456. Good online html editor
  457. __set() TRUE/FALSE
  458. Graph statistic report
  459. Configuring the include_path
  460. php ftp upload problem
  461. streaming text
  462. mysql_close(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource
  463. php.exe does not php a page
  464. VERY URGENT question about calculating average
  465. read webpage through automatic configuration proxy
  466. why can not get the correct return value?
  467. Registered users only can download
  468. the user must not access the pages
  469. Does php has any function like 'alert()' in javascript ?
  470. export data to xls format
  471. registration form maintain when it reload
  472. [zend framework] Zend_Db::factory
  473. PHP generates tags automatically and does it incorrectly.
  474. question about tracking
  475. Hide Password Characters at CLI in Windows
  476. Not passing all records to mysql
  477. Multidimensional array declaration and dispaly
  478. Authentication methods
  479. zend studio
  480. how to make Quiz in php
  481. numerical evaluation of a string
  482. Please Help Me Find "mail.php" from PEAR Package
  483. anybody use zlib with php?
  484. Calculate Moving Average
  485. Passing secure data with $_SESSION
  486. How to make options selected by default?
  487. Why do constants have quotes around when defined and class quoteshave no quotes??
  488. Enabling PHP in Leopard
  489. Clear Button malfunction on HTML form generated by PHP
  490. serialize / unserialize
  491. Recommend PHP-Based Dashboard?
  492. Preventing Duplicate Record Insertion on Page Refresh
  493. Setting STDOUT in program
  494. Sending a HTML e-mail message
  495. PHP Tips & Tricks
  496. sending php page through mail
  497. php coding
  498. Batch/local PHP
  499. Upload File
  500. allowed characters in a string (stripping it)
  501. PHP5 and class inheritance question
  502. Adding BB code
  503. regular expression
  504. project directory tree/structure your favorite?
  505. multipart mime mail problem
  506. Configure errors with PHP 5.2.5 (Solaris)
  507. Recommend PHP-Based Product for BI Dashboard?
  508. populating dropdown list with column names?
  509. send message when keyword is submitted
  510. how to use stream_filter_append, for zlib?
  511. Method/function overloading
  512. export arabic data to csv format
  513. how to direct to my own login page when user enter some other URL
  514. error while using pdf_new()
  515. PHP exec upsetting get_file_contents
  516. PHP Developers Required
  517. unsupported body type in imap
  518. giving error
  519. Drawing anti-aliased lines using the GD library
  520. Control referring domain, another HTTP_REFERER option?
  521. dynamic slideshow
  522. same code different behaviours ???? WHY ???
  524. Insert Query through PHP does not insert data into MySQL Table
  525. LightBox regex, add link around images.
  526. Importing multiple files
  527. [Lighttpd] How can I access SQLite from PHP?
  528. String in php and js script
  529. Recursive menu
  530. Write to binary file
  531. Session Problem with Header
  532. Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent
  533. fputcsv problem....
  534. good lightweight php bbs
  535. php derived total
  536. PHP Video Upload
  537. I am stuck: Error on a line that begins with the word "const" !!
  538. using a button to perform tasks
  539. Value greater than value issue
  540. foreach loop not inserting in MySQL
  541. How to see if a PEAR package exists?
  542. error_log : $_COOKIE "Undefined index" "PHP Notice"
  543. Matching Items in Mysql Result
  544. HOWTO: Pull Title & Description from URL in PHP
  545. drag and drop tree with database mysql
  546. PHP5 code doesnt work
  547. updating multiple checkbox entries into php mysql database
  548. FTP Functions Error
  549. updating multiple checkbox entries into php mysql database
  550. php spellchecker