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  1. RegEx Replace?
  2. MySQL sysntax error
  3. Header for posted encoding
  4. message blog
  5. timeouts
  6. nice shutdown of CLI script by key press
  7. problem in cgi
  8. compress image
  9. "tinyMCE is undefined"
  10. How do i connect to an access database via PHP
  11. how can i add 10 days with retrieveing date using php
  12. How do I get this to work, Please Help
  13. [5.2.5] Sending e-mail without using local MTA?
  14. Problem with str_replace or strpos
  15. delete data from two tables at the same time...
  16. alert user of error/missing data in form?
  17. Notice: Undefined Index on remote server but not in local testing.
  18. mysql or mysqli
  19. Which framework to choose? And why?
  20. Block web page for specified IP
  21. Sending a file's contents to a user, 7MB only?
  22. PHP trouble
  23. quality php hosting?
  24. interested????
  25. joomla CMS takes more system resource, is it true ?
  26. how can i determine refering url
  27. Checksum function
  28. how to get the values of a radio button
  29. Check if user's connection is still open
  30. PHP/SQL insert issue
  31. php file upload progress
  32. has anyone tried the shining light openssl for windows?
  33. Include Is Not Working
  34. append a loop variable in a radio button name
  35. I have a question.
  36. Hacker's attack, please help...
  37. How to put image over image
  38. Website Domain
  39. session don't stor values and session id regenerate when i refresh page each time
  40. Help with query
  41. Random HTML snippets with PHP include?
  42. Wondered If anyone could help a newbie? add a file after page has loaded in php
  43. Selecting files from server with php
  44. How to Use this Class?
  45. Separating my options
  46. open or output the script with arguments
  47. podcast player
  48. Sort array for key
  49. Concatiniation of msg
  50. How to Find the Last Accessed Date of a MySql Database
  51. MySQL Output into static HTML
  52. input form with same name
  53. Hide text boxex
  54. Moving image using javascript
  55. How to get a JPG image from a PDF?
  56. hello...i want a php code for my colonder control.actually i want in my form
  57. Display this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in on line 3
  58. array problem
  59. Odd Mysql 5 error with php 5
  60. PHP Editors
  61. Compare dates in php
  62. How to create a multiple forms in one submit button to insert in the database?..
  63. Script halts after 60 minutes
  64. php equivalent to printf("%d\n",__LINE__);
  65. What am I doing wrong in this application?
  66. Question regarding program discovery
  67. PHP DIY Website database multi user/clients
  68. no curly braces ;(
  69. PHP DIY website database multi client
  70. How to convert a string into a variable?
  71. PHP on webserver downloads instead of runs
  72. Need help to custom the rand function ,
  73. creating a mail.php script that pulls email from database
  74. export mysql data into xml file
  75. please cUrl help
  76. SoapClient.__setCookie() and an array as value?
  77. SAFE MODE Restriction in effect
  78. xpdf - PHP Script or Snippet
  79. Has anyone noticed PHP5 to be slower than PHP4?
  80. Run command line php remotely
  81. How to retrieve the values of dynamically created textboxes
  82. Want to get data from google spreadsheet
  83. how to invoke a bat file from php by passing parameters on windows
  84. Inserting multiple value from <input> to a table in PHP/MySQL
  85. Load the data base values to text boxes
  86. Radio Buttons in Php
  87. Rotate 3D Imagen in PHP GD ?
  88. Timers in php?
  89. Getting data from a web page
  90. PHP odbc error reporting
  91. Using Tidy on remote server
  92. PHP5.2.5 not displaying the correct output from MSSQL query
  93. Can't change an object variable from outside the class?
  94. tutorial de PHP
  95. mkdir not working
  96. corresponding link to another file to be display in iframe
  97. Threaded (subject indented) php forums?
  98. php login as different usertype in localhost at the same time
  99. location from IP
  100. curl attack prevention
  101. Call to undefined function mysqli_connect()
  102. create directory name based on system date
  103. creating a league table from a database
  104. Indexing
  105. textbox output
  106. SEO plugin problem in wordpress
  107. IP address of a url
  108. Is it possible to add a button programatically in excel worksheet using php
  109. Upload failure
  110. Load data in combo box on user selection
  111. Upload Image Probelm
  112. Statistics for SHOW TABLE
  113. Help...newbie
  114. Creating/Enabling GD Support for PHP version 4.4.7?
  116. Show Table Status
  117. Disbaling Leaving the Page
  118. CMS Matter
  119. MySQL Vs XML for a Mobile site
  120. php script delimiter <? not recognized
  121. Forced refresh
  122. layout help
  123. How much to charge a client
  124. down
  125. using memcache for php session handling
  126. PHP 5 Includes are not working
  127. Problem with wsdl and soap - return null
  128. Regular Expressions
  129. php xml viewer
  130. how to find the disk usage of mysql database
  131. how to convert date format of jan 29,2008 to 29/01/2008
  132. open source email management software like Microsoft Exchange server
  133. Using 3 buttons in single page
  134. Calander event
  135. [SQLite] Compiling in PHP statically?
  136. CRUD tool to manage a single table?
  137. What should you use for this project ?
  138. login problem
  139. How to use SQL "LIMIT" keyword against an MDB file
  140. Coppying Session data to another key
  141. How can I veiw HTTPS headers in PHP5?
  142. function to refresh a page
  143. unlink permissions on windows
  144. Special characters pulled from wordpress database
  145. trigger a java class using php
  146. Problem in Upload image
  147. Image Displayed after refreshing the page. Why?
  148. alignment's
  149. mysql_field_database()?
  150. Retrieving multiple rows
  151. Parsing my PHP variables.
  152. Paypal Subscriptions from PHP
  153. Getting Paid from Abroad as a PHP Developer
  154. require, require_once, etc.
  155. How To Manage SMS With PHP
  156. Parsing tab formatted hierarchical strings into a tree
  157. Make the code be illegible
  158. question about safe
  159. User Updating Table
  160. yahoo mail classic address book
  161. Add 1 to existing table row if condition...
  162. Delete the row at the showed listed table database
  163. GET POST or which methode should you use ?
  164. Do people still use the .inc extension?
  165. New site for beginners learning PHP
  166. New site for beginners learning PHP
  167. Tokenizer Support
  168. Facebook API
  169. Deleting Cookies
  170. retrieving data from mysql having a common value
  171. regular expression negate a word (not character)
  172. Parsing XHTML fragments
  173. PhpDev
  174. Accessing string arrays
  175. pagination with URL re-writing not workin
  176. PHP page won't update mysql record
  177. Page needs to be refreshed twice for correct photo to appear
  178. DAMS-Digital Asset Management System implementation
  179. Want XML file to open in spreadsheet, not browser... how to?
  180. Name of function arguments
  181. Video player
  182. Hi it is a big deal to all php guys
  183. How to get values from vbscript to php
  184. I am getting this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function xslt_create()
  185. Drop down selection to set e-mail recipient of form
  186. [CLI] HTML output even with -q switch?
  187. I am getting this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function xslt_create()
  188. PHP with Google Map
  189. Display image retreived from SOAP as BLOB data
  190. Problem with sending email
  191. Floating point restriction
  192. Singleton
  193. Get page url for original document when using an include
  194. function not returning values into my array
  195. importing file in phpmyadmin
  196. Integrating existed php systems with your site ..
  197. session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir
  198. How to split lines in a textarea using php
  199. How to call function
  200. PHP read and write txt file with html form
  201. PHP error regarding Arrays
  202. Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\\PHP\\ext\\php_ldap.dll' - The operating system ca
  203. How to make URL cloaking
  204. MySQL display multiple rows in a table using PHP
  205. How to display an image in php consumed from JWS as soap message
  206. Email Validation (Block Unwanted Addresses)
  207. MySql database synchronization
  208. there is problem in my while loop
  209. Hi All! I want to convert English to Hindi using Visual Basic. Can anybody provide m
  210. passing query data to different rows of input text boxes
  211. MySQL design question
  212. php java bridge configuration.
  213. How to execute a script in background using exec() from php script
  214. Getting links from feeds
  215. Add data grid to the php
  216. php function
  217. rotating images
  218. help to display images from directory in a table style
  219. Is it possible to handle form submission in the same file?
  220. iTunes Store into PHP
  221. Files in folder
  222. fileinfo help needed
  223. recode collides with mysql when re-configuring php
  224. Payment mechanism on my website
  225. No phpPgAdmin delete or edit links when browsing
  226. Configure help using CentOS 5.1
  227. Matching a numerical range in a regular expression
  228. Communication with Exchange Server via SOAP and PHP
  229. How to make a column data adjust itself to the width of the cell
  230. Is it possible to write to an Excel template via PHP?
  231. how to get values of checkboxes from a pop up window to the main window
  232. Pass dropdown value to mysql database
  233. Which is the best server to execute php scripts
  234. Thumbnail generator
  235. New Page Craete on online server
  236. How get skipped row count in PDO-MYSQL when use 'LOAD DATA INFILE'
  237. xcart mismatch the item name with paypal page
  238. IP Address - Internet Provider Capture, Display, Send.
  239. Losing session variables between pages
  240. Trying to get php working on Windows...
  241. PHP Sessions Question
  242. search in php
  243. what would be the codes for a private chatting
  244. How To Manage SMS With PHP
  245. what is $httpParams in PHP and what does it do
  246. tutoriales
  247. PHP
  248. Ascii?
  249. find if exec is enabled
  250. issue with Snoopy Class and Fedex
  251. sort based on substring
  252. Suppressing PHP Warnings from CLI
  253. Cant get include to work...
  254. html to pdf conversion
  255. Parallel Scripts
  256. Help about mod_rewrite........
  257. Update new Image Position of Table to Database
  258. Electronic and Computer Science video courses, No login, No fee
  259. php subdomain
  260. Regular Expression: How the rule is applied for the Pattern'/((red|white) (king|queen))/'
  261. importing file in php myadmin
  262. php fileinfo help needed
  263. Using conection from two different data bases in same php file
  264. Relative path in require_once
  265. mkdir permission issue
  266. Scan page for all links
  267. FCK Edtor Problem
  268. xslt/xml processing, failure due to filename of xml is non-English character
  269. How to increase a DIV ID counter within PHP
  270. Good CMS design, templates and other issues
  271. HTML mail send in php
  272. return utf-8 character value?
  273. Traversing through $_FILES array
  274. Background Refresh
  275. retrive
  276. "WAMP Server" problem. PHP code not being executed.
  277. how to send html email using php
  278. Is HTMLPurifier effective, safe and reliable
  279. php under FastCGI
  280. Select text at intervals for array
  281. Display %-sign in PHP
  282. Parse web pages
  283. imap_open()
  284. question about select query
  285. Get folder name
  286. How to Remove the extra space
  287. geodesicsolutions looking for php classified script please
  288. How to insert multiple rows into a table from a POST data array.
  289. How to call a MS SQL Server stored-procedure from PHP?
  290. assign passed variable as selected value in drop down box
  291. Processing Checkbox Arrays
  292. Include error
  293. Keyboard input using command line PHP under Windows
  294. A change in the handling of function arguments
  295. PHP Array Values Retrieval?
  296. simple question: number returned two fig not 1 fig
  297. Using SQLite from PHP w/out recompiling?
  298. concatenate files?
  299. Way too braindead this morning.... Simple parsing problem
  300. CURL communication protocol
  301. Thinking of your next holiday
  302. Link farm script
  303. PHP-MSSQL Date problem!
  304. Problem with overriding Functions (oop)
  305. Change HTML page before it is being sent to the client
  306. how to automatically logout users from my site
  307. MySQL Query on multiple tables
  308. parsing and displaying a text file
  309. Is a static class member not restored after session reload?
  310. Preg_Replace AJAX submitted text
  311. echo as streambuffer
  312. Removing Items from a shopping cart
  313. How to scramble a sentence in PHP
  314. HTTP Request, character encoding and fsockopen
  315. question about select query
  316. League Table
  317. How to visualize network
  318. Adding Attributes to all XML nodes
  319. Copying an Object passes Object by Reference?!
  320. Help with image retrieval
  321. Help to use PHP file to read in data from mysql & write out Html
  322. include paths from browser and command line
  323. Converting Time To Timestamp
  324. 777 Permissions Problem
  325. PHP web services
  326. PHP -Date
  327. --with-zend-vm ?
  328. Project directory
  329. Project directory
  330. i want to find list of drives in local pc like c: ot d:, if anyone can know function
  331. Updating records
  332. Email Verification
  333. Wiki pages
  334. Query inside another query
  335. how do i get the first day of the week?
  336. Php code to run a macro after outputting excel sheet
  337. File Download Script Problem
  338. I'm looking for a simple template with "optional" fields
  339. PHP does not work
  340. A challenge query / results
  341. Automated web browing
  342. PHP & AJAX
  343. Scan web pages and compose summary
  344. Include_once( ) strange error
  345. Template engines + PHP cache worth it even if DB stuff different?
  346. PHP store solution that allows for multiple unique storefronts percategory?
  347. Unable to load dynamic library php_ibm_db2.dll
  348. auto-generating form value permutations..
  349. auto-generating form value permutations..
  350. How to send a html by php mail function
  351. Effect of MySQL being acquired by Sun Micro
  352. [SOAP]Problem with namespace in Soap Header
  353. class in a class
  354. mysql output in array
  355. Is it safe to store user_id in Session?
  356. pdf to html converter php script
  357. Mail attachment code in PHP
  358. Something like hotmail
  359. Image saving issue
  360. 24 hour schedule....
  361. Problem in Insert Query
  362. PHP Instalation problems. Browser doesn't know what to do
  363. How can I trace advertisement clicks?
  364. sending mail to Kerio MS
  365. Internet
  366. Keep Getting the 'Cannot connect to database'
  367. Better multidimensional search
  368. PHP easy font color question
  369. Some help with arrays / displaying results
  370. Getting class object information from file.
  371. Updating Records in database
  372. help with news script
  373. Rotating URL website Code
  374. Get unique combos from arrays
  375. Sorting an Array
  376. Flash movie in PHP NUKE 7.9
  377. PHPBB Hosting for $5.99/Month
  378. decimal formatting with sprintf?
  379. Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated;
  380. Sorting string-array without case...
  381. setting cookie before leaving page
  382. How to differentiate between POST and GET?
  383. 10 Reasons Why PHP is Better than ASP
  384. interpret string as path
  385. Is This A Good Structure For What I Am Trying To Achieve With TheLanguages?
  386. Multiple Image Upload to Server & Name to Databse
  387. Listing only certain files in directory
  388. Download xml file
  389. online library system
  390. converting text to hyperlink in php
  391. Download from remote server to mine. Worked but now doesn't.
  392. remote database connection problem
  393. tricky php, can anyone help
  394. Sort categories in A-Z order
  395. how to create run time file
  396. Commands out of sync error
  397. Finding out IP Address behind NAT
  398. Is there a generic Object in PHP?
  399. Welcome to my webside that provides help in English Study forChinese..
  400. "register_globals off" and "session side-effect"
  401. Report Letter Builder and Generator dynamically.
  402. Using PHP on a mobile web server
  403. mysql_free_result issue
  404. controlling what kind of data is returned by PHP
  405. ODBC Connection to dbase IV?
  406. upload_dir via http://localhost
  407. How do you secure a WYSIWYG editor?
  408. How to submit a form when user presses Enter key
  409. Simple email viewer
  410. IDE recommendations?
  411. batch file issue...
  412. $_POST adding whitespace to variable value
  413. connecting to MySQL using PHP need help !
  414. Error
  415. What is the problem in the following code?
  416. send me the coding for map linking
  417. PHP fails writing to text file?
  418. GET or POST method?
  419. sending email with php
  420. Mail function doesn't work
  421. Which files will be influenced by "register_globals 0" in .htaccess
  422. Issue passing a value
  423. Handling Multiple File Uploads into Database with single INSERT INTO???
  424. How to format a date?
  425. need help in arrays?
  426. HTTP POST from PHP using a link
  427. Job market for web-developers?
  428. prevent 1 account for 1 pc
  429. Send to GPS - PHP Script?
  430. Changing precision level of floating point variables
  431. Generating a .Txt file and mail it :)
  432. image conversion in php
  433. [Lighttpd + PHP + MySQL] How to test performance?
  434. Cannot upload large files
  435. PHP code executed though CLI causing warnings.
  436. How to trigger an error inside a function and make it come from whereit was called?
  437. Help with cookies
  438. How to stop code execution when an error is found on a function, fromwithin the function... It's hard to explain, just read...
  439. Getting the date when a database table is last updated
  440. Insert And Update Multiple Checkbox Data Using Phpmysql Or Javascript
  441. How to display the page contents in a textarea
  442. change file name on runtime
  443. cross frame in javascript menu
  444. Does smtp authentication work to prevent bulk/spam mails when i send it in php
  445. Mail goes to bulk sent through php mail function
  446. How to call the session variable?
  447. Thesis for WAP device\s using PHP
  448. Ways to assign a value to a session variable.
  449. Get file upload extension
  450. Use of session variables
  451. PHP DOM to replace html
  452. Size of GET requests restricted?
  453. flush() does not work
  454. Does anybody have/know a list of predefined functions in PHP?
  455. background HTTP request
  456. have a problem in arrays that having multiple forms
  457. jpgraph problem
  458. php prompt if variable is 0
  459. PHP Optimization question
  460. Keep Getting unexpected T_VARIABLE error
  461. misleading error message
  462. Can a form change session variables?
  463. Passing null for a class-typed argument renders catchable error ?!?
  464. highlight_file() strange line breaks
  465. cannot do system() exec() or anything +cannot unlink
  466. PHP include_path works from command line but not browser
  467. has anyone successfully run PHP installer on vista?
  468. anyone interested in forming a PHP group in Langley BC Canada
  469. Empty form data with POST
  470. Sorting Mysql Results by # of found keywords?
  471. PHP mail marked is phishing
  472. To pass the contents of a php page into a text area
  473. undefined index
  474. Session Problem
  475. Session Problem
  476. handle muliple clients in php socket server-udp
  477. handle muliple clients in php socket server-udp
  478. Failed opening required
  479. help pls!
  480. Discussion Forums error
  481. Multidimensional associated array
  482. using variables in a header(location: 'url?value=$value)
  483. session_start and session_register
  484. Populating a form with data from a database
  485. String Contains Function
  486. How can a php class read from a properties file?
  487. random number generator-- need separation
  488. $result = $stmnt->fetchAll(); returning duplicate keys for a singlequery
  489. displaying a file not in the webroot
  490. Need help PHP - XML
  491. Read specific line from text file using PHP
  492. How to Import contacts from Hotmail
  493. clients uploading Windows birtmaps - need to convert
  494. PHP Warning: pg_connect() [<a href=''></a>]:
  495. im using looping and yet it wont appear in my dropdown list
  496. pear package is not available
  497. Hide/show a text box based on drop down list in php
  498. File Action on Submit Button
  499. Dos File read problem
  500. moving average tutorial
  501. Eclipse, PDT & RFE
  502. Using load_font in dompdf
  503. How are my PHP pages being processed?
  504. PHP unable to unlink after readfile()
  505. you ask and quran answer
  506. write to log
  507. Return info about PHP installation mySQL compatibility
  508. How unique is temporary file names (from file upload)?
  509. Learning PHP/MySQL/Apache - Starter page
  510. Can i have more access to post data in a file other than mentionedin 'action' param ?
  511. Fill a array from ODBC connection
  512. php display errors
  513. Help...
  514. php help prepared statement
  515. Banner Page Impressions and clicks
  516. $message is var but $$message is ???????
  517. Problems when using PASSWORD( $pass) in PHP/MySql
  518. What is wrong with: str_replace('\\', '\', $content);
  519. ISO "sometime" help
  520. unrtf
  521. Output from python to php page
  522. Q: using str_replace to replace braket '{'?
  523. Use external SMTP server (like google apps) to send email
  524. PHP/MySQL dynamic multi-level menu problem
  525. New to PHP Facebook group
  526. filtering an ip address
  527. PHP Array from SQL Database
  528. Some help with some code.
  529. question about select tag
  530. calling javascript file in php
  531. How about a php5 parser-generator
  532. cookies & sessions
  533. POST variables are empty
  534. PHP Class Trouble
  535. php exec and nslookup
  536. getting a drop down list value with php?
  537. Converting to PDF
  538. updating radiobutton data
  539. CheckboxProblem
  540. installing phpmyadmin problem
  541. session_start(0), session already sent error
  542. uploaded files - if they already exist?
  543. Adding News/Announcements
  544. PHP Basics
  545. unrtf and php
  546. I need help with having one form's results on one page for multiple answers.
  547. Zend vs PHP extension
  548. ANOTHER Parse error
  549. Image Compression Problem
  550. revive the fresh-session stored or apply the re-post first?