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  1. datetime manipulation
  2. Trying to concatenate 2 fields
  3. Enabling pop-ups
  4. Multi-user Database Locking with PHP
  5. question about header() command and echo
  6. How can I create a pie chart from the data in MySQL?
  7. IIS and Keep-Alive - does it work?
  8. coading of logout
  9. How to create PHP exe ?
  10. How to get Windows nt user name
  11. fwrite argument resource problem
  12. using PRINT command and "+" to concatenate strings
  13. extracting a file from a zip file
  14. download file problem
  15. Autologin using cookie
  16. problem to store and retrive image in php
  17. Database synchronizer
  18. dropdown play flash movie
  19. how to pass a value from one page to another page
  20. domdocument::domdocument() expects parameter 2 to be long,
  21. storing exploded values into separate db fields
  22. array_diff problem
  23. SSI in my PHP
  24. php echo problem
  25. mktime - non-well formatted numeric value error
  26. How to do the multiple items with the same id?
  27. Done, but with errors on the page.
  28. Stop and Resume Download
  29. convert variables to lowercase before comparing
  30. php vs java netbeans
  31. Usort Feeds By Relevance
  32. MSSQL populated dropbox option value truncated
  33. how to call cmd from a php script
  34. ZendFramework... any good?
  35. GD text justify
  36. drag and drop script
  37. Looping The Alphabet and Numbers
  38. textarea adds unwanted spaces
  39. how do display drop down list selected value
  40. Dependent Drop Down Menus 3 deep
  41. Download to local after ftp_get()
  42. eregi_replace problem
  43. Print different URL
  44. changing row's color
  45. Configuring Linux as a Firewall
  46. parsing a PHP file to Flash with Excel.xls data
  47. Parsing a word document in PHP
  48. Measuring bandwidth used using PHP.
  49. How to use a single module across multiple sites
  50. Notification!!
  51. Print textarea field value from database
  52. Drop List Help
  53. Joining two php programs(How to?)
  54. PHP order form and calculations
  55. Wanting a "pretty output" for tabular data
  56. PHP to write errors to windows event log
  57. ZipArchive() (adding a directory)
  58. Flash/PHP chart tool with minmax line support?
  59. Floating point Division Help
  60. help --- 403 You don't have permission
  61. Using macports to update php?
  62. unable to read checkbox and radio
  63. Our human brain magic
  64. how to hide/show a text box using drop downlist in php
  65. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  66. uploading multiple files
  67. Stock Trading Secrets Revealed
  68. can you help me
  69. mail() function sends to gmail but not to yahoo
  70. page can't be display error
  71. i am getting the php coding while running the php..
  72. Encode characters above ASCII 255
  73. PHP Flash form help
  74. Comparison function for directories?
  75. generating permutations and combinations...
  76. Paypal Payment Pro with certificate use
  77. htmlentities()
  78. pass selected (drop-down) value to submit button
  79. sp's out parameter value
  80. how to select data from oracle db using loop under listbox
  81. how to retrieve a field value from one table and insert into another table
  82. NT Authenticating on Apache running on Windows
  83. Quick Search from huge datas
  84. How we can use XML with PHP
  85. The Best Help In PHP
  86. redirect using PHP script
  87. Soap server
  88. ISSET() question
  89. problem with displaying records between two dates
  90. Trackers
  91. Mail delay problem
  92. changing color of calendar dates
  93. File downloading problem
  94. Can anybody communicate with the operating system without the phpserver?
  95. Does "nobody" is considered as group-member of others?
  96. Can someone tell me why this query doesn't work?
  97. preg_match_all issue, need some help
  98. Error .... right syntax to use near ')' at line 1
  99. PHP English dictionary, API or extension
  100. DOCTYPE
  101. recommendations for a freeware FAQ module?
  102. merging portions
  103. php file not found?
  104. Windows server php authentication req
  105. Pass partial session variable name to function?
  106. CaptchaSecurityImages.php not producing image w/ GD and FreetypeFonts installed.
  107. how do i display an image from the database?
  108. Fatal error: Call to undefined function MYSQL_CONNECT()
  109. php mysql form isset wont work
  110. XMLHttpRequest/mult records
  111. Good AJAX Tutorial from WC3
  112. Mod Rewrites
  113. Concat problem variable in key value of $_POST
  114. Server in a different time zone
  115. Need help
  116. converting rtf to pdf
  117. converting rtf to pdf
  118. How can i detect the actions of person visiting my site ?
  119. How to run in localhost
  120. osCommerce
  121. Is fast-cgi a drop-in replacement for mod_php?
  122. How To display a page from middle
  123. Image Pan and Zoom script
  124. PHP Matrix
  125. Auction Script
  126. call a php function on a onclick event of html submit button
  127. Multiple words in Variable link
  128. Writing results to file.
  129. Writing results to file.
  130. php.ini not being read in vista
  131. Rate Calculators.
  132. text array not posting as null when empty!
  133. showing image from database
  134. How to get the next auto-increment value?
  135. Need reservation example
  136. Generating GUID tags with php
  137. inserting file data into double array
  138. how to get a script to run as root
  139. How to take off a percentage?
  140. limiting download size with curl
  141. Changing frame location
  142. PHP and XML help
  143. Returning a php variable to Javascript.
  144. error in SELECT statement using vars from $_GET array
  145. HTTPS POST won't work, HTTP POST does, when calling itself
  146. Manipulating form elements inside PHP Form
  147. PHP odbc error,with no error
  148. chat window
  149. WEBACME
  150. PHP Website
  151. connection to databse on your network
  152. Xampp + Mail
  153. How to restrict one user from one IP
  154. get Mutiple check box value
  155. Radio buttons not showing values from database
  156. Users who are free using php+mysql
  157. pop up messages in php
  158. Error in IE 5,6 but working in firefox
  159. Seeking a web tutorial on 'chained' selectors
  160. How do I get IE to redirect to a new page on my site in an IF statement?
  161. PHP number_format function
  162. Using the mail() function
  163. Subdomains
  164. Subtract/Add to date to get a usable variable
  165. How to allow a pop-up to open when a pop-up is blocked?
  166. dont know how to get rid of syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  167. If statement trouble
  168. PHP file making from directory... Problem.
  169. do not understand Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent
  170. cant show textarea notes when pulling from MySQL db
  171. PHP MySQL two table question...
  172. mkdir() in safe_mode
  173. How to call java function in php?
  174. WAMP Server stopped working!!
  175. How can I send automated emails to registered users from my website?
  176. php auction software
  177. store image in mysql
  178. Which script to use to reproduce this ?
  179. problem with JS validation in PHP generated form
  180. mutiple selection view in select box
  181. Auto Update XML->MySQL by using PHP
  183. Help with calender
  184. SELECT LIKE returns no result
  185. Printing out results from an array.
  186. pdo ct-lib
  187. user/page tracking
  188. PC Suite Nur eine bestimmte Anwendung starten
  189. My PHP website
  190. user authentication
  191. type=image not working as I expected in IE
  192. curl slow download in php
  193. build forums
  194. upload files frustration
  195. HELP with headers already sent
  196. PHP file 'Hello.php" is not writing anything when run through IE6.0.2
  197. Fetching Oracle BLOB data using ADODB or Pear DB
  198. php import to table failing
  199. Looking for php_mcrypt.dll compatible with php 4.3.0
  200. I need a programmer
  201. PHP with Javascript authentication
  202. imagesetpixel() Troubles
  203. parse for info.
  204. Has anyone used os commerce
  205. Hacker attack. What do they want?
  206. PHPXREF or equivalent with autoload
  207. instance creation problem.
  208. Export whole MySql database
  209. Displaying only part of a remote txt file
  210. Should remove comments from a file before hosting?
  211. Guestbook using php
  212. CMS for managing extensions
  213. passing php date variable to javascript function
  214. Display results from a - z
  215. How to Use Insert Query In PHP With Access database?
  216. problem in PHP database
  217. Retrieve Array Data through List/Menu box using Mysql query
  218. Problem with mysql PDO in Zend
  219. reloading page from PHP script included with javascript
  220. passing hidden values
  221. download mp3
  222. PHP mail(to, ...) question
  223. How to configure php with tomcat 6.0
  224. Parse error: syntax error unexpected T_IF
  225. Sorting Data into a table using to if conditions
  226. Undefined
  227. date format
  228. Problem with IE7 tabs
  229. exact word matching
  230. Can PHP run decimal loop step, such as 0.1, correctly?
  231. Ordering Problem with PHP and MySQL
  232. Guidence on PHP Developer
  233. How to maintain the users list box selection on post?
  234. Need help in converting urllist.php to sitemaps.php
  235. exporting rtf to php
  236. How to avoid display of filename in URL
  237. formula in subtracting a formula in php with mysql
  238. Determine folder a script is running in.
  239. Building a PHP website
  240. Man do I hate IE
  241. PDO and ODBC results in "Error in my_thread_global_end(): 5 threads didn't exit"
  242. Php searching mysql within a string
  243. Hello, I am new to this group and cake-php
  244. $_SESSION : Speed-up MYSQL Frequent Results
  245. session
  246. Use PHP in Javascript
  247. MOD Rewrite - Cannot work out the correct rule
  248. retrieve the values from javascript in php
  249. PEAR MDB2 works with MySQL, not with MSSQL
  250. How to convert php codes to java
  251. RGB to HTML
  252. querying a table using drop down menus
  253. Windows NT login authentication in php
  254. How fast is a server to a Desktop
  255. HI I Want to know more about php.
  256. PHP file management that can manage hardlinks?
  257. Need some tool for all Php file in a single place
  258. application form
  259. phpMyAdmin won't run -- apparently a PHP bug
  260. Connecting a Moodle Page
  261. Please help with Download Control Script
  262. Setting Array Internal Pointer
  263. mod_rewrite and /
  264. PNG images and base64_decode()
  265. Php5/mysql5
  266. Returning Javascript after file upload to php
  267. Please help me with this function
  268. sorting multidimensional array
  269. Email Problem using PHP
  270. Basic Authentication in a GET request, url_exists() function.
  271. how to configure PHP5 to use MySQL in Windows XP
  272. FTP - downloading a file in chunks
  273. Printing over the Internet
  274. invoice number
  275. update image
  276. Get a video frame?
  277. php - concatenate
  278. mysql_connect not doing anything at all
  279. PHP, cron and stdout redirection
  280. getting php to validate xHTML strict
  281. Defualt Value for drop down list
  282. Ok, this will sound lazy....
  283. Getting URL of IFRAME that is generated by script
  284. Database Table Display Problem
  285. Can i call php file in Javascript file
  286. Ajax.Request
  287. May i use Rand Function without query
  288. Object property variable variable
  289. variable variables
  290. Difference Between Compiled Libraries and Loaded Extensions
  291. Migrate mysql server
  292. MGooS
  293. select box selections to database
  294. Call Any Phone FREE...!
  295. Win Win Win Win......
  296. How to find out if a file exists on a remote / local server? file_exists(), fopen()?
  297. Software to test mail() function in php
  298. A new forum for technical questions - Register Free
  299. i m working in php domain and dont know much about php
  300. CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or anopen_basedir
  301. Forum Creation
  302. Server Speed with Sessions
  303. What is the 'default' value for memory_limit in php_ini ?
  304. Addslashes() doesn't work on $_POST
  305. reversing an image
  306. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'
  307. Need to know what an smtp server is..
  308. Performance of a Script
  309. Php form for emailing to you from the web
  310. Do you know any PHP module for data analysis?
  311. Add two functions after OR statement
  312. Print HTML text from PHP
  313. Different MSSQL output date format from the same PHP script
  314. input type submit not working with anchor tag in IE
  315. appending a new xml file to another existing xml file
  316. upload and copy/rename files at server
  317. how to know where a file is included or required
  318. When we blame, we give away our power.
  319. PHP code for javascript obsfucation
  320. MOD Rewriting
  321. PHP script is not running and leave a blank page
  322. how to insert rows to the database in a loop
  323. Modules of online feedback system
  324. displaying calender dates in green
  325. COM library
  326. Splitting a single array in sub array in php?
  327. how to store video file in mysql database using php
  328. PHP limit text sent back to browser?
  329. problem with str_replace
  330. Use Relevancy Algorythym
  331. Advantages and disadvantages of PHP?
  332. Run a PHP script in background of a Site in every 10 Seconds
  333. shopping cart
  334. [PDO] Setting value to "nbsp;" if empty?
  335. PHP RegExp Help!
  336. Appending csv data to an Array
  337. Page Redirecting Relative Path
  338. "please wait" type page without javascript?
  339. COOKIE results in 'undefined index'
  340. Tab order on Form
  341. make $_SESSION[] global
  342. make $_SESSION[] global
  343. where to download php_curl.dll
  344. If statements for Image Selection
  345. Can PHP array can hold 200-300 values for graphs
  346. smarty problem with mime message type(header)
  347. Making thumbnails 'on the fly'.
  348. want to get content of one php file in another php file
  349. Display php forms on click of radiobuttons
  350. inserting string date and time into mssql database
  351. selected checkbox value not deleted
  352. isp mail server
  353. Permissions problem
  354. Shared resources in PHP
  355. any small files-based CMS systems?
  356. PHP - Text field w/ multiple inputs
  357. Serving Large Data From Files or From Blobs
  358. Refreshing select page content.
  359. Reading a file via an UNC path
  360. Hours Calculated
  361. list folders script
  362. Problem with PHP RPC cache
  363. Trivial question of execution speed
  364. connection drops while script running
  365. Change the week start day to Saturday
  366. how to invoke bat file in client side
  367. Formatting PHP page
  368. selected checkbox value stored in database
  369. Change Left side menu according to user type
  370. Learning Models
  371. PHP Shoutbox and POSTDATA
  372. substr value changes when submit to mysql
  373. creating shopping cart in php
  374. Shortening text before full display
  375. check if PDF file is valid?
  376. Encode German characters in XML
  378. looping problem..
  379. How to Configure Apache to run PHP Scripts on linux
  380. Problem communication with database
  381. Having a problem bringing contents of a variable from one page to another.
  382. Strip URL into its parts
  383. Preventing Multiple voting without using Ip addresses
  384. Sending an Image via Text Message
  385. stopping php & keeping php alive
  386. email socket closing
  387. Extract metadata from an xml
  388. problem with printing array values
  389. Debug Option Enabling
  390. Detect Middle of Page and push content to next page
  391. Link
  392. inserting data from database in three combobox
  393. Getting base URL and parameters from a URL
  394. Error in connecting php mysql and html
  395. PHP Error Character (HELP!)
  396. Zend Eclipse + Subversion
  397. Refreshig a parent window from an iframe.. is it possible?
  398. No result returned (odbc_query)
  399. how to write automaticly running script?
  400. Install question - new to PHP
  401. Open Source PHP version of ASP.NET DataGrid or GridView?
  402. PHP mail function
  403. Automatically login/pass credentials to page
  404. Need help Making Script Work
  405. do a "while mysql_fetch_array loop" n+1 times
  406. Radical use of MySQL comments
  407. Types of Feedbacks
  408. Types of feedback systems
  409. Filtering out Bad Data
  410. file attachment in php mail
  411. Login Form
  412. RSS subpage
  413. Mysql database problem
  414. Splitting data and inserting into new rows (or table)
  415. Using regexp to replace url with hyperlink.
  416. Review my site
  417. Review my site
  418. Delete Usings Checkboxes
  419. Edit Drop down box values
  420. PHPMailer using SMTP screws up body charset!
  421. php mysql issue.....if a specific field exists
  422. least squares algorithm
  423. MOD Rewrite
  424. storing star ratings
  425. Embedding HTML with PHP
  426. Paramaters in the URL
  427. using 2 or 3 Databases in PHP!!!
  428. Input from the Keyboard
  429. Password and confirmation passw not equal after submit
  430. redirect to a thankyou page
  431. displaying records on user choice
  432. Sending header and GET
  433. Dynamic graphps in PHP
  434. fasttemplate with drop down box
  435. Redirecting a site visitor based an a certain condition
  436. PHP Programming Resource
  437. Form not submitting in firefox?
  438. whats the advantages and disadvantages
  439. Disturbance with installing PHP script plz help
  440. view singular, not multiple records
  441. new open source blog
  442. How to use this function in Smarty?
  443. Paypal Integration
  444. Configure Tomcat to run PHP scripts
  445. Refresh Post Data problem
  446. Emptying $_POST?
  447. Using Tomcat with Php
  448. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  450. convert to uppercase
  451. Insert data through dropdown box
  452. Feedback
  453. Warning:Cannot modify header information
  454. imagecreatefrompng() undefined... need help!
  455. php / mysql / array
  456. how to extract images from a pdf file?
  457. Senior PHP engineer Needed - Social Networking Palo Alto CA
  458. [Win 5.2.5] Required files for bare minimum?
  459. count pages in a PDF?
  460. header error on test server, not on dev
  461. Automatically insert RSS feed into MySQL
  462. proc_open problem: \n translates to Windows-style line return \r\n
  463. forget password coding issue
  464. Let users create a html/php page
  465. Find Country Code for Phone Number using PHP
  466. noob: must I use frames? - maybe OT
  467. Xpath encoding problem
  468. How do I give each registered user their own url using php?
  469. Explode into an array not beginning at 0 ?
  470. Copy-on-Write semantic
  471. Problem reading files from sockets...
  472. help me!
  473. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  474. Insert an equation in a CSV cell
  475. skip line begin with #
  476. problem uninstalling php
  477. Php-MySQL-Apache with XAMPP
  478. Comparing RGB values..
  479. session.auto_start and session arrays?
  480. getting all sub-directories
  481. show folder name script?
  482. extract images from pdf
  483. mysql query changing font color
  484. new page after result page like "thescripts"
  485. isset
  486. PHP and XML - using hidden forms as variables
  487. How to forward a request object with request data in php?
  488. Using DOMDocument->SaveXML ... is it possible to have XML more readerfriendly?
  489. Regex with HTML in PHP
  490. Indefinite session?
  491. MySQL searching
  492. Upload files with php using XAMPP
  493. Error with saving Form data to MySQL
  494. how to ssh or scp or sftp through PHP?
  495. Strange mysql_fetch_array() behavior
  496. Application to simulate high traffic
  497. smtp
  498. what does the error " bad interpreter" mean?
  499. Date as Text from csv insert into mySQL using PHP help please
  500. Socket connection problems
  501. Selecting DB Entries Between 2 Dates
  502. 'no database selected'
  503. oci_num_rows(ocirowcount) is always showing 0 records in PHP with Oracle
  504. [Windows] Packaging SimpleHTTPd and PHP?
  505. Enabling DOM XML for win32 system
  506. Putting Java/.Net/PHP/Python to the test?
  507. need file download coding in php
  508. SOS... how can i diable the other radio button if the other one is click..
  509. Get File Contents/Source using POST first
  510. exporting & importing database
  511. how to increase the performance the select query
  512. How Can i Call methods using java script
  513. User details
  514. How much execution time is left?
  515. Show an advisory "Going to External Link" while the user is going out of my domain
  516. ODBC connection to a DB on another computer?
  517. Cross-Domain / DOM
  518. Attempting* to use reg exp. Guidance needed O:)
  519. Force Download?
  520. Uplaoding file and more info about it
  521. Picking Up Parsing etc. Errors in PHP
  522. generating a string of unique random numbers
  523. Data feed url linking
  524. Interaction PHP - Office products
  525. How to create anti spam Image
  526. Change this to a function?
  527. Smarter way to extract data from FORM and save to DB?
  528. Hide text box when select one of dropdown value
  529. displaying specific data from mysql table using php
  530. can you guide me
  531. How can I execute a command from php on Windows
  532. how do arrays pipe from one PHP shell script to another?
  533. Warning: mysql_query(): 4 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource
  534. Deleting posts from file, file format bug, help.
  535. How do u enable short tags in your browser?
  536. SAJAX .. introduction help
  537. preventing browser back-tracking and cache control
  538. ignoring comment line on the text file.
  539. use for loop
  540. Here,computer oriented programs only.
  541. php fork/wait, strange behaviour
  542. Widget Development
  543. Website Image
  544. Read a DB in a random way without repeat...
  545. Text color in php
  546. How to create bar graph dynamically using gd libraries
  547. ignoring comment line on the text file.
  548. How to Configure PHP-5.2 to integrate with mysql?
  549. add record in database
  550. retrieving image from mysql