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  1. inserting the data from single formto two different table in databast
  2. hi i need help in pagaination php
  3. Encrypt entire $_POST array
  4. any solution?
  5. Calling a function inside another function doesn't seem to work anymore with mysqli
  6. Build a table copied from different database in PHP
  7. Notice: Undefined index: appellant in C:\wamp\www\supcourt-05-09-2014\scdetails_submi
  8. onchange not working? why?
  9. Using $$ variable variable
  10. how can i display 1 and 0 as active and inactive
  11. php update command problem discussion
  12. quering a database using mysql/php
  13. Dynamic Fields js/php to MySql need to submit dynamically to the database
  14. select option using onchange event in php
  15. return selected field for drop down list
  16. Email form no longer working - using HTML, CSS & PHP
  17. display the image uploaded using session id
  18. submit for which is not in htdocs, server XAMPP
  19. displayind data to textboxes from phpmyadmin
  20. validate my form and header to another success page
  21. security in use from sessions.
  22. php airline api soap problems
  23. Getting string form of date value
  24. Renaming uploaded photo
  25. PHP Array to mySql Database
  26. PHP Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required Unknown on line 0
  27. Can I give users their own custom User Page?
  28. Dreamweaver shutdown automatically
  29. Only display an item if screen is pc size.
  30. how to use radio button in online examination system.
  31. how to display country,state,city in drop down (without database)
  32. read text file and Identyfy variable and. get form.. after want edit
  33. Call to a member function execute() on a non-object
  34. Warning: Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected in C:\xa
  35. Cannot distinguish the mail is delievered or not to the user using php
  36. update table field when submit the form value in another page
  37. comparing textbox values in mysql databse using php
  38. How to identify fraudulent/invalid clicks in InoutScripts' Inout AdServer?
  39. GetIdentity Function for PHP giving Fatal Error
  40. PHP Warning: session_ start(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed
  41. session_start() php_network_getaddresses getaddrinfo failed
  42. this downloading code is giving an error "warning filesize() expects string"
  43. How to accept multiple connection to client
  44. how to fix undefined offset while getting the value of a duplicated code?
  45. Uploading multiple files and processing them
  46. Password access validation
  47. What is the syntax to proceed to the next page using PHP?
  48. trouble w/mysqli update
  49. Undefined index: learner_id
  50. two buttons on top of java popup alter popup content?
  51. access office document properties
  52. i cannot able to insert values to table
  53. Inserting a row in mysql database using multiple forms
  54. How i add icon to button submit on zend framework
  55. help me learn PHP?
  56. xajax problem
  57. registration and log in system. Preventing multiple log in at the same time
  58. tutorial to learn php
  59. Error in updating learner information
  60. [RESOLVED] Select option text rather than option value
  61. How to display and be able to delete them in MySql
  62. set previous state of radio button
  63. Writing on the fly and posting to the new file
  64. Send sms through email and any free sms gateway using PHP
  65. Log In Student With Unique Id
  66. Error authentication failed
  67. module_code with permission type error
  68. import csv file into database
  69. Zend_Config_Exception
  70. Send $row from table to ajax script
  71. How to upload and download a vcf format file to the database.
  72. how to import mobile vcard file into database through web server script using php
  73. How to Increase character limit in custom fields beyond 250? - OrangeHRM 3.1.1 - Symf
  74. php pagebreaks
  75. PHP - SOAP - WSDL: No Deserializer found to deserialize Error
  76. what to do after the hint PHP and My SQL
  77. how manage password protected zip file via PHP?
  78. How to calculate Rank
  79. how to make textbox should be mandatory to be filled up
  80. Get mac address work in local but not work on my host using php
  81. How can i know the page from external url in php.
  82. Double Login to a single server
  83. Filter a .csv file using PHP
  84. get php values via html
  85. how to solve Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource
  86. inserting radio button into mysql database
  87. Zend instalation and creating project
  88. Help me learn PHP?
  89. Looking for a web based live chat plugin
  90. date of creation of folder in php
  91. insert data in my database with use of class
  92. How to redirect based on url typed?
  93. text search box record limit on php
  94. How to parse and block of text with no common delimiter?
  95. How to make a FORM (html) apparead in a PHP file than requeired be log-in to be shown
  96. How to add script :"Are you sure to delete data?"
  97. mysqli dropdown
  98. Storing Data in Mysql Database
  99. fetch data from text box and compare on database for a log in page
  100. drop down is not generating using this code
  101. PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 5 .$a 237
  102. table name creation with string replace ment
  103. writing a txt file is very slow using a php script using two tables linked with a com
  104. Help with Bitcoin Value Index
  105. using php isset to display image and link to popup
  106. What is isset inside an IF statement?
  107. Undefined variable: var error
  108. how to run a php file for form validation??
  109. Error: Incorrect table name Error
  110. $t=date("H"); What is date("H") in this code?
  111. how to code for page breaks and numbering
  112. Am I restricted to a database on a web server?
  113. Display an image from database
  114. I am trying to pass values from an html form to php...
  115. Need help passing variable from php to javascript
  116. Php pin generator and it must not involve database
  117. Error of:Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$username' (T_VARIABLE) in C:\wamp\ww
  118. Problem with select statement..
  119. want to acess array value in $_post variable from newreg.php to validate.php this
  120. Get Hidden field value using PHP?
  121. How to control the power on/off of virtual machine in vsphere ?
  122. I have a problem with sessions and arry
  123. presenting MySQL generated table to user's browser to rate individual items for creat
  124. Dear Sir I am a php developer and i am facing some problem regarding web scaraping.
  125. How to display image in a row from database ?
  126. insert data into database
  127. What are commands to run to save data in orangehrm -database
  128. how to show output?
  129. sendng mail using swift mail function
  130. For increasing date
  131. page refreshing allows duplicates to be inserted again and again
  132. How insert multiple values into mysql from multiple select option form
  133. Updating multiple tables from PHP times out
  134. Displaying a doc/pdf file in php
  135. PHP in XML File
  136. Adding or subracting from quantity in a table
  137. Need PHP SOAP assistance
  138. creating datetime in mysql table
  139. How do I retrieve values from combos dynamically added to html table
  140. how to wrap data using fpdfp to generate pdf?
  141. How to disable direct page URL access in PHP
  142. Resource id #4 in all case while username and password is not correct
  143. Does anyone know of a script that will generate a PDF with content from form inputs
  144. How do I write conditional PHP if statements to change image dependant on selections
  145. How to connect to sql server express with PHP
  146. php page not running on wamp server
  147. I have wampserver installed but cant read php code.
  148. How to fix "syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE on line 13"
  149. why is the php result an array of arrays for a mySQL query
  150. When does the pointer move to if or else in the given code ?
  151. PHP Fatal error: Unsupported operand types
  152. following code is giving a parse error,syntax error,$end error
  153. Php/mysql $select - need to create two
  154. how to store dynamic added table row values in php mysql database
  155. Google bot detecting incorrect links from my image view page
  156. PHP file to split a log file if size is more
  157. active link must be inactive when another link is clicked
  158. To Appear Save As Dialog in javascript
  159. login page php and javascript
  160. undefined index error
  161. fetch excel to database in php
  162. Echo an iframe with a html src that has a php variable
  163. On refreshing page a duplicate record is creating.What will be the condition to stop
  164. xml file to print to help in html table data.
  165. Image and others data insertion and retrive from mysql database
  166. php loops how to use a for loop or while loop
  167. problem realted to database please
  168. php fpdf iso iec 18004 exists?
  169. how to integrate a web cam in php for taking live snap
  170. data entry through excel
  171. How to set desktop icon for a website created on localhost?
  172. retrieve value from mysq DB & display in textboxe based on value inputed to other tex
  173. problum wth sql and script php ( get data from cureent date in php)
  174. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'mysql' (T_STRING) in C:\xampp\htdocs\myfirstpr
  175. I am trying to display images side by side from mysql database using php, i want 4
  176. How to edit the specific rows in CSV file using PHP
  177. Problem in using cookies?
  178. Is there any way to force PHP to do garbage collection before the end of the request?
  179. wampserver installation(IP address)
  180. how to save image in dynamically created folder using session?
  181. Connecting Oracle 10g with PHP5.5
  182. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'id' (T_STRING) in /home/jordanhefler/public_ht
  183. How to load large nos of records in pages
  184. i want to display the related data on clicking the respected subcategory
  185. Using php with javascript to save my google map into database
  186. PHP Form Mailer
  187. how can we compare two audio wav files
  188. not able to send mail using phpmailer even after congifguring php.ini and php file at
  189. Undefined index
  190. retrieving the data from a cvs
  191. Variable Link Being Redirected to A Link Using The Variable.
  192. Form email (php) to spreadsheet
  193. Vbulletin Register Problem.
  194. Advice with php script to verificate how does it work
  195. Secure Passwords
  196. Product ID same, Quantity not increasing
  197. Pagination in category
  198. desplaying arabic Characters problem
  199. center the map on marker key on google maps api 3
  200. security code image is not showing in php website signup form
  201. Help getting image url from data base
  202. After form is submitted - blank process.php page instead of redirect
  203. php3 to php5 - DB module password/login
  204. Just curious is all . . .
  205. How to display User Specific content from Table in PHP
  206. Is that possible to store the url(ie href) into the database whenever i click the hyp
  207. add link to sidebar in magento customer navigation
  208. my code for login is not responding
  209. Magento in netbeans
  210. 404
  211. error 500
  212. server zend 404
  213. online Quize
  214. phpunit in Netbeans
  215. how to do pop up menu to show detail
  216. I have already code for exporting excel file from php, and it works properly. But i h
  217. paginating help
  218. How to make Next and Prev buttons to work
  219. I dont understand this function
  220. Not displaying the items in the cart
  221. Magento, What is the relation between helpers and controllers
  222. Hi, I am a newbie in PHP coding. I'm trying to create a page where students can uploa
  223. How to fix Headers and output buffering in php
  224. if else
  225. uploading multi-images without name duplication
  226. Undefined variable: numrows in C:\xampp\htdocs\csrc\Untitled-1.php on line 16
  227. looking for literature about the implode and explode function
  228. Position division on top of element
  229. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  230. how to update a database that has a dropdown list in php
  231. wamp php not executing - codes showing in browser
  232. sending data to database at remote host
  233. Fopen w, file size limit is giving problems when the file reach 380kb
  234. How to create a real-time JavaScript, PHP and MySQL progress bar?
  235. My PHP script will work on one domain and not the other. What's the problem?
  236. How to make a Google-docs-like website
  237. Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object
  238. Temporary Table PhpMyAdmin
  239. How to Setup Open SSL in Wamp?
  240. Getting data from previous page
  241. hi this is my code for uploading images into data base which is woring fine, but i wa
  242. PHP script for inserting a form data to a database
  243. Assign Positions to Students Result
  244. Insert Data From a Form Into a Database
  245. how to export the mysql in execel
  246. Regular Expression: What is the wrong with this code ?
  247. Cannot connect to Online Database from my PC
  248. Function to check plan
  249. how to display selected value from drop down list for php
  250. Link two forms together
  251. How to send a resume to mail in php as attachment?
  252. how to upload excel file and its data to be stored into phpmyadmin
  253. Returning the last autoinc value
  254. Pagination script not working
  255. how to modify the url of the forum topic to look as folders?
  256. Close suggestion box when user click "Clear" button
  257. Graphics are not displaying in a php application
  258. share products on Facebook
  259. IE and firefox wont run script
  260. sending multiple emails sql
  261. insert into database with loop statement
  262. mysql_query($link, $query) stopped working
  263. Yii how to handle 503 error?
  264. Form will not work
  265. Accessing a public property of a class within the class
  266. webservises
  267. Pagination script not working
  268. uploading an audio(mp3) file in php?
  269. Unable to send file using php and mysql please help me
  270. php: duplicate when inserting and updating 2 tables
  271. pixel values of image changes after using imagesetpixel()
  272. php set subdomain cookies and redirect
  273. Displaying originating IP in email header of email sent via relaying server.
  274. How to load multiple images from drop down using database
  275. PhP Log In with Access DB
  276. import xml data into my mysql database
  277. how to call decimal values from sql into a table
  278. pagination working in mysl_deprecated but not working on PDO
  279. How to display mysql data for checked box values
  280. need to show the field the user change to the admin
  281. need help on trying to make it where my users can change their own font size and colo
  282. Rename the image if already exists on sql & php
  283. Uploading multiple image
  284. Send Mail to all the Subscribers
  285. how to use fetch values in check box
  286. I am trying to assign a unique file name to an uploaded file keeping the extension
  287. how to install php software and syntax of php
  288. PHP echo string not showing up in my HTML form page nor is PHP page working?
  289. Pulling back checkbox data from the DB
  290. How creat button in xml file through php code
  291. Trying to get property of non-object
  292. preg_replace(not all tags) (Answer)
  293. Scroll Button Skips a Page of Six Rows Pulled from Database
  294. undefined offset in so.php when i am entering the quantity of item
  295. PHP Socket server performance
  296. Enter data from dynamic table into database
  297. Not sure how to fix this error?Line 11 is the $recipient =
  298. Can any one please help me, was working on my site in joomla 3 and my template just d
  299. How to Store and Display "Code Block" in PHP?
  300. How to add header and footer functions into ezpdf class
  301. retriving data from table and i need to insert the retrived data into another table i
  302. Wordpress Move One Host to Another 400 Bad Request Error
  303. Port 4430 : failed to open stream: Connection refused
  304. Trying to use a array to query a database
  305. extract(): First argument should be an array
  306. session maintain in the php language
  307. i want to avoid blank entry and also after signup redirect to home page
  308. php update statement ?
  309. I want to Auto generate Employee ID if department == HRa && Status == permanent , if
  310. seeking a way to protect my software from unauthorized copying and distribution
  311. How do I change this function from Random to Sequential
  312. without a page refresh sorting and pagination in codeigniter
  313. Hello world not working in Zend framework 2
  314. Payment gateway for credit/debit/internet banking
  315. I am a PHP developer? How can I get a job in MNC?
  316. multiple row values in single variable
  317. i want download the images from anchor tag or any others
  318. MySQL Database updating problem. Please help
  319. Is wordpress can activate an alert based on stored procedure?
  320. How to take the content of a page(PHP) as a PHP function return
  321. **Authorization: Basic " . base64_encode("$username:$password")**
  322. How to include simple-rest library in WordPress
  323. How to handle REST API call for GET Verb
  324. How to check login password with Wordpress
  325. Unable to access lampp linux server from LAN
  326. How to add a user/password authentication as XML-RPC method
  327. Getting Error At Time of Srart admin panel
  328. how to populates onchage event dynamically
  329. how to fetch two different date value from textbox and display remaining day without
  330. save textbox value in mysql automatically and focus goes to second textbox if there a
  331. i want to download data from mysql database table in php ?
  332. Fatel Error when assigning values to variables
  333. How can I use this code as php instead of javascript?
  334. how to make a form using php
  335. How to produce beep sound if value in a file goes beyond 80%
  336. Sending message to email address like yahoomail/google mail? (Email notification-php)
  337. How to integrate OAuth2 authentication to REST API library
  338. Can't connect because Unknown column 'XXX' in "where clause'
  339. how to display submit form select field
  340. What should I read or where should i go to learn php?
  341. Hi, I want to compile and test php script in my pc without using internet or web site
  342. Select and Onchange Event
  343. New to PHP and have some is issues with PHP email form I am setting up
  344. comparison operator(output of the following program,and how it could be like that))
  345. i want to send email form it possible or not plz help me
  346. syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE
  347. php multiple file upload using array or for loop
  348. htmlentities to escape plain string
  349. i want to convert my code from java into PHP code
  350. How to integrate Cacti graph in to my site using php ?
  351. Storing $_SESSION variables
  352. get id of button once clicked using php
  353. poiteur google map not display
  354. Post a variable with value 0
  355. i cant see uploaded image name in mysql database table.
  356. difficulty in displaying moree than one record for a particulae user
  357. Url encode not working in localhost
  358. about php error called Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&&' (T_BOOLEAN_AND), ex
  359. retrieve value of multiple radio button
  360. error while downloading file getting binary data instead of the actually file
  361. Unable to get user email using facebook sdk
  362. How can i use phpQuery to find child of a child using a foreach loop
  363. Requesting variable inside a for loop
  364. i m trying to insert data in mysql with php but afther writen code data not submited
  365. how can i grab my tables and display them on another page using reg-ex
  366. How to concatenate a string to an existing field(column) in mysql
  367. unable to access session values
  368. Invalid argument supplied for foreach()?
  369. facebook login error for php website
  370. CodeIgniter: How to traverse 2 dimentional array
  371. php and html
  372. database Partitioning
  373. Search results pagination not running for the second page
  374. Making longblob type to image file (.jpg) again
  375. Writing input fields to a .txt file not working
  376. Order Processing Page
  377. Image Upload Script
  378. Intitialize a session variable after onclick event is fired
  379. Problem with Array (expects parameter 2 to be array)
  380. I have a query in booking system
  381. Problem with converting number to date
  382. How to convert HTML/JavaScript page to a PHP page?
  383. How to create an admin panel for a website?
  384. How can I create a code of mp3 -player, which can play mp3 from database
  385. How to join 2 tables?
  386. Can you post code for downloading files?
  387. how to link an html and PHP code dropdown list data together
  388. undefine index php
  389. Php header location
  390. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  391. multiple - linked dynamic combo boxes from sql
  392. Disable Cache on XAMP
  393. how to retrieve particular column value through checkbox
  394. Event Handling in PHP
  395. How to generate only one particular details shows in pdf using php
  396. T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  397. php variables / session variables do not get accessed in javascript
  398. session database/retrieving ip
  399. mapping the data xml with fields the database
  400. Convert a string to a variable
  401. Showing google chart on button click using ajax and php
  402. Confirmation Mail When Account Registration
  403. Payment integration for a local site with bank
  404. What,s the error? (Insertion in database)
  405. how to program a curve tracer of mathematical functions
  406. i am facing probelm in this code.this all code is showing in my web page please help
  407. session variable problem
  408. Change language according to customer MAGENTO
  409. form crawler
  410. How to insert excel file into mysql database
  411. Syntax error: $this when not in object
  412. Errors inserting into database
  413. How can install PHP JAVA Bridge locally and configuration.
  414. send multiple email using phpmailer, i am using Gmail SMTP
  415. how can i passed the parameters in URL
  416. TCPDF Browser Title
  417. use script only on non secure pages.
  418. Error with my script
  419. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'items' (T_STRING)
  420. Hey Gang, I'm trying to figure out the best way to add two times together of the form
  421. Symfony sfGuardPlugin doesn't work
  422. How to create the client for the web service from the WSDL
  423. i want to update database on close browser
  424. failed to open stream: Permission denied
  425. for freshers php or .net?
  426. i cannot able to use $_POST in php
  427. How to create new form in Orangehrm-3.0.1,under Adminplugin?
  428. From an Array to a Variable
  429. retrieve value from DB & display in textboxes based on value selected from dropdown
  430. Best site for learning advanced php
  431. How to develop mobile apps by using PHP?
  432. Delay PHP function w/o effect whole script.
  433. PHP shopping cart item values are deleting.
  434. Zend Error Reporting at Top of all PHP files in website?
  435. Using URL to highlight a table row
  436. Ajax popup php
  437. Why call to php extension function in c++ is showing undefine?
  438. PHP Gmail SMTP Error
  439. How to fix Fatal Error: Memory Limit Exhausted while reading XLSX file of 5MB or High
  440. Running a Windows Executable from the file server within a PHP webpage
  441. how to validate radio button and drop down list using java script?
  442. how to display one question in each page in php?
  443. Woocommerce free plugins for quantity based pricing
  444. how to automatically login after registration in php?
  445. Magento Block not rendering/Instantiating in IE10 only but works in other browsers
  446. How to include <object> tag in tcpdf?
  447. Updating database
  448. how we can reduce connection already started
  449. Display multiple PDF in php
  450. how can I apply express checkout paypal integration using hidden variable?
  451. php solr client
  452. url date to sql using php
  453. Getting a error when submitting contact form - " Parse error: syntax error, unexpecte
  454. Looking for custom PHP Content Delivery Network (CDN) script for my server.
  455. transfer control to the next row of a resultset storing blob data
  456. Retrieving Blob data from php mysql
  457. PHP Pagination with Textbox and Dropdown
  458. load content of database with a click from DIV with id A to DIV with id B
  459. Print select box according to month days
  460. Registration that sends details to two e-mails
  461. php and mysql - insert and read files
  462. "<?php" replaced by "<!--?php" by CKEditor in Opencart
  463. View PDF & Doc Files Without Downloading them
  464. How can I display the names in next line if they're stored in same row in Access data
  465. upload image to another server
  466. How to read multiple checkboxes ?
  467. newest PHP version has register_globals removed my entire cms system relies on regist
  468. auto generated field in php and stored into database
  469. PHP Admin & student login page issue !!
  470. How To Insert Multiple Check Box Values into MySQL Database ?
  471. Which Real Estate Script are they Using ?
  472. Give as free throws in BPPENNYAUTOBID?
  473. how to define the index of array in foreach loop for add/dividing elements of array
  474. how to fetch the values from foreach loop
  475. how to pass value of different rows from a loop to next page in php
  476. dynamically created tables on the basis of user inputs in the textbox
  477. how to validate a form in php?
  478. How to retrieve date from mysql database in php?
  479. Accessing CCTV Cameras through internet using PHP
  480. Why cannot send just one post comment in PHP?
  481. how to insert from a single form to two different tables?
  482. PHP mysql update limit?
  483. date and time field comparison against system date
  484. Get Products with expiry days within 90 days
  485. To display picture from MYSQL database in php
  486. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"' in /home/thi8isju/public_html/bid_classic.p
  487. how to display only 3 different questions everyday from database?
  488. Failed to connect to mailserver
  489. Location: $redirect doesn't redirect to desired URL
  490. My Browser gives back my php code instead of form inputs
  491. Cannot update the database table using php?
  492. how to update database through populated drop down menu in php
  493. how to write code deleting from Mysql server
  494. visible textbox according to the dropdown value selected
  495. Google has launched PHP to App Engine. Your thoughts?
  496. How To Upload a Dummy Image into Database..?
  497. Changing nav menu text "Home" to logo link
  498. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING,
  499. How to submit multiple values to the database with a single submit button?
  500. Download a video file and have it play in Media Player
  501. Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty
  502. can't insert value getting error: Function name must be a string
  503. Upload multiple image in mysql
  504. Why does the PHP tags and all display in browser
  505. Write byte array to file in PHP
  506. PHP Form function not working on SSL/TLS yahoo server
  507. full day name
  508. PHP MS SQL connection (Dreamweaver cs6)
  509. How to create simple SOAP request using PHP?
  510. select value of combobox2 depending on selected value of combobox1
  511. 'Failed to connect to mailserver' and 'Cannot modify header information' warnings
  512. populate drop down menu can not retrieve data from mysql database
  513. How to prepare FCK editor In php?
  514. Create Dynamic page using php and mysql
  515. fetch multiple image from mysql in php
  516. Everytime I try to go to this site it shows me "System Settings for ELGG"
  517. How To Make Website Secure From attacks?
  518. Store references in array
  519. how can i count sunday in a particular month on present year
  520. populate drop down menu cant retrieve value
  521. PHP MSSQL connection
  522. pdo request insert problem
  523. how can I send email everyday to registered user using mail function?
  524. How to validate a form using if statements
  525. how can we show data from database which is checked by checkbox
  526. Updating and deleting from database
  527. PDO and MYSQLI
  528. Expiry date notification
  529. for checking database null column value
  530. getting data from database according to the user selection
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