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  1. Help with registration script !!
  2. Need Help with Query
  3. How to delete a file on apache using PHP?
  4. Why all hash algorithm are hexadecimal in PHP?
  5. Include HTML with variables
  6. How to fix mail() double line spacing in message body?
  7. Count the number of unique values of field in object in array
  8. extract data from raw text
  9. Help for SSL and PHP
  10. Posting with out Submit - posted to page does nothing
  11. INSERT New Member in to DATABASE
  12. Deleting A Row in PHP
  13. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  14. Need help in Multidimentional array
  15. How to improve scalability of PHP mySQL system?
  16. Finding if a record exists?
  17. Problems uploading images with script
  18. trying to create shopping cart with no payment gateways
  19. Php -mail Sending Problem
  20. problem in javascript using php
  21. DATE Format
  22. Double drop down menue
  23. several login attempts
  24. php change my html
  25. creating ms word tables using PHP and linking
  26. Why pass SESSION ID in URL ?
  27. csv import which contains comma in data field
  28. Thread concept in php
  29. [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!
  30. File Locations
  31. I want the contents of a file to be put in a textbox without refreshing
  32. bug (maybe) report
  33. Stuck on characters with accents, file_get_contents, regex
  34. CDATA Web Database Platform
  35. - Lost my connection LDAP after using the POST method in PHP
  36. translate each word in string to uppercase with exceptions
  37. How do I remove extra white space in a string?
  38. Array Help
  39. How to extract a specific index?
  40. alternative to mcrypt_get_iv_size
  41. Correct Mod Rewrite Rule?
  42. Joomla - VERY URGENT developpement
  43. Web Site that steals your Windows Live Password
  44. Getting ascii value of a char
  45. Displaying PHP code
  46. Finding value after the # in a URL
  47. To make multiple pages in the same page
  48. PHP encryption help
  49. Apple Mail sees attachment in generated email but cannot open
  50. Failed to connect to mailserver at localhost; port 25
  51. Echo array elements
  52. Rounding problem
  53. need help about php variable
  54. Edit button on a php/html page
  55. [Lighttpd] Writing to an external file?
  56. restricting access to folders on server
  57. How to download a java page to client side in php
  58. how to display image from database in reverse order
  59. back button not working
  60. php code which works in one server doesn't work on another server
  61. Quick PHP / MYSQL drop down question
  62. $$key = $value?
  63. Installer of PHP programs
  64. select a data
  65. Smarty won't display strings with double quotes in input fields
  66. Ubuntu7.10+Apache2+PHP5 Files not uploading...
  67. pass socket resource to second script (socket connections)
  68. SQL Server 2008 latest updates
  69. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
  70. conflict for function copy() .
  71. count
  72. insert for cross compatibility
  73. raffle scripts?
  74. Design pattern
  75. modification of objectclass of active Directory
  76. Password hashing
  77. Using a cookie to access websites
  78. suggestions on what (PHP) IDE to use
  79. Drop Down Menu not posting values
  80. malformed HTML parser wanted
  81. Can this be done in PHP
  82. Text file Reverse reading
  83. warning [function.include-once]: failed to open stream
  84. Jquery
  85. preg_match_all help wanter
  86. Dating Script
  87. Make Check Button
  88. PHP fwrite() keeps doubling document length
  89. Help with an if statement
  90. centering text in an image
  91. Make a Quiz with multiple answers.
  92. Link not working in IE
  93. Can't get mysql_query to work inside foreach loop
  94. displaying images.
  95. Permissions error trying to open MDB file with ODBC
  96. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - heade
  97. Recaptcha
  98. Retrieving the name of the variable that holds the instance
  99. IE not showing PHP-generated images, but Firefox does.
  100. poor documentation
  101. count number of digits after the decimal point
  102. Problem in Private messaging system
  103. Dojo Date Time Picker.
  104. send postcard
  105. send postcard
  106. SQL server data storage management and its latest developments
  107. Mail() - Read receipt Header Example?
  108. going back to previous page
  109. XML Illegal characther
  110. Locking out INSERTs on MySQL
  111. Quiz Algo
  112. filled polygon does not render 129th time on same image
  113. Php Refreshes form also....
  114. email message body from mysql data
  115. PHP $_POST with invalid data?
  116. db search results do not display
  117. read and parsing an XML file using the content
  118. Filebrowse prompt for local script
  119. Embedding CLIPS into PHP for web based expert system
  120. Facebook, friendster kind of email referral to friends.
  121. connecting to a tcp port and displaying the data
  122. how to insert multiple rows data into oracle db using php
  123. embedded image?
  124. How to create email system
  125. The "Did you mean" feature
  126. Problem occure in the mail() function
  127. Rewrite the code using classes
  128. storing generated string in db
  129. want to display images for my storefront.
  130. PHP bug?!!
  131. Storing variables (numbers) inside a text area and into db
  132. fgetcsv() doesn't get last row in file
  133. next day of the week logic problem
  134. PHP5 MySQL Netware 6.5
  135. Creating a Popup in PHP
  136. Failed opening '' for inclusion (include_path
  137. Retrieving css from tables in mysql using php
  138. $value versus &$value in foreach
  139. clarification needed about libgd and imagejpg()
  140. Explode inserts spaces between each character in string
  141. Proxying a FLV file
  142. Patterns for saving objects to the DB.
  143. Form Action "if x go to 1.php else go to 2.php
  144. Help with DIR Permissions
  145. PHP Certification
  146. rss feed for blogs
  147. Include files along with __autoload function
  148. Problems with PHP
  149. how to sum all rows that view based on searching result on php
  150. GET Auto_Increment Number BEFORE Insertion PHP MYSQL
  151. Help compiling PHP
  152. PHP host with URL fopen
  153. Global variables without the global keyword?
  154. Why we have need for information_schma
  155. rss feed by php help
  156. class scope::
  157. Which Storage engine is better? why?
  158. problem with date function
  159. echo (int) (100 * (7.77 - 7 )); Why 76 ?
  160. PHP Custom Frame...
  161. [PDO] Displaying errors - silent mode, warnings or exceptions?
  162. Method Not Allowed on a web site
  163. store data and send email when condition is met
  164. how to test string whether it contains special characters
  165. Send Multiple Emails
  166. getting selected item of drop down box
  167. How can i generate dynamic row in PHP
  168. Textarea handling in php ?
  169. how to click the submit button after press the enter key
  170. Licnese key creator
  171. get hard disk id using php?
  172. How to avoid 'Notice: Trying to get property of non-object'
  173. Display table according to the search term
  174. Integrate with xampp suit to my application
  175. cari script bwt sum
  176. converting GMT to Remote time
  177. apache displays an empty page when running php
  178. Posting to a field in a table
  179. url parameters with a space in the variable name
  180. select and insert to database
  181. Problem with Post of Multiple Select Data
  182. Unicode Support for PHP5
  183. array from query then random gen. of array
  184. search engine help
  185. Cannot view PDF in IE (PDF builded with PDFLib)
  186. Semantic Web enabled Web applications with PHP
  187. IP Address
  188. PHP exec hang.
  189. Does PHP really need interfaces?
  190. add a linkbox to script
  191. how to call cristal report using php
  192. drop down pblm in php
  193. Consolidating Values
  194. The best community software?
  195. Duration split
  196. How do i know when my email has been read?
  197. Page numbers display
  198. How to fix "undefined index: regexp code on line 1"
  199. how to search data more than one criteria?
  200. X-Cart/Smarty Custom PHP Scripts
  201. Access each class member without their names
  202. Recipe for those who are in diet
  203. Synchronization in PHP ??
  204. question about database injection
  205. passing variables values using POST
  206. Apache/PHP/Oracle XE TNS:listener could not find available handler
  207. error "supplied argument is not a valid stream resource" with fread()
  208. Create multiple volume zip file
  209. Negate glob() pattern
  210. PHP Includes
  211. Session not holding a value
  212. how to display an array variable
  213. Adding to an existing value. (integer)
  214. header not working
  215. Warning: mssql_connect()
  216. Problem storing array in database
  217. Insensitive Case for str_replace
  218. regarding tpl files
  219. how can i connect my page of "sign-up" to a database?
  220. form passing value problem in loop
  221. View files uploaded through form
  222. Specification for serialize()
  223. Making variables available within functions
  224. Apache vhosts and PHP running on Windows 2000 Server
  225. Displaying SQL Table
  226. make a regex
  227. Remember Username & Password
  228. exercises
  229. assign db fields to variables with dynamically built var names
  230. MySQL in PHP Questions
  231. How to generate email every month at 25
  232. Session variables and header("location:xxx");
  233. I want script news ,"download"
  234. "Object not found!" error
  235. Array Problem
  236. Can i have whiteboard in php ?
  237. Error: Unable to create selectable TCP socket
  238. PHP Login script.
  239. bat file problem
  240. exec() and &
  241. How Can i Connect More then one database
  242. PHP and XML vs PHP and XHTML
  243. how to find browser property
  244. how to submit form without using get/post method
  245. coding an if condition
  246. sql query into a html table
  247. how to write php function to download file
  248. str_replace - Modify external file?
  249. Array Help
  250. Detect Yahoo Popup Blocker
  251. problem with MySQL connection in free webserver
  252. Problem when uploading a file in form
  253. Dating Script
  254. code for sending mail needed
  255. Table Display Problem
  256. Form not sending all fields?
  257. CGI to PHP Converter
  258. Integrating CakePHP with EXTJS
  259. Requirements
  260. site layout
  261. PHP bible
  262. data not being transferred from one php file to another (POST)
  263. countdown timer question
  264. move_uploaded_file returns false
  265. Why do imagettfbbox coordinates change when angle changes?
  266. Accessing php files over lan problem
  267. Assign Hyperlinks to the Search result
  268. Check if user is logged in?
  269. source code for create a xml file at run time
  270. cannot find file
  271. POSTing form/showing results within div
  272. Creating Table in Mysqldatabase Using PHP coding
  273. how to require login for file download
  274. Windows login NTLM Authentication in php
  275. display php output in javascript?
  276. function explode
  277. How to Get Previous page url in php
  278. 'this' reference
  279. Validation Required
  280. Extracting unique values
  281. php loginn time
  282. Enter values to the same table using two queries
  283. preg_replace
  284. Creating a Record list with Prev / Next ability
  285. pages with php
  286. How can I format-output data from Mysql to a file?-relatively long
  287. Need help with projects
  288. Problem with second dropdown list
  289. relative linking in php
  290. Using Dreamweaver to build forms
  291. relative linking in php
  292. Sharing session variables?
  293. setting and loading form variables/content to current web page
  294. Undefined index and Undefined variable errors
  295. problem in playing the selected video in the embedded quicktime player
  296. My website is not working any longer
  297. Query for Search Page using drop down
  298. how to use stripslashes()
  299. PHP with DB2
  300. Unable to retrieve id from dropdown
  301. Decrypt the Password
  302. Search function in PHP
  303. mysql to excel
  304. Sorting Multi Dimensional Array.
  305. How to Read and use NuSoap Response Array into Variables
  306. session expires in cake php on remote server while workin on local syetem
  307. Regarding project documentation
  308. regarding joomla
  309. openssl extension not loading (need to open https stream)
  310. htacces &session_start
  311. missing } returned to AJAX
  312. Mozilla browsers request a page twice
  313. error with strpos
  314. Putting some SQL in a PHP document
  315. Anyone Manage to Get imagick PHP Extension to Work With IIS?
  316. PHP naming sessions?
  317. RePOSTing form data
  318. pushing element onto beginning of an array?
  319. PHP code for "forgot your password"?
  320. access Web API PHP and NuSOAP
  321. Real begginer
  322. making it readable
  323. how do i get the id to store in my table instead of the name field displayed in DDL
  324. querying 2 databases in php
  325. Problem with refresh
  326. accordion ajax php
  327. Table updating works only occasionally.
  328. Help with dynamically changing captions via img title tag
  329. email and phone number validation
  330. after selection of multiple value
  331. PDF problem
  332. Cretaing Search Page using PHP
  333. PHP filename needed to be replaced while download
  334. Inserting selection box elements into a database
  335. Web host has PHP 5 "as a module"...what's that?
  336. What is the future of PHP?
  337. T_lnumber
  338. Help with script
  339. No knowledge! Please help
  340. Convert to PHP?
  341. File Context with PHP 4.4.7
  342. enable oracle in php.ini
  343. Mailing database-input after storing in DB
  344. Need Help Installing ImageMagick/imagick on IIS with PHP
  345. Batch file Help
  346. help with function
  347. Need Help Installing ImageMagick on Windows IIS 6.0 with PHP
  348. passing variables to new window in php
  349. How to write own PHP extension
  350. oci_execute and package executing problem
  351. Export mysql data to excel?
  352. Problems with ODBC_exec
  353. Inserting and retrieveing special characters in Mysql using php
  354. PHP DateDiff fuction
  355. Error using PEAR mail fuction.
  356. Sessions and transfering the values of checkboxes in another php file
  357. timezones and time display
  358. Read xml file
  359. exporting query results to Excel
  360. PHP MySQL Insert
  361. New to php
  362. image stored in mysql
  363. Form, excel and mail
  364. Problem deleting multiple checkboxes
  365. using meta http-equiv in php
  366. question about validation using php
  367. using meta http-equiv in php
  368. can't exec()
  369. php.ini set up problem
  370. Weird issue with php preg_match
  371. use $_SESSION[$variable] instead of $_SESSION['whatever'] ?
  372. using date picker in a text field
  373. php + odbc + pervsive = problem
  374. Format text file, replace few whitespaces with commas.
  375. Save .doc/.txt file in database
  376. problem in connecting database
  377. Reports in php
  378. Document mgmt system
  379. Undefined Index
  380. saving database
  381. how to retrieve data containg ampersand from mysql table using php
  382. Session logout problem
  383. difference between php 4 and 5 certification
  384. Php Float Value
  385. problem in display the image
  386. how to open word document file in browser
  387. oci_execute problem
  388. session problem: headers already sent
  389. add & delete a record to the DB using PHP
  390. PHP Mail Script Question
  391. PHP 6 ./configure script, specify the flex path.
  392. tiff - to - jpg
  393. One time download
  394. Problems using sessions
  395. Navigation bar PHP and MYSQL
  396. Confirm user is logged in before he download from site
  397. XML PHP MYSQL- Writing to a xml file
  398. Simple PHP Debugging with Firebug
  399. BBCode Magic Links
  400. Read files and folders recursively
  401. Check Entry for blank spaces
  402. Displaying text boxes from a check box
  403. hai experts,regarding php-xml
  404. Session data not passing to the next page
  405. PHP Dating
  406. i want to htaccess code with argument vlaue passing using php
  407. Cannot modify header
  408. register_globals
  409. boolean value
  410. REGEX question
  411. Remove Hyperlink Once Clicked
  412. Getting orientation of a PDF file
  413. Internet Explorer 8 beta release
  414. Call exit() after header location call?
  415. Using Find with Regular Expressions.
  416. HTTP_HOST showing a comma separated list
  417. Session variables are lost, disappear from page to page
  418. Business focusing on PHP
  419. "Nice URLs" - how to implement it in PHP?
  420. use checkboxes to change text color PHP
  421. Create mailing list by selecting rows
  422. how to read network drive directory using php
  423. Adding months
  424. want to learn Regular Expressions
  425. how to differentiate which submit button user clicks???
  426. looking for php code to display city and country
  427. converting date format
  428. login redirct
  429. Save the current (PHP) page as an HTML file 'to' the client?
  430. How does this code work?
  431. Calculation script
  432. if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) not working properly
  433. Short survey about development problems (you can win an iPod)
  434. Collate Text
  435. Editing Query Results
  436. Validate whether image, after file upload
  437. PHP Problem
  438. PHP Date Manipulation
  439. show full db data after clicking abbreviated content on screen
  440. PHP guidance
  441. How to limit no of items to be displayed per page?
  442. consuming a .net web service using php
  443. missing plugin while run applet
  444. question/tutorials about sessions and cookies
  445. D prompt
  446. Image Resize & Rotation
  447. Passing parameters wml, php, mysql
  448. Write a php function that logs user activities
  449. Javascript/PHP byte-order mark problem
  450. pcntl_fork()
  451. how to store a picture in mysql database using php
  452. Please do help me
  453. problem in connecting to map with image
  454. regular expression to replace space by underscore
  455. php coding on how display picture
  456. Log rotation
  457. Latest XML Parsing/Memory benchmark
  458. Body of message not being sent anymore.
  459. cUrl problem
  460. help creating a form
  461. display the adress of user in active directory
  462. matching across new lines
  463. Extracting Data
  464. Is it poosible to read data from a database and add to a document using PHP?
  465. Adding additional cc to PEAR's mail.php
  466. Download fails on files greater than 10M
  467. any One say Where the cookie's are stored
  468. Form Problem
  469. Read from 2nd line of CSV file
  470. configure Eclipse with wamp(php)
  471. register and login email process looping indefinitely
  472. Directory $path syntax problem
  473. Count number of files in folder + subfolder
  474. Taking data from database in populate drop down box
  475. syntax error, unexpected T_STRING on INSERT command
  476. Mod Rewrite Problem
  477. Attachments Problems
  478. Problems with image function..
  479. mail() function
  480. passing a variable
  481. Need help with XML
  482. problem in connection with the map in guest book
  483. opening different includes within the same div
  484. display all atributes of ldap_get_entries()
  485. How to attach doc file with email
  486. PHP Auction Script
  487. Forum Script
  488. Computation of totals from db results
  489. Install FFMPEG
  490. PHP ajax session does not work
  491. slow down the network
  492. Problems with Pie Chart
  493. session timeout value
  494. datetime manipulation
  495. Trying to concatenate 2 fields
  496. Enabling pop-ups
  497. Multi-user Database Locking with PHP
  498. question about header() command and echo
  499. How can I create a pie chart from the data in MySQL?
  500. IIS and Keep-Alive - does it work?
  501. coading of logout
  502. How to create PHP exe ?
  503. How to get Windows nt user name
  504. fwrite argument resource problem
  505. using PRINT command and "+" to concatenate strings
  506. extracting a file from a zip file
  507. download file problem
  508. Autologin using cookie
  509. problem to store and retrive image in php
  510. Database synchronizer
  511. dropdown play flash movie
  512. how to pass a value from one page to another page
  513. domdocument::domdocument() expects parameter 2 to be long,
  514. storing exploded values into separate db fields
  515. array_diff problem
  516. SSI in my PHP
  517. php echo problem
  518. mktime - non-well formatted numeric value error
  519. How to do the multiple items with the same id?
  520. Done, but with errors on the page.
  521. Stop and Resume Download
  522. convert variables to lowercase before comparing
  523. php vs java netbeans
  524. Usort Feeds By Relevance
  525. MSSQL populated dropbox option value truncated
  526. how to call cmd from a php script
  527. ZendFramework... any good?
  528. GD text justify
  529. drag and drop script
  530. Looping The Alphabet and Numbers
  531. textarea adds unwanted spaces
  532. how do display drop down list selected value
  533. Dependent Drop Down Menus 3 deep
  534. Download to local after ftp_get()
  535. eregi_replace problem
  536. Print different URL
  537. changing row's color
  538. Configuring Linux as a Firewall
  539. parsing a PHP file to Flash with Excel.xls data
  540. Parsing a word document in PHP
  541. Measuring bandwidth used using PHP.
  542. How to use a single module across multiple sites
  543. Notification!!
  544. Print textarea field value from database
  545. Drop List Help
  546. Joining two php programs(How to?)
  547. PHP order form and calculations
  548. Wanting a "pretty output" for tabular data
  549. PHP to write errors to windows event log
  550. ZipArchive() (adding a directory)