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  1. Call to undefined function: mysql_connect()
  2. problem with PHP from commandline
  3. How to extract images from external html page?
  4. Drawing bar graph using GD and PHP
  5. Javascript or PHP ?
  6. Image Creation Using php
  7. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox/text area
  8. Go Simulation - Mark dead stones
  9. Having difficulty changing DPI on JPEG with PHP
  10. How do I debug this error?
  11. How to Reset MD5 Password
  12. installing PDFlib package
  13. PHP classes
  14. Redirect to other page in same domain
  15. OOP Style coding
  16. Sing in to Hotmail from my homepage
  17. Speed of different approaches to php coding
  18. How do I invoke a php file into another php file
  19. Format preserving
  20. How to use copy function to copy file from one computer to another
  21. Talking to mail server without using browser
  22. Curl proxy
  23. PHP On mobile (Getting mobile model number)
  24. what is framework and how to work with php
  25. How to solve a cross domain issue?
  26. Problem extracting data from form
  27. MIME type in Mail.php
  28. Validating Username
  29. Block website IP address
  30. How to setup IMAP in PHP?
  31. Select where clause with "IN"
  32. Validate html with php also
  33. help me find the error..
  34. Compare array elements for a fairly close match
  35. Regarding mysql_pconnect()
  36. unlink/delete file from mysql database
  37. Php Upload script not working
  38. problem inserting data into mysql database from a form...
  39. Convert pdf to csv or xls
  40. Why Curl is used ?
  41. Click button twice to update shopping cart?
  42. XML Listener and PHP
  43. Hiding PHP extension in browser address
  44. html encoding and &quote; showing up in webpages instead of '
  45. Database based order form
  46. how to fetch array values
  47. Parsing HTML links
  48. mail gets in to spam
  49. doc or pdf file upload to use php script
  50. Pack() function but padd spaces on left instead of right (align right)
  51. Know the users online ?
  52. Problem in multiline regular expression
  53. check string in variable using
  54. Long running PHP script problem
  55. What is the difference between these two class ? [OOP]
  56. Selecting individual records in mySQL
  57. image and charset
  58. Need help parsing xml with php
  59. Quaterly rounding in PHP
  60. Landing URL auto writes to database (how?)
  61. PHP security
  62. Copy function not working
  63. File open website page error
  64. Locking Cases For Edit/Write where table lock won't do
  65. Rounding in php
  66. problem in relative path
  67. displaying data fetched from mysql
  68. Using variables as array keys
  69. Show image while in background PHP script executes
  70. Load file once for whole site
  71. getting image coordinates
  72. Rewrite without using try catch
  73. Problem using the header function. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  74. Variables Variable Question
  75. Adding in php question
  76. Retrieving cookies on a different webpage
  77. time left for expiry of an event
  78. two or more buttons in a form; keyboard enter/return activates which button
  79. scaling a hand rolled 'SELECT FOR LOCK"
  80. providing license for product
  81. Please rewrite this html line of code into php echo statement
  82. function() inputs and outputs
  83. Security of user uploaded files
  84. page shows output on dev, not on production
  85. Incrementing an empty string
  86. Three tier PHP system
  87. Sbtract time from date
  88. Using Forms in PHP-select option (Drop down list)
  89. Getting Div's value from a File/String/URL
  90. Html special characters are not displayed correctly in email attachment
  91. Update Button
  92. Add some specific dates to some date
  93. How to perform this data type conversion and following it up with SUM operation?.
  94. Need help to select all the records related to the key word.
  95. getting attachment from the mail using mime type
  96. Convert TTF to AFM font Format
  97. addslashes, mysql_real_escape_string, etc not working
  98. Login problem
  99. php script for taking text
  100. Check string for special chars help
  101. Export mysql datas to Excelsheet
  102. str_replace for exact match
  103. Paypal payment without leaving the site
  104. A big problem with SESSIONS
  105. Language settings?
  106. Unable to receive FROM field in mail header
  107. import excel data into mysql using php script ? problem
  108. How to exit to a web page upon successful 'Recaptcha' input
  109. Mysql db restore
  110. Getting a rollover image to execute php
  111. running perl in php
  112. Php / Mysql :0:,:1:
  113. How to create a dependent drop down box ?
  114. How to open a new window to print data
  115. php-reporting tool
  116. Dynamically updating a text-box
  117. Formating a text area
  118. can not receive data from the page
  119. display one result from a set of db rows
  120. PHP Banner
  121. file upload to a server directory
  122. replace characters starting from undercore
  123. Error connecting mysql database...
  124. create test account in nochex
  125. Display the each category name in the table as a link
  126. Combine date and time in php
  127. how to pass value into one page to another page using session
  128. php/mysql date
  129. Populating a table with changing variables
  130. Concatenating problem while Iteration
  131. PHP Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92)
  132. header() statements placement within <div>
  133. invoking perl on php
  134. Automatic emails
  135. Count time upto click submit in the same page
  136. Updating mySQL data using PHP forms.
  137. sitemap generation
  138. getting problem in running exe file
  139. Obtaining a date from a database?
  140. Problem loading an Image
  141. Error Connecting to SQL Server 2005 using PHP script
  142. Uploading images via php
  143. Random display of banners using php?
  144. Return 2 values from Function
  145. PHP Search on web pages
  146. How to remove a specific thread from vbulletin
  147. radio button
  148. Template Splitting Problem.
  149. Time/Date conversion year/week -> day/month/year
  150. parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  151. Dom Document PHP
  152. mandatory fields
  153. cannot sum specific variables
  154. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_pconnect()
  155. Problem with submit button
  156. Send email from the server by PHP
  157. CHM question - please help - got redirected here
  158. server side validation without server side script
  159. Notifying users when a record hits a MYSQL databse
  160. Website section grabber
  161. Calculate bytes in GB,MB format
  162. Refresh the page after use
  163. Hit Counter on a button
  164. URL picture problem
  165. Get Post url?
  166. Displaying page contents without loading new page
  167. enable DOMXML functionality on Linux server.
  168. error in uploading picture
  169. Importing CSV into a mysql DB
  170. Sorting String as Numbers ie (1,100,2) >> (1,2,100)
  171. Extend Session Timeout Depending on users
  172. php.ini session timeout
  173. Send attachment with PHP mail
  174. Search page's result
  175. getting currently logging domain user
  176. Spell check fatal error
  177. populating emoticons
  178. $_SESSION Variables
  179. Transactions not working for mysql using php
  180. PHP's 'or' operator
  181. Mail sent through PHP getting flagged as Junk mail.
  182. Server 500 error
  183. Take post values and add them to the end of a url?
  184. How my I start using PHP in my html form ?
  185. get selected column value for the last row in oracle db
  186. Read another websites source code with php
  187. Formula Validation
  188. auth_pam function not found
  189. Session
  190. Error: [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such
  191. how to display product 360 degree view and 3D view on a products website?
  192. PHP and ajax
  193. how to destroy sessions in php?
  194. email problem in php
  195. show the content of directory
  196. problem with sign in page
  197. Simple Login using Ms Access ODBC
  198. Problem with pspell_new() function of PHP
  199. Storing newly Incremented number
  200. Scorm 2004
  201. filesize() problem
  202. mysql table to csv
  203. Firefox vs IE on Excel File Generation
  204. add background image
  205. PHP mail function problems
  206. i want to get text box data
  207. Problems with writing to flat file
  208. Edit combo box item
  209. Passing values from one php page to another
  210. validation in php
  211. Best practice for managing object oriented database connections
  212. adding PHP hosting
  213. mssql with php record count problem
  214. Geocoding address before adding to database
  215. gyanmic Link building
  216. problem in syntax
  217. how to make a php project an executable one....or how to configure
  218. limit search results so that there is a "Next 10" and "Previous 10"?
  219. how to deal with the 404 page not found error
  220. database values to $_SESSION array
  221. Showing the number of matches returned by array_intersect
  222. creating graph in php
  223. Find a free SMS Gateway in india
  224. getting X, Y values of certain text in string on image
  225. MySQL and PHP check for already submitted data
  226. detect if a drop down list is seleted.
  227. Question about php include() security
  228. How to delete or replace existing file from directory
  229. RRS nightmare
  230. generating reports in pdf using php
  231. Fatal error: Call to undefined function fe()
  232. PHP4 to PHP5 ?
  233. find out array values posted to each element...???
  234. Custom Google search bar
  235. Trying to update data in access database
  236. PHP - Joomla variable $A not recognized
  237. Connecting PHP to SQL Server
  238. ldap connection problem
  239. configuring ms sql 2000 connection in php in linux platform
  240. Regex problem: finding part of string that *doesnt necessarily* have to be there
  241. .bat file create in PHP
  242. active directory user information
  243. pack and unpack
  244. How to use Yogurt Social networking CMS software
  245. Session variables help
  246. Sessions
  247. CMS Opensourse software XOOPS
  248. problem with header("refresh: 5; $url"); command
  249. Generating reports
  250. GET parameters problems. cant receive it all...
  251. excel or PDF file
  252. PHP/MySQL Concurrent use
  253. extract data from URL
  254. Problem opening in new page
  255. find information on these new OOP features?
  256. CURL functions to get source code of a url
  257. File type validation with Php
  258. how to set session in php
  259. T_constant_encapsed_string
  260. readfile() returning 0bytes
  261. problem with check boxes.
  262. A Iittle code help with test for existing variables
  263. Seo Urls
  264. Search Function trouble
  265. header redirect isn't redirecting anywhere (sometimes)...
  266. Help required for remove_child function
  267. 2 submits buttons for a form.
  268. Connecting to a Access database using ODBC and no DNS
  269. problem in session redirecting - IE
  270. Trapping Array in Request
  271. Need PHP file to send to two email recipients
  272. PHP Session question...
  273. Why does latest PHP for Windows include outdated ntwdblib.dll??
  274. Segmentation fault (11)
  275. Using a text box disply date and time.
  276. PDO Statement bindValue
  277. reading excel(spreadsheet) file from php
  278. [off-topic] google app engine with php
  279. Remove backslashes before single quotes during the string insert
  280. how to use php to control webform? (computer identification)
  281. How do i open a .exe file from php
  282. php mail option is not working
  283. insert data in mysql code
  284. String to array w/keys question
  285. How to count database value
  286. Seeking an experts advice...
  287. Send form to user and to mysql
  288. GraphViz
  289. logistic regression
  290. Escaping
  291. transaction restart
  292. download link for php5
  293. Caculating Nestled Arrays from Mysql DB
  294. php classes
  295. new line character
  296. how to create .htaccess file in PHP
  297. Sorting an array of IPAdresses
  298. get current time
  299. csv file transfering using php
  300. Shopping cart for multiple tables
  301. PHP 5 DOM and exposing properties
  302. Add rows with mutiple controls on each button click
  303. redirecting the page using php
  304. image download
  305. image resize in php
  306. Drop down list/mysql_fetch_array() problem: Why does the data repeat on page reload.
  307. Different Results in IE and Firefox
  308. A little help with isset, in_array
  309. PHP eval() question
  310. PHP Zend engine source code Q's
  311. show message on no results
  312. 2 web servers serving same pages
  313. Problems with matching on last element in array
  314. socket_bind() Error
  315. php and mySql
  316. Change the header of a page depending on the source.
  317. Comparing two entities (mysql table and table in an excel file)
  318. Sending mail to many recipients issue.
  319. Session expires
  320. Display name of users who are online
  321. Getting DST information...
  322. How to work dependent dropdowns and still to retain user input in a form?
  323. Using posix_kill and PHP doesn't understand SIGUSR1!!??
  324. upload function is working in one version and not in other version
  325. ini_set or function?
  326. display images from a folder as thumbnails
  327. Get only date from mysql datetime column
  328. Using Oracle 11g with PHP 5 (or 6)
  329. how to invoke a bat file from server to client in php
  330. chaining MYSQL queries in php
  331. FeedBack Form
  332. working with jpgraph
  333. sending mail from localhost to yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc
  334. Adding file type validation to php upload script
  335. Updating a single field..
  336. move_uploaded_file on localhost
  337. writing into CSV from a web page
  338. Using a slash to denote data
  339. MySQL server running, PHP can't connect
  340. Captcha image Text Size
  341. safe mode help
  342. Memory usage of foreach
  343. difference
  344. drop down list
  345. Having trouble validating using mysqli
  346. Wierd character bug in PHP?
  347. Strip Function, Not Stripping Everything?
  348. Display graph using 3 inputs
  349. PHP.ini
  350. Convert Php 2 Word Doc
  351. array comparison and the drop-down box again
  352. Help
  353. couldn't get hidden type data after form submission
  354. onfocus()
  355. PHP ate my XML's whitespace! I want it back!
  356. Are you a GoDaddy user?
  357. MySql Address to Google Map
  358. PHP Automatic Processes
  359. Urgent Help Needed- Company website down
  360. Grouping results with PHP
  361. Issue with posting data to mysql table
  362. to php
  363. php form display function
  364. Create Directory problem
  365. How to Remove Carriage return and line feeds.
  366. ereg/preg replace
  367. how to paginate in php
  368. Image in a Table
  369. what is auto_prepend_file?
  370. Parsing a delimited text file into mysql database
  371. communication with other applications
  372. More than 1 ip address
  373. MySQL Table Name
  374. Is there an API function thats me if the php interpreter is threadsave?
  375. Help will contact form!
  376. PHP Manual with Notes (chm)
  377. Passing Variables
  378. PHP Fatal error
  379. undefined index....
  380. undefined index
  381. Apache Eating up ram using imagecreatefrom
  382. Where to Start
  383. regarding jpgraph in wamp
  384. Read data from Access MDB file?
  385. Code to download an image without having to right click a link?
  386. Date - drop down menu
  387. split into sentences with preg_split
  388. Chart for PHP?
  389. PHP send mail null field questions
  390. Suppress <return> for form submission?
  391. storing email bcc: adresses from query result(s)
  392. how to apply water mark on run time
  393. import data from excel file [mydata.xls] into mysql table
  394. PayPal IPN
  395. explode & mktime function
  396. Problems with PayPal Payments
  397. disabling the form elements
  398. List files from directory not in apache web directory
  399. How to launch embedded video listed in MYSQL via PHP script
  400. Mysql database in UTF8, PHP shows latin1 (iso-8859-1)
  401. Database Issue
  402. Get rid of reCaptcha fields in emails
  403. convert fractions into decimal
  404. How to detect ip address of remote computer
  405. Pointing out two bunches of code from a php script
  406. Excluding form fields if values are empty
  407. Web table index
  408. Download files to local computers
  409. OT(ish) : How did they do that in C++
  410. breaking up a text file?
  411. PHP: Checkbox to delete database values
  412. Fatal error: Class 'XSLTProcessor' not found
  413. how to change 2nd drop down contens when a item selected from first dropdown list ?
  414. Login php not working over network
  415. how to maintain uniqueness in a mysql table
  416. strtotime abbreviations
  417. alternative php cache on php5.2.3 on Linux
  418. payment gateway interface in php
  419. fgets working explaination
  420. auto generated txt or doc file
  421. What is latency?
  422. textbox into MYSQL with text formatting
  423. How to show shortened url in the address bar
  424. From MYSQL DB to Textbox Problem
  425. XML Format help
  426. how to pass a php variable to a perl program
  427. Updating the form
  428. Drop down box onchange in php
  429. Multi Query
  430. PHP Utils functions
  431. getting base directory
  432. PHP blocks session_start while other PHP instance is running
  433. Time GMT down
  434. How to make my own photo gallery??
  435. use a variable in a function?
  436. how can choose SELECT tag from a form if there are multiple SELECT tags?
  437. check for new mail automatically in php
  438. EXIF and IPTC - reads data from JPEG
  439. getting username of currently logged user on client machine
  440. dynamic build select box from server data
  441. insert 2 text data fields into one field MySQL
  442. two submit buttons
  443. problem with the edit the data in form
  444. PHP and a MSSQL database
  445. PHP/Apache setup for localhost
  446. MySQL -> PHP Encoding / Decoding problem
  447. resizing an image.
  448. Memory sharing with php
  449. automatically rename uploaded file
  450. MailServer in php
  451. Form will 'fire' only in IE??
  452. imagettftext w/o anti alias in small font sizes -> ugly
  453. User Agent String Decipher...
  454. Directory listing to mysql
  455. escaping a string for use with oracle
  456. CMS tutorial?
  457. php framework!
  458. Question About Layout
  459. Can we customize wordpress?
  460. Advice on a table
  461. problem in redirecting the page
  462. php code that checks whether a url exist
  463. trim filename from a string
  464. License key generator
  465. how can i make a download through php
  466. Get data from two tables
  467. Problems with new_php() function
  468. Check Page Request
  469. Image Resizing Prom
  470. insert details from Form to database
  471. php queries
  472. Notice: Undefined index:
  473. whta are the different types of authenitications?
  474. Auto submitting a form that contains a file field
  475. Possible to text based submit via php?
  476. zend studio trial version cd
  477. Backtick call appends extra space
  478. having trouble showing table categories on php
  479. Is there a difference between Zend Extension and PHP Extensions
  480. Update statement won't work on MySQL v5.0 and PHP v2.0
  481. Enum Foreaach
  482. Simple question on arrays and sql
  483. calling a URL
  484. Is Apache Needed w/IIS (Windows 2003) for PHP Install
  485. convert picture in excelsheet
  486. Asynchronous logging in PHP
  487. Getting values from mysql database
  488. Warning And Fatal Errors
  489. How do i run cake php in wamp?
  490. question about select tag in php
  491. question about select tag in php
  492. PHP Multi-threading
  493. Extract text and images from pdf file
  494. add watermark on images
  495. Fatal error: Call to undefined method PEAR_Error::send()
  496. how to safely eval user-generated code
  497. input=file : how to get actual path, not mapped drive letter?
  498. Cron Job
  499. PHP OOP Setters and Getters + data validation
  500. Cant Get posted value
  501. Spam on the increase?
  502. Updating PHP Generated Form
  503. sessions
  504. Retrieving many RSS feeds fast?
  505. Dynamic Form building
  506. Character Entity References
  507. Character Entity References
  508. Problem installing SVN PHP extension via PEAR in Mac OS
  509. Is PDO incompatible with caching mechanismes like APC?
  510. [FreeBSD 6.3/PHP5] Installing MemCacheD?
  511. Displaying graphs on html pages
  512. Help and ideas needed for loading image before redirect..
  513. Dreamweaver help: using PHP/MySQL formatting date
  514. PHP form validation with highlighted error fields
  515. how to use object as array like in simplexml
  516. Insert into table using arrays for field names and values
  517. how to call mysql stored procedure from php
  518. Script help
  519. to move data from one table to another using php
  520. Session Issue Setting
  521. Drop Down Box display the first element of an array twice from an MySQL query...
  522. drop down pblm in php ?...
  523. How to convert RSS dates to second since epoch?
  524. MIME file and gd
  525. Apache php module docs?
  526. If statement in option dropdown box.
  527. Simple XML - difficult parsing
  528. multiple PHP 5 subversions
  529. scheduling with 'AT' from php
  530. Add a background Image
  531. PHP AND OR
  532. how to inverse 3x3 matrices
  533. how gmail hide http referrer?
  534. PDF generation from HTML
  535. problem by using of the mail function
  536. Problems using bitwise &
  537. problem in mail function parameters
  538. PHP Loop Problem
  539. Error messages when entering data
  540. save php form to to pdf
  541. Download the files stored in the database
  542. Working with Sessions in Multi Tab Browsers - PHP
  543. Php 5 and DST - touch not working
  544. Please, Let me sleep!
  545. how to access OpenOffice Writer (For mailmerge)
  546. foreach and multiple arrays
  547. using a pattern to fill a rectangle
  548. Stopping an empty form being submitted
  549. PHP MYSQL Table help
  550. Name a page as abc.htm while actual page is word.php?w=abc