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  1. PHP 4 or PHP 5
  2. date convert in different mode
  3. PHP Post
  4. LOAD DATA INFILE only imports 1 row???
  5. Excell/CSV files type data need to insert in MySQL database using php
  6. how to create Search Engine Friendly URL
  7. problem with display images
  8. Php: getting local IP
  9. Undefined index Error
  10. Getting the keys of the common elements of 2 arrays ?
  11. sorting multidimensianal array based on the date field
  12. calling js from php and returning value to php from js
  13. get system IP
  14. GD intermittent color problem
  15. redirecting a login page to a url from server variable
  16. php script type
  17. Retrive the folder name
  18. Ternary operator OR if condition ?
  19. using php can i enter into different computers from network within my LAN
  20. validate password..
  21. How to remove SessionId from URL
  22. IMAP functions of PHP
  23. Dynamically invoke method / function
  24. Security of PHP Superglobals
  25. date_format fatal error
  26. arc text using php
  27. how to export data to pdf ?
  28. mail in spam
  29. Looking for the best free php editor outhere
  30. Another session problem/question
  31. Grid on a file should convert to Pdf and excel?
  32. Form Filled values from mysql
  33. Modules PHP Nuke
  34. Host config broke my code, please help.
  35. how to connect mysql/php from dreamweaver mx2004
  36. Photo Gallery Website
  37. Pass equivalent $_POST[] array via command line
  38. Help accessing mail server using imap
  39. Animating gifs through PHP GD - treat as Image not Object?
  40. Problem regarding session..
  41. Safely querying a MySQL database record that has quotes in it
  42. how to encryption and decryption variable in php
  43. What Is LAMP technology ?
  44. can anyone tell me what is wrong in this
  45. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in............
  46. pagination within image - IF problem
  47. import excel file into database
  48. What could be the Regular Expression for Validating a user's name?
  49. How can I automatically add anchors to text links?
  50. Newbie Problem using if statement with &&
  51. well...don't use any reference variable, how to call this function
  52. what is the -> operator?
  53. Read a 'lot' of file
  54. Do you need a translator?
  55. preg_match_all
  56. How to test that an array is 'indexed' vs 'associative'
  57. Looking for Open Source Partner
  58. Issues with strpos
  59. PHP boolean's
  60. able to upload 28 meg file, yet php.ini limits posts to 10 megs.What is up with that?
  61. following radio & hidden does not work..... help please.
  62. how to invoke ReflectionMethod and pass variable by reference asargument?
  63. using fopen() in write mode is failing
  64. cookies problem
  65. Interactive mode not very useful
  66. Creating a simple hitcounter for PHP web pages. (saves to files)
  67. Big leap - using web services
  68. Not easy! Best way to clean an array of arrays
  69. GD, IMagick and Chinese words in utf-8
  70. sql injection
  71. form validation
  72. regex help
  73. unable to connect to mssql server
  74. Feedback wanted: new PHP template engine
  75. Un parere su questo lavoro.
  76. gettext() function
  77. how to check whether the page is the last page?
  78. A new codeless PHP/AJAX IDE
  79. Error #2003 the server has no response
  80. Build string to reference object
  81. Parsing PHP with HTML file extension
  82. URL Rewriting Help
  83. MySQL table names in PHP code
  84. user uploaded files -- max # of files per directory?
  85. Date Question
  86. Date Question
  87. simpleXML and PHP. How to find if a node is empty or exists?
  88. Build an array index from a string
  89. cron jobs in PHP admin to run a PHP file
  90. sessions being destroyed prematurely
  91. Array Question
  92. Security function for scanning web input parameters.
  93. need toi
  94. Accouncement: Coto PHP Framework 0.0.5 trial version
  95. IMAP suggestions
  96. Is it possible to send mail through authenticated SMTP?
  97. preg_match doesn't work properly!?
  98. How do I merge references to objects?
  99. 404 errors
  100. making simple xml editor with php
  101. making simple xml editor
  102. sorry double posting
  103. Are session data written/read back with every page?
  104. include 'filename.php' vs. exit 'whatever'
  105. how do you create a file using php?
  106. Trac alternatives?
  107. help
  108. Multi Array?
  109. documentation help needed
  110. Breadcumb trail filters
  111. Navigation
  112. My E-Mail Address
  113. PHP framework to work with .po (gettext) files
  114. Newbie question
  115. validating username
  116. Adding single quotes around items in a list
  117. Pay per click
  118. redirecting in the middle of a code
  119. With all do respect Gentlemen
  120. Looking for a shortcut: Knowing the index position of an array, howcan i get the next $key available
  121. Anouncement: Coto PHP Framework 0.0.1 trial version
  122. Why some extension has yum install option, but some not?
  123. Like to use my html editor NVU
  124. How do i pick the 3 first elements and so on of the above array usingthe foreach loop function?
  125. Sudden increase in php-jobs
  126. ero magazines
  127. Does php slow your website down
  128. Tect based online RPG written in php
  129. Hi!
  130. Hello again
  131. a digg clone, phpdug
  132. programming a digg clone
  133. OK - I just didn't know
  134. Can i pass value to javascript from php
  135. Optimization idea that might not be good OO
  136. Fopen problems
  137. SimpleXML Bug?
  138. Is creating a digg clone hard for you? How hard?
  139. In-House Job Opening
  140. connection down xampp
  141. Pay per click
  142. youtube
  143. Difference between float, double and real?
  144. sites showing examples of php
  145. PHP + MySQL + Dates = ?
  146. Get a freelancer or find 1000s of freelance jobs
  147. Unicode for HTTP Header
  148. php vs python
  149. Can you do this with PHP?
  150. Are you like to become a PROGRAMMER.....
  151. newbie: debugging (I use Quanta+ in Linux)
  152. chinese 8.0 magnitude earthquake
  153. postgresql and binary data
  154. "Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated"
  155. explode with the foreach not working (beginner)
  156. PHP & XML
  157. Limits of PHP, SMTP Mailing
  158. syntax of sprintf
  159. question regarding image processing
  160. Email suddenly stop working?
  161. Help installing pdo modules on a freebsd server
  162. Please, endorse my new php class library and get license free
  163. Zend Studio text display is all garbled up.
  164. Function Problem
  165. FCk Editor problem
  166. SQL parsing
  167. Searching in tree structures
  168. CSV to associative array
  169. Best Way to Store Group Membership
  170. Line terminator in php
  171. php readfile() function - how to implement on smarty web page
  172. Plugin system: Automatically instantiate included classes?
  173. Can I get WinBinder for php 5.2.6 ?
  174. Cron jobs alternative, Yahoo Web Hosting
  175. PHP + XSLT
  176. PHPMailer problem
  177. displaying line breaks?
  178. PDO: Switch database user without reopening connection
  179. problems with login script
  180. convert a table to a <div> controlled layout
  181. HTML Dom Parser
  182. foreach quesiton
  183. my greatest security fear - am I too worried?
  184. php syntax question
  185. Little Quiz with regular expression ;)
  186. How to call Win32 API functions ?
  187. php to get date and time separately into MySQL?
  188. php.ini - errors not being thrown
  189. Very fast php variable access in html
  190. preserving white space with DOMDocument / loadHTML
  191. STDOUT vs. php://STDOUT
  192. I don't need mysql_real_escape_string?
  193. a nested array in a $_POST variable?
  194. sorry newbie in this group
  195. APC cache apc_store apc_fetch behavior on Apache
  196. Urgent help please -- ffmepg proc_open return 127, no execution,
  197. Setting html page for printing
  198. question about validation and sql injection
  199. Page Title
  200. reading a XML file on every page execution - convert to PHP?
  201. PHP time formatting ?
  202. Looking for a good Multiple Choice Question script
  203. Fear of programming
  204. What is superglobal?
  205. mp3> id3> embed cover art howto?
  206. php5 and include problem
  207. Sharing data between sessions?
  208. Windows PHP 5.2.6 - Problems with Escape Characters
  209. Advice on learning PHP
  210. validate check?
  211. timestamp
  212. Polymorphism in PHP (+ question on casting "up")
  213. problems with product registration
  214. Best way to parse CSV data?
  215. applying a function to each array element
  216. Basic authentication without CURL
  217. array of year/months
  218. how to find the time taken to execute php script
  219. mysql_close and $DB->query problem
  220. Retrieve Win.2003 Active Directory user
  221. Best way to 'integrate' Google Calendar in a website
  222. form validation using php
  223. How to detect the client computer is using PC Browser / Mobile Browser?
  224. First post, first Big question. html layout engine, looking for ahowto
  225. Socializing site EXCLUSIVELY for TECHIES
  226. nested if's
  227. Oracle Isolation Level
  228. Colored font
  229. variables in the includes
  230. regex question: replace things ONCE
  231. Focus on previously selected page
  232. shortening code
  233. how to organize includes
  234. require_once() ... gone mad? !
  235. phpinfo() and $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] constant
  236. where to put includes
  237. A question about php reference in array
  238. echoing mysql result
  239. buy and sell website
  240. Item with multiple options
  241. how sql injection is possible ?
  242. How do I restore a backup in mysql?
  243. How to set the default home page using php code in Firefox
  244. Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure
  245. Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure
  246. hai friends
  247. fread and UTF-16 encodings
  248. question mark url encoding causes errors
  249. How to compare two fields, from 2 tables in 2 different databases ?
  250. PHP and Cookies
  251. why can't PHP chmod a file that is already 777?
  252. mail() function error: (SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address)
  253. validating user input: regex vs. filters?
  254. PHP5 install in Windows Vista
  255. Regular Expression Result as Associative Array Index
  256. Help writing SQL statement in PHP script
  257. hai dear
  258. how to do an include
  259. Building Dynamic Pages For Editing Database Records
  260. Can someone show me a list of swear words
  261. How to find non-existing nodes or nodes with no text.
  262. How to find non-existing nodes or nodes with no text
  263. Cannot post string "union select" php form
  264. Unusual password request
  265. rilevazione utente
  266. form processing question
  268. show image when a field value = 1
  269. here is the coolest site in the world, what I've talked about last
  270. PHP/SOAP WDSL Restrictions
  271. Sending newsletters from standalone software
  272. How to create E-mail Users like Cpanel do
  273. PHP blog
  274. Call Java Method from PHP
  275. Prevent setting of PHP_AUTH_PW?
  276. ampersands in URL string
  277. Why fread mistakes in reading binary file ?
  278. For loop question?
  279. any memcached fans?
  280. How to detect user leaving site?
  281. Question about 'sizeof'
  282. Tool to parse and validate PHP script?
  283. proc_open print stderr
  284. Can you point me to sme site where I can find some code on php
  285. I have simple question using simpleXML and PHP
  286. Help with Arrays.
  287. Real-time database monitor
  288. php_mbstring.dll not found
  289. PHP form processing (with Javascript)
  290. Fetching PDO Large Data Object
  291. PHP coding Question
  292. Novice looking for advice (date comparison).
  293. bug in preg_match_all?
  294. PHP, HTML and Flash
  295. embedded variable in HTML
  296. PHP calculation
  297. displaying data to form....
  298. How Session getting expired?
  299. PHP learning material
  300. IMDB fetch with PowermovieList Hangs for exact matches
  301. Eclipse for building PHP sites?
  302. Which is better to a PHP learner, WampServer or AppServ?
  303. PHP\dlls
  304. PHP\dlls
  305. Looking for file sharing system.
  306. Is PHP secure while PHP code is exposed on the hosting server?
  307. Could a website be written in more than one language, if yes, whatcombination of languages do you recommend?
  308. Font in code
  309. Is there any famous website developed by PHP except Facebook?
  310. How to identify the scale of a website?
  311. PHP on Vista
  312. Is PHP 6 released? If not, when will it be released?
  313. Full-text search engine for CJK?
  314. [PDO] Detecting SQL errors?
  315. New PDO driver for SQL Server
  316. Javascript and the combobox printing
  317. PHP (Drupal) Development, E-Mail And Website Hosting, And A Brave NewWorld
  318. PHP Job Openings
  319. Can't find php.ini!
  320. Dynamic Printing of Values
  321. use php in python httpservers
  322. Protecting your images from being saved.
  323. Help with mail script
  324. Sessions
  325. image slicing script
  326. Php5 - xsl extension not working
  327. Call class function from within another function?
  328. getimagesize() working and *not*working... why?
  329. PHP object references and iterating through an array
  330. Emailing a password
  331. php 5 & XSLT: How to register own handlers for SAX, Error and PI ?
  332. PHP & Object Oriented criteria to develop web sites
  333. SoapClient and Cookies
  334. Type safety in PHP
  335. Flash 2 PHP
  336. PHP 5, XSL transformations of big files
  337. Using COM & ADSI - Bracket Problem
  338. Windows 2k3 IIS locks up with mysqli
  339. Setting breakpoints in PHP - is this possible?
  340. Error: file is encrypted or is not a database
  341. Work in PHP/Mysql
  342. extension won't load in php.ini, but loads with dl()
  343. uploading to /home/*/public_html on a linux box
  344. File permissions not preserved with copy function?
  346. Pleas Help Me (File Upload and delete)
  347. about install plugins in my web page
  348. Does anyone use the Zend Famework?
  349. php 5 and mysql failure
  350. iframe shows in Mozilla, but not in IE
  351. PHP Zend
  352. Speeding question, " vs '
  353. IS a PHP programmer typing <?php ?> most of the time when he is atwork?
  354. Eclipse 4.0 beta - New, Crisp UI. Supports C/C++/Java/PHP/Perl bydefault
  355. herf link to php page
  356. SESSION error -> Your script possibly relies on a session side-effectwhich existed until PHP 4.2.3.
  357. I couldn't understand why PHP is so popular. The PHP code looks sohorrible compared with Java.
  358. Anyone who wants to be a founder of a popular website is welcome to
  359. Looking for any programmer ($850k+/yr telecommute)
  360. Compression Functions
  361. not seeing single quotes and double quotes in php. Appear as ? instead.
  362. Seeing encrypted code in php
  363. PHP within shtml?
  364. Question on SimpleXML converting to HTML entities.
  365. Using Apache's mod_rewrite to hide scripts extension
  366. mysql_connect never completes execution
  367. PHP as CGI and .htaccess
  368. New youtube video
  369. zend+pdo+db2
  370. zend+pdo+db2
  371. Fill in the blank
  372. Programming Discussion Forum
  373. WebGoo 4.0.0
  374. PHP Submit Question
  375. array as boolean
  376. a little help with preg_match
  377. %s , %d, etc
  378. Bug ? Lock a php file until it is processed ?
  379. Need to write my first web application - scratching head
  380. need help for connecting the db in php
  381. PHP Variable Question
  382. How about the future of PHP compared with Java?
  383. Random value with condition
  384. $_POST array question
  385. problem with fsockopen and HTTP GET
  386. Reflection and used classes
  387. SimpleXML - how to get attributes with namespace? + XML vs. preg_*
  388. Problems upgrading PHP install
  389. How do I gzip a mysqldump sql backup file?
  390. php.ini errors?
  391. Multipage form keeps getting back to home page
  392. Mail problem with This might be a phishing message and is potentiallyunsafe...
  393. How can I transmit an FLV video to a browser?
  394. No apxs when updating PHP
  395. Execute httpd in background
  396. A simple preg_replace escaping problem
  397. getting absolute directory path?
  398. Exporting MySQL Data - timeout help
  399. PDO Error: Already Active Transaction -- Help
  400. Simple PHP question
  401. HttpRequest, HttpResponse classes
  402. Organizing Addresses, Mailing Lists and PIM is Frustrating
  403. bad usage of strtotime?
  404. Paypal vs. First Data vs. Nova for payment processing?
  405. Help installing PHP5
  406. Calling Python code from inside php
  407. GD imagefilledarc not working, but php version apparently recentenough.
  408. preg help
  409. PHP5 SimpleXML with forms (CMS)
  410. WSDL / SOAP function namespaces
  411. Project management software?
  412. Stumping Sql query...
  413. how to count logged users in php
  414. Problem with my Search Engine Friendly URLs in PHP.
  415. JSON member access issue
  416. Printing email
  417. Function Date
  418. PHP data persistence without forms or GET methods?
  419. How do professional developers deal with software patents?
  420. is using PHP
  421. Sessions not working in windows vista
  422. Must for computers
  423. open source my ERP
  424. Populate table at selection
  425. Symfony + memcached + smarty
  426. launch X apps on a server from a php script
  427. add string into the file (somewhere in the middle)
  428. Newbie Q: isset interpret?
  429. Help: 2 different web apps, by 2 different users, want to use thesame session filename for data.
  430. PRADO 3.1.2 is released
  431. Get calling class
  432. Need help
  433. Spaces becoming underlines
  434. Problem to access distant files - Windows blue screen of death
  435. attach file
  436. compiling php scripts - does it really work?
  437. Capture yahoo map output for printing
  438. Retrieve data from database and set to a variable
  439. PHP Read Text File
  440. variable behaviour
  441. Program to upload e-mails.
  442. Site moved and now php code does not appear to work
  443. Having trouble installing a game.
  444. Having trouble installing a game.
  445. Socket connection issue
  446. Newbie question regarding Menuing
  447. Game installation
  448. Another preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier '{';-)
  449. Eclipse PDT setup
  450. Admin Content in php5 + xml (no mysql)
  451. upload_tmp_dir cleanup
  452. XDebug, XDebug Helper, and Zend Framework
  453. Running PHP On IIS 5.1
  454. Help With Pulling Data From Database
  455. CHMOD testing?
  456. highlight_string() for XSL in php
  457. Indefined Variable
  458. PHP and Image processing
  459. a suggestion to configure a script
  460. Bug
  461. Are you afraid to PHP?
  462. Great little blog discussion on 'programmer wanted'
  463. Regex Help
  464. get name of function within function
  465. General performance question
  466. Running PHP scripts from browser without a webserver on MS
  467. problem with using external variable inside class
  468. a good tutorial book for php/mysql
  469. Hide form submit button value
  470. Session destroy when closing browser
  471. PHP Pro Job-- Symfony/OOP/RAD
  472. (Simple) mod_rewrite question
  473. backup using nysqldump
  474. Multibyte character?
  476. sending http responses....
  477. php website - site critique
  478. Need a Good PHP developer
  479. WTC Towers: The Case For Controlled Demolition
  480. Mime Magic and FileInfo Help
  481. Undefined Offset / Read Error!
  482. I need a LAMP programmer who will work with me.
  483. Storing Superglobals
  484. date_sunset vs. date_sun_info
  485. Help for PEAR
  486. Think I Should Take This PHP Project?
  487. Recursive delete of directory - Directory not empty error
  488. sprintf for SQL injection testing
  489. preg_replace_callback, how to use in object ?
  490. preg_match
  491. problem with com and php
  492. [fpdf] setSourceFile gone in fpdf v.1.53
  493. How to update PHP5 on webserver
  494. PHP Session Variables and smarty Templates
  495. I seek a script PHP allowing to post the horraire weeks of employees
  496. session not working on a php page
  497. How to Choose an Unlimited Web Hosting for free
  498. cache problem
  499. a little help for a little counter
  500. Filtering / Dispatch for PHP?
  501. Preg Replace
  502. smth like Class.forName() in PHP?
  503. New website written in PHP, MySQL
  505. debugging server service code
  506. Generating forms - XML or PHP?
  507. anybody patient & want a new client?
  508. updating the image
  509. Image Resize script in php
  510. problem with server ip address
  511. BBCode/HTML filters
  512. call the function twice?
  513. Save session to DB "Using $this when not in object context"
  514. PHP-GTK Question
  515. How to maintain session when using CURL?
  516. Preg_replace problem
  517. PHP Security 101
  518. Rendering emoticons onto image - two if statements conflicting
  519. oci8
  520. submiting form to same page, and jumping to another
  521. sql injection
  522. php form validation
  523. PHP how often do I use Cookies?
  524. Call to undefined function: mysql_connect()
  525. problem with PHP from commandline
  526. How to extract images from external html page?
  527. Drawing bar graph using GD and PHP
  528. Javascript or PHP ?
  529. Image Creation Using php
  530. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox/text area
  531. Go Simulation - Mark dead stones
  532. Having difficulty changing DPI on JPEG with PHP
  533. How do I debug this error?
  534. How to Reset MD5 Password
  535. installing PDFlib package
  536. PHP classes
  537. Redirect to other page in same domain
  538. OOP Style coding
  539. Sing in to Hotmail from my homepage
  540. Speed of different approaches to php coding
  541. How do I invoke a php file into another php file
  542. Format preserving
  543. How to use copy function to copy file from one computer to another
  544. Talking to mail server without using browser
  545. Curl proxy
  546. PHP On mobile (Getting mobile model number)
  547. what is framework and how to work with php
  548. How to solve a cross domain issue?
  549. Problem extracting data from form
  550. MIME type in Mail.php