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  1. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE
  2. Easy Regex
  3. Array Manipulation , allowing only numeric entries in Text field
  4. not executing embedded php commands
  5. getting mac address
  6. Header: Content-Disposition followed by Location
  7. DBISAM with PHP on Linux
  8. mail function and sendmail
  9. simple regex
  10. DateTime timezones
  11. Treating text copied from MS Word
  12. Nested foreach loop over same array
  13. What is CMS?
  14. back button
  15. Image_Graph line weight question
  16. Joomla-Tutorial.Org Anygood?
  17. file_get_contents & spaces in file name
  18. Mail() problem
  19. Storing button clicks
  20. Which Is The Better Approach To Working With Javascript?
  21. Reading hexdump text file
  22. add in "nl2br2" to a new line
  23. Extra parameter in sendmail_path creating problem
  24. help to extract image from url
  25. Call to undefined function domxml_open_mem() in php5,linux-ubuntu
  26. knight's tour
  27. how to store web page source code into db
  28. Creating a directory structure
  29. problem with xml usage
  30. online ads goole groups join for month 500
  31. Conversion to PHP5
  32. capture the images from website
  33. GD and hotlinking
  34. Binary data (mis)handling
  35. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
  36. populating multiple outputs from dropdown choice
  37. get RSS from behind firewall/proxy ?
  38. how to extract title from url?
  39. createimagefromstring / createimagefromjpeg
  40. How to turn a string into an array
  41. Advanced PHP Debugger
  42. multidimensional array
  43. Scoring a Quiz
  44. Setting relative path in class
  45. Tables in PHP?
  46. sending email using fsockopen() error!!!!
  47. The user just logged in... now what?
  48. soapServer does not error checking
  49. $_POST case sensitivity
  50. open source social networking
  51. Function to tell if IP address is in a range
  52. Generate xsl file with php
  53. play a video like youtube in my application
  54. watch priyamani glamors photo
  55. How can use crystal report in php
  56. MySQL Encryption
  57. New to PHP
  58. social network development
  59. Cookies not deleted in browser
  60. $_SESSION on a mobile phone
  61. if ($b[$a]) $a=$b[$a]; More elegant way to write this?
  62. Convert PDF Files to PCL-Files
  63. Parsing html to php array
  64. cron settings through UI
  65. mysql to html table php function or class
  66. Subject: failed to open stream: Permission denied
  67. retrieve the php code from database
  68. display image from mysql(blob data)
  69. sqlite with PDO and sqlite extension
  70. Embed Font
  71. automatic mail sending
  72. Unique Field
  73. Comparing Dates
  74. Opening Firefox 3 sqlite files
  75. Recommendation for a PHP ORM library?
  76. echo format Q
  77. problem with xml and xpath in PHP
  78. Securing credit card information, GnuPG?
  79. PHP and reverse proxy
  80. $string .= $new vs $string = $string . $new performance
  81. T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE error in fwrite() function.
  82. List and display files in a folder
  83. preg_replace_callback, carrying variables
  84. Overriding class constants
  85. I am not able to download domxml for PHP5
  86. PHP form that doesn't require a submit button
  87. php convert rtf to html and pdf
  88. populate drop down box
  89. don't know what the problem is
  90. Guestbook spam protection
  91. how can we deal with the database entry on the page refreshment
  92. How to Send and Recive from and to multiple .php files
  93. word file searching
  94. communicate with remote server
  95. An Intranet application
  96. fetch array function
  97. Join results from multiple tables into 1 row
  98. More on session variables
  99. undelivered emails and PHP5 in Linux
  100. security of phpsuexec
  101. mod_php vs. CGI
  102. How to pass parameters to a php://filter ?
  103. access array element
  104. Download an MP3
  105. Want to increase upload speed : php
  106. Domxml not support for Linux-ubuntu
  107. multi arguments for function
  108. Using $_POST or $HTTP_POST_VARS etc. ?
  109. WAMP development machine folder structure ideas
  110. Help with conflicting sessions
  111. A good database class
  112. execution time reduce
  113. files wont open
  114. Dynamic rtf from template and database
  115. Encrypt password in PHP, decrypt in VB?
  116. Required PHP Developers for Hyderabad Location
  117. month duration problem
  118. openining a new window
  119. Is PHP-Nuke Good Enough? Need Opinions
  120. oop in php
  121. Session varibles
  122. Permanent MySQL Connection
  123. session variables
  124. ppt file upload and download
  125. outtputting dynamic link in xml tag using php
  126. stream_socket_client and /etc/hosts file
  127. restrict page access to one referring page
  128. exec command not working
  129. php array used to fill in a web page
  130. creating a link within an echo statement
  131. OOP help
  132. How to install php5,apache,mysql in linux-ubundu server
  133. upload in sql
  134. restrict user access on certain pages
  135. Image Scrolling
  136. Re: OFF TOPIC:Censorship By Google Groups Of My Post About Gordon Sauck Being A Police Agent
  137. Inserting into Access via php.
  138. how to store the path of uploading file....
  139. Session store help.
  140. Using a single database connection script for multiple domains
  141. Re: Oportunidad Nissan Tiida nuevo
  142. use SESSION variable?
  143. insert value with special varible
  144. Back Button Problem after Login Out
  145. delete multiple record via echoing checkbox
  146. Slow connection problem?
  147. Specific selection of records
  148. XAMMP on OpenSuse
  149. what does two semicolns ';;' do
  150. php4 attempting to find php5ts.dll
  151. foreachif suggestion
  152. social networking
  153. Database's permission access
  154. Not able to upload a file into my webserver :(:(:(
  155. Re: General Motors
  156. Bug Management Software
  157. help with recusion in DOM
  158. showing selected items in a multiple select menu
  159. Searching for a specific line within a file
  160. Regular expression Match :
  161. lookup funcion
  162. Custom pricing form
  163. $stringVar::constant?
  164. help! strange preg_match no match problem!
  165. Re: Please Help Troubleshoot My First Real Function
  166. Help with upload ..
  167. Information from referring page
  168. get pic from my mail
  169. OBDC Stored Procedure Call using PHP
  170. PHP Startup: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library)
  171. php execution time
  172. ioncube or zend
  173. Coverting php text string to mysql data format ?
  174. I recently found a Japanese AV website! It's Very good!
  175. A list box that changes what HTML is displayed.
  176. exit interrupts my unit test
  177. Looking for a very basic News/Blog solution
  178. Interfacing PHP and Python on Apache
  179. File Upload - how do I get full path, or cache a reference?
  180. file_put_contents problem
  181. Stop hotlinking to a specific file & keeping a counter
  182. So what happens after creating the login mechanism?
  183. parse XML into mysql
  184. xpath query too long?
  185. keypress, textbox
  186. xls preserve text format
  187. Problem to retrieve information from a mysql database
  188. Please Vote for AMIN!!
  189. Can PHP help with masking URLs?
  190. XML - PHP4?
  191. sort aray by element length
  192. Error in INSERT
  193. Session problem
  194. Sessions under localhost
  195. Problem with sscanf
  196. comparing two strings, what am I doing wrong?
  197. NOLOH (Not One Line Of HTML) Launches Beta Program
  198. Newbie question about implementing prepared statements
  199. System call
  200. HTML character code to ASCII
  201. thumbnails of transparent background gifs
  202. Arial font distribution
  203. PHP Training with 100% Job Guarantee
  204. Possible to get modified date of external image with curl?
  205. Force user to another page
  206. go-pear.bat execution problems (WinXP)
  207. Design pattern for interface with transactions
  208. mail...
  209. How to make image of web page
  210. spreadsheet column width
  211. question on avoiding abuse of global
  212. returning partial executions to the user
  213. DATE formatting and TIME zones - how to deal with this hell?
  214. simple web gallery
  215. 5 brand new techniques in PHP+JavaScript+CSS [AJAX]
  216. text field double quotes
  217. using xmlreader and xmlwriter to modify and rewrite a feed?
  218. regexp to match simple text not working
  219. returning an array
  220. Looking for PHP support in Delaware
  221. Upload a file question
  222. nested set sorting and rebuilding
  223. ereg_replace problem
  224. pointers vs. objects
  225. Getting start with php and svn. Need help please.
  226. oci8 not showing in phpinfo()
  227. sqlite/PHP under OS X
  228. get a pdf file from server
  229. If working upside down
  230. return function in class
  231. prepend operator?
  232. Re: very basic: session_start();
  233. ||= and global in a class
  234. Meaning of "->"
  235. MVC: some questions on views
  236. Re: Newbies Code: Please critique
  237. Re: Newbies Code: Please critique
  238. resetting curl's cookie jar
  239. Google maps
  240. uploading special characters from excel to mysql and php binary/Image
  241. array_map : to call a method on all objects
  242. Re: Uploading files with speical characters....
  243. profile page help
  244. Parse the XML feed help me
  245. parse error or infinite loop? a blank screen, yet the php error logis empty
  246. php style for writing static (.html pages
  247. imagejpeg displays text of image name instead of image itself
  248. Data entry form with long list to choose from
  249. vmware job vacancy!
  250. Writing source of a page to file
  251. Re: Uraanikaivoslipponen panikoi!
  252. what does PHP do with temp files uploaded to the server?
  253. Help with arrays
  254. array index ordering
  255. Shared memory solution for PHP working from command line too
  256. How do I "forward" a page unmodified?
  257. SQLite and detecting AUTOINCREMENT
  258. PHP error
  259. Reading properties in non-instantiated child class from the parentclass
  260. Re: Jerry stuckle says advertisments ok in comp groups.
  261. Fatal error: Call to undefined function socket()
  262. Does anyone flowchart their code?
  263. fork
  264. Run background process from PHP on Windows with window
  265. Re: very basic: session_start();
  266. IE 'hangs' when I try to display an uploaded file
  267. mod_php and Fast CGI
  268. Can't use LIKE in IF() ...
  269. How do I hide part of an image with white space?
  270. Best way to "switch arrays"
  271. php, cURL and javascript
  272. Novice trying to SUM array elements from query results.
  273. Manually Calling PHP's request parser for multipart/form-data?
  274. Cant get foreach alternate syntax to display results correctly.
  275. Light at the end of the tunnel - and it's NOT a train !
  276. finding compile time errors
  277. Seeking suggestion on results re-ranking methodology
  278. HCL, Aricent, Infosys and many more companies hiring fresh &experienced engineers ,
  279. Re: What's this PDO error?
  280. Search Engine Friendly URL's and IX Webhosting Windows package
  281. Functional difference between OR and ||
  282. Re: Q re Include & how it works - newbie
  283. Here you can find lots of amazing photos
  284. help with pear pager
  285. My first somewhat meaningful class for length conversions
  286. Convert from ASP to PHP
  287. php and perl md5
  288. password constraints
  289. How do I get PHP to respect my MYSQL double() data type?
  290. method overloading.
  291. PHP web interface for shell script or command
  292. How-to select items from a list
  293. scope and public
  294. Grooming Your Dog
  295. Using a view with some parameters
  296. the secrets of ecam success
  297. Re: Pre-Analyze a PHP page?
  298. how to generate bitmaps, contour maps and so on
  299. Is SPL implemented in C or php
  300. Is the xsi:type accessible from the returned SOAP object?
  301. field names in column
  302. Re: Search result ranking
  303. Saving images in Excel report
  304. Updating an image
  305. Re: Search result ranking
  306. Life time of a Initialized object
  307. Losing session variables
  309. Supporting MySQL failover
  310. looking for menu--navigation code
  311. Migration
  312. Former Perl users ? : Spidering/Scraping in PHP
  313. How to Output Query Result as UTF-16 XML
  314. Convert Soap Call to NuSoap Call
  315. magic_quotes
  316. X-JSON encoding problem
  317. Re: Query
  318. Splitting a string into arrays within an array but only one delimiter?
  319. I need a PHP SMTP Client
  320. Re: Query
  321. Re: Query
  322. database hangs in MyPHPAdmin/can't login to web site
  323. newbie, help me!
  324. automatically send entire page in an email
  325. Last month -> Current Month -> Next Month
  326. Headers already sent error in conditional block
  327. Problem installing PHP 5.2.6
  328. Re: How add white spaces at the end of string
  329. Clinic Items
  331. Basic Member Visibility Question
  332. Passing values from a multi-select list to a MySQL query using PHP
  333. Just be a part of the big game and become our partner.It is easy andfree.If you have a web site you just need to put our banner and wait your
  334. Cannot post to groups on
  335. PostgreSQL drivers not working?
  336. SPAM
  337. online money
  339. Re: dynamic drop down list from the date field filtered to uniquemonths
  340. dynamic variable names?
  341. newbie: does PHP code obfuscation make sense?
  342. Re: Another AJAX question
  343. Adidas campus supplier paypal
  344. Re: How to display JPG files that are stored on the user's computer?
  345. newbie: using xdebug with Quanta+
  347. rss vs. mojavi
  348. newbie echo with (int)
  349. limit calculation output
  350. Popup dialog for PHP on Windows?
  351. hollywood and bollywood
  352. TCP apllications
  353. Re: Another AJAX question
  354. output buffering but content still escapes?
  355. Please check my auth login script
  356. how can white space enter a text file?
  357. base64 in url allways safe ?
  358. Re: Another AJAX question
  359. Newbie wants to know how to include php in a Dreamweaver .dwt file
  360. create html from flat file
  361. secure login form
  362. BetFair Loophole
  363. Re: NEWBIE Seeking best IDE for developing PHP based Webpages/website
  364. ero magazines
  365. Buteyko Approach
  366. enable keyword search on website whith in mysql database ,windowsplatform
  367. how to apply google search to my site
  368. Problem Getting Mail Function to Work
  369. script only loops once, doesn't filter for no files
  370. General SOAP weirdness... libxml default stream context?
  371. HTML_AJAX
  372. file_exists() returns false
  373. Send current htlm page as email
  374. Html page as input to php procedure
  375. unable to install LAMP
  376. sending and receiving wrong information
  377. Re: NEWBIE Seeking best IDE for developing PHP based Webpages/website
  378. Re: NEWBIE Seeking best IDE for developing PHP based Webpages/website
  379. Pure Php Flat-File Databases?
  380. Help with Writing Unicode into MySQL via PHP
  381. imap_fetchbody and character encoding
  382. Why php gettext is needed in real life?
  383. Question with AJAX
  384. Blog on PHP Bits & Pieces
  385. Need to display subcategories based on categories with ajax
  386. Simple PHP counter without using echo
  387. Can't get this small piece of code to work? Need help
  388. Can't get this small piece of code to work? Need help
  389. Accessing SMTP direct instead of using mail()
  390. Artificial intelligence in php
  391. I want to make the sub domain run on its own domain
  392. photo gallery
  393. Re: Need Business Directory Sitescript
  394. Re: Need Business Directory Sitescript
  395. problem including files under xhtml
  396. do static variables in cron jobs cause any problems, like memoryleaks?
  397. image raw data or svg into pdf?!
  398. Form and radio buttons; can't send them correctly
  399. question about session variables
  400. Re: Issues starting a session *and* setting a cookie
  401. Same error as many......
  402. Exclude php "auto_append" from certain files or directories?
  403. internal server error
  404. pragma
  405. fsockopen and gmail timeout mystery
  406. php add days date
  407. XSLT vs DOM
  408. post_max_size
  409. resize of images
  410. Fatal error: Call to undefined function xslt_create()
  411. For some reason my script is changing a session.
  412. Fetching Host name and MAC address
  413. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ':' or ';'
  414. Resume parsing using PHP codes
  415. What other program too use for PHP
  416. session login and logout
  417. php with wml
  418. ASP to PHP
  419. String of 5 unique random letters
  420. Conditional and Operator problem
  421. Need help integrating function in a form (PHP?)
  422. Is there a way to not expand escape sequences?
  423. Display last 4 entries
  424. Problem uploading files
  425. PHP MySQL error: supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  426. Language Problem in PHP
  427. xml tp html or php
  428. Mysql Works On One Page But No Other!
  429. Remaining time from db with no page refresh
  430. download script
  431. Reading PHP file names
  432. Same script, but work in some server and doesn't work in some server.
  433. Pass HTML code from one page to another
  434. Finding Every 2 days in a month
  435. How safe are cookies?
  436. problem with installing CMS
  437. Show a missing page error
  438. I am having problem with PHP executing SQL Stored Procs
  439. How do you get PHP to print this...
  440. How to print out $_REQUEST varilables from a server
  441. PHP File Uploader
  442. How can i retrive oulook express mail using php.
  443. php usage areas
  444. Problem in large size image uploading.
  445. Command Line Progress Percent Display, no echo
  446. integrating skype on my website
  447. Wamp Server
  448. Save Unicode Text File
  449. PHP file upload
  450. Help with OOP class and its members
  451. Why doesn't variables work in image strings?
  452. echoing a session variable from content within a database???
  453. Classes and variable clairification
  454. PHP Fatal error: Cannot access empty property
  455. Hacker Site - SQL Injection
  456. PHP regular expression
  457. ereg_replace: How to replace three or more \n with \n\n?
  458. Using files array in another page ?
  459. how to change session time...
  460. So a theory question for all you PHP Guru's out there
  461. Reading URL
  462. How to convert URLs in string into Links and Edit the URL while displaying?
  463. preg_replace not working in server
  464. Paypal Integeration
  465. screenshot for the given page or url
  466. debugging problem
  467. How to Call aspx page from PHP?
  468. Smarty Array won't allow me to use it as array
  469. Cookie problem without www prefixed.
  470. Combine RSS feeds by relevance
  471. form posting messages at times and failing at other times
  472. How to make URL Like index.php?dir=this&page=that
  473. Php webpages not being displayed
  474. Are all session ids generated by web server unique?
  475. Converting JavaScript variable to php
  476. Need help on getting variable name
  477. matching a string
  478. Big CAPTCHA Problem
  479. php_iconv.dll' - The specified module could not be found
  480. joomla
  481. page within page style problem
  482. Calling the parent constructor from a child class automatically.
  483. retriving value :
  484. Write permission denied for a file on IIS 5.1
  485. How to get Xml file from Email
  486. problem with subroutines
  487. Database Search technique
  488. A design question. Looking for a design solution.
  489. How to find the path to a file stored at an unknown location on the filesystem?
  490. Upload a document + restrictions
  491. Display database values in different colours
  492. Using my own php.ini
  493. LIMIT clause problem
  494. How to draw underlined text using TrueType fonts to an image?
  495. How to read multiple worksheet from a single excel file
  496. How to loop through multiple rows returned by a database?
  497. How to insert "\n" in mysql using php
  498. Sorting alphabetically...
  499. Showing image or colour in Excel
  500. Pagination
  501. Send mail to user if he forget the password
  502. problem in displaying multiple images
  503. Fastest Logic to do this, parse first and last name from string
  504. PHP 4 or PHP 5
  505. date convert in different mode
  506. PHP Post
  507. LOAD DATA INFILE only imports 1 row???
  508. Excell/CSV files type data need to insert in MySQL database using php
  509. how to create Search Engine Friendly URL
  510. problem with display images
  511. Php: getting local IP
  512. Undefined index Error
  513. Getting the keys of the common elements of 2 arrays ?
  514. sorting multidimensianal array based on the date field
  515. calling js from php and returning value to php from js
  516. get system IP
  517. GD intermittent color problem
  518. redirecting a login page to a url from server variable
  519. php script type
  520. Retrive the folder name
  521. Ternary operator OR if condition ?
  522. using php can i enter into different computers from network within my LAN
  523. validate password..
  524. How to remove SessionId from URL
  525. IMAP functions of PHP
  526. Dynamically invoke method / function
  527. Security of PHP Superglobals
  528. date_format fatal error
  529. arc text using php
  530. how to export data to pdf ?
  531. mail in spam
  532. Looking for the best free php editor outhere
  533. Another session problem/question
  534. Grid on a file should convert to Pdf and excel?
  535. Form Filled values from mysql
  536. Modules PHP Nuke
  537. Host config broke my code, please help.
  538. how to connect mysql/php from dreamweaver mx2004
  539. Photo Gallery Website
  540. Pass equivalent $_POST[] array via command line
  541. Help accessing mail server using imap
  542. Animating gifs through PHP GD - treat as Image not Object?
  543. Problem regarding session..
  544. Safely querying a MySQL database record that has quotes in it
  545. how to encryption and decryption variable in php
  546. What Is LAMP technology ?
  547. can anyone tell me what is wrong in this
  548. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in............
  549. pagination within image - IF problem
  550. import excel file into database