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  1. OT: Is it google groups or...
  2. error with &$variable
  3. Few questions about simple XML parser
  4. MIni search engine
  5. PHP session out when pop up window is opened
  6. Importing contacts from Hotmail, yahoo etc
  7. PHP code from XSL won't execute
  8. Which Is The Best Adult Image Filter ?
  9. Securing client/server communication
  10. Can I have a session array that gets added dynamically?
  11. Using Sessions to pass a value from one page to another in PHP
  12. PHP and Advantage Database Server
  13. LDAP objectGUID problem
  14. Load Set of Files Between Hrs
  15. equality and TINYINT field?
  16. frames and $_POST. How to
  17. PHP-XML Connect
  18. Remote shutdown
  19. Re: More on position fixed
  20. mysql/php error message?
  21. Find and grep commands in PHP
  22. My 8th Custom Session Class Revision
  23. Displaying RSS Feeds using PHP
  24. replacing a string with a changing expression WITH PHP
  25. cUrl on Windows install: "The specified module could not be found."
  26. ldap_add question
  27. Configuring BBCode
  28. Pagination in Php
  29. Newbie: Any command line or non-browser debugging tool for php?
  30. Php variable inside Java script Code
  31. How can I determine the height and width of the flowwong php mysql tag cloud?
  32. OT: managing a webserver through php
  33. encode php source
  34. blank lines
  35. newbie login problem
  36. Outputing PHP tags in a Textarea
  37. WEb templates
  38. Modifying an image
  39. Sql statement inside Javascript Code
  40. Regex to Extract an Email Address
  41. Running PHP inside Wordpress Page
  42. Jobs, Interview Questions, Certification, Knowledge
  43. i have a problem with my php script ...i need to pass an id ($id) to a page called pa
  44. Announce: QCP64 Variable Checksum
  45. Taking part of a URL
  46. require and frameset?
  47. Update different items of data
  48. MVC and XSLT
  49. Do Design Patterns conflict with Layered Architecture?
  50. I need help with my gallery
  51. Notices
  52. Manhattan mortgage loans
  53. Curl - Absolute Path Problem. Require Help
  54. plz help me how to convert php(or)html to pdf i didnt get correctsolution help me please....
  55. PHP Include code displaying wrong error file
  56. Blank line at beginning of XML Doc
  57. php.ini problems
  58. php.ini issues
  59. use php/mysql to generate menu pages?
  60. Cross-domain cookie updating ?
  61. Compression - if and how
  62. How to get output of an exec call?
  63. hi how to send sql query to remote server.
  64. PHP Server Side Transfer Script
  65. Books For PHP Certification
  66. How can a php ng ban HTML tags posts?
  67. GUID length?
  68. Comand Line Variables (Max Length)?
  69. show club presidents info hide everyone else's
  70. Implementing a simple persistent web game server
  71. search text file
  72. How to create log file in php
  73. OOP Please set me straight.
  74. Urgent opening for PHP
  75. Error:Unknown: Your script possibly relies on a session side-effect which existed unt
  76. Split phone number and string
  77. Deleting from mysql
  78. Cmd in PHP?
  79. Perot, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, Satyam Hiringsoftware Engineering candidates and MBA candidates
  80. GD & Transparent Gifs
  81. failed to open stream error with move_uploaded_file()
  82. Remove words more then 20 in a string?
  83. connection timing out even after setting set_ini or set_time_limit
  84. PHP behaves strange when capturing 'return' value, how to over come?
  85. Problem getting rid of a frame...
  86. problem with php-java
  87. FP array checksum?
  88. Delete (unlink) problem!
  89. Wierd set_include_path behaviour
  90. PHP upload
  91. creating a complex form
  92. About chat scripts in php
  93. HTTP Error 500 when calling mysql_connect from php script
  94. ldap module problem
  95. Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1
  96. Send mail using php
  97. map integration
  98. plz help me how to convert php(or)html to pdf
  99. implicit if() ?
  100. Data isn't saving to mysql database
  101. How to populate second drop down list depending on selected on first with php+oracle
  102. Session is lost when using ( or not using) www in the URL
  103. How to limit the records that user can enter
  104. php vacancy
  105. PHPMailer Complications
  106. Newbie problem: PHP script not running in browser
  107. Quick question
  108. Re: New template engine - retry
  109. PHP 6 and non-unicode strings
  110. MySpace Login
  111. Pick 5 random entrys
  112. get Join the PHP community and share ur probs - soln
  113. add variable to array object at runtime
  114. Developing a Robust Ftp Client in PHP
  115. imagettftext: Bad character spacing
  116. how to parse an xml string as a post message
  117. ssl and php
  118. write a content to file
  119. How to split string which not having spaces or etc.
  120. xajax question!
  121. How to create an 128x128 transparent image
  122. Combine the date and time
  123. conversion of java to php code
  124. How to split a string which is having two spaces
  125. Php Session
  126. PHP 6: How You Liking It?
  127. deleting characters after comma
  128. PHP File Upload And Document Writing
  129. is type hinting allowed with overloaded methods?
  130. after moving to new server, variables in query string notinstantiated?
  131. PHP Notice vs. Warning
  132. logging all errors to a file
  133. Re: .htaccess style rewrite with php
  134. file_exists works inconsistently?
  135. PHPGB - Guestbook
  136. A non well formed numeric value encountered
  137. deleting line from an array
  138. Split a string in to several parts
  139. "Invalid hexadecimal character reference" error parsing an XML withSAX processor
  140. How to pull data from mysql into a php webpage
  141. Google Maps quick help
  142. How can I check for new messages from Yahoo or Hotmail?
  143. Force type for function?
  144. .htaccess style rewrite with php
  145. How to read HTTP request using php
  146. PHP show page on a protected directory
  147. Passing values from PHP to JavaScript
  148. How to save an HTML form's textarea to a file
  149. Inserting newline characters into a text file
  150. Paypal Website Payments Pro API
  151. DB_dataobjects problem with Insert
  152. Good web-hosting for cakePHP
  153. Returning variables
  154. Trying to call SOAP Function
  155. DB_dataobjects problem with Insert
  156. How to write a SOAP request over HTTPS
  157. failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 401 AccessDenied in
  158. Question
  159. Some help with regular expressions
  160. $dom->get_elements_by_tagname('employee')->item(0);
  161. Escaping file names?
  162. How to start writing PHP application
  163. ldap_mod_add help
  164. Building PHP for Leopard
  165. Config files omitted when building php-5.2
  166. match an exact word within a string
  167. Power saving
  168. Obtaining System information
  169. PHP exe
  170. FIle inlcudes
  171. Hopefully Simple Question re Variables
  172. Disappearing session variables
  174. Easy Project Outsourcing
  175. Upload Form works with small sized files in firefox only.
  176. Re: Communicating with win32 application
  177. connecting to url through a non-local proxy
  178. PHP SOAP client and tag attributes
  179. Solution to display on a web page each second a new line wanted
  180. Re: SESSION variable
  181. Re: SESSION variable
  182. SESSION variable
  183. Is it possible to list directory content with CURL
  184. Easy Project Outsourcing
  185. Payment system in travel site
  186. PHP authenticated login access and privlieges
  187. how do i post an xml string in php
  188. Webpage Caching
  189. mailing text(.txt) files
  190. sessions and cookies
  192. refactor + help
  193. cURL return last effective url, but don't download content?
  194. question about heredoc strings
  195. Scalability Code question - PHP vs MySQL
  196. CAREER
  197. Google search issue
  198. Filtering Empty Array
  199. upload folders to website
  200. how to update database path and image in php
  201. updating the registry
  202. Appending to the include_path
  203. Network PC IP address view
  205. mail passwords
  206. Tool bar
  207. PHP Optimistic Concurrancy handling
  208. ActiveScript problem with PHP
  209. Writing data to HTML file BEFORE the </body> tag.
  210. unable to connect to active directory server
  211. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  212. Can You Recommend a Content Management System?
  213. Making new Div bar
  214. Function inop, but tosses no errors
  215. create file and write content in same code block
  216. Symbols used in classes.
  217. PHP extensions http&pop3
  218. OOP - Problems with adapting some code
  219. Obtaining info from a site using PHP
  220. help me in this issue
  221. I want to know how I can do this using PHP & MySQL
  222. Active Directory SID problem
  223. Code to turn off monitor
  224. Active directory, password hash
  225. Header Processing
  226. Re: if statement in an elseif block with a preceeding exit statement
  227. Open word file using php in linux server
  229. Session variables not beeing tansferred between pages
  230. Query should return multiple rows, but only one row is returned
  231. create a separate folders
  232. Re: if statement in an elseif block with a preceeding exit statement
  233. I need help In php ; When i Select a checkbox;is sending to all Emails and not to One
  234. count newlines in heredoc variable
  235. online users
  236. <? view_content(78) ?>
  237. Serving local windows media files via PHP
  238. form validation using PHP
  239. Creating a radar graph using jpgraph
  240. Creating a Contact Form
  241. How to read the content of mail?
  242. Obtaining power values
  243. How To Convert Php File Into Pdf Format
  244. Creating dynamic INDEPENDANT instances of XML
  245. catch PHP Session end
  246. Question about File Creation
  247. Probably very easy to do, but for some reason...
  248. SMTP server response: 553 This SMTP server requires authorisation
  249. something like grep
  250. Reading multiple records
  251. PDO on windows
  252. Working more efficiently in PHP
  253. Probably very easy to do, but for some reason...
  254. Embedding images in email.
  255. Webservices with php and
  256. phpmyadmin configuration
  257. How to pick out some text for use in a Forum?
  258. @some_function
  259. Make thumbnail image from flv file
  260. expires header on php generated image
  261. retreiving image from database(blob)
  262. select and upload multiple images
  263. problem client soap(php) with server gsoap (c)
  264. shutting down pc using PHP
  265. chmod question
  266. PHP -Mail problem
  267. [ask] Installation Wizard
  268. Timezone conversion GMT to IST.
  269. php added with javascript
  270. generating email with inline image
  271. Blob does not display multiple images from mysql database
  272. Possible to run a PHP function in background?
  273. PHP Constructors and Destructors
  274. [ASK] Login Session
  275. Temporary URL's for download files
  276. All possibilities from datasets? How to?
  277. Should a class directly reference $_SESSION?
  278. Undefined index: HTTP_HOST
  279. Problems with move_uploaded_file()
  280. Triple Equals ===
  281. ftp_get save the file in the ServerSide
  282. else or elseif?
  283. Hai you looking Real Esate Agents in India
  284. Hai you looking Real Esate Agents in India
  285. parsing tags
  286. plz help to convert php to pdf
  287. generating email
  288. posting " ' ' mess up my database entry
  289. opening a application and updating database
  290. admit crad security
  291. u just click,u get adults to house
  292. Writing to files in the PHP CLI
  293. How can i make a php program run like a service in the server?
  294. Sending mail with mail() without header
  295. Possible to save stages of a command I run from exec?
  296. php job portal script
  297. mkdir problems
  298. 5% paypal handling charge supports the online payment! PayPal
  299. Passing Arguments to php from command line?
  300. Extract the URL of a RSS feed from source code with Regex
  301. How to Scan PHP Variables To Retrieve a Particular Value
  302. What is PHP?
  303. about preg_match_all statement
  304. Fatal error: Alowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted ....
  305. how to get a line of text as an array without white space?
  306. Getting an Auto_Incremented ID from MySQL
  307. Dynamic link to URL rewritting...
  308. A new kind of PHP Framework
  309. How many hours a week do you spend working? (coding/documenting/researcheverything)
  310. Help with this code - parse insert into Mysql
  311. Print Specified Number of Columns in a Page
  312. buttons
  313. Run commandline in php file
  314. How to prevent inserting duplicate database records?
  315. Mysql Arrays
  316. "Non-standard" xml file parsing...
  317. Re: Solved: Backslash-apostrophe POOF.
  318. Backslash-apostrophe POOF.
  319. Connect through proxy?
  320. While Looping
  321. Commas???
  322. Re: pass the page id to the css.php
  323. Can't use function return value in write context--huh?
  324. Email Configuration Settings in Joomla! 1.5
  325. Session handling, login across all subdomains
  326. Php Xml Sql
  327. PHP references
  328. problem with to select multiple items
  329. Guestbook - No Error messages nor outcome
  330. exporting reports into excel file using php
  331. Looking for RSA library for PHP
  332. Is Curl() function safe?
  333. RSS video?
  334. shell script + php
  335. mail function didn't work in my local system
  336. Help with some PHP/mySQL
  337. SQLLDR IN PHP.... helllpppp
  338. Help writing a recursive function
  339. finding issue to the problem
  340. Compiling PHP-5.1.6 on Fedora 9
  341. PDO
  342. Small PHP button
  343. CURL redirect not working even with CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION set totrue
  344. Running a PHP script from within another without blocking?
  345. Place Count number into form Variable or FormField
  346. User agent fingerprinting
  347. PHP code: No error message but not working.
  348. mail questions
  349. u just click,u see male&f-male health fitness tips
  350. How to get src and alt from an img tag?
  351. Data not displaying
  352. Php method is_uploaded_file() fails without a reason!
  353. Logout problem using cookie
  354. php image error
  355. syntax for retaining value in a drop down box
  356. How to use 2 database in Php?
  357. is php is a right choice to enter IT Field?
  358. Migrating from ASP.NET to PHP
  359. How to tale only hour from the date time
  360. Executing Shell Commands
  361. Re: how to access variables from a previous page
  362. Simpler way to do this?
  363. PHP mediacenter
  364. Subdomain, customized home page
  365. Alternative to a multidimensional array??
  366. Check if file path is empty
  367. Need help ! subdomain names with php
  368. Python and PHP integration help: Incorrect Image URL decode?
  369. PHP Upgrade to 5
  370. Object of class stdClass could not be converted to int
  371. Tree view
  372. populating array3 from two other arrays when count(array1) <count(array2)
  373. using mysqli to run 'source' command in PHP
  374. Date validation
  375. Calendar Control
  376. Breaking that string
  377. RKS Fax - Fax Software for Windows
  378. Image upload
  379. Is Php will boom in future or not?
  380. Volunteers to join Social Network Development for ScientificCommunity
  381. ob_flush change variable
  382. Page not right, when PHP runs it's 100%
  383. zlib - adding many files
  384. escaping '
  385. coversion of xml to java code using php
  386. nested loops only loop once
  387. selected
  388. Display all database records with Prado
  389. Php Problem to get hour & minutes from smalldatetime types
  390. !ereg not catching all cases
  391. CLI CURL problem, happens only on the CLI?
  392. zlib instalation and configuring problem
  393. LDAP and OpenSSL
  394. Download Webpage Report in Excel Format- Urgent
  395. Removing extra spaces between words
  396. using same script in email handling and POST web form
  397. Library versions in PHP
  398. can't insert date
  399. accessing tables
  400. PHP define and info from MYSQL
  401. Re: finding a file directly
  402. mail function
  403. date_format
  404. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare...
  405. Does apache stop a script mid execution ?
  406. Is PHP good for outsourcing?
  407. Seeming "Auto-Submit" without my creating or wanting it
  408. no php in wamp server
  409. sending email from php
  410. Embed with PHP
  411. problem with mail function
  412. IIS not working like Apache
  413. access root folder
  414. Want to see funny pics and clips?
  415. execute cmd command
  416. PHP Dynamic Drop Down list in array
  417. Solutions Fast Track - Monitoring and Intrusion
  418. PHP Dev. Env.
  419. Preventing spammers from using mail form
  420. Redirect with POST
  421. Printing "n" characters
  422. PHP script Help Needed
  423. Interface for Website Posting
  424. question about script programming please .
  425. Conditional function inconsistency
  426. Displaying retrieved info from database to php page
  427. Need a small help in looping
  428. need to redirect to same page
  429. Verification Image passed back through AJAX call
  430. newbie: using xdebug in Linux
  431. Multidimensional Assoc Array with SQL Query Results
  432. PHP4 to PHP5
  433. accessing variable value
  434. Returning Data from AJAX call
  435. Is this script OK?
  436. joomla mXcomment
  437. Execute script every 10 seconds for ten minutes
  438. filesize
  439. If you are looking for a place to Buy and sell your used stuff andpromote your small is the place to go
  440. Re: can't redirect to Excel
  441. test php offline without installing web server?
  442. questions about using include() in php
  443. Need a marketplace script
  444. Redirect to a new webpage
  445. Turn binary number 0xFFFFFFEE into a float?
  446. PHP MySQL Query
  447. Re: php/mysql question? Why are the seconds missing?
  448. Default Arguments
  449. Inserting parameter into a form field
  450. How to read CSV and update Mysql
  451. getting the right XML tag in the parse.
  452. Change Date Format
  453. imagecreatefromjpeg drops IPTC data
  454. How to test user entered phone number start from 7
  455. how to secure documents in server
  456. Php ideas for specified functionality
  457. Re: Doubts about environment differences between php and asp
  458. determine text position in image
  459. Paging isnt working
  460. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  461. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  462. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  463. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  464. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  465. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  466. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  467. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  468. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  469. Re: Eclipse-o-phobe
  470. Na jakim skrypcie jest ta strona?
  471. URL Parameters to meet W3C validation causes incorrect _GET parameterresults
  472. Has anyone...
  473. str_ireplace not replacing euro symbol
  474. heredoc and array problems
  475. how can I use an DLL in php5?
  476. table exists in php MySql
  477. write output query to a cvs file
  478. Garbage characters from PHP to Javascript
  479. Include this into my code..
  480. Aggregate or extending a class alternatives ?
  481. IIS + Apache + PHP
  482. Getting Windows Network login username using PHP
  483. simplexml_load_file in php 4.x.x
  484. unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home2/swhisa/public_html/suggestion/sugadddb.php on line 8
  485. Pattern matching in an image
  486. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  487. session variables
  488. Re: implementing a website search feature using php
  489. How to write PHP function
  490. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output ...
  491. implementing a website search feature using php
  492. newbie: sending email with images and movies included
  493. How can I create client accounts pages for customer's files to uploaded
  494. nntp and imap_headerinfo problem
  495. eregi
  496. notice and warning
  497. constructions
  498. php in terminal shell
  499. Please help me connect PHP to MySql - Newbie problem
  500. Forms, word, excel hard desistion
  501. photo gallery upload script
  502. Database abstraction library
  503. code for uploading 1gb files using php
  504. Trouble connecting to MySQL using mysqli extension on XP
  505. Updating a tree structure
  506. What captcha script(s) do you like?
  507. OWA: 'Posting a Login' From Outside Script?
  508. Storing result in file with delimiter
  509. PHP fatal error : Class perl not found
  510. Sessions across servers?
  511. creating MS Word file on fly
  512. Increasing upload file limits ?
  513. To write php program what should i intall?
  514. General Question on PHP
  515. need help in a query
  516. PHP & SQLite Search?
  517. PHP
  518. MySql case sensitive?
  519. Cross domain include()?
  520. Creating a 128x128 thumbnail
  521. Array , output format
  522. PHP mediacenter. Looking for beginning devellopers
  523. Dynamic open_basedir
  524. Amazon: "Wicked Cool PHP - Real-World Scripts That Solve Difficult Problems" by William Steinmetz (2008)
  525. 1st process' exit code
  526. PHP and MSSQL character encoding problem.
  527. problem with capture text information from website
  528. What is << ?
  529. string comparison in php
  530. using string functions
  531. Getting country from IP address
  532. about preg_match_all satement
  533. Hi, how to overload construct in php
  534. print "<" symbol
  535. How upload works?
  536. How to use custom properties, in php.ini?
  537. PDF versions of PHP books?
  538. OpenSSL s_client on PHP?
  539. OpenSSL s_client on PHP?
  540. CDATA?
  541. What is the best way to retrieve data from an *.ods file
  542. JSON
  543. GD or ImageMagick
  544. First element is 'Array'?
  545. Re: Purpose of protected constructors
  546. Sending headers in PHP under Godaddy linux hosting
  547. online ppt presentation
  548. comparing months not working
  549. Php and Mysql results display
  550. Hiding variables passed via URL