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  1. Select statement using a second select statement from same input page to gather info
  2. SOAP libraries (SoapClient/Pear::SOAP) and error conditions
  3. spam
  4. How do I retrieve my array from mysql_fetch_array when returned froma class?
  5. Online code editor for beginner's PHP class
  6. My PHP4 test quiz
  7. Can't launch graphical apps from php exec() on Ubuntu 8.04 system.
  8. how to extract part of HTML page
  9. Software Articles Collection
  10. Web page has expired
  11. security threats in php
  12. Accessing remote database with php
  13. PHP Error
  14. how to open another page when my site is accessed through laptop
  15. word file searching
  16. hai
  17. MMORPG in Php/MySQL - how to manage objets ? (allocation etc.)
  18. Why does my class require the public accessor for my member?
  19. using a for loop within SELECT statement?
  20. email address from mysql
  21. Introductory SimpleTest Question
  22. test button to lookup mysql info and validate
  23. Is it possible to query global outlook address book?
  24. how to create family tree in php?
  25. How to detect if laptop is being used
  26. PHP Dates and Datetimes from ISO Dates
  27. $pdo->prepare($sql) with "?"
  28. Re: script to help booking of holliday home in a web site
  29. Cause of a large memory allocation difference on two different machines?
  30. Refresh php file after 5 minutes
  31. spam
  32. How should one write a plug-in interface?
  33. PHP to implement WebDAV/CalDAV
  34. PHP MySQL object question
  35. Can't take back a field from database and put it into o variable
  36. Unexpected $end error only on local server
  37. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host
  38. iCalendar (ICS) server
  39. problem with payment gateway integration
  40. xpath query "//b[1]//c" gives different results when b is nested inanother tag
  41. Scraping
  42. How do I parse form elements or am I doing this wrong?
  43. Mimicking a global variable
  44. Return Array
  45. What is wrong???
  46. What is wrong?
  47. just wondering... htmlspecialchars vs htmlentities
  48. Use Of OOPS
  49. delete query
  50. find and Exec statment in PHP not working
  51. parsing information from asx
  52. how to create multiple submit button in a php form and redirect its data
  53. update check box
  54. Problem with date
  55. error handling issue - try / catch with PHP 5
  56. Oracle OCI8 returns everything as string
  57. Concatenate query results while ignoring empty fields
  58. Problem sending mail using PHP's mail() function.
  59. Zip Files, Mysql, Downloading, & PHP
  60. html mail forwarding +php
  61. PHP mt_srand no longer seeds same number!!!!! aaarrrg
  62. function definition error
  63. php array help
  64. PDO Prepared Statements and WHERE .. IN
  65. printable version on web page
  66. redirect page to other page when user logged in..
  67. Login Module
  68. ERP in php
  69. Finding the name of a variable used in the caller of a function fromwithin the function itself.
  70. Re: script to check subscription
  71. image upload with pagination
  72. Re: script to check subscription
  73. Automatic Submission of Form
  74. Combo box selection
  75. New to PHP: Need to update an xml file with html & php
  76. i damaged a "Roll my own emailer"
  77. Re: patent issues with my php scripts
  78. Milenko Kindl chases Ike
  79. Is there a way to validate a pdf file?
  80. create directory for upload file
  81. Best Search App
  82. software testing companies; dispute
  83. Looping Rows from MySql to PHP...
  84. how to copy and save as image from PDF Document
  85. Re: a form with post method in a mail
  86. Need to read scanned data through PHP
  87. Multiple File uploads?
  88. move fails, php dies
  89. gzopen auto-tar on Unix, not on Windows
  90. mode rewrite
  91. using the unpack function to grab a field name
  92. unpack a string
  93. I can't store in database from my form
  94. [PHPMailer] Why still NULL after failure?
  95. API key what is this?
  96. why $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] gives different result in Mozilla and MSIE?
  97. Email types in PHP?
  98. Need to a idea for search
  99. error...
  100. Serve an image with php
  101. Beginners pb with PHP
  102. problem with curl
  103. .. count shortcut
  104. sql query
  105. Do any of you use a templating engine?
  106. Re: wysiwyg query builder
  107. How to rotate code based on how many visits already recorded to DB?
  108. Array of all local variables? How?
  109. Form Question
  110. Including file Inside class
  111. How to use Password() in PHP? Syntax problem?
  112. Viewing PDF files
  113. how to avoid resubmitting the form in php
  114. Re: Fill array keys if it doesn't exists
  115. Re: Fill array keys if it doesn't exists
  116. connect to another computer
  117. Can I call a function in a onclick event?
  118. MailEnable and PHP
  119. Image posing question
  120. prevent php execute
  121. How to Create this complicated Array? Help
  122. What is wrong in my source-code?
  123. Need to mark similar phrases in two different texts
  124. Multi dimensional array help please.
  125. Nesting foreach loops
  126. Re: wysiwyg query builder
  127. NuSoap secure Server
  128. Export a file
  129. Dynamic update Status bar with sql query status
  130. Time difference in PHP
  131. Move file to (potentially) non-existent directory
  132. Help needed
  133. logowanie
  134. syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  135. MemCacheD slower than calling MySQL?
  136. Browser Object
  137. [PDO] Why does it print "Array"?
  138. Password protection and prevent download
  139. Regular expression problem - rewriting of internal links
  140. Authenticate and allow user to see a page
  141. Problems Passing PHP var to Javascript Function
  142. I need a class PEAR
  143. PHP with .NET
  144. Shelling without waiting
  145. Form values in HTML not retaining.
  146. PHP and CSS style in Dreamweaver CS3
  147. Any function to count the number of digit with php
  148. Mail Problem
  149. are there any PHP scripts for parsing FTP logs
  150. Echoing xml vars
  151. How to Q: Uncompressing ~400K files on Apache Server
  152. text data truncates when updating to MtSQL
  153. Re: To add search in my page
  154. Set a cookie and then redirect
  155. PHP 4 default install
  156. keep track how many object in PHP4
  157. PHP has encountered an access violation...
  158. having an error that is giving me problems when using mail function in php
  159. Objects inside class.
  160. phpscript that connects to my mail server
  161. Mail reply for reply
  162. Underline the Current Page's Title in menu
  163. Difference between include and require
  164. To add search in my page
  165. Difference between include and require
  166. how to take imagename from image path using javascript?
  167. session in php
  168. $x[$this->some_var] in heredoc
  169. Convert XML ISO-8869 (European) to UTF-8 (ASCII)
  170. Remember me PHP script
  171. how to convert a video file in .flv format in php for linux hosting
  172. help me with the PAGINATION code
  173. MVC style URL cloaking system, how to.
  174. Tut needed on PHP + OOP
  175. Coverting perl to php
  176. Wrote a MySQL function - want some feedback and criticism
  177. MySQL table to PHP multidimensional array
  178. ldap search
  179. Problem with getenv
  180. Organization of tables/rows in mysql
  181. PEAR Auth embedded in HTML?
  182. Safely uploading files
  183. Calendar/scheduling software required
  184. How to intregrate a Web Camera in PHP pages
  185. how to get WAN IP with PHP Code
  186. javascript error in php string concatination
  187. How to load one combobox from selected value of another combo box?
  188. getting all the input elements of a malformed form tag
  189. PHP multiThreading
  190. passing a parameter to a function
  191. displaying check box inside row query
  192. PayPal buttons
  193. Re: PHP5
  194. Re: PHP5
  195. Re: New to PHP and Apache
  196. Milenko Kindl loves Obama
  197. Setting $_SESSION when not used?
  198. Updating multiple records
  199. $_SESSION remains when browser is closed
  200. Location Intelligence where to from here?
  201. Capture content of Landing Page...
  202. software to encrypt passwords for htpasswd/htaccess?
  203. Passing Variable In Php pages
  204. COM and MSWord Automation
  205. how to check for duplicate words in textarea?
  206. how to generate new row on each row button click
  207. How to show green,orange point when user online also busy in PHP
  208. sending PHP mail from my laptop?
  209. retain markup when importing from XML?
  210. Mysql without Pear DB
  211. header injection in mail
  212. San Francisco PHP Meetup
  213. How to create a login and logout link in a php page
  214. Apache conf file?
  215. PHP mail being marked as spam
  216. upload image
  217. Retaining checkbox state on submit of page
  218. PhotoGallry Mgmt
  219. Retain Form Values after EDIT
  220. Rotating a text
  221. Including config variables in OOP
  222. gethostbyaddr() bottleneck?
  223. preventing sendmail injection
  224. evaluate an algebraic expression
  225. session variable and TDC control
  226. loop last six months
  227. How best to use php5 objects between pages?
  228. Default array as parameter in function
  229. Question about download script in PHP
  230. begining to work with php for my site
  231. PHP sessions
  232. how can I trun this into array?
  233. A better XSS trap (Feedback wanted)
  234. Outputting an rtf to browser
  235. Problems compiling c++ Extension
  236. CURL - for search results
  237. Problem with PHP CURL - logging to secure site
  238. Can not insert data into SQLite3 database
  239. Beginner Projects
  240. List shopping API's
  241. detect language
  242. Drop down Event which calls php scripts
  244. PHP + sendmail - from
  245. Firefox view source shows frameset when I don't use frames
  246. Download and Extract zip file
  247. Localhost is not opening. help me
  248. Missing xml opening tag
  249. Getting Around IE7 Bug
  250. Emailing via Script
  251. session handling
  252. How can I send confirmation mail.
  253. Replace all but the last one.
  254. Execute VBScript Subroutine from php
  255. PHP "compiles" comments?
  256. Get XML data and convert to PHP variable
  257. sqlite2 vs sqlite3
  258. upload csv data to database using update query
  259. PHP+Mysql+lighttpd setting....
  260. Re: PHP array elements within string
  261. Count Elements in XML using PHP
  262. Baffled by no $_GET
  263. how to call perl script by php
  264. extracting attachment from outlook express using php
  265. method to parse CDATA as php
  266. Drawing a comboBox in PHP using draw() method
  267. Does PHP send out corrupted string ? (charset issue)
  268. How can I avoid adding duplicate entries into database table.
  269. PHP Loop with appendChild for XML
  270. How can I check if username exists in database table.
  271. Grab image from Flash?
  272. PHP?
  273. parsing html with php5
  274. Seeking Tech Volunteers for Nonprofit Causes
  275. Printing
  276. Having troubles understand Modulus
  277. regex question
  278. Convert US date to MySql date
  279. Help with passthru()
  280. Looking for a good PHP book
  281. PHP5 soap request, complex type from wsdl issues
  282. Grouping similar words
  283. Problem with PHP CURL script
  284. print the page
  285. basics
  286. Modules..
  287. Problem in setting timezone
  288. mail delivery confirmation
  289. huge php scripts collection of any kinds
  290. PDO Sqlite - could not find driver exception
  291. how to get line from file, like grep
  292. Incorrect array pseudo-random filling with for loop - strange for me
  293. want to export form input to xml using php
  294. escaping vs stored procedure
  295. php and tempates for htm
  296. Re: shortcut for isset()?
  297. Form needs to split up into tabs and then send out
  298. log file parsing
  299. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_how_to_write_euro=28=27=80=27=29_to_a _excel_file_using_S?==?windows-1252?Q?preadsheet=5FExcel=5Fwriter?=
  300. Crypting PHP files
  301. array problem
  302. Cross Domain Cookies
  303. Regular express for <p>, <ul> and <ol> tags
  304. How can I avoid adding a empty record into database.
  305. Ploting or drawing a mathcurve
  306. reg exp.
  307. isser() and empty()
  308. Re: shortcut for isset()?
  309. Getting button pressed
  310. alternate file
  311. [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream
  312. PHP and Javascript question
  313. how can be import excel file in mysql database through PHP code
  314. form validation
  315. COmbo box
  316. Why do templates improve performance?
  317. mysqli_free_result()
  318. url masking
  319. problem in the array
  320. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host
  321. How to find what called a function
  322. Zend Lucene too slow to index question
  323. my BIC Ajax
  324. Some class help (php5)
  325. PHP Catchable fatal error: Object of class phpEnv could not be converted to string
  326. PHP Function To access the Current User who's logged in
  327. PHP Books
  328. How to send an entire html form by email
  329. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host
  330. How heck pear package?
  331. Problem inserting data using checkboxes and input type=text
  332. MS Access ODBC Driver
  333. Delete element in xml file by using php
  334. Inserting values in high quantity in database
  335. Compare lists
  336. Php Tutorial
  337. Exec function runs fine from command but fails from web
  338. email attachments
  339. illegal mix of collations
  340. Ranking elements of an array
  341. how to hide db access?
  342. email verification
  343. OK really stupid question now.
  344. how to create threaded message look
  345. encrypt php source
  346. Drives in a system
  347. php Insert
  348. sort images by user upload
  349. About Inserting values in the MYSQL database
  350. Form Validation
  351. Losing session variables value
  352. PHP and quote
  353. download britney spears videos
  354. Way to do this in one line?
  355. Tracking down a hacker (my site has been compromised)
  357. Remove the last comma
  358. implementation abstract function
  359. Learning PHP
  360. send email every 24 hours for every topic without using cron
  361. Meeting Schedulars
  362. an array of data from two mysql tables
  363. How to sort files by Date with this Script?
  364. Getting something unique?
  365. Enable characters like + or - in GET.
  366. mail problem
  367. Autofill
  368. Parse interpret code from file?
  369. How to generate events in php (Server side)
  370. Uploading Big Files
  371. LIKE ???
  372. session_start() "Node no longer exists"
  373. Re: default date + 180 days
  374. Re: Testing private methods
  375. prettifier
  376. this and self
  377. Trigger mit PHP-Script: DELIMITER-Problem
  378. frustrating question
  379. include file path problem
  380. Excel export
  381. xampp in un rudere
  382. under attack
  383. How to get rid of annoying copyright info in mxComment (which isGNU/GPL licensed!)
  384. Apache 2.2.9-OpenSSL/MySQL 5.0.67/PHP 2.2.6
  385. how to email a web page?
  386. Web security
  387. Exception vs error handling
  388. Quick mysql_real_escape_string question.
  389. OT: apache ip based virtual server example - mod_rewrite?
  390. Problem with Mail() Function
  391. Re: best mysql frontends
  392. Better way to execute this call?
  393. Screen scrape Google Scholar through a proxy
  394. Looking for light-weight wiki software
  395. form validation
  396. mysql_insert_id() & stored procedure
  397. Trying to read google sercah page from python
  398. View this blogspot
  399. View this blogspot
  400. View this blogspot
  401. View this blogspot
  402. View this blogspot
  403. Using a popup menu and triggering an action when choosing an item?
  404. View this blogspot
  405. View this blogspot
  406. View this blogspot
  407. View this blogspot
  408. getting the url part
  409. Most Viewed PHP Tutorial
  410. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_SL in /home2/exoduses/public_html/phptest.php
  411. manage and upload videos
  412. Memory limit troubles on XP(sp3) with PHP5.2.6
  413. Autofill
  414. Relaying messages through php to a html page...
  415. Want to use a dynamic session variable
  416. correlation coefficient prob...
  417. Using variables from the global scope inside a function.
  418. eval?
  419. Problem with updating a array member variable in function.
  420. SoapClient Question
  421. Confusion about output_buffering setting
  422. list of php cms systems
  423. Re: .htaccess style rewrite with php
  424. sftp via proc_open(): where is my prompt ?
  425. URL Redirecting issue
  426. Problems with DOM XML
  427. how to make websites on php
  428. first file from every subfolder!
  429. Problem with '&' charachter.
  430. Loop (if statement) is not working properly when the condition is true
  431. Can anyone help me with this algorithm?(FIFO based inventory)
  432. PhP and mysql won't do this insert. Help please...
  433. Do I need a nested foreach loop to do this? Help...
  434. Downoad php books
  435. Please Help!
  436. Regular Expressions to Split Lists Into Sub-Lists
  437. how to use php as CGI
  438. Encrypted Login But Not Server-Based Authentication
  439. super global
  440. iis 6.0 php mysql issue
  441. .htaccess not working on windows shared server
  442. OOP: How to use a member outside a method
  443. Notice: Undefined index...
  444. Re: HELP delete script not working
  445. Printer functions
  446. hi... which is the best framework for php.....
  447. regular expressions
  448. Combo Box problem
  449. need help, next record problem
  450. post and php (newbie question)
  451. unlink not working
  452. passing array to top page in frameset not working?
  453. Incomplete Socket data at destination
  454. PHP Classes
  455. PHP Classes
  456. Displaying RSS with PHP
  457. Select and Insertion
  458. Recurring days of week: permutations and bitwise operations.
  459. Why Does My PHP Script No Longer Work?
  460. Problem - Hebrew appears as gibberish
  461. php mmap and munmap
  462. PHPshop
  463. any php/css parsers out there?
  464. fgets() and <<<EOT
  465. the page looks alright in Firefox but not in IE
  466. Tool to download Microsoft Outlook attachment using php
  467. Rijndael Encryption
  468. Having trouble converting few characters using htmlentities function
  469. Intro to PHP
  470. zip the folder
  471. Regular expressions patterns
  472. build tags
  473. Open new window using javascript with php
  474. Values passed from javascript
  475. php arrays!
  476. php include design question
  477. concat vs variable in string
  478. your opinion on this
  479. Scope in PHP vs. Python
  480. load frameset file form php include?
  481. Re: Download in IE and Firefox
  482. Convert IPv4 to IPv6
  483. php printing problem
  484. Help me with this boolean logic
  485. Prevent Safari from caching using header()
  486. GD on IIS
  487. It seems a Php BUG to me
  488. copy one folder into another folder
  489. fgetcsv() Skip empty rows
  490. problem with page redirect and data insertion together
  491. Watch amazing video
  492. Getting your geographical location
  493. hi im new to PHP
  494. setting filemtime
  495. Getting Started with PHP
  496. Symbol that rotetes text.
  497. OT: Is it google groups or...
  498. error with &$variable
  499. Few questions about simple XML parser
  500. MIni search engine
  501. PHP session out when pop up window is opened
  502. Importing contacts from Hotmail, yahoo etc
  503. PHP code from XSL won't execute
  504. Which Is The Best Adult Image Filter ?
  505. Securing client/server communication
  506. Can I have a session array that gets added dynamically?
  507. Using Sessions to pass a value from one page to another in PHP
  508. PHP and Advantage Database Server
  509. LDAP objectGUID problem
  510. Load Set of Files Between Hrs
  511. equality and TINYINT field?
  512. frames and $_POST. How to
  513. PHP-XML Connect
  514. Remote shutdown
  515. Re: More on position fixed
  516. mysql/php error message?
  517. Find and grep commands in PHP
  518. My 8th Custom Session Class Revision
  519. Displaying RSS Feeds using PHP
  520. replacing a string with a changing expression WITH PHP
  521. cUrl on Windows install: "The specified module could not be found."
  522. ldap_add question
  523. Configuring BBCode
  524. Pagination in Php
  525. Newbie: Any command line or non-browser debugging tool for php?
  526. Php variable inside Java script Code
  527. How can I determine the height and width of the flowwong php mysql tag cloud?
  528. OT: managing a webserver through php
  529. encode php source
  530. blank lines
  531. newbie login problem
  532. Outputing PHP tags in a Textarea
  533. WEb templates
  534. Modifying an image
  535. Sql statement inside Javascript Code
  536. Regex to Extract an Email Address
  537. Running PHP inside Wordpress Page
  538. Jobs, Interview Questions, Certification, Knowledge
  539. i have a problem with my php script ...i need to pass an id ($id) to a page called pa
  540. Announce: QCP64 Variable Checksum
  541. Taking part of a URL
  542. require and frameset?
  543. Update different items of data
  544. MVC and XSLT
  545. Do Design Patterns conflict with Layered Architecture?
  546. I need help with my gallery
  547. Notices
  548. Manhattan mortgage loans
  549. Curl - Absolute Path Problem. Require Help
  550. plz help me how to convert php(or)html to pdf i didnt get correctsolution help me please....