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  1. Field sizeof function
  2. PHP post without CURL
  3. CAPTCHA help..
  4. getting function varible and storing it in php session
  5. question about using sql server with php
  6. question about using sql server with php
  7. GD Library installed but getting "Call to Undefined Function" ERROR
  8. uploading a file with php
  9. =?windows-1256?B?1ebRIOYg3eHjIMfbytXHyCDYx+HI5SDT2ubP7Q==?== ?windows-1256?B?5SDa49HlxyAxNyDT5OUg5sfh2u3H0CDIx+Hh5SDh4d/Ixw==?==?windows-1256?B?0SDd3tguLi4=?=
  10. CENTOS, Apache & PHP
  11. xml parsing script dying with "Premature end of script headers" error
  12. how to restrict access to admin pages
  13. Adding Altered content to Msql
  14. Calling pdf creator from php script
  15. php and style sheets
  16. mssql_connect blank
  17. Help! I disabled admin access on my admin account :(
  18. Table on several pages
  19. Moving files by using the function rename()
  20. How to create thumbnails from a flash file using FFMPEG
  21. Ajax not working in mozilla
  22. Array/Listing/Linking help
  23. Post Form Values Loaded Through Ajax
  24. capturing query result
  25. Debugging PHP using Eclipse and PDT
  26. sticky form with dynamically generated form element?
  27. about cache method in firefox 3
  28. how to tell CLI or webserver execution?
  29. Yii framework 1.0 beta is released
  30. https wrapper
  31. newbie: do I have to have session_destroy
  32. Re: Orkut Grabber
  33. How to parse a sportsml file using php
  34. Error in Php Array
  35. web service for getting exchange rate with nusoap php
  36. Failed to insert data on mysql
  37. '<?' versus '<?php'
  38. saving to .csv from html form
  39. How to find a quote in a string
  40. Getting single char from buffered reader
  41. email filtering
  42. Re: Check if a certain service is running on the server
  43. PHPMYADMIN -INternet Explorer unable to access
  44. question about embeded PHP
  45. Wrap() that doesn't split markup
  46. find error
  47. PHP graphs and curves
  48. cannot add ics file attachment to email
  49. determine home directory?
  50. Unzip a tar.gz file?
  51. PCRE question
  52. MySql killing me!!!
  53. Having problems with PHP on my mailscript for flash site :(
  54. HTML Diff problem
  55. Check if a certain service is running on the server
  56. split content of a text file and export to new txt files
  57. Logging in to Outlook Web Access using PHP
  58. Problems with session...
  59. Problem with queries!
  60. Getting path from a file pointer
  61. reading and writing to a php file
  62. .htaccess
  63. New line Create in txt file use to file syntax
  64. php user greeting
  65. help for array
  66. auto construct parent class
  67. CAPTCHA and multiple users problem ?
  68. How to harness information of the web
  69. Is there any sort of preprocessor functionality in PHP4? (redux)
  70. Best development platform? Mac, Windows or Linux?
  71. index.php file
  72. Accented characters getting corrupted when parsing CSV file
  73. PHP comment feature
  74. save SVG output by PHP in SVG file
  75. regular exp
  76. Why PHP cache control doesn't work?
  77. Barcode generation
  78. Theoritical question about SESSION
  79. Re: translating php variable with NULL value to mySQL table
  80. Re: translating php variable with NULL value to mySQL table
  81. redirecting to the same page
  82. PHP project for Remedy (trouble ticket system)
  83. xml_set_character_data_handler
  84. About 'resend form information' when i hit 'BACK' button
  85. An Iron Caze is surrouned all around every body
  86. MySQL Sorting Question
  87. get hidden array values
  88. ********Caution Newbie********editing and deleting from mysqldatabase
  89. ********Caution Newbie********editing and deleting from mysqldatabase
  90. File create in php
  91. Sports Stats Website
  92. Mcrypt Issue
  93. Image uploading using ajax
  94. CAPTCHA (verification code) and session
  95. script dies yet there are no errors in error log
  96. Slideshow in PHP with info from MySql DB
  97. Using a Checkbox or Radio Button to pass text to a php script
  98. Working with Microsoft Exchange
  99. Disallow image downloads
  100. pls can any one show me how i can add more array here
  101. FLASHVARS visible in Firefox but not in IE
  102. (OOP) object life time
  103. Ideas for final project
  104. Foreach() returns single row
  105. Start with PHP, need small example scripts
  106. how to stop upadting data fields with empty in php
  107. PHP Getting started
  108. PC is IEEE754?
  109. calling MySQL stored function using mysql_
  110. php session
  111. PHP 5 with DB2 v9.5
  112. case-insensitive Class Constants possible?
  113. Cannot redeclare foo() error
  114. How to encrypt url in php
  115. php exec problem with unzip
  116. Page don't load - using odbc and Access db
  117. Why am I not able to receive email on when I am able to send emails?
  118. Quick JSON/PHP question
  119. Large Scale PHP Application Design Questions
  120. function call in double quote doesn't work
  121. specifying return values for functions?
  122. storing a bit in a byte
  123. Dividing up search results
  124. Why is break so lame, and no goto
  125. Experiences with mysql_pconnect?
  126. _POST is empty if a lot is entered into textarea in form
  127. display databse records
  128. Unique Opportunity To Join The Elite Group Of Project ManagementProfessionals
  129. do I need to configure php.ini file to send mail
  130. How to retrieve image from database
  131. explode
  132. Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation
  133. Array. setting item id for session based cart?
  134. displaying current date and time in php
  135. Chinese character detection
  136. session_start error
  137. ERRORS when escaping \ while writing files and echoing to screen
  138. URL Component
  139. PHP Zipping Files
  140. print the loop value
  141. time() is not passing as a Session variable?
  142. new user in php
  143. another swfupload
  144. header issue
  145. how to post file to Apache AB
  146. combining arrays into common subarrays
  147. How to convert flv to 3gp video format using ffmpeg?
  148. Zend Framework - Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Ibm_Ids
  149. cannot modify header info, headers already sent
  150. Unable to load dynamic link library php_mysql.dll - Apache 2.2.6/PHP 5.2.6
  151. Serial Number and Registration
  152. Network Log-in
  153. Handling log file parsing
  154. lightweight framework
  155. Dompdf
  156. PHP Webcam Application
  157. VB.Net and PHP communicating through Web Service
  158. php submit button
  159. image uploading to temp and giving a preview to user
  160. Time Zone Problem
  161. Call Java Program in PHP
  162. Re: Session table not updated: "Server went away"
  163. question about exception
  164. smarty
  165. Re: Session table not updated: "Server went away"
  166. some help with Shared Memory
  167. GD and IE7 issue...
  168. Printing a multidimensional Array(Matrix)
  169. Simple force session logout time on leave page
  170. Converting for loop to foreach
  171. $_SESSION maximum size
  172. Re: MySQL Database problem (probably already solved in a message, but this is somewhat urgent)
  173. CURL to test if a URL exists
  174. Looking for some help! new project!
  175. Installed PHP-GTK2 with windows
  176. finding user click a link
  177. diplay the alert mesasge when the user login
  178. How to use php_ffmpeg in windows?
  179. Making PHP Classes Play Nicely With Each Other (OOP Pattern Question)
  180. stress testing tool (scripts) for web server or MySQL written inPHP
  181. regexp
  182. PHP and file / image upload
  183. a blank page during navigation
  184. Re: MySQL Database problem (probably already solved in a message, butthis is somewhat urgent)
  185. OT: Need opinions to reinforce use of AJAX w/ PHP
  186. Cookies again
  187. Tip about register globals set to "on"
  188. Php $_post
  189. "///" comment type
  190. Sending email in php
  191. I need daily random photo for year
  192. SQL Injection test
  193. a little web site
  194. Unchecked checkbox still posting as checked
  195. File or Folder Permissions - Limit access
  196. PHP IDE on Linux or Mac OSX 10.4 PowerPPC
  197. A good web2.0 tutorial
  198. What is wrong with this SQL statement?
  199. image uploads and version control?
  200. Using phpMyAdmin question
  201. Help with MySQL GROUP BY and SQL statement
  202. Problem with exec
  203. Change returned data content type?
  204. problem with image downloading
  205. Problem with drop down menu
  206. Installing BBCode extension for Windows
  207. This message is a plug for a logging tool (Gurock)
  208. date_create
  209. This can't get more amazing see for yourself!
  210. Date('W') vs strftime('%W')
  211. Re: This a question for al the geniuses in math, Looking for a math formula to get a value
  212. Include file error (novice).
  213. ternary operator or if() statement for default value?
  214. Mixture between html and php- UNIDENTIFIED INDEX
  215. PostgreSQL Equivalent of mysql_unbuffered_query
  216. Design question: User objects and a Role object
  217. Getting host for domain?
  218. How is unit testing performed at your location?
  219. What applications do you use to create PHP files
  220. display sql data on webpage with php
  221. Cookie in IE7
  222. Call list box when checkbox is clicked.
  223. Chinese antique
  224. to fetch data from database and pass in javascript
  225. The mind boggles!(slightly OT)
  226. MySQL undefined function error - php.ini looks right, but phpinfo() says otherwise
  227. How do you get a filename from a handle/resource?
  228. Unable To Delete Record
  229. inserting record into mysql db using php
  230. Re: I thought this would be easy: Matching array elements inside of a while loop
  231. caputuring the var on address bar
  232. Human readable error_log
  233. Current week
  234. wrong order of images with readdir()
  235. Questions to discover a php guru
  236. simple_xml - Call to a member function on a non object
  237. Problems With Arrays!!!
  238. Error Handlers
  239. PHP post + echo issues
  240. what am I missing? (arrrays)
  241. php error
  242. swfupload class problem
  243. variable scope problem
  244. Writing output that will not be displayed by HTML?
  245. correction
  246. insert data on mysql thru php
  247. mysql_errorno() and a more complete error description
  248. Lpr $varname not working
  249. Include authentication problem
  250. PHP COM MS Word Application
  251. Re: How to get filesize when stat() fails
  252. [PDO] Displaying output from prepare()?
  253. New to PHP
  254. Need confirmation
  255. memcache issue
  256. Re: How to get filesize when stat() fails
  257. Re: Have the next greatest idea?
  258. Help on pagination please
  259. checkbox in prado framework
  260. Re: Have the next greatest idea?
  261. String Comparison
  262. arrays, constants, booleans, arithmetic values
  263. Need help with a search code.
  264. Re: Have the next greatest idea?
  265. What's the best PHP poll script out there?
  266. How to remove a item from a array?
  267. PHP and COM
  268. Ajax and Javascript with PHP
  269. Getting prices from external e-commerce system
  270. PHP form data insert
  271. Evaluating a string as an expression
  272. Installing BBCode Extension for PHP
  273. Cannot get a session counter to work
  274. Regular Expression (newbie)
  275. Avoid duplicate entries
  276. problem in smarty templates
  277. PHP Security Issue
  278. could i ask how to encrypt a password when it submits to the database?
  279. your discipline
  280. Installing BBCode Extension for PHP
  281. PDO mysql sqlite and sqlite2
  282. HTTP-POST simultaneous requests
  283. PHP include sockets problem...
  284. Install PHP Tidy
  285. PHP implode?
  286. implode or what?
  287. Installing BBCode Extension for Windows
  288. Installing BBCode Extension for Windows
  289. Invalid Argument
  290. Deleting lines of text from a file
  291. Session token
  292. combining textfields to form a variable data and thend sending through URL
  293. Stupid question but How do I grab the first key of a multidimensionalarray.
  294. Help with Calender and adding an event
  295. Finding out how mnay records are in a queryy
  296. A Parse error that shouldnt be
  297. simple php scripte u see the webget some doller
  298. playing movie file
  299. Problems with External Php Extensions
  300. 4 digit number
  301. Adding OU to Open LDAP Server
  302. massive mails & timeout
  303. A new space mmorpg. Help needed!
  304. web service fedex for php
  305. PHP Import text from a database and display it as pdf
  306. memory leakage
  307. php mysql query breaks when var sent from safari
  308. Re: Web Application Engineer - PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Drupal,Linux, HTML
  309. Simple PHP script?
  310. How can I make a var survive page reload?
  311. How can I make a var survive page reload?
  312. Question about PHP and SimpleXML, can i use HTML tags in XML andoutput it?
  313. How to Load an URL in PHP?
  314. PHP Mailer
  315. hello everyone i am a first time php programmer
  316. SOAP Call with multiple occurences of an element
  317. SimpleXMLElement Object into array
  318. Gzip and caching
  319. DATE Problem
  320. ,$$$$$$$ you can buy mobile phone ,handbags,car mp3player ,fashion t shirts ,jewellery ,fabric
  321. newbie: Eclipse PDT halts
  322. downloading a zip archive from another server
  323. List predefined variables
  324. Php mysql installation
  325. emails
  326. Make a sound in php
  327. fonts
  328. POSTing to XML...
  329. Zipping files in php
  330. I need advice on how to create thousands of articles with PHP or else
  331. help: include file with variable inside div tag
  332. display images in HTML
  333. Language Switching
  334. Not displaying erros
  335. Debugging
  336. XOOPS webservice for register user
  337. Problem with substr()
  338. allow users to update their own info in a MySQL db
  339. question about mysql_fetch_array ()
  340. Empty member variable is not empty
  341. is_dir() issue.
  342. Automatically inserting image name in database
  343. php date settings
  344. urgent help on sanitize function
  345. annoying/odd IE behaviour with sessions
  346. Clean page
  347. Japanese and Russian Text Encoding Problem
  348. sendmail
  349. PHPGD
  350. How to read fields from a file?
  351. mysql and php, multidimensional result
  352. how can I assign a variable value to a href
  353. Array file I/O
  354. control to browse and select local directory?
  355. Getting the content length of posted values
  356. httpd.conf - question - how to do this
  357. Encryption & Decryption script
  358. Expression web (Microsoft product) for PHP
  359. display pdf file in my website
  360. Installing zend fraemwork on Xampp *******Caution Newbie*************
  361. Is it possible to end the outermost function from an inner function?
  362. user table
  363. php code for csv file to mysql
  364. How to specify the directory to download files
  365. Re: Problem with fread()
  366. Is there a SAPI module for PHP 5 for supporting the thttpd webserver?
  367. Flock and file deletion
  368. Rewrite Module Session problem
  369. PHP/Apache eating up hard-drive memory
  370. Problem with PHP using WAMP
  371. SMF PHP error... Am I missing something subtle in the PHP languagesyntax?
  372. SimpleXML and ADO XML
  373. PHP5 ISAPI on IIS7 - cURL wont load
  374. Manually setting session ids
  375. PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (Apache crash)
  376. Embedding a .exe into a webpage
  377. include_once() and require_once() in function
  378. Can't addFile() in SimpleTest Test Suite
  379. Can't addFile() in SimpleTest Test Suite
  380. Re: Centre of Expertise to Encourage PHP Growth (PR Newswire viaYahoo! Finance)
  381. Re: question about soap
  382. Item changelogs and rollback
  383. "undefined symbol: php_ini_opened_path" On Apache startup
  384. Search inside a website
  385. Meet Your Dream Partner
  386. PHP Problems - Sending Mail from Form
  387. MVC request
  389. Stale data when requerying MySQL w/PHP?
  390. preg_match_all returns an empty array
  391. Array Formating and Display Error
  392. ******GOD OF GIFTS 4 U*********
  393. php scripts and tripple slashes
  394. header questions
  395. Seeding back the field values in html form
  396. PHP: FTP problem
  397. html forms and spam-bots
  398. show picture
  399. A/B split testing on PHP built website
  400. quick regex question
  401. corrupted file
  402. Re: output buffering, parse error unexpected t_string
  403. Encountered ERROR
  404. output buffering, parse error unexpected t_string
  405. Use a checkbox to define $var?
  406. Problems getting PHP and MySQL to play nice
  407. about send mail with php
  408. Use of Zend Framework and MSSQL 2005 Express
  409. applying stylesheet for a php mail
  410. Question about fopen() and r+
  411. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user
  412. PDO SQllite error
  413. Developing Photo Gallery
  414. Re: help - save me
  415. problem with arrays
  416. ./ on server?
  417. redirect a print statement off a page so it doesn't conflict with aheader
  418. redirect print/Cannot modify header information - headers alreadysent
  419. Check for various emails addresses
  420. setcookie() returns true but no cookie appears.
  421. php jobs
  422. digital signs
  423. multilingual
  424. Cisco Tries to Break Out of the Data Center Role
  425. Creating Dynamic Class Variables
  426. setlocale safety
  427. PHP COM and Excel
  428. Web Ui controls for PHP?
  429. Create passwords for multiple records (PHP/mySQL)
  430. Getting warning whlie using preg_match....
  431. Need help with php script --***********Caution Newbie***********
  432. What option would cause this to happen?
  433. assigning variables in e.g. an if ....
  434. Why PHP don't Report this SYNTAX ERROR ?
  435. Milenko Kindl pfjejwepfk
  436. Problem on paging
  437. Quoting integer values on MySQL INSERT and UPDATE
  438. Password and Page Security
  439. How to autoincrement a filename created with a PHP page
  440. Trying to build a database driven website
  441. escaping commas for csv output
  442. PHP Advocacy
  443. accents being replaced with garbage in text fields on forms
  444. Array sort/merge
  445. Pass Referer Manually on Redirection.
  446. Double backslashes \\ in strings
  447. php uploader not work in localhost
  448. limit downloads
  449. php syntax
  450. Fopen Permission Denied
  451. clear/reset button
  452. Sample of reading mail
  453. php is made by Bison?
  454. Problem with this..Notice: Undefined index
  455. How to parse a CSV that contains commas
  456. mp3 decoding
  457. Why no error?
  458. webpage error
  459. Create limited time download link
  460. Re: getting parameters to send then to another function
  461. Executing a SQL script file from PHP
  462. Re: getting parameters to send then to another function
  463. Re: getting parameters to send then to another function
  464. Problem creating while Loop listing each occurance of a number in a string
  465. $_SERVER["HTTPS"] is empty
  466. Recording user session durations
  467. When would you use an abstract class and when an interface?
  468. combobox problems
  469. reading pdf file
  470. World pay integration
  471. How to save image to mysql database in php?
  472. calling js into php
  473. PHP Video Uploading
  474. searching for a good php editor ::
  475. cannot load php5apache2_2.dll
  476. Move Mouse with keyboard
  477. Security concerns...
  478. Geting PHP mail to work under linux.
  479. PDF generation
  480. Website design and development company
  481. the header 'WWW-Authenticate'
  482. Need help with file opening
  483. preg_match frustration
  484. session does not propagate after header("Location: page.php")
  485. Milenko Kindl bnvnvnv
  486. css problem
  487. Install php_exif.dll
  488. rss escape
  489. Re: hi everybody
  490. regular expression help
  491. Uploading Videos
  492. rss date (rfc822) format
  493. Reverse htmlspecialchars or something
  494. Simple PHP approve/deny
  495. PHP , MySQL Backup
  496. Which folders/ files to download from a php site for offline work?
  497. Daily pic problem
  498. Sorting of associative array doesnt work...what am i doing wrong here?
  499. ****** SPAM ******
  500. PHP concatenated string part desaperas
  501. Re: Marketing On Internet
  502. crop image using PHP and javascript?
  503. PHP work hours
  504. PHP work hours
  505. I'm having
  506. Check the file extension
  507. Parse Error : syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  508. Associative array within fuction
  509. reference to a function
  510. Exec() function not doing as I want (OSX)
  511. Easy (?) PHP/MySQL question
  512. XML-RPC server
  513. Unable to upload file
  514. Excel file not accepted by
  515. paging
  516. setting different query parameters from multiple dropdown box
  517. strange HTML rendering a config issue...
  518. populating a combo box without using ajax
  519. Passing variables to a class
  520. Reversing an algorithm?
  521. How to print an output...linking with printer
  522. get object name
  523. Object composition in PHP
  524. Comment Script ?
  525. Further PHP and AJAX MySQL Database Problem
  526. html table cell validation by mysql query results
  527. Re: Transfering Website, PHP Configuration
  528. redirecting
  529. spaces in $_REQUEST (or $_GET, $_POST)
  530. upload the resume and store in database
  531. Creating mailing labels
  532. OT :: Video, How The Heck?!!!
  533. How to connect my registration form and databasse ....
  534. default timezone broken on windows?
  535. upload to ftp through a php script
  536. How to get variable name like in php code?
  537. How to check whether the username and password entered in a login php form are valid
  538. Sending e-mail
  539. How to provide password validation in php form
  540. testing for no data in a string
  541. Milenko Kindl fsdfsdfsd
  542. Getting error when outputting image using headers. (Solution)
  543. Is it okay to make a connection to the database in a session?
  544. Re: Transfering Website, PHP Configuration
  545. sql injection on my own web server
  546. query access database remotely?
  547. Using SoapClient's non-WSDL Mode
  548. how to php error handling...
  549. ZendCore+FastCGI+IIS7 : Cannot embed PHP errors in response HTML.Always get 500 - Internal server error
  550. installer script for my own software