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  1. PHP Download bug with MP files
  2. Send Bulk sms from a website
  3. value in address bar link
  4. image display problem
  5. Are setter methods needed when constructor sets properties?
  6. Any idea why this isn't posting?
  7. Another newbie OOP question !
  8. Newbie question about OOP
  9. auto_increment in php
  10. Building a simple array - some help needed !
  11. How to send mail with attachment in php
  12. getting value from a disabled textbox
  13. LOOP Syntax
  14. Masuring performance and finding bottlenecks in PHP code?
  15. merge pages into one page
  16. how pagination work
  17. image resize
  18. $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI] + 404Error
  19. Problem when trying to load ssl at PHP
  20. Data Types in MySQL
  21. setting a default selection of drop down box
  22. Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
  23. Create a date/time from values in array
  24. Checking format of a csv file
  25. Reading first row from a csv file
  26. IF Condition
  27. DateTime Picker
  28. Order By
  29. drop down php/mysql
  30. day light savings time in PHP
  31. sql fieldname
  32. Web browser suddenly not reading PHP?
  33. copy file from a directory(outside webroot) to another directory
  34. Automatic "New Page" When product list is too long
  35. Ending Sessions in PHP
  36. Loading values in drop down dynamically
  37. fsockopen fails to connect to a valid URL.
  38. Error with fopen() function
  39. weather information in web site
  40. Can't use PHP with MySQL... get an 'object expected' error
  41. Convert Date Time into desired format
  42. I have a silly problem with SELECT that won't go away
  43. Using BBcodes in my php script.
  44. Do Large Scale WebSites use a specific Architecture Pattern?
  45. get folder name
  46. Webpage not getting posted values
  47. Can't get query right
  48. Query Combo
  49. How to get original combo value
  50. Asp- php
  51. exporting to an excel file
  52. run query with empty form field
  53. execute a url from php page without showing it
  54. PHP-MySQL data storage for messenger program
  55. Problem with displaying formatted text.
  56. Validating web address with query parameters
  57. Delete script
  58. Problem with captcha image not showing
  59. Running PHP from background
  60. default form field value
  61. ramdom image change
  62. encrypt a url
  63. additional sql WHERE condition
  64. Cron
  65. Saving " in a Pervasive SQL database
  66. new query field
  67. header in email
  68. How to call exe using PHP
  69. Chaining in OOP
  70. How to link to parts of webpages while passing data
  71. how to display the count of the records associated
  72. HowTo deal with SMPP
  73. what happens to form data if we destroy session
  74. how to auto download from a http site using php
  75. counts for days of week
  76. PHP5 configuration with IIs6 in Hosting server 2003
  77. error on Session_Start()
  78. Getting RTE editor Content
  79. Problem with curl_init()
  80. how to pass smarty array to javascript function
  81. WHERE clause
  82. PHP/mySQL Search Function
  83. setting timer for logout
  84. Array list.
  85. number format function arguments
  86. Iconv not working on php4.3.3
  87. pool mysql files
  88. server time
  89. Symantec Using its own php.ini & IIS using its own.
  90. How to avoid save option during download in php
  91. Notice: Undefined index: rand in .....
  92. Rich Editor Problem
  93. mysql_query with quotes around variables?
  94. redirect to other page if id is missing!!
  95. a href tag and PHP session
  96. Can't find setup.php under scripts
  97. How to make my php/msql calls more efficient?
  98. Which is lighter on the server?
  99. Cookie values in php
  100. Command to Print or Echo all Elements of an Array?
  101. Learning PHP, Can't Get It to Show Up in a Browser
  102. error logging
  103. IE warning "Page has expired"
  104. Where is the php.ini file located?
  105. Global variable turned on
  106. How to transfer Indian currency (INR) using Paypal
  107. Help me please!!
  108. Method POST not allowed error when submitting a form.
  109. Form submission code is not executing in proper order
  110. Diplay multiple Mysql Arrays in 1 HTMl table
  111. Insert Mulitple data into the db
  112. How to get the filenames of a directory in a diferrent host?
  113. How to read and write the XML DOM with PHP
  114. Validating Page: Eror message
  115. multiple file upload to server and MySQL database
  116. php folder files retrieve
  117. how to pass the user name using cookies
  118. MySQL BLOB data corrupted on retrieval
  119. Case sensitive in php
  120. Help needed with arrays
  121. Having trouble with arrays
  122. Calling HTML files through simplest PHP script
  123. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
  124. Simple photo navigation
  125. save XML without XML Prolog
  126. word wrapping in php comment script
  127. What is the best Open Source / free shopping cart solution?
  128. PHP Nested Loops of Arrays
  129. Result variable in new window
  130. Got the error message "Fatal error: Unable to read 4761 bytes"
  131. Note Time when logout is not done properly
  132. send mails using mail() ?
  133. substr problem
  134. IP to Country Problem
  135. Php-gtk2
  136. Plug in
  137. Setting session variable with hyperlink
  138. Login with curl into OWA (outlook web access)
  139. Script send mail and save into mysql db
  140. dropdown problem
  141. PHP script that test Browser for ACTIVE X and pops up a msg on Web Page
  142. i have a problem with my search page
  143. how can i display another set of image on the same page
  144. how can i share a file with another user
  145. mod rewrite help needed
  146. search for the right OOP pattern
  147. Need to show the larger image when user clicks on the small image
  148. Attendance Management system
  149. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  150. how to arrange image echo from database and increment a page
  151. page refreshproblem
  152. Email Form for Website (multiple recipients)
  153. permission denied for upload
  154. Help with mail code
  155. Validate (X)HTML with custom tags with PHP DOM API
  156. How to get value fro fck editor to parent text box ?
  157. pagination problem
  158. Simple script failure ... any clues for a no clues user
  159. php form return page request_uri
  160. Please Read Before Posting - Forum Etiquette & Useful Stuff
  161. Value of 2 fields in 1 preg match
  162. Include PHP Code in XML document
  163. how to get short url explode work
  164. Trouble Making Radio Buttons Sticky
  165. Image Function Problem Function
  166. Image not moved
  167. cross class methods
  168. PHP Query Problem/Error
  169. Poblem when creating short description of text
  170. PHP Dynamic Rating Bar
  171. Change Variables into php file
  172. objectGuid clipped with ldap
  173. Protecting Sold Scripts
  174. Addition or Subtraction in smarty
  175. Reload different images without page refresh
  176. Allowing spaces in regular expression match.
  177. PHP with dBase
  178. Help with a Preg_Replace.
  179. ession.bug_compat_42 error
  180. Make our product licensed
  181. how to show paging like this?
  182. redirect to previous window
  183. request throught ajax on another server not working in firefox
  184. question about run rexec with PHP
  185. PHP 5.3 namespaces (before it comes out)
  186. Logout and Login is Screwy
  187. Working with Realestate MLS
  188. Lock code to one domain
  189. What next to achieve collapsable style?
  190. Extract text from tags multiple times
  191. Javascript Multiple Values to PHP
  192. Can't query database
  193. isset not working
  194. php errors in code on submit
  195. required elements in a DTD
  196. Evaluate a string as PHP code
  197. variable value from another domain
  198. Help with Date script
  199. How to add an index file to all subdirectories
  200. while function
  201. How to insert line break in in data inserted from TextAera field.
  202. Using XMLReader and getting a bit stuck
  203. new to php!!
  204. PHP errors
  205. How class_exist function is working
  206. Send Mail with Multiple Attachment - Need Help
  207. HTML in PHP
  208. echo out url
  209. PHP Form Validation + JavaScript + gettext
  210. print out using php
  211. memcache_get_version() failing, why?
  212. images not showing with require_once
  213. print or store '<?php' tags
  214. Execute MySQL only if JS if = true
  215. Passing value via POST rather than GET variable via links
  216. Passing value with out using variable in query string in PHP!
  217. Fatal error:Not able to solve it.
  218. Paypal & Credit Card payments in php
  219. Session Registration with Username?
  220. Notice: Undefined index message
  221. Skip subdirectory but print filenames
  222. Display Directory, subdirectory and its contents
  223. PHP Form Help!
  224. php VPN
  225. compare data in php
  226. generating pdf dynamically
  227. hiding query parameter by htaccess
  228. whats wrong with F(Open)
  229. implode file failing but url is correct
  230. problem in shopping cart.
  231. sending mails
  232. Cannot turn off errors from @mysql_connect
  233. PHP Framework
  234. mysql_fetch_assoc not returning null columns.
  235. Track whos accessing reports
  236. Hi everybody need help in this script problem occured
  237. problem in shopping cart.
  238. Login Logout status maintenance
  239. Session id is not expiring in cakephp
  240. How to skip error msges ?
  241. display certain images on certain pages
  242. CSV File Data into Database
  243. Get Variables values
  244. Popup Window
  245. Is this possible?
  246. dropdown data from sql
  247. capturing username
  248. securing php scripts
  249. Strip script tags and contents in them?
  250. How to ignore/avoid empty folders in PHP ?
  251. Encoding and saving password during login
  252. pass javascript arrays in php POST method
  253. Uploading Video to Youtube
  254. Do I need to use isset?
  255. FTP with PHP
  256. Passing an array as a parameter list
  257. What chars to be escaped/not and when?
  258. PHP Form Validation
  259. Why error log?
  260. SoapClient - fault: "HTTP" - Error Fetching http headers.
  261. Re: Linux Today - 30 Game Scripts You Can Write in PHP (Linux Today)
  262. Open Source Universe Group on LinkedIn
  263. Word press theme develpment
  264. An unidentified errors has occured
  265. Dom Php
  266. retrieving data via php/sql, displaying via AJAX & Thickbox...issues!
  267. Registry Edit using PHP
  268. Apache serves blank page
  269. insert element in middle of array
  271. Upload Script
  272. Re: Best (most Borland-like) PHP IDE+Debugger?
  273. Re: Best (most Borland-like) PHP IDE+Debugger?
  274. php cookie problem
  275. Need Help understanding Error
  276. php mail
  277. overwriting in xml file
  278. connect php to oracle
  279. Dlls within PHP
  280. Looking for a PHP Framework
  281. automatic email sending
  282. Connecting to DBMS
  283. call MySQL stored procedure from php
  284. Resume Parsing by using php
  285. 403 forbidden error
  286. References and unset
  287. Generating another query with the result of current query
  288. Two Html page for single page.
  289. PHP Data storage
  290. Header got an error
  291. Re: Ohtalamppuihmiset
  292. udate command SQL Error
  293. Assertions in real life
  294. Xampp vs trace
  295. PHP and mysql: Login query??
  296. Can upload files, but not a xls file.
  297. memory exhausted problem in PHP in big Script.
  298. please help me publish my site using PHP & MySQL.
  299. How to execute php code (with zend api) without open file
  300. How do I get form elements values BEFORE SUBMIT & AFTER SUBMIT????
  301. Parsing HTML
  302. trying to add new record to database
  303. Problem sending multiple emails from a mail () form
  304. Dynamic source with PHP variable, is it possible?
  305. how to cut a certain group of words in a string?
  306. mssql error
  307. apache +php +time limits
  308. Fetch xth item from mysql_array
  309. Remove numbers from words and work with the numbers
  310. Show city based on ip address.
  311. problem to upload website
  312. SQL for frequency-related results
  313. Variable argument count for constructors not permitted?
  314. SQL SYNTAX ERROR help
  315. Call function in Class
  316. Saving a file and showing file information.
  317. zend guard
  318. Multiple select box population
  319. Show only last word in a parameter
  320. Constant for maximum integer value?
  321. Saving a remote file
  322. HTTP 403 error upon submitting form
  323. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in
  324. heredocs and numbers in indexes
  325. Problem with upload script and CHMOD's
  326. How to lookup an IP address...
  327. 4 ways to develop your PHP website or web application
  328. kashflow integration
  329. Sending an expiry header, and then the image...
  330. to get index name of excel sheet.
  331. php Intranet
  332. Curl and Sending query string to SMPP server
  333. array results > fputs > responses captured and stored
  334. Chinese antique
  335. Problem with php code for a mail contact form
  336. Google Map PHP / XML problem
  337. display text retrieved with html tags
  338. wrong echo symbols - Help
  339. function inner other
  340. Smarty php
  341. Sessions not working in subsequent pages
  342. Can't connect to mysql thru Dreamweaver
  343. counting rows
  344. to read multiple worksheets using php
  345. IDE
  346. To check for validity......
  347. Returning error message from Classes
  348. Change request URL
  349. invalid result resource from a $_SESSION
  350. Compiling in GD support
  351. Create a drop down from an Oracle DB table...
  352. Connected to mySQL through PhP but can't retrieve, add or delete records
  353. enable a text field onclick or onchange
  354. It would be nice
  355. how to get the value of selected option in this code
  356. Echo in Echo
  357. fwrite error
  358. Problem in converting number and string
  359. Publish to live site from Subversion
  360. Upload, problem with dir
  361. string difference and similarity
  362. inserting node in XMl
  363. HTTP_REFERER or alternative
  364. assembling dynamic pages, nested duplication of header-trailermaterial
  365. invalid flag after regular expression
  366. Authentication
  367. Using encryption
  368. write a PHP website for my customer
  369. PHP MySQL database export
  370. uploading 20mb file
  371. PHP mail() function problem
  372. is it possible to get options from list without selection
  373. multipe registration and IP address
  374. Storing serialized data in MySQL table
  375. learn cakephp
  376. problem passing quote and double quote in IE7 pages
  377. Where are cookie and session values stored?
  378. how to open another site in my site
  379. pass a $result from a mysql_query in a url
  380. Inserting a box into my url code
  381. URL validation
  382. pointing external domain names to subdomains
  383. correlation help!
  384. Import MySQL data
  385. Select data from two different databases
  386. web caching tutorial by Mark Nottingham
  387. API Integration: Convert ASP to PHP
  388. Array's
  389. to read diff excel sheets using php
  390. Creating new field in XT-Commerce
  391. Smaller code
  392. Converting dropdown list value to label option
  393. getting "1" in my temp.xml when using fwrite
  394. How to send email using the mail function on Windows XP?
  395. Free Form Mail
  396. php user login
  397. Trouble fixing parse error, unexpected T_IF error
  398. question on header() function
  399. Re: OT::Re: OOP php user system
  400. Re: OT::Re: OOP php user system
  401. ASX conversion
  402. Creating shared admin folder in PHP (windows)
  403. db_query is it part of PHP or MySQL or user-written
  404. Syntax error, unexpected t_variable.
  405. dynamic link
  406. dynamic link
  407. how can I insert multiple datas into sql table using php and html form?
  408. "Webpage has expired" when using Back Button to go to any PHPgenerated page
  409. Yii framework 1.0 RC is released
  410. classes and callback functions
  411. simplexml_load_file
  412. Difference
  413. Converting float value to integer value
  414. newbie: website's root directory
  415. Send message to Yahoo messenger in php
  416. Passing variable from URL to hidden field in form
  417. Displaying Multiselect Data without Delimiters
  418. Search String in another String using PHP
  419. include/request a file in other domain?
  420. Reliable function for getting a date 30 days away from the current date
  421. dynamic link
  422. Manipulating MP3s with PHP?
  423. no error, no warning
  424. RewriteRule
  425. OOP php user system
  426. writing a class
  427. calculate time difference in mintues
  428. ../ not working for images pulled from within an include file
  429. Anyone good at astronomy?
  430. Base64 Decoding
  431. Parsing text and drop down list values from a string
  433. Fsockopen expects parameter 2 to be long. String given.
  434. "Hello World" for php & mysql (or postgres)
  435. connecting PHP with Remote MS SQL server 2005
  436. 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_id' in 'on clause' select p.products_image,
  437. zend engine
  438. nesting JS in echo's
  439. Calendar Event
  440. *** Amazing Bra Deflects Gunshot ****
  441. *** Amazing Bra Deflects Gunshot ****
  442. help in sending php array to mysql table
  443. search within multidimentional array
  444. PHP Mail Form
  445. Looking For Reliable Php Host...
  446. update a database remotely through hyperterminal
  447. Hiding the link of source file for mp3
  448. =?GB2312?B?1eLA79PQ1NvDx9bQufrIy8Lwo78=?=
  449. Re: F-bomb dropping PHP advocate derails Ruby, again [Valleywag Calendar](Valleywag)
  450. Asynchronous mail()
  451. Using FTP via PHP
  452. New window opening for checking the authentication in the login form
  453. Getting list values dyanmically from website
  454. Understanding error masking in error handling...
  455. UPDATE on close
  456. Download dialog issue
  457. PHP sanitization burps?
  458. create variables on the fly (dynamically)
  459. Is fwrite faster than using Mysqli?
  460. Counting File types in dir and sub dir
  461. Re: <img> can't seem to find the file
  462. Re: <img> can't seem to find the file
  463. extract() to object variables
  464. =?windows-1256?B?x9/I0SDjzOPm2skg1ebRIN3kx+THyiDa0cjtxw==?==?windows-1256?B?yiDax9Htx8ogPz8/?=
  465. Uploading images to another site on same host?
  466. Off topic? php bulletin boards...
  467. webservice authentication
  468. Comparing contents of two huge arrays
  469. How to grant privileges to an mysql user by using php
  470. Replacing 1 instance
  471. generating page class
  472. [OT] Zend outsourced the news service to businesses. NET instead PHP
  473. Can anyone guide me in creating simple forums website using php
  474. how to put checks on dates
  475. Re: form showing old session values after submission
  476. reading html code form outer sites
  477. how to best store nested values
  478. Mysql Encoding Change
  479. Cannot send parameters
  480. Send a pdf file as email content
  481. radio buttons on fetched data
  482. 2 variable from one form to another form
  483. popup window
  484. Parsing XML String (not a Doc) in PHP...Help!
  485. Parent/Child Function
  486. Status quo of WSDL 2.0 Support in PHP
  487. =?windows-1256?B?x9vK1cfIIN3sIMfh1MfR2iDH48fjIMfh5MfTLi4=?== ?windows-1256?B?1ebRLi4gLi4u?=
  488. Cannot use string offset as an array
  489. Re: Ordering a list of items. (What's wrong with this code)
  490. phpmyadmin error.
  491. Overhead
  492. ok... password protecting just one page
  493. php combo box code nt working
  494. subtract string between two tags
  495. Checking port status using php
  496. passing a value
  497. FloodAssassin
  498. Tracking Shopping Cart Inventory
  499. Performance issues with PHP/Oracle/PDO
  500. Font recognition using PHP
  501. Font recognition using PHP
  502. sending an email at the same time as setting the form action to another page
  503. Possible help with php/ajax call?
  504. How do I remove empty string elements from my array?
  505. Errors to Exceptions
  506. File upload permissions
  507. page need refresh
  508. Is Downloading a file from a https page secure?
  509. Php Documentor Website
  510. eregi_replace returns only lowercase
  511. Save file in locaation automatically
  512. header location in a div !
  513. mysql connection problem.
  514. templates
  515. how to edit a photo in database? using PHP code
  516. breadcrumb based navigation
  517. File uploads not working on a Windows server using PHP 5
  518. Problems passing variables to include file.
  519. combine two arrays ldap_search results to give one array with uniquevalues?
  520. Passing results from Gender Drop down to PHP
  521. Extracting individual lines from a Multiline text box for processing
  522. what to pick for RSS/Atom parsing
  523. Prado 3.1.3 is released
  524. login then back to the previous page
  525. Need help getting values with simplexml
  526. define alyas returns a false
  527. PHP 5 & mail filter
  528. Configuring PHP with GD on Windows
  529. HTTP Vs. HTTPS
  530. group check boxes not in array?
  531. PHP creating checkbox in runtime
  532. Cut text out from a string
  533. drop-down menu and conditional response on page 2
  534. ? Separate PHP Log Files For Apache Virtual Hosts
  535. SRP and MVC use?
  536. Maintain spacing when concatenating
  537. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  538. Arrays in PHP
  539. I have some problem when i update mysql table
  540. Losing some session values
  541. preg_match at offset
  542. SplFileInfo issues
  543. Paypal website payments pro direct payments recurring implementation
  544. Multilingual website
  545. Small PDO problem
  546. Save file at the same place as an included script
  547. I got this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting '(' in
  548. httpclient with captcha
  549. how to execute a PHP script at 1st day of each month automatically
  550. php error handling with apache