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  1. read images from directory
  2. Getting data to move to next line automatically
  3. deleting folder and entire contents
  4. Change Timezone on parsed RSS file.
  5. DB connection isn't working inside function.
  6. Using OR in an IF statement
  7. Echo an iframe with a html src that has a php variable
  8. Problem with yahoo messenger
  9. Remove white space and maybe a symbol
  10. using fgetc() on array
  11. Nesting Block Comments
  12. How to create a tree structure
  13. how to get the values in the textboxes when a radio button is selected?
  14. PHP Mailer to Junk Folder
  15. looping data into arrays
  16. Embed an image in an .xls Excel sheet
  17. Get file contents
  18. Header error when downloading file from server
  19. Session works, just not the first time
  20. populating parent-child menus from arrays
  21. File write permission denied on Windows host
  22. Image Display
  23. Problem in handling external text file content from PHP function
  24. PHP Authentication (centos)
  25. Checking for two conditionals - not working
  26. Problems with file_get_contents()....
  27. access child static property
  28. pcre returning shortest match
  29. Issues with simplexml_load_file
  30. Simple Regex help, need a minor modification to this
  31. Problem uploading / renaming images to server and mysql
  32. Problems writing to mySQL DB in PHP..
  33. SimpleXML won't load Digg feed, but will load anything else. WTF?
  34. Image Display Issue
  35. General Web Prgrming. - Where is this password stored?
  36. Dropdown Box using Database column
  37. Listing all objects
  38. Refreshing SESSION variable with an HTML form
  39. Photo upload problem
  40. MySQL Entry Problem
  41. Displaying Database Results Problem
  42. Lifestreaming - Need some advice.
  43. mysql_connect function isn't working
  44. update file on mysql using PHP
  45. Pagination - First page works great, next pages are blank
  46. runtime image creation problem
  47. How do I output my html to a .pdf document ?
  48. Stock chart
  49. using moneybookers[dot]com gateway
  50. passing variables from .htaccess
  51. Redirect All Links
  52. javascript time picker into unixtimestamp
  53. Catagory Tree
  54. Send email to email addresses stored as variables
  55. Recursion
  56. Problems about print a pdf content
  57. Thumbnail generation?
  58. Curly braces without pre-keyword do not cause parse error.
  59. File upload upto 2gb
  60. This script uses both cUrl and fsockopen should I get rid of one ?
  61. problem with Internet Explorer
  62. setcookie() not working
  63. Get date 30 day back from current date
  64. PHP certification
  65. Remove certain posts from an RSS feed
  66. how to insert records
  67. view result when select one radio button
  68. unlink() returns TRUE but does not delete
  69. I am just not seeing it!
  70. OOP clarification
  71. php mail() function is not working
  72. open source code for groups functionality
  73. When should special characers be escaped inside strings?
  74. Is it Possible in .Php
  75. Pagination Problem
  76. login php
  77. Generate random numbers using PHP
  78. PHP Update statement
  79. how to display this form data which is stored on mysql on my webpage
  80. show data of multiple tables?
  81. access htaccess folder
  82. getting the client IP address
  83. how can i know thw number of user that visited a page
  84. Intetergrating php rss with flash display
  85. Can I enable upload a pdf file with php ?
  86. Html form
  87. How to good PHP Programming
  88. Default SSI help -->Creating a seperate Index page ?
  89. Getting an auto increment value after creating a new record
  90. PHP exec() function
  91. Pass data to another page?
  92. validate checkbox
  93. creating php form
  94. creating product catagories
  95. Change date to MySql format
  96. image gallery- image not displaying
  97. link two pages using php
  98. LDAP with PHP
  99. delete last row from specific user
  100. text display based on multiple selected
  101. OUTPUT raw email with php
  102. PHP on linux to run a window program
  103. PHP SOAP, really a web service?
  104. how to Share variables among php and html
  105. RGB <-> KnownColor
  106. import Text file in MySQL table
  107. preg_replace Issue?
  108. how can i prevent blank upload
  109. send data at same id?
  110. Zend_Db_Table_Abstract Joining tables
  111. Form Sends Data But Also Shows Errors?
  112. securing web pages
  113. how can inputed value display on a textfield
  114. i have a problem with my login page
  115. how to call php file in popup window at page loading
  116. Reading data from HTTP POST method
  117. Page to open only in Frameset
  118. Editing or adding a record
  119. an issue with the drop down
  120. delete folder
  121. Getting width/height of swf?
  122. Create an arrayed array
  123. Header Location Problem
  124. form validation not working
  125. get original file path of uploaded file
  126. get parent url in ajax page using php
  127. use combobox to insert data to database
  128. register_shutdown_function only once
  129. How to convert a gif file to byte array? thanks!
  130. How to export one of mysql table data to CSV file using PHP
  131. Need Help with Dynamic Drop Down Box
  132. drop down box problem
  133. converting video file into flv and ...
  134. checkbox - how to select and siplay info from db
  135. PHP library for printing landscape
  136. Array help - best practice
  137. Sort using php and jquery
  138. Redirecting first time users to login page
  139. create folder on server
  140. Post New Content Automatically
  141. Progress bar while serialization
  142. search word or string from anywhere in a database
  143. include_once fails with chdir
  144. mssql Bug?
  145. php/javascript
  146. $this->header .= $this->body; Won't send the email
  147. read db error
  148. conditions on login code
  149. MSSQL_connect problem
  150. check if variable value is timestamp
  151. config file vs. file headers
  152. replace data in listbox with tht of textbox
  153. How to upload large size files in chunks using PHP
  154. include error
  155. Can I convert this script to use different tool ?
  156. name change when copying file - special characters
  157. how to review PHP code for CSS and SQL Injection vulnerability
  158. dynamic populating of fields based on selection
  159. OOP: When should static classes be used?
  160. how achievement professionalism
  161. goto function php
  162. open window using php
  163. PHP in jboss server
  164. Whats the difference between fopen() function and the file() function ?
  165. help needed with phpmyadmin
  166. Remove x characters from the middle of a string.
  167. headers not working
  168. a listbox populated with query strings when selected particular query to be executed
  169. Drag and drop data horizontally and vertically
  170. DOM query using names with spaces
  171. Byte PHP framework
  172. Search Engine
  173. Spaces in URL causes split() to not work
  174. error in php code of PARSING ERROR
  175. updating more than one record in MySQl using PHP
  176. can maka a stand alone php script?
  177. Problem with wamp sever
  178. paypal and php
  179. C++ client upload to PHP server
  180. clues for a clueless guy
  181. charset issue in parse_ini_file()
  182. Multi-Dimensional Arrays Help - And Other Questions on Arrays
  183. updateing multiple rows at once, with different values..
  184. MSSQL database
  185. OO DataBase Abstraction Layer, what for?
  186. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  187. automating current static page with 3 directory contents on the fly
  188. sending Form data to different emails
  189. how to get db tables?
  190. Using POST within SWITCH statement
  191. Problem inserting ' in DB using PHP
  192. How can i import data from *.xls file into MYSQL without using Com Object
  193. implementation of translation table
  194. question about unlink
  195. Sorting files by date
  196. Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string
  197. reading a microsoft outlook .pst file from php
  198. confirmation after form submission
  199. webservices in php
  200. Ask for file handling
  201. uploading an image file
  202. password and confirm password validation
  203. not getting the ServerName in the $_SERVER[SERVER_NAME]
  204. Logging out of a SSL / https:// site using PHP? (or JS?), Client Side Cache
  205. how to move record up down top and bottom
  206. how should I write this query
  207. Trying to see Youtube through this proxy script
  208. I am a bit confused about mail(), phpmailer and PEAR:mail
  209. problem with php inside javascript
  210. Selecting record edited within last 2 minuites
  211. Embed company logo in an html email
  212. Sorting an array
  213. problem with implode() function
  214. copy and paste entire folder
  215. manage a text log file of 10 lines
  216. Nothing works
  217. proxy problems
  218. how to get complete path while in file uploading
  219. Populate an Array from MYSQL and check
  220. Order array based on other properties of the values
  221. how to force implementation of an abstract class?
  222. Base different in mail function
  223. How to configure Apache 2.2.11 in Php 5
  224. Create Folder in PHP
  225. Help with exceptions
  226. PHP OO - How to use a class within another class?
  227. upload file and rename
  228. Should objects be passed to a new object as argument or created within the main class
  229. Understanding Sessions/Cookies
  230. move_uploaded_file not kicking
  231. sql/php question
  232. Findin the end date of the given date
  233. PHP in Javascript
  234. fsocket(<udp:host>,<port>) Not working, no errors reported.
  235. Mail() function returning true; but no mail is sent
  236. Find min in Array not working?
  237. Show 'no file' when there is no available file to download.
  238. convert pdf to image - imagemagick - ghostscript
  239. image displaying problem php
  240. error origination unclear
  241. Problem facing while Dynamic Image Creation to replace Font Embedding
  242. C program embedded in PHP to read the serial port
  243. check image bit-depth without an image library
  244. explode the / variable
  245. Problem with cookies
  246. Need transparent background while generating headings at run time
  247. file path
  248. PHP error
  249. Multiple users login & password
  250. How do I disable HTMLed error message
  251. Custom Templates for PHP Script
  252. undefined index
  253. how to update record based on checkbox selection
  254. how to get pagename from the URL in php
  255. php check mysql
  256. Javascript document.forms[0].submit() not submitting form values
  257. session works only in IE not in firefox
  258. Not get the value after submit the form using light box
  259. How to escape a < sign that is in text?
  260. Inserting text with quotes in to MYSQL
  261. Help posting to guestbook
  262. PHP, Pear, SMTP and random equal signs in html emails
  263. Problem with uploading image
  264. checked(checkbox) row or rows to be deleted when button(delete) is clicked
  265. File opening in a browser
  266. How to use array for buttons in php site
  267. PHP with in .aspx
  268. Getting abnormal behaviour when updating record in thickbox
  269. Is it possible to fetch data from Ms-Outlook express and store to Database or Excel ?
  270. Fast CGI Error
  271. How to call stored procedures?
  272. End sessions by id.
  273. .wmv file downloading
  274. Automatic Number Formatting
  275. Image from Blob
  276. not able to compare & fetch data from table using where clause
  277. how to save a webpage content as word document using php?
  278. how to specify path to save spread sheet file in php?
  279. PHP Memory Management
  280. Implementing a MYSQL connection time-out
  281. Select All Checkbox
  282. blank lines while writing records in txt file
  283. Sockets - More than one of the same port for a client
  284. Problem with getting itunes rss feeds
  285. Easiest shopping cart to develop
  286. Trying to upload file to MySQL, file not found
  287. Having a completed order form emailed to me
  288. foreach loop
  289. Set array as session
  290. urgent code required simple selection list validation
  291. getting Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Swift_RfcComplianceException'
  292. Submit form X times
  293. Dynamic Method
  294. Problem with Sessions
  295. folder creation on fly
  296. Regexp to filter style from HTML
  297. If condition under dropdown
  298. exec() a php file
  299. Accessing Active Directory in Windows ?
  300. Does not show special chractors like on page when i include thickbox script in html
  301. Dynamic Input Box
  302. How do I protect the pdf files from unauthorized users?
  303. please give an idea how to send sms to any mobile using php
  304. Completed Download Counter
  305. PHP Shell Command
  306. Design Issues - How to work out 1:M relationships when designing forms
  307. Wrapper Functions
  308. Returning references
  309. str_replace using an array
  310. Uploading Large (>25MB) files
  311. how can genrate different URLs but showing same html page
  312. Language Constructs in PHP 5.0
  313. Overloading in PHP 5.0
  314. can i assign value returned from javascript function to php session variable
  315. Getting a redirect to be nofollow ?
  316. .htaccess dilemma
  317. find the number of users viewing a website at any point of time
  318. php mail(0 sent but not received!!
  319. hack & crack hotmail, yahoo, gmail password
  320. loop not working
  321. SUM/Total of values from a DB Query output
  322. generate a file on client host
  323. send sms using php script
  324. how to write Video script in css file
  325. How to count online users and guest for the last 30 minutes?
  326. Getting html code while recieving email in outlook.
  327. How to create PDF file in php and attached with email at the time of creation
  329. Characters Issue
  330. PHP session variables randomly work/don't work
  331. Undefined Variable Solution??
  332. Getting stats
  333. str_replace not working
  334. Chat server
  335. number_format()
  336. Php oops
  337. php to xml
  338. content code separation
  339. converting
  340. PHP Function
  341. HTML: how to assign an array to <option value=...>?
  342. initializing 2d arrays in php
  343. zend pdf merge files
  344. php vars to flash
  345. php mail() function and configuration settings
  346. Script
  347. Cross Server File Transfer
  348. $$vars_var
  349. Counter
  350. exception 'com_exception' with message 'Source: Unknown
  351. pop3 connection problem
  352. Ado Recordset in PHP
  353. Language Translator class (or) package for PHP?
  354. Closing browser window
  355. how do I send value of textbox without using form tag and submit button
  356. $_SESSION[] or $my_array[]
  357. is Gd library present on all webhost
  358. resizing a image
  359. Redirect webpage.
  360. PHP Permissions Question
  361. How to run a php script in command line
  362. Performance Issue in URL
  363. countdown timer ajax using php
  364. problem on php login file
  365. testing php script performance
  366. Complex concatenation
  367. i have a problem with my upload
  368. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result source
  369. URL Redirecting using PHP on IIS
  370. copy files
  371. PHP GD support problem
  372. HTTP authentication via php?
  373. Multiple Table Search
  374. PHP access to MYSQL
  375. copying, renaming and then moving images
  376. How to create a search engine which displays search results from google, amazon, ebay
  377. Ways to validate input from user?
  378. debugging PHP using ZendStudio
  379. Extra \r\n using include() on wamp
  380. Random numbers are not so random
  381. parse delimited text file to seperate arrays
  382. Creating xml doc using php-file handling
  383. Promblem in email header
  384. intermittent sending form using PHP
  385. How to develop our own advanced php web application
  386. Form Help : Handle Chinese Character
  387. Encrypted in C# and decrypted in PHP
  388. php in video streaming
  389. PHP Regular Expression
  390. Trouble with inserting Checkbox values
  391. Adding a image to a existing file
  392. Configuring PHP to be able to use mysql in Vista.
  393. Send Text with PHP, Port 25 block issue
  394. How to guard against SQL injection in PHP?
  395. upload and display images
  396. problem in coding
  397. how to convert mysql null as 0 in php
  398. Trouble with GDFONTPATH
  399. Mail Box
  400. Displaying a single image and data
  401. Php Help - Form[textbox control]
  402. Displaying relationships graphically 'on the fly'...
  403. PHP redirect after posting
  404. Extra \ symbols added to text from my textarea.
  405. Mail
  406. How to zip a file on remote server
  407. editing the values in the form and submit to the mysql database
  408. Best Solution for Social Network Site
  409. visio type file is not opening
  410. table rows
  411. how to insert and select the records from xml document to mysql using php?
  412. sessions and iframes
  413. Eliminate String - Discard Data Silently
  414. block users from viewing
  415. Search using php
  416. Function calling
  417. Best way to update website
  418. Many Domains
  419. Days calc
  420. Record Update
  421. deleting record after getting confirmation from user
  422. URL and Page title in PHP
  423. Days
  424. ODBC on server
  425. php drop down menu help
  426. Installing PHP On Windows
  427. Php credit card processor
  428. Populating a Select with options from an array
  429. php file open in server
  430. How can i open doc,xls,html,swf files directly using php ...
  431. how to retain the value of form??
  432. how to pass php value to javascript function?
  433. display page on web browser
  434. form processing problem
  435. Updating a MySQL table value through HREF link
  436. x and y for items on the websit
  437. show track of user on website
  438. how to close warnings in php
  439. exact page breaks
  440. Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object
  441. Select All Check boxes Not working
  442. Nested SQL loop with PHP
  443. Validate Email Address?
  444. Calculating Max hits in ubuntu server
  445. category management
  446. recycle password that hashed by md5 function
  447. temporary file
  448. templetes editable regions
  449. basename()
  450. Can I use php to open header in new window ?
  451. resetting to ALL
  452. AND within IF statement
  453. syntax errors
  454. set POST using GET
  455. Pass the infinity values with out use post method in php
  456. Generating unknown depth of nested for loops?
  457. multiple querries
  458. Slashes in database data
  459. problem in direct to another page in middle current page
  460. Take image from DB and put into folder
  461. Proc_open() a python script
  462. show image in small size
  463. Development Question
  464. passing url through get method,which is more than 256 characters
  465. Session use in php
  466. How do i set a redirect?
  467. Client requirements for processing PHP Forms
  468. problem in direct user to the other page in middle page with having html tags in page
  469. image in a mail not as an attachment
  470. FPDF class
  471. displaying a loading message
  472. question in the same variable session
  473. Linking Image Table w/ Text Table
  474. Image Upload
  475. need help extracting data from database to .xls file
  476. Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource.
  477. sql injection prevention
  478. Issue using fdftk library..
  479. Error While Accessing VB COM from PHP.
  480. MySQL 2 stage queries
  481. pdfLib create_pvf
  482. Uploading doc,pdf,jpg,png etc as BLOBs
  483. PHP Reports
  484. PHP/MYSQL Book search
  485. PHP while/or?
  486. sessions and cookies
  487. Charset decoding problem
  488. password decryption
  489. how to put class.phpmailer.php in php.ini include_path
  490. phpmailer path configuration
  491. php folder create
  492. Issue Implementing Paging Code with my Own
  493. Embedding iCal in Moodle
  494. Go to list of URL's
  495. number not numeric issue
  496. foreach headaches
  497. Problem in mail sending
  498. go to previous,next records..
  499. Php Date conversion
  500. Site login using cURL(libcurl)
  501. if statement
  502. mail(): SMTP server response: 530 5.7.3 Client was not authenticated
  503. image manipulation
  504. PHP MySQL Ranking System
  505. query error
  506. Cron Job Confusion
  507. How should I deal with spaces in my dynamic (php) links ?
  508. php within javascript tags
  509. Session handling
  510. How to encrypt passwords
  511. Controlling Simultaneous Downloads from PHP
  512. Order array based on number of duplicates
  513. Function on the months
  514. Check to see if table exists ?
  515. Including multiple php file using include
  516. Put time to drop down box
  517. PHP/MySQL Functions
  518. Session Data - Newbie to PHP
  519. isEMPTY
  520. Do I need to empty or delete thişs array somewhere ?
  521. Add character to every line of text?
  522. Getting Messed Up with Single Quotes
  523. PHP Download bug with MP files
  524. Send Bulk sms from a website
  525. value in address bar link
  526. image display problem
  527. Are setter methods needed when constructor sets properties?
  528. Any idea why this isn't posting?
  529. Another newbie OOP question !
  530. Newbie question about OOP
  531. auto_increment in php
  532. Building a simple array - some help needed !
  533. How to send mail with attachment in php
  534. getting value from a disabled textbox
  535. LOOP Syntax
  536. Masuring performance and finding bottlenecks in PHP code?
  537. merge pages into one page
  538. how pagination work
  539. image resize
  540. $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI] + 404Error
  541. Problem when trying to load ssl at PHP
  542. Data Types in MySQL
  543. setting a default selection of drop down box
  544. Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
  545. Create a date/time from values in array
  546. Checking format of a csv file
  547. Reading first row from a csv file
  548. IF Condition
  549. DateTime Picker
  550. Order By