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  1. SMTP Error
  2. I need to display 20 characters for everyline from a longstring...?
  3. Problem with my curl download script
  4. When printing SQL query, only the first result is not displayed
  5. implementation of photo gallery
  6. Modify PHP file from another PHP file?
  7. Assignments in conditions should be avoided
  8. dynamic select box from DB
  9. parsing php array to javascript
  10. Creating SQL queries through PHP reading in XML file
  11. Pros/Cons of turning off error warnings?
  12. Help with Mysql database for Little League
  13. How to get html code css inside php file?
  14. Database to lisbox...ok but onchange, I need some help please
  15. about getting form variables
  16. php programme is not working
  17. Site Idea: .exe to .zip/.tar etc
  18. php is not working
  19. uploading file with large size
  20. Delete accounts not working
  21. What is best way to turn local link into complete url?
  22. PHP server configuration
  23. Is this possible ?(pdf with mail function)
  24. Submitting data to database after drag and drop.
  25. php to pdf
  26. Problem using fwrite function, passing a variable as parameter
  27. developing a school report software
  28. ranking!
  29. Which do you use most and why: fsockopen, curl, fopen, file_get_contents
  30. codeigniter flashdata
  31. php mysql and pdo
  32. How to show all main and sub categories in PHP script?
  33. Re CAPTCHA with Tectite Formmail working but small problem
  34. simplexml_load_file problem
  35. Mail function not working properly
  36. I want to write my own web crawler.
  37. how to get DPI value of an uploaded image using GDI library
  38. Image Pagination
  39. Creating Dynamic User Friendly Form
  40. How to run file from php ?
  41. mysql_num_rows() argument is not being recognized, any help would be appreciated
  42. Jasper Ireport
  43. post/request value in php
  44. ahref link with dynamic data
  45. how to sell scripts
  46. Oscommerce strange characters
  47. code that check if some password is good
  48. Embedding an image in document using php
  49. Problem with two form actions in form tag
  50. admin login
  51. help me in create a circle in php svg
  52. PHP File Location
  53. Displaying data just added into database
  54. problems when insert a charcter ' into database
  55. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  56. converting strange characters
  57. TinyMce
  58. How to create a popup Login Window?
  59. PHP error message
  60. Variable names for tracking code
  61. ERROR: supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  62. Multiple action with php
  63. Bailing after outputting file
  64. newsletter manager
  65. Array Search Problem
  66. How to redirect to parent page in php?
  67. issue with displaying data with php from mysql
  68. form validation
  69. How do insert array results into columns?
  70. Limit HTTP POST request data size (DoS Attack)
  71. Parameter passing to php. can anyone help me debugging the code
  72. Using multiple buttons with PHP
  73. Charset trouble
  74. SNMP OID's for CPU usage,Temperature and Hard Disk Status
  75. using IP address for secure login
  76. Please Help - Undefined index & Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  77. how to sort 2 dimentional array in php
  78. how to get German Time while placing an order through an application
  79. PHP array
  80. How you connect to mySQL Server using PHP
  81. Maximum # of columns creating a table
  82. How to Modify my PHP form to ADD 3 Options?
  83. Load image from mysql DB
  84. File Search Engine Like Rapidshare Search Script
  85. insert into one main table and one detail table in one go without double records
  86. limit problem when using update.
  87. Why do I get an parse error in the first line? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  88. Showing categorized menus
  89. What happens exactly when i do a db query?
  90. How do I open and use this xml file with php ?
  91. Using Serial Port in Linux. Weird problem with receiving data.
  92. how to pass variable to a second tab
  93. How to restrict user not to post more character
  94. PHP function for generating CSV file.
  95. Is it inefficient to use includes and requires compared to functions ?
  96. how to enable/disable form elements by selecting check boxes from an array
  97. how to read selected contents on a page in php.
  98. how to decrypt encrypted password
  99. Redirect before header...?
  100. how to seperate values and place in array
  101. star rating system
  102. uploading defined file
  103. How to store the same data values in two different databases in mysql using php ?
  104. Add link to search results (<a href="">)
  105. PHP Array from mysql table
  106. PHP form/script for executing email "send to a friend" forwarding
  107. How to convert the query string url in to SEF url
  108. reserving a product in an Ecommerce website
  109. Form submission
  110. How to create backup file....
  111. How to include a specific form based on a record field?
  112. Preg_split question
  113. Date in custom format
  114. Getting Values from database in array format
  115. reading enum field from database
  116. PHP & SQL security - how to avoid a PHP hack attack?
  117. Class to convert HTML to PDF
  118. value taking from db (mysql)
  119. How to send traffic to a certain page first time and if they hit back button to other
  120. How are you going to save image in database using php?Please explain it if you do kno
  121. installation of localhost
  122. Page not gettin refreshed on form submit.
  123. IF Statement Help Dependent on URL
  124. How do I ping a website using php?
  125. I can i fix this session start error
  126. Creating a Table
  127. My form data not going through email...
  128. Login page according to the access rights
  129. PHP / MY SQL design problem...
  130. connecting php and mssql
  131. Image upload problem
  132. Get error when retrieve data from mysql
  133. Script to send html newsletter using PHP
  134. how split number 3 parts
  135. How to add task in queue and run them at Back end through PHP?
  136. Logic for booking system, day rates, etc
  137. get query values but do not show them
  138. query
  139. Not able to insert new rows in a database table
  140. how do i make apache user run C programm
  141. unknown script... please help me..
  142. Convert getdate() to YYYY/MM/DD?
  143. how to assign number values on select
  144. how to select fields of table
  145. log in issue
  146. ajax grid with mysql
  147. posting form data from dynamically created form elements
  148. PHP file doesn't execute in local wamp server
  149. Add a </tr> <tr> during a php query
  150. Form querystring manipulation.
  151. anyone has idea on how to run SWFObject from within PHP in Mambo
  152. Using function array_intersect_key
  153. How do i obtain a users system and network information with PHP?
  154. Present data and input in the database
  155. Better to store User Controlled Preferences in a file or a MySQL Table?
  156. Unexpected results from a foreach loop.
  157. how to attach files to mail before submit
  158. search help
  159. Installing PHP onto IIS
  160. drop down menu list update *help*
  161. pdf from database content
  162. Find characters that are lower case
  163. Form input name from a variable
  164. display multiple rows in a form
  165. Web page form is not sending email
  166. problems uploading files through a form
  167. pls post mutiple image upload code & save filename in mysql
  168. Didn't display the data comming from ajax page
  169. switch case not working
  170. CodeIgniter: Default controller
  171. problems with chmod permissions
  172. Why can't i connect to my database over the internet
  173. php mail() not sending chinese text correctly
  174. PHP multi-level generation
  175. PHP5 permissions
  176. problem in creating testdrive for yiic
  177. save report automatically in php mysql
  178. Parse Error
  179. Parse error
  180. Delete an array from array while in a foreach loop
  181. professional online tv for my company
  182. working with .php files
  183. Is it possible with RSS?
  184. CodeIgniter Assistance
  185. is there a better way of doing this?
  186. problem insert values into table using tokenizer..
  187. page loads but only header is displayed and rest of the content is blank
  188. reading webpage with file_gets_content after loggin in.
  189. keeping session details in a form outside a domain
  190. dynamic populated dropdown from mysql database
  191. where is the session id stored on the client side?
  192. values from database to array
  193. how the session id is used to maitain session in php?
  194. matching values
  195. My form doesn't move
  196. how to update record with 2 tables?
  197. Opinions on Smarty
  198. How to recompiling php with --enable-zip parameter on linux server?
  199. How to fetch records from other database and display and store at another site
  200. CakePHP query
  201. some explanation please
  202. CustomerReferences entry not included in FedEx web service request generated via PHP
  203. Notice: Undefined Index:
  204. how can we create a hirarchical view in php?
  205. Mantianing User login statistics
  206. php logout time
  207. <?php echo time("h:i a"); ?>
  208. retain file info on page reload
  209. How to connect to mysql online database
  210. Run a remote script from a local server
  211. how to give sepia effect to an uploaded image in php
  212. getting mac address of client machines
  213. chain methods, is it possible to break a chain?
  214. "construct" in/for functions?
  215. Functions not working/breaking PHP script
  216. Function to identify each user?
  217. how to send mail with attachment in modx
  218. save php file as utf8
  219. php regex for nickname input
  220. multilingual site
  221. how to give direction to another page in php
  222. newbie to php
  223. convert pure html to text
  224. from using zend engine
  225. links within the header tag
  226. how to connect php to mysql my mysql installed in admin php in user
  227. how to connect php to mysql i installed the mysql in admin and doing it in student
  228. free and secure php script for online examination
  229. how can i create a 16 numbers pin number
  230. transfering edited images from web resizer api back to my server
  231. how to add a feedback form in modx
  232. how to download a file
  233. How to get list of files but skipping folders
  234. mysql_insert_id()
  235. Video Streaming
  236. mootools variable to php.
  237. vbulletin translation error
  238. why AJAX based result is not correct / not displayed
  239. how to enable CURL
  240. display different user in rank
  241. Blank Screen still happening...
  242. insert record and upload file from a single form
  243. Read xml file from last entry
  244. how to get and print a web content
  245. how to insert excel file to mysql?
  246. Download zip pdf or doc file in a root folder "php script"
  247. Problem with update function
  248. Retriew database values to check boxes
  249. PHP for windriver??
  250. A good php skinning tutorial..
  251. page break after every 5 records
  252. autocomplete execution
  253. How do I evaluate radio button and send form ?
  254. validating mandatory fields
  255. show picture in IE browser correctly but in firefox no
  256. Multiple items out of select
  257. PHP on webserver
  258. Flash Contact Email Form using PHP
  259. Compare Two dates
  260. highlight text box when validation fails using php
  261. Text Box Value Retained in Text Box
  262. mysql query not collecting ll data
  263. how to get content
  264. Select Data From Multiple Tables
  265. Form with checkboxes to mySQL returns as "array".
  266. how to pass string to database query?
  267. Difficulty in adding BCC/CC headers in php
  268. how request a delivery report
  269. Whats the best way to check if a DB exists through PHP?
  270. attendance register
  271. Fetch specific row from MySQL database
  272. message sent to mail go to spam mail
  273. Remove stack trace from Exception message
  274. how to get upload file's complete path
  275. About Images Duplication
  276. Cross compiling PHP
  277. Encrypt in VB.NET and Decrypt in PHP and Vice Versa
  278. updating mysql db with PDO php
  279. How to populate combo box using php??
  280. Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  281. Query string problem
  282. Newbie -- pass document.location to php
  283. Get List of Files/Folders from a specificed directory?
  284. recursively traversing directory using php
  285. Match case
  286. How to retrieve data from mysql database to plot jquery flot graph
  287. display the result of search query
  288. how to save operators in the database
  289. Pages to database or file?
  290. multiple images uploader
  291. Ajax responses very slow.
  292. printing $_POST data to text file
  293. How to edit funtion link in errors
  294. how to get redirected page url
  295. How to register image downloads in php
  296. update the rows the query found
  297. Force File Download on Page Load
  298. How to jump to another php page when script is complete?
  299. returning Integer array to PHP from C
  300. automatically checking a checkbox
  301. php ftp_mdtm not support server?
  302. count between two values
  303. Values above selection form
  304. how can i create a pdf file
  305. how can i include image with message send to mail
  306. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in...
  307. Curl and file_get_contents returns 404 even if url is valid?
  308. How to encrypt and decrypt passwords in a database
  309. ldap_add() Error
  310. Problem with a mysql array step thru in PHP
  311. How to identify php application security holes
  312. how can i display my image size x 2?
  313. Getting Fatal error: Unable to read 4761 bytes
  314. T_Echo parse Error.
  315. Read Excel through PHP
  316. HOW TO Create a script to create email addresses
  317. How to encrypt and decrypt password in php
  318. give unique id
  319. Calling java script in PHP
  320. why doesnt my email send?
  321. Update Password Checker
  322. how can i get my uploaded image pixel size?
  323. Can't change Server...Need Help
  324. UPDATE Query and File Blobs
  325. Error un invoking a PHP Webservice using PHP itself
  326. limiting input form.
  327. 'Delete From' Issue
  328. Thunderbird and Zend_Mail
  329. HOw can we intergate XML with PHP?
  330. fetching value from a HTML file
  331. insert/update arrays into db for later retrieval to table
  332. Return value of function is getting added
  333. PHP generated menu question
  334. Displaying Rows in the 'fckeditor' Rich Text script
  335. How do i transfer $_GET['id'] ?
  336. I am receiving the following php script error messages and I don't understand.
  337. Image button doesn't work
  338. XSL module missing after upgrade to PHP 5.3
  339. Printin values in the text boxes
  340. Send Text from textarea to a form
  341. PHP application to download data
  342. How do i get the page id?
  343. Take user clicked value to php page
  344. strange Warning: require_once
  345. Why am I seeing the PHP code in the browser?
  346. How do you have different Tables in a while loop?
  347. sort data inside mysql database using php
  348. time remainig
  349. Dynamic class inheritance
  350. PHP upload limit
  351. NEWSLETTER in php
  352. Shared object and php - 'cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied'
  353. Auto updating the Client page
  354. How to create good Control pannel
  355. Select last added number in postgres
  356. preg_match with brackets in expression
  357. Deleting Rows - Should be an easy one!
  358. Feedback form problem
  359. Why when upgrading my web server I get unexpected $end
  360. Get dates Saturday to Friday previous
  361. I want to save newpassword into database
  362. Newsletter
  363. will this if logic work?
  364. Session problem in IE
  365. Mysql column populating drop down menu issue
  366. How to get all set $_post ?
  367. PHP fluent interface check if method exists
  368. header working on localhost but not working online
  369. creating a login using php whereby the user id expires after 2 uses
  370. Access PHP Files from other Computer on the Network
  371. error in query
  372. How do I programmatically change to a different web page?
  373. Matching whole strings in array search
  374. How to sanitize php variable efficiently
  375. oracle php connectivity
  376. php form field inserts return empty string
  377. GD Rotate returns URL of code. What's that about?
  378. How to change upload directory for photo gallery script
  379. Format Date Display
  380. reading random files from a folder
  381. redirection after submission of page not working in ie 7
  382. how to work session variable in html page
  383. Displaying results of a script in same page
  384. fwrite loop and last record
  385. HTML form failing when using PHP include function
  386. getting url
  387. Passing a variable to a popup
  388. Saving High Scores to A Text File - Multiple Requests
  389. unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION
  390. i tried atli's manual and the picture is not appearing?
  391. How do I redirect the client to a PDF file to open it?
  392. are C# and PHP workable together?
  393. selected picture from database is not appearing?
  394. cannot store this date in mysql table
  395. code for retrieving image in database.
  396. Warning: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, resource given in C:\wamp?
  397. PHP strtotime wrong on March 2009?
  398. multiple drop down menu with multiple select
  399. Problem going from registration page to thank you/error page!!!
  400. Same font for all website
  401. Website in multiple language
  402. print and creat reports using some php library or other
  403. simplexml_load_file can't load URL
  404. HEREDOC Issue
  405. Notice: Undefined index:address? whats this?
  406. how to sum the total of the column
  407. Recursion - Inventory System
  408. How to keep $_POST variable into array format.
  409. where is php5apache2_2.dll?
  410. mysql_num_rows error...
  411. Iframe Code Embedding
  412. Code produces blank page
  413. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  414. Check if Object implements interface
  415. PHP Curl
  416. [HELP] Why No Display?
  417. PHP Advantages ?
  418. No such host is known : php crawl
  419. SQL Question
  420. Duplicate Entry '0' for key 1
  421. adding using $i++
  422. Zend Framework Routes
  423. Can I put this in a while loop ?
  424. Postgres search using php
  425. How can i reuse function
  426. Need help with scripting to store data on MySQL
  427. How to extend the lifetime of $_SESSION?
  428. toString() in PHP
  429. character_limiter
  430. Google indexing in php script
  431. session data
  432. PHP and SWIG
  433. String escaping problem (post back form data)
  434. Arrays as Function Argument
  435. Problem with PHP spaces
  436. Modyfing XML files through PHP
  437. Alter Cache timing in Magpie.
  438. radio buttons
  439. Dropdown value selection
  440. simpler html/JS --> php conversion
  441. How Can i Redirect index page.....
  442. Best way to handle One-To-Many resultset
  443. swfobject
  444. Send error to email from php.ini
  445. Session Problems
  446. PHP 'smart' Redirect?
  447. After submit data same php page diplay again
  448. PHP functions
  449. Not to display .php in the address bar
  450. Trace referer url
  451. DB Error : Could not retrive the documents
  452. using libchart
  453. Ajax validation
  454. Sort an image
  455. Input Box with Masking
  456. Embed an image behind a text
  457. 500 Internal Server Error w/ PHP 5 and Vista
  458. How can I change this function to add a line break ?
  459. populating mysql using php
  460. Anyone send me bar diagram code PHP
  461. Image button in php
  462. PHP running a root system command (mount)
  463. How to keep entered value until user click confirm button
  464. php/sql flash gallery
  465. Php output differnt than MSSQL
  466. Unique Website Counter
  467. where to find PHP_ZIP.DLL file?
  468. Problem with hyperlink formating
  469. strip html but keep ' & ""
  470. php javascript alert redirect
  471. fatal error on simplexml
  472. error message on session_register
  473. PHP Configuration Processing
  474. Insert server time to Postgres DB
  475. waiting for file to exist!
  476. execute php from cmd (undefined function OCILogon)
  477. Locking Threads & Preventing Race Conditions
  478. How do I read from one file and write to another ?
  479. PHP Session Variable
  480. php scrip for Domain ranking?
  481. how to sort images after readdir numerically
  482. Creating tabs in php
  483. Checking and unchecking of checkboxes
  484. pictures out of php/javascript online photo gallery?
  485. Text link does accidental dbl insert
  486. Connect two different database server using PHP
  487. prevent duplicate login
  488. File upload into MySQL database failing.
  489. php code no longer hidden
  490. multiple select drop down menu not retrieving correct data
  491. Move & Rename file to new directory
  492. cant get copy or move_uploaded_file to work
  493. Limiting user's based on visits or ip address
  494. cookies and frameset
  495. To upload multiple image files
  496. fclose(): 15 is not a valid stream resource
  497. fopen: [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory
  498. Why php escapes characters in POST and GET?
  499. intrabank online payment
  500. How many sessions can I have at one time
  501. paginationerror...image only in rows n not in columns
  502. Delete not working
  503. Adding number to image upload name
  504. Dynamic DropDown Menu in PHP
  505. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in...
  506. creating odt file using php
  507. Read .RTF file using PHP
  508. how to print a pdf or doc file
  509. secure pages problem
  510. Google checkout
  511. Prevent form running for one particular user
  512. Is the user at office or home?
  513. Point to style sheet in another directory
  514. drop down menus and checkboxes
  515. Refreshing parent on post
  516. reading variables in a filename
  517. Spelling suggestions for wrong spelling
  518. Stop going past the decimal point
  519. Make file upload as fast as download, (no n00b)
  520. using next() on multidimensional arrays
  521. Free Hosting Zend_Framework Capable
  522. Modifying an XML file with PHP
  523. mysql_real_escape_string errror: expects string, resource given.
  524. textarea predefined text
  525. searching and writing multidimensional arrays
  526. Does any one has msn block checker script in php
  527. mysql values to display on PHP form
  528. image not resizing
  529. pagination error
  530. PHP/DOM Error
  531. Porting to mysqli from mysql
  532. How to increase the max size of a file upload.
  533. How to check validate function value is true and then insert the values to database
  534. ORDER BY variable DESC
  535. 1 or more fetch array
  536. Looking up column values for an array of tables
  537. Which is the best function to exchange data with mysql?
  538. Random password generation
  539. proc_open with pipes
  540. list() query not working
  541. PHP error mysql
  542. webcam in php
  543. hwo to save a new created image on disk
  544. Visibility issues using classes
  545. PHP Learning Resources
  546. Compare array value with string
  547. Compare array value with string
  548. email parameters
  549. What is wrong with this code?
  550. Multiplicate a word..?