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  1. Filtered Import From MySQL to MySQL
  3. List words in fulltext index
  4. client only for Win98
  5. ERROR 1044: Access denied : How i ruin this error?
  6. not null column with null defaults
  7. Getting Counts Based on Non-specified date ranges
  8. mysqlimport
  9. Stored Proc
  10. SELECT from a Contact List
  11. Need a top mysql expert in India
  12. Mysql search
  13. Updating stock levels from a CSV file or another table
  14. Probably a permissions problem.
  15. Error Linking to a MySql database from within MS Access mdb
  16. MySQL stops functioning periodically - any ideas?
  17. Cannot add stored procedure with parameterized query
  18. Help with Performance Tuning
  19. 'UPDATE' in MySQL
  20. multiple database select
  21. sort by numeric part of a field
  22. Unique table version record
  23. Unique version record in a MySQL database.
  24. lots of time taking when inserting 1000 records
  25. How to query date between?
  26. mysql navigator
  27. MYSQL server in linux, client on Windows connection problem
  28. Avoid division by 0 errors
  29. coredump with mysql_real_query
  30. Query with MAX() and LEFT JOIN
  31. Replace variables in resulting query
  32. Point of Sale Application Help
  33. how to store chinese chars and also italian, french and english in mysql ?
  34. Problems connecting to ODBC
  35. Using MS Access to get data in/out of a MySQL database
  36. enable pooling on my sql
  37. Scheduale a stored procedure
  38. Query optimization
  39. update values on inserting duplicate index
  40. mysql 2gb table limit?
  41. Where's the MySQL tray icon?
  42. Problem with MySQL on Centos4
  43. rebuild quick problem (& temporary file location)
  44. Removing spaces in MySQL data strings
  45. Minor query optimization - calculated column reuse?
  46. Workbench
  47. Returning Clock Hours in Time Range
  48. IN vs individual queries, performance comparison
  49. Return only one row
  50. I want field data without field name, how?
  51. Simple Question from an idiot . .
  52. Select * when using AES_DECRYPT
  53. Help Me Please, About Table and Database in MySQL
  54. MySQL 5.0.24 release date?
  55. PhpMyAdmin
  56. MYSQL Limit on length of insert statements?
  57. strict_trans_tables and null defaults
  58. PreparedStatements with variable number of parameters
  59. MySQL insert records using MS Access
  60. Replicating mysql DB to local machines
  61. concatenating two fields and storing the value in a single field using mysql
  62. How To Create UDFs
  63. Convert Database From Another Database File
  64. Connect to MySQL database from another host.
  65. Pass command-line argument to MySqlDump - How?
  66. mysqldump failure
  67. Hard time with installing MySQLdb for Python on Linux
  68. Detect real character set
  69. configuration of new database
  70. Table column value update using stored procedure
  71. Update Without Set
  72. Results suggest database corrupted; how to deal with it?
  73. will create temprory tables from select acquire lock
  74. Insert copied records using MS Access
  75. Find value not in between values.
  76. insert question
  77. Difference between utf8_general_ci and ut8_unicode_ci
  78. Difference between utf8_general_ci and ut8_unicode_ci
  79. MySQL SSL on Windows
  80. Query optimizations
  81. User of MS SQL
  82. please help
  83. Results in multiple pages. Takes too much time
  84. An introduction and a question...
  85. Regarding Update/select Query
  86. Importing XML into multiple tables?
  87. CR_SERVER_LOST from mysql_stmt_fetch why???
  88. Finding Duplicates Help
  89. command line mail merge from mysql db
  90. ODBC / mySQL connection issue
  91. Child Tables MySQL 4.1
  92. ORDER BY regex?
  93. Importing chinese characters
  94. User messaging system design help
  95. No Read or Write between INSERT and UPDATE
  96. Account Information
  97. Looking for software package for "student information management system"
  98. Select Case problem...
  99. problem w/ duplicates
  100. Reducing search time in a 4 million-record table
  101. InnoDB, 4.1.20, INS/DEL/TX -- Why table-level locking?
  102. any solution of massive database arichitecture?
  103. Deleting duplicate entries from database table
  104. Possible to change format of decimal fields?
  105. Replace Function with Wildcards?
  106. smarter zipcode search algorithm
  107. Order by primary key
  108. Multiple MySQL installs - 2 applications [help modify my.cnf/my.ini]
  109. Dodgy SQL Query
  110. MySQL 4.0.17 data scrambles, not-null fields become null, etc.
  111. select using LIKE where first character is a integer
  112. INSERT INTO ... SELECT (...) performance questions
  113. How do you drop a foreign key constraint?
  114. mysql getting orphan records
  115. Slow Queries, 4 million records, need educated advice!
  116. Cumulative calculation
  117. Using MySQL as a backend for a commercial application (Licensing)
  118. Declaring variables
  119. Messaggio 123160
  120. Aggregate functions
  121. Storing and outputting Polish chars with MySql v5.0 and ASP
  122. Configure mysql to compensate for bad structure/queries
  123. Simple MySQL Search from MySQL beginner
  124. Backing Up Stored Procs
  126. NOW() in inserts updates implicitly
  127. Searching in Boolean mode with double quotes far too slow
  128. how to import Excel file into an already normalized database?
  129. I need to index the 'once' word
  130. creating a url distribution report
  131. optimization
  132. MySQL server has gone away problem
  133. Seeking silence!
  134. How to add data into mysql database from text file
  135. Data Manipulation
  136. 5.0 Security on Windows 2000 Best Practices
  137. Querying other database from mySQL
  138. where.. between
  139. MySQL++ On Topic here?
  140. Uninstall MySQL 5 on Mac OS X
  141. Exporting Single Quotes from Administrator 1.1.9 InnoDB
  142. Catch error during plain script.
  143. Extracting Field data and putting each field into a shell variable?
  144. Large db
  145. Selecting/Ordering by prerequisite?
  146. Calculating moving difference
  147. mysql 5.0.22 install on Solaris 10 help
  148. Web Developer Express and .Net Connector
  149. MySQL / PHPMyAdmin import from Access; txt's don't work!
  150. column definition that references other data in same row
  151. Complex Query over two Databases..
  152. multiple database select
  153. canceled mysql 5 install, can't access databases
  154. Does SSL really work in mysql 4.0.21?
  155. is mysql 5 able to manage transactions between different users ?
  156. Need help for upgrading mysql 3.23 to 4.0
  157. default field values
  158. Is 'finding' a MySQL keyword or such?
  159. How to size a MySQL server
  160. longblob-jpg encoding issue?
  161. Please help in writing this MySQL Queries
  162. Announcing the MySQL Journal
  163. multi delete
  164. Add column if not exist
  165. Delete If table exist
  166. Expired articles appear after expiration date
  167. mysql damage result set
  168. getting top count across multiple fields
  169. Mysql Restore fails with strange error message
  170. Can't connect to remote MySQL server using PHP
  171. finding duplicate fields
  172. Changing innodb log file size - errors?
  173. order by with variable
  174. Different result from query made in mysql-front and from ASP
  175. replace function and string comparison
  176. delete statement problem
  177. view with parameters
  178. Blowing my mind how to setup multiple mysql servers on one windows box..
  179. Syntax for select statement returning output?
  180. Another TIMESTAMP question
  181. MySQL naming convention
  182. .net 2.0 Connector
  183. .Net 2.0 and Binding
  184. How many Connection can a MySql database handle per second.
  185. timstamp
  186. MySQL uses only part of the key when I add an OR
  187. Moving the ibdata1 file
  188. show TEMPORARY tables ???
  189. How do I pull info from one database to save in a session to push to a different DB
  190. Join problems: values from different rows...
  191. Quality of Backup and Restore
  192. Create General query log
  193. tinyint field column value constantly resets to "127", why?
  194. Why are databases created in /var/lib/mysql ???
  195. Evaluting STRING expression as SQL
  196. Access and MYSQL
  197. MYSQL SSL
  198. Forcing an Intger length
  199. Cant get my mind around this simple query
  200. how do you reference a foreign key
  201. How to set mysqld.log size?
  202. Installing MySql
  203. getting the last result
  204. How can I return a row when the condition is not met ?
  205. Mysql build solaris - Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
  206. replication bin logs issue
  207. sql to do CSV export from MySQL
  208. MySql ibdata1 compact space
  209. create database privileges
  210. latin1 to utf8
  211. Howto put these two queries together?
  212. Looking for a bit of hacking help
  213. Dreamweaver MySQL connection using PHP and Apache on XP
  214. UNIONS in subqueries
  215. Please Help! Can't connect to remote MySQL server using PHP
  216. Copying MySQL database files between machines
  217. SQLSTATE: 01004 [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-4.1.18-nt]String data, right truncated
  218. MySQL ConnectorJ and remote machines
  219. Setting linesize and column size in MySQL 4.1.1?
  220. question about show databases;
  221. Size of Text Field
  222. Database table row has all of its fields "shuffle" on it - ideas?
  223. Input and Display Records With Same Script?
  224. Complex LOAD DATA INFILE
  225. Which SELECT is better?
  226. query
  227. trigger/stored procedure error
  228. MySql installation on Solaris10 problem
  229. Query on MSQL
  230. MySQL dynamic table name within query
  231. Software to create tables schemas
  232. Obtaining Read/Write Ratio -Replication
  233. blue images in mysql database
  234. Inserting records to MYSQL using ODBC
  235. Configuration PostgreSQL vs MYSQL
  236. Grant Alter Routine syntax question
  237. Backing up MySQL database
  238. MySql UPDATE problem with duplicate rows
  239. MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection not defined
  240. Order by str to int
  241. Missing something stupid on insert
  242. Copying table to Disk during execution
  243. Improve SELECT command
  244. No parens in where clause
  245. fishing tournament results
  246. Unable to display more than 25 records
  247. SQL timeout and dont know why
  248. Run query overnight
  249. Delivery reports about your e-mail
  250. Determining number of days between today and value in datetime field without DATEDIFF?
  251. Selecting Dates for a Schedule - Assistance Please!
  252. Replication Lag
  253. Deadlock error
  254. Combining results from two pairs of tables
  255. Which is the right Directory to backup MySQL database on Linux Opearing system?
  256. Optimizing a query that uses a left join
  257. order by with group by
  258. command line just prints the Help
  259. mysql dump doesn't work anymore
  260. Set auto increment start value to 1000?
  261. PHP 5.1.3 vs. MySQL 5.0.21 compile failure
  262. Getting processlist info in a query
  263. converting linux mysql frm file to csv for reading on windows
  264. Counting columns that match input data
  265. Left Outer Join
  266. found_rows() everytime returns 1
  267. Cannot connect to MySQL DB remotely
  268. mysqldump error 1
  269. column alias on mass
  270. difference between mysql max version and non-max version
  271. Can't connect to mysql server
  272. Database Restore / MySQL 4.1 -- InnoDB
  273. Procedure in MySql
  274. I am looking fo ropen source package for "appointment package" for Doctors
  275. mysqldump restore db syntax
  276. Help: Invalid application buffer type
  277. Filtering resultsets based on GROUP_CONCAT() generated value
  278. Administrator Rows vs actual number of records
  279. FreeBSD 5.4 and Poor performance using MySQL Administrator
  280. Replication; Duplicate Entry on Update?
  281. how to get " into a string without it terminating it
  282. Connect problem
  283. HELP on MYSQL --- Slow SP
  284. Odd query from multiple tables (brainbuster)
  285. INSERT query runs in mysql client, but not in PHP.
  286. Is there a way stopping assigning an auto incremented number if a value already exists?
  287. MySQL Database Error with IPB Personal Message System
  288. multiple INSERT
  289. InnoDB + AUTO_INCREMENT questions.
  290. Tabs missing in batch mode
  291. Dynamically construct and execute SQL in StoredProcedure
  292. Stored Procedure
  293. how this query should be in mysql 5
  294. aaa
  295. verify your information
  296. Erratic performance for a specific query in MySQL
  297. joining two tables for a search engine
  298. How to: retreive school name using school id
  299. XML-Databases or Standard-SQL-Database with Add-ons? Asking for Recommendations!
  300. Not getting last insert id
  301. Creating my own Data dictionary
  302. SQL IN syntax. Natural join, maybe?
  303. Mysql Replication Problem
  304. Mac OS X 10.4 mysql_install_db troubles
  305. MySQL Set Up
  306. (Mysql 3.23] Query with SUM wrong
  307. Time series
  308. Field to textfield
  309. Field to textfield
  310. adding contraints FK refs to existing schema
  311. How to query
  312. big query question
  313. Import from CSV
  314. Macro Variables
  315. Different results in mysql & mysql query browser?
  316. Foreign Keys Don't Work?
  317. New to MySQL......
  318. 'c:\mysql\share\charsets\?.conf' error
  319. Update record in MySQL
  320. how to in mysql/php
  321. Where clause - knowing what part results matched on - possible?
  322. mysql backup and restore for 4.1.x
  323. ipv6 support
  324. Can seqouia/c-jdbc segregate read & write DBs ?
  325. STD of multiple columns
  326. Access denied for user
  327. performance question
  328. convert field data to another format
  329. Hex instead of chars problem
  330. SQL Query: Return fields corresponding to comma separated ids in other table
  331. Mysql Backup Connection in PHP
  332. MySQL CAST DateTime field AS TIME problem
  333. MYSQL 5.0 Connection Time Out
  334. very complex query produces wrong results
  335. sync mysql databases over the web
  336. Moderately complex query (how-to?)
  337. Online Access to the MySQL database
  338. Count Number of Items in each Category
  339. Logging Problem
  340. compare
  341. Column Alias and HAVING clause
  342. Backslash Character Escaping SQL Query
  343. Autoincremented id with two primary keys
  344. Find date and time of last update
  345. Insert ... Select...
  346. localhost okay, all else not okay
  347. Weekly Mass Data Relocation
  348. Find and replace of portions of text strings
  349. Search and write, or write and recover?
  350. JDBC and X509
  351. Export MYSQL database to install on ISP ASP.Net
  352. Getting the "mysql" prompt
  353. Connecting to MYSQL via MS Access
  354. About MySQL scripts
  355. Data type question
  356. UDF Function adding fails
  357. Need Help
  358. Mysql querie problems
  359. Is it possible to get the number of connections to a particular database?
  360. slow / server crash when adding a column to a big table
  361. After a syntax error: I get thid odd Prompt and can't enter any more commands.
  362. Performance Tunning
  363. previous question about the configuration wizard
  364. Downloading data from internet
  365. theory book
  366. Running real slow
  367. Something Broken When I Went To 5.0.19...
  368. database permissions
  369. subrecord & record query
  370. limiting amount of returned rows?
  371. DB2 to MySQL query converter
  372. error configuring mysql?
  373. Displaying table as grid
  374. Timediff() and negative results
  375. Can't Run 5.0
  376. custom collation?
  377. PHPmyadmin problems after line 249..not syntax
  378. NOT IN alternative
  379. Optimizing tables
  380. Joining data from 2 fields into the first one
  381. Getting Error Nr. 1045 during setup
  382. single quote
  383. Please Help
  384. how could mysql copy only inserted data to the central-database?
  385. Can I use an either/or query?
  386. sheduled mysqldump via windows bat file
  387. Mammoth amounts of self joins
  388. Help with selecting members, Mysql
  389. Content Analysis
  390. Create new db in a specified folder
  391. Create new db in a specified folder
  392. Trouble with query to get most recent version of an element
  393. Temporary tables with AJAX
  394. Security and statement advise
  395. Logging Queries on mysql with FreeBSD
  396. help with query (delete lowest value)
  397. Ink
  398. Connecting MySQL and Acces
  399. Ink
  400. How to expose data to clients over the internet?
  401. Error in CREATE TABLE
  402. Optimizing JOIN to gain speed
  403. phpMyAdmin - limit of full text
  404. How to detect if a MySQL db table exists in MySQL 4.1+
  405. MS Access, MySQL & MyODBC .....
  406. Querying a column with brackets in its name
  407. Maybe simple - group by / having restriction - but then show all results.
  408. How to set up query for Thesaurus
  409. bizarre error trying to add UUID to a new table column
  410. easy way to enter 20000 records to Mysql db
  411. Upload file contents to database using C API
  412. FOUND_ROWS() in Multiple Users Environmnent
  414. TIMEDIFF()
  415. converting ms access database to mysql 5 database
  416. import users from old mysql db?
  417. General queries
  418. Reading corrupted ISAM table files
  419. Table join or union?
  420. selecting date records
  421. zerofill error
  422. zerofill error
  423. How do I get MySQL to NOT sort my resultset?
  424. MySQL help...Getting errors
  425. Sub-query workeround for v 3.23! please help
  426. Replicate MySQL
  427. How to join 2 queries into 1
  428. SET failing
  429. What Is Wrong With This query?
  430. how to use backslash ?
  431. Mysql sql history(cross session)
  432. Reference to already retrieved values in query
  433. Need a Query
  434. SOS! Root filled, want to recover MySQL data!
  435. newbe Q: how to optimize this query?
  436. slow restore
  437. Average query with 2 rows from same table
  438. CPU
  439. Optimizing Slow Queries on millions of records
  440. newbee question on sql select
  441. Complex sql query?
  442. Passing mysql data via cmd line to an .exe?
  443. HELP! How can I get my tables (.FRM etc..) back into a database.
  444. replication error and "missing" binlog
  445. NULL and zero-length string
  446. GROUP_CONCAT() produces fatal error in MySQL 4.1.12 - time-sensitive issue
  447. FULLTEXT search IN BOOLEAN MODE fails - why?
  448. Stopping duplicate fields
  449. How do I get rid of duplicate records?
  450. Please Help : upgrade to MySQL 5.0
  451. compacting / data size
  452. Executing Java methods from database
  453. error importing old mysql db
  454. new instance / installation problems
  455. Why is this a SQL syntax error?
  456. Subquery in Join Statement
  457. Indexed single-col search capability from multi-col index
  458. how to delete content of column?
  459. Updating a JOINed recordset
  460. Subquery returns more than 1 row - help
  461. Need to combine 2 tables into 1 uniquely-rowed table - help
  462. MySQL with utf-8 charset - problem with 'LOAD DATA'
  463. MySQL & SQLDatasource
  464. ASP.Net, MySQL, and dates
  465. String Comparison (ORDER BY) with _ (underscore)
  466. Load file errors
  467. LOAD FILE access problem
  468. mysql freezes on startup
  469. Advice
  470. mySQL and SSL on FreeBSD
  471. Strange character ...
  472. Using INSERT to write to a directory
  473. problem in inserting unicode data in forms6i
  474. Questions on replication?
  475. MySQLdb slow on MySQL 5
  476. Entering NULL from a form
  477. Using OLEDB with MySQL
  478. Cannot connect to MySQL using VB.NET 1.1
  479. can't create new user in 4.1.18
  480. city state database
  481. The best DB strategy in my case
  482. mysql tables
  483. MySQL equivalent for MSSQL's DATENAME
  484. Radio button help!
  485. Touch a table
  486. database file size
  487. Inserting a list of names in a table using stored procedure
  488. authentication to MySQL
  489. query in a query
  490. mysql will not start with LDAP
  491. How-to multiple select
  492. copying a mysql database
  493. MySQL table intersections
  494. Correct form to quote strings with (intentional) wildcards?
  495. Trying to build mysql from source
  496. Max of a column where ...
  497. Dates Differences from Strings
  498. MySQL and VS.NET
  499. ASPNET user and MySQL
  500. Problem accessing data with \ in it
  501. Error 11 (can't unlock file) in different places for sp vs script
  502. Java code or Pseudo Code for "Outer Join"
  503. Same day last year problem
  504. Any and All MySQL questions here?
  505. Mysql basic help
  506. checking "return type of sprintf"
  507. Percent of Males and Females and Age distribution
  508. mysql eating too much cpu
  509. Why does GROUP_CONCAT() function fail in MySQL 4.1.12 in this query?
  510. Distributed MySQL Clustering/Replication
  511. cannot edit tables..user-del
  512. incorrect SELECT results
  513. Connect MySQL to SQL
  514. Checking a field for NULL
  515. MysqlDataTruncation and jdbcCompliantTruncation
  516. mysql++ memory leak
  517. Logparser 2.2 and mysql
  518. how do I reset user "root" password ?
  519. Loading a file into a TABLE
  520. Record Size Calculation
  521. upgrade probs to 5.0.18 - queries fail
  522. Full update query
  523. CONCAT all columns
  524. mysql 5 functions
  525. Basic Update query
  526. regarding making connection to mysql from a C program on windows
  527. MySql Cluster transaction Performance
  528. Insert row
  529. No Subject
  530. InnoDB Weekly Backups
  531. Excel -> MySQL ODBC data format problem
  532. Creating an A to Z list from query
  533. I want to make transfer data between MySQL Server to MySQL Local .
  534. Alternate values
  535. ORDER BY clause fails to do descending order on this field column
  536. Linux Korn Shell 93 Connecting to a networked MySQL database.
  537. Cannot connect to MySql server on Fedora linux
  538. mod_auth_mysql or mysql usernames and passwords?
  539. Help! Large table performance problem with MYSQL performance with ASP.NET
  540. INSERT ... SELECT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE not working for me.
  541. Multiple queries in one script
  542. Problems with getting the right data ?
  543. Truncating all Tables in a particular Database.
  544. Using Windows Authentication
  545. MaxDB substring_index
  546. Large table performance problem with MYSQL performance with ASP.NET
  547. Is version 5.0.18 stable
  548. Remote table in a database
  549. Subquery help
  550. Update problem