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  1. beginner needs help
  2. my query is a bit slow....
  3. Seeking information about using LMS script
  4. ODBC Access -- MySQL (on the web)
  5. From SuperDos to MySql can some one help me
  6. Insert Into Multiple Tables
  7. need help on show variables query_prealloc_size
  8. Joins
  9. about mySQL and jsp pages
  10. Suggest me the connections in netbeans or my eclipse using MySql
  11. if i cross this my project is compleeted
  12. Filter / Sort MySQL results!
  13. slow mysql "sending data" stage between mysql and php
  14. Help: REORG a Table on MYSql
  15. Autoincrement problem with mysql abrupt shutdown
  16. problem in mysql replication
  17. automate updating mysql table from excel file
  18. Selecting(extracting) multiple values !
  19. Any GURU help for "related news" script
  20. HELP MySQL
  21. backup script
  22. excel to mysql
  23. MySQL and VB.NET
  24. are wombats good?
  25. ODBC & Remote Server Connection Problems
  26. where are wombats?
  27. How does the INSERT statement work
  28. Apparently an error in syntax
  29. MYSQLI experts: mysqli_multi_query generates syntax error
  30. blob size
  31. Problems with last_insert_id()
  32. decimal number with comma (,) where required
  33. Send Email to person from database 5 days beforethe expiry date will
  34. Wrong results returned by a table pivot
  35. Mysql refusing to start
  36. Get string to become a variable, not print to screen
  37. Mysql or standard sql advanced manual
  38. Printing Labels - Specify Starting Position
  39. getting unique records
  40. MySQL query like initials problem
  41. ASP Javascript (Dreamweaver) insert and retreive Primary Key
  42. Date range in a query
  43. Exclude Duplicate Data
  44. HELP MySQL
  45. LEFT JOIN not presenting all rows
  46. Access to MySQL
  47. Starting with sql
  48. subtracting dates
  49. MySql_fetch_array() error in PHP
  50. How to chek wheter the user id and password exists or not
  51. New message
  52. Simply Accounting Design forms
  53. Clearing up cache selectively
  54. REPOST : Urgent : Foreign key on the same table
  55. MySQL server on a USB key - Any traces?
  56. New Select box back to clear?
  57. check which server running
  58. Connecting to more Database
  59. Mysql data source name setup
  60. Find records with order numbers in one table that are not in a second table
  61. how to connect to databse : connection string problem?
  62. php script can't connect to local mysql, what the heck?
  63. many to many problem
  64. Colour
  65. problem in select statement
  66. partial schema retrieval
  67. Blob Content
  68. Looking for help with MySQL 4.0.24 LEFT JOIN
  69. Using Checksum with MYISAM Tables
  70. Help wanted - Struggling with 'updated'-NOW() field
  71. using grant help needed
  72. compression in mysql
  73. HELP Posgres to Mysql don't wanna work
  74. I'm just wondering if it is possible to save a video on mysql database?
  75. how to copy indexes to a new database
  76. Glitch with results ordering
  77. How to add columns in an existing table in phpmyadmin
  78. New MySQL Question. Grouping
  79. upgrade mysql old version to new
  80. getting two distinct fields from one tbl from a join query of two tables
  81. Foreign key on the same table update problem
  82. setting value for all records
  83. Installing mysql in redhat 9
  84. Please help with this code
  85. Cannot INSERT or UPDATE with the word 'from' anywhere
  86. select statement help - newbie
  87. Removing space in varchar
  88. max or not max?
  89. 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'
  90. DB2 CURSOR vs. Singleton SELECTs
  91. MYSQL query to perform work count
  92. Bad performance caused by DISTINCT?
  93. variable table/field names in stored procedures
  94. need help max function, my sql
  95. {SOLVED} Using the LIKE operator in SQL
  96. ORDER BY instead of
  97. Write Conflict Error
  99. Need Help: Mysql Database Query;
  100. {SOLVED} Big problem to solve
  101. Find second highest one in a table without subquery
  102. Pls help me
  103. insert through inner join
  104. GROUP BY
  105. mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed - MySQL
  106. MyISAM engine: worst case scenario in case of crash (mysql, O/S,hardware, whatever)
  107. Drop down menus and searching the DB
  108. insert in to $variable valuse
  109. gdb bus error when running app with mysql 5.0
  110. Can we create a PHP code from SQL
  111. Auto Number with my SQL
  112. Auto Number mysql
  113. Auto Number mysql
  114. Where can I get a database of U.S. Colleges?
  115. How to Dynamically Create a Table from Data in another Table
  116. storage optimization for read-only table
  117. which storage engine should I use- MyISAM or InnoDB?
  118. wat if there is no foren key is not there
  119. deleting records with sql commands
  120. Getting back set order from the IN param
  121. Please Help With MySql Problem On Linux
  122. [SOLVED] SQL query problem
  123. auto_increment field auto filled
  124. Simple mysql query help please
  125. #Deleted Problem with access
  126. REGEXP and MySQL Select: Retreiving What I'm Looking For?
  127. Python programmers: MySQL Tips & Tricks on the Python Forum
  128. mysql using between
  129. ResultSet is from UPDATE. No Data.
  130. How to get data from MySQL database using the mysql function
  131. Encrypt data in MYSQL
  132. MySQL command issues with an ADO Recordset
  133. Problem to execute this sql statment in a jsp file
  134. mySQL underperforming - trying to identify bottleneck
  135. MySQL millions row OLTP dimensioning
  136. Database Information
  137. mysql Install Problems
  138. setting mySQL parameters via PHPmyadmin
  139. How i connect other pc on lan to mysql server
  141. periodically start and stop mysql
  142. Mysql Phpbb
  143. Inefficient query time with ORDERY BY clause, are there any alternatives?
  144. cannot start mysql on redhat through "service" command
  145. more balance performance
  146. mysqldump - subset of tables with foreign keys
  147. Help - Two Left Joins to exclude duplicates from two tables ...
  148. failing to import an export from phpMyAdmin
  149. help require
  150. Mirror
  151. How to change the datatype of coloum in mysqlcc GUI tool
  152. Error Returned
  153. Looking for personal help
  154. Question about schema
  155. Can it be done better?
  156. Cast decimal point for the division of 2 decimal fields
  157. calculation between 2 queries
  158. [SOLVED] how to change the datatype of a colum which is already declared
  159. Aggregating Data - Sum(year), Count(year), Sum(month), Count(month), Sum(today), Count(today)
  160. Find log files
  161. Same database name
  162. Same database name
  163. Same database name
  164. Same database name
  165. Unable to run mysql on windows98se
  166. Unable to run mysql service on windows98se
  167. sort NULL last
  168. Trying to retrieve most recent record per date
  169. Simple SQL help
  170. split MySQL DB into small Dbs
  171. Can't connect to localhost using odbc string connections
  172. Parameters in MySQL
  173. how to store Xml files into MySql database
  174. DB2 Tutorial
  175. SELECT INTO another file WHERE records with duplicate data INTO another file
  176. Help with Indexes, Unions and Joins greatly appreciated!
  177. [SOLVED] Checking out table entries in your database
  178. merging two querys
  179. XML file to SQL database - applet?
  180. Merge tables with where clause?
  181. Find and replace functionality an in update?
  182. three table join
  183. about index and searching
  184. setting a collumn to be unique in existing table
  185. Forms updating database
  186. Need your help to remove spaces in the column entries using SQL
  187. order by slowing down query
  188. Select Distinct
  189. Frontbase to MySQL
  190. how to show limited numbers of text from a mysql column ?
  191. Problems connecting netbeans to a mysql database.
  192. Storing Images in MY SQL Tables
  193. query problem after moving from mysql 3.0 to 5.0
  194. performance of query for normalized DB
  195. Please help : #1006 - Can't create database 'boby'. (errno: 13)
  196. Improving LIMIT X,Y query
  197. Table structure and query efficiency
  198. 2048KB Limit is to small to upload the MySql database
  199. SQL syntax question
  200. Syncronizing updates from file to mysql
  201. creating an sql script called cleanup
  202. Foreign Key Problem
  203. apache 2.0.58 and mod_auth_mysql 3.0.0 problem!
  204. count distinct columns
  205. Possible PHP or my SQL print statement
  206. ODBC install problem
  207. Long text in mysql does not accept 4GB size
  208. Errors and logs
  209. can't connect to MySql server on local host
  210. Displaying MySQL data
  211. client configuration
  212. Does a normalized design lead to complex queries?
  213. [SOLVED] Mysql - Select
  214. A "Commands out of sync;" error
  215. How to manage MySQL binary logs?
  216. max_user_connection, when is it a bad script and when is it a busy server.
  217. ODBC -- call failed ERROR with ms access and mysql
  218. Change mysql client default socket?
  219. How to fix error 134 from storage engine
  220. Uploading SQL Server Webserver
  221. unlocked tables in mysqladmin... sucessfully, table still read-only
  222. data retrieving problem
  223. [SOLVED] Moving records within a table
  224. query optimization help please
  225. MyISAM Integer size
  226. Gegraphic Query
  227. Error importing mysql dump file
  228. [SOLVED] what is the query for removing the auto_increment of column
  229. Mysql accesing error
  230. Reference to Table Alias in From Clause to be Used by Subquery inSelect Clause
  231. executing multiple statements using single dbconnection
  232. lock table using both read ans write
  233. how can i use wild cards in this select statement
  234. Some slow-query-log entries don't make sense
  235. how do you close MySQL port 3306 except to localhost?
  236. how do I get the socket and then avoid the 'Can't connect to localMySQL server through socket '...
  237. Trying To Avoid Two Database Calls... (Double-Post)
  238. MySql 5 : last_update_id()
  239. convert string to date
  240. How we got top ten employee salary
  241. MySQL Privileges Problem
  242. PHP 5 / MySQL 5 subquery problem
  243. Multiple table join
  244. average multiple fields
  245. MySQL, SELECTing items with GROUP BY, HAVING COUNT(*) > 1
  246. Posting Guidelines. Read carefully before you post in a forum!
  247. Help > Upgrading MySQL
  248. Message from eBay Member
  249. how to write the query if there is a blank in a certain row?
  250. changing the date_format
  251. Command to clear the mysql console
  252. Loading a text file into MySQL table
  253. bulk insert help needed!
  254. how to combine 2 query into one?
  255. Visual Basic Innodb mysql
  256. [SOLVED] Error code 1050: Table 'registration' already exists
  257. score calculation
  258. how to install phpmyadmin on a remote server?
  259. Pagination in MySQL database
  260. Error 1305 - trying to execute User Defined Function
  261. trouble chanigng mysql 5 socket location
  262. how to export stored procedure from mysql
  263. Error in MySQL in different browser
  264. store images in database using php
  265. How can i get auto number in SQL database
  266. connect oracle forms 6i with mysql
  267. [SOLVED] Order by DESC?
  268. Question 9 is the only one correct rest keep coming up syntax
  269. string comparisons with case
  270. Problem during installing MySQL-server-standard-5.0.24a-0.rhel3.i386.rpm on Redhat 9
  271. error in ip connection
  272. how do i connect or log into a mysql database?
  273. All Records From Table A - All Records From Table B - Join Alike Records
  274. generate ID for records
  275. Error with the database
  276. Transaction log file is full
  277. delete duplicate entry except one
  278. [CLOSED] Which collation should I use?
  279. can't connect to local mysql server through socket
  280. Replication on only one server
  281. Join
  282. version control for mysql database
  283. Mysql Vs. Postgresql
  284. connection to MySQL from Hyperion/BRIO
  285. SQL to automatically select only current date's rows
  286. MSSQL database capacity
  287. Creating Relationship and Joins
  288. MySQL Join in select
  289. how I copy a column betwen tables
  290. Temporary Table Accessable Only In Instance of Procedure
  291. how to connect the another machine
  292. IDE for stored procedures, are MySQL stored procedures reliable?
  293. MySQL backup tools
  294. sort on column type enum
  295. summertime question
  296. [SOLVED] how can i convert my server time to indian local time
  297. count(distinct) query too slow
  298. how to discard rows of a text file which does not satisfies foreign key constraint and continue with the rest
  299. Problem with union statement
  300. replication slave disconnects often
  301. Need help with SQL join
  302. How can I make mysqld find the table '' on Fedora Core 4?
  303. MySQL- Arabic fonts
  304. mySQL C API vector binding support?
  305. date time function
  306. Unable to load php_mysql.dll a device attached to the system
  307. MYISAM documentation?
  308. Newbie question about Inserting values
  309. collecting data from forms - when to save
  310. Regarding SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition
  311. Creating Relationships
  312. Clear MySQL History - Remotely
  313. Optimizing Query
  314. Newbie in trouble... HELP ME....
  315. [CLOSED] Exited beginner
  316. Mysql multiple database access
  317. Computed Columns
  318. Exporting accented characters
  319. Unknown column 'NAN' in 'field list'
  320. Development Project
  321. Connection problem while connecting with a webform
  322. copying data table from desktop to laptop.
  323. Can't connect to database
  324. Interesting Data Mining Forum
  325. How to get number of rows from ResultSet
  326. Using MySQL CC with MySQL 5, Error 1146
  327. need help - select from one table where desn't exists in (select from another table where status=1)
  328. Help with linking tables
  329. basic geographic structure
  330. Mysql on flash-memory
  331. How big is big? Too big?
  332. Okay, this one might qualify as "Advanced" joining...
  333. DISTINCT with multiple tables and INNER JOIN ?
  334. MySQL - Excel
  335. GROUP BY with ORDER BY used for a calculated field
  336. ResultSet is from UPDATE. No Data.
  337. how can i verify if my stored procedure works?
  338. MySQl 5.0 Query or Stored Proc help
  339. Our MySQL is very slow right now
  340. mysql API
  341. "unknown column image_location_country_alt" but this column must exist!
  342. prefixing a query result
  343. Importing xml into mysql
  344. root user without privileges?
  345. Database connection problem.
  346. Having Problem With SQL Server Agent 2005
  347. how do i create a mysql database from a "script"
  348. Store mathematical equations in MySql
  350. Problem running stored procedure
  351. When should I scale out from one LAMP machine?
  352. Sum Union --Trying to Sum a Column
  353. New and need some help, please - mysql
  354. test your intermediate SQL (joins) by fixing my problem !
  355. with rollup
  356. problem vth converting stored procs from MS SQL2005 to MySQL
  357. while($row = ) fetch row from table show not complete result..
  358. problem vth converting stored procs from MS SQL2005 to MySQL
  359. getting the key of an inserted record
  360. Resource limit reached ???
  361. I want default values only
  362. MySQL, Perl and HTML
  363. basic security with php msql for complete newbie
  364. Help with a tricky SQL query, please.
  365. I want know XA Interface
  366. How do I transfer data from a submit form into a SQL database
  367. MySQL help
  368. How to get Mysql show ProcessList in an query
  369. Mysql table
  370. how to change date format
  371. Conversion from Postgresql to Mysql
  372. mysql memory
  373. While Loop Problem.
  374. cant get text into the DB
  375. problem in "if-else" statement
  376. Dropping an unnamed constraint
  377. ORDER BY 5*(column LIKE ' term') + 4*(column LIKE ' term')
  378. SQLSTATE=22001 while doing SELECT query
  379. mysql memory usage
  380. Problems with grouping and Sort
  381. To get n rows for a given attribute
  382. Extract, Transform and Load from ODBC to Mysql
  383. how to calculate dates
  384. Trying to copy items to an archive DB.
  385. Dynamic set limit error
  386. Please Help Me Little........
  387. Urgent : DateTime format in MySQL
  388. how to connect two tables in the same database
  389. Access MySQL command line history in WinXP
  390. Summarizing a column to a DISTINCT value
  391. Syntax error converting the varchar value
  392. How to run mysql script through operating system
  393. Select From LIMIT in days
  394. phpmyadmin serious problem
  395. Error in MysqlQuery
  396. Difference between PostgreSQL and MySQL
  397. Storing and retreiving rich text from MySQL to rich textbox
  398. Inferring Relationships?
  399. Need connectivity between SQl and Oracle
  400. mysql too many connections performance issues
  401. sql statement help !!
  402. How to update a date in the query?
  403. Error in dumping database
  404. How to Import Excel Data into Mysql
  405. need help on USERs of MySQL
  406. how to know users in MySQL
  407. mysql GUI after mysql front
  408. best may to use $dbh->disconnect; and $sth->finish;
  409. How to recover deleted rows
  410. Is firewall preventing MySQL access?
  411. Replication through ssh tunnels
  412. Mysql procedures
  413. Invoking a MySql Stored Procedure from C in Unix
  414. mysql first 10 words in a column
  415. multiple parents confusion
  416. getchunk problems using mysql 5.0
  417. mysql_fetch_assoc
  418. How to generate sequence values during query
  419. date format
  420. Newbie: MySql Setup on WINXP Profession SP2
  421. utf-8 encoding???
  422. #1044-Access denied for user ****@localhost to _DBNAME_ in Yahoo!
  423. Query field for underscore string??
  424. Newbie for PHP and MYSQL
  425. blob to float conversion
  426. Simply accounting Data base for crystal reports
  427. UPDATE won't work
  428. database efficiency problem
  429. mysql-administrator
  430. MYSQL Query Help Please
  431. Help with Syncronization
  432. mixing logic types in MySQL queries
  433. Text is missing its Paragraph seperation
  434. MySQL stopped
  435. Unwanted Multiplication Due to Join
  436. Query for returning "nearby" rows?
  437. Privileges
  438. Forget root password
  439. Hopefully a Simple Question
  440. index by END of string, not beginning of string
  441. FULLTEXT mysql query keeps hanging
  442. Query issues - works manually... doesn't with mysql_real_query
  443. Help with Stored Proc in mysql varchar variables
  444. will you please help me
  445. GROUP BY cluse
  446. MySQL priveleges
  448. Need correct MySQL SELECT statement
  449. Caching mysql queries
  450. Mrs. Sarah Welsh. (Benefactor)
  451. Query Help
  452. idle curiosity
  453. Killed connection
  454. Update help requested
  455. Navicat for SQL runtime
  456. MYSQL help
  457. Replication: Cpu and Memory utilization of threads
  458. Problem with install DBD::mysql on Mac os x 10.3
  459. pros and cons of indexing
  460. db schema
  461. Query Operators
  462. Exceptions in Triggers MYSQL 5.0
  463. Equivalent expressions
  464. Help with an SQL query please
  465. consecutive ids in a batch insert?
  466. mysql UDF parameter passing
  467. MySQL Performance Statistics
  468. fetching one field
  469. Font error after restore database.
  470. DOes MYSql4 contains jobscheduler/taskscheduler
  471. sort asc w/ most recent
  472. Database design (need help with a schema)
  473. join tables?
  474. background and partial solution of sql-myql mode of Emacs on WinNT
  475. problem with Subquery
  476. how to escape mysql_connect() DNS caching?
  477. Need Help on MySQL 5.0 and DBDesigner
  478. how to run a database off an external harddrive?
  479. how to run a database off an external harddrive?
  480. SMP
  481. mysqld_multi not picking up GNRs
  482. I am new person in Mysql
  483. MySQL - Another 1064 Syntax Error
  484. Stored procedure won't allow multiple commands
  485. updating old query?
  486. Odd mysql/php behavior with LIKE clause
  487. MySQL general query log and performance
  488. mysqlhotcopy problem
  489. How to setup a MySQL Table to keep track of stats?
  490. mysqlclient on fedora core 4
  491. Inability to Show Create View
  492. how to get result set from calling procedure?
  493. Failing tests with Fedora Core 5 running on i386 but not x86_86
  494. How can mySQL only use 1 byte for storage?
  495. upgrading from 3.23 to 5 in development environment - best practice?
  496. Edit database
  497. Concurency
  498. Strange error by sub query, works with InnoDB
  499. Auto Decrement?
  500. Need help with MySql query
  501. About Pl/sql in mysql
  502. no output in sql mode of GNU Emacs on WinXP
  503. lost phpmyadmin password, can't do backups!
  504. Take two fields and manipulate into one
  505. Type All in Explain for Union Query
  506. Table with searchable string fields
  507. DATA BASE MySqL3.X
  508. MySQL 5 lost all privileges
  509. mysqldump locking issue
  510. Replicating part of database
  511. Ranking by fields and then order by
  512. SQL sort (Order by)
  513. Need update query--Remove the coma ","
  514. CPU utilization of a blocking process
  515. DB2 Error -102
  516. MATCH AGAINST HELP match exact word
  517. Running mtSQL on a RAM disk
  518. Localhost denied access HELP! :)
  519. Trigger Php script using MySQL
  520. Duplicates
  521. My web hosting company lost my data from mysql database
  522. Loading lots of data into mysql table
  523. Printing No Records Found
  524. copying columns???????
  525. Database design/ query question
  526. Clustering mySQL
  527. Weird thing with DES
  528. update columns
  529. File Fox
  530. returning relevane of match queries as a percentage
  531. using timestamps in sql statements on DB2 tables
  532. performance questions
  533. does "load index" help for fulltext search?
  534. Help With Database Solution
  535. ORDER BY
  536. sql to get most recent records
  537. cant figure out some mysql commands
  538. how to make mysql work for me?
  539. Mysql Username limit
  540. mysql query modification
  541. Editing content contained in a field
  542. Select last 3 items in ascending order
  543. yes/no data type
  544. MySQL maintenance tools
  545. visual tool for database documentation
  546. MySQL 4 vs 5 - threading model change
  547. DDL Trigger
  548. alternatives for MySql trigger
  549. Triggers to a remote database
  550. Linking Tables