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  1. How to fix: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts
  2. Strange situation ..
  3. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
  4. MySQL Compression?
  5. how to write a delete query with a join
  6. Loading initial values into auto_increment column
  7. query for viewing column's character set
  8. mysql installed but not working
  9. which one is better?
  10. charset and collate
  11. linking Mysql to HTML
  12. resetting auto-increment field
  13. How to insert date in the database.
  14. Login/Redirect Error
  15. Doubt in Order by DATE Query
  16. Display records group by records of same date of format(hr:min:sec month day, year)
  17. You have recived a greeting card from a friend!
  18. automatically backup database
  19. Replication - binary log auto removal after processing
  20. Debugging mysql stored procedures
  21. MySql stored procedure debugger
  22. How to change mysql database directory
  23. MySQL Calculated Fields
  24. difference between MySQL command and Command Builder
  25. Help in update query
  26. User changing own password via
  27. INTERSECT alternative in MySQL
  28. Error in sql syntax - #1064
  29. Security exception
  30. Problem to start with MySql
  31. retrieving random values
  32. Email
  33. Query to get highest price and lowest price in database
  34. Trouble installing the MySQL GUI Tools with Red Hat 8.0
  35. imports for mysql and 2.0
  36. First row selection
  37. sending text from actionscript to mySQL
  38. Date Calculation to select all data for a week
  39. PHP checking for no record
  40. Problem with SELF JOIN sub query
  41. Problems creating tables.
  42. Multiple fields of the same type, similar name. Wildcard anyone?
  43. Random selection
  44. Sql query , Date time problem.
  45. Enabling Storage Engines in Mysql DB Server
  46. MySQL login Password
  47. how to inser an image into mysql database
  48. Need a little help with organization
  49. UPDATE multiple tables
  50. select row depending on column value
  51. Very odd?? Illegel mix of collations error
  52. remove newline character from both ends of result
  53. MySQL connectivity...
  54. Multiple Parameter Search MySQL Query
  55. asc and desc not working on ORDER BY
  56. update db with result of retrieve from another db
  57. Split functionality
  58. Two queries in one...
  59. error while connecting mysql database using jsp
  60. Untitled
  61. Mysql restore packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet'
  62. MySQL table suddenly disappeared and a func table was created
  63. MySQL pull arrays?
  64. MySQL and mobile devices...
  65. clean up tables after deletes
  66. how to convert the time which is in hh:mm:ss to just mm:ss
  67. Matching a row to multiple rows in another table.
  68. report
  69. how do I connect to my database?
  70. Getting column names from MySQL query result
  71. How to pass table name as IN Parameter
  72. how to add the values of two rows which are of time data type
  73. Multiplying matches, complex query
  74. Multiplying matches, complex query
  75. Converting an empty Varchar field to Date field for a column in MYSQL
  76. Is it possible to make a field into a link?
  77. dynamic cursors in mysql
  78. Remove all spaces in a column.
  79. insert xml file into mySQL database.
  80. Specify field to start reading from
  81. Create view query not working .
  82. Fetch different set of data from same table
  83. not able to write stored procedures in mysql
  84. mysqlhotcopy
  85. Add a column to a table in MySQL
  86. MS Access style parameter queries in Mysql
  87. SQL Project to make music playlists
  88. MySQL Query Execution Timing
  89. MYSQL variables
  90. Cursor Problem
  91. mysql loads newline from flat file
  92. Text to HTML
  93. COUNT function in SQL
  94. php.ini file for mySQL
  95. SUM function two different fields in one table
  96. root user delete in MYSQL
  97. Very Slow Select Query
  98. select certain columns based on search term
  99. how can i set admin password
  100. error in create table statement
  101. download MYSQL
  102. jdbc connectivity with mysql
  103. Web Database Development
  104. How can i upload my database from local pc to server
  105. Error 1045
  106. join woes
  107. bi-Directional MiRRoriNg
  108. list the data
  109. how to write a for loop in mysql and retrive the data
  110. error no :1040 too many connection
  111. Concept about NULL and UNIQUE
  112. mysql jdbc connection problem on linux
  113. Multiple Mysql Queries
  114. advantages of MySQL
  115. SQL Transaction log
  116. Two Large Lists?
  117. double entries
  118. Are views automatically updated if the underlying data gets updated ?
  119. mysqldump blocks httpd server
  120. help me to join two table using join - its complicating
  121. Query about trigger
  122. how add plugin real player from mysql
  123. About trigger
  124. Need Help with mySQL ALTER TABLE
  125. Converting a flat file
  126. Cumulative Sum
  127. Returned mail: see transcript for details
  128. Need help..... DB Crash.....
  129. How to increase packet size in mysql
  130. help-connection database and jsp
  131. MYSQL Crystal Report Selectionformula date
  132. MySQL Error..
  133. Why won't my table create with PHP? even when it gives me no error?
  134. How to Select Average Values
  135. Procedure for creating comma separated values
  136. Doubt in Date function
  137. auto_increment
  138. Help with login script
  139. DELETE FROM multiple tables
  140. How to connect to databse(DSN less connection) without usinng MFC
  141. wamp .sql files
  142. how to subtract two DATETIME values
  143. Delete records for every two days
  144. error :144 can't find .MYD file
  145. dynamic table names
  146. Extension doubt
  147. finding duplicate records
  148. MySQL & SQL Server?
  149. Help to Covert MS Acess Data Base tO SQL Server Database
  150. Select Query
  151. mysql PASSWORD()
  152. How to store big amount of data in long text field
  153. phpmyadmin v2.10.02,MySQL v5.0.37 and php 5.2.1 and Vista
  154. connecting three tables with left join and ordinary join
  155. how to Install MySQL 5 without Error ?
  156. How to limit the no of records returned by mysqldump ?
  157. Mysql
  158. Need help....
  159. Linking a database on my home computer for remote access
  160. What is the best way to convert .dbf file into Mysql
  161. how to count groups in a query?
  162. Combine 3 columns to make one Dated
  163. MyPHPAdmin StartUp
  164. syntax for Insert large data into text field
  165. mysql relationships
  166. Distributed Database
  167. Attribute updation problem!!!
  168. MySQL Grouping Problem
  169. TEXT datatype in sql server corrupted during database swing
  170. Installing MySQL with Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.0
  171. Problem regarding dates in int data type colums(not able to perform any query)
  172. join query with transpose in MySQL?
  173. Select once?
  174. Posted variables not coming across
  175. extracting values from a table
  176. Document on Database Synchronization
  177. Need assistance debugging this query
  178. Select query for this problem
  179. syntax for minus operator in my sql
  180. mysql.sock error
  181. select next highest column value in table
  182. How to automatically update a MySQL database every day
  183. Creating new mysql user
  184. I need your help to correct my code
  186. using wildcard character in query
  187. Storage Engines in MYSQL
  188. [mysql 5] How could I move a table from one database to another?
  189. Connection error with threads....
  190. Installing new Character set to my Mysql Server
  191. Searching for odd and even numbered columns
  192. Problem with table being really slow
  193. know a little but want to learn alot about MySQL
  194. mysql 5.0 - how to backup a DB in MySQL 5.0 (InnoDB table type) ?
  196. Using the MySQL SUM() function
  197. Mysql network connection
  198. Error Message
  199. single SQL query that returns the most recent values
  200. MYSQL performance issue
  201. Deleting duplicates
  202. primary constraint
  203. prepared statement usage with regexp
  204. SQL Table Array Data Population for MySQL,DB2 and Oracle
  205. unknown result resource with mysql_num_rows
  206. Selecting top 10 results using DISTINCT
  207. search a particular text in table..?
  208. bulk message
  209. Returned mail: see transcript for details
  210. problem getting mysql started
  211. Problem with a Right Join
  212. IF statement in MySQL?
  213. database structure for books
  214. Not able to connect to Mysql database suddenly
  215. Multiple MYSQL INSERT statement
  216. Need Query Help.. Urgent....
  217. Please help me identify the flaws
  218. Creating Private Mysql account
  219. re:issue with create table
  220. concatenate values from different rows
  221. max_allowed_packet increase not working
  222. Command used to clear mysql command prompt
  223. Need Query.....
  224. mysql update
  225. Reactor Server installed... error verifying emails.
  226. Removing null values
  227. MySQL: Compare dates in Select...From...Where
  228. What is the best hardware configuration for MySQL cluster
  229. sombody help me with my sql query......!
  230. Show some columns in a table, not all
  231. mysql connectivity
  232. comparison condition in php + mysql
  233. please help, select with keys problem
  234. You have received a postcard !
  235. Left Join with More than 2 tables
  236. sql question/ help
  237. Need a little help
  238. Exporting table to html
  239. MySQL Performance - Option setting
  240. how to store US DATE formate( like 27-02-2007) in mysql table
  241. Need help... problem with % Symbol
  242. how to update data from share table
  243. merging data?
  244. Cursor question
  245. Importing DB for Wordpress, getting error
  246. Which will give me better performance (Table design for Joins)
  247. how to make sql query for comparison condition
  248. Linking mysql to Forms
  249. I was wondering if someone could help me
  250. how to check mysql location
  251. Calculate time (SUM)
  252. MySQL slow in windows NT4
  253. How to Maintain and Optimize SQL Queries with Large Tables?
  254. small logical problem , running the make fiel .... plz see it
  255. how can i get domain name
  256. joining tables from different databases
  257. If statements in the mySQL PHP?
  258. Delete on joined Tables
  259. MySql does not show in Php info
  260. Ranking system
  261. Need Help Transfering Large Database
  262. Help with Outer Join
  263. MySql indexing
  264. ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  265. Need help for Query...?
  266. Returning value from MySQL
  267. MySQL Performance
  268. Adding two records together.
  269. Fetching More than one Array
  270. How do i sort searched records.
  271. track changes made to data
  272. Writing An Sql Command
  273. Is there a Rollback Command in mysql - PHP
  274. Matlab to mysql
  275. Open Source Solution Required: Issuing 100 million secure voter ID cards to the citizens of Bangladesh
  276. Daily Record Count
  277. Unable to process your message
  278. mysql cluster?
  279. How to display MySQL tables
  280. Large Table Vs Multiple Tables
  281. uploading a mysql database using SSH termimals hlp
  282. php/mysql connection
  283. Which MySQL query equals Oracle decode?
  284. Aggregate query results
  285. the use of "in"
  286. Cannot create table in MySQL due error in SQL query..
  287. Trying to optimize a MySQL query.
  288. Display userids/passwords using PHPMYADMIN
  289. Help with multiple tables SQL
  290. hashing and indexing
  291. mySQL date range query
  292. Need help for select statement.....
  293. need help constructing a query
  294. show numbers of records as % ???
  295. How to display date in DD-MM-YYYY format?
  296. SQL Statement Problem Missing Data
  297. Alter table doubt
  298. writing a query for three table
  299. i am not able to connect to my mysql some one plz help me
  300. How to code the <option> statement
  301. how to connect mysql5 using c++ in redhat-linux
  302. I need a temp table
  303. uploading excel file to mysql
  304. link 2 tables based on user input in mysql.
  305. automated process
  306. what is the command consolidating monthly data MySQL
  307. VB code to determine table in MySQL
  308. generate ID for records
  309. LOAD DATA INFILE problem....
  310. Need help with create table syntax
  311. indexing
  312. chinese chars OK in phpmyadmin but ??? on regular php page
  313. mysql how to create foreign key
  314. mysqld problem
  315. Joinging multiple select query into one select query(multiple tables and attributes)
  316. 20 Different Tables querys slowing page display
  317. MySQL Slow Log ERROR
  318. Returned mail: Data format error
  319. How make value of field to be mathematical equation
  320. Memo multi lines replacement of 13 10 to \r\n
  321. How to update more than one MySQL databases simultanously.
  322. User Variable and DATE_ADD Function
  323. Query that counts multiple values
  324. extract table names from db
  325. Importing with phpMyAdmin
  326. which join to use?
  327. Undergraduate project idea??
  328. Database tables invisible in NetBeans
  329. MySQL Problem! Need Help
  330. VB Syntax for running a script
  331. Difference between UNIQUE and DISTINCT ?
  332. Conveting MySql Databases
  333. How to get data insertion date in table.
  334. cant connect to mysql from dreamweaver
  335. problem in mysql date_format
  336. extracting the time out of datetime data type
  337. MySQL error: not a valid result for myql_num_rows
  338. Complicated Query
  339. New to MySQL...
  340. copying mysql database file from one machine to another machine
  341. merge query in mysql
  342. Two way syncronizing with a website database with a local database
  343. how to code a search engine for date??
  344. order by force column values to show in specific sequence
  345. Warning 1292 "Incorrect date value:"
  346. Piping
  347. creating backup of MS SQL database using VB
  348. Components and categories
  349. date subtraction calculations
  350. Problems with the 3.51 ODBC Driver
  351. Why My Routin can't be executed?
  352. Alphabetize - MySql / PHP
  353. Set a new value for the auto_increment primary key
  354. Stored Procedure problem
  355. How to retrieve the row which has a maximum value in a result of GROUP BY ?
  356. Problems updating client in Debian Sarge and Connections
  357. Getting Last payment information
  359. Change datadir in my.cnf
  360. what is wrong in this ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
  361. Keys Indexes and Primary Keys
  362. Setting up Accounts
  363. cannot connect mysql at localhost(10061)
  364. LOAD DATA INFILE problem
  365. query to execute on date change
  366. importing nonprintable delimiters with mysql ?
  367. Diagnosing ConnectionProblems
  368. query / data extraction into outfile help
  369. doubt in table
  370. List Server Names on Nework.
  371. Does MySQL have any limitation fetching large dataset???
  372. Visitors Can't Upload Pictures - Why?
  373. Modify max allowed packet
  374. INSERT problem
  375. procedure shows run time error no : 1172
  376. Creating Composite key
  377. Group_concat Question
  378. Re-use Auto_increment field
  379. help in select pls
  380. UUID/GUID as primary key.
  381. SELECT not working properly within PHP inside JavaScript
  382. how to create stored procedure from client machine in MYSQL
  383. syntax to pass parameter in like operator using stored procedure
  384. Case insensitive search (MySQL)
  385. mysql problem
  386. please correct my query
  387. making a command line connection to a remote mysql server?
  388. Now() as DateTime default value
  389. DB design to support multiple languages
  390. Encryption and decryption in mysql
  391. help me write this query please
  392. mass INSERT using HTML field, delimiters
  393. Help with MySQL Many to Many Relationship
  394. how to count number of rows in a table basing on one field
  395. To find out which stored procedure is using a particular table
  396. Nested Selects Causing MySQL 5.0.2 to CRASH!
  397. compare date and compare availability
  398. fill table with selected fields from other table
  399. bulk load
  400. transfer the columns of one table into another table with condition
  401. How to enter the text file in to LongBLOB field.
  402. EJB with Mysql <>
  403. VB code on MySQL database and table
  404. delete all entries with a certain value from all tables
  405. MySQL Structure
  406. Duplicate returns on querying two tables
  407. how to create an editable picture using java GUI and Mysql
  408. MySQL uses swap with plenty of RAM available
  409. Latest stable MYSQL Version
  410. MysqlDump and Mysqlhotcopy
  411. getting Error ,query failed
  412. how to use LAST_INSERT_ID( )
  413. how to add one more column using IS NULL
  414. Stored Procedure
  415. graphics files, MySQL and Java
  416. mysql odbc drivers
  417. How to do compare ranges of dates in query
  418. Bulk Rename - Best Practices?
  419. Getting MySQL ERROR: 1045
  420. Max VS Inner Join Problem
  421. How to speed up MySQL on a low resource server?
  422. Memory increasing with heavy load
  423. Setting up tables for complex relative values
  424. MySQL statement length
  425. Need a Query for ........
  426. Connect 2 databases with different ports number in 1 sql statements
  427. Update mySQL data from Excel
  428. How to insert the data of one table into the other
  429. need example for Triggers
  430. Can't limit /var/log/mysql logging
  431. How to upgrade my application
  432. How to write a query to retrive the data from table basing on from date and to date
  433. Sequences in mysql
  434. Html In The Database??
  435. Why MySql & not Oracle ?
  436. how to create a editable mysql file that contains table data
  437. connection string
  438. Upgrading MySQL 4.1 to 5.0
  439. MySQL + LARGE innodb = thrashing HDD
  440. phpmyadmin database built on my server and i cannot connect wiht my login page
  441. Auto Date in table
  442. finding Datetime difference in seconds
  443. FULLTEXT inconsistency
  445. Need help for exporting excel sheet into MySQL
  446. SQL Command
  447. What is SQL injection??
  448. hi help
  449. How to change collation ?
  450. Full text parameters in C#
  451. how to load data from text file is posible even from excell sheet
  452. How to insert a space at the end of a word using CONCAT ?
  453. How to prevent multiple entries to db
  454. Bizarre error with no error information.
  455. Append Query Problems
  456. Using Microolap DAC components
  457. Shopping cart With mySQL
  458. Oops: messed up user privileges for WordPress / phpMyAdmin
  459. Code stops executing at mysql_connect(
  460. Question about posting multiple queries
  461. mysql for pocket pc 2003 mobile device
  462. Can I Have 2 different RDBMS for a single application
  463. UNIX timestamp
  464. Russian Website
  465. MySQL crashes during request
  466. mysql getting the latest value
  467. InnoDB free: 4096 kB
  468. Help with taking out Payment verification please
  469. Error : partitioning column was not found ( Partitioning View)
  470. How to recover deleted records mysql when using phpmyadmin
  471. request help for subquery
  472. What are the advantages of stored procedures, triggers, indexes
  473. innodb being skipped without skip-innodb
  474. Mysql Query does not select Ic number
  475. Select query for a search string taking more time
  476. Query that fires when any operation is made on table.
  477. Error: Not a Group By Expression
  478. setting up mysql and php on windows xp
  479. HELP - Retrieve last payment date in table wrong output
  480. How to search a pattern in MySQL ?
  481. Installation of MySql 4.1.21 on Linux
  482. How to retrive rows in alphabetical order by using Select query?
  483. Database row automically changed when i closed that table and reopened it!
  484. MySQL noob question: player table, location table, JOIN
  485. Mysql Subquery
  486. MySQL performance question on SELECT and JOIN. experts only
  487. 'Read only error "
  488. list the dates by week, month,year
  489. MySql error 1064 on Select AS
  490. How move content fieldA to fieldB WHEN fieldC='X'
  491. Retriving last payment date in a table with multiple vendors
  492. how to take all database backup .i need single query
  493. Aggravating Error 1109 from simple query
  494. does mysql support foreign keys?
  495. mysql and windows requirements
  496. my mysql db crashing sometimes why it's happen?
  497. Triggers
  498. Advance joined query, need help
  499. How to fetch a specific row in a mysql database?
  500. Full text index before or after non-clustered index
  501. Query two date fields.
  502. Problem in mysql
  503. Optimize this!
  504. SELECT multiple rows with average of a range of values
  505. Records combination
  506. how to store video file in mysql database
  507. help to retieve only the difference in minutes between two dates in DATETIME format
  508. select week in date
  509. Data Transformation Service
  510. Foreign key Constraint Fails in MYSQL 5.0.18
  511. shorter the text
  512. help with taking 2 indexes from 1 field
  513. I looking for Paid-help with Maxdb
  514. I looking for Paid-help with Maxdb
  515. Count of NULL and NOT NULLS
  516. I am a newbie to mysql.plz help!.How to order the records in a table such that.......
  517. Removing all the default stopwords...
  518. new database creation
  519. Drop multiple databases?
  520. how do i compare data in 2 different tables using objrs?????
  521. #1364 - Field 'signature' doesn't have a default value
  522. [IN LINUX] Cannot access mysql from remote host
  523. authentication error when configuring odbc driver for mysql
  524. how can I rewrite this join in Mysql 3.2?
  525. constructing a sql query
  526. MYI and MYD and frm file help needed
  527. update all fields except 1st 5
  528. MySql From MS SQL - What's wrong with this stored procedure?
  529. Select at SQl
  530. LIMIT (Subquery)
  531. Deadlock found when trying to get lock (MySQL 5.0 with innodb)
  532. rocedural safeguards to protect against unauthorized access
  533. data dump
  534. mysql-cluster firewall
  535. Combine rows, accumulate total
  536. COUNT() question
  537. MYSQL vs QED
  538. Join Of 2 Tables
  539. How do I use phpAdmin
  540. Query error
  541. need help on MySQL error:1289(--openssl missing)
  542. Just Give You An Tricks
  543. SQL Scripts "LIKE" Statement? need help
  544. How to quit your day job with AdWords!
  545. three select statement
  546. MYSQL/PHP using date differences to seperate data into tables..
  547. MySQL REPLICATION help!?
  548. How to get a total of a table column
  549. need help on Performance parameters
  550. Query references same column twice