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  1. Getting started with foreign keys
  2. Linking to Parent Table SOMETIMES - Referential Integrity
  3. Integrating family ancestry search into a website using a database
  4. MySQL or flat file for user logs
  5. How to insert if a condition is met, or else update if not
  6. trying to create a simple table from a text file?
  7. Automatically update table depend on particular time
  8. That works faster in sql for creation of an index?
  9. how to search two array field value in two table
  10. MySQL Configuration
  11. MySQL Client-Server Programming
  12. Splitting a string by the '|' character
  13. How to access a temporary table created in page1 from page2?
  14. How to reset AUTO_INCREMENT in MySQL
  15. fetch values from database
  16. Outfile using Prepared Statement
  17. Question about numeric keys...
  18. can you have a table without an index?
  19. how do i do Join two query
  20. user defined variable from php to mysql statement
  21. Implementing a Sequence Counter for multi-threaded crawler
  22. using subquery with insert to avoid duplicate records
  23. how to shrink mysql database
  24. Generating Crystal Report Using C#.NET 2.0 and Back End as MySQL Database
  25. I have a TIMEDIFF statement that works in MYSQL, but not in C
  26. refering a primary key in other datbase
  27. search query troubles
  28. Looping Multiple tables to search for a particular word? in mySQL
  29. Fatal error: Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost'
  30. how to group 2 rows into 1 rows?
  31. Multiple Selection POST forms
  32. Calculating between dates
  33. Searching 2 tables at once
  34. Newbie: how to speed up this simple query
  35. Problem in Date selection
  36. Need a script for uploading data from unix box to mysql database
  37. Want to learn MySQL.
  38. Using DECODE and LEAST in MySQL
  39. Fetching column names of a MySQL table
  40. Adding extra fields to a query
  41. Help with MS Query Date prompt format
  42. if condition UPDATE else SET to zero
  43. Please help with selecting a String from a database
  44. Problem with order by
  45. MySQL client ran out of memory
  46. how to use crystal report 8.5 in mssql server
  47. PHP MySQL Date Query
  48. Comparing two varchar fields from separate tables
  49. Store BUFR files in MySql
  50. UPDATE query not working correcty
  51. I need to join 4 table and perform select
  52. sorting a table by index
  53. Invalid use of group function
  54. where does mysql save??
  55. problem install mysql on windows
  56. Update on multiple table is not working
  57. Fastest way to insert 2D array into MySql
  58. Universal MySQL config file
  59. Searching by name both in the first name and last name from the database.
  60. How to specify which table to LIMIT in a LEFT JOIN?
  61. transpose result of query from mysql
  62. Special character problem
  63. Union/Merge more than one query !
  64. Connect, store and retrive database in mysql..!!!
  65. Create table from two another tables
  66. Can I use Max and Count Together?
  67. MAX Date Applied
  68. Ignore case when performing a search in mysql
  69. Displaying data from blob fields
  70. upgrade from 4.1 to 5.1 - load increased
  71. mysql setup
  72. insert Query for all cities of U.S.A
  73. auto increment format
  74. Auto Increment a record
  75. Line breaks in MySQL Text Field don't show when displayed in web page
  76. count and grouping help
  77. Max Simultaenous requests based on Date/Time
  78. MySql Connection from .NET
  79. Paging using Mysql Stored Proc
  80. Join 2 fields to 2 ids
  81. SUM function with multiple table
  82. Auto Incremented Number Access
  83. Getting data in a lookup table to populate automatically
  84. Mysql under cygwin
  85. How to select a specific row
  86. Convert date format
  87. distinct with multiple field
  88. How to retrieve data from InnoDB
  89. searching record given the form
  90. Declaring variables in MySQL
  91. Columns and Fields are the same?
  92. Create/Using Stored Procedures WITH Wildcards
  93. Cant get cool query
  94. Stored Procedure
  95. less than equal to not working.
  96. GUI Interface MYSQL
  97. Linking to MySQL from MS Access - Permissions
  98. Inner Join
  99. SQL LEAST() function question
  100. upload XML into mysql
  101. Select Latest Date in MySql query
  102. submitting to mysql database
  103. Stored Procedure(SP) Output
  104. querry for getting max time within last 24 hours??????
  105. Filed timestamp
  106. radio buttons problem
  107. Assign table data to variable, and then repeat
  108. Table is not created in sql
  109. how to get field names from multiple tables in a single query
  110. inserting radio button into the database
  111. All IF-statement returns "Syntax error"
  112. How to maintain the MYSQL connection for the whole session.
  113. running query getting error
  114. Concat variable to form Table name inside Select statement
  115. Join 2 queries
  116. assigning a default database to a new user
  117. INTERSECT alternative solution
  118. Need Help - Memcache with mysql
  119. make select from two mysql servers
  120. Optimize the following query
  121. Records does not match query
  122. abt date
  123. MySQL Search Query Help
  124. Know a good database admin script?
  125. 2014 Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now
  126. Hybrid Environment
  127. Delete MySql Rows Problem
  128. How to retrieve images from data base.
  129. Get a dataset using three tables
  130. Database as Symbolic Link - What am I missing?
  131. How do I combine INSERT & SELECT statements?
  132. Help on setting up phpmyadmin on server
  133. How to increase concurrent user in mysql
  134. Undefined rand expression ?
  135. How to split the query results into different rows
  136. Designing a Simply Accounting Invoice with a different format
  137. mysql help
  138. Formatting date stored in mysql table
  139. inserting audio files into database using .net
  140. Can't open mySQLadmin
  141. please give me a query for already existing name in the data base
  142. sql adventureworks dont't work
  143. XML in SQL reporting
  144. How to query with a space ' ' in the LIKE clause
  145. change the type of datatype
  146. update a table row using other tables
  147. How to execute the notepad data in sql as a table
  148. Parallel query processing in MySQL
  149. Extracting Info from Ekahau's Positioning Engine Database
  150. How to use CREATE SEQUENCE in MySQL
  151. now() integer format
  152. How to get the same index number for the primary key after i truncate and upload data
  153. Could not start MySQL server: ERROR 0
  154. Need a subquery
  155. Does MySQL support Foreign Keys in MyISAM tables?
  156. Help with JDBC and MySQL
  157. sql simple problem
  158. Parse field with underscore character
  159. Problems with SELECT
  160. Delete coding....
  161. Desperate mysqldump, getting error error #1016, can't open *.ibd file
  162. SQL Query Error
  163. Upsizing = Server Errors
  164. count field in database only returning values > 1
  165. one submission of multiple files,multiple ids instead of one.
  166. Trouble in last id
  167. Help needed merging 2 different but similar tables
  168. Perl and MySQL
  169. Database Normalization: Related, but categorically distinct, information.
  170. DISTINCT problem
  171. MySQL Order By biggest/highest number
  172. Adding an exception for One status in my Query
  173. Need help with SQL query
  174. sql statement + java
  175. MySQL version (for Windows) supporting "EXCEPT" and "INTERSECT"
  176. Populate a table from a list
  177. Populate a table from a list
  178. mysql to store file
  179. How to update a table every 6 hours from xml file
  180. How to return highest SUM values using JOINS and GROUP BY clause
  181. Using substrings function to rearrange name field
  182. ORDER BY with floating point formula does not work?
  183. How to make query command?
  184. Problem in query
  185. PHP / MySQL relevance in searching
  186. Clear parts of a field after / sign
  187. select from table
  188. Error in Stored procedure in MySQL
  189. difference between (left, right, inner, outer) join?
  190. automatically overwrite row
  191. MySqlCommandBuilder not updating the removed rows.
  192. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
  193. User defined variables question
  194. Form Authentication
  195. Currency Symbol change
  196. MySQL : Looping query
  197. sql retrieving values form table
  198. mysqldump problem
  199. Select based on one field being different values
  200. sql formatter
  201. Sybase/SQL
  202. Joins
  203. Search towns or suburbs
  204. Compare record in two tables, return fields that don't match...
  205. How do you count the number of rows in a mysql database
  206. Very simple tag cloud help please
  207. timestamp in mysql
  208. fetching more than once in a loop
  209. cannot add or update a child row
  210. mysql
  211. Mysql
  212. Help
  213. Help With Copying Data
  214. join colums and count
  216. problem with connecting to mysql server
  217. Joining 3 tables
  218. How maximum space in phpMyAdmin ?
  219. @ ElectronicsDefine.SQL
  220. Tracking all DML and DDL Statements in Database Tables
  221. booked days per month query
  222. status 112
  223. top N without order by
  224. Comparing date columns in Sql
  225. What is the difference between 'load data' and 'insert' command?
  226. Stored procedure help
  227. Postcode Calculator
  228. Using ORDER BY rand() in SELECT query
  229. upgrading MySQL 3.23 to 4.0
  230. Use MYSQL SELECT statement from user input
  231. Need Query... Urgent Please help....
  232. How to SELECT data using multiple tables
  233. problem with update query
  234. URGENT - user permissions
  235. Update date
  236. How to prevent SQL injections
  237. copy one column to another
  238. count query
  239. SQL Exception:Deadlock found when trying to get lock; Try restarting
  240. Insert integer data
  241. How to join 4 table pls help me
  242. Most Basic SQL Question
  243. MySQL & re-ordering entries
  244. mysqldump problem
  245. Need guidance to choose datatype
  246. mysql data adding problem
  247. Combining two mySql queries
  248. 2 quick MySQL Queries
  249. Simple MySQL Index
  250. Insert image in sql table and what is its dimension
  251. find lenght of the cell in mysql table
  252. weird insert problem
  253. Rename a table
  254. mysqldump select query
  255. MySQL - Chaining a Series of SQL commands
  256. how to fix this problem
  257. Help with Dynamic SQL
  258. The maximum size of a MySQL database.
  259. Keep getting empty result
  260. Check a record exists
  261. Rogue client deletions and modifications
  262. SQLMAIL for MYSQL ?
  263. MYSQL instance Config Error
  264. PHP with Mysql blob
  265. How to group boolean expressions in a WHERE clause
  266. How to use JOIN to select data from multiple tables using only one query
  267. Differ between Truncate And Delete
  268. How do I move a database with binary content ?
  269. setting up phpmyadmin (vers 2.10.2) problems
  270. Grouped links between tables.
  271. MySQL Auto_increment with large number of records
  272. md5 password encyption
  273. mysql syntax
  274. MySQL Server hardware
  275. I can get Substring to work, but how does it work below the surface...
  276. Variable as tablename in query
  277. Where are MySQL Databases stored in windows.
  278. escaping quotes in MySQL
  279. inserting unique value
  280. update the join table
  281. Need help how to do Time format in MySql
  282. MySql Connector .NET. Which to choose 1.0 or 5.0?
  283. creating table for rails
  284. can I write only one select stmt insted of three diff please see the Querys bellow
  285. handle no data found situation
  286. LOAD DATA INFILE - I'm stumped
  287. Mysql Using Navicat (error --- Foreign Key Fails)
  288. SQL query: how to retrieve data using two tables
  289. Is this correct database design?
  290. problem in loading a text file int mysql
  291. Configuring PHP and MySQL
  292. connecting to MYSQL using PHP and Apache
  293. Left Join and Like command used together
  294. capturing user input
  295. How to do a Batch Query in MySQL
  296. Efficency problems using remote connection to MySQL
  297. MySQL Syntax Error while installing DZCP
  298. How to send MySQL BLOB data using PHP
  299. connect cursor to dotnet application
  300. slow database retrieval
  301. How to use MySQL BLOB fields using .Net
  302. Translating Access SQL queries into MySQL subqueries.
  303. MySQL-populated drop down box, improper sorting
  304. performance degrades if one argument in "In Clause" ?
  305. Retrieving data using SQL and a mix of
  306. reporting services excel export + rename sheet
  307. uninstall the mysql but forgot to export the database table
  308. fetching record then result is query was empty
  309. MySQL Append Query question
  310. How to compare column value of two row of same table
  311. Concatenating multiple row values to one row
  312. Like Concat
  313. Bad request on invalid hostname
  314. how can i import back the ibdata1 ??
  315. Need to know how to ignore part of a date in this code
  316. Unable to connect to MySQL running on my home network
  317. SQL date query
  318. Mysql PHP echo variable inside variable
  319. Query from access log
  320. Upload image file to database
  321. Replicating FullText
  322. How to copy field values between fields with different names.
  323. Copying data between databases
  324. STOPPING SERVER from pid file
  325. Returned mail: see transcript for details
  326. Comparing values in table - character set utf8
  327. Help: Full Table fix caused MASSIVE data loss...
  328. Multiple Join MySQL Query
  329. SQL qureys
  330. SQL Query
  331. Does Mysql Server have JVM in it.
  332. Find dependencies between database objects of MySQL
  333. Build parser for MySQL stored procedure
  334. What database programming language used by MySQL for stored procedures
  335. help me about connection C to MySQL
  336. Deciphering INSTR Code
  337. Accidental uninstall of MYSQL50-lost files
  338. export or import one table from one user to other user
  339. Mysql - Crosstab, I think
  340. How to reset AUTO_INCREMENT
  341. Mysql cluster - Index
  342. merge two tables
  343. Newbie need help on MySQL database. Ayuda por favor! :-(
  344. Installing MySQL 5.0 Help
  345. How to use NULL in WHERE clause
  346. MySQL error - trying to edit a page.
  347. NOT EXISTS error
  348. how can i connect to mysql 5 server
  349. How to combine two columns into one in mysql?
  350. MySqlLAdmin trouble...cannot get past the intial login details
  351. Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed
  352. hello I was wondering about mysql performance
  353. Identity in mysql?
  354. Multiple input field data in one mysql table column
  355. Mysql query:Select Field value
  356. We can provide products you needed
  357. Help me..About MySQL and ODBC driver
  358. Audio File uploads to database tables - what "type" do I define it as?
  359. Delete rows every 30 minutes
  360. Weird error with query
  361. Alternate for INTERSECT in mysql 4.1.15
  362. Whats wrong with this MySQL Qry Code
  363. Secure all tables of mysql database
  364. problem querying for unicode characters
  365. Preventing duplicate rows in a MySQL table
  366. Lost Data...But Not Really Gone
  367. pre online test generator pro
  368. Windows to MYSQL under Linux/UNIX, can not connect
  369. MySQL .NET Connector C# running real slow... Sometimes,
  370. Need help with implode function
  371. Query/confusion
  372. Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed
  373. How to deal with * in Mysql
  374. linked tables in mysql
  375. Across keyword in mysql
  376. run time error '-2147467259(80004005)'
  377. sql query avoid duplication of data
  378. Join sum sql statement
  379. How can i insert data in to a table from another database
  381. OLE Automation Date conversion
  382. A liitle help, passing parameters to MySQL, a quickie!
  383. solve queries in sql
  384. Large table Long query Time
  385. Mysql High usage Problem (help)
  386. Index disabled after TRUNCATE
  387. Interrows average value?
  388. How to create a IDENTITY column in MySQL?
  389. setting up JMS with mysql
  390. mysql password problem
  391. Select query between a few hours.
  392. to clear screen
  393. Count of columns
  394. MySQLDump 10.9
  395. how to delete records with same name but differen id ?
  396. query to get a unique pair of details from db
  397. MySql 5.0 Developer Certification
  398. Hourly avg help
  399. fetching data in dropdown menu from the database
  400. how to parse web server log file to store in mysql
  401. adding/grouping results from union
  402. distinguish between "-" and "_"
  403. Setting up a convoluted database
  404. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
  405. mySQL backup with SQLyog
  406. MySQL Documentor - Need feedback
  407. MySQL Performance (DB with many small tables or DB with fewer large tables)
  408. MySQL Union statement
  409. $_GET tag in PHP $result query
  410. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
  411. How to create a new column for an existing table?
  412. Conditionally UPDATE a column in one big table from a column in another big table
  413. How to write a stored procedure to a combo box where i want the changed data.
  414. phpMyAdmin won't display databases
  415. saving data to another database
  416. Could not display MySQL data using php
  417. Temporary Table
  418. Problem with LEFT JOIN + SUM(IF())
  419. How to parse a text file into MySQL
  420. if want to delete one column or field,how is work?
  421. Import Excel Sheet datas into mysql
  422. MySQL-Front Gmbh sits on the Task Bar and can't get up
  423. Archive a row before it ON DELETE CASCADEs?
  424. conversion of datetime to integer
  425. using jdbc check for unique column
  426. How to copy a row
  427. HOW to use trigger??
  428. SQL server? MySQL server?
  429. sql split
  430. How to select the max record from a table
  431. Create a temporary table using php
  432. Help me to install phpbb 2 discussion board in my website
  433. Help regarding importing data from the excel sheet to mysql
  434. How to alter or change column with ALTER TABLE
  435. Using LIKE '%%' with dates
  436. MySQL Error 10061, Service can not run if port 3306 is busy.
  437. how to convert .dbf database to mysql database
  438. Command for dumping stored procedures
  439. Import Excel Sheet datas into mysql
  440. Backup Of Database In Mysql
  441. Database Mirroring In Mysql
  442. administrator login through query browser
  443. MySQL to my webpage
  444. change '2007-05-10' to current date
  445. Transferring stored procedures to my web host's server
  446. Importing data using load infile and retreiving ids of all rows inserted
  447. Select/Count not showing me my records...permissions?
  448. Fetching ID's that match multiple rows.
  449. Connection life
  450. how to do Backup of MySql records to .csv file through java code
  451. mysql intersect help
  452. Problem with LEFT JOIN returning empty set.
  453. How can i dump (mysqldump) with skip query logging ?
  454. mysqldump produces an empty file
  455. Need Date conversion function in Mysql
  456. Need Date conversion function in Mysql
  457. Sample Databases
  458. connect to windows mysql from linux
  459. mysql replication binlog issue
  460. MySQL character encoding mismatch (don’t insted of don't)
  461. How to store Images / binary data in MySQL Database using BLOB fields.
  462. LOST Data
  463. Feed multiple parameters from a stored procedure into Access DB
  464. phpMyAdmin fails to run on Vista
  465. how to insert values into enum fields
  466. how to select from two rows with same information but one clumn data is diffren
  467. how to convert non-unicode tables to unicode tables in ms sql.
  468. Reply
  469. Mysql: How I can search NULL value (Urgent)
  470. problem with returning all search results MYSQL PHP
  471. Sql Max(date)
  472. MySQL Windows ODBC Connector Problem
  474. Formating Date and Time in MySQL comperative query!
  475. Generating user ranks in multiple games, based on score, using Subqueries.
  476. Difference between SQL and MySQL
  477. How to get the date of the last update of the database?
  478. Configuration Files in Mysql
  479. How to enable MySQL support in PHP on IIS
  480. JOINS and/or INTERSECTS
  481. Corrupting frm files when copying from SQL 4.1 to 3.23
  482. how can i display date subtraction
  483. how to handle transaction in mysql-3.23.38 ?
  484. MySql insert value more than 8 bytes
  485. Completely flustered with a Latest Date from Subset problem.
  486. Error loading MySQL database on to server
  487. Joins in SQL
  488. Looking for SQL Tutorials
  489. ERROR: SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM in Wordpress Bolg
  490. Change Connection path to database
  491. SQL quiz
  492. Controllare l'aggiornamento
  493. Inserting a string containing single quote
  494. Error in SELECT Query
  495. Sum function
  496. Windows Interface for MySQL
  497. Finding out position of an item (not using its unique ID)
  498. SELECT unique records only
  499. What is the intention of this select statament
  500. Login page perl/CGI
  501. Dispute Transaction
  502. Please Help Me, Very Emergency(query Problem)
  503. mysql select checking for null characters
  504. UPDATE table but dissallow duplicates
  505. Grant lock tables on single table gives ERROR 1144
  506. How do I know what the row number is?
  507. Regenerate a Nested Set using parent_id structure
  508. Grant lock tables on single table gives ERROR 1144
  509. How can i count the emaiid in my table
  510. How to retrieve Float data from MYSQL within PHP
  511. query problem (case when)
  512. Need to extract only some values from the table
  513. Trouble with query
  514. my sql
  515. Recordset paging with MySQL & ASP using LIMIT
  516. Does Select Statement Come Under DML
  517. Group by problem
  518. selecting 2 unique records in one declaration
  519. How to import text in MySQL (under Windows XP)?
  520. how can i change a string from an sql query to a date form
  521. Generating Series of charts using reporting services 2005
  522. My SQL Query Error Codes
  523. Fetching the last row in a table with a single varchar field.
  524. unknown table in multi delete
  525. Uploading video
  526. DELETE with related table
  527. database recovery and import
  528. Date Ranges???
  529. XAMPP installation is better or Manual install is better for PHP, MySQL & Apache???
  530. Sum the total Defects
  531. Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero
  532. IN Clause in Dynamic Query
  533. Complicated query against one MySQL table
  534. Mysql ROUND() inside SUM()
  535. Cannot access DB
  536. percentage in sql query
  537. Security: Please verify your PayPal Account!
  538. Alter combination of 2 existing columns as a unique key
  539. Importing MySQL databases to a MySQL server on another machine
  540. which file contains information regarding the database creation date.
  541. backing up mysql
  542. Database rows count into HTML webpage
  543. helo everyone
  544. Create Temporary tables in mysql
  545. errno : 150 (create table statement)
  546. column type for byte array (md5 algorithm)
  547. how to specify the engine type during creation of a database?
  548. Doubt in DateFormat
  549. Need to learn MySQL...I think.
  550. MSSQL8.0 : Computed field, UDF, select statement