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  1. use mysqldump on other network
  3. date comparison for same dates does not work
  4. Insert Into Table Using Field Criteria
  5. how to compare two fields in two tables
  6. Help with query
  7. Result Has To Have All The Keywords Before Displaying Uptop?
  8. Mysql Storing Encrypted Data : Data Type And Field Lengths?
  9. Sorting by column weight
  10. Need help with SQL Update
  11. Handling Zero in MySQL
  12. Accessing multiple tables in a single linked database - error
  13. How to change datetime format in MySQL Database table?
  14. Restoring FRM Files?
  15. Require Help On A Query ---urgently
  16. Help with "LOCATE" syntax needed please
  17. case statement
  18. MySQL writes after 60 seconds...
  19. Problem with the Greek chararcters in MySQL database
  20. Average
  21. retrieve duplicates
  22. Command to clear MySQL console as we use cls command
  23. help: Subquery returns more than 1 row
  24. Synchronize between two database tables
  25. Encrypt password
  26. INNER JOINS - More than one?
  27. MySQL beginner confused!
  28. MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException
  29. Problem updating database via form (PHP/HTML)
  30. Select a row having Null value
  31. Trigger error
  32. inserting multiple values from one table to another tables
  33. What is wrong with this SQL statement?!
  34. how to select maximum id if they are auto-increment from 2 or more tables/threads
  35. Mysql and/or RR ? ( Maybe OT ? )
  36. How to count max(users) created in a particular year using group function.
  37. Creating View in phpmyadmin
  38. i need to know how to update time of a table in mysql db
  39. Its a question between mysql and MCSE!!!
  40. Single Quotes in select Query
  41. disadvantage of constarints
  42. problem in choosing the download
  43. select with multiple AND and OR attributes
  44. shopping cart dilemma
  45. New MySQL user...Mac issues
  46. MySQL users under Red Hat Linux 4.5
  47. Please help with duplicate entries.
  48. Wht is Primary key and index
  49. insert an array into BLOB field
  50. Database Conversion
  51. Queries taken to generate page?
  52. I need to improve 'Nested Set' Query Efficency
  53. SQL Syntax in Select Statement of a SQlDataAdapter
  54. How to update null value in table
  55. Dynamic query
  56. Error while using MAX function in update clause
  57. question about altering table
  58. Upgrading mysql
  59. error 1036 (table read only) in phpmyadmin
  60. Having a problem with a query...
  61. If statment for join's?
  62. Backing up a utf-8 charset database remotely.
  63. datavision with mysql
  64. question about textarea
  65. Crosstab Query in MySQL or PHPmyadmin
  66. error Msg 279, Level 16, State 3
  67. Difficulty updating multiple images,need a hand !
  68. update using data from table
  69. If Statement
  70. Problems with Select statement!
  71. Another mysqldump question..
  72. MySQL latest stable version
  73. Problem in Join two tables
  74. Importance of trigger in MySQL
  75. Automatic db update
  76. how to autoincrement with certain restrictions
  77. Multiple MySQL server Installation in Linux
  78. Changing the date format
  79. Execution details in email notification
  80. Okay, here's one I want to try
  81. how to optimize the join query...??
  82. same ids in a tbl
  83. Help needed with designing database model
  84. How do I write this trigger?
  85. Access Denied (using password 'YES')
  86. Insert Into problems
  87. mysql 5 UTF and ISO website compatibility
  88. Fetching records from multiple tables
  89. same day (name) of week of last year
  90. syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/allummfa/public_html/ on line 8
  91. Converting varchar field data into time
  92. How to use two count() in a single query???
  93. Populating wiki database
  94. Indexes
  95. analytic function queries (HELP ME PLEASE)
  96. Query Join please help
  97. Getting incremental ID number back after doing an INSERT?
  98. how to inserting accent french characters into table
  99. Updating Columns of one table from another table
  100. importing a data file - mysqlimport
  101. Are "Prepared Statements" 100% immune to mysqli injection attacks?
  102. MySQL Report Generator
  103. exporting database
  104. How to access the remote database in MYSQL
  105. Locking Needed
  106. MySql Connection Issue
  107. can MySQL take data from other database server?
  108. mysql connection
  109. How to automatically increment value in mysql
  110. How to produce graph report using PHP and MySQL?
  111. trigger after delete
  112. Display only results that start with one letter
  113. Is there any function that escapes the special characters
  114. ft_stopword_file
  115. Help with a sql query between date ranges
  116. Excel to mySQL
  117. How to retrieve float values from data base
  118. insert all date into a table
  119. Adding of current value to stored value
  120. regexp in mysql5
  121. create a mySQL table from the field headings line of a CSV file
  122. how to create MUL keys in mysql
  123. Question: How can I duplicate rows...
  124. mysql table cell before and after data entered
  125. Update that does not overwrite
  126. Remove mysql from Mac OSX 10.5
  127. Select all rows & data with the highest number for one name
  128. How to store in Database
  129. FullText Search Exact Phrase
  130. HELP... SQL Query
  131. Problem of Drop Databases.
  132. join and update
  133. MySQL Configuration Problem
  134. MYSQL dump into DB2 OS400
  135. Need help in executing Joins using C API for Mysql
  136. Multiple select from drop down box
  137. mysql perl - load data local whole file when I need only updats;/
  138. Search Criteria based on more than one word
  139. "Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes" error
  140. how do i display a record that has a coulumn value as 01 or 02..
  141. exporting mysql to excel or filemaker pro
  142. importing error for mysql dump file
  143. is this a valid mysql statement?
  144. Problem while sorting
  145. MySQL slow query log
  146. Showing dupes in Database
  147. How to get alert everytime a new online reservation is made?
  148. Transferring WordPress DB Error
  149. MySQL DB capacity
  150. How to alter the default values in tables
  151. Run External Script Based on Table Entries
  152. Referential Integrity in a Shared Table
  153. creating timestamp for data after uploading file
  154. Populating list/combo and text boxes from a MySQL databases
  155. Why we should define in mysql value that primary key also NULL?
  156. How can I increase the speed of my query?
  157. Unable to connect to database
  158. How to take backup automatically after certain number of records in a table
  159. Problem on IF STATEMENT on TRIGGER with MySql
  160. Challenging Question
  161. How to relate between two tables in Phpmyadmin
  162. Using MySQL on WinXP
  163. Delete problem...
  164. Problem accessing API in worker thread
  165. Problem with indices
  166. Can't get proper query results
  167. Insert HTML in a field
  168. Is it possible to call three tables in one query?
  169. Serach Using Umlauts
  170. how to connect phpmyadmin and dreamwever
  171. Is it advisable to use two different databases in two similar System?
  172. single Query for two databases located in different machine
  173. Retrieving column name for the Error Code.
  174. Installation failure for MySQLInstanceConfig
  175. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'debscrof'@
  176. 'mysql-nt --console' does not completing the process.
  177. getting modified date in mysql
  178. How to return the rows that doesn't match two tables?
  179. You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  180. Challenge: complex sql instruction?
  181. extract last value of particular colum
  182. How do I join two queries
  183. MySQL install ok, service started but can not connect
  184. Joining table
  185. Encryption
  186. Microsoft SQL 2005 Server Express Edition Install Error
  187. function ';' problem
  188. How to fetch data from multiple DB on multiple servers in MySQL
  189. Confused in Relation in Phpmyadmin
  190. Update?
  191. Retrieving data from two tables
  192. Is it possible to restall accidently deleted database
  193. Retrieving values from a table using a condition
  194. Displaying Records on a MS Access 2000 form (frontend) using MySQL (backend)
  195. Error message:Illegal operation on empty result set.
  196. insert MySQL table data into a new table of a new database
  197. select distinct with conditions attached
  198. Nested SQL Queries???
  199. Problem in inserting multiple rows using stored procedure
  200. Which querry will give more performance
  201. how to give the restriction for user level
  202. how to extract the date in a timestamp
  203. Search problems using multiple fields
  204. How do I run an SQL script and an SQL procedure?
  205. help with multiple order by conditions...with rand()
  206. Making a column UNIQUE in mysql
  207. Adding data to row without replacing existing data.
  208. Showing columns of multiple tables
  209. MySQL Query shows all results, rather than query
  210. STR_TO_DATE Problem
  211. how to get the column name
  212. Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
  213. How can I give trigger privileges in MySQL?
  214. How to create username & password in mysql to connect with php
  215. How to Query more than one Col1 in Col2?
  216. how to access the schema from one user to another
  217. import .odt
  218. Can anyone tell me how to write a trigger
  219. storing the data
  220. How to call the procedure inside the trigger
  221. im trying to mix 3 queries. I can only 2. please help
  222. Query is crashing phpmyadmin/mysql
  223. Tables doesn't exist (disappeared)
  224. Call to undefined function: mysqli_connect()
  225. Query execute thread cannot connect to Mysql
  226. How to get datetime from both date and time fields
  227. how to fetch the very first record in cursor in mysql
  228. linking two selects
  229. How to add column with specific values to a MySQL table?
  230. transaction dont work in mysql install
  231. Select Sum on two fields using 2 key fields
  232. XML to mySQL (nmap)
  233. Re-arrange mysqldump
  234. Unusual Query Help Request
  235. What are triggers in MySQL?
  236. Calculate percentage for each row
  237. new to mysql
  238. mysql genral log problem
  239. Importing csv file into mysql db via SP
  240. report
  241. MySQL newbie
  242. load data infile - fails to load my db2 del (ascii) file
  243. MySQL DataReader, Arrays, and Combo boxes....
  244. inserting column values from text file to table in database
  245. MySQL Query Syntax vs MSSQL
  246. how to compare value of two varchar2 fields ?
  247. select a column of type INTEGER PRIMARY KEY magically
  248. I have to return more than one value for a select statement ...
  249. how to display the out parameter value
  250. Composite PK - FK
  251. How to return all fields when using MAX() function in MySQL?
  252. Installing Mysql query browser for redhat linux 9.0 for mysql version 3.23.54
  253. How to connect MySQL to Visual Basic
  254. Arabic Language
  255. intersect in mysql
  256. Method for calculating a queries monetary cost
  257. How MySql handles huge data set?????
  258. Handling Exception inside MuSQL Stored Procedure
  259. Distinct Top Records From Table
  260. standard sql query
  261. App hangs up while using a stored procedure to insert records
  262. SQL insert statement
  263. ER Diagram > Relational Model
  264. Insert into a table fields from another table based on a field
  265. obtain a substring from the result set
  266. INSERT into one table based on data from another table
  267. can i use temperary variable in where clause
  268. enterprise manager
  269. Overwriting a table with new data only
  270. How to optimize this slow join?
  271. changing mysql query ino sql
  272. change value of one element between certain dates
  273. display diffdate in years and months
  274. error: #1005 - Can't create table '.\_ftl\#sql-918_f.frm' (errno: 150)
  275. mysql doubt
  276. Decoding a retrieved password from MySQL
  277. How to use MySQL trigger to send Email?
  278. join problem in mysql
  279. sending e_mails through mysql db
  280. html templates
  281. my queries are not working. please help....
  282. JOINing tables with count details
  283. MYSQLDataTrunction: Data trunction: Incorrect date value 'y' for column 'xxxx' at ro1
  284. Sum of MYSQL fields
  285. restore multiple databases with command line
  286. Join Statement
  287. i am getting error in my sql statemnt
  288. using join in database having huge number of records.....
  289. Sending E-mails through MySql
  290. How to add 1 to max value INSERT INTO table1 set no=MAX(no)
  291. Database of dictionaries
  292. Storing addresses in separate tables in a database
  293. stored procedure
  294. Rollup function
  295. calling a database entry right after inserting it.
  296. MySQL MAX and COUNT together
  297. question about Corba (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and Msp
  298. Pulling the latest values from a table
  299. How to SELECT and DELETE data from tables
  300. Inserting same data in three different table in same database.
  301. Query to display names from multiple tables linked by ID's to a single table
  302. select ALL data from two tables
  303. ALTER syntax
  304. to change the format of the date in mysql to dd/mm/yyyy
  305. How to change text/cell colour in data display from mysql table
  306. Selecting data from three tables with a many-to-many relationship
  307. How to query MySQL from a web browser URL ?
  308. Reversing number signs (negative to positive and vice versa)
  309. Select not returning all results
  310. can't connect to the remote MySQL db
  311. Joining three tables... getting 100 rows where there should only be six.
  312. MYSQL: update where clause ignored in SP
  313. LEFT JOIN Optimization
  314. generation of xml using mysql
  315. Delete Query
  316. Got error 28 from storage engine
  317. query that will generate output from two tables
  318. Generating rows for insertion
  319. Referential Integrety constraint
  320. Connection to MySql database from command prompt
  321. Group results by year then parse using respective year as header for each group
  322. error# 2002 can't connect to local mysql server '/var/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
  323. How to query from multiple tables where one table may not have data
  324. truncate a table ignoring relations
  325. how to join more than 3 tables
  326. Some help with SUM function
  327. Access MySQL DB from internet
  328. Possible CHAR to INT type conversion (might be PHP problem)
  329. How do i hold date range(s) in a table? eg. from 2003-09-24 to 2006-03-12
  330. cannot get SELECT INTO FILE to work
  331. substring function inside stored procedure is not working
  332. How to get the no. of columns?
  333. Need to convert a string to an integer
  334. selecting most current record with one unique column
  335. error in mysql query(syntax)
  336. Multiple table query
  337. SQL q2uery help needed
  338. Selecting all records from a join, even when the value of one table is null
  339. Stripping 0's from numbers and letters from alphanumeric data
  340. This query is very slow; how can I optimize it?
  341. delete first row from table
  342. Could not start the mysql service on localcomputer :Error 1067
  343. de-duping data from two tables
  344. problems connecting to a database
  345. MYSQL 5.0.18 error when importing: "File could not be read"
  346. Should I split a large table into several smaller ones for query efficency?
  347. Do VIEWS use more resources?
  348. Cross-table full text searching
  349. Updating rows from one table to another without PHP?
  350. Deleting many-to-many realtionships
  351. I deleted few rows from a Table by mistake - how to recover?
  352. Where in this query do I have an Invalid Use of Null?
  353. Triggers Views in MYsql
  354. Simple Stored Procedure Broken
  355. Having multiple catagories..
  356. A seemingly simple query to construct yet not so much so ...
  357. How can i export data from mysql to excel?could you pls help me...tnx
  358. Finding row where two column values are known.
  359. Returning rows that match two keys, exculding those that match only one.
  360. Mysql
  361. How to use a part of a string using MySQL.
  362. Insertion of image -mysql
  363. Line size in MySql
  364. Format date to be like (January) not (01)
  365. find table name from a given record
  366. How to change the port MySQL uses?
  367. Composite Foreign Keys
  368. MySQL Search problem - help urgently needed...
  369. Table joins question
  370. Retrieving Data from a table
  371. Finding overlapping time intervals
  372. Date Format
  373. Creating a CSV every time data is updated
  374. Import data from .csv file to data base using DTS
  375. Change name of mysql
  376. Error in installing mysql
  377. Retrieving last rows from each DISTINCT set
  378. MySql file structure?
  379. Returning data related to two different rows in same table.
  380. Granting table permissions to anonymous users
  381. How to reset MySQL root password?
  382. What MySQL version runs successively with Linux i386
  383. Insert Statement Problem
  384. Run a query on datetime minus 2 days
  385. Grant Permission - New Query Sheet
  386. Incrementing a variable in a loop.
  387. Fetching info from a freshly created MYSQL Insert statement
  388. Converting MS Sql Server to MySql
  389. trigger that it uses dynamic SQL
  390. Getting unique results
  391. Lost connection to MySQL server - driving me insane
  392. Searching for table
  393. exception:error in mysql syntax
  394. Linking field in MySql table to Access database
  395. Access denied for user ''@'localhost'
  396. Planning to develope a database, possible integration onto a network.
  397. Return largest value from multiple columns
  398. which is the correct join in this case ?
  399. Mysql client
  400. getting table definitions via jdbc
  401. MySQL grant syntax and use of wildcards??
  402. Should I use a string that's varchar (30) (unique) as a primary key?
  403. Should i normalize a column varchar (4) that will have only 8 possible values?
  404. Access mysql one domain to another domain without copy database
  405. Software program to design
  406. how to show greek letters
  407. Do unused columns slow the search in other columns?
  408. how to backup the table's datas from linux?
  409. When to use triggers or not
  410. Using DISTINCT to get unique results
  411. How to calculate the difference between 2 timestamps then avg
  412. Table-to-email using SELECT INTO OUTFILE
  413. GRANT query not working properly in MySQL Query Browser.
  414. MYSQL speed
  415. i cannot shutdown mysql
  416. Quickly Inserting many 'unique' rows when there's duplicates in source data.
  417. First time user nothing happening
  418. Setting up the MySql query browser GUI
  419. Would an Alphabetical VARCHAR column be faster to query?
  420. Access denied for user 'mysqladmin'@'localhost'
  421. Setting up foreign key constraints in phpMyAdmin.
  422. How to speed this query
  423. Unable to connect to MySQL database!
  424. Getting error No. 1064... Deleting from multiple tables
  425. Validating the date for one year
  426. Can we insert null values in stored procedures?
  427. Sum QTY within 2 tables
  428. Setting the value of a field depending on whether the value exists in another table
  429. i cant join two tables, join is disabled
  430. Storing and Retreiving hindi asian language text in mysql
  431. How to take DataBase Backup from command prompt in MySQL
  432. Get Mysql to export rows in excel format
  433. insert with nested select problem
  434. default value for Auto increment
  435. Order and then Where
  436. MYSQL And Link
  437. SELECT from 2 columns
  438. Inserting values into a table with two timestamp fields
  439. Select from a different field depending on value of another field.
  440. retrieving data from 2 tables
  441. Splitting a field by delimiter char(10)
  442. Problem in Serach query
  443. Auto commit data in MySql database using JDBC
  444. search for keyword in table
  445. What Am I Doing Wrong
  446. Searching using multiple conditions with AND and OR
  447. Counting the tables in a database
  448. Query for most common field value
  449. Converting MSSQL to Mysql
  450. How do I use "check" and "fix" functions in MySQL
  451. filtering data with today's date
  452. changing data directory
  453. After transferring site to a new server, my scripts don't work anymore.
  454. Fetching words, definitions... and linked words from a many-to-many in a single query
  455. ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysq
  456. Can't change the key_buffer_size
  457. 'Operating System Error 32' while installing MySQL
  458. Hierarchical Problem - How can I create a query for this?
  459. how to concat four fields of same table in mysql
  460. Encoding password field with md5 hash
  461. Selecting records within a date range
  462. I want to have Grand total of Count(*)
  463. Which MYSQL VERSION shold down load
  464. line spacing
  465. Time Stamp in SQL
  466. Mysql date problem
  467. using case exists
  468. selecting top 10 entries
  469. Foreign association error
  470. how can i make one column as primary key?
  471. how to make the newly added column as foreign keyto its parent table in mysql?
  472. update only 30 records out of 100 that match the WHERE clause
  473. NOT IN Syntax
  474. How to get the SUM() of identical fields in multiple tables
  475. Need help with outer join command
  476. Best Explanation for Difference between Inner , Outer Joins
  477. How to insert into two tables that have Foreign Keys Referencing each other.
  478. What is the better select?
  479. Searching Chinese simplified characters
  480. Error 1005 errno :150 (MySql)
  481. `table` doesn't exist... but I'm sure it does!
  482. MySQL performance drops occasionally
  483. How to fetch data from two tables at once using UNION
  484. Creating a cursor to select from a field - which field is determined by variable.
  485. Migrating from Oracle to Mysql
  486. How to Store the Hindi Language in MySQL
  487. Sort data under 1 table but with different data
  488. show table using select statements
  489. Limiting rows utilised by a join to a single *CLOSEST* row
  491. Max of each count
  492. How do i select nearest value
  493. try to access MySQL in ASP.NET but output error
  494. MySql 5.0 community server remote access stopped working
  495. Readability of procedure with naming convention.
  496. mysql database on cd
  497. limit on results with a "search criteria"
  498. How to start / stop the MySQL service
  499. blank columns or separate tables
  500. Need help with query to select the latest revisions of records
  501. Find first payment
  502. Naming convention in procedure for readability
  503. Mysql installation on suse 10.2
  504. mysql database path
  505. Inserting extended Unicode characters fails
  506. getting data across 3 tables
  507. MySQL and PHP Security
  508. Who DIDN'T vote - need solution
  509. Can't find message file : errmsg.sys
  510. Getting started with implementing connection pooling
  511. Creating a report with customers as rows and products as columns
  512. Databases : Membership roles - designing tables
  513. how to view with 3 table
  514. mysql create table error
  515. Time Interval for hour and 30 minutes
  516. Updating a Table
  517. Reduce IBData1 Size
  518. need a sql
  519. java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  520. Base a query on a query.
  521. show fields using select statements
  522. Getting set up with PHP/MySQL
  523. MySQL Back Up
  524. how do i invoke a parallel query
  525. Performing mail merge from a mySQL database
  526. MySQL won't create a slow query log
  527. SQL Yog V5.29 - How do I turn off 'Limit 0'
  528. Time management b/w two server
  529. Displaying Special characters(likeŽ) From SQL in Internet Explorer
  530. Resetting AUTO_INCREMENT after deleting records
  531. How to migrate MySQL for Windows to MySQL for Linux
  532. Add foreign key to existing tables
  533. Storing binary files in the database
  534. MyISAM on master and InnoDB on slave server
  535. Difference between IN and OR
  536. How to create a table with 300 columns?
  537. Saving A Windows File Path
  538. DATEDIFF in Mysql 4.0
  539. Error using NOT in query...
  540. mysql dump problem - not dumping
  541. how to get the previous record value in the current record plz help me...
  542. ASK Anyone To Sum total from 25 table
  543. Help needed for writing a full code using C API to retrieve a data.
  544. groff and weinberg "SQL" sql for the sample database
  545. update all row without specified all row's ids
  546. ERROR 1030 (HY000): Got error 28 from storage engine
  547. How do I install MySQL 5.0 on Red Hat 9.0
  548. Updating data in a table
  549. Data type for IP Address converted using INET_ATON()
  550. Unable to connect to MySQL as root