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  1. Closing connections
  2. How to Create the Runtime Database in SQL Using the Vb.Net Tool?
  3. Import data from mysql to excel
  4. Database Table Design
  5. Date format
  6. Syntax error when trying to create databases.
  7. linking tables
  8. how to insert data by calling procedure
  9. =?gb2312?q?=A5x=ADM=C3=D2=A4@=A6~=A6h=A6=B8=C3=B1= C3=D2=A4=CE=AD=BB=B4=E4?==?gb2312?q?=A8=D3=A6^=BE= F7=B2=BC=ABP=BEP!!?=
  10. Creating databse to insert Multiple choice questions.
  11. mysql dsn file
  12. Query MySQL from Excel
  13. How to schedule MySQL backups?
  14. Primary/Foreign Key EER Diagram Questions
  15. files to attach
  16. Recursively select all Primary IDs, without stored procedure?
  17. Group by not using index
  18. mysql INTERSECT equivalent
  19. simple query
  20. Joining multiple tables with one to many relationships
  21. How to use the RETURN keyword in a MySQL Stored Procedure?
  22. Recursive stored procedure
  23. Need Urgent Help in Adding Databases
  24. Date data type and manipulation for add and edit through mysql & php
  25. use db
  26. help need to find row size...
  27. creating a counter for 'hits/listens' for each mp3 file.
  29. Recover Mysql database
  30. Use output of Stored Procedure as where condition
  31. trigger enable/disble in mysql5.0
  32. How to select rows based on duplicates in one column
  33. MySQL is misbehaving.
  34. Is there a MySQL alternative for the MSSQL XML datatype?
  35. Newbie is stuck! How do I increase a cost by a percentage?
  36. Foreign key problem
  37. error 1 from storage engine
  38. query takes 4 secs to run... any streamlining suggestions?
  39. read/write table efficiency
  40. Displaying SQL Results
  41. Need query.. help me any one...
  42. Converting Memo Text field to RTF
  43. ETL data from Oracle into MySQL
  44. DB_dataobjects problem with Insert
  45. Lookup table
  46. Outlook to mysql
  47. Need query help... urgent plz....
  48. mysql select from two tables
  49. hi is this query is right?
  50. Comparing hours in one single day
  51. scheduled backups
  52. Find 3 latest posts
  53. Concat error
  54. Composite index
  55. Help,Please (about syntax of mysql)
  56. Configure wait_timeout
  57. How to filter duplicate entries in mysql?
  58. userdefined exceptions in mysql
  59. Membership Tables in Mysql
  60. select from another table if rows do or do not exist
  61. Database Normalization - Question
  62. MySql Setup.exe
  63. FULLTEXT Search troubles
  64. order by count and tag
  65. MYSQL Setup.exe Deployment
  66. #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  67. Next and Previous buttons MySQL rows displaying 3 rows per page
  68. Long-term database connections vs. short-lived connections
  69. Get data less than 24 hours from current date
  70. MySQL Injection
  71. Question About Inner Joins and COUNT()
  72. How to SELECT * FROM table WHERE id>= x AND id<=y
  73. Conditional Insert
  74. Update Time on MySQL
  75. Problem with GROUP, UNION and COUNT...
  76. Multiple joins as an "OR"
  77. Select from 2 tables and reselect if not exists
  78. MySQL Getting Started
  79. A SELECT statement error
  80. Problems Inputting Date into My database.
  81. Importing excel spreadsheet into database
  82. How Do I Query Latest Dates across Columns?
  83. What is the best file type to output for a MSWord Mail Merge from a mysql database?
  84. To access mysql database server through c++, which driver should i install?
  85. how to write stored procedures in mysql?
  86. Order By Join Column
  87. phpMyAdmin - Notice: Undefined index: Type in...
  88. mysql server error 10061
  89. Multiple Column PK
  90. MySQL Insert ... Select special character problem
  91. short (but loaded) question
  92. need help in this query
  93. Set dynamic value of a field to another field
  94. Combining two queries on the same table
  95. Sql query to fetch result
  96. Deleting duplicates of rows
  97. problem with grouping (?)
  98. Database Backup
  99. Here's a Curve Ball: Limit number of records on Left Join
  100. sql query to exclude specific data from resultset
  101. logfile
  102. select values from the 2 different table
  103. e-mail generation through MySql
  104. How to delete from All tables in database
  105. Phpmyadmin
  106. Select all data from few tables, how to?
  107. My Site Down. Re installed MySQL copy DB files back?
  108. Designing a database problem
  109. need to combine these two queries
  110. Backing up MySQL with PHPadmin
  111. Asking what datatype should I used?
  112. #1030 - Got error 28 from storage engine
  113. Error in Selection MySQL client ran out of memory
  114. Connecting to MySQL over a network? How?
  115. Format the auto_increment
  116. How to retrieve comings birth days
  117. MYSQL: Return any value on missing row.
  118. Normalization
  119. Procedure: error -1?
  120. problem with create table
  121. Sort with GROUP BY, HAVING
  122. Enter life-time rule for rows in a table
  123. how to find maximum occurences of distinct value?
  124. Connect to MySQL database
  125. MYSQL: Currency Decimal DataType
  126. Trouble with grouping in MySql
  127. Create Table error 105
  128. Formatted number column cannot be sorted by number
  129. Am I missing something about join tables?
  130. password update problem with md5
  131. select file using Stored Procedure
  132. Advantages of JOIN
  133. How to list Dynamic categories
  134. Query Very Slow when using table(s) that are not referenced
  135. server went away error
  136. Building MySQL on WinXP
  137. Copy from server to server
  138. Stored procedure help please
  139. insert a new row and get the id of inserted row
  140. mysql insert in to statement
  141. Use List from TEXT Field in IN () condition
  142. 3 table join
  143. Problem with command: mysql -u root -p < localhost.sql
  144. Auto Increment Question
  145. Is there any possible way to speed up a query???
  146. Using match to serach a sting with *
  147. mergers in mysql
  148. MYSQL: Retrieve one row with data from JOINED tables with multiple matching rows
  149. If/else construct returns integer instead of varchar
  150. Entering a date into mysql
  151. how to setup a remote mysql database
  152. Foreach? Add 10 to current value.
  153. How to index a TEXT field to increase search performance?
  154. MySQLdump to data model graphical table layout.
  155. .xls / csv files type data need to insert in MYSQL database
  156. Selective concat in query?
  157. hwo to use REGEXP to find rows with any numbers in between?
  158. Configure phpmyadmin, how to get server details!
  159. Query help - Join on date, group by date
  160. Union based upon first query
  161. how to update my sql
  162. A few general mysql questions
  163. What is the NOW() function in a MySQL DateTime field query?
  164. Using mysqldb
  165. RLIKE in SQL
  166. Any hash function in MySQL?
  167. Effect of Regexp
  168. extract date from timestamp and compare
  169. Query for DateTime field, MySQL DB
  170. 2 weeks past date(mysql)
  171. Queuing
  172. MYSQL: CMS access rights how to?
  173. Reg MySQL server work as local network or remote server
  174. trying to optimize table and query
  175. time table in database
  176. Difference between Primary key and Unique
  177. inserting utf-8
  178. MYSQL: Get the ID during INSERT
  179. ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'SearchWord' in 'field list'
  180. Anyone see the problem?
  181. refreshing a mysql index
  182. Foreign key help
  183. Table Crashing frequently
  184. GROUP_CONCAT not working for > 283
  185. How can i find difference in 2 tables in different databases with same structure
  186. mysql won't drop database
  187. What is MyISAM ?
  188. Wht is mysql limit/capacity?
  189. select multiple columns from multiple tables with different number of columns
  190. How to Jump into auto increment values
  191. Count number of queries executed
  192. Which one is Suitable Engine!?
  193. Drop down navigation menus using mysql
  194. how to encrypt password in MySQL database?
  195. ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied error
  196. Searching blob
  197. MySQL Error 1064 when DELETEing
  198. MySQL vs MySQL enterprise
  199. MySQL Join tables vertically
  200. Calendar for each user
  201. How to set storage to MyISAM?
  202. Assign value based on criteria in anothe table
  203. joining three tables
  204. storing sub script and superscript value in Mysql database
  205. perform an operation when certain conditions are true
  206. Category sorting problem
  207. SQL Date Value Script
  208. Output query in MySQL
  209. Problem with Query SELECT COUNT
  210. recursive sql
  211. creating view and dead lock problem(urgent)
  212. Get data using user selected date
  213. Keep adding into to same field
  214. Procedure not working for MySQL
  215. polish signs in mysql db
  216. Valid Query? (Insert into, values, select, where)
  217. Sequence of rows
  218. search
  219. In mysql database how to give data with apostrophe
  220. Trouble returning id from auto increment
  221. mysql random field (condition, multiple table, compare)
  222. Which is the better MySQL Admin GUI?
  223. Set number in auto increment
  224. dividing field contents in Mysql
  225. table join to multiple join
  226. Insert data into DB
  227. how to auto increment in php code?
  228. Multiple checks on one parameter?
  229. Majorly Stuck
  230. query to fill one column with othe column in same table
  231. filtering messenger friend list for invite
  232. Run an alternative query if the first was null?
  233. select matching word
  234. onclick event - post and execute function?
  235. Compare user entered date with database date time
  236. query speed
  237. job search proj
  238. cache the result set of query
  239. use of reserved words in MySQL
  240. Sum() Function
  241. insert statements fomat is not licensed.
  242. help getting the remainder of a division in mysql
  243. Finding Last record in another table
  244. Ignoring fields
  245. Float doesn't go past 100
  246. Stored Proc Help
  247. Mysql error
  248. Update the database only when new data
  249. any ways to connect for MySQL to connect to TELNET?
  250. Return Multiple Rows In A String
  251. how to retrive latest date from mysql table
  252. performance problem with batch update
  253. Reinitializing an autoincrement column
  254. doubts on TELNET and MYSQL
  255. multiple Insert 'at same time'
  256. mysql blob
  257. Syntax error
  258. Slow connection to remote server
  259. phpMyAdmin/relational databases
  260. Conversion of object to array
  261. question about delimiter in mySQLman
  262. i need a hibernate query for mysql query
  263. get date between defined hours
  264. help,a regular text file how to sql 2000 table code ?
  265. Get data during last 24 hours
  266. Help in triggers
  267. Grants on all databases...
  268. Query Execution Time
  269. Fetch array values
  270. re-pointing or redirecting a database when mysql invoked
  271. Changing Values
  272. Reading Dump
  273. Radio buttons from html form and setting corresponding Enums in mysql
  274. Setting up a table
  275. how to make transaction tables
  276. Multi Query Issue
  277. Multiple Tables or just one big one?
  278. question on whether mysql cab be made more user friendly
  279. Simple query, still Using temporary; Using filesort ?!
  280. Arranging MySQL query by more than one Group By
  281. How can I save order in MySql
  282. Sending multiple emails from a database
  283. Inserting a value using VB.Net in database MySQl
  284. to disconnect the existing connection
  285. MySQL Command to display rows of a table.
  286. select values common in > 1 row in a table
  287. show literal when column contains certain value
  288. Number of records per hour
  289. adding dates, DATEADD function
  290. Problem in search from database
  291. Cant get sql statement to work in mysql 5
  292. NOT query syntax.
  293. Just want to have first name only
  294. IF Statement
  295. Need to optimize query
  296. JDBC exception on Hibernate data access
  297. Duplicate records problem
  298. Comma Separated
  299. want pdf for Mysql
  300. select data from mysql
  301. Can't resolve mysql error
  302. left join VS where
  303. Trouble saving datetime picker value into database
  304. Populating a Combobox
  305. Can I automate an export query?
  306. Role Based Access Control
  307. MYSQL default location problem.
  308. Performance tuning of UPDATE statement
  309. usin Join in the update query
  310. mysql error: The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
  311. mysql error: The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
  312. How do i get the NULL value
  313. question over NULL error
  314. update query: How to set zero if subquery returns no result
  315. Distinct Query throughs duplicat values
  316. Too Many Connections in a multi-threaded environment
  317. inserting 2 fields from 1 table to another table
  318. Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost' (using password: NO) problem
  319. Problem with Foreign key & Primary key in three tables
  320. How to get more than one filed in Case Statement
  321. time difference
  322. How to order with few criteria?
  323. Whats the workaround for implementing fulltextsearch with innodb?
  324. HTTP500 error when connecting mysql and php with apache
  325. MySql Order By multiple columns BUGGY?
  326. connecting to MYSQL using PHP and Apache
  327. mysql date within season
  328. How to get all variations in the word submitted?
  329. Help - How to enable threads
  330. how to split single row into multiple columns in mysql
  331. selective insert and update
  332. select join return duplicate result
  333. Gaining access to mysql
  334. failure notice
  335. Using keyes stored in one table to extract data from others
  336. SQL Date Calculations
  337. How to process form and insert data into db
  338. SQL statement help
  339. How to import oracle dump?
  340. Slow Full-Text Search when table grows constantly
  341. string function which works like stringtocknizer(java)
  342. Adding a space in between the data values
  343. selecting distinct values
  344. Match a exact word.
  345. how to reduce(decrease) query execution time
  346. inserting a null value to Time type
  347. No search result is displayed
  348. Finding New record insertion
  349. phpbb forum inserting data
  350. Import/export MySQL database
  351. Stupid mysql.sock
  352. Select ContactID if field doesn't have a specific value
  353. How to keep a connection alive
  354. Tracking history in MySql system table
  355. query for selecting the second heighest value in a table
  356. I can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)
  357. mysql error in query
  358. correct sql statements in using java netbeans
  359. Combining query
  360. Is Optional parameter to a Procedure is Possible in MySQL 5.0.....?
  361. posting null values in qty field
  362. Limiting results based on comparing two SELECT values
  363. calculate the Change
  364. 20,000 Word Dictionary database design
  365. Mysql query: How to ignore errors
  366. Stored Procedure tutorial with example
  367. Getting tricky with adding text
  368. quieries taking a while - key problem?
  369. Problem counting rows in two tables
  370. Joined query ignoring the second part of my query
  371. select on field having specific length and starts numeric
  372. backup/restore a complete database in MySQL 5.0
  373. Which is most efficient please
  374. Update field with identically named field from another table
  375. i think problem lies with SQL statement, please view and assist
  376. Export Omnis 7 data to SQL Server 05
  377. find all users with highest count
  378. linking mysql table in microsoft access
  379. inserting arabic names twice
  380. http 500 internal server error - installation problem only on MySQL
  381. Problem regarding Confining a user for securing MYSQL
  382. return more than all...
  383. Database Headaches
  384. Maximum number of MySQL Connections
  385. Problem inserting german and french characters
  386. updating one table using a query of another table
  387. how to pass a variable to another class?
  388. table stays LOCKED with import of sql dump
  389. How to enable innoDB support in mysql
  390. Help with bat script
  391. how SQL is related to Adodc
  392. Problem in select stmt inside stored procedure
  393. SQL UPDATE cant use characters for update the table column?
  394. Merge 2 tables
  395. Select * from (Right 9 digits on table name)="datatable"
  396. ORDER BY causing disk space error
  397. Filtering Product
  398. problem in updating a table...
  399. Query to select records between particular Date and Time
  400. tables and fields
  401. SQL syntax error in delete statement
  402. How to draw ERD of these tables?
  403. syntax error on select stmt
  404. Multiple JOINS and duplicates
  405. ORDER BY lookalike
  406. SQL Query help
  407. excel -phpmysql
  408. Using REGEXP in searching
  409. combine multiple row results in one comma sep. field using join
  410. What's wrong with my Procedure?
  411. Problem related to bat file
  412. Query - top members based on total and month
  413. can't login as root
  414. INSERT INTO statement won't take variables as values!
  415. Searching in Fields
  416. What is wrong with this SQL Statement?
  417. how to get rowid
  418. get data from MySQL and show on html page
  419. Multiple JOINS and controlling duplicates
  420. String to date in MySQL
  421. one table updates,the other doesnt (MYSQL)
  422. MYSQL Setup
  423. Complex nested mySql query help needed.
  424. dynamic string sent to db receives MySQL error near '%'
  425. how to write a query for ads
  426. Transfer database table from one PC to another PC on Linux
  427. MYSQL: GROUP BY Statement
  428. Many-one Mapping
  429. Unicode support?
  430. insert date in desired format m-d-Y
  431. resetting one particular field in all rows
  432. does mysql's innodb engine supports trigger
  433. How to Store 3DES encrypted String in MySQL column
  434. update
  435. Events order by startDate, EndDate - show single date events above date ranges
  436. Primary Keys
  437. need mysql.sock
  438. need database desing for online booking
  439. What Kind of Join Do I need?
  440. Library not loaded error on log in
  441. Confusion
  442. about database suspect
  443. Problem in trigger
  444. login
  445. sql php sms parse
  446. Complex query question
  447. Cannot set MYSQL root psw
  448. problem related to query in mysql
  449. Difference between Sql Server and MySql
  450. Basic MySQL Stored Procedure Syntax Problem
  451. Random posts from mysql
  452. phpmyadmin cannot access settings page
  453. limit number of mysql rows that can be written into a db
  454. How to change password of user in MySQL
  455. Complex Query 3 Tables combine ORDER BY + GROUP BY
  456. Cron Jobs
  457. how to install MYSQL from source on windows?
  458. Filter result set (java)
  459. how video file save in mysql db
  460. Can I use MySql With Access 2007
  461. Query error
  462. Combine Multiple records into one
  463. Decimal value gone AWOL in ASP when MySQL updated!
  464. Select different columns based on specific date in different columns
  465. Order by results by different columns
  466. Select/update in MySQL Stored Procedure
  467. Inserting multiple rows of data in table
  468. view query output in horizontal format
  469. column headings with export table
  470. Problem in getting results in order
  471. ERROR 1033 (HY000): Incorrect information in file
  472. DateTime Value 0000:00:00 in MySQL
  473. stored procedure to insert data from 1 table into 4 associated tables
  474. import Ms access data into MySql
  475. Help With Query Join Types For Shipping Rates
  476. Multiple joins returning too many rows
  477. Retrive image from MySql
  478. Extract values from lookup tables and display
  479. Order by column, increment non-primary index
  480. reverse for match() against() in mysql?
  481. Http 500
  482. Mysql List
  483. Sessions or MySQL recall
  484. mysql error
  485. Can't connect to local MySQL
  486. Single query to fetch data from two tables
  487. How to change the password for schema
  488. calculating DATE differences
  489. Time/amount
  490. Setting a distinct value from 2 columns
  491. phpmyadmin not supporrting INNODB
  492. Extract multiple values from single field and join
  493. Problem in auto_increment
  494. how to use mysqll cc on the server itself
  495. sql query to find topper in a class
  496. Having trouble in executing this statement - using Nested Select
  497. Help on select a Last Inserted Record
  498. Is there any alternative for ROWNUM and ROWID in mysql??
  499. nested sql statement problem in mysql version
  500. Trouble with SQL query .... please help
  501. Stored procedure and variables
  502. How do i return a value when executing a query using the prepare statement
  503. Join query with foreign key
  504. Join query with foreign key
  505. Performance question regarding GROUP BY...
  506. binding a mysql table on vb05 datagridview error
  507. Trying to UNION three queries to one, not working, getting error !
  508. How to find the Max Date from the Table
  509. SQL query for keywork search
  510. Comparison of Open Source databases
  511. Issue with triggers, if statement,and count(); its rather urgent.
  512. display data from two tables using my sql query
  513. create 2 columns from 1
  514. date
  515. How to send a signal from MySql to VB
  516. Using foreign key
  517. Storing photos in mysql
  518. Some questions on MySQL
  519. database collation
  520. Getting the date when a database table is last updated
  521. How to write MySQL command
  522. upload a database on the server
  523. images in mysql--to blob or not to blob
  524. SUM and COUNT two different tables with one query
  525. syntax error
  526. syntax error
  527. replacing a variable name within a string with a value
  528. how to 'terminate' the character data to remove ""?
  529. Counting ITEMS
  530. Error Code : 1329, No data - zero rows fetched, selected, or processed. MYSQL
  531. Zero rows fetch error when executing dump file
  532. question on joins
  533. Backup and Recovery in MySQL
  534. Enabling InnoDB support
  535. Leading Zeros
  536. deleting fields in mysql
  537. Query to import data into a text file
  538. Need help merging 4 rows into 1.
  539. LOAD DATA INFILE help
  540. Query to narrow results
  541. MySQL query
  542. userID ,password, hostdtring in my sql
  543. ASP.NET MySQL Table Column display problem..
  544. How to match a phrase in mysql?
  545. importing data into mysql
  546. remove rows that do not contain
  547. Text Between Strings
  548. Help On date Format
  549. Help with counting rows
  550. Text-based MMORPG Game (DB Scheme Question)