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  1. MySQL query help required
  2. insert into view help
  3. How can I convert Access database to MySQL?
  4. error 1064 stored procedure using navicat
  5. How to use not equal to
  6. Next row value
  7. how to create user preference page?
  8. Multiple table delete
  9. How to get percentage from mysql grading program
  10. Seperate string from a single table field into and assign to a variable
  11. Group_concat()
  12. query designer in mysql
  13. Can u help me connect to my database?
  14. APP Access Remote DB
  15. How to count frequen data in database
  16. Sql Wildcards Select HAS
  17. MySQL Build problem on HPUX platform."shared library must be position independent"
  18. date/ month/ year format
  19. Add text to a mysql field from txt file
  20. $q="INSERT INTO proj select * from projtemp where projid ='".$projid."'";
  21. Problem with query
  22. How to take the back-up of all the tables "without data" in Windows??
  23. Best Way of joining four tables
  24. can we store text file in a table?
  25. & not retrieve from Mysql Database
  26. Date time Diff
  27. mysql stored procedure without concat
  28. how to insert the date in specified format
  29. Syntax Error ORDER BY GROUP BY
  30. Mysql Stopped - Is there any Limit for Mysql
  31. 'NULL' value can not replaced in sub query
  32. insert image path into longblob
  33. MYSQL 'NULL' cant be replased
  34. Connect Mysql Server from Remote Location
  35. about remote mysql
  36. LIMIT on a condition
  37. sinc two mysql database
  38. How to get Role information in MYSQL?
  39. How to get Role information in MYSQL?
  40. determine table in union statement
  41. how to use check condition in column during insertion
  42. More Database Design
  43. populating a table
  44. How to find first instance from another table
  45. Get Dropped table info : table_schema information from information_schema.tables
  46. migrated from sqlserver2005 to mysql
  47. cannot import excell table in mysql
  48. RegExp Question
  49. import error
  50. Game
  51. SQLITE -> MySQL syntax differences complete list
  52. How to find the lowest value from several fields and assign it to another field?
  53. Backup & Restore Problem
  54. Mysql Order By Date is having some issues...
  55. Global Constants for mysql stored procedures!
  56. Fuzzy Duplicates
  57. Number of occurences in search!
  58. Optimize query(2)
  59. Game Site
  60. Optimize query
  61. Select statement with arrays
  62. Problems with a login page! Need Help!
  63. Error in application after converting mssql to mysql
  64. mysql overhead with innodb tables
  65. Locking a stored procedure!
  66. run mysql dump code via a form
  67. mysql insert current date and time
  68. Question about DB normalisation
  69. MAX record
  71. Search needed!
  72. Create table
  73. what is wrong with this query?
  74. How to get Table schema information ?
  75. CMS Errors + Query Failed
  76. Debugging Mysql Stored Procedure using Toad??
  77. MySQL Import: Access denied to database
  78. like statment
  79. Empty string is stored as system.object in mysql column!
  80. Mysql Error-1033
  81. How best to construct this query
  82. Error with TRUCATE
  83. IF or CASE statement inside INSERT
  84. tinyint(3) smallint(5), mediumint(7) int(10) bigint(15)
  85. How to compare entries in 2 seperate tables and store results in a 3rd table
  86. SQL doubt..
  87. Foriegn keys
  88. Error 1005 when creating tables on some servers.
  89. Increment Date field every day
  90. How can i create table for academic details
  91. mysql date problem
  92. Design Normalization
  93. MySQL said:
  94. MySQL and linking to MS Acccess
  95. execute denied error
  96. editing existing procedured in mysql
  97. Does some one has IP2Location database
  98. Query second table based on first query response?
  99. select last update
  100. auto_increment
  101. #2003 - The server is not responding
  102. return # of rows updated
  103. Something about Qualifiers?
  104. HTML form --> MySQL
  105. Variable table name for cursor
  106. Connecting to both mssql and mysql?
  107. Help with SQL query
  108. MySQL syntax wanted
  109. MySQL Subselect
  110. updating mysql table
  111. how to reassign records
  112. How much can it hold?
  113. need help get All matching experience in all category with min query
  114. vBulletin database
  115. Query Multiple User-Defined Meta-Terms
  116. Automatic table update
  117. How to implement unique constraint on 2 columns
  118. How to connect remotely to Linux/MySQL using MySQL Query Browser
  119. problem with select query
  120. convert string to date
  121. SQL statement to select only one name from a lot of same names
  122. Discussion Forums with PHP Tutorial - MySQL Errors
  123. Demon hosting how to use it (odbc/MySQL)
  124. List the table's that has same column
  125. how to get count from 3 different tables
  126. How to retrieve a blob field from MySQL table?
  127. database error.....undefined index
  128. how to create a filter layer before the db
  129. concat in select statement
  130. syntax error
  131. design question - getting info from 3 tables
  132. Temporary table not being created
  133. Order By one of two possible fields.
  134. Difficult JOIN?
  135. SELECT from multiple tables
  136. Count numbers group wise according to identical time in PHP and MYSQL
  137. need of some information regarding SQL RBMS
  138. com.mysql.jdbc.CommunicationsException
  139. Exporting data into a text file
  140. How to create a table (many-to-many association) from the primary keys of tables?
  141. extracting info from LDAP column?
  142. select from 2 tables and
  143. PrimaryKey
  144. Can't create table (errno: 150) - Foreign Key Constraints
  145. blob insert returns null in query
  146. User Information Privacy Levels DB design
  147. update colomn random using mysql
  148. Select Query
  149. Auto increment
  150. Rank by 2 columns in mysql
  151. Japanese and MySQL
  152. Mysql query for count
  153. Drop multiple tables with same prefix
  154. Common trigger for all tables.
  155. foreign key contraints problem
  156. how to get milliseconds
  157. need help with copy table to table in mysql
  158. how to get milliseconds
  159. Add new colums to existing view
  160. get the page number a record is ont (Limit)
  161. Delete Record After 24 Hours How To
  162. varchar insert help
  163. Installing MySQL on Windows Vista Ultimate
  164. PHP not executing with database data
  165. storing files on mysql database or on server?
  166. Update Table from Another Table
  167. show only 1 record with LIMIT statement
  168. DateDiff
  169. cannot get unlinked records
  170. SQL Less Than returns wrong results
  171. how to find the record no?
  172. query for regular expression.
  173. Help! MySQL LEFT JOIN probelm in Perl
  174. Mysql 4: Invalid database name (howto delete?)
  175. best way to save multiple checkboxes value in a database
  176. Join Problem
  177. mysql_select_db Errors
  178. Help in creating Table View
  179. Website Database Listings Solution required!
  180. back up the database
  181. Retrieve matched values
  182. 'MySQL server has gone away'
  183. Nested SQL?
  184. Need to retrieve primary key
  185. How to restore a single table from a mysqldump database backup?
  186. mysql_fetch_array() problem
  187. foreign key
  188. Storing large amounts of information in MySQL
  189. an error in insert into table
  190. Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
  191. What JOIN do I need?
  192. SUM() increases precision (decimal point) ?
  193. Zero disappearing
  194. date/time in sql
  195. Insert to table problem
  196. Stored Routines
  197. select last_insert_id()
  198. Joining to queries into one
  199. Adding Thumbnail Picks in PHP MyAdmin: Datatype?
  200. select colum
  201. Averaging Data by Date
  202. condition in CONCAT
  203. Normalization
  204. Stored Procedure Creation
  205. Private Data on USB stick
  206. Incorrect key file for table error when upgrading from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5
  207. problem in using strtotime in query mysql
  208. archiving my db
  209. "Table Does Not Exist" (But It Does?)
  210. msql C API
  211. Error:1064
  212. Truncated incorrect time value: '1:05 AM'
  213. enum set null value
  214. Duplicated site not working from new db but does from old db
  215. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  216. Server has gone away error when importing a large SQL file.
  217. Select Multiple Rows and Combine / Insert into One Row
  218. Comparing month and year from a timestamp
  219. mysql crashing, no error in error log
  220. newby how to increment dates in a stored program
  221. Retrieving data from multiple tables and making multiple pages?
  222. Concurrent Updates - Solutions
  223. Create a Database on a network drive
  224. W2K message "Null data set"
  225. SQL query fails when adding a text field to the WHERE clause.
  226. How Can I Correct this Select AS Syntax?
  227. new MySQL account
  228. how to write a trigger
  229. horizontal display of records
  230. Design Question - Which Data Type
  231. how to convert the number of records find into words
  232. selecting the opsite
  233. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user
  234. Query to find the difference b/w averages
  235. How to Extract only the starting data?
  236. query for numeric/symbol first character
  237. Reg: Selecting particular data from a long data
  238. combing field name
  239. getting max date value
  240. SELECT DISTINCT sum(): return multiple rows
  241. enconding problem
  242. Creating tables through command line.
  243. AVG between two dates
  244. Import data from MS SQL to MYSQL
  245. MYSQL error codes and ASP.NET
  246. How do i change my entire database (including fields!) to UTF-8?
  247. access/migration problem
  248. suplied argument not valid mysql sql resource
  249. MySQL result resource error
  250. Is mysql right for me?
  251. How to retrive data from four tables
  252. Trigger for preventing duplicates.
  253. What do I use MySQL for?
  254. Before I Go Too Far
  255. Function for making url-friendly strings
  256. Storing Multiple Survey Formats and Answers
  257. how to insert a long xml string in mysql
  258. Problem is not solved yet (Re:-prepare stmt)
  259. how to insert '\' character
  260. Is there a front-end management program for MySQL?
  261. how to insert within a condition
  262. What should be the database structure?
  263. Live MYSQL interactions?
  264. Using IN or OR
  265. how to set result of prepare stmt (MYSQL)
  266. mysql_fetch_assoc
  267. SQL - work around
  268. Large Table or Many Tables?
  269. MySql 5.0 - Trigger with Bussiness Logic
  270. Securing mysql db.
  271. Segmentation fault in ptmalloc_init () from /lib/i686/nosegneg/
  272. XLS/CSV Data need to upload MYSQL database
  273. Multiple MySql dates
  274. Access module into MySQL
  275. Query processing
  276. MySQL on Windows x64 and include and lib subdirectories
  277. how to add defaults in MySQL from Access data transfer
  278. new to MySql
  279. Query from First Table, relation in second Table
  280. Help need for Grant Privileges...
  281. how can i fire a store procedure in mysql repeatedly after some fixed days?
  282. phpmyadmin does not show stats
  283. how does social networking web site store images?
  284. Important issue from Mrs.Gloria
  285. how to write group by query
  286. Performance issues in iterative concurrent inserts in mysql 4.0.18
  287. dbi connect failed
  288. Please help with this error in SQL syntax.
  289. Store Friend relations
  290. Pass a PHP array into Mysql 'IN' clause
  291. Primary Key question
  292. load data
  293. Is it possible to split the content of Blob Datafield?
  294. Update row in mysql
  295. About filtering redundant value
  296. database transfer to online
  297. Connect to a MySql db through a proxy server using C#
  298. Problem in Displaying the Mysql data in Frontend
  299. Number of Sundays
  300. optional select
  301. how to update mysql database with new data set?
  302. Error connecting to MYSQL
  303. Need help regarding replication in MySql database.
  304. reverse group by in mysql
  305. The DISTINCT command with multiple columns
  306. Append the data in multiple Rows to single row
  307. Im Having Trouble With A MySpace Clone Script
  308. where are foreign keys in the information schema
  309. Find the rooms in a given hotel which is unoccupied
  310. validate input
  311. cross table redundant information
  312. Date Function
  313. Line breaks in mysql and c# .net
  314. Using Views Is Slower Than Execute the Same SQL
  315. Fetch only Date and Month from Date
  316. SELECT ... WHERE dealing with Subquery Array
  317. count(*) and ORDER by the result of count
  319. Table structure issue
  320. limit results by user
  321. is it possible to do this with one query???
  322. outer join and inner join
  323. incremental backups for realtime system
  324. Edit permissions MySQL Administrator
  325. sorting table data in mysql database
  326. INSERT combining SELECT and php variables
  327. trouble with mysql source command
  328. Using comma as decimal separator
  329. Can't locate DBD/ in @INC
  330. Multiple Databases or Single Database
  331. Deleting contents of cell from a field
  332. connect sql database to infopath 2007
  333. Foreign Key problem
  334. Reg: Extracting the data to CSV format
  335. MYSQL trigger You can't specify target table 'XXX' for update in FROM clause
  336. Mysql Multithreded program getting sagmentation fault
  337. OPTIMIZE TABLE corrupting table
  338. MySQL join gives duplicate records
  339. mysql join
  340. Error: Database query failed: Unknown column 'subj' in 'where clause'
  341. Mysql Query for multiple args
  342. how to connect MySQL to Python
  343. database design
  344. Increment the specific field by 1 in a query
  345. Can I store the sum of row's child rows' field in a parent field?
  346. Best backup method
  347. Restore Mssql bak file to Mysql 5.1 database
  348. how to load data from a csv file to databse
  349. =?utf-8?Q?=E9=A2=A8=E8=A1=A3=E6=B4=8B=E8=A3=9D.=E9=87=9D =E7=B9=94=E6=B4?==?utf-8?Q?=8B=E8=A3=9D=E5=A4=96=E5=A5=97=E4=B8=80=E5=85= 83?=
  350. =?big5?B?ZKSjt1GmQaW0pWSkRiGm26R2t+2m0cHzLKTrpEqis aHQorW4VSEhLi4uLg==?==?big5?B?Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4u Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4u?==?bi g5?B?Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uL ndlc3RmaWVsZGJvbm4=?=
  351. list of dates
  352. Lottery Prize Notification
  353. upcoming birthdays query
  354. Aprovecha un 70% de descuento al comprar en
  355. Problem with inner join
  356. MYSQL says #1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  357. Complex join?
  358. Extract the table and views used in a storedprocedure
  359. Removing duplicates
  360. UNION ignores my embedded ORDER clause
  361. Error 1200 <hy000>:
  362. !!! END-OF-YEAR PROMO !!! CALL +234-805-347-4766 TO CONFIRM EMAIL
  363. mysqldump: Got error: 1045:
  364. where to find shell> ???
  365. [DB Design] Sometimes-Tracked Stock
  366. How to write query that will return data from three different tables?
  367. mysql query
  368. Dear in Christ
  369. Joining to two queries to extract a result set
  370. how to setup database replication in Mysql???
  371. wrong result .or wrong code for what i need :)
  372. Error to IN Operator with sub query
  374. mysql connectionpropertiestransform issue - help needed
  375. Problem with ORDER BY
  376. difference between sql and mysql query
  377. DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
  379. exporting privileges tables mysql
  380. Copying a table using phpMyAdmin.
  381. Big mistake: Update command without where clause
  382. storing student module records
  383. How to run this SQL query
  384. Display Results within results - PHP & MySQL
  385. 更多精彩內容盡在39優質無碼DVD光碟網
  386. Trigger
  387. Ms Access to MySQL conversion on asp shows this error
  388. NOBLE CALL...
  389. =?BIG5?B?sXrB2ahTprOkQK3TsU3E3aq6pfi3frr0r7i23KFI? =
  390. =?BIG5?B?NTIxqr7D0aZBp1GlzqFBqr7D0ahTprOouu+7tlE4M jY=?=
  391. MySQL to Oracle connectivity
  392. generate autoid
  393. Set a data item value depending on a generated record number
  394. SQL to check for a string in stored procedure
  395. Duplicate values for another value in the same table
  396. =?big5?B?MjAwOKZ+vPaq+b7Hst8tuc+5s7BPvtCqa6V1rW4xN jAwpLggISEuLi4uLi4uLi4=?=
  397. MYSQL Query optimize and load faster
  398. MySQL multi table bug
  399. Struggling to create an OpeningBalance
  400. problem migrating from MS Access to MySQL
  401. =?big5?B?MjAwOKZ+vPaq+b7Hst8tuc+5s7BPvtCqa6V1rW4xN jAwpLggISEuLi4uLi4uLi4=?=
  402. bug in MySQL manual?
  403. skipping versions when upgrading (want to upgrade 4.0.22 to 5.0)
  404. =?big5?B?MjAwOKZ+vPaq+b7Hst8tuc+5s7BPvtCqa6V1rW4xN jAwpLggISEuLi4uLi4uLi4=?=
  405. Mysql tables cannot be added stop at record 74797 - error!!
  406. Database Design Question for a Newbie
  407. Combine records into one by specific columns not all , not Group By
  408. List a number of fields
  409. AutoNumber Question
  411. Check if the user can create temporary?
  412. Query to find the number of consecutive days
  413. Problem with MySQL root directory
  414. About InnoDB locking mechanism
  415. About backing-up contents of a table
  416. connecting a database using godaddy
  417. =?big5?B?pXWtbqdBrE+7e691qrosu7K+yadBpmi8V6VbMy01u FUhIS4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLg==?==?big5?B?Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4u Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4u?= =?big5?B?Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uL i4uLmdsYW1vdXJuZWNlc3Np?==?big5?B?dHk=?=
  418. flusing the database
  419. =?big5?B?MjAwOKZ+vPaq+b7Hst8tuc+5s7BPvtCqa6V1rW4xN jAwpLggISEuLi4uLi4uLi4=?=
  420. Your Past Effort Compensation
  421. Prepare statement allows only global variables?
  422. Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet'
  423. =?big5?B?MjAwOKZ+vPaq+b7Hst8tuc+5s7BPvtCqa6V1rW4xN jAwpLggISEuLi4uLi4uLi4=?=
  424. Count of value
  425. Check if a record exists in the last 30 records
  426. String search in MySQL query
  427. Receiving Syntax Error using "OR" command
  428. Combining two fields
  429. search engine
  431. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
  432. Date format conversion
  433. MySQL: Replacing the first 0 with 44
  434. problem with mysqp
  435. query not using index(es)
  436. Join problem
  437. How to recover deleted rows in MySQL
  438. End Of Year Grant Award !!
  439. LEFT JOIN problem
  440. Importing a database
  441. =?big5?B?MjAwOKZ+vPaq+b7Hst8tuc+5s7BPvtCqa6V1rW4xN jAwpLggISEuLi4uLi4uLi4=?==?big5?B?Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4u Li4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLi4uLndyZ3Fvdm5ieWp0?= =?big5?B?bQ==?=
  442. Exporting database from a linux server
  443. Error in Database Restore
  444. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket on Ubuntu.
  445. database backup error
  446. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
  447. SQL & GROUP BY
  448. Remote Connection To Database
  449. user for a table
  450. Obtaining mySQL account information
  451. MySQL to Json
  452. Remote DSN
  453. Whitespace in varchar field
  454. which feature was introduced in which version / backward compatibility
  455. MySql REGEXP Problem
  456. Problem with Greek characters
  457. =?big5?B?vsey37BPvtCqa691qrqlda1uMTYwMKS4ISE=?=
  458. Reference second table in computed column
  459. how to run sql query
  460. Case + order by
  461. =?big5?B?vsey37BPvtCqa691qrqlda1uMTYwMKS4ISE=?=
  462. Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' error
  463. mix of integers and characters
  464. What is a Unique Key?
  465. UPDATE multiple rows in mysql (in one single query)
  466. Can I recurse through a table to get child values?
  467. User needs to delete record
  468. Query to get list of cocktails given ingredients
  469. About ORDER BY with & without LIMIT
  470. table relations and join
  471. Convert character to number
  472. Login Menu Creating, Register always possible
  473. Storing list data in MySQL
  474. how to find server
  475. A Normalisation problem
  476. select IMMEDIATLY after an insert statement
  477. Too many connection
  478. about using mysql with tomcat onto jbuilder
  479. Update changes values I want kept
  480. Need a opinion/advice about Hotel db pls
  481. Mysql Back up manager freeware needed
  482. ODBC 5.1 Driver connection fail
  483. MYSQL Query need
  484. Adding foreign-key constraint error
  485. Group By with Order BY, or INSERT INTO (SELECT * GROUP BY)???
  486. C# Console (exe) application crashes on open command (MySql)
  487. gps tracker from cybergraphy 55fd
  488. How to count objects in Database?
  489. jsp to mysql
  490. How to get an application to register a user with the MySQL server
  491. Stored Procedure SELECT Statement Error
  492. Remove the characters in table data
  493. building mysql on winXP
  494. Mysql - Triggers
  495. How to query two separate tables
  496. MySQL Sub query with ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1
  497. Check if table is exist or not
  498. MYSQL limitation on my hosting. Any ideas?
  500. am being unable to insert staff in my sql database using wamp server
  501. Doubt in querying
  502. Self-Join Query
  503. Decimal insertion showing mysql error 1264
  504. My SQL on Visual Studio with Crystal Reports
  505. why this query is making rubbish result?
  506. MS Access Front-Ends with MySQL databases Path-Forward assistance
  507. Sum() is making problem
  508. Can anyone help with merge sql statement.
  509. Union of numbers inside a MYSQL table
  510. how to segregate
  511. Problem with subquery in MySQL
  512. SQLExecDirect does not return immediately when link between client and server and app
  513. Sorting a table
  514. Regular expression in MySql....
  515. Mysql Date Format
  516. query cache or something else mad
  517. converting access to mysql
  518. Need Help In SQL Complex Query
  519. Converting an .SQL file to CSV/TSV with apache?
  520. Stringing together a CASE expression
  521. Between Dates
  522. How to set the root user password?
  523. whats wrong with using a BLOB?
  524. max_allowed_packet
  525. Reset AutoIncrement Colume value
  526. Subquery convertion to run in mysql 4.0
  527. negative value is sql
  529. Looking for "best practices" type suggestion.
  530. Is this inefficient? (A little too much complexity.)
  531. Help with MySQL Group function (I think)
  532. DB Backu Query
  533. Connecting to MySql DB from a .NET app
  534. How to check if a table is empty?
  535. Representing or determining "friend of a friend of a friend" relationships
  536. How Can I get PHP script to work in a MySQL row?! (Please help ASAP!)
  537. Help wiet error
  538. =?windows-1256?B?oMfRyM0g49ogyObHyMkgIuPa3+MiIMfhxeHfytHm5O3 J?=
  539. query failing with indexed (or not) ORDER BY
  540. Tree in mysql
  541. selection on many to many with uniqueness of one field
  542. Do simultaneous inserts and selects slow down a query?
  543. Need help with optimization of queries
  544. db design or query
  545. myqsl stored procedure passing comma seperated list as parameter
  546. How the field of mysql table to be hyperlinked to some url when accessing.
  547. interesting ebooks shop!
  548. Horizontal display of join 2 tables
  549. Expression of non-boolean type
  550. Options for "source" command?