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  1. Getting data from two different tables in one query
  2. Simple thumb up / down vote system
  3. SUM and MAX query
  4. Grouping results from different rows
  5. How do i remove this time 02:30 from 1899-12-30 timestamp?
  6. How to use full text search with multiple words?
  7. Could not connect: Access denied for user
  8. Perl/mysql: retrieve id and name for record already in the database or create newname
  9. count & multiple group by
  10. Some data missing from 2 table query.
  11. How to select data in a join where the date of the joined has to be the next highest
  12. MySQL, pull data from a column in a different table only if a second column matches
  13. Why does MySQL think that 8:32 is larger than 12:44?
  14. How to set a session id to a value after using a case-when statement?
  15. How to connect two databases on two hosts?
  16. How to use case-when statements in stored mysql procedure?
  17. What is the purpose to repair a MySQL table?
  18. How to get the last inserted id in a table in mysql ?
  19. How to pick next or prevoius day?
  20. Getting duplicate entry error even by using IGNORE
  21. Update remote mysql database from an online mysql database.
  22. Using Array and For Loop in MySql query / procedure
  23. 4 pc connected through a hub how they can use a common mysql server for data base
  24. Does MySQL support something like an "OR" statement?
  25. max command
  26. Could someone translate this to mysql commands?
  27. Problem contructing SQL Request for multiple lines
  28. Is a where clause possible in show columns command?
  29. SUM + JOIN 2 column
  30. How can I replace all contents of a field based on a partial string?
  31. Help with Normalisation of tables!!!
  32. What are some popular PHP MySQL Content Management Systems?
  33. How to query Boolean columns to return ones with value 0?
  34. What are some free web hosting services with mysql and php5 enabled?
  35. How to search for a data form 5 MySQL table at a time?
  36. How to search records from database?
  37. How to get column names with where condition included?
  38. Why is CONCAT not piecing together strings?
  39. How to remote-access my online database in MySQL using Navicat?
  40. How to improve the performance of the following query?
  41. How to fix "Not Connecting to MYSQL" error in WAMP?
  42. How to fix Navicat error, "2003 - Can't connect to MySQL server localhost (10061)"?
  43. How to create an ODBC connection to a hosted MySQL DB?
  44. How to use a LIKE statement to perform a search?
  45. How to get intersecting results from multiple queries (Joins)?
  46. How to represent a timetable in a database?
  47. How to return name of free lab from query?
  48. How to use mySQL union (full join) and order by DATE of just news?
  49. How to list the tables that we have created?
  50. Null Calculation With Sql Select Statement
  51. MySQL timestamp doesn't match system time
  52. How to change a database field with date?
  53. search value from table by date
  54. foreach parent return eldest son's picture
  55. storing date in the format date('YmdGis')
  56. How to compare a value from one table to another, and have an new field populated?
  57. How import a xls file to Mysql DB?
  58. Can't update/delete MySql records from Access2003
  59. How to retrieve video from mySQL database?
  60. Undo the last statement in sql
  61. Does text in mysql datatype supports rich text format or not?
  62. How to view dupicate data in mysql
  63. clearing temp tables from server /tmp dir
  64. Mysql Query taking forever
  65. Http Error 500.0 error when loading MySQL driven pages in IIS
  66. how to insert arrays in mysql?
  67. how to use RAND() in select statement?
  68. How to speed up the Group By Clause for a large 3GB database?
  69. mysql error 1130
  70. MySQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  71. How do I Use operators in MYSQL or What did I do Wrong Using them?
  72. Search and Joining Fields
  73. mysql multi group by
  74. Does different quotation marks mean different things?
  75. self join or subselect
  76. How do add data from other table into query
  77. Update a MYSQL db password using crypt() technology on MYSQL connection
  78. Server Error in '/' Application.
  79. search database
  80. I am trying to use UNION AND GROUP BY. Its not working and I need assistance :)
  81. Calculating daily and hourly power usage
  82. Table always returns empty result set despite inputs from php form
  83. What is the best mysql configuration of My.cnf?
  84. how to take backup of database using java by query itself?
  85. how to store table of data in to mysql?
  86. How can I sort this by price?
  87. Unable to create index it still says TABLE ACCESS FULL
  88. In Windows 7 32 bit Processor useing MySql database server libmysql crach
  89. i have a script which executes several queries for n number of records.
  90. I have query with anchor tag in php mysql?
  91. How can I conditionally join result sets from (3) tables based on common criteria?
  92. ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  93. How to Sync data between Access and Mysql tables?
  94. How to extract data from mysql in json using php?
  95. How to compress and uncompress large text file into MySQL?
  96. MYSQL Inner Join with possible empty tables
  97. How to store images in database by using path and filename
  98. How to create full text searchability in PHP webadmin?
  99. how to find unmatched row's for one user?
  100. Help on mysql statement
  101. Need advice on how I should set up my db/tables/columns
  102. Why do I get the output of SELECT on 2 lines in mysql?
  103. Form Filled Input Data to More Than One Database and Table
  104. How to store url in database
  105. Combining 2 MySQL tables in 1 query
  106. How to declare CURSORS with variable file names?
  107. How to fix error: Access denied for user ''@'localhost ?
  108. How to fix error: Access denied for user 'my_user_name'@'%' to database 'my_db'
  109. How to update on a mysql myisam table becomes inconsistent with high concurrency?
  110. How to fix connection error when connecting from Win7 machine to Linux using TOAD
  111. How to merge output from two select statements?
  112. How to fix error: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  113. what are the data dypes in mysql?
  114. Why does this sp only return an integer
  115. How to search records by date
  116. Write Sql query to select all username who had nokia handsets "N72" in 2008
  117. How to fix mysql_result error that occurs only when using Google Chrome
  118. How to transfer a table content to a Outfile.
  119. What is a trigger and why do we need triggers in a database?
  120. How to show 7 days of info consistently in SQL?
  121. Why did MySQL stops working once the port value is changed in my.cnf?
  122. Query to Group products based on sales patterns. Highest, lowest, and median values
  123. xdebug problem
  124. Having Issues with sql Case statement in query.
  125. MySQL won't install on Windows 7, password problem
  126. DATE() equality not working for some rows
  127. How to select all tables in a database?
  128. How to select all tables in a database?
  129. How to copy row with updated value
  130. How to Store mathematical equations
  131. GROUP BY clause and CASE statement – need help
  132. MYSQL - GROUP BY clause at Professional Level
  133. MYSQL - How to use UPDATE with IF-ELSE condition
  134. Simple Update Statement
  135. How can I check the underlying sql behind an already existant mysql view?
  136. During the installation of mysql yog , I get error no. 2003?
  137. How to select the 2nd Date on the row after getting the minimum date
  138. How do I convert the time to HH:MM am/pm from database's HH:M:SS?
  139. Problem with multiple rows returned by query
  140. How to send email Job via MySQL
  141. Can you migrate MySQL data bases without access to an Admin Panel using FTP
  142. Is it faster to query by doing greater than or doing multiple equals?
  143. Live transfer selected data between tables
  144. How to setup MySql Restaurant d/b schema
  145. When I run mytest.php I get the following message, but nothing shows in the database.
  146. Grant remote access to local database from Workbench
  147. MySQL - need to concatenate results of subquery in a select statement
  148. how to get current month data from two tables
  149. Query failed with error: Unknown column 'bernard' in 'where clause'
  150. How can i increase mysql time
  151. Help w/ Update Query
  152. Copying Duplicate Table data's to another Table in Java/JDBC
  153. Return Yesterdays Sales
  154. How to insert and retrive image in mysql table?
  155. Select Tables using Wild Cards?
  156. Select Tables using Wild Cards?
  157. How to resolve Unknown column 'full_name' in 'field list'?
  158. How to deal with search queries that contain special characters.
  159. Reports w/ 2 tables and totals
  160. Loops in SQL?
  161. Convert integer value of date to equivalent month (1=Jan, 2=Feb....)
  162. Trying for find a minimum from maximum selection
  163. Limit rows based on a value?
  164. How do I convert the unique data of repetitive records into a new column
  165. how to use something like left in select statement
  166. How to insert values present in variable into mysql table?
  167. Difference between MYSQL and MYSQL eNTERPRISE EDITION
  168. Converting integer to string for a column
  169. Regenerate a Nest Set for Access?
  170. how to upload mysql database to my serverspace in programming
  171. Multiple partial insert into two related tables
  172. Datatype difference
  173. xampp is runing on windows 2007 ultimet?
  174. how can I convert from nafitha DBF to SQL
  175. How to select any one of multiple fields from search and display in list in same page
  176. Netezza Sql query
  177. mysql_query gives Resource id #17
  178. Problem in SUM() query
  179. Access SQL to combine two queries into one single table
  180. How to pass varchar parameter in stored procedure?
  181. how to create crosstab table using two queries in Access
  182. The SELECT statement doesn't seem to function correctly in the example below.
  183. How to exclude database from dump command while dumping all databases ?
  184. Simple Email Trigger Question, just am very new to triggers
  185. What is the maximum number of rows and columns in MYSQL table database.
  186. ALTER TABLE table_name ALTER COLUMN column_name datatype
  187. How to delete the 10 records with the lowest id's
  188. phpBB : Critical Error
  189. Why does MySQL not open?
  190. MYSQL where clause help!
  191. order results by relevancy
  192. How to return the record above and the record below .. ?
  193. mysql UPDATE with out specifying the column names
  194. Sql, GROUP BY interval
  195. [Err] 1242 - Subquery returns more than 1 row in an update assignment
  196. Problem in DB Import
  197. Give suggestions for nested query...
  198. How to create a database for social networking?
  199. don't know what user/password should be
  200. is any other way to connect php and mysql?
  201. I had installed latest version of sql server but i had a problem in fedora 13
  202. Cannot log in and access data
  203. Foreign key constraint error when using MySQL running under Windows 7
  204. Need help in mysql query..
  205. Can we have Separate where clause for separate column accessing the same table
  206. what is difference between sql and my sql?
  207. How to SELECT the most recent entry and the one before it?
  208. Error when creating MySQL table
  209. search engine on multiple tables?
  210. How to use UPDATE with SELECT???
  211. mysql - change date - update table
  212. MySQL table crash problem
  213. how to check a database for functional dependencies
  214. Can MySQL query another DBMS? (SQLite)
  215. Receiving file from remote source?
  216. Get the most recent records comparing them on multiple tables
  217. exclude fields in a query
  218. Query to pull current status only.
  219. how to select and count a field
  220. How to select last entry when joining?
  221. Migrating from MS Server to MySQL
  222. How to create a before insert trigger with message
  223. CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW Not Working?
  224. Why im getting wrong number of rows when using group by and limit?
  225. query convert from oracle to mysql
  226. top 2 places mysql
  227. MySQL secure root account
  228. Multiple Sum() values with GROUP BY Problem
  229. How to wrap text with PHP
  230. displaying result in a single row
  231. count the number of records - stored procedure
  232. Ranking Query Is Too Large
  233. MySQL Workbench Yes/No
  234. Calculating age in mysql
  235. Find the 6 highest amounts in a table in Mysql
  236. Can't connect on localhost even though it is listening
  237. Is it possible to create fields with multiple values?
  238. How to get the difference between two similar tables (complement)
  239. How to allow Candadian Zipcodes in SQL Table
  240. design EER diagram using mysql Workbench
  241. Using mysql in php
  242. MySQL sintax error
  243. formula editor for database
  244. what causes LockAcquisitionException?
  245. How to insert a tag element in longtext field used as XML
  246. How to replace part of a text field with text stored in another table
  247. how do i select all the other entries other than specified in the list using IN
  248. striping out special character from the mysql database
  249. select hierarchy of id's from single table
  250. mysql - get the percentage of a row count of all counts
  251. Mysql Master - Server Replication
  252. could not find Installable ISAM
  253. Date fromat
  254. Where is the foreign key column name stored in MySQL System tables?
  255. How to decrease pagination query time when dealing with 2 million + records
  256. Help with mixed up data in query
  257. How to import more than 2mb mysql database
  258. MyODBC Connection Problem
  259. What is the best sql join method to query 4 tables with same columns?
  260. Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_6caf_0.MYI'; try to repair it
  261. Hacker Attempt
  262. two unusual tables, one query
  263. How to drop unique key or index from a table ?
  264. problem in fetching date from database
  265. stored procedure join multiple result sets
  266. Not unique table/alias
  267. Problem in executing sql query
  268. Urgent-advice needed to choose MySQL for high traffic webportal
  269. Database programming assignment
  270. How to drop a Foreign Key in mysql
  271. A newbie MySQL question...
  272. Sorting
  273. How to merge value
  274. Multiple joins between 2 tables and profiles with multiple users
  275. find a specific row in a set of rows
  276. Using IF statement in a SELECT WHERE
  277. Best database?
  278. to get total output of oneprocedure into another procedure
  279. I am trying to write a database for my cub scout unit..
  280. How to display records between start and end date (2 columns)
  281. Get error while importing database 1136 - Column count doesn't
  282. How to skip integrity check while inserting record
  283. Select date that a sum()'s threshold is met
  284. How to migrate comma separated values from one table to another table?
  285. How do I get MySQL certification?
  286. How to create SQL databases in novosnp
  287. MySQL Substring Index Problem
  288. Need help to perform this action in sql.. see description inside.
  289. mysqlimport query
  290. How to insert session data in INSERT, SELECT sql
  291. How to retrieve data based on multiple checkbox selections
  292. How to retrieve a loggedin user from MySQL database
  293. Left Join query not working in mysql 5.1
  294. Mysql WHERE command for multiple values
  295. How to use a unique number as a primary key instead of a composite key
  296. needing a script to dump pdf files into a MySQL database
  297. "LIKE" command of mysql for searching?
  298. How to find difference between multiple tables and all their fields
  299. How to complete uninstallation of My SQL before a fresh install
  300. install_driver(mysql) failed: Can't locate DBD/ in @INC
  301. mltple table query Error: Query was empty
  302. DDL Stetements
  303. Foreign Key in Mysql
  304. How to fetch values from two tables with same fieldname using joint query
  305. Problem of storing employee id in mysql?
  306. How to save query results to blob field
  307. How to extract query result of outfile into another server
  308. Is it possible to use a Network drive or server UNC path for datadir?
  309. MySQL vs Access vs etc...
  310. How to populate valuers into combo box from mySQL database
  311. How to insert an image in mysql ?
  312. #1005 - Can't create table './db_sp15g08/SalesCopy.frm' (errno: 121)
  313. Insert date in the database
  314. how to select rows from table where one column not contain datas of another column
  315. Mysql order of conditions with performance
  316. Mysql - Uses of Offset ?
  317. How to search by Year
  318. How to change the field status automatically?
  319. How to update column=php-variable
  320. pecifying date/time ranges
  321. Facing an error by starting and stopping mysql service in command line mode
  322. Difference between varchar and int
  323. Help with inner join query
  324. Accessing MySQL remotely
  325. How to get random number based on the condition.
  326. composite key syntax. How can I fix this?
  327. difference between now and sysdate
  328. Loop headaches
  329. Create list from comma separated fields
  330. room availability not functioning
  331. How to optemise the query having group by on two colomun
  332. we want to make a NATURAL LANGUAGE search in database
  333. how to connect two databases from two different server?
  334. Calculating existing measurements for Cumulative BTUs
  335. comments in sql code disappear when db is restored
  336. how to create mysql data base
  337. How to save image PHP
  338. How to secure MySQL database with user rights
  339. mysqladmin: Access denied for user
  340. Swiching to go daddy as host need help with mySQL
  341. Storing variables in DB for later recall
  342. make join return empty result set
  343. display sum of three columns
  344. dropping a foreign key in mysql table(innodb engine)
  345. How to select one first occurance of record accourding to filed value
  346. multiple select statements in one sql query and divsion
  347. Inner join headaches
  348. problem extracting count of visits
  349. How to restore a MySQL table using the .MYD,.MYI and .FRM files?
  350. how to convert an Omnis DF1 Data file to anything else
  351. Database Design
  352. sorting rows by a follow-up sequence
  353. How should I store year? as Int or Char(4) ?
  354. How to import/export an existing MySQL database using neatbeans?
  355. Sql retrieve images from folder
  356. Invalid use of group function
  357. select top five products
  358. Last result of joined table
  359. regarding PHP & MySQL
  360. How can I use concat, twice in a row in same php form
  361. Stored Proc that used to work won't work
  362. custom sql statment required
  363. This query returns BLANK with PHP!
  364. MySQL case statement
  365. Call Stored Procedure from Function
  366. Need to change any and all Nulls to Blanks when Selecting into an Outfile
  367. exclude record in same time frame
  368. Why does asterisk appear at the END of a statement???
  369. Counting empty Cells in a row
  370. Problem with hidden characters in MySQL longtext field.
  371. How do I select a field multiple times based on different criteria after a join?
  372. mySQL natural sort
  373. how can i insert record in a specify order
  374. Having problem to Connect to the database
  375. Problem with my ALTER TABLE query
  376. Selecting data from three tables
  377. Date_Format issues.
  378. How do I CREATE TABLE form with indexes ?
  379. Database size of mysql 5
  380. Adding a Query
  381. separate user table with user settings?
  382. Got Error 1356
  383. Regarding : Views Concept in Mysql
  384. sql like condition help
  385. ASPX Grid View: Serial number for deleted MySQL rows are empty.
  386. How to clear the MySQL CLI on Windows?
  387. SQL JOIN in PHP - is it possible to retrieve two different values from one column?
  388. MAX() not giving me the entire row
  389. How to store data in a table to use as a backup
  390. How to update the right column?
  391. Simple Beginner Question about SELECT WHERE
  392. How ot take backup the whole database with PHP?
  393. INDEX Key to protect duplicate data insertion ?
  394. How do I delete these extra rows from my table ?
  395. foreign key
  396. regarding foreign key
  397. combined primary key like this
  398. Need help with complicated query!
  399. Insert query Problem
  400. how a normal user can "load a data into the table" ?
  401. mysql Normalization
  402. Regarding Conditional joins in MySql
  403. how to give permissions for the user to create a database
  404. Trying to keep certain units together
  405. is type keyword
  406. Sum from multiple id's
  407. MYSQL GUI Synchronization Tool
  408. QLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
  409. Sql query
  410. select distinct records after performing join
  411. Connection timed out.
  412. how i retrieve the users password from mysql database
  413. How do I compare these 2 tables ?
  414. enum fields
  415. Select query between two tables
  416. Ranking records with how many times they exist
  417. Comparison of Database performance
  418. update first 3 chars
  419. How can I structure my tables well to cope with this data ?
  420. INSERT query ( Special case )
  421. Query for report generation from multiple tables
  422. How to insert image in mysql database via php ?
  423. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  424. Stored procedures for selecting the data from databse & displaying on selction
  425. how to write select query
  426. Prevent a table from being dropped
  427. Updating a specific column ( Special case )
  428. special chars
  429. Howto get multiple wheres on one column
  430. DB deployment & installation
  431. using like and where in a joined query.
  432. Clarification about accessing database from other workstation
  433. Mysql DATETIME
  434. Automated Data Import from EXCEL
  435. Mysql Query grouping and having clause
  436. mysql query result error!
  437. Help on simple queries
  438. How to query designation hierarchy from a table having parent_id structure?
  439. Canīt restore backuped DBīs
  440. How to write script for daisy chain replication topology ?
  441. How to display the sum of data from a myqsl row?
  442. Upgrading DB Schema to multiple Mysql Instances automatically
  443. storing latitude and longitude
  444. using order by and limit gives error
  445. run second mysql instance on a different port
  446. Altering timestamp
  447. have a query with 4 selects in union and want to use count() and limit on the whole
  448. Is Mysql Switchover / Failover mechanisam supported prior to version 4.1?
  449. Select twice from two different columns in the same row and the same table
  450. load_file() problem
  451. Unable to create a usefull chart from mySQL Data
  452. About sending email after insert data into database.
  453. What is the maximum size of a mysql database?
  454. Grand Totals?
  455. supertype/ subtype
  456. select quiery problem
  457. How to display both an Image and Data from a MySQL database in the same page.
  458. error inserting data into table
  459. select quiery problem
  460. Updated MySQL version - error:1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax
  461. select problem
  462. datatype with data like 2008-09
  463. what is your idea about this database design?
  464. How to Create a User Registration Database
  465. Problem using 'OUTFILE' to produce a backup of table
  466. error Every derived table must have its own alias
  467. merge two queries into one
  468. I have100 databases with tbl, need to get count of enrolled records from tbl using pr
  469. Select unused records in a listbox
  470. Web site database design
  471. Comparing Two Tables and Deleting duplicate
  472. About a SELECT command to execute in my MysQL Database
  473. How do I show records not in another table in a subform?
  474. Display joined table records in one parent record
  475. sql query
  476. Trigger on Transaction and Lock !!!!
  477. Help with SELECT id IN query
  478. Form that submits data to three tables, need help linking two tables to one
  479. How to archive session data in MySQL
  480. Join same column with different data.
  481. MultiDimensional Array Count
  482. MySql PHP, count and group by question pretty tricky
  483. indexing
  484. mysql counting occurances in a table
  485. Display Output
  486. SELECT From a field separated by a comma.
  487. thinking of adding foreign keys worth the while to turn to INNODB?
  488. find then delete orphan data from gallery2 db
  489. MySQL 1045 Authentication error
  490. Search rows back in table mysql
  491. Help With Datetime_Stamp
  492. IF statement in MySQL
  493. Counting with an Inner Join.
  494. mysql foreign key
  495. NOT NULL problems
  496. mysql joins related query
  497. Create Cursor from prepare statement!!!!
  498. Convert Julian Date to Date in MySql
  499. Which Query is used to share the two mysql database system in windows XP?
  500. how to get multiple specific values in one row with subqueries
  501. How to clear screen command prompt for mysql in windows XP ?
  502. How to run sql script on MySQL 5.1.34 prompt.
  503. Slow query
  504. arrange by user wish
  505. Query with Quarter !!!!
  506. Best layout
  507. permanently store balance result in a field of current table
  508. design a single normalised table
  509. timediffs results
  510. A query that is on a mission to turn my hair gray
  511. PDO not connecting to MySQL
  512. join query
  513. how get the value from the string
  514. Identify Accounts with Inconsistent Pattern
  515. In latin1_swedish_ci the backslash character is equal to a-umlaut, how to get around
  516. extend of limitation for table
  517. help with complex query, any gurus or geniuses around?
  518. Mysql query for search
  519. search data using more than one search fields
  520. foreign key problem
  521. Get error while returning data from mysql
  522. Get mysql error while inserting data
  523. drop down menu list update *help*
  524. how do you save the codes for uploading files into the database
  525. i get multiple count in same row
  526. How to do a query between two mysql instances
  527. Creating Links From Results?
  528. Checkboxes into mySQL wont work (for me)!
  529. get grand total
  530. mysqldump wraps all trigger code in comments.
  531. Reservation DB Schema and Date checking
  532. Dataset
  533. complex querys help needed
  534. product rating website
  535. Help with stored procedure
  536. is it possible?
  537. Retriew mysql values to dropdown boxes
  538. prefix word to autoincrement
  539. Double or float problem
  540. Delete records in two tables
  541. Using a Trigger instead of a Constraint to deny Dupilcates
  542. How to manage two MySQL library in one application.
  543. I have no idea what this means?
  544. Install Sinhala unicode patch
  545. Delete Record best practice
  546. Nest a Stored Procedure in a Where Clause
  547. What is considered 'multiple clients' - LAST_INSERT_ID().
  548. What is the correct syntax to use MySQL LIKE query with parameters?
  549. mysql db for image storing
  550. Error while restoring TRIGGERS