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  1. Query causes (Errcode: 28)
  2. Moving lines on a MySQL database
  3. MySQL password problem - How to recover?
  4. arcane MySQL db query...
  5. Slow MySQL Database - Restart Fixes Problem
  6. DISTINCT on one column, ORDERED by another question...
  7. NEWBEE; How do I install and use?
  8. Making ODBC work
  9. Fetch Previous Row....
  10. database syncing
  11. long text into a mySQL field error
  12. Your account 2260048693SP Tue, 02 Aug 2005 07:09:00 -0800
  13. Too many connections MySQL error from PHP
  14. Copy some Columns From a DB to a new DB
  15. Passwords
  16. Many-to-many question
  17. Orphan Records (Joined tables)
  18. Drive Image and mysqldump?
  19. MATCH Fulltext search
  20. SQL programmer needed
  21. REGEXP to select data
  22. How do you manage changes from development server to production server?
  23. Count of table in DB
  24. fulltext searching
  25. query timeout
  26. multiple variable length seaching on same column
  27. where to post with mysql questions
  28. problem with key_cache
  29. DISJOIN in MySQL
  30. A bad tutorial ?
  31. using if statement in sql select statement
  32. Problem with import of database in mysql
  33. Selecting the inverse of distinct
  34. SELECT with MAX
  35. Documenting MySql Dtabase
  36. optimization question (indexes and joins)
  37. newbee - how to upload MYSQL to webserver
  38. installing perl on mysql on suse 9.3 - error because root user has password
  39. Good Portal for data mining resources
  40. inserting current date and time
  41. Getting a SUM in an UPDATE
  42. splitting key cache
  43. MySQL a good choice?
  44. restoring a 4.0.17 mysql server without a mysql dump file
  45. phpmyadmin: size unknown
  46. character encoding
  47. mysql-max-4.1.10a-pc-linux-gnu-i686 - innodb_data_file_path - syntax
  48. Replication database on slave is not updated
  49. using NOW() and timestamp in sql
  50. Multiple MySql Servers
  51. Previous MONTHNAME
  52. Can someone help me with this problem please...
  53. last update
  54. The most optimize way to store and seach chinese character in MySQL 4.1
  55. Any way to protect your data files from root?
  56. Correctness/efficiency of some sql statements
  57. storing data
  58. what char-set to use in my case ?
  59. Multiple servers on a single host question
  60. Pick until enough
  61. please help with timestamp import from DB2
  62. Varchar to Blob conversion
  63. having mySQL find only orders with multiple rows in another table
  64. MySQL Help me with query!!
  65. c- program to write to myi , myd file
  66. Restore db from 4.1.12 to 3.23
  67. count statement
  68. general mysql group
  69. MySQL timing out
  70. Presenting Financing simplified
  71. spaces in MySQL functions
  72. Find records without matches
  73. UNION und ORDER BY in 4.1.12 don't seem to work
  74. Scheduling replication to avoid bottle-neck updates
  75. retrieving table comment from mysql database
  76. Index's in MySQL - Multiple index warning from PHPMyAdmin - please help.
  77. Slow joining of two tables
  78. MyISAM versus Innodb - help me!!
  79. Shell redirect from java help needed
  80. Solid-DB to MySQL
  81. MySQL - Max table size
  82. What engine is the best ?
  83. Access and MySQl
  84. ERROR 1045: Access denied for user
  85. Update Monthly table with Daily max / min
  86. Microsoft Products available for Download
  87. Getting Started with MySQL-Front
  88. MS Access and MySQL databases
  89. Question about remote access through SSH tunnel...
  90. SQL problem
  91. two queries at the same time?
  92. database backup - how to?
  93. Moving databases from one hard drive to another ?
  94. sql trouble
  95. Mysql-DBD Perl module Installation Problem in HPUX
  96. converting joins from oracle to mysql
  97. Informix blob data migration to MySQL
  98. working with 'SET'
  99. problem understanding user priv system
  100. Innodb slave Insert Performance
  101. Pre-approved Application #5149666NGW Wed, 29 Jun 2005 08:22:29 -0800
  102. ORDER BY problem
  103. copy user privileges to a newly created user.
  104. How to specify Date format during LOAD DATA INFILE ?
  105. Differences between DATA INFILE and LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ?
  106. Creating user error
  107. Inserting variables in mySQL table!
  108. Query help: Get category and number of items in one query
  109. Regex
  110. SQL question
  111. How To Dump The Database and Read It Back In?
  112. Disable a Single Database
  113. XML generation
  114. Assigning unique ID to distinct values
  115. convert int date to datetime
  116. MySQL export/import problem
  117. Advanced Sorting SQL command
  118. Two Counts In One Query?
  119. Service Pack 4 slow down
  120. Remote Connect
  121. MYSQL - Navicat - Foreign Keys
  122. one or many tables
  123. is it possible?
  124. Any Ideas about that ...
  125. User Table gone!
  126. MySQL Setup Error
  127. non-english text question
  128. Yet another slow-query question.
  129. copying a column
  130. mysql, ORDER BY ? GROUP BY ? please help me for a "hierarchical"query
  131. Mysql classic
  132. mySQL and statistic
  133. searching by tags
  134. Select * returns no data
  135. Copying a MySQL row to another table
  136. Knowledge is Power. Do you have it?
  137. Install v5.0.4 as Service WinXP-Problems
  138. Recordsets that can be edited (MySQL ODBC)
  139. Mysql console parsing error: 1064
  140. Is it possible to specify more than 1 interface at bind-address?
  141. MySQL with large table.
  142. Installation of mysql++ on SuSE 9.3
  143. ok to delete ib_data1 after power outage?
  144. find and print out the duplicate record
  145. New web gateway to mailing.database.mysql
  146. MySQL newsgroup proposal
  147. Install of Mysql on Solaris 5.8 on Cobalt Server
  148. datetime and timestamp recording different times
  149. Current Month
  150. recreate My.ini
  151. Closing MySQL Connections
  152. cumulative 'difference'
  153. Where to get My SQL for Redhat 9
  154. MySQL 5 stored procedures: returning prematurely
  155. please help with mysql query string
  156. Distinct, Most Recent Sort
  157. Alter DATABASE
  158. INSERT: pad out timestamp field
  159. SUM and COUNT Questions: Grovel Grovel
  160. Dynamically return a range of dates?
  161. Best way for finding duplicate entries in table?
  162. ODBC Version trouble between and
  163. problem with multi table delete
  164. transposing table
  165. Basics
  166. product jpegs: best database field type: BLOB or filename?
  167. Starting mysql
  168. macosx different client and server versions
  169. count(*)
  170. Import question
  171. Import question
  172. Inconsistent Caching
  173. Two alike conditions in query. Is it possible?
  174. Basic question
  175. ERROR 1071 (42000): Specified key was too long; max key length is 1024 bytes
  176. Migrating from 4.0.12 to 4.1.12
  177. Help with a join
  178. MySQL & Powerbuilder problem
  179. 3.25 rate confirmation #033526FAW Sun, 29 May 2005 01:51:02 -0800
  180. MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver Very Slow!
  181. question about select count(*) with group by
  182. Server connection failure
  183. mysql requires field names of referenced keys to be specified explicitly
  184. Query looking back
  185. MySQL on Redhat Linux
  186. Ma il campo LONGBLOB ha dei limiti?
  187. random images
  188. replication question
  189. How to text Search across all Columns
  190. Please Help Me!
  191. Pre-approved Application #922271E Wed, 25 May 2005 06:57:10 -0800
  192. Q: error numbers and mysql versions
  193. New mysql support forum
  194. 3.25 rate confirmation #1640198K Tue, 24 May 2005 01:41:51 -0800
  195. Join problem (5.0.4 beta)
  196. "Aborted_connects" Increasing Mysteriously
  197. 18k queries against 70k rows
  198. dynamic query question
  199. Restoring data from one table to the other.
  200. optimization question
  201. MySQL server initialize broken connections?
  202. Join across servers
  203. Hier sind wir Lehrer die einzigen Auslaender
  204. un|vers|ty degr<es without any classes!
  205. innodb vs myISAM?
  206. Increment an INT value?
  207. 4,8 Mill. Osteuropaeer durch Fischer-Volmer Erlass
  208. 4,8 Mill. Osteuropaeer durch Fischer-Volmer Erlass
  209. How can I export a MySQL table with a different name using phpmyadmin?
  210. 1050 Error Table 'columns_priv' already exists
  211. How to set up mysql temporary tables at startup
  212. mysql.sock
  213. How to... simple sql statement
  214. share folder on XP computer
  215. Does my query look good?
  216. Example not working/incorrect
  217. The new rollax repliccas gen is here coxcomb
  218. select distinct on two tables
  219. Query Trouble - help required.
  220. Default date
  221. Please Help: Transaction viewer with balance forward
  222. Backup Strategies
  223. mysqlcheck: Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed
  224. mysqlcheck: clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
  225. Need help speeding up query...if possible...
  226. mySQL C API and authentification error
  227. phpMyAdmin
  228. compiling on macosx tiger
  229. Are mysql indexes automatically maintained?
  230. FW: impressive carttier repliccas esp. for you caribbean
  231. Why is data like this showing up in MySQL tables... Joe&#39s Collection Agency (Joe's Collection Agency was typed in)
  232. mySQL vs Oracle, no problem?
  233. multiple batabases vs. multiple tables
  235. MySQL not using index
  236. MySQL User Priviledge problems
  237. Can I backup my databases by copying "data" folder instead of mysqldump?
  238. Load balancing
  239. Thinking about replication
  240. replication and create function
  241. Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
  242. Q: OR(ing)
  243. Advantages/disadvantages InnoDB over MyISAM?
  244. Insert and Select
  245. Microsoft Special Deals
  246. Microsoft Special Deals
  248. selecting non mutual results
  249. DB- Too many connections - Should I be closing after each call?
  250. Join problem
  251. Programa de email e contatos
  252. selecting mutual results
  253. not accepting more than 17 characters in text field
  254. strange authentication trouble about mysqldump: error 1045
  255. Help: Detecting locks?
  256. Good resources on mysql performance optimization
  257. mysql user problem
  258. resultCount() Problem
  259. Set a Space Limit on an user
  260. Never update index
  261. DBI connect failed : Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client
  262. "create table" speed
  263. Copying Columns
  264. MYSQL User information: error while storing the user information
  265. download of mysql.sock file unable to connect to mysql server
  266. Help setting up an ISP
  267. How to import MS SQL MDF and LDF to MYSQL?
  269. Physically deleting row data
  270. How to backup database data without direct server access
  271. Finding last N records by some_id
  272. MS Access
  273. Order By giving two groups
  274. Problems with Error 145. How to find all tables needing repaired?
  275. Windows App to MySql table
  276. TCP/IP access
  277. ORDER BY
  278. Backup/dump from ASP
  279. know how mangement database , script database tool
  280. floating or decimal for currency values
  281. mysql upgrading from 3.23 to 4.1
  282. need sql help please...
  283. Size of DB - Do too many rows cause a problem?
  284. Getting row data and a count - maybe simple
  285. HELP: SELECT only last last few records that were created within last 5 minutes
  286. Emergency ----- Database Emptied - Loss Everything - What can be done??
  287. mySQL won't start..errors out after installing (Slackware)
  288. creating a table from a text file with field names
  289. How to export or import data
  290. mysql database latent size problems
  291. Convert database
  292. How to have a auto increment field with default value of 1000
  293. Emulating MYI corruption
  294. MyISAM max_rows greater than 4294967295?
  295. urgent de Mr.Dyson
  296. Updates not visible to client
  297. Upgrade: MySQL Auto Backup 1.28
  298. SELECT Query problem
  299. Simple query problem
  300. "Uknown command" error from mysql_stmt_prepare
  301. Corrupted MYI files
  302. now() or current_timestamp() and the hours value in time
  303. Help
  304. Collate message
  305. Mysql notification
  306. Temp space full?
  307. French characters in Varchars with Java driver
  308. [MySQL] ORDER BY with fixed values
  309. Getting rid of the failed setups in MyODBC driver?
  310. DELETE within SELECT
  311. Question on a query to find all possible combinations of a set
  312. How can I tell if my tables are MYISAM tables or what?
  313. the best MySQL GUI
  314. Adding a value to a timestamp
  315. 3.23.54 log files
  316. telephone to MySQL
  317. can't find MYD
  318. need help with sql query
  319. error connecting to db server
  320. How to format a database with a field that has a table or list?
  321. open email client from mysql and php database without using mailto:
  322. MySQL Database Queries
  323. urgent de Mr.Dyson
  324. update column in table A with the count of another table
  325. so you're about to BS your future employer into thinking that you have a degre(e), why do that when you can buy a real one from us...
  326. UNION causes Lost connection ERROR 2013
  327. Gui tools for MySQL
  328. MySQL full-text SELECT COUNT(*) slow
  329. Consolidate-bills into one compact-payment ulot
  330. The real difference between LEFT and RIGHT JOINS
  331. user input
  332. Can i replace the files MYI MYD and FRM to update a database?
  333. comma seperated list comparison
  334. How to enter Unicode strings?
  335. GUI for MySQL
  336. MySQL-Query-Browser Installation
  337. How to generate unique no. with java and mysql
  338. 202 File size limit exceeded
  339. O.T. ==> Can any of you recommend a really good PHP discussion forum from personal experience?
  340. Does MySQL support GUID and UUID?
  341. mysql 3.23.54 and UTF-8
  342. Find root node in tree structure
  343. New to MYSQL (in need of guidance)
  344. cannot find mysql performance info at Linux "top" command
  345. New to MySQL
  346. How can I do this in SQL?
  347. Should I Denormalize?
  348. Extending a old DB - clever experts required for advice
  349. MS Access Equivalent
  350. Updating existing records from HTML GET form
  351. Folder-and-file-like object relationship implementation. How ?
  352. Problems with new reserved word 'force'
  353. selecting the minimum of seven fields
  354. ALTER TABLE `table` ORDER BY `column_a` DESC
  355. public MySql databases online?
  356. mysql version
  357. [Q] Database design
  358. [Q] Database design
  359. Tha new rollax repliccas has finelly arrived chivalrous
  360. help w/ select statement in normalized db
  361. Preserving case on Win32 table names
  362. Security Center Advisory
  363. understanding SHOW INNODB STATUS
  364. How to configure MySQL ODBC driver to connect to a mysql server on my own side of the router?
  365. SOUNDEX function / in php - how to ?
  366. Duplicating records...
  367. Trouble Changing Datadir Location
  368. db/table design question
  369. Multiple Update - Record Locking advice
  370. My AMP application does not know the mysql data files reside on the same linux server
  371. full-text score returning 0
  372. What naming convention does mysql use for database files? Where does it put them?
  373. Where does mysql put database files and how does it name them?
  374. Replication Setup
  375. fedora core 3 or rhel 4
  376. query problem
  377. Group votes into low, medium and high
  378. InnoDB Deadlock behavior when selecting by primary key for update
  379. Kind of a security question (I guess) - it's a bit confusing
  380. x86_64
  381. how to upgrade to 4.1.10
  382. Error logs
  383. Storing partial dates
  384. Update And Verify Your Washington Mutual Account
  385. How to configure remote host connectivity?
  386. Two table concatenate issue?
  387. I just ran /usr/bin/mysql_install_db and it told me to set a password for the MySQL root USER. I cannot.
  388. mySQL Query Browser errors
  389. Killing one virtual console process from another (IE, killing console session ALT-F1 from ALT-F4)
  390. Still having difficulty running MySQL's 'source' command
  391. Is IE (internet explorer) a browser? Are browsers designed to visit and view web pages? Do they double as text-editors?
  392. A new rollax repliccas is in the mark. bella
  393. I'm looking for beginners guide to the mysql monitor
  394. how do I create a database on linux machine running mysql?
  395. GUI for stored procedures in MySQL?
  396. Help with query
  397. mysql 5 release date
  398. Replication File Format
  399. mysql.exe access denied
  400. Windows and SSL
  401. mysql_init() initialization problem
  402. MySqlDateTime constructor
  403. libmsqlx.dll problem
  404. Accent problem with outfile command
  405. mysqldump and restore of Innodb Tables
  406. very slow select
  407. Help on boolean SQL query
  408. Hi
  409. deshacer cambios
  410. sacar combinaciones
  411. Online sources for databases/scripts
  412. ODBC connection using Access
  413. multi-database update tool??
  414. can't startup mysql server
  415. Localization
  416. log analysis
  417. Error in MySQL Online Reference?
  418. any modelling tools
  419. ndb_mgmd can't startup
  420. 0nline software, Download Adobe, XP & other titles Instantly
  421. More JOIN Fun (Or is it?)
  422. Database Mirror
  423. mysql phpmyadmin and php
  424. bdb-no-sync
  425. password in .my.cnf-file
  426. MySQL Localize Installation
  427. Need help sorting time values
  428. Run query on anniversary of a date
  429. audit trail of updates and deletes
  430. A search withina comma seperated list (Is this possible)
  431. Application confirmation #1004685K Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:32:15 -0800
  432. Get previous and next records relative to an index record
  433. Creating FULLTEXT index OK on command line, but NOT with DBI...?
  434. Newbe question
  435. statments issued ad server startup
  436. Problem with finding the record ID
  437. 5500 Records need to be inserted
  438. finding child tables?
  439. Enabling SSL using MySQL rpm
  440. Transform SubSelect in OUTER JOIN
  441. Update query based on SOUNDEX results
  442. MySQL service crash
  443. MySQL two way replication won't shutdown
  444. mysql db replication
  445. ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)
  446. Web Link to MySQL Administrator version history
  447. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/home/data/mysql/mysql.sock' (13)
  449. startup script problem
  450. Command Line Client vs DOS Prompt
  451. Looking for SELECT statement
  452. DBD::mysql object version 2.9003 does not match bootstrap parameter
  453. Can't create the system/user mySQL Tables
  454. Get your PS2 RIGHT NOW for NOTHING b tp
  455. new version of the ODBC Driver
  456. innodb keeps crashing due to out-of-memory errors
  457. Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
  458. Retrieve averages for range of incremental dates...
  459. sql qurey_cache
  460. Using Insert with subquery or single line statement?
  461. Retrieving Specific Records
  462. using 'N' prefix for unicode strings
  463. Symbolic Links on Windows
  464. Next Autoindex
  465. obvious way of migrating 3.x sol8 to 4.1 on sol 9
  466. auto script returns error accessing database
  467. Secure Ordering u9A Xni
  468. Multiple Data Folders
  469. Problems with JOINing
  470. J Connector jdk / jre
  471. perl DBD::mysql - using arrayref
  472. Useful Relevance with FullText Boolean Mode - help
  473. "for xml" - how can I do the same with mysql?
  474. MySQL / C++
  475. Equivalent boolean?
  476. mySQL import text file too big?
  477. Can I reduce the lines of my MySQL output by concatenation?
  478. is this possible with selects and joins?
  479. I have an odd SELECT that I am having problems with...
  480. Seeking Your Participation in Open Source Survey
  481. root password / startup
  482. FullText Relevance sorting
  483. mysqlcheck vs. myisamchk
  484. upgrade bugzilla - Upgrade Mysql tables - what happens to Data?
  485. numeric check
  486. HELP: Adding a field to a database table
  487. newb probs w/ user accts
  488. Searching for records with duplicate values in a field
  489. MYSQL max 4.1.10 unter USE
  490. Best way to issue hundreds of inserts/updates???
  491. login as user 'root' but do not have root privlages and mysql doesn't recognize root logged in
  492. FLUSH TABLES hangs if table is locked
  493. Tool to convert DDL in graphical diagram?
  494. checking replication in 4.0.x
  495. MySQL: Most efficient method retrieving single result.
  496. Tuning Mysql 4.1.10
  497. Dropped Connections, Abandoned Queries
  498. Complicated select: Join situation?
  499. Saving text in russian
  500. Installation and config of MYSQL
  501. PLS HELP! - show databases and tables and columns
  502. school mailing system
  503. ODBC, MySQL & Access 2003
  504. mysql_fetch_stmt
  505. 5.0.2 alpha on XP
  506. mySQL GUI's
  507. array parameter
  508. PERFORM statement
  509. mysql 3.23 datatime problem
  510. enum vs tinyint
  511. select with regexp
  512. Whats a union?
  513. Create table syntax?
  514. Java mysql show table status
  515. Rounding errors with the ROUND()
  516. 2 x SUM(IF.. and 2x LEFT JOIN
  517. Can't open file: 'mytable.ibd' (errno: 1)
  518. Question about UPDATE and LEFT JOIN
  519. ALTER TABLE MODIFY adds duplicate keys
  520. Random select
  521. Convert Linux flatfile auth to mysql db backend
  522. With INSERT can I increment an existing value in a column?
  523. measure throughput and latency between mysqlclient and server
  524. priveleges
  525. Correcting queries
  526. Restoring select databases/tables from an --all-databases backup
  528. windows date
  529. Recover a Password
  530. Charity begins at home. Success begins at work.
  531. Mass update of all database,table,columns for Collation?
  532. Cannot change column name.
  533. mysqlbinlog
  534. throwing a warning
  535. accessing the return value of called procedure
  536. threading of procedure
  537. select where multiple joined records match
  538. How to get path to a database
  539. generating a random number
  540. Alternative to self-joins??
  541. setting value of row_count()
  542. mysqlbinlog
  543. preventing direct access to tables
  544. incorrect arguments to execute
  545. libmysql.dll with Borland C++ Builder 6
  546. errno: 150 situation
  547. ORDER BY two columns ?
  548. filter show processlist
  549. How to re-name a column?
  550. delete where exists ???