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  1. Error 1067 when starting as service, no problem in standalone
  2. ODBC not connection to database
  3. How to configure mySQL 5
  4. MySQL Server stopping
  5. Sort (ORDER BY) by a comma-separated adjoined string of related separated fields in MySQL 4.1?
  6. bad query??
  7. Code examples
  8. Got error 134 when reading table
  9. mhjh
  10. "select into outfile " issue
  11. Restoration from Tarball
  12. how to get records from stored procedure using ASP
  13. Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  14. SELECT statement with date expression
  15. Developers needed for healthcare software
  16. Offset to geometry field
  17. unable to connect to mysql
  18. MySQL 4.1.16 compile failure under Linux
  19. Repeating replication error
  20. Can you help with 'MySQL Query Browser'?
  21. effects of innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog parameter
  22. Many to many cross reference query
  23. Date format
  24. restoring data into mysql
  26. LIKE and IS NOT NULL
  27. Select problem
  28. Importing MySQL in MS Access
  29. Display all databases
  30. A simple thing!
  31. MySQL consuming lots of memory during transactions w/ many statements
  32. new db setup
  33. Please Help - urgent request Pt II
  34. Please help - urgent request - I need a query like below ASAP
  35. Data recovery with just the MYD file
  36. Escaping strings
  37. Copying a table from one schema to another
  38. DBDesigner 4 question
  39. List of MySQL datatypes?
  40. I am new to sql and stuck
  41. New to SQL
  42. Mysql RPM install on FC4
  43. How to view catalog in MySQL
  44. I need to move column field values from one database table to another database table
  45. Strange JOIN query problem
  46. MySql Replication and network speed
  47. Accessing MySQL on Linux from Window
  48. multi-column index, is it slow ?
  49. Using TOP in mySQL v4.1
  50. Search for entries starting with a non-letter?
  51. update [table] select - but I only need part of the column field value to select
  52. Can you import/export using MySQL Administrator?
  53. Concatenating multiple rows to one field?
  54. Getting Success or Failure Detection in Stored Procedure
  55. moving mysql backup from Version 4.1.12 to 5.0.3
  56. Packing needed for MySQL?
  57. Really going crazy with NOT NULL
  58. not null not taking
  59. This is a reall simple SQL question
  60. Plural Search
  61. Where to start
  62. help with SQL coding question - 3 tables with outer join needed
  63. The ultimate migration nightmare - need help
  64. unix_timestamp() & retrieving historical rate data
  66. Update query needed - on a "group by" query - Possible / How???
  67. creating foreign fields
  68. mySQL 5.0.18 and stored procedures
  69. how to check for date/time ranges within record (check for schedule conflicts)
  70. Best Topics Rating Using MySQL
  71. Full text search min word length
  72. What's Wrong
  73. A begineer
  74. Issue 5.0.18 and trigger
  75. newbe ORDER BY question
  76. Recovering deleted rows
  77. Dumb Q about command line
  78. PHP Script stores data in wrong MySQL columns
  79. Fastest Way to Create a Replica
  80. Problem installing mysql-administrator on Redhat
  81. Debugging Stored Procedures
  82. Update a table with values in another
  83. Load Data Infile - edit a field
  84. upgrading MySQL column type has no effect
  85. Change access settings?
  86. Optimizing query that spends a lot of time in 'statistics'
  87. Returning most recent records?
  88. i suck, but would like to do something complicated with 4.1
  89. Ignoring query to other database
  90. LIKE % Operator
  91. new test server, is there ANY reason NOT to use 5.x?
  92. Append a string to all the values in a column SQL
  93. Append a string to all the values in a column SQL
  94. BLOB Update failing on SQLParamData
  95. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'
  96. How do I do this query?
  97. "Duplicate column name" error when adding column
  98. can't install / uninstall MySQL
  99. Full text not returning any results
  100. enum type, sort, restrict, use
  101. MySQL Databases
  102. GURUS - VB6 - stored procedures
  103. Navicat Frontend: Possible to accept keyboard input to set user variable?
  104. Why does this insert fail?
  105. MYSQL version differences
  106. Order by and Count
  107. Pls recommend one C++ wrapper for unixODBC/MyODBC api
  108. Foreign key problem
  109. selecting 3 images
  110. Indexes
  111. mysql and cron
  112. Creating a hyperlink to a specific record
  113. User Admin in mysql-administrator slow on Linux
  114. transfer rows between servers.
  115. MySQL Experts
  116. MySQL Experts
  117. MySQL Experts
  118. MySQL Experts
  119. MySQL Experts
  120. MySQL Experts
  121. stored procedure calling from perl
  122. help needed with select statement from multiple tables
  123. stored procedures
  124. stored procedure calling from perl
  125. Properly Re-starting replication process
  126. problem with update using join
  127. Stored procedures in MySql 5
  128. problems with FILE priv granting
  129. Replacing every with &pound?
  130. Google style search
  131. Replication using ssl rather than (telnet?)
  132. database diagram program...
  133. Search Term Not Passing to Output Form
  134. TIMESTAMP : created & modified fields ?
  135. problem with installation of mysql-administrator
  136. Mysql syntax problem...
  137. Connector/net causing 'Connection unexpectedly terminated'
  138. update syntax for version 3.23.58
  139. Syntax Problem?
  140. view changes in mysql database
  141. confused about certifications - site says nothing about 5.0 certificaiton but there's a book for it ??
  142. Table design for school registration system
  143. help with a select clause
  144. Select one row from MySQL table
  145. auto column
  146. HELP! Crash at: in my_strcasecmp_8bit () from /usr/lib/
  147. ERROR 1044 and 1045
  148. conditional join
  149. mysql server web interface tools link
  150. Updates invisible - windows only (Linux OK)
  151. PHP MySql 4 table query
  152. searching rows containig a substring fast
  153. problem with 'mysql.sock' file
  154. create a c++ based program using mysql odbc.
  155. MySQLdb Python API: Unable to connect
  156. Are some single character aliases not compatible with MySQL 5.0?
  157. Avoiding the need to repeat clauses in MySQL
  158. odd persistent view in tables ??
  159. how to get data out of mysql
  160. greatest value bounded above?
  161. Creating ordered lists that ignore the word 'The' at the start of phrases
  162. Slow query
  163. ORDER BY - mix two fields
  164. [Virus Found - Message Cleaned]
  165. statement
  166. join problem
  167. How to make a select statement FROM A TABLE that has two INDEXES?
  168. hosted mysql user access problem
  169. Query is really slow
  170. putting linux & MySQL on 6 year old box - hwo much RAM, Hard drive space do I need?
  171. Need to automate adding a file to MySQL as it uploads to webserver!
  172. varchar and unique
  173. Where does mysql_config get its defaults from?
  174. mysql back-up question - *.sql files?
  175. i know this isn't the place for feature requests, but...
  176. New to MySQL
  177. I just want to know the differences :0)
  178. Updating Column Descriptions (Comments)
  179. Admin Error
  180. upgrading from 4.1.12 to 5.0.1
  182. having count() trouble in a GROUP BY clause
  183. The best Mysql report generator
  184. Creating queries for one-to-many tables
  185. Help me with group by query in MYSQL 3.x
  186. MySql: does a database exist?
  187. Thousands of academic software titles, 80% off, Instant Download
  188. Non-stop queries coming from ??? XP, MySQL 5.0.15
  189. Sounds like search for string in the database
  190. problem with nested select...
  191. Changing Tables from MyISAM to InnoDB... Cautions?
  192. TIMESTAMP issues...
  193. Query log parsing utility
  194. "ERROR 1216: Cannot add or update a child row" but parent record exists
  195. MySQL Client Side.
  196. restoring a MySQL db
  197. MySQL and ADO
  198. Simply query of joined tables
  199. update from select in same table
  200. MySQL and MS Windows
  201. Why does 'SELECT * FROM countries' truncate characters and 'SELECT country FROM countries' does not ?
  202. How can I get MySQL data from an external hard drive
  203. Problems trying to get MySQL to work from PHP script
  205. Get A real College Degree Today!
  206. database replication help needed
  207. Software Compatibility
  208. sales
  209. About combining data in different mysql database
  210. Which index to hit first?
  211. Linux Server v/s Windows Server ( WebServer - LAMP v/s WAMP)
  212. Optimistic locking?
  213. Database design question
  214. MySql Connector/NET Pooling
  215. cannot restore 3.23.58 db to MySQL 4.0.22-debug
  216. utf8_general_ci versus utf8_unicode_ci character set.
  217. Account privilege requirements to execute CREATE DATABASE.
  218. solutions for more connections to db
  219. MySQL v5.0.3 -- Does this indicate v5.0.30 or v5.0.03 ?
  220. MySQL Error Number 1064
  221. accounting apps, use Decimal, Int, or Double ?
  222. Using SELECT * truncates first characters.
  223. PHP alternative for MySQL
  224. Cyrillic web pages with Perl and MySQL
  225. How to admin user in MySQL 5.0
  226. Alternate Name / Nickname Table
  227. Best Practice Mysql Tables
  228. can not connect mysql from php
  229. Help with SQL
  230. order by and group by problem..
  231. stupid order by and group by problem..
  232. Database schema ideas
  233. stop optimize table`?
  234. MySQL queue/messaging
  237. mysql in a startup/shutdown loop at 30 sec intervals
  238. View with special effects for underlying table
  239. Caching results for large multi-table select
  240. Can not connect mysql from php
  242. packing database
  243. Optimizing help
  244. Unixtime SQL Help
  245. How to get rid of the buffer
  246. dates and index cardinality
  247. Speed comparison of SELECT statements
  248. does "LOAD DATA" EVER work?!? I've tried EVERYTHING!
  249. setting database pw
  250. Strange error when trying to delete a row from MySQL via ODBC
  251. Writing large chunks of binary data to MySQL with ODBC
  252. DISTINCT with multiple columns?
  253. permissions
  254. finding if a table exists
  255. LNK2001 Error Compiling MySQL++ library
  256. install of v5, table types, features
  257. Once a day MS SQL -> My SQL
  258. Altering table structure in live database?
  259. What looks like a basic SQL query still not resolved
  260. bdb api
  261. How to add new collation for a utf-8?
  262. (Message Subject)
  263. Tuning
  264. new Error 1146 error and behavior with mysqlcc + mysql-5.0.15
  265. Thinking of Access/jet to SQLServer or MySQL
  266. CONCAT with IF
  267. Help With Database Design: Multiple Vendor Data Submitting
  268. I need help with selecting from 2 identical tables in 2 separate databases
  269. count fields over multiple rows
  270. memory size exhausted error - Too much info back from query - what to do?
  271. database path
  272. Is it normal for a query on a 90k record table to take 1+ seconds?
  273. mySQL command questing.
  274. Controlling output of mysqldump 10.9
  275. Switching from Ms Access to MySql
  276. trigger to run an external program
  277. Adding GROUP BY empties the result set?
  278. records from linked tables
  279. syntax error - uggh
  280. Going for a LARGE Table: Any Tips?
  281. importing sql statements
  282. mysql on linux-gui interface
  283. Win XP software for 80 % 0ff
  284. selecting distinct
  285. Procedures to promote slave to master server?
  286. Load Data - Succuess/Error information
  287. Selecting a subset...
  288. select statement with multiple value where
  289. Adserver with mysql+apache
  290. encrypted password problem
  291. Interesting SQL query requirement for <SELECT> menu
  292. Restricting Access to Tables
  293. Keeping data sorted in a table
  294. Atomicity problem / question
  295. Large record count
  296. Query Cache Not Working: MySQL 5 / Windows XP
  297. Major diff between varchar of 70 against varchar of 100?
  298. What args does WHERE take (wildcard question)?
  299. How does a MySQL "AND" work? (sub-searches)?
  300. Searching in mysql
  301. replication error after promoting slave to master
  302. TurboDbAdmin beta released, an AJAX solution for database administration
  303. Error 4001????
  304. Why Should I Create A Foreign Key?
  305. Date Format
  306. Query help
  307. Subquery help
  308. Deleting multiple rows that have the same field value.
  310. distributing MySQL
  311. Redundancy ?
  312. Selecting from more than two tables
  313. What is the fastest way to restore a mysqldumped table?
  314. Privileges on specific fields in a DB
  315. Saving storage space on blank entries in DB
  316. converting field type in active database
  317. How to get the number of each unique items?
  318. Is KEY and INDEX the same thing?
  319. Question on PhP, MySQL
  320. Memory error
  321. Replacing all entries with "Re:"
  322. Problem with MySQL Big Database
  323. Returning unique records
  324. Copy data from other database prog to mysql. Is that posible???
  325. Thousands of academic software titles, 80% off, Instant Download
  326. Using BLOB for storing data
  327. I want to create something like AMAZON: those who liked page A also liked page B
  328. Self join to multiple references...
  329. automatically filter records based on a userlogin name??
  330. left join an sum
  331. Pre-approved Application Tue, 25 Oct 2005 08:24:51 -0600
  332. loading date strings as dates
  333. Failed to Install & Starting MySQL-5.0.15 on RHEL3-U5.
  334. NEED CONVERSION FOR "14:10:01.000 GMT Sat Oct 22 2005"
  335. UTF8, ASP and MySQL Querybuilder stangeness
  336. UPPER not doing anything inside stored proc
  337. Get your degree without going to school
  338. Getting Count(*) when using pseudo pivot tables...
  339. Got passed up again?
  340. Should I upgrade to Mysql 5?
  341. You've Seen Them On TV...!
  342. MYSQL Join help
  343. Multiple LIKE comparison using IN operator
  344. Help needed with slow query
  345. RDBMS usage survey
  346. Having problem getting group by to work with order by
  348. Beginner help with SELECT query
  349. Mysql C prepared statement API sending incorrect data
  350. User ID and Password for querying TextLink database
  351. over has no properties
  352. exporting tables with password fields
  353. How to determine the size of a set of rows based on a where clause
  354. 0nline software, Download MS 2003, Systemworks & others Instantly
  355. Multiple statements in single query batch
  356. Best way to structure a table?
  357. Getting around a restricted connection from an external computer
  358. Query from multiple tables
  359. query question
  360. Sorting correctly...
  361. group by and other columns
  362. Running 4.1 and 5.0 simultaneously on linux
  363. Inner Join sub select query help
  364. Best way to delete data from operating db?
  365. Is there any way i can improve upon the performance of this query
  366. Mysql How to sum min max and get the date/time of the min max????
  367. Difference in SQL Syntax between Access and MySQL (from VB6 project using ADO)
  368. Server Log not logging all queries
  369. Error Upgrading MySQL from 4 to 5
  370. Bulk Insert of new records in sequence
  371. Problem connecting to remote MySQL DB from VB6
  372. Long queries priority
  373. SELECT duplicates without looping
  374. making a table with unique entries
  375. Query Across DBs in MySQL
  376. Update Notification
  377. New AntiFraud System has been added to your account - Please update infos.
  378. What back-end database should I use for this project ?
  379. Creating an unique record id ??
  380. Shell and Mysql
  381. Combining two select queries into one ?!?
  382. Complex select
  383. index clarification
  384. MySQL variables, modifying Microsoft SQL sequence insert for use in mysql
  385. Help: Join Performance, Not Recognizing Index
  386. Problem with the unicode signs
  387. "Warnings" count when using mysqlimport
  388. Behilfliche Teilzeitposition. (Ref:075)
  389. Connection problem
  390. insert ignore
  391. How to UPDATE from a linked table
  392. Mysql optimization
  393. Counting rows assigned to index value?
  394. Restrict selecting from a table
  395. Partially updating records based on pattern match
  396. Error Connection MySql
  397. Alternatives to MySQL CC and Query Browser?
  398. How to log specific queries
  399. Junction Tables - Necessary, Useful, or Neither?
  401. how to run mysql 5.0 and mysql 4.0 together
  402. segmentation fault when loading mysql
  403. trigger question.
  404. Database statistics / cardinality - NULL problem
  405. Sort by non "" characters first, alphabetically?
  406. Re-setting mysql as a service
  407. Showing disk usage of innodb tables?
  408. LEFT JOIN? Or create another table?
  409. Joining tables on unknown table name
  410. start...error
  411. Extra-Time pills!-It Works.
  412. LOAD DATA INFILE Syntax Error
  413. Reading Variables available in shell program into MySQL
  414. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE with an old version of MySQL
  415. workaround for outer join using filtering subquery
  416. two tables selecting fields
  417. Problem with 100% CPU utilization
  418. MySQL db - data not saved (Using Frontpage ASP)
  419. Frontend help
  420. replication issue
  421. mysql with openssl
  422. Restoring a database from shell and sql dump
  423. Compression of data
  424. Parsing XML from a stored procedure
  425. datetime and timestamp as default
  426. Embedded BerkeleyDB vs. Embedded MySQL
  427. Installation of mysql++ with SuSE 9.3
  428. Subtracting dates gives me what?
  430. Can NOT Create or Drop a Database :o(
  431. Installation of mysql++ with SuSE 9.3
  432. Connecting to mysql
  433. problem with foreign keys to datetime field
  434. Efficient Storage of IP Address
  435. total noob help with sql script
  436. MySQL Database Administration HELP!
  437. Perl DBI / SQL Question
  438. web server ram
  439. Inclusive AND with an exclusive OR search
  440. Querying dates in mysql
  441. Advanced Select Problem - Please Help
  442. Ole objects
  443. Create database using variable name
  444. Store data for alot of records
  445. mysql -e I get \t and \n!!! Help :confused:
  446. Blank Date Field
  447. Migrating MySQL DB to MySQL DB
  448. FullText index performance issue
  449. be careful with size of keys being used in joins
  450. Innodb 150 million records
  451. mysqbinlog and tail
  452. query kills mySQL db
  453. mysql query optimization
  454. Deadlock handling in InnoDB
  455. Help: rejecting duplicate rows
  456. Help: rejecting duplicate rows
  457. Diff in time as varchars
  458. INSERT ID from foreign key table
  459. Help with an SQL query?
  460. Excell to MySQL
  461. Problem with accent Import to MySQL/Linux from MySQL Windows
  462. Can't Connect - MySQL Port = 0??
  463. How to connect to Linux MySql via syncLog?
  464. Restoring Numeric Databases
  465. Insert subquery error
  466. How to get all distinct words from many fields of a table
  467. Null Value
  468. How do I reset an IDENTITY column value (a new seed)
  469. mysql query help pls :O
  470. I can not install mysql 4.1 on redhat 9.
  471. No log file - General Query Log
  472. mySQL query not fuctioning correctly
  473. Webform Database Recommendation
  474. Macros for MySQL ?
  475. Error 1130 when accessing MySQL from another IP??
  476. do I really need to insert links into rc?
  477. Attact and meet your dream mate tonight
  478. Log file reader
  479. MySql change logging
  480. Delete table data completely
  481. replication not working
  482. My portfolio
  483. Put multiple rows of a text file into a table on mysql?
  484. Convert BLOB to JPG
  485. Dual FULLTEXT index search: am I out of luck?
  486. Can't connect error 2002
  487. C API secure client connections
  488. Sql Question
  489. DSN vs explicit connection
  490. Having MAX() Query Question
  491. Graphic, systray, mysqladmin ?
  492. disk quota in MySQL
  493. return result set in SPs
  494. Mitteilung von dem Postbank - Sicherheitsdienst.
  495. Question about database design
  496. Hi!I was Asked To Contact You
  497. MYsql & transactions
  498. Multiple Count()s?
  499. Do I need keys/indexes for a 3column table?
  500. Ordering select results by column
  501. C API, setting language, MyISAM
  502. Scheduling MydbPal
  503. help - mysql + php + phpMyAdminb
  504. Having problem with simple "NOT IN" query
  505. mysqldump, BLOBs, and the null character
  506. MySQL ON PPC....
  507. Your account 65828984QT Fri, 19 Aug 2005 21:20:11 -0800
  508. Conditional insert?
  509. Anyone Can help me about MySQL - hang ?
  510. Single & Double Quotes
  511. PHP support for MySQL
  512. Allowing multiple hosts...
  513. Do I still need a "non-full-text" search index?
  514. Still some issues
  515. How to fix the date in a MySQL db
  517. Invalid access to memory location.
  518. Apostrophe
  519. Converting VARCHAR "date" info to an actual date field
  520. See the internet update
  521. Date range sorting
  522. Newbee Subselect question
  523. ERROR:Using the mysql client on freebsd to restore a mysqldump??
  524. case sensative issues?
  525. Account Limited Uptading System
  526. How to print-out MySQL database structure?
  527. Please fill in YOUR superlative eye-catching adjective here ________!
  528. importing data from textfile
  529. Sort, Limit then Sort
  530. Restore Your Account
  531. Selecting a Date range using CURDATE()
  532. thread issues in FreeBSD
  533. Dynamic web list question
  534. Account Suspended
  535. MYSQL Syntax for NOT in where clause
  536. looking for recommendation for database design book
  537. 3.25 rate confirmation #2674138294PSV Mon, 08 Aug 2005 23:55:20 -0800
  538. Account Suspension Warning. Please Verify Ownership
  539. Account Suspension Warning. Please Verify Ownership
  540. Size of a record?
  541. Connector/ODBC not saving Port setting
  542. reporting services equivelant in MySQL or PostGreSQL?
  543. Data types when using Access with MySQL
  544. mysql installation
  545. add primary keys to a table one-time and there are already
  546. DBI with mysqld
  547. MySQL client crashes with segmentation fault on Red Hat Linux Enterprise IA64
  548. Pre-approved Application #36864DQ Fri, 05 Aug 2005 22:25:06 -0800
  549. mysqldump, entire table in one insert, but multiple lines, how?
  550. Incorrect Column Type!!