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  1. new to this site.............
  2. Query Question
  3. Getting Unique values with GROUP BY
  4. Enable/Disable Job through another job
  5. Get data from last week of the previous months to the 2nd last week of current month
  6. Isnull
  7. Plssss Help needed in SP
  8. sql server 2005 transaction problem(sql server experts this question for you :))
  9. How to insert image into sql server 2000
  10. Collate
  11. MSSQL server 2000 ObjectType Trace Event Column
  12. SQLServer
  13. Insert columns from selected rows
  14. removing unused objects - SQL Server 2000 or 2005
  15. Timestamp Precision
  16. Bezu:-To calculate two column
  17. Access 2000 and SQL Server 2005
  18. importance of order in the ON statement
  19. Join these 2 views and make one stored procedure
  20. How to identify a user of concurrent users in centralized sql server database
  21. Reveres of TOP function?
  22. Stored Procedure to list out user access
  23. I need to know where mssql server stores its data.
  24. how to split a coloumn into 5 coloumn
  25. Sql Server 2005 Mdf File Blank
  26. permission issue connect sql server table from MS Access
  27. GOOD LINKs for studying advanced sql
  28. TempDB won't shrink
  29. Will Mysql clash with exchange 03
  30. conect MSSQL 2000 to visual studio 2005
  31. Integrity Check help
  32. How to get the username that invokes a SQL Job inside job
  33. INTERSECT in MSSQL 2000 on the same table
  34. Nested Query Help
  35. SQL Split and insert
  36. Design question regarding junction tables
  37. T-SQL Loop on selected query
  38. Variables in SQL-script SQL2005
  39. Pls HELP needed in DTS
  40. Merge two tables in one
  41. Cannot insert duplicate key
  42. SQL 2005 Activex conversion help
  43. difference
  44. Excel and MS SQL Server...Calculations for statistics
  45. Multiple Column Rankings
  46. interview questions
  47. sql mager
  48. SQL Sort Problem
  49. Script to Start Sychronization
  50. Adding 2nd Datafile Server 2000
  51. Listbox
  52. Selecting a filtered group result
  53. Add data for unknown name columns
  54. intersection data in MS SQL 2000 server
  55. Grouping with two Criterion and time point structure
  56. Crosstab Query
  57. Please reply
  58. Need SQL Function Brainwave
  59. data type
  60. functions
  61. duplicate checking
  62. SSIS packages
  63. A dimension playing off another dim
  64. Need Help Importing Data from Excel to My SQL Database
  65. Adding a column in query
  66. Biztalk vs SSIS as an ETL tool
  67. Security Issues when linking two databases
  68. how to generate date backward from end to start
  69. using a variable in the column_alias of a select
  70. import file
  71. Error 823: I/O error (bad page id) Attach recovered database file in the enterprise m
  72. How to connect Access to SQL Server (which engine?)
  73. A philosophical question about inserts
  74. Excluding certain rows from query
  75. correct row ID but not the text
  76. help me -CURSOR backward insert from End Date > to Start Date
  77. Could not find the path specified
  78. SQLServerException: The TDS prelogin response is incomplete.
  79. 16GB Ram 64-bit server, what configuration to use?
  80. T-SQL Sudoku Game
  81. SQL 2005: Transactional Replication > Executing sp on subscribershould execute on publisher
  82. Save a function as a function.
  83. Convert to Datetime
  84. sql server
  85. Select Case Where Like?
  86. Is ADO really dying?
  87. When a report was run
  88. SQL SERVER 2005 SP2 post upgrade issue
  89. SQL Help
  90. Maybe something very easy?
  91. data base in sqlexpress 2005 in .net 2005
  92. reports
  93. Datagridview
  94. Is any compression technology available in Database?
  95. Updating 1 table from another
  96. error when connecting to sql db
  97. Datagridview Issues
  98. Store Image To Mssql Server 2000 Table
  99. Datagridview
  100. Textbox
  101. Queries Log on SQL Server 2000 ???
  102. URL to download
  103. For XML Explicit Syntax to Normalize a table
  104. Output to text-file
  105. Decimal value
  106. Formatting Numeric Value in Computed Column
  107. Insert three columns from one table into one column in another
  108. check the word whether correct or not
  109. How to store a doc file as it is in a field?
  110. How to prevent duplicate successive inserts in a certain timeframe
  111. Running SQL from command line
  112. Import Data error
  113. how to make deployment of our project
  114. Create Delete Trigger on Table1 to Update a filed on Table2
  115. problem in Updating a column
  116. problem in update..
  117. Delete duplicate record
  118. Embedde Sql Server in VB 2005
  119. [Announce] DataDirect XML Converters 3.1 Released - HL7 Support
  120. using freetds tsql
  121. VBA Project password protected
  122. working with a local db copy
  123. Altering a function while it is being referenced
  124. Function to see if Table exists in sql server
  125. Conversion problem with SQL Server 2005???
  126. Create View ?
  127. Deploy windows based sql database application
  128. Sql
  129. Prblem in getting the rows affected values in sqlserver to C# class.
  130. Calculating Variable Date in TSQL
  131. Dropping an active connection on an attached database
  132. Error and output variables in stored procedures
  133. Inserting a file into sqlserver
  134. Stored Procedure fails to carry out delete.
  135. trigger to control table size in database
  136. A transport-level error has occurred
  137. Founding differences between the old and new database to update the old database
  138. Selecting SUM and COUNT, but not straightforward..
  139. Answer to avoiding Duplicates with an INSERT
  140. how to update DATE column (month only)in a table
  141. Add new Column problem
  142. DB2 Tutorial
  143. reading of .ldf files from sql server
  144. Opening .ldf Files
  145. Invoice
  146. Select Max values from queries for multiple Schedule_Number
  147. Migrating database from development server to hosted server
  148. Complicated question re: Saving a file from SQL server
  149. SQL 2k - xp_cmdshell
  150. Stored Procedure With Bulk Insert Not Working
  151. SQL Server Performance
  152. copy of a table
  153. SQL MSDE installation problem
  154. Token Replacement in SQL Server - any down side to turning it on?
  155. Reporting Services: Collapse / Expand for Table
  156. ? about users
  157. Sql query
  158. Form Post
  159. FOR XML EXPLICIT can't get element 4 going
  160. How to write output of a query to a file
  161. MSSQL Equivalent for SHOW CREATE TABLE
  162. Division Precision
  163. not all code paths return a value
  164. SQL Query - Help
  165. Listing available SQL Servers in a network/pc
  166. Crystal Reports
  167. Datediff help needed
  168. Search with multiple strings in single parameter
  169. information_schema.key_column_usage system table
  171. SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL What is it all about?
  172. Response.redirect
  173. Invoice System
  174. SSIS Mapping Columns from Flat Files
  175. Multiple joins in SQL Server
  176. Run a Query that will bring back a report on "bad data"
  177. Complex query (compare records in same table / join a 2nd table)
  178. Error handling in stored procedure AND checking
  179. Active/Active cluster on 2005 - can I oversubscribe RAM now?
  180. help!!
  181. Change _ to a +
  182. Replacing repeating blanks with a single blank
  183. Prompt for User Input
  184. Date problem
  185. Calculations in a query
  186. run SQL stored procedure from Excel
  187. Converting Informix OUTER statement to SQL Server
  188. "Merging" results from two queries
  189. Pass through query from MS Access
  190. Delete
  191. Bulk Insert
  192. reading as array
  193. Position of Table Columns
  194. Help With INNER JOINS
  195. Difference between sql server 200 and 2005
  196. M I.5'Perse cution ' Capita l Radio - Chris Tar rant
  197. Data Manipulation
  198. Alter Table AND Update Table with Variable MS SQL
  199. sql server alert
  200. database optimization
  201. Globar Variable in DTS:: Urgent
  202. backup advise
  203. Copy DataBase
  204. Find Columns
  205. sorry
  206. Instance name vs servername
  207. list of users and authorizations sql statement
  208. Sql Endpoint creation and consumption on inter domain network
  209. how to get data from SQL server 2005?
  210. Query Update - subquery?
  211. sqlserver query
  212. Using SUM in Query to total hours based on Months.
  213. Extracting Duplicates from SQL Server 2000
  214. Convert SSIS Package into C#
  215. learner a ms sql
  216. Query - Select two tables where
  217. web access of sql tables
  218. Problem with select criteria with conditions
  219. SQL Datatype
  220. To Pass Parameter
  221. extended procedure
  222. counting distinct posts by a users within the past 10 days - SQL2005
  223. DTS from SQL2000 to MS Access
  224. Multiple table data retrieval into separate table
  225. Format Number on Select
  226. Clearing temp tables
  227. Database manpulation without connecting to a server...
  228. just to do a select
  229. to introduce exist in sql script
  230. SQL 2005 INSERT statement inserts two rows
  231. sql server 7
  232. Primary key violation
  233. select numeric value from varchar data type + sql server
  234. Trigger on Insert made a strage information,
  235. Database Tripled In Size!!
  236. Indexes
  237. SQL 2005 XMLBulkLoad field length
  238. Advice for grouping stored procedures?
  239. Connect to remote MYSQL From the local mssql
  240. MSSQL2000 DTS error "Too Many Fields Defined"
  241. Convert MS Access Pivot Query to SQL Server 2005
  242. Question on MSSQL 2005 database import
  243. Problem with using an a subquery in an update
  244. SQL2005: Running TSQL commands in single-user mode
  245. Loose ODBC conection
  246. sql stored procedure parameter problem
  247. probleum in changing the data type of column
  248. abt Stored Procedure ...
  249. Row into Columns
  250. Added users to a logged shipped database
  251. Need help with a query
  252. How do I calculate minutes worked by 15 intervals?
  254. Time Dimension Design Question
  255. Restoring database hangs SQL Server 2005
  256. Help needed in this DATEDIFF SQL Query
  257. URGENT! Never ending loop
  258. Insatalle the Sql 2000 Sever to Win xp 2000 machine
  259. Sql Server Agent Service Account
  260. How to delete a table with about 2000 rows
  261. How to connect to a server (sql server 2005
  262. fractional truncation message
  263. Select Just Primary Keys from db?
  264. Please HELP
  265. find records which are in between 2 dates....
  266. Which is better(in terms of both memory & time): join or subquery
  267. doubt in using serveral datasets?
  268. Sqlserver2005: How to get the error message thrown from Storedproc to C#
  269. What is the sequence of execution of an SQL select query in SQL Server
  270. Key column information is insufficient or incorrect. Too many rows were affected by u
  271. Is there a tool for verifying data after merged access to mssqlserver
  272. Index problem...
  273. Problem with Sum.... Noobish.
  274. Setting Up A Remote SQL 2000 Connection
  275. Data Mart
  276. Wrong Greek characters on Windows 2000
  277. i want to use remote mssql server database
  278. Difference between MS SQL 2000 and MS SQL 2005
  279. Differences between MS SQL 2000 and MS SQL 2005
  280. Update Column with Type datetime
  281. sys.objects WHERE type
  282. Table Rows Into Columns
  283. Table Creation Date
  284. merging a date only column and time column into SQL from CSV
  285. Moving data from one table to another
  286. SQL query help
  287. Foreign Keys Either/Or Design
  288. Stored procedure date question
  289. Compex SQL Query containing UNION, Needs Filtering
  290. how we change one data type into another in sql
  291. DateTime format
  292. Relational Algebra & SQL newbie needs help!
  293. Step SQL Server Integration Services Package Error in SQL ServerAgent
  294. Problem with MSSQL? .NET application? or Win Server?
  295. export db tables for use locally on another pc
  296. The product level is insufficient for component "Data Conversion 1" (117)
  297. truncating data older than 30 days
  298. Update multiple columns
  299. Stored Procedures: Returning values
  300. SQL Express connection via VPN
  301. SQL login and user creation
  302. Complex SQL Query
  303. SQL Server
  304. SQL Server does not allow remote connections.
  305. Column size in emails generated using XP sendmail
  306. How to use value of a variable in defining data type
  307. Using select results for a new select
  308. New to SQL and need a query creating help cant figure out how to complete this
  309. how to throw out a 'group' of values based on different rows
  310. Help with SQL Sever Mobile foreign keys
  311. Problem In This Code
  312. DTS Package Transfer Help
  313. SQL Server 2005: How to turn multiple rows into a single column
  314. Replace Query
  315. bad bind variable trigger
  316. Ident authentication over local sockets
  317. Transfer/move data from one server to another
  318. Yellowfin Business Intelligence Version 3.3 release
  319. Entreprise Manager error message: "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL ServerDriver][SQL Server]Login failed for user '#####'. The user is not associatedwith a trusted SQL Server connection.(28000,18452)"
  320. Need help generating a Query
  321. deadlock and high cpu - chicken or the egg
  322. Query Help
  323. Remove a $ from data field
  324. Find all chars in table that are ASCII code 128 and Greater
  325. Update Query--help
  326. Help with SQL 2005 performance problems.
  327. Help With Script: CSV Import, SQL 2005
  328. sqlserver book
  329. Query Performance
  330. Service Name
  331. what is library path
  332. difference between pause & stop sql server
  333. data transfer from sql server to oracle
  334. begin and end transaction and transaction log
  335. left outer join/inner join statement
  336. Warning - Cannot retrieve...
  337. SQL Constraints Problem
  338. Do I need a Totals Column, if related table holds the individual amounts
  339. SQL Server writers, we need you!
  340. Best disk config for SQL 2005
  341. Database/Table Design Question - Object/Event Model
  342. Generating BCP input file from Perl/Unix
  343. how to send sms through notification services
  344. database new line problem
  345. Importing from Excel problems
  346. running a vbs file as a step of an SqlServer job
  347. How to write loop in Sql server 2005
  348. Substring after character /
  349. DTS-Package sends mail and files before the job finishes
  350. Import a notpad file into Sql server 2000
  351. Duplicate records - SQL Below
  352. Help with this query, please
  353. help with setting up a reminder
  354. Number grouped rows....please help!!
  355. SQL Server Agent has no Access to Path
  356. What is the use of Resource and Distribution System Database
  357. Lookup Function in SQL
  358. How to Attach Database to an Instance
  359. stored procedure to avoid data redundancy
  360. SQL Server BI - metadata
  361. SSIS Package Log File Configuration
  362. join with table on another database not working
  363. SQLDMO.Bulkcopy diagnostics on failed load
  364. performance test issue
  365. sql server 2005 180 day trial version installation failed
  366. Database design
  367. cnnecting an sqlserver instance to a site
  368. Stored Procedure compilation question: Doing disparate things in aproc
  369. insert column in union select statement
  370. Create Trigger within T-SQL statement
  371. Need SQL Script
  372. SQL Server compatibility with SharePoint workflows
  373. question regarding slow performance an PAGEIOLATCH_SH locks on sql2005
  374. MSDN Search made easy
  375. Managed Code in SQL advantage confusion (C#)
  376. How can I list the students in the CIS department? (SQL Server Query)
  377. varbinary to varchar
  378. Several Counts and grouping the results...
  379. Once a week or once a month
  380. Check constraints on clustered columns
  381. EMAIL from SQL express
  382. Newb: Managing multiple queries
  383. what is the diff b/w sqlserver 2000 enterprize editon and sqlserver2000 personal edit
  384. Row numbers
  385. To see spcific records
  386. Joining Tables
  387. Regarding Type4 driver Connection..........
  388. help me plz.
  389. Can i use Top keyword in SQL Server 2003?
  390. Comma delimited
  391. Query using schema to determine if Trigger exists
  392. SQL Statement: Needing some code
  393. Storing image to table
  394. SQL command to show only databases that contain a particular table
  395. Launch DTSRun with a stored proc
  396. Connection problem to Informix from SQL Server 2005 with Unicode data
  397. Copying data
  398. Global variables in SQL - ORACLE DTS Package
  399. Script works in DTS, but has problems as a Stored Procedure
  400. Please help with this SQL statement
  401. how to pass Average value of a parameter to another parameter in SQL
  402. Insert Trigger?
  403. Add a datestamp to an existing table
  404. What is the purpose of the ROWGUIDCOL property?
  405. Can anyone help with waittype 0x0044?
  406. Learning sql server 2003
  407. Trigger which updates the other Rows
  408. How to fetch data from other data base
  409. Insert query firing Insert & Update trigger at the same time
  410. multi column sub select equivalent for sql server 2005
  411. Detecting the conflict time and date 2
  412. how to protect db while working in ms sql
  413. Capturing data inside double quotes text
  414. Uploading Tiff Files into SQL Serevr 2005 Database
  415. Using updatable views when moving tables from one DB to another?
  416. Scheme login can't access tables owned by scheme
  417. Count problems
  418. Find out owner of database for SQL 2000 and 2005 databases
  419. give me the sql statement
  420. give me the sql statement
  421. problem in comparing date
  422. Passing multiple values to stored procedures
  424. sp_MSforeachtable Usage in xp_cmdshell, Know this!
  425. math notation in db?
  426. strip numeric portion of a string
  427. Problem with Script task in SSIS along with WSDL file to call a web service
  428. Sq server 2005 : Table Update when date field value cross current date
  429. bcp utility
  430. Query rows of an entry into columns
  431. SQL server certification
  432. SSIS is pathetic with ODBC connections ...
  433. Problem counting records
  434. load balancing cluster
  435. Windows 2003 SP1 won't let me set the lock pages in says I need Sp2.
  436. stored procedure that retrieves next unused value
  437. Populating List/combo and text boxes from a MySQL databases
  438. I need samples of how to simplify Access's graphically nested Joins!
  439. Translate from OPEN FOR USING and FOR LOOP from Oracle to SQL SERVER
  440. How to Audit SQL Queries not generated from a Specific Application
  441. Using case statement or if logic
  442. Trigger to update table.
  443. SELECT then DELETE versus extra clause in SELECT
  444. Import From excel
  445. Max limitation of image datatype in sybase
  446. sql server database backup
  447. Get table row size
  448. Getting System Time From SQL Server
  449. Function that replaces ntext and compares ntext with nvarchar
  450. Connecting to Double Byte Progress (MFG-PRO) databases from SSIS...
  451. Select distinct rows from duplicate rows....
  452. Spatial Data and MS SQL SERVER
  453. What the difference is between CREATE PROC and CREATE PROCEDURE?
  454. Stored procedure for DropdownList
  455. How do you find the Existing Per Seat License info
  456. Data insertion too too slow...
  457. Clustering, Security, Performance, Load Balance
  458. SQL Server moving to larger drive
  459. Help with pivot table
  460. Selective blocking of Inserts and Updates
  461. Off Topic - Databindings and XML - Binding Text between XML Tagsinstead of XML Tag Atrribute Information
  462. sql query way tiring for sync()
  463. Importing data into SQL Server 2005 via ODBC
  464. Direct access to SQL Server 2005 from Windows Mobile
  465. SQL Server and TCP Fragments
  466. Need help on my query(sql statement)...
  467. many "or" operation make system choose incorrect index
  468. export from sql to excel
  469. Trigger doesnt get fired everytime
  470. Local DB Affected By VPN
  471. relation schema SQL Server 2005
  472. Ms Sql Stored Procedure
  473. SQL Joins
  474. SQL server
  475. Update query from another table on datechanged field
  476. TRUNCATE TABLE @table_name
  477. How to work in SLQ Server 2005
  478. The multi-part identifier "ticket.ticketid" could not be bound.
  479. Select help
  480. Library Database
  481. "select statement cannot compare one data with multiple data"
  482. Making a table to store photos
  483. Appropriate Query Optimization Technique(s) Sought for the FollowingCase
  484. ASP Vs Query Analyzer Different Results
  485. SQL Server 2005 : Insufficient memory to continue the execution
  486. SQL Server 2005 article
  487. About join
  488. how to Calcullate Two Dates
  489. Sql Questions
  490. SELECT INTO Another Database Problem
  491. Running a DLL in the Query Analyzer
  492. SQL query for calculating the cost price of invoiced items
  493. How do UPdate a last row in the database
  494. Concat instead of SUM when grouping results
  495. IS NULL being ignored
  496. need help
  497. error enabling AWE to access >2GB of memory
  498. foreign keys - on which kind of keys do the base on?
  499. Microsoft SQL 2005 Server Express Edition Install Error
  500. Totalling 2 columns in a table by multiplying
  501. Upsize from mdb to SQL Express 2005
  502. using modify table command
  503. SQL Server Express 2005 @@SPID
  504. Sort by the values in an IN()?
  505. importing a CSV file
  506. append date to exporting file name in SQL reporting service
  507. sqlcmd and escape characters
  508. Find Current Date Time Span SQL
  509. Multi Value Parameters
  510. Launch storedquery for each record
  511. Diary Schedule Insert
  512. data type for 32-bit
  513. Ad hoc access to OLE DB provider 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' has been denied
  514. UPDATE from Sub-select problem
  515. linking to client server
  516. Convert cursor to set-based sql statement - HELP
  517. Variable in UPDATE query
  518. Self join one table
  519. FOREACH LOOP container and looping through record set ...
  520. Saving changes
  521. Integration Services
  522. help needed with extracting XML data
  523. Storing Calculated Fields
  524. Any way to find user who did update in SQL SERVER?
  525. Finding the user who do update in Query Analyser?
  526. MS Sql Error converting data type varchar to numeric.
  527. MS SQL for returning no values
  528. Problem On Font....
  529. need urgent help
  530. Problem Changing Data Directory in Server 2005
  531. Problem with reporting and queries
  532. How to replicate database for Dev purposes...
  533. pass parameter to If Exist statemetn
  534. Backup Files
  535. How to pass user defined variable to Select statement
  536. Can I combine Log Shipping and Clustering?
  537. ISNULL for a date to char conversion
  538. SQL 8.x: Exporting Data into Excel
  539. how to import a data to table from file and export data from table to file
  540. ho to connect sql server2005 with c++
  541. Stored procedures and stored functions
  542. Unable to load search config settings
  543. Error converting data type DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to datetime
  544. Database attach failed
  545. T-SQL : How to find cross-conditional queries?
  546. many to many relationship inserts
  547. bcp to xml
  548. how to copy files using xp_cmdshell
  549. Beginner question, stored procedure
  550. MATCHING colums