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  1. Sum up total hours for mutiple day entries
  2. Need help with creating a query to run in enterprise manager
  3. Info about system tables?
  4. Searching for Timestamp Datatype: New to MSSQL
  5. Triggers
  6. Creating an ODBC linked server in SQL2005
  7. Hi every one
  8. SQL Query Help
  9. mssql statment in visual basi c2005 experess edition
  10. Total row count from two different tables.
  11. Select every Nth row from a table
  12. help - extracting metadata
  13. Date Calculation Previous Years
  14. query to get number of columns in table
  15. SQL Query Problem
  16. Accessing Free-Text Noise Words File from SQL Server Clients
  17. IF condition in Stored Procedures
  18. What is encrytion and decryption
  19. count the no of emp under GPM list that emp with mgrid
  20. Finding SQL Licensing information?
  21. users connections
  22. SQL Servers equivilient for Oracles Lead and Lag
  23. Question about Update Statement - WHERE EXISTS
  24. osql
  25. Function - missing parentheses
  26. DateTime Automatic Formatting
  27. Table records will not appear...if
  28. help with sql server select statement
  29. Result Row
  30. Connecting to an SQLServer
  31. Urgent how to find set nocount is on or off in stored procedures
  32. Name value pair
  33. MS SQL question
  34. I want help with error message I get when I access remote DB
  35. SQL Select Statement Syntax
  36. How to Open Or read SQL Server log file .ldf
  37. MS SQL Trigger to update changes in a record
  38. How the data can be from .LDF file rather than .MDF file ?
  39. Moving Records from one table to another that meet a date between critiria
  40. function to extract delimited data
  41. ssis Bulk insert failed "Received an invalid column length from thebcp client...".
  42. help in sql query plaese. . .
  43. Ssrs + Iis
  44. MSSQL Full text search question
  45. Generating Reports from Two Different Databases in SSRS-2005
  46. MSSQL DISTINCT multiple fields throws up odd results
  47. Creating custom Primary Key in SQL Server 2005
  48. sql server installation problem
  49. Query only returns one value
  50. Problem Inserting Unique Rows into a Table
  51. converting nvarchar to int
  52. pictures in a database
  53. Email
  54. Select all the distinct rows with a condition.
  55. like function on a column
  56. At most one record can be returned by this subquery
  57. copying data WITHOUT DTS
  58. Comparing "Sets" of int`s in SQL Server 2005
  59. Formatting a Number
  60. Converting Rows into Columns
  61. xquery - dynamic field name
  62. Sub Query retrun many records
  63. Sequences in MS Server
  64. create trigger for insert (SQL Server)
  65. How to remove all data from a relational database
  66. Urgent : How to register an SPN for MS SQL EXPRESS 2005
  67. Basic Question About Sql
  68. Migration from PostgreSQL
  69. Top companies recruiting this weekend - Apply with updated resume
  70. Doing a bulk insert into SQL
  71. Combining two row values of a same column into one
  72. null data
  73. Question about foreign key replication
  74. Table design question.
  75. Joins Question
  76. Single Quote In Variable
  77. Exam 70-229 :Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQLServer 2000 Enterprise Edition
  78. SQL Server Tutorial
  79. Regarding DTS Package Execute SQL Task
  80. adding constraint
  81. How to decode in SQL Server 2005
  82. comparing two tables to look for mismatches and a way to edit the table value
  83. INSERT, UPDATE clause inside UDF
  84. is case sensitive & normalization
  85. SQL compact edition 3.5 insert multiple rows
  86. intersect & except
  87. How can I format a datetime as 'yyyymmddhhnnss'?
  88. Dynamic Union of Tables
  89. How to group by date irrespective of time
  90. Copying a table with different column names
  91. Need CASE Statement(s) to populate 5 fields based on values of 2
  92. SQL Server 2005 Licensing concern.
  93. Problems with select statement
  94. Lost Full Text catalog that won't delete!
  95. how to use SQL in place of Adodc
  96. How to join two tables where one table keeps rows on a separate row
  97. SQL UNION with Replace in the ORDER BY clause
  98. Drop Primary keys
  99. Set Variable From Query Results
  100. History Tables: Always Subtables?
  101. [basic]union-join questions
  102. Removing 1 hour from text field
  103. Get long date info
  104. how to drop a temporary table
  105. Count Subquery
  106. Auto Primary Keys in View
  107. How to check execution logs
  108. Working with Reports in SSRS-2005
  109. About Sys.sql_dependencies in sql2000
  110. Linking error
  111. Can someone help me get started on administering MSSQL?
  112. Trying to create a Update query to update data from one table to another
  113. multiple inserts
  114. Distinct values
  115. Accessing temporary table from stored procedure
  116. sql-group by week
  117. Field Expressions in SSRS-2005 Reports
  118. How do I Converting DBF database files to SQL Server 2005 in one step
  119. How can I use variables in this TSQL Statement
  120. Calculations between two different rows same Table
  121. IS Null
  122. how to build tables at run time in sql server 2005
  123. iam new to sql
  124. query help sought
  125. What is Data type of ISBN and YEAR ?
  126. where is import and dts on sql server 2005
  127. checkbox
  128. windows form
  129. OpenDataSource fails from worksheet name starts with a number in xls file
  130. calculate score in ms sql
  131. 512 error in delete statement
  132. Bulk Insert - Dynamic Errorfile Filename
  133. Greater than statement for 2 columns
  134. Intimate via email to indentify the DB Suspect
  135. Newbie : Updating a table from a query
  136. Newbie: Find unique records
  137. How to recover a DB From Suspect
  138. SQL Job Failure
  139. newbie question: How to add extra SQL Auth. account?
  140. Importing Text File To Sql 2000
  141. Max Occuring value in a column
  142. what's the best way of importing a query from access to be a view in MSSQL2005?
  143. Changing decimal places in a query
  144. @@identity
  145. equivalent of SET NEWPAGE NONE in SQL server 2005
  146. Commands not available in 2005 Express
  147. Reporting Services Hide Duplicates Problem
  148. system DSN connection
  149. how to Mutiply different data type columns
  150. how to set and reset column identity by a query?
  151. store image in database
  152. Sql Query problem
  153. t-sql query
  154. Stored procedures Again
  155. How do I calculate something using values from two tables?
  156. converting oracle script to SQL server 2005 script
  157. Using findstr on SQL 2005 ERRORLOG file
  158. caching in Reporting Services
  159. Using Formula
  160. Transfering data from SQL Server Standard to SQL Server Express
  161. delete query from two tables
  162. query
  163. Query - select common data from one column and display in severalcolumns
  164. Creating a dynamic SSRS report via URL
  165. Replication in sql SERVER 2005
  166. Passing Multiple values in stored procedure
  167. ado net
  168. Using a "match" table to store multiple columns for parent data
  169. First SQL job
  170. Full Stored Procedures?
  171. Trigger ISSUE
  172. Add 2 hours to a time value!
  173. SQL Qurery help
  174. Running MS Access queries from SQL Agent
  175. Help Please.. Repost..
  176. sQL HELP
  177. Numeric error..
  178. Deleting a maintenance plan
  179. Plz Help
  180. Trigger problem
  181. SS2005 Merge Replication through message queue
  182. Trigger to find specific New Value
  183. Trouble with a count
  184. Difference B/W Triggers and Stored Procedurs?
  185. Group by DatePart
  186. Dynamic Columns in a table
  187. Problem with a lot of inserts in short time - SQL Server 2000
  188. ASP.NET C# web application to connect to SQL SERVER 2000 database
  189. Problem in Database mail
  190. Syntax to access database on another server
  191. Oracle date problem in SQL SERVER REPORTING SERVICES 2005
  192. constraints
  193. Basic MSSQL Query help
  194. Loop
  195. reduce time for search query
  196. An existing connection was forcibly closed
  197. Error on Transaction log backup
  198. SQL Function Help
  199. Insert/Update
  200. Backup Exec and MS SQL Server 2005
  201. problem regarding connection of vb and oracle
  202. how to calculate the date
  203. Track changes made to SQL Server
  204. hi
  205. Spaces after data in field
  206. Access To SQL
  207. Rebuild Index Fails, need insight
  208. Need help with SQL Server Cluster
  209. Retrieving duplicate consecutive records(How to make query for this scenario?)
  210. Dropped tables
  211. Passing a varible as an linked server name in openquery
  212. error in running the join query
  213. Insert Query
  214. Urgent IT related openings with Corporate MNC companies all overIndia
  215. Working With Two Different Stored Procedures from Different Databases in Sql Server
  216. Problem in SQL Server 2005 in Database mail configuration
  217. SQL 2000 Profiler
  218. SQL database hang
  219. Replace one value with another in query result
  220. BCP import then export
  221. Doubt in COUNT(*)
  222. doubt in saving wave file
  223. Query string encryption in T-SQL
  224. system DSN connection
  225. how to check case for username password field in table?
  226. DB size increase from SQL 2000 to 2005
  227. stumped with stored proc and temp tables
  228. Linked Server - Connect to db2 on different server
  229. Get database name in run-time
  230. ROUND function
  231. Need Error_Number list with Error_Messages
  232. SQL question ( retrieving records based on a priority order )
  233. SQL2005 Aggregate Multiple Update optimazation: How-To?
  234. Autogeneration in MSSQL
  235. Use unique key for Sqlserver view for updates
  236. To fetch common values between two rows
  237. Sybase Event query (Multiple Inserts based on Select)
  238. get different result from 1 column in 1 query
  239. Help with SQL Query for Graph
  240. UPDATETEXT question
  241. Accessing values of comma delimited string
  242. Inventory SQL Server machines on your network
  243. xp_xmdshell and BCP select string problem
  244. Need help with delete trigger
  245. How to do the Bulk delete in Sql table?
  246. How to use Arrow keys to scroll the scroll bar
  247. Multiple Queries vs Dataset
  248. SQL Random number
  249. Why Same query results in two different # in SQL Server vs MS Access
  250. Trouble with one to many relationship in single SQL query
  251. Count from detail table
  252. MS SQL Server Multiple Rows into 1 column.. Semicolon Delimited.. Null Value Problem
  253. format date
  254. sql server data transmition
  255. Want to learn SQL in California....any school, literaturerecommendations?
  256. Problem converting access queries to sql
  257. Small SQL Engine
  258. SQL server multi-statement table function w/ openquery
  259. Calculate Client wait time with sql server process time
  260. Check for the Duplicates
  261. Freshers Recruitment & Walk-in For Freshers Feb 23-24
  262. SQL Script to sync. two servers
  263. AutoNumber
  264. Stored Procedure Thread Safe?
  265. Table replication question
  266. Sql Backup
  267. SQL Help with two table
  268. Replication in a single transaction
  269. Slow performance in SQL2005
  270. Need Help On Multiple Max Values
  271. Query Plan Tool on my web site
  272. Multiple Identity Columns
  273. SQL Query with Self Join
  274. Create a dynamically incremented field
  275. Append .bak (Backup) file to Database using Restore command
  276. Output of a query in row intead a column
  277. Timeout when specifying server name
  278. How to seed or increment NEWID() value
  279. Addition of two numbers
  280. Online Query Tool SQL Server 2005
  281. Zerofill
  282. Problem with a select statement
  283. trigger not doing anything
  284. DTS procedure
  285. Linked Server and Oracle10 Performance Issues
  286. Need help with database usage history and backtrack
  287. Log File Recovery.
  288. Compatibity of SQL server 2000 and 2005 database!
  289. Problem With SQL UPDATE
  290. Round Function
  291. Unmatched query multiple criteria
  292. SQL Server Performance Issue
  293. does the table follow normalization
  294. Running SQL scripts programatically
  295. Help Needed For writting a query (SQl Server 2005).
  296. simple connection
  297. Database Search
  298. Like
  299. Querying First Time In And Last Time Out
  300. CharIndex, Left T-SQL question
  301. importing multiple excel files
  302. delete otherwise duplicate records based on differing values in one column
  303. Duplicate records and set field to constant
  304. Multi-Line Coments
  305. Compound aggregate (Max of Count) procedure question
  306. Create user similar to 'sa'
  307. Trigger Question
  308. Subselect top1 - need two columns.
  309. Suggestions Plz
  310. convert oracle trigger to sql server
  311. Combine keyword and search result ?
  312. Patni Computers written test question
  313. SL Sum question
  314. sql and bcp bulk import tab delimited from text file
  315. What is the range for smallint
  316. get the latest changed records
  317. TimeOut expired error when selecting more than 300 rows
  318. Update table using triggers
  319. need of SQL Dumps
  320. Always return something on a ZipCode Search
  321. SQL 2005 OSQL qestion on Microsoft cluster
  322. group by Ntext
  323. Trigger
  324. How to insert Price in SQLServer usimg decimal datatype
  325. Query from two tables that looks for a missing value
  326. SQL Server 2000 Connectivity
  327. Adding conditions in the ON clause of a JOIN
  328. Enum the running SQL instances using DMO
  329. Calculating Age median from list of Dates of Birth
  330. Interactive Sort on Matrix in RS
  331. Update Table A based upon secondary query of Table A & Table B
  332. GetElevation function
  333. How to check setting of CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL
  334. Comparing results from a column to results from a form?
  335. Why does Error log show database restarting everytime a transactionlog backup runs?
  336. Full Text Search of Microsoft Word Document
  337. FIFO Stock Sql 2000
  338. Dbcc Indexdefrag
  339. Urgent walkin interviews from top rated companies
  340. Problems character sets / special characters dot.Net <-> mssql-server
  341. Linking two databases and copying details to third database
  342. Changing the Owner of System tables in sql server 2000
  343. sql command error
  344. SQL Server Connectivity
  345. Subtracting grouped counts
  346. Trrigger problem
  347. server/client connection of sql 2000 in 2 computers
  348. update sql with results subquery
  349. on line discuss
  350. SQL -Need Help
  351. update subsquery with Not = condition
  352. SQL: Write 24 rows undependent of how many sows sql returns.
  353. xquery help needed... can .modify be parameterized?
  354. grab 2 sets of data from single table based on a condition
  355. Syntax help - Subtract two years from current date?
  356. how to write a sql select query script
  357. How to divide a value into Two
  358. Help
  359. SQL server instead of trigger
  360. Advantage of creating Reindex
  361. how to Know dboption
  362. need assistance with database mail, sp_send_dbmail
  363. ODBC connection monitoring
  364. Transfer mysql DB to MS SQL help
  365. Need example query using Timestamp
  366. SQL Data fetching from
  367. Best practice for comparing 2 tables
  368. Primary Key fails to copy in db Export
  369. sql server to access
  370. Stored Procedure for deleting multiple records from 3 tables
  371. System DB backup Error
  372. Group By with 2 outer joins
  373. Multi-Values??
  374. Aler tables in CASCADE Mode
  375. Filtering, sorting, summing
  376. Staging the Value
  377. What is wrong? Update value from one database to another
  378. SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Error
  379. how do i create database in sql server
  380. Encrypt and Decrypt a string variable
  381. Why does numeric data type use storage inefficiently?
  382. Inserting Rows from a copy with a Primary Key, and a GUID
  383. Create a new table from csv file using SSIS
  384. Distributed Transactions across Linked Servers
  385. application.startuppath
  386. Trigger on Replicated table from another Database
  387. Execute a UDF
  388. Comparing strings in SP
  389. Help in Table level restore/backup
  390. Use of triggers in Sqlserver
  391. Where deleted DB/Tables stores?
  392. sql server migration issues
  393. Select
  394. MS SQL Server 2000: automatically rows inter changed in database
  395. how do i handle
  396. want to pull data with leading 0
  397. case in joins
  398. Basic MSSQL Query help
  399. Rowlock v. optimistic concurrency
  400. Sql Connectionstring
  401. Cross tab query
  402. Distinct Latest Records
  403. Databindings
  404. Identity on 2 fields
  405. How to display skeleton of table in sql server 2000
  406. Sending mail from DTS
  407. Syntax error in the case statment
  408. VB6/ADO/SQL Server -- Error 3265 : Item not found in this collection ...
  409. Crosstabbing (or rotating) a sql table
  410. stored procedures
  411. SQL Syntax Error
  412. how to hndle month
  413. Query to get total
  414. Get multiple column values as one item?
  415. Having problem with Update from query
  416. Complex MS SQL Query help
  417. Need link between MS Excel and MS SQL Server 2000
  418. How to find out the number of days in a financial year.
  419. Timeout
  420. Loops taking long time to run in SQL 2005 standard edition
  421. Help
  422. trigger:-Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery
  423. Import dbf file into SQL Server - numeric fields shrink by 1 digit
  424. Table Data from Name
  425. Need help writing a stored procedure
  426. Command text was not set for the command object - error from dbms_lob.writeappend
  427. Combine rows in a table that are only different in one column
  428. Connect Access to SQL Server
  429. Query analyzer on desktop
  430. difference between primary&secondary files
  431. question
  432. How to set default value for a datetime column in mssql
  433. Slow Sql Query
  434. sql learning
  435. Migration of MDB forms into ADP and connecting to SQL
  436. autonumber
  437. Legacy DTS job to copy data from SQL005 to mainframe DB2
  438. Data Mashing
  439. Poor Performance with Lazy Spool Operator
  440. Transfer data to web page fields
  441. Sum
  442. Bit Data
  443. win32 or x64
  444. Dlookup issues with Query converted to Passthrough Query
  445. Need help merging 2 tables into 1
  446. Not able to update using LIKE % clause in MSSQL
  447. FreeTDS / SQL Server 2005?
  448. Recovery data from LDF file?
  449. Operators
  450. Calculating the Date Difference dynamically
  451. Inserting image into SQL database
  452. Rollback Of Modification
  453. Database optimizing vs Total Columns in a table
  454. [How to] avoid cross product/Cartesian product to improve performance
  455. Usage of CONVERT function in where clause (in SQLSERVER)
  456. Migrating data between two different servers
  457. Creating Report
  458. Need link between MS Excel and MS SQL Server
  459. sorting with null
  460. automation error, the specified module could not be found
  461. Inserting multiple records into two tables...with a twist
  462. Union Tables without duplicating lines with NULL values
  463. Sum
  464. Need help with reporting service security
  465. One subscriver, multiple phone numbers.
  466. trig errors
  467. MSSQL not showing seconds even after using datetime as the column type
  468. Create Report
  469. update with a one to many
  470. Sql Injection
  471. SQL-Server 2005 suddenly doesn't accept date format YYYYMMDD
  472. Procedure to moniter database
  473. Triggers in SQL 2005
  474. SQL server indexes through access (vba)
  475. Alert doesn't work on SQL 2005
  476. Sort By Name Except Other
  478. crazy statement :) please help
  479. aggregate rows of one column for each row of another column
  480. Select statement query
  481. delete records from one table that occur in another
  482. how to release a table lock..?
  483. Datatype
  484. connection string
  485. Datagridview Print
  486. Changing a column datatype
  487. multiple numbers in one statement
  488. Deploying CLR trigger to SQL-Server 2005 -- Permissions Required.
  489. help needed with update
  490. Get previous record before given date SQL Query problem
  491. sql query help
  492. helo needed with stored proc...
  493. top4 by bank
  494. SQL in(@parameter)
  495. Changing the datatype of column
  496. how to sort fields in table
  497. Converting rows in column header
  498. Database structure synchronization with LINQ to SQL model
  499. stored procedur
  500. Query Problem
  501. DTS import for VB6
  502. SP Generate Random String - Check if String Already Exists
  503. Process a String from a Table to decimal value
  504. How to use Print() in cursor?
  505. Rmote database inserts blocking local queries.
  506. get non matching rows from table 2
  507. SQL resolution order question
  508. Suddenly, queries against one table "never return"
  509. RecorCount get 0
  510. Tsql
  511. Exporting datas
  512. Problem with putting a database in single user mode
  513. stored procedur
  514. pls help me its urgent.....
  515. Performance issue using conditional WHERE clause
  516. MSSQL: Stored Procedure, using an in-line procedure?
  517. Update and select next value from a list
  518. Database table design for performance
  519. SQL Connection to Web Server
  520. Error in connection...The ConnectionString property has not been initialized
  521. Ordering Months in Calendar Order
  522. Moving data from SQL server to Postgre or Oracle or Cache
  523. aspnet_Roles and aspnet_usersinroles
  524. how to import values from a notepad file to a sql server 2005 table
  525. Sum statement has no records
  526. To filter store procedures that only do select operation in a particular Database
  527. Help with subquery WHERE EXISTS or IN
  528. Correlated Subqueries vs Joins
  529. Getting NULL value when Importing spread sht to sql table
  530. Months Between
  531. Problem migrating DTS to SSIS
  532. Transaction File Backups Not Deleting after specified timeframe
  533. Reports
  534. How to round a float value
  535. connecting MS Sql
  536. Quering data from database for the specific date period,SQL
  537. Unable to attach the database
  538. Help-VB.NET and SQL Server 2005
  539. memory optimization
  540. Database backup
  541. NULL values in a SELECT in another SELECT
  542. Quering data from database for the specific date period,SQL
  543. Sql Server Error
  544. Only Unique Data required of a table. Please help with this Query.
  545. Data Model for Searching large databases
  546. help me join same table
  547. Subquery returned more than 1 value
  548. Tricky insert query
  549. Need help with SQL Statement checking for nulls
  550. SQL error cannot connect