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  1. ODBC DSN connection fails from MS Access 2000 after SQL2005 mirrorfailover
  2. unique values combined with COUNT()
  3. problem in identity
  4. Microsoft's SQL Server and related products.
  5. how to AUTOCOMMIT ON in SQL server 2005
  6. Help on the following SQL server Select query
  7. SQL Server data dictionary
  8. How to use stored procedure parameter in sql-statement?
  9. Indexing Low Cardinality columns in a data warehouse scenario
  10. Change Collation Name in a database (SQL SERVER 2000)
  11. table values function in SSIS
  12. SQL Update Trigger Question
  13. install script
  14. UPDATE query gives Incorrect Syntax error
  15. large data : how do you store multidimensional data ?
  16. DELETE only deleted 10000 records
  17. finding PIVOT table data source
  18. How to use Cast
  19. truncate decimal place
  20. query is slow after inserting lots of records in some tables
  21. Recursive Update Query for SQL server
  22. Tablediff Utility SQL server 2000
  23. generate SQL script from DTS
  24. how to get todays Inserted and updated records in sql server 2005
  25. searching fields and displaying feilds with data
  26. database problem
  27. Tweaking SQL to optimize the query execution plan
  28. Help Needed For writting a query (SQl Server 2005)
  29. MsSQL - Not storing and returning milliseconds
  30. How can I produce multiple output flat files from a single SQL filewith multiple SQL statements?
  31. Best method for storing a time in a MsSQL database?
  32. UPDATE Record's
  33. SYSTEM_USER automatic RTRIM of trailing spaces in 2000, but not 2005?
  34. Deadlock Issue
  35. Different empty_string/NULL handling under ODBC and OLE DB?
  36. T-SQL: Recursion and circular references
  37. DTS: Copy new + modified records from table1 to table2 from two different servers
  38. MySQL to MSSQL Conversion
  39. Encrypt and decrypt a full database in sql server 2005
  40. SQL Serial Data to Parallel
  41. SQL Installation
  42. get the jobs run in a particular time interval from sysjobhistory
  43. How to create a distinct table combining records with Null values
  44. Project Management Knowledge Base !
  45. Columns
  46. How to store the result set in temp table
  47. sql squeries
  48. Query with different WHERE clauses
  49. sql queries
  50. Is there a limit in retrieving foxpro file using VFPOLEDB ??
  51. Validation Constraint on Data Entry
  52. Creating Reindex
  53. Truncate text in table? (ie 101928494 will become 928494)
  54. query on multiple database
  55. pivot? rows to columns
  56. SQL 2005 Express
  57. Comparing data in two different tables to find missing records
  58. SQL Server 2008 Final release date
  59. scheduled data clearout
  60. relationship
  61. sql queries
  62. not showing proper datetime in tables
  63. IDENT_CURRENT help
  64. sql server queries
  65. get latest date record
  66. MS SQL 2005 Replication, unable to create publication
  67. Calling external apps from SQL Agent
  68. plz suggest me the query
  69. Update date In MS SQL
  70. IT auditing tool SC Magazine Review
  71. Update table name and all objects that reference it
  72. Creative query assistance needed
  73. Convert Access quey to SQL statement
  74. How to validate a column using stored procedure
  75. undeclared variable in stored procedure
  76. mapping path of a file
  77. How to find out difference between two rows....
  78. SQL Server 2005 - Developer Edition Installation Error
  79. Moving SQL server to another
  80. SQL server 2005 enterprise manager
  81. SQL Server Engine Downgrade
  82. SQL Problem
  83. I want to connect DB in SQL with data in Active Directory(Urgent)
  84. Open record sets
  85. MS SQL Problem
  86. Problem With MS SQL
  87. SQL 2000: Transport-level error on SELECT statement
  88. Create Trigger
  89. Complex Query
  90. dropped tables
  91. SQL 2000 server replication and a MSmerge_tombstone problem
  92. Trying to insert a zero, its telling me i cannot insert a null
  93. Significant Figures/Digits.
  94. Database size shows huge
  95. Query for displaying a particular set of data
  96. Update auto increment feild to replace nulls
  97. Calculate Number of working Days in a Given Period
  98. Update/Insert with constraint
  99. SS2000 500xSELECT on one table; how to speed it up??
  100. Generating Script for a DataBase
  101. A Question on query efficiency
  102. How to deploy a database on SQL Server Express 2005
  103. Can Analysis Server and Report Server run on SQL Server 2000 Cluster
  104. Jobs, Interview Questions, Certification, Knowledge
  105. How to do incremental update?
  106. 'FROM reallyReallyLongTableName AS a' syntax?
  107. Re: SQL Server 2008 caching
  108. package configaration SSIS
  109. Determine which fields to select based on date
  110. Use output of Stored Procedure as where condition
  111. Re: SQL Server 2008 caching
  112. Exception handling in stored procedures
  113. select blocking sessions t-sql
  114. Write "Messages" window to a log file?
  115. please solve this problem
  116. Sql Connection
  117. spli two rows
  118. Database login failed
  119. Incrementing Filename when saved
  120. problems with case statement in where clause
  121. Does SQL Server support a row count function?
  122. Deduping
  123. Yellowfin seeks resellers for BI product
  124. Sql Server Install
  125. Store DWG file in SQL server?
  126. load_file and blobs
  127. Using a Trigger to determine when a column was changed
  128. Import table from notepad to SQL server 2005
  129. Insert from SQL2005 to DB2
  130. Data returned by SQL Server ODBC driver is not correct
  131. Cannot Create DSN connect to SQL Database
  132. Update Status column after specific date.
  133. MSSQL bcp command help
  134. Certification in Mind???
  135. Only 90MB for SQL Server 2005 on a Windows 2003 64bit 12GB System
  136. Using charindex AND substr to pull out data
  137. restore .dat
  138. Finding duplicate records
  139. Looping through recordset creating calculated Rank Column
  140. compare lock setting in sql srv 2000 and 2005
  141. Automation error
  142. SQL 2000 DTS tool - 256 char limit?
  143. Create Index on View
  144. Uncommon records from two table
  145. Linking Windows SQL Login to user database
  146. Determine the byte size of a particular row?
  147. Calling Commonly Used SQL (reusable code)
  148. BCP with special chars
  149. joining multiple tables based on 1 criteria
  150. Export to Excel, exclude header
  151. Stored procedure incorrect?
  152. Can a dropped table be recovered?
  153. How to show field that not being group
  154. need a query (columns to rows and rows to columns)
  155. Softclarity Builder
  156. Round to 2 decimal
  157. Creating Database
  158. Replication of MSSQl database from one server to another
  159. compare ntext to datetime
  160. Computerised Date
  161. How do i use LIKE for a search query?
  162. automatic id generation
  163. Distinct Row based on description count
  164. Accepting wildcards like % in input parameters of stored procedures
  165. Slow Query causing application problems
  166. Re: problem with column alias
  167. Query problem
  168. create database
  169. Trigger and procedure
  170. query
  171. Insert in two tables
  172. Please can someone help
  173. Re: problem with column alias
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  175. How to insert dates using datetime functions.
  176. Having problems using BCP for CSV output
  177. import data from excel into sql server 2000 by C# in .net
  179. count the rows
  181. Cursor does duplicate records
  182. ODBC--call failed.
  183. BCP error on a database with name in two words
  184. Query Across Multiple Tables
  185. Delete Trigger
  186. Intrusion Detection Strategies
  187. Delete a BackupDevice in Code
  188. SQL Server Scripting Question
  189. Date conversion problem
  190. SQL DB Backup
  191. Select Query with = not returning any rows
  192. Stored Procedure to reliably update two tables.
  193. Dynamic field names
  194. SQLServer2005 procedures
  195. sql update trigger that updates table 2 when table 1 is changed
  196. Restoring a SQL Server 2005 database without the log - revisited
  197. SQL Server Agent confuse?
  198. Capturing the date and time based on clients timezone in SQL Server 2005
  199. Import data from comma delimited text file into an SQL Server table
  200. Help to query a date range
  201. Why is SQL Server procedure not executing properly?
  202. Handling multiple database with stored procedure
  203. Connection is busy with results to another hstmt
  204. sql server query problem
  205. DB BAckup
  206. Distributed query [drawn out problem]?
  207. Insert Into Select trouble
  208. Login failed user error in running web application
  209. SNL Sql
  210. Error updating the employee details!", help
  211. ms sql 2000 - create update script
  212. Problem in using LINQ to SQL
  213. any sql code to search database tables ?
  214. Getting check constraint error from sproc?
  215. Recursive Stored Procedure
  216. how to write trigger in sql server 2005
  217. how to sum some field in a row
  218. Strange issue in execution of sql
  219. how to Backup only selected tables
  220. How 2 store values through Stored Procedure from ARRAYLISTwhich is from Database only
  221. SQL Query for Dummies
  222. CONVERT() problem
  223. UPS WorldShip SQL
  224. problem with MS sql server 2000 database table
  225. various errors connecting - possible permissions problem
  226. Group By and Having are driving me crazy!
  227. Problem with REPLACE with binary strings
  228. how to decrease the size of database
  229. Recursive update query
  230. Difference between check constraint and dafault constraint
  231. Latest updates in database management and SQL server tools andtechniques
  232. Da MySQL a SQL express
  233. T-Sql & Active Directory Roles, Identification of original login ofimpersonated ID's and Suspended processing
  234. unable to install SQL Server 2005
  235. merge data from two sets into one
  236. select @@identity
  237. no text in object
  238. SQL Server / Access commands/recordsets
  239. How to create a new database with an unknown name?
  240. Re: Best practice on nullability and default value
  241. Passing querystring to a website through sql report
  242. How to Lock and Release Table?
  243. Formatting datetime when including in a PRINT command etc...
  244. Pb to open an attached mdf file
  245. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally
  246. Database Compare,Data Compare tool,sort sync scipts with databasedependencies.
  247. Database Compare,Data Compare tool,sort sync scipts with databasedependencies.
  248. Orders Database Storing Orders
  249. Patch for KB948110 causing random "Could not find database table ID"errors
  250. Update record of two table
  251. Unable to view SQL7.0 Table Records through visual basic
  252. Right Justified with leading zeroes
  253. getting error in query..
  254. Database Compare,Data Compare tool,sort sync scipts with databasedependencies.
  255. Update Record in two Table using trigger
  256. How to compile TPC-H ver2.7 on Windows XP?
  257. complicated query (where statement inside select statement, don'tknow how to explain it)
  258. Building a datacube with Excel 2007 and SQL Server 2000
  259. Insurance data models...any tips on good starting point?
  260. DB Backup
  261. Are Deadlocks inevitable ?
  262. Help With Full Text Search. Performing AND across columns
  263. rupdating duplicate entries with random numbers
  264. Changing the name in the ServerName column
  265. Execute store procedure
  266. How To Save File to varbinary(max) in SQL 2005
  267. Schedule a Query
  268. SQL Query Analyzer
  269. trigger - Incorrect syntax near 'INSTEAD' error
  270. Multiple attribute design that need to be searchable
  271. Multiple attribute design that need to be searchable
  272. Strange join in query
  273. Displaying records in new line
  274. Sql Server 2005 Replication
  275. does this backup sequence commit all data to the database
  276. Sql Inner Join/Union
  277. SQL problem - a variation on outer join
  278. if condition in stored procedure
  279. BACKUP LOG questions
  280. Common data
  281. Could not execute a package by a scheduled job
  282. dbcc shrinkdatabase
  283. Testing
  284. DB Structure Advice - lots of measurements in DB or file refs?
  285. programmatically stopping and starting transactional replication
  286. login failed
  287. Data loss importing from Excel
  288. Index on field length
  289. transaction log
  290. How do I number an output field consecutively?
  291. Selecting criteria from SQL DB
  292. How to convert a number to Hour:Minutes?
  293. Database management and latest updates on SQL server
  294. Downloading database from server on client machine
  295. Re: [ANNOUNCE] Release 1.3 of Mogwai ERDesignerNG available
  296. Escape [] characters in an sql query
  297. Edit/Rename attributes with many tables from excel file source
  298. SubQuery Question
  299. Match two tables.
  300. Cursor among several databases
  301. Alter Or Create Procedure?
  302. design issues with large amounts of data
  303. SELECTing from a DML statement
  304. Mulpliplcation of all values in a column plus converting negative values
  305. Reporting Services close download interface without exporting
  306. Stored Procedure
  307. Using UPDATE to sequentially abbreviate address information
  308. Faster way to check if a record needs updating
  309. SQL caclcualted field
  310. Odd character appended to data
  311. Datetime import/export issue
  312. Dynamic ORDER BY
  313. Yellowfin Business Intelligence Release 4.0 Announced to Industry
  314. SQL Permissions
  315. Sql query date problem
  316. mSQL + Perl = Phantom rows
  317. SQL Query Assistance
  318. slow queries for a particular database
  319. sql agent JOB to Backup Database and Maintain Backup Files
  320. Need a script to recreate scheduled jobs
  321. Help needed for Data formatting.
  322. How can I do that using a trigger
  323. Foreign key
  324. OLEDB configuration when deploying multiple SSIS packages
  325. Variable database name in stored procedures
  326. Crystal reports
  327. Decimal point and comma
  328. Re: Stop hotlinking to a specific file & keeping a counter
  329. Please Help - Can't check for duplicates
  330. How to secure a database ...?
  331. Deploying an app with SQL Server (installation on client machine)
  332. GROUP BY a computed column
  333. Can I search for a string in a set of stored procedures?
  334. Concatenate in MSSQL
  335. Storing BLOBs outside database
  336. Creating a database from set of TSQLl files
  337. Question about recompiling a dll
  338. Re: Duplicate Tests - Help Please
  339. table naming convention about this case..
  340. Re: Grouping by Day for a Date Range
  341. Database security (non-existent?)
  342. Computing a column that is a percentage of the sum of another column
  343. Latest updates on SQL server 2008 tools and techniques
  344. Applying tranaction log to old data file
  345. Tool to chase down the consequences of adding field to DB tables?
  346. Latin1_General_BIN comparing two char strings
  347. Re: Database naming conventions?
  348. alter table query not working after working at least once. MS SQL2000
  349. Re: Database naming conventions?
  350. Re: Database naming conventions?
  351. Transact-SQL for Restore Filelistonly using a variable
  352. Basic SQL Statement Question
  353. Toad for MSSQL problem: closing script file doesn't "release" thefile?
  354. bcp out in UTF-8 format
  355. Kuljetusalan ongelmista
  356. Differences between relational DB and warehouse ?
  357. C++ API for SQL Server?
  358. bcp out empty string into csv files
  359. tbl_A CROSS JOIN top 1000 rows of tbl_B?
  360. SQL 2008 EULA and pricing
  361. SqlBulkCopy.WriteToServer() blowing up on tables with Identitycolumns
  362. Performing multiple bulkcopies for different tabels
  363. stored proc with datetime
  364. Forget about Referential checks??
  365. Re: Not finding GUID value after migration sql 2005 to 2000
  366. database design
  367. Re: Not finding GUID value after migration sql 2005 to 2000
  368. DB migration
  369. bulk insert in clustered index table
  370. Re: Vaalirahoitus (oli: Re: Irlanti pelastaa Suomen)
  371. Newbie basic questions
  372. Anyway to declare and use variables in a View
  373. HCL, Aricent, Infosys and many more companies hiring fresh &experienced engineers ,
  374. Migration of an Access Database. How is the best way?
  375. Select from a access table
  376. MSDE upgraded to SP4 but showing SP2
  377. Problem connecting to SQL Server from Access Database
  378. simple SQL engine
  379. Fuzzy logic for duplicate identification?
  380. Convert Int to Date
  381. database owner?
  382. Full text search in albanian
  383. IF within SELECT
  384. live online training
  385. stored procs
  386. Re: "Maksanhierontalaite" ; )
  387. Problem With View and Changing Field Length
  388. Snap-in failed to initalize.
  389. Compound vs Simple Indexes
  390. Looping Through the Records returned from a DTS Lookup
  391. Not an ad hoc query?
  392. Re: Ruuska
  393. Stored Procedures and Commiting Data
  394. Using Case within Select
  395. Connect problem
  396. Dell c610
  397. Re: search pyrkii nettiin
  398. Is this a correct table structure for my database?
  399. How to find if instance is cluster or non-cluster
  400. SQL 2005 report deploy issue
  401. SQL Server 2008 - Filestream
  402. SQL->RDF? Best question about semantics technology wins admission to LinkedData Planet
  403. Error running DTS script in VB
  404. Need SQL Server Dasbase Admin
  405. How do do a query against hardcoded row values
  406. Disabling Triggers
  407. simple ALTER Table query question...SQL 2000.
  408. Update Query Runs Forever
  409. Installing sql server 2000 on windows server 2008
  410. How to sell sql skills? (Need your knowledge and thoughts)
  411. Re: Outer joins in MS SQL 2005: why is it this way? better yet, any resources on these nuances?
  412. where do I download sql odbc drivers from?
  413. Re: Connection pooling issue with pass through queries
  414. (Newbie) Join problem.
  415. Problem with joins in SQL.
  416. Join zero padded char to varchar
  417. Re: Connection pooling issue with pass through queries
  418. Re: Strange select
  419. Re: Strange select
  420. strange Problem
  421. Re: Need Help With an Update Script
  422. SQL Server 2000 UDF Intermittent Slow Execution
  423. your thoughts on this please
  424. Sysmergesubscriptions question
  425. Need Help With an Update Script
  426. examples with SS2008 -xEvents?
  427. select from two tables
  428. SQL Server Browser service?
  429. Help with an Update Statment
  430. delete a named instance - how?
  431. Strange connection problem
  432. Where's my instance???
  433. Install new instance...
  434. Simple Query Question
  435. DBMS advantage and disadvantage
  436. Rename Default Instance Name SQL Server 2005
  437. Cannot Read Varchar(max)
  438. relocating Outlook Business Contact manager
  439. confusion over indexs via primary key and clustered index
  440. SQL Excel - freeware add-in for excel
  441. Link to external file
  442. Modeling/Constraint question
  443. Email Generation from within SQL/Server 2005
  444. Re: SELECT Optimalization
  445. Best pratices to manage the "same logical" database on multipledatabase engine types (postgreSQL, SLQServer, etc..)
  446. Help with SQL Backup Problem
  447. syscharsets unicode
  448. I want to update the column in a table based on the updation of theother column in the same table
  449. DTS Transfer Data Task - output to text file with field names infirst line
  450. nested stored procedures and returning lots of rows
  451. Checking for duplicates in a database table
  452. firewall rules for SQL Server
  453. Modifying registry information to change type of login logging
  454. Suggested DB Reverse Engineering tool...
  455. Cursor and Procedure
  456. select from row1 to row n
  457. Local Security Policy - Restricting Access
  458. Reattaching database - identity_insert set to off
  459. Most Helpful Professional Award
  460. Cross Database Select
  461. Merge process could not update the list of subscriptions
  462. caching table Problem
  463. a and (b or c) better than (a and b) or (a and c) ?
  464. How to return a Pk value from one stored procedure to another storedprocedure
  465. create dynamic variable in procedure
  466. Advanced SQL Cubing
  467. Re: Display duplicate rows
  468. SQL 2005 on Windows Server 2008 - Slow Connection Time
  469. Re:
  470. Help!
  471. Urgent: Deciphering binary code executed against the database
  472. copying row from same table and adding value from form.request
  473. Altova v2008r2
  474. SQL Statement Problem : Separate long varchar into word seqments 35chars long
  475. Doing a SELECT INTO using a Stored Proc as the data source
  476. Setting SQL Server Agent Account without being part of a domain
  477. Limiting table access using stored procedure.
  478. optimal selection of all records for a certain month (illegal datesOK?)
  479. SQL Select All Items where one meets the criteria
  480. updating multiple columns with subselect
  481. Selecting several types
  482. Prevent Excel and Access access to SQL 2000
  483. Disable and Rebuild or Drop and recreate Index
  484. Read HTML File though Network for Email.
  485. How to implement Audit/Alert for Row level access?
  486. Force protocol encryption on hosted database
  487. Orphaned tupels, should I clean or is it ok to leave?
  488. Client applications
  489. Full text indexing scheduler SQL Options
  490. SQL and Database Design newsgroup
  491. ASP.NET 2.0 not connecting to SQL Server (not web.config)
  492. Help with bbrowser cell focus ?
  493. Re: SELECT * vs SELECT col1, col2
  494. COLUMNS_UPDATED() with triggers
  495. Conditional data copy SQL Server to Oracle
  496. Can you tell who last edited a SProc, and when?
  497. Re: How to show Median in a GROUP BY clause? (AVE works, Mediandoesn'
  498. beginners question...
  499. Select date in british format
  500. Why freetext query become very slow all of a sudden
  501. Select CASE returning NULL value
  502. back up jobs, re-index question
  503. MSSQL - MySQL
  504. capture and save running sql query to database table (for logging)
  505. file crawler
  506. How to recover deleted records?
  507. design question - type heirarchy with supertype queries
  508. Use of having with additional select
  509. Performance question concerning varchar(max)
  510. using LEN to find a first word greater than 17
  511. Yet another basic SQL question
  512. Job ends successfully even when it's not true
  513. exporting a table with long field names to Access
  514. FAQ & Solution: How to generate a number automatically for thePrimary Key when inserting a record?
  515. Basic SQL Question
  516. copying data from one server to another
  517. Another new DBMS
  518. CHECKSUM to determine record changes
  519. How to find records with length greater than 17
  520. first minimum date in the column for each distinct column a value
  521. Re: Get rows whose sum matches a value
  522. The Sql ranking OVERture
  523. sp_prepexec syscomments?
  524. select parent records that do not have a particular child
  525. how to create my own primary key which auto-increment
  526. Re: Get rows whose sum matches a value
  527. Re: tempdb size question
  529. SQL Server 2005: functions become slow after a while
  530. How to get the sql statement of a view? (by running a query or from
  531. Granting permissions for a user from another database
  532. table trigger just hangs
  533. Login Seems OK but doesn't behave correctly
  534. Dump table as INSERTs
  535. SQL Server Management Studio
  536. SQL 2005 XML Searching
  537. Query Japanese Text in an NVarChar?
  538. Performing Bulk Load of XML Data
  539. import ADO DLL
  540. case-when error
  541. Secure Auditor, 30 security tools at the price of one.
  542. Secure Auditor, 30 security tools at the price of one.
  543. Finding "missing" rows
  544. Login failed for user 'sa'. Reason: Server is in single user mode.
  545. Connection String on shared server- Almost there but need a littlehelp
  546. Please recommend SQL book with excercises
  547. Re: T-SQL Duplicate Record Help
  548. Re: default value wich is not in DDL.
  549. Handle Triggers in MS Access 2003 with SQL Server as Back-End
  550. Calculating Opentime between several records.Using SQL Server 2000.