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  1. Visual Studio Reporting Services - MultiValue Parameters
  2. Login failed while synchronizing via merge replication
  3. MS Access Validaiton rule in SQL Server
  4. UPDATE makes cells NULL
  5. Connect SQL server (64-bit) to Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0
  6. sp_linkedservers did not help in linking server
  7. how we can display two columns according to the same rows in each column rowwise
  8. Select query execute very slow
  9. which database perform updation faster sqlserver or Ms access
  10. Joining tables in different databases instance and SQL servers
  11. SQL Starting issue
  12. need help with CASE function
  13. In Crystal, what does COUNT ({table.column1},{table.column1}) do? & SQL equivalent?
  14. Copy table from one SQL database to another SQL database
  15. @@ROWCOUNT always 0 :(
  16. append query
  17. Validating records in a table
  18. Validating records in a table
  19. Update a thousand rows with specific value
  20. is this update query works
  21. A CASE statement using another CASE statement as it's expression
  22. Why would SELECT returned record sequence change? SQL Server 2005
  23. How to go to the previous record with non consecutive ID numbers
  24. Go to previous record in sql query
  25. Date/Time Problem with SQL
  26. NULL In IN clause
  27. how to solve the following
  28. Sql server
  29. how to convert 2 rows into one column
  30. when I insert table, value is a string contains apostrophe - it throws an error there
  31. porblem of string
  32. Can I do this in a trigger?
  33. DTS package query
  34. Update using a join in the where clause
  35. Database import fails and prints "insert table failed for eventLog" - what issue?
  36. i need to start row number as 100
  37. i want to send sms from SQL SERVER 2000 or 2005
  38. SQL Server Express 2008 Off Domain Authentication
  39. Why is SQL Server faster than Access?
  40. Retriving 10 records per page through stored procedure
  41. Create username and password for my SQL Server 2005 database
  42. Update statement for whole table
  43. Unusual ordering of values in SQL
  44. Concatinate user defined variable with select statement
  45. pick the values separately from a column field
  46. combine data from different databases
  47. The request failed or service did not respond in timely fashion
  48. Sql Express installed using Package deployment does not provide change 'sa' password
  49. Linked tables in SQL Sever-ODBC connection
  50. Get sql row count
  51. Sql Server Error
  52. Divide a single column data to put into different rows.
  53. SQL SERVER 2000 T-SQL Problem
  54. Select Columns using nested select statement.
  55. WHERE question
  56. Copy &Inserting the dataStructure from one table to other table?
  57. login problem
  58. Inserting into multiple related tables using table valued parameters.
  59. Many to many relationship problem
  60. What other database can i use besides Microsoft SQL Server?
  61. MSSQL ID generation
  62. SQL NULL value logic
  63. connect web with a data base
  64. how to work with macrons and ms sql 2000/2005
  65. Subqueries are not allowed in this context. Only scalar expressions are allowed.
  66. HOW could i DO PIVOTING in SQL SERVER 2000
  67. Get the id of the next closest location
  68. Parametrized ADO Stored Procedure from C++
  69. HOW COUld i use POVIT ing sql server 2000
  70. recursive logic with sql server
  71. H0W Could i Get Next Day Date Of the Day Function in the Sql server 2000.
  72. Sorting
  73. moving sql servers to a new ou
  74. Query On DTS package
  75. DTS - import from excel ended with more records
  76. Select Between 17:00 Yesterday and 17:00 Today
  77. how to select the colums value as Column header?
  78. SQL 2005 and Ad Hoc queries not taking advantage of parallel processing.
  79. How to add data from two coloumns
  80. SQL Server 2005 Dev Edition : Data Flow Task error
  81. Interfacing to sql
  82. Issue of Full text search -- ContainsTable
  83. Selecting a specific value from an audit log
  84. General Network Error while running an ERP application on SQL Server 2000
  85. using currency in a stored procedure
  86. get last 3 most recent results based on a column
  87. Database (cache) memory allocation
  88. Help need in performance tuning
  89. MS SQL filter list of records
  90. how to display nth record from table
  91. How can I uninstall SQL Server 2005
  92. Dynamically Pivoting Rows to Columns in SQL Server 2008
  93. order by for 3 columns
  94. db design and performance for bulk insert
  95. Give a range in a query
  96. Doing a query through php to sql server 2005 and get query timeout
  97. what is meant by meta data in sql server??
  98. How to identify the ID of row which has been modified?
  99. How to deal with html source in SSIS packages..?
  100. join multiple tables
  101. connecting multiple table
  102. Question about differential restores (SQL Server 2005)
  103. Trying to update certain rows and its not producing the results i need
  104. How to add an identity column to a table with existing data
  105. how to insert the value of a function in the coloum
  106. How to convert row data into columns
  107. how can i update my table with the elapasedsecond as a new coloumn
  108. SQL Express Management Tools and Standard Edition Tools
  109. Selecting MAX date from a group of records
  110. Trigger in a certain period of time of day
  111. is there anysql equivalent to inner join ins on ins.address like '%a%'
  112. What is the Query?
  113. what are break points in sql server?
  114. Getting a proper Count for a month
  115. Why would I use a different table owner other than dbo
  116. SUBSTRING in where clause
  117. is there a chance of mixing up of data in secondary file?
  118. Writing a cursor with do while loop
  119. top 5 on the basis of a zone
  120. Date Peak
  121. Reducing Data type Lenght
  122. Problems with crystal after sql server protocol encryption
  123. Is it possible for sort select query based on input string?
  124. Export datas to a Excel file using query without openrowset method
  125. How to query another server with stored procedure
  126. Query across Multiple Tables MAX()
  127. Month to month yearly results - hard and slow help...
  128. SQL Query aggregate phone numbers
  129. query for relation between 2 fields
  130. The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint
  131. How to convert rows into different columns
  132. how i convert dbf file int sql file
  133. Can I calculate between different datasets?
  134. Query Engine Error after Forced Protocol Encryption on Crystal Report
  135. How to query untyped xml data
  136. TSQL query
  137. role permission of tempdb due to server restart
  138. Want to track the user who last modified the procedure
  139. How can i convert this query into sql server whereas this is working in MS ACCESS
  140. Insert table values from other table
  141. sql query
  142. Return all items in an order then add the shipping cost to only one item
  143. Raise Error problem when connecting to SQL Server through ODBC
  144. UPDATE and SELECT Combination
  145. openrowset works in sql 2005 but not Works in SQL 2000
  146. Use Excel modified date in Stored Procedure
  147. Using a pointer to a local varaiable in Dynamic SQL
  148. Unable to join 2 tables which are in 2 differenet servers
  149. trick for displaying result? SQL Server 2005
  150. Open SQL connection using T-SQL
  151. I'm trying to run a package in integration services
  152. SQL Server, how to the next value of identity(1,1) before insert
  153. How to publish Stored Procedures into a database
  154. sql query groups and min value
  155. How to split long string function in sql server?
  156. Easiest way to convert Microsoft Access SQL code to T-SQL code in SQL Server
  157. problem in query
  158. How to find the System Date Format?
  159. How to check if a value (null/non null) exists in database table using stored pro
  160. Job disappeared from Enterprise Manager
  161. Error : Calling SSIS package from .Net
  162. What values can a datetime data type hold other than date and time??
  163. RTF file in SQL Server 2005
  164. Automated Data Import from Excel
  165. I want to query of getting hour from date field
  166. Report Maker
  167. SQL server
  168. fit record in one page in SSRS
  169. Sql Compact Installation
  170. Sql update command question
  171. passing db table values from one sql server instance to another sql server instance
  172. Selecting seperate fields from file - each based on different criteria
  173. DTS Task not running... wierd...
  174. Connectoon timeout
  175. Query Data and Column Names
  176. Using aggregate fucntion to calculate standard deviation
  177. identity column (int) overflow
  178. SQL server 2000 - cannot telnet to port 1433
  179. Using extended properties on the DB objects. What is it?
  180. Problem in creating stored procedure.
  181. Using Joins
  182. Join or Transpose?
  183. How good to use Partition table?
  184. Database switching to read_only mode randomly
  185. How can I restore a database remotely from a different server?
  186. Adding leading zero's (padding out)
  187. sqlce in Xenocode
  188. Can you make a new table from query results in tsql?
  189. design a single normalised table
  190. How do I delete duplicates in a row?
  191. Table with various subfleets
  192. Multi-part identifier error
  193. Error converting data type varchar to numeric
  194. Need a script to backup db on one server and restore that db to another server
  195. How to tune this SQL
  196. Why does MSSQL server allow the attached code to work
  197. Converting String To Decimal
  198. removing duplicate records
  199. Problem with NULL values
  200. Stored procedure problem
  201. Australian Postcode with longitude/latitude
  202. SSIS import full text from html or combine rows
  203. Synchronization
  204. Query
  205. having trouble with joins
  206. how to use replace and substring correctly.
  207. Split a string where newline, carriage return
  208. Select with conditions
  209. replacing the 8th character in a varchar string
  210. insert rows dynamically
  211. Transferring data
  212. Help in Insert into select from SQL
  213. How to select top 1 from table1 where table2 contains a list of values to select on
  214. Violation of Unique Key contraint during update
  215. how to call Function
  216. How to convert a char value to date?
  217. Get employee with least work
  218. Taking Automatic Backup Of sql server database
  219. Dynamics column in SSRS 2005
  220. Embed a Google Map in SSRS
  221. SQL Server Import and Export Wizard steps
  222. Substring in SQL server
  223. Conditionals in a WHERE clause?
  224. Combining Multiple Projects
  225. Retrieve date now
  226. SQL Server 2008 SP1 not for XP?
  227. which sql download from net
  228. SQL Server Compact timed out waiting for a lock
  229. Quick question
  230. SQL query
  231. Report Builder 2.0
  232. How to use where wiht variable
  233. I am new to Sql and looking for some help with this error. Any advice would be apreci
  234. Select DISTINCT (This part of the query only)
  235. I have deleted the .MDF file accidently. I have never created a backup early on.
  236. Multiple results from a Case statement in a Where clause
  237. merging rows for the same time stamp
  238. Where is error-I need exec in function - result is without error,but not return data
  239. Conditional Having Statement
  240. ISNULL With date..
  241. Condition check for If table exist
  242. converting access 2007 update query to sql server 2005 update query
  243. Insert and Select statements for same table in begin trans and end trans
  244. Extracting documents from SQL database
  245. Help converting .xml feed to SQL
  246. sql create tables
  247. Quick questions About SQL Server 2000
  248. Best way to index a mostly static database
  249. How Access reads data stored in SQL Server
  250. How to run a scheduled AutoExec Macro that requires an ODBC password
  251. select addresses with distinct email address
  252. Can any of you SQL Guys help us olde Access boys out with this Thread?
  253. The LIMITations of ms-sql. Equivalent to MySql's LIMIT
  254. How to join update statement with select?
  255. How to decide optimum type
  256. Count group by query
  257. Multiple select
  258. Problem with MID() function
  259. Working with Multiple CASE WHEN Comments
  260. Find empty fields
  261. Bulk Load Copy - nvarchar is not recognized
  262. Trouble converting Access query to SQL Server
  263. Need guidelines - Query Optimization
  264. How can I detect changes in a row of some table?
  265. two questions: 1) Joins 2) Selects
  266. error "Could not open a connection to SQL Server"
  267. MSSQL "A network-related or instance-specific error" and IIS application pool
  268. Create Function
  269. problem with installing mssql - dot net framework
  270. Attempting to do an update in SQL Server 2005 with query originally created in Access
  271. running web application in MSSQL on server with MySQL; 4CRM SQL & EMS MSSQL Manager L
  272. converting queries from access 07 to sql server 05
  273. Multi-table JOIN issue
  274. How to insert Unicode data into table when pulling data from another table
  275. how to divide one column to two columns
  276. Create Function
  277. using union, temp columns, in a SQL based search string
  278. How i know if a report has Data in Reporting Services 2005?
  279. Am i able to insert into a table data from a temp table?
  280. Can I use LIKE with IN?
  281. How to update one sql table from another table
  282. Converting Text to Decimal
  283. If exists table using dynamic sql
  284. Need help urgently, have to compare dates between 2 rows in one table
  285. retrieve a last value from sql
  286. Use sub reports in the header of a report in SSRS
  287. Cannot specify an index or locking hint for a remote data source
  288. How do you change the default encoding on SQL server?
  289. SQL Query
  290. Transpose into fixed column
  291. Transpose into fixed column
  292. Multiple SQL servers in same query
  293. Cannot Reindex.
  294. Computed Binary Field
  295. Using parametrized "IN"
  296. question about cursor
  297. Nth location of string
  298. Remote server Problem in Sql server 2005
  299. Configuring Error Messages in SSRS
  300. make one table from merging two
  301. Dynamic SQL in an INSTEAD OF trigger causes recursion
  302. Dynamic user security in Reporting Services
  303. Questions about Foreign Keys
  304. substitute for 'PRINT' in server
  305. Combining Rows into 1 Column, and joined with another table
  306. scope_identity not working
  307. Filename Increments
  308. The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint
  309. sql AS function not working
  310. sql deletion with delimiters
  311. sql statement writing
  312. How to build a query based on four tables
  313. Concatenating Row Values into 1 Record/String
  314. Parameter query problem
  315. SELECT yesterdays records
  316. Issue when reading data from excel sheet
  317. Using an alises in the WHERE clause
  318. problem with writing arabic into database from out
  319. Current day
  320. retrieve n number of rows from table
  321. insert into - add multiple values in a column
  322. How do i phrase this simple query
  323. How to handle high-volume inserts?
  324. Multiple Functions
  325. Complicated Query by date
  326. no access to new instance of sql server
  327. Importing .txt to SQL 2000
  328. calling a pl sql procedure in Reporting Services
  329. SQL Query - Eliminating Duplicates
  330. Scheduled DTS Problem
  331. Distinct Count - SSAS
  332. SQL Server 2000 XML Element Order
  333. SSAS 2005 help
  334. Syntax error converting datetime fom character string
  335. Autonumber not updating fast enough
  336. Connecting through .adp file (not working on Vista/SQL Server 2008)
  337. How to compate two versions of the same database
  338. Set based solution instead of Cursor
  339. Find Credit Card numbers in text field
  340. Question using SP_ADDLINKEDSERVER
  341. Query with Counts Help...
  342. Select every 79th record
  343. Database Locking
  344. Return records 5 thru 10
  345. remove duplicated fields depending on time
  346. Inserting concatenated data with while construct
  347. Extract Numeric Data from text field
  348. Trying to get a case statement to work correctly
  349. Connect to DB2 server from SQL Server 2005
  350. Sql insert cursor
  351. Display flag if record exists in table
  352. Quary Confusion
  353. While loop with dynamic sql
  354. Linking from Access
  355. sql server compact edition 3.5
  356. Database normalization question
  357. Search a row by Primary Key
  358. generate & compare id from table in sql storeprocedure
  359. get tables
  360. Views in SQL server
  361. list of countries and their states
  362. How to Create an XML in MS SQL Server 2000
  363. Two instances on one machine
  364. need your help please
  365. SQL Error: Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_
  366. Using SET statement in stored proc.
  367. Calling a UserDefined Function
  368. MSSQL Datetime snafu
  369. General Network Error- works if exe name is changed
  370. Using Single Quotes in a dynamic SQL
  371. Best way to send email from SQL
  372. simple question about date compare
  373. Move MDF From 2005 Back To 2000
  374. Trigger Before Insert or Update
  375. Problem inserting ' and ; in DB
  376. Problem with nestd query
  377. Need help with join - it's returning duplicate rows
  378. How can we generate a Script with all user permissions of all users in a particular d
  379. determining if an SQL database exists, etc.
  380. When to use trigger, constraint and when one cant
  381. SQL Query
  382. Help with Query To combine results from two Columns
  383. Problem with query
  384. problem in Updating database in windows application
  385. SP that updates a table according to optional parameters?
  386. problem with joins and aggregate functions
  387. Exporting data with Stored Procedures
  388. where's the dgDetails class?
  389. Stored Procedure Error
  390. proper Save location for SQL stored procedures
  391. one-to-many relationships
  392. Getting a count on one table using data from another table.
  393. how to “store” stored procedures
  394. Getting the count from two tables as rows not columns.
  395. SQL Query becomes too much
  396. learning sql server
  397. Pivots
  398. dataAdapter.Update / SQL PasswordHash NULL problem
  399. PasswordHash NULL problem
  400. query to store null
  401. How do I get PasswordHash value?
  402. displaying an auto-incremented identity column
  403. GetDate() with time-ignore
  404. Multi Table Query With Max Per Grouping
  405. datatype smalldatetime now requrement is there to store nil
  406. SQL / Access (Average Code)
  407. Only One Record
  408. why deadlock in this SPROC
  409. mapping error
  410. SQL Server Users and Roles
  411. System DB not able to restore
  412. auto-increment identity column
  413. How can I make SQLServer known to DB2 control center so that I can Federate?
  414. Need help with a query - may be easy for you but not me
  415. INSERT IGNORE duplicates
  416. Is a solution possible/viable?
  417. dataAdapter.Update problem
  418. Last Sales Price
  419. DataBase Size/space Query
  420. sql parmeter problem
  421. mssql
  422. SQL Server 2005 - Open SQL file with Query Analyzer behavior
  423. Loop through all databases
  424. Sql server 2005
  425. sql network
  426. collating records from different SQL Server tables
  427. Recursive stored procedure
  428. SQL Server connection problem
  429. How to uninstall AdventureWorks sample databases?
  430. ELSE IF statements
  431. ELSE IF statements
  432. database security
  433. Help me with SQL
  434. How to import ".mdb" files into SQL Server 2008?
  435. Can SQL Server 2008 access Northwind or Pubs databases?
  436. Access add record command button not working with SQL backend
  437. Optional Parameter in a SQL Function -- selecting all
  438. binary data in char field
  439. What will happen in such case to the table
  440. Calculating the Weekend Days(Saturaday,Sunday)
  441. AdventureWorks mayhem
  442. server database
  443. SSRS report parameters are not wroking properly
  444. PHP SQL Server 2005 suddenly down
  445. how to make SQL commands more dynamic?
  446. Problem with SQL query newbie
  447. Pub sample database
  448. Default file group
  449. set password
  450. Data Manipulation
  451. select statement
  452. Two or more select statements in a single query
  453. I can’t install SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services - Help!
  454. SQL Query with some problems
  455. createing database problem
  456. how to obtain SQL Server FullText Search service?
  457. SQL2008.AdventureWorks install problem
  458. Any other SQL or MS Access / OleDb databases available?
  459. COUNT Duplicates using partial string
  460. dataset
  461. parent row
  462. LIKE Condition while using parameters
  463. Creating Custom data sets in reporting services
  464. How do I create custom Datasets in SSRS?
  465. Normalization
  466. How to solve memory leak in SQL 2000
  467. Find remaining balance - not a simple SUM()
  468. Custom WordBreaker for SQL Server Full-text
  469. Curser in SQL(for coonectiong to deifferent servers)
  470. Very weird bug with 'like' function
  471. Sql query to select Date between the range
  472. Error occured in execution of Procedure
  473. Recover SQL 2000 database restored over in error without backup
  474. Copy table to table, how?
  475. Covert Data in .DBF files to MS Sql
  476. Searching between 2 DateTime Values using SELECT stmt in Vb.Net
  477. conversion from varchar
  478. No error Description
  479. Condition as part of FROM statement???
  480. Subtracting sequentially from multiple sources
  481. Cursors
  482. local html webform page to local sql 2005 database possible?
  483. Intelectual property protection
  484. Getting unmapped records with mapping table query
  485. Subtracting from lowest value
  486. pivot
  487. Duplicate Entries
  488. How toRetrive XMLdata into database Table
  489. How to copy column(s) from one excel sheet to another using sql server.
  490. Sql server 2005 Installation problem
  491. Fixed Width File Spec for SQL Server
  492. per seat , per server , per processor
  493. columns operation
  494. sql connection
  495. saving userlogon time
  496. Can somebody please kill my cursor
  497. Update rows in
  498. How to eliminate selecting repeats in a statement
  499. Does SQL Server 2000 support foreign key in partitioning?
  500. how to create backup in sql 6.0 using sql command
  501. How to handle NULL parameters,EMPTY parameters and ERROR HANDLING in stored procedure
  502. creating a table
  503. How to migrate mysql stored procedures to sql server manually?
  504. Single stored procedure for multiple databases?
  505. Registration Form
  506. HELP ME Understanding the concept of Foreign
  507. Sql server date question {C#}
  508. Variable locking up query ??
  509. insert new columes
  510. Migrating DTS Packages from SQL server 2000 to SQL server 2005
  511. problems when trying to use the import wizard on mssql2005
  512. Regarding stored procedure help me
  513. Look at every *Third Tuesday* of the month on record ...?
  514. query that filters out those schoolcode
  515. Single table condition in join or where
  516. SQL query related to Date.
  517. Single Trigger for "SELECT" execution happens irrespective of any table.
  518. Data Conversion in ssis
  519. using a trigger to get values from one table into another
  520. Restore Database error in SqlServer
  521. trigger error
  522. Constraint on existing table, multiple columns
  523. How to recover database from MDF?
  524. BULK INSERT row terminator issue
  525. Convert mssql to mysql
  526. SQL server does not exits....
  527. how to put the sql-logfiles online?
  528. how to find whether particular value is present in database
  529. Need Help - Multiple Column in Group By clause with Data Type Error
  530. query to search even when user skips in between text
  531. CASE statement in subquery
  532. Multiple SUMS SQL Query
  533. Select/Insert/Update a column with out a header
  534. SQL Stored Procedure Insert List of variables
  535. speed uo to read rset from SQL Express
  536. executing block of code whenever a condition is satisfied
  537. fetch multiple columns value in stored Procedure
  538. Concat date and time in stored procedure
  539. Output of SP1 stored procedure in #Temp TABLE OF SP2.
  540. Export table to CSV
  541. database exist or not
  542. Help on Error:Only one expression can be specified in the select list when the subque
  543. Mutiple Table from Stored procedure
  544. How can sole that
  545. cross tabulation
  546. Issue with query results
  547. put rows together and group by another column
  548. Protecting .net dll's in Sql Server
  549. Split Function in Sql stored procedure
  550. Error using built in function SwitchOffset