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  1. Replication
  2. Databse Offline
  3. add new record - weird results
  4. Problems running stored procedures
  5. Windows NT Logon Problem
  6. Multiple-step OLEDB operation generated errors
  7. Use Database
  8. Login failed - Catalog information cannot be retrieved
  9. Sql Server 2000 linked server to Access 97/2000 incompatability
  10. table structure problem
  11. How to repair torn page on SQL data file?
  12. Permissions Issue when linking to MS SQL 2000 DB from MS Access XP
  13. Invalid object name
  14. SQL Date Query
  15. Compatibility of SQL Server 7.0 with Windows 2K
  16. DTS run from .NET
  17. PHP mssql_connect(): Échec de connexion
  18. Trailing 0's
  19. Column encryption
  20. Keep a few connections open all the time or open/close connections on the fly?
  21. VB.NET Retrieving Identity form MSSQL2000 without using stored procedures
  22. Get the closest date
  23. trusted connection
  24. sql query help
  25. Deleting data by comparing to another table
  26. indexing question
  27. Find number of licenses
  28. how to get decimal to date form
  29. UNION statement doesn't work
  30. Pervasive SQL and Btrieve --> SQL Server
  31. ORDER BY earliest date in a row
  32. Key column information is insufficient ....
  33. Key column information is insufficient ....II
  34. parameter query
  35. ADO or ODBC Recommendations
  36. Help me create this Trigger
  37. prevent SP compilation
  38. Looking for query plan determination information
  39. HELP: SQL Server Won't Release Memory
  40. SqlServer 7.0 ODBC error when querying with order by
  41. User defined functions in SQL server 7.0
  42. DataDirect Server Wire vs. MS ODBC
  43. Blanks in ColumnNames causes ODBC-Error
  44. Pseudo code advice
  45. A really DUMB question...
  46. Snapshot Replication - Distribution Agent Missing
  47. HELP: OLAP data cube in web browser loads slow or errors!
  48. Monitoring progress on a join
  49. Exam 70-229
  50. SQL2K: Performance Problem with a query after Security Patch Ms03-031
  51. Current Time of SQL-Server
  52. Slow Stored Procedure - Easy located but wtf?
  53. Weird Date Query Problems
  54. help getting data to excel from sql database
  55. Install error
  56. Database Sizing for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002?
  57. Error 500, Maximum concurrent users have reached
  58. Suppressing duplicate rows
  59. Cannot support Chinese Tranditional Characters in MS SQL Server 6.5
  60. Functions
  61. Please help
  62. SqlServer weekend job blocked by a user left open screen
  63. Enterprise Manager (SQL2k)
  64. query performance question
  65. The worst host
  66. shared server issue?
  67. Procedure in Stored procedure??
  68. XMLBulk load and trigger
  69. Creating Stored Procs based on SQL Server Version
  70. need help with producing data on one live
  71. Recovery from crash
  72. Inserting empty values into NOT NULL columns via ODBC
  73. tcp traffic
  74. Error with Flow Logic when creating a JOB
  75. sql-server / rollback
  76. UPDATE Query
  77. can't install mssql2000
  78. export table from one database to another on different server
  79. Weird License Issue (plus update blocking)
  80. Last insert id
  81. Table locking
  82. Parameter view
  83. Full text generating speed decreases continiously
  84. Need help on inner joins.
  85. Echo sql which has been run
  86. summing from multiple tables
  87. Could not find stored procedure
  88. SQL HELP
  89. Ms sql-server 2000 with navision client
  90. Migrating From Access 2000 To SQl Server 2000
  91. error 10005 dbprocess is dead or not enabled
  92. Fast counting of records
  93. Re-creating a database from a new data source - comments please!
  94. Print report by using SQL 2000
  95. question about cyrillic data
  96. Relational Data Transfer in DTS
  97. 'Diff' for tables *structures* rather than data
  98. Replication
  99. ORDER BY Bug in SQL Server?
  100. Spam emails from Pinnacle
  101. SQL server access through VPN
  102. sql script
  103. How to join two tables
  104. SQL Server Product
  105. Intercept SQL Queries sent to DB
  106. SQL 2000 to Oracle 9i Migration Problems
  107. Complicated (at least to me) insert
  108. Determine who entered data?
  109. help with table data in Russian (cyrillic) and other languages
  110. Is there a way to track View usage?
  111. table names as keys?
  112. Print report from SQL 2000
  113. Print report from SQL 2000
  114. Plz, what is the most "correct" method
  115. Bad performance in queries with Jet4.0 and linked ODBC-tables to SQL-Server 2000
  116. Can't kill backup process
  117. COUNT depending on data
  118. SELECT...LIKE: How to get '100' string whithout getting '45,100'
  119. sleep for n seconds
  120. Auto Printing from SQL using VB6 program
  121. export alll tables and data into a ms access file?
  122. #Temp Tables
  123. Explorer?
  124. How to verify the agent is up on a remote host?
  125. Here's the Problem Again With Sample Data
  126. BCP help
  127. Script, Compare and Synchronize SQL Server Objects
  128. iif and case statements
  129. Dynamic SQL
  130. Strange behaviour in ORDER BY Statement
  131. Funny network behaviour
  132. restore a SQL2000 db to a SQL7.0 server
  133. intermittent performance problems while insertig records
  134. SQL Mail Probelms
  135. VERY strange problem with DB Instance
  136. Importing data from SQL to Magic 75?
  138. Postcode radius searching
  139. Left Anti Semi Join
  140. Limits to length of Stored Proc
  141. someone drop a database....
  142. Error while executing nested DTS Packages...
  143. SQLDMO.BulkCopy
  144. Security problems when hosting an SQL DB on a fixed IP SBS 2000 Server
  145. Expressing Values as Percentages
  146. Access / SQL Query issue
  147. SQL Query vs MS Access
  148. Runaway log files
  149. Problem creating FOREIGN key
  150. Restoring logs to a database
  151. Method to insert all record from Access table to SQL server one
  152. Advance ORDER BY
  153. SQL Help Needed
  154. Installing SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition on Windows XP SP1
  155. How to migrate from MSDE to MSSQL
  156. How to detect if column data changed and know prev. and new value
  157. Critical Patch KB824105 and SQL Failure
  158. Tutorial; Accessing MS SQL Database using C++!
  159. Foreign Keys between databases
  160. Simple query
  161. getting my inner join to work
  162. System account for MSSQLSERVER service in SQL Server 6.5
  163. Cumulative wait time on server replies ???
  164. Win2000 Platform??
  165. How to get Full-Text to not ingore special characters
  166. log all queries
  167. Instr() Equivalent in SQL Server
  168. INSERT INTO - Data is not inserted
  169. SQLDMO Installation
  170. Wizards unavailble
  171. "Waiting for Buffer Latch" Error
  172. NCHAR, NVARCHAR and NTEXT through JDBC-ODBC bridge
  173. Id (indentity) is increments on faults.
  174. Security Question
  175. How to do the following sql query
  176. Converting datetime to integer and back
  177. Failing to create relationship (SQL Server claims table lacks PK for some reason ?)
  178. Documentation to get started
  179. Please help -- So stuck now -- Cant connect to sql from external source
  180. Linked server using msdaora.
  181. Help: ADO with Unix and Oracle
  182. Backup to Flash Drive
  183. cross tab??
  184. Table not optimized or what ?
  185. Is there a SQL Server API to flush all buffers to disk?
  186. DTS customization
  187. NULL to Zero
  188. DataReader is blocking my tables
  189. INSERT INTO - Data is not inserted - Using #temp table to populate actual table
  190. programtically capture query runtime
  191. Import PARADOX Problems
  192. Trying to recover physical disk space.
  193. SQL
  194. mysql and ASP
  195. Transactional Replication
  196. Declaring USER_NAME() as SQL Variable
  197. DTS Trimming My Data
  198. error finding in SQL server
  199. TimeOut Expired
  200. composite primary key
  201. query??
  202. SQL Server 2000 and Transaction Log Error - more info
  203. SQL Server 2000 and Transaction Log Error
  204. SQL Query
  205. Server install script
  206. SQL Problem
  207. Copy Database on same machine
  208. Executing a stored proc on another server from a Scheduled task
  209. Maintenance Wizard
  210. System DSNs, SQL and regedit
  211. Long table locks
  212. What significance do Filegroups have on Indexes
  213. MS SQL Issues
  214. control over select output results
  215. pass a value
  216. data base design
  217. INSERT UPDATE Trigger Question
  218. filter data from multiple tables crashes app!
  219. "W32_SQLEXP_Worm_Propagation"?
  220. Finding SQL-servers in a network
  221. outer join and indexes
  222. Character set translation / tp performance
  223. Transaction logs size not increasing
  224. Starting SQL Server 7 causes hundreds of threads
  225. Unexpected SQL syntax error!
  226. Working around a bad vendor
  227. subsum
  228. Transaction Log
  229. Execution plan
  230. Covering index
  231. Indexes
  232. TSQL Questions
  233. analysis serices, cubes and access
  234. Silly question
  235. question
  236. OLEDB stored proc question
  237. Large data warehouse handled bei SQL server?
  238. Adding a time stamp to the records
  239. SP returning a table -- ?
  240. partially update webpage
  242. Indentity Insert
  243. Need help with query
  244. String or binary data would be truncated
  245. SQL 2000 install anomaly
  246. MDAC 2.8 on Win95
  247. Formula column.
  248. Calling a DLL using Javascript?
  249. Checking for Primary Key Dependencies
  250. More date format grief
  251. Can S2K use >2gb mem on enterpise edition?
  252. Querying for calendar, grouped by hour?
  253. Monitor data per session - available?
  254. Problem with writting a Report (SQL slow running)
  255. Problem with slow running SQL
  256. VarChar Problem
  257. List when Changes occur
  258. Recordset's Order and Database's Physical Order?
  259. Date/Time overlaps - urgent.
  260. Re-try count of Replication
  261. Transaction on stored precedures
  262. Choosing values for primary keys
  263. Using many to many tables
  264. can not retrive @@identity value
  265. Updating records from db2
  266. Restoring a database only from MDF and Log file
  267. DTS - from table to xml file
  268. Triggers - It cannot be this difficult
  269. replication and log shipping
  270. query differences Query analyzer vs php-file?
  271. ALTER table command
  272. Restore database to a certain point of time.
  273. Adding new columns to all tables using a script
  274. Java variable for db not found
  275. Multiple ids in a field
  276. Obtain contents of stored procedures
  277. ORDER BY columns in SELECT list?
  278. The following prints out "0" - SQL procedure and use of the "charindex" function.
  279. xp_sendmail failed with mail error 0x80004005
  280. Extension- Urgent Help Required - Recovery
  281. Urgent Help Required - Recovery
  282. SQL Statement help (GROUP BY)
  283. column type
  284. Replace-type function for Text datatype
  285. Help with SQL Update Query -- Not sure how to approach this situation
  286. Installation of SP3 on an instance of SQL Server 2000
  287. fabricated hierarchical recordset
  288. Drop all table
  289. Calling Executables from SQL Server and getting return value.
  290. Another database transfer question
  291. Headaches moving an SQL2K database between servers
  292. Unique Index for two columns in a table
  293. University Of Washington News
  294. Row cannot be located for updating
  295. export data from postgresql on linux to ms-sqlserver 2000 on windows
  296. SQL Server Installation Problems - Pls Help
  297. Stored procedure to a script
  298. Scheduling a job containing a DTS package on Sql server 2000
  299. Need help on Performance Monitoring
  300. determining what are "system" objects in sp_help or system tables
  301. DTS Package Schedule
  302. Linked server SQL to DB2
  303. How to backup/restore the server list in Enterprise Manager
  304. Export table to dbf file
  305. Help with query required...
  306. Storing Date in SQLServer
  307. Outsourced DBA?
  308. Trapping Errors in Stored Procedure
  309. SQL vs Btrieve
  310. Stored Procedures/ table permissions
  311. Using an Identity Field as Primary Key
  312. Change SQL Server registration?
  313. Looking for db replication tool
  314. Very, very slow database - Mystified
  315. AIX Server Client Software
  316. AIX Client Software
  317. Question about MDB upsizing to SQL Server
  318. Creating a heirarchical output from SQL statement
  319. Timeout issue when connection to SQL Server in Wireless environment
  320. Web based reporting - suggestions needed
  321. Uploading data SQL - next problem
  322. Generating overnight data vs Live - suggestions needed.
  323. Problem with uploading data SQL
  324. Using Trigger to populate another table
  325. Why wouldn't this work?
  326. add and subract time to a date
  327. Use getdate function in a own Function
  328. Help with Deadlock
  329. Giorni della settimana
  330. Converting hexadecimal String Values to int in SQL Server.
  331. Getting 0 padded values in the columns.
  332. Can't Use SQL Server with Firewall
  333. How to provide security to Stored Procedures
  334. nubee sql question.
  335. I am struggling through views
  336. Sony laptop with AMD processor - Cannot install SQL
  337. Random Rows
  338. opening cursor on result set from stored proc
  339. DTSRUN: To multi-tier or not to multi-tier. that is the question...
  340. PATINDEX and '[' character
  341. Converting Oracle SQL to MS-SQLServer SQL
  342. here is my search sp!
  343. Combobox
  344. Installing MS sql server 2000 on win 2003 server
  345. Replication - Changes to Server database's impact to local database
  346. stored procedure make string from table field
  347. SQL Question
  348. Copying data from SQL2000 to DB2 8.1
  349. Implementing CRC 16 in SQL Server.
  350. Stored procedure
  351. System tables
  352. Local or global variable in an interaction session of the SQL analyzer
  354. Unable to ALTER a temporary table in TSQL
  355. creating an existing db schema baseline
  356. Mind bender: Hierarchy/Many to Many/Temporal data
  357. Is It possible to disable drop database for sa or sysadmin also ?
  358. MS Access and SQL issue
  359. Treatment of Special Characters
  360. SQL 2000 desktop
  361. Upgrading from Sybase Sql Anywhere 5.5.04 to SQL Server 2000
  362. SQL Server Space
  363. SQLAgent can't up
  364. DB Maintenance Plan - single user mode
  365. sql sub query question with count
  366. Need a function
  367. Table Scans - more rows brought back than in table
  368. Server Configuration Advice Requested
  369. SQL eqivalent to VB FIX or INT?
  370. Query Analyser 2000 vs 7.0
  371. Altering column fields with a Stored Procedure
  372. script to combine multiple rows into a single row
  373. How do you lock table (or view) fields from editing???
  374. Index name conflict
  375. Writing to a text file from a database query.
  376. How would you execute sp_changeobjectowner stored procedure using sqldmo object
  377. Quick question: Exporting data
  379. Calculations in views
  380. What is the xx_log.LDF file do?
  381. computer name
  382. single user mode..
  383. SQL7 Desktop
  384. how can i to get the trigger sentence?
  385. ODBC connections.
  386. How can I find out who is running dangerous queries
  387. A stored proc to search all Procs, Views, Triggers and functions
  388. How can I find out who is running dangerous queries
  389. SQL Server Runtime Licence
  390. Stored Procedure into a Cursor
  391. Using a "dynamic top" statement with a cursor
  392. How do you log on as SA????
  393. MS SQL 6.5 Error 3403
  394. SQL Server backup error
  395. use ADO/html in SQL 2000
  396. MSDE 2000 Administration tool
  397. How do I copy data from similar tables knowing unique ID fields
  398. complex Join / display issue
  399. Advanced Enterprise Database Planning/Design Books
  400. sorting Conundrum
  401. Legato backups.
  402. How to Concatenate Strings That Have Trailing Spaces?
  403. problem with stored procedure and tablename parameter
  404. SQL Server Replication
  405. help me! read text file in sql
  406. database design question
  407. Norton Internet Security & SQL Server
  408. Fastest way of updating a row
  409. Tough Problem, need help
  410. Default connection in Access to SQL server
  411. Question about getting the latest identity field in a specific table
  412. rollback segment?
  413. a resourse good for problems replication in sql server 2000
  414. convert a btrieve file to a sql server file
  415. Log
  416. Executing Multi-lines SQL Scripts From Command-line
  417. How can i take backup of logfile of one specific database?
  418. Generating various statistics from data in MSSQL7
  419. SQl 7.0 issue while attaching a database
  420. Employee Suggestions workflow template
  421. Weigh resultset
  422. using ISQLW to call a stored proc that needs a parameter
  423. Performance question
  424. Update problem
  425. Need help with collations
  426. Foreign key relationship
  427. Identity Seed
  428. DTS/Async Stored procedure/Import huge data
  429. Good book about MS-SQL replication...
  430. Access2K front end to SQL SVR 2K -- users cannot see forms???
  431. Database design question
  432. database suspect
  433. SQL server stored procedure question
  434. Scripting text, image columns
  435. SQL 7 job question
  436. client database
  437. Change collation in tempdb
  438. Help on Oracle RDB Migration to SQL Server.
  439. Need to create case sensitive Uniqiue Indexes
  440. Err. 823 Torn Page Detected
  441. Double space replaced with single space by dbms ??!
  442. Table Structure in XML
  443. Connection Problems with Data Analyzer
  444. unique keys
  445. Why isn't table updatable????
  446. SQL Debugging
  447. finding active users from sysprocesses
  448. MSDE login problem
  449. how to group/list top 3 of each category w/o using Union?
  450. Help with a query
  451. schedule problem
  452. Inner join to lookup values twice?
  453. Update order
  454. test papers on SQL DB
  455. Problem with rollback trigger
  456. How to move data files
  457. database comparison
  458. Converting Rows to Columns in SQL7
  459. The TIMESTAMP data type
  460. Errore su transazione con trigger??
  461. Is it possible to "disable" all restrictions on a Ms sql DB?
  462. Diff. performance in Query Analyzer than when using stored procedure
  463. SQL UPDATE Conditionally
  464. Read Oracle Sequeneces into MSSQL Table
  465. SQL server 2000 installation problem on Windows 2000 Professional
  466. "Order by" error running DBCC DBREINDEX
  467. How can I debug Stored Procedure?
  468. Change Object Owner to dbo
  469. Database level change
  470. Optional parameter on joined field which could be null?!
  471. SQL statement question
  472. Need answer to SQL question
  473. query problem
  474. MetaData
  475. sql query
  476. Standby Server
  477. Microsoft SQL server 2000 can't stand up after change administrator password?!?!
  478. SQL Server 2000 & Active Directory: Problems querying
  479. MSDN's Estimating the Size of a Table
  480. Replication problems
  481. running script
  482. What is MVP - SQL Server
  483. Add IDENTITY column in runtime in a View...
  484. published paper for db performance strategies?
  485. ms-sql to sapdb
  486. DB Ezine ?
  487. Swap column position
  488. Script with descriptions
  489. drop not null
  490. Method for compressing varchar/nvarchar columns?
  491. One column
  492. retrieve records affected count from ADO?
  493. secure jdbc and mssql
  494. SQL backup (Network)
  495. ODBC statement hangs on connection broken with sqlserver
  496. Tracing Stored Procedure (SP) Usage
  497. Archive data suggestion
  498. Table design stratagem??
  499. SQL statement help please
  500. Close unattended multi-user applications automatically after idle time
  501. Finding the filegroups associatted with a table in T-SQL
  502. Restoring Database From External Application
  503. exporting from SQL to an Outlook group or Dist List?
  504. UDF starting with fn_...
  505. Deleteing duplicate records from my table
  506. Sub query message
  507. Using udl in the connection for a linked table in Access from sql server
  508. NULLIF or CASE - Decode
  509. QUERY Exceeding variable max length
  510. Error -239 with IMPROMPTU 6.0 and SQLSERVER 2000 using User Defined Functions (UDF)
  511. how to query this table into the result like this?
  512. table variables and update statements
  513. ntext field from profiler
  514. Duplicate full-text catalog population schedule?
  515. How can I insert a column using a script (instead of appending)?
  516. Optional values in a Stored Proc
  517. Accessing SQL Server 2000 via UNIX
  518. DTS Question
  519. RETURN statement odd behavior?
  520. Update trigger on Linked Server View
  521. Job skips certain queries?
  522. Merge Replication Conflict Problem
  523. proc hangs on web but executes in query analyzer
  524. When I compare two string in Unicode format.
  525. Strange view results
  526. mssql server
  527. semaphore timeout
  528. Why can't I connect to the databases??? ahhhh!!
  529. Can a DTS package be scripted or transferred to another server?
  530. autoCode Beta Programme for MS SQL Server
  531. Copy of SQLServer software
  532. SQL Aggregation Poser
  533. Query In Error?
  534. How can I administer SQL Database on remote Web Server
  535. how to creeat a trigget witch will run DTS
  536. How to Installing MSDE in win2K pro
  537. What's the equivalen function of StrConv ([FirstName] , 3 ) in ACCESS in Sql Server 2000?
  538. Need help with SQL statement!
  539. Microsoft Course 2073?
  540. Howto use joins instead of subqueries?
  541. Temp Tables Vs Temp variables
  542. query/read database size?
  543. Delete a file from the Server
  544. Inserting Text into table replaces apostrophes with ?
  545. Problems with JDBC
  546. Query on 2 bases
  547. Presenting UTF-8 encoded data in an e-mail with ISO encoding
  548. How to restore a log? Now we get an error
  549. SQL Server Full-Text Replacement
  550. How to keep the DB password saved for a MS SQL Server DSN??