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  1. Urgent : DB-Library Error 10007: General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL
  2. Executing SP_SpaceUsed for tables in a other database with EXEC
  3. Executing SP_SpaceUsed for tables in a other database with EXEC
  4. Database sql server2000 very slow
  5. SQL-Server and Error 3221225572
  6. How to move SQL Servers from one Domain to another . Steps
  7. Sql Commands for incremental values
  8. Indexing to prevent timeout expired message
  9. result set in profiler
  10. question about dependent queries
  11. Alert forwarding - does it apply to Maintenance Plan reports?
  12. How can I map an ICA-TCP connection to its corresponding SQL SPID?
  13. View with grouping
  14. SQL 7 to SQL 2000 Database Migration
  15. Choosing DBMS and architecture for ecommerce website
  16. Sum a Union
  17. Right single quotation mark errors
  18. Why DELETE takes longer than INSERT?
  19. Temporary tables
  20. Database programmer wanted.
  21. Searching for textbook that deals with design of database servers
  22. DDL Conversion
  23. Third party utility for encryption and full text search
  24. Please tell to communicate with Crystal reports group & Solution to me
  25. What is the way to receive the data as we entered
  26. Synatx In Stored Procedure
  27. How to return a range of rows?
  28. Stored Procedures
  30. Selecting n-th attribute
  31. Stored Procedures
  32. SQL Tables
  33. Install that security package from Microsoft
  34. Is there any way to improve the performance of select statements in MS SQL?
  35. Deleting from a list.
  36. SQL command to process an Access Macro?
  37. Importing data from Oracle9i CLOB column to MS SQL Server text column
  38. SQL Server 7 vs SQL Server 2000
  39. Invalid Buffer Error (Hotfix 815494) and ADO.NET and Framework 1.0
  40. Connecting to SQL server 7.0 from Access XP
  41. Hosting Databases on USB (2) Hard Drive
  42. Computed columns
  43. inconsistent order by using insert into in a stored procedure
  44. Can data be exported into a SQL script
  45. Best way to migrate SQL version 7 databases to 2000
  46. Execute Statement..
  47. Initializing high-values
  48. making copy of 6.5 database to 7 or 2000
  49. Help Needed - How Can I Set Up a Backup SQL Server Machine as an Exact Copy of My Production SQL Server
  50. select problems
  51. select 3 values from one table to return in one rs
  52. Possible to create a choose displayed fields box in FP database interface??
  53. select 3 values from one table to return in one rs
  54. xp_sqlmaint
  55. select 3 values from one table to return in one rs
  56. Select Into Stored Procedure
  57. SQL Statement Mystery
  58. SQL Server changes my SQL - why?
  59. Select statement in Sql Server 2000 is taking too long??
  60. Protecting EM database diagrams
  61. Connection Time Out Error
  62. Getting data in particular format in view
  63. Remove Invalid Characters in TEXT Column
  64. oledb and nt anonymous logon
  65. Question for --CELKO--
  66. oledb and nt anonymous logon
  67. ASP & SQL Server on separate machines causes performance degragation
  68. Question for --CELKO--
  69. MS Access2000 ADP Connection to SQL Server
  70. ASP & SQL Server on separate machines causes performance degragation
  71. Passing date fields from form to Access ADP Views
  72. MS Access2000 ADP Connection to SQL Server
  73. Passing date fields from form to Access ADP Views
  74. SQL 2000 Fails to recognize 2nd processor
  75. SQL 2000 Fails to recognize 2nd processor
  76. internal consistency error
  77. stored procedure and asp problems
  78. internal consistency error
  79. stored procedure and asp problems
  80. Q: calling all gurus
  81. How to edit long text data in SQL Server
  82. Q: calling all gurus
  83. Restrict login to one instance
  84. Restrict login to one instance
  85. Physical setup: 1 data file vs multiple smaller data files
  86. Foreign Key On Delete Cascade
  87. Joining on partial matches
  88. Joining on partial matches
  89. Total Replacing
  90. Total Replacing
  91. Order of Database Maintenance Plans (SQL 7/2000)
  92. SQLSourceSafe, the integrated version control solution for SQL Server objects
  93. URGENT HELP NEEDED with link to FoxPro
  94. URGENT HELP NEED with link to FoxPro
  95. Set variable based on result of procedure OR update columns fromsproc result
  96. Set variable based on result of procedure OR update columns fromsproc result
  97. SP_Lock Help
  98. Table relationships
  99. Table relationships
  100. Problem zw. MSSQL7 und MSSQL2000
  101. Check integrity
  102. Join Three tables?
  103. Database size question
  104. Select wheree ID like '%' ?
  105. How to detach System Databases...
  106. While INSERT loop takes forever over MANUAL
  107. Shrink log file
  108. DTS package editing for SQL Server 2000
  109. Multiple column result from one table
  110. niceSQL / SQL Formatter
  111. Log full
  112. OpTools - News 2003.10.27
  113. Problem with user permissions on tables - not yet resolved
  114. SQL Server 2000 and Interdev 6 (Error Code = 80004005)
  115. incorrect settings: 'ANSI_NULLS., QUOTED_IDENTIFIER'.
  116. query2 question
  117. Stored Procedures Syntax
  118. accessing remote sql server 2000 ( enterprise manager like tool)
  119. Dumping incremental changes to textfile
  120. Stored Procedure - Returning a Value
  121. Trapping error messages
  122. question about cascading deletes
  123. host variables and code page conversion
  124. Return new id
  125. Sorting in query with Union
  126. Books OnLine (chm files) Problem
  127. Problem with a scheduled job
  128. SQL Update Query Problem
  129. Query : Running a job/step in a loop for ALL databases
  130. Server MSDE2K don't START.
  131. Visual Studio 2002 Professional & MSDE
  132. Taste this correction patch
  133. Simply updating a count in a SQL DB
  134. what affect does level 3 processor cache have on SQL
  135. from access to sql
  136. sql server job
  137. Redirecting Physical Database Files at Reboot
  138. Update/insert trigger
  139. query help(2)
  140. query help
  141. Taking 70-228
  142. A simple (?) SQL query for someone clever
  144. formatted output
  145. ODBC SQL SERVER .. data would be Truncated!
  146. Quick and Easy Replication
  147. Return identity
  148. MS SQL Server databases
  149. Crosstab Qry with dynamic field names
  150. Altering tables and database growth
  151. how to use server time as an event
  152. Create Table from XML or XML Schema?
  153. COLID discrepancy in Syscolumns / Information_Schema.Columns - SQL Server 2000
  154. Converting integer to datetime
  155. help very urgent
  156. Question about temporary table .
  157. Cannot find select stored procedure wizard in SQL 2000
  158. Format Date into Day Name i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed etc...
  159. Change Logical Name of Db and Log file
  160. sql server more than 2gb usage
  161. Sorting mixed type fields...
  162. Replacing columnn name programmatically
  163. SQL Server questions???
  164. Date comparison problem
  165. I'm baffled by the single quotes with STMT
  166. how long a table blocked
  167. general questions on this product (compatability)
  168. setting DTS to use TCP/IP
  169. Slow updates in SQL Server 2000 BLOBS
  170. Variable Table Names in DTS Package
  171. Wrong week numbers
  172. Novello dba
  173. Cannot retrieve data in utf-8 from php
  174. ORACLE or SQL SERVER (MS) ?
  175. URGENT - - A floating point exception occured in the user process
  176. error,again
  177. Converting IIF in Access Query to SQL Server
  178. how to convert varchar to numeric ?
  179. Indexes slowing down BULK INSERT
  180. varchar and nvarchar issue
  181. DB question ... thanks
  182. SQL Setting Command
  183. Timeout issues with .NET & SQL Server 7.0
  184. Query problem
  185. SQLAGENT.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  186. Default Fill factor
  187. Creation of reporting database
  188. BCP Deployment
  189. Sql Query help..
  190. Urgent problem - Resord Set
  191. Generating a series of numbers or dates?
  192. top question
  193. top 2
  194. variable always empty in stored procedure
  195. ???VPN connection to an SQL Server and/or database
  196. Stored Procedures
  197. Is this possible? please help (MS access query of sql database)
  198. Capturing value of identity column for use later?
  199. SQL Statement select from one table where not in another table
  200. help in sql query
  201. How to delete duplicate records from a table ?
  202. Trigger failing after table structure change
  203. SQL server
  204. Calling a stored procedure from Access
  205. Outer join query
  206. Copy without Locks
  207. Creating a PDF from a Stored Procedure
  208. Cascading Blocking ?
  209. how to modify colum (alter table) of table that is replicated?
  210. Using @@IDENTITY in manual commit mode
  211. Sql query... help
  212. How to speed Stored Procedure?
  213. Trigger problem
  214. sqlagentmail - properties - mail session grayed out
  215. using SQL case statements HOW???
  216. Moving SQL DB's from machine to another with the same name
  217. What type of TRIGGER to use?
  218. Help with an WHERE NOT EXISTS subquery please.
  219. sql errors
  220. serializable read and lock mode
  221. List with all Error numbers
  222. iif to case for sql server 2000
  223. Internet Facing SQL Server, Login Security? How?
  224. Interrupt processing of a large insert process in SQL server 2000.
  225. Syntax for UNIQUE constraint
  226. Data/records in other languages
  227. SQL Stats in a form
  228. Create date field from substring of text field
  229. Sql Query Help - self join
  230. Procedure cache test
  231. SQL Server 2000 Rollback?
  232. Transaction - how to?
  233. Determining a mySQL servers status.
  234. How to pass a parameter to a view?
  235. Using CVS and SQL Server
  236. Version Control for SQL Code
  237. Haw can I insert null value from a query
  238. How to put result from EXEC into a variable
  239. Consulta de SQL (Admin Corporativo)
  240. Implicit conversion of datatype text to nvarchar is not allowed.
  241. Query Date Type
  242. Query to find a value in column b based on an aggregate function on column a?
  243. Sql query
  244. Totaling Group bys?
  245. Error on SQL Enterprise Manager Display
  246. CF / SQL Server syntax error HELP
  247. Automating SQL Setup.
  248. Comparing data in two tables to find missing records
  249. Isolation Level - Quick Question
  250. Get Count from Union Select
  251. MDAC Upgrade
  252. Running DTS package on a different server...
  253. US - Los Angeles - Sr Business/Data Analyst (SQL Data mining exp required)
  254. tracing sql for locks
  255. On the subject of Data Warehouses, Data Cubes & OLAP….
  256. Scan document data to SQL Server
  257. Problem with variable in T-SQL
  258. getting a list of groups a specific user belongs to in sql server 2000
  259. Transaction Log Cannot Be Truncated Nor Shrinked, HELP!
  260. login id
  261. query group by anno multi colonna
  262. JDBC with mulitple databases
  263. MS SQL Server Indentity Jumps
  264. error(2)
  265. Extracting existing SQL Server 2000 config...
  266. newbe question: calling function inside select
  267. Using the AS clause in a SQL stored proc -- problem using datetime column
  268. error
  269. Using the global variable switch (/A) with dtsrun
  270. error
  271. ADO Error 3251: Current provider does not support returning multiple recordsets from a single execution?
  272. Cannot import/link data from dBase with SQL Server DTS nor Access anymore..
  273. AsyncExecute problem
  274. Auto Documenter
  275. how can i connect my sql server 2000 to Adaptive Sybase Server 11.5 and 12.0?
  276. Problem calculating moving average
  277. why i can't add a new operator in SQL Server Agent
  279. change tracking for SQL Server
  280. related rooms query
  281. stop replication MS SQL Server
  282. Periodical import of Access db into SQL Server 2000
  283. How to wrap a UNION query in a totals query?
  284. select question
  285. Copying views
  286. Combining Columns and Grouping By....
  287. Simple query, but can't figure it out
  288. Combining tables from different databases
  289. Storing data in image field
  290. default value
  291. Adding a "DB Version" Table: Suggestions?
  292. logic error
  293. How to use date function in sql server
  294. SQL Server 7 ignores user permissions
  295. Need to execute dtsrun without installing client tools.
  296. [165]ODBC Error 0 Timeout expired[SQLSTATE HYT00]
  297. Replicate to local pc
  298. Alternative to dynamic sql?
  299. Pagination for Large data
  300. automatic data update from SERVER to all CLIENTS connected ???
  301. How to reference items from different database?
  302. select cast error
  303. max,min
  304. Select Statement...
  305. Create temporary table through select statement
  306. Shrinking Logs
  307. phpBB2 <--> NewsGroup.
  308. Replace zeros and nulls with 1 in table -- Using case, but not working
  309. SELECT returning multiple values in a stored proc
  310. Using Where..IN in Update query.. not working for some reason
  311. Extent fragmentation still high after index drop/create
  312. Storing Unsaved Word Documents as BLOBs
  313. Finding duplicate entries in a "smart" way - by comparing first two words
  314. Stored procedure calling another stored procedure_
  315. c++ wrapper for odbc
  316. SQL error on URL -cannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode
  317. Import Pr's
  318. linked server question
  319. default value of the foreign key field in a child table
  320. "Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection"
  321. Converting .dbf to sql server table...batch file? command line?
  322. <undefined value>
  323. global update
  324. Can't Auto-Start Agent
  325. Max database size on SQL-SERVER7
  326. SQL Server manipulation on external server
  327. This wretched SQL has me stumped!
  328. How long to copy/replicate a database
  329. Getting first row
  330. Database design question...
  331. Intercept SQL : Spy / Driver-level / SQL Server Log...
  332. Stored procedure with resultset _
  333. Useful Stored Procedure Question
  334. Updating Cubes with DTS
  335. Creating temporary table
  336. Multiple triggers
  337. how to write an aggregate function which can used like MAX(filedname)
  338. Could I use SQL "Select Case .. When..." in ADODB.Recordset().open
  339. Query Analyzer shows negative numbers as positive numbers
  340. Stored Procedure Syntax Help
  341. Updating Next Run Date value
  342. Updating many records
  343. CASE Statement in Where Clause?
  344. Btrieve to SQL Server
  345. SQL-DMO header file for javascript?
  346. Permissions To Run DTS Package
  347. displaying extra characters with COLUMN-defined number format?
  348. ER relationship
  349. Index Question
  350. Alternative to Creating View with Union in two databases?
  351. Major query optimiser weirdness with UDFs and SPs on SQL 2000
  352. Identity column in query result
  353. SQLgetinfo
  354. Changing the owner of a user-defined data type
  355. Try on this corrective patch which came from the Microsoft Corp.
  356. Is there a Microsoft Document Exchange and Database System like Lotus Notes or Oracle Managment Content?
  357. Database Performance
  358. Filtering and Aggregate functions
  359. US-FL-MIAMI *** SQL SERVER DBA *** Temp - to - Perm. 305.944.3294
  360. Problm setting up user. Error: user is null
  361. DateTime
  362. Stored procedures and CTRL+ALT+DEL
  363. Sql 7 password has been corrupted...HELP.
  364. Moving rows to columns
  365. Question about optimization
  366. SQL query problem
  367. Help With a DATETIME Query
  368. Querying tables from different databases
  369. Carrage Returns, Stored Procedures
  370. INNER JOIN using surrogate ID, or [Date] BETWEEN?
  371. Assistance with Stored Procedure
  372. Reading text into varchar
  373. Help With Another UPDATE Query Please!
  374. Query Analyzer : losing the ___ rows processed message
  375. Update Takes Long Time to Complete!?
  376. arrays in tsql?
  377. SQL Logins
  378. Data type change in SQL view
  379. DEFINITIVE ANSWER PLEASE -- can you UPDATE ntext datatype field???
  380. Rebuild master never ends.
  381. STORED PROC to "UPDATE" ntext field -- PLEASE!
  382. Variable Paramters to Functions
  383. Check Data Before Update
  384. IIS crash and format
  385. Assigning values to multiple variables (via subqueries) for use in an update
  386. Merging rows within same table
  387. Stored Proc to assign variable from subquery not working -- ugh
  388. test
  389. Backup of active log after db failure
  390. Self Joins
  391. SQL Server storing large amounts of data in multiple tables
  392. sql server 2000 - dts can't 'see' stored procedure
  393. Error 7399
  394. Tracing values in DTS package/stored procedure
  395. DTS and stored procedure
  397. SP3 & CURSORS
  398. Key Word Searching
  399. Auto-increment fields when moving a base from Access to SQL server
  400. Detecting or monitoring for long-running queries.
  401. eliminating (inverse) duplicates in result
  402. Insert problem with linked server
  403. Nested SELECT HELP....
  404. zusammengesetzter Primary Key mit Deleted-Flag
  405. SQL Server 2K truncating text fields at 255 chars
  406. Rotating information from Recordsets to columns.
  407. Inserting Duplicate Data
  408. Creating join statements
  409. Case Conditional in SQL Statement - MS SQL 2000
  410. Sound device/driver
  411. Fetch Question
  412. Custom Error Messages
  413. formula column
  414. Transaction Log - Audit
  415. get description in table
  416. Import Human-Readable text file into SQL Server 2000
  417. Retrieve One Row at a time
  418. Two "Cache" related full time positions.
  419. how to add column in database at runtime.
  420. TEMPDB now at 4 GB
  421. Website Monitoring
  422. SQL Server Hogs 100% CPU
  423. FoxPro Index called from SQL Server
  424. null pages
  425. Cannot convert Varchar to Numeric issue
  426. Looping database queries
  427. Changing table owner
  428. Calculating Time Difference
  429. Return Value in a Stored Procedure
  430. Many fields update from a Group by Clause
  431. No results from Full-Text Search in SQL 2000
  432. Table design problem
  433. Rows as Columns
  434. where clause messed up
  435. Cursor, Query, View and Recordset
  436. SQL Server Monitoring
  437. Magic upper limit to number of job steps in a job
  438. Select, insert and delete queries timing out
  439. multi-thread tasks using a single connection object concurrently
  440. SELECT a random row for each different Type
  441. Order by clause
  442. Order By Clause
  443. Data File in a Different machine on the network.
  444. Query Help
  445. Creating a Stored Procedure from 3 queries
  446. Reasonably simple query question
  447. Desktop Engine and DTC
  448. AutoNumber
  449. Performance Complex SQL Issue
  450. Erro running a query if dashes present in the string
  451. Recordset Problem
  452. How can i get a return code of 1 for an osql command which has a lower severity..
  453. How could I do that (Query)
  454. SQL Server Replication and the growth of the subscriber log
  455. Duplicate records are being inserted with one insert command.
  456. Bulk Insert - Cannot perform SET operation.
  457. DEFAULT keyword performance
  458. Alter table permission to dbo
  459. Looking for physical design suggestions...
  460. sum() for textual fields?
  461. Concatenating a field while grouping records
  462. Two int fields or one varchar field
  464. DTS import renames my SPs to previous names
  465. Which one to buy?
  466. SQL 2000 Server Hangs...!
  467. Problems installing SQLServer 2000 Developer Edition on Windows XP Pro
  468. Strange database deadlock
  469. Am I being role happy?
  470. Multiple selects on same column, same table, one query
  471. Bulk insert of long unicode strings
  472. Query Performance Problem
  473. How to Update with SQL EXISTS(?)
  474. To make an existing column become an identity column
  475. Unable to begin a distributed transaction
  476. Replication on SQL Server
  477. What is this ?
  478. Returning results while the query is executing
  479. Autonumber...
  480. How to set a User Variable within a DTS package...
  481. Deleting extra tempdb log and data files
  482. Convert Access Function to SQL
  483. Is there a High water Mark in sql server
  484. Changing SQL Keys
  485. Database Books and Whitepapers
  486. Help!! SQL Server 2000 extended stored procedure hangs in Windows 98
  487. Request: Help creating a difficult view.
  488. Problems with partitioned views and pruning
  489. SQL Server 2K BackUp
  490. syntax for updatetext
  491. Cluster Database Failover Data in SQL Server?
  492. DTS automatic dat file import
  493. full text search and ampersand
  494. Getting database size: a stored procedure to do it......
  495. Using Stored procedures in a join
  496. Brainstorming: Ideas for categories database structure please
  497. getting table counts
  498. autogenerate numbers from 000001 to 999999
  499. Remote Database updates take long time to complete
  500. basic design question re effective relationship
  501. getdate() causes locks in views
  502. overflowing a local varchar
  503. Error in connectiong to second named instance of SQL Server 2000
  504. 2 group by in a single query
  505. MS -SQL Server 2000 -connection closes randomly
  506. When executing DTS package in program, the application will have no response during the execution
  507. SQL query suggestions/help
  508. Select multiple records into a table
  509. question about dummy constraint
  510. Many to Many to Many SQL Query
  511. How to get list (text) of all tables and columns?
  513. How do I select a column from sp_spaceused into a local variable?
  514. Delete duplicate records from huge tables
  515. Can "CREATE DATABASE" or "CREATE TABLE" be wrapped in transactions?
  516. Move LDF -Has anyone seen this happen?
  517. Course 2073: Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
  518. Problem with JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server
  519. Sum of Two Union Queries
  520. Combining Data from Variable number of tables
  521. SQL7 on Windows XP Home
  522. Adding staggered running total and average to query
  523. SQL Server Error: Exception_Access_Violation
  524. SQL Server does not exitist or access denied error
  525. Learning SQL Server
  526. DTSRun Encrypted
  527. One Statement Update - Join, no cursor ?
  528. SQL Resource Kit - dbgen - Database Generator
  529. Stored Procedures vs ADO vs T-Sql
  530. can stored procedure run more than 1 sql statements
  531. SQL Statement
  532. information_schema permissions
  533. Cube/Rollup without Group By?
  534. Log to big in SQL
  535. Problem with linking servers
  536. Date format export/import
  537. Force shutdown of SQL Server Instance
  538. Slightly Dumb Question about JOIN
  539. SELECT Top. Which method is best?
  540. Suggestions for a simple/introduction to querying OLAP
  541. Large table/slow query/ can performance be improved?
  542. Dividing two Count() Results
  543. cascade update / foreign key
  544. Transactions with remote connection
  545. Replication
  546. 2000 Personal edition install question
  547. stored procedure
  548. Stored procedure in database X, executes stored procedure in database Y, wrapped in transaction?
  549. MS SQL on the machine with multiple network cards
  550. JDBC with MSDE