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  1. Find blocking process
  2. Linked Server to Oracle
  3. xp_sendmail
  4. xp_sendmail with long text messages
  5. Relational Model and XML
  6. SQL join query
  7. SQL Debugger not stopping on remote machine
  8. Running a SQL file from OSQL command line utility
  9. Help: Prob handling SQL error in stored proc
  10. Reporting Suspicious Financial Transactions
  11. generating seq no with in a main column
  12. Hand needed with t-sql
  13. Rollup Query Help
  14. Cascading Delete
  16. Very Big Table Problem
  17. UPDATE STATISTICS necessary to improve performance (?)
  18. HELP - Selection of Development Software? Thoughts??
  21. Urgent Help Needed
  22. SQL Server too slow
  23. convert 0 or NULL to 1 for devision purpose
  24. Returning recordset that includes a DateDiff field in hh:mm:ss format?
  25. Execute SP_password
  26. USE statement with variable
  27. Problem with Setting a variable in SQL String
  28. Optimise these 3 queries into one?
  29. How to insert a row in a table with 1 identity column
  30. sql statement
  31. C with ODBC
  32. OLAP and/or data mining?
  33. The Median Function in SQL Server
  34. query needed
  35. subquery performance mystery
  36. Wanted: Dead Hard Drives
  37. Help with a trigger
  38. PK And Index
  39. Deadlocks workaround?
  40. How to do a "year-to-date" SQL query where "year" commences in August?
  41. Moving data to SQL Server
  42. Could u tell Storc Proc in Access..
  43. Client Side Cursor vs Sever Side Cursor?
  44. Unusual Query
  45. syntax of sp_prepexec, sp_execute
  46. MSDE Install fails. Please Help someone
  47. Chinese and Japanese characters in same colation
  48. Index parameter
  49. Two order by's in same stored procedure?
  50. apostrophe
  51. table last modified date/time?
  52. Equivalent to database events
  53. MSDE Maintenance
  54. Inconsistant query results with Count(*)... bad index?
  55. SQL Merge Replication and DTS imported Data
  56. MSDE 2000 Versions
  57. Table size
  58. Tables have too many nullable columns
  59. How many records in a table?
  60. How do I delete many rows without monopolizing server?
  61. Converting timestamp values from Varchar to varbinary(8)
  62. Moving from one server to another
  63. Replication target table shrinks to zero
  64. ODBC drivers, .NET providers, OLE DB providers, JDBC drivers: updated lists
  65. sql server limit
  66. Include data in e-mail
  67. Identifying specified parameters in stored procedures
  68. Update multiple databases
  69. Can I generate XML schema
  70. SQL syntax - "NOT IN"
  71. import txt from http
  72. Job Aborting ???
  73. Making a User in MSDE
  74. How to find group user login Name
  75. delete a primary key with T-SQL
  76. Parallelism Question
  77. SQL Server Does Not Start
  78. Check constraint across parent-child tables
  79. Stored Proc Error Handling
  80. Convert NULL Values
  81. stored procedure question
  82. Logging uses of SELECT ??
  83. Stuck with WHERE clause with multiple elements
  84. Looping columns in instead of trigger
  85. Index on a varchar column?
  86. Table Design Question
  87. problems with datatypes Navision in SQL
  88. Formatting numbers with commas in TSQL
  89. strange query timeout
  90. The articles on my web site
  91. Backup / Restore Question - MSDE
  92. insert statement help
  93. auto-grow gotcha
  94. NEWB: Moving DBs to new install of SQL Serv. w/o sp_detach_db
  95. Find what procedure was exec'd
  96. Install SQL 2000 on Win XP Home
  97. Formatting a float in varchar but NOT in scientific notation
  98. SQL Server 2000 - problems when installing Windows 2000 SP4?
  99. Should floating point calculations be doing in sql or C#?
  100. Disappearing Linked Server Stored Procedures
  101. RAC chat tonite
  102. Using the Transact-SQL Debugger
  103. sorting some data...
  104. Help restore a database!
  105. Deadlock on single table
  106. Best Practices for Large DB
  107. DTS from SQL Server to DB2
  108. Is @@IDENTITY reliable?
  109. FullTextSearch in multiple tables
  110. Mysql and C++
  111. Error while Installing SQL Server evaluation version - sqlunirl.dll not found
  112. Hidding column in query
  114. How do I get db ddl properties from sql 2000 like documenter does in MS Access?
  115. Table Design Question
  116. ASP search screen and MS-SQL 2k
  117. Data Conversion Issue
  118. Balancing IO. File Groups vs Raid
  119. Application Generator
  120. Web based reporting software?
  121. SQL Server ADO/ASP Application and Connections
  122. AutoShrink Transaction Log File
  123. Insert Select Help
  124. Licensing Sql Server.
  125. SQLS7&VB6 Date Update Gives Syntax (Not Date Format) Error In Stored Procedure
  126. Another Query Question
  127. Changes since last backup?
  128. SQL Server text field
  129. HELP - Scheduling DTS Packages
  130. VSS & SQl2000 integration
  131. SP_LOCK Question
  132. This is one solution to the "Key column information is insufficient or incorrect" problem
  133. Decrypting WITH Encryption User Functions...
  134. Determine the last time SP was executed
  135. Pooling Connection Object
  136. Maintenance plan history - where does it come from?
  137. Is it the Index ?
  138. Scheduling a DTS Package
  139. Low performance when using parameterised query
  140. QUERY Question
  141. SQL Select Question
  142. Any possibility of creating a MUTUALLY dependent CHECK
  143. Processing User Activity Table
  144. Recover a corrupted LDF file
  145. Problems importing data into sql server
  146. reduce trans log size; help needed
  147. Changing column order in a table
  148. Exporting data while people are using the site?
  149. How do I back-up > truncate > shrink > back-up SQL 2000
  150. Help with delete trigger
  151. DSN Problems
  152. Connection Management
  153. Restore database via automated order
  154. Scheduled Job History
  155. SS & QA
  156. The best book
  157. MSDataShape problem using SQL server 2000
  158. why i cant setup password in mysql
  159. Pull data from Cache 5.0 to SQL 2000 (fast?)
  160. Memo field problem using Access97 with SQL2000 Backend
  161. Cursor help PLEASE!
  162. Date Stored Procedure
  163. FK Checks
  164. Return versus Raiserror
  165. Getting the latest row from a batch
  166. Database Permission
  167. SQL Server disk sub-system (overhaul) performance questions
  168. help with stored procedures using IN / GROUP BY statements
  169. Install that update from the Microsoft Corporation
  170. Transaction Logging Backup Set
  171. Any Migration issues???
  172. Setting up SQL Server for Remote Clients
  173. Need help with MS SQL query
  174. Removing duplicates
  175. error 1012: the correlation name '%' has the same exposed name as table '%'.
  176. sqlserveragent hangs when starting
  177. Need Help for query
  178. Records getting deleted mysteriously..
  179. Timeout Expired Error
  180. Creating Mobile Database on Pocket Pc
  181. sql server 2000 and windows xp home edittion
  182. DTSRUN.exe Application error Problem
  183. Surely not!
  184. Finding all references to a column
  185. Preventing logins/users from having more than one active connection
  186. 2nd CFV: comp.databases.etl
  187. MAIL
  188. How to do this self-join??
  189. How to do this self-join??
  190. SQL Server 2000 Exam #70-229: Good book?
  191. Mysterious mystery -- 2002-11-08/2002-11-09
  192. Triggers on Delete and on Insert & SQL Server 2000
  193. table mantenance within a replicated database
  194. Altering linked tables
  195. Internet Queries
  196. Connection failed between PC
  197. Book Recommendations Needed
  198. SQL Profiler on a Prod it safe?
  199. Sort Order and case sensitivity
  200. Internal memory increased; SQL Server does not use this
  201. event id: 998 - Unable_To_Set_RegKey_Val
  202. Outputting Data From Stored Procedure
  203. mysql immediate assistance needed please.
  204. Restoring DB
  205. SQL Help, Urgent
  206. Problem with multiple joins.
  207. View Users Connected to SLQ Server?
  208. Server side Cursor
  209. Problem with trigger and DTS
  210. Column Name in a Primary key constraint
  211. Using Openquery Without Returning Resultset
  212. Converting SQL Loader control files to BCP format files
  213. Problem with FETCH LAST
  214. How do I use constants in stored procedures?
  215. Timestamp
  216. "Tree View" with a SQL Server Database
  217. SQL Server 2000 concept
  218. Curious performance issue when running a query
  219. Incorrect host-column number found in BCP format-file
  220. Stored procedure won't use index
  221. Restore a remote backup
  222. Help! Index corrupting? DBCC CheckTable failing?
  223. ISQL and OSQL Output Lines Wrapped Around at 256 Characters?
  224. Unique Field conflict in Views
  225. Last modified date of a view
  226. Performing Completion Actions, cursor_close_on_commit setting
  227. "Org Chart" Type Tool?
  228. Dynamic SQL
  229. Opinions on ListCleaner ( WinPure ) ??
  230. QA returns different records from SQL Server EM
  231. Problem with import data from excel format file.
  232. Using xp_cmdshell in a trigger
  233. GUI for Sql 2000
  234. Store procedure help
  235. decimal places
  236. Getting Number of Logged On Users to Server
  237. can't open 'databases' folder
  238. Strange happenings with SA account
  239. Query by year group by total students sort by total for each county
  240. About SQL 6.5 replication to SQL 2000. (Distribution database)
  241. SQL 7 migration
  242. Help with COUNT in SELECT Statement
  243. Intellectual Property question
  244. creating temporary table with SELECT INTO
  245. bcp select querylist error
  246. Autonumber
  247. What are cons and pros for using IDENTITY property as PK in SQL SERVER 2000?
  248. Remote View Question
  249. Can FK be nullable/optional by design?
  250. sequence
  251. temporary tables...
  252. Making a stored procedure run on it's own periodically.
  253. Expanding Hierachy with multiple parents
  254. statement level vs. row level triggers
  255. How to set rights in E.Manager Since it is a open book..
  256. System tables
  257. Access to SQL2000
  258. ms-sql server "light"
  259. Sql Stored Procedures
  260. Query to linked server:Oracle; problems with ANSI_NULLS;ANSI_WARNINGS
  261. Clustered index not working
  262. Trigger on table-valued function?
  263. Changing Datatype length
  264. Server Name in Registry
  265. SQL 2000 System Db's
  266. Need tools to Convert Access to SQL environment
  267. Update a table by copying a column from another table
  268. Reading data from Excel...
  269. DBCC Page
  270. Help for stored procedure and Null...
  271. Suggestions for a small database layout...Very simple
  272. General Design Question
  273. Unicode conversion issue.
  274. Full Text Catalog Population
  275. importing cyrillic encoded data
  276. Help desk systems..
  277. DBDesign Q2:
  278. Help needed in Replication
  279. Perl DBD/DBI for SQL Server
  280. cannot connect to SQL Server from VB.NET
  281. audit/history without use of triggers?
  282. Rights
  283. Or in left outer join.
  284. SQLGetData returns all NULL data, but query analyzer returns correct values from aggregate queries
  285. Simple GROUP BY Question
  286. sysprocesses
  287. Is it possiable to restore a DB ...
  288. Index and Data Pages
  289. Weird Backup DB Problems in SQL Server 7
  290. dynamically creating temp table names
  291. Order of tables in joins
  292. isql -- executing multiple input scripts
  293. B.C. vs A.D. datetime in SQL Server
  294. Getting rid of duplicates
  295. long transaction
  296. Import Puzzle
  297. somewhat painful join code
  298. SQL Server 2000 Replication Query
  299. SQL script to remove constraints
  300. Gettting time of SQL Server Computer
  301. "Lost Inserts"
  302. Weird date rounding
  303. File group space error
  304. First day of month of 3 months ago
  305. RANT: SQL Server Internal Error
  306. Help with Cluster
  307. SQL Server login Form For access
  308. identify what tables are being access in SQL
  309. attach db file copied previously
  310. select without duplicates
  311. test - please ignore
  312. Creating a stored procedure
  313. MS SQL server Insert Error [109]
  314. Transation log size
  315. DDL Best Practices question
  316. Ex post shrinking file sizes
  317. INSERT INTO... SELECT... Cannot insert duplicate key...
  318. Looking for help with a stored procedure!
  319. Automated testing | How to "force" GETDATE() function to return specific value?
  320. MS-SQL-Server 2000
  321. MS-SQL-Server 2000 Problem
  322. Creating a Unique Index
  323. Script to store stored procedures in seperate files
  324. DBDesign Q
  325. MSDE Connection Error
  326. SQL - a menu system - plz help
  327. Want expert opinion on a way of storing 'relations'
  328. temp tables, global and local
  329. Inner Join experts out there??
  330. trouble using the CONTAINS() function in sql server
  331. Update query with sub-queries to find the values
  332. Help with search results query
  333. Migrating from Excel to sql-server
  334. Chinese chars through stored procedures...
  335. Active Directory Implementation
  336. Help With Stored Proceedure Please
  337. How to avoid Reference problems
  338. Working Linked Servers
  339. Solution need in Replication
  340. increase Ram?
  341. Dynamic create table, create index based upon a given database
  342. altering data
  343. retrieving long texts from msqql
  344. TImeStamp or not
  345. Script out objects
  346. Query help
  347. Adding Calculated Fields
  348. Why isn't this variable updating?
  349. copying a table from one database to another "last" doesn't appear the same
  350. SQL Full-Text Search in VB code
  351. Query Analyzer - not printing output
  352. connecting jdbc type 4 with ms sql server.
  353. What shrinks when shrinking
  354. View or Stored Proceedure?
  355. SQl debugger ! how
  356. pivoting query on t-sql
  357. Substring'ing a Number-field
  358. SQL Server replication with existing data on one server
  360. Query Time Outs
  361. Query Help....
  362. Help with Select - into
  363. Connection Problems
  364. Purging records from subscriber/publisher database in merge replication
  365. Information on Installing 'QMF' In SQL Server on Win2000?
  366. Help with a stored procedure/query?
  367. Pros/Cons of using Win 2003 over Win 2000 for SQL Server Enterprise ?
  368. How to know what schema was modified
  369. >= in Case Statement - Stuck
  370. Database Alias
  371. TEXT data type column: Replacing chars : why isn't this routine working?
  372. Error while Creating table using Select Command
  373. HELP PLEASE: SQL Query Analyzer does not start
  374. Query optimization question...
  375. Parellism not working
  376. replicate error
  377. Date Comparison Issue
  378. Extra internal memory can't be seen ????
  379. acess I/O File
  380. SQL Reports.
  381. SQL 2000 Database files become read-only after reboot
  382. SQL 2000 Database files become read-only after reboot
  383. READ_UNCOMMITTED problem with SQL 2000 and i-net Opta 2000 JDBC
  384. How to get values from queries, and then using in another query?
  385. good SQL book?
  386. Select where not exists
  387. Profiler TextData truncation
  388. Help with UPDATE
  389. To find any text in all Stored Procedures
  390. Error executing xp_cmdshell from within a SQL task in a DTS package...
  391. Loading backed-up user database in SQL Server 2k
  392. перестраиваются ли индексы
  393. SQL 2000 backup on DLT tape
  394. Is it possible to return last row out of multiple based on row index?
  395. Clearness needed in Sp_attach_db
  396. Running SQL 7.0+SP4 on XP Pro...
  397. Best way to import ASCII tab delimited file every week (5,000 records)...
  398. 'joining' results of 2 queries
  399. OSQL Output File Garbage
  400. Remote Backup?
  401. how to determine what locking behavior the query optimizer chooses?
  402. Large Scale Storage Planning
  403. Creating Deciles
  404. Migrating from Access to SQL Server with a web front end
  405. Improve performance in Query..
  406. Script line number
  407. Help using sp_xml_preparedocument
  408. Corrupt Stored Procedure?
  409. Processing the TEXT datatype with TSQL
  410. Is it possiable conversion
  411. SQL7 to SQL2000 Migration
  412. Problem SQL7.0 Server (MSDE) - ACCESS MDB
  414. View with a query to an oracle database
  415. cross tab query
  416. Create trigger not firing via ODBC
  417. file name or extension is too long
  418. Corrupted log file
  419. shrink file tool from EM took all the empty space allocated to data file
  420. ADP revision numbers
  421. Worker Threads
  422. Change logfile location durring setup SQL 2000
  423. bcp unicode files using format files
  424. bcp unicode data using format file problem
  425. SQL Server 2000 Trusted connection
  426. MCDBA - UK
  427. [EXTREMELY URGENT] sp_attach_db error
  428. retrieve an output parameter in stored procedure from java application
  429. Lots of queries for my db
  430. run a sql-sript from interface
  431. Is a fulltext serarch for *whatever possible?
  432. Cannot connect to the cube via pivot table control
  434. Sql Server on Itanium vs Zeon
  435. Sys Admin cant access SQL server. Only SA account can?
  436. Is there a better way to handle a conditional sum?
  437. UPDATE - Removing trailing spaces
  438. Unable to update table using Access 2002 Front End
  439. Table Spool in simple INSERT...SELECT causing performance problems
  440. SQL Formatter
  441. Just quick question about MSDE limitations
  442. count and update syntax help
  443. find backup directory
  444. There must be a better way than this NOT IN query...
  445. Synchronise problems with merge publication under SQL Server 2000
  446. SQL Server memory settings in SQL Server 7.0
  447. Icons in enterprise manager 7
  448. Transaction question
  449. Insert into multiple rows instead of one comma-delimited list?
  450. Sql server as DDBMS, where info ?
  451. How to get row count ?
  452. minus and intersect functionality
  453. Selecting Most Recent Record
  454. Run time error 3669. Execution cancelled
  455. UNION query won't work
  456. Search for articles with SQL server and Microsoft Indexing
  457. Group by Time interval.
  458. optimizing SP with dynamic WHERE and ORDER BY
  459. Bring back excluded item
  460. Running SQL scripts within a VB enviroment.
  461. dbconvert() doing incorrect conversions
  462. ASE ODBC 12.5 Driver has problem with SQLServer 8.0 DTS: HELP!
  463. Querying multi-tables? Joins? Subqueries?
  464. Failover clustering without SAN & SCSI ?
  465. Urgent help - Problem with multiple select ROUND statments
  466. XPATH in SQLServer 2000
  467. xp_cmdshell and pass command line parameters to .exe file
  468. Tables being recreated
  469. Q. about binary formats.
  470. Where is the SQL Server License Setup Utility Program?
  471. use of table variable causes rollback in sql server
  472. Database off line; How do I detect with a query
  473. SQLSourceSafe, the integrated version control solution for SQL Server objects!
  474. Sp:Cachemiss and no sp:recompile
  475. TSQL: conditional union statement
  476. are there any MSDE T-SQL code limitations?
  477. help with bottom to top query into hierarchical data
  478. Views vs Queries
  479. SQL - Front Page
  480. Thanks for the help
  481. Images from SQL Server
  482. Query needed
  483. To Null or not to Null that's my question
  484. Insert into SQL from Foxpro
  485. DTS Probs
  486. how to bring back the distinct values in single column from two tables
  487. how to retrieve only the duplicates in a table
  488. SQL7 - Some backups not working?
  489. how to change server option for isolaiton level?
  490. Fulltext search on .doc files
  491. Importing from filemaker
  492. Update operation takes forever! How can I speed it up?
  493. MSDE 7 and SQLServer 6 on same machine
  494. encrypting stored sql server data
  495. i want a certain field to be sequentially increased
  496. conditional logic in stored procedure
  497. Please Help Obi-Wan: Efficient Join/Cursor/Something/Anything?
  498. Filemaker -> MS SQL
  499. Integrated security problem
  500. Event Viewer - Application Log Error
  501. uk sql date
  502. File Copy to Windows 2000 from NT server running sql7
  503. Importing from SQL7 using DTS wizard
  504. Problem with full text in SQL Server
  505. SQL to PLC to diverter gate, can this be done?
  506. Help in setting up tables - MS SQL
  507. sqlserver 2000 standard licensing?
  508. Update through linked server never returns
  509. Problem with triggers between linked servers
  510. Asked a while back - think I'll try again!
  511. Admin a SQLServer environment from an Oracle DBA perspective?
  512. domain account vs local account for SQLServerAgent
  513. How to approach (Trigger-Stored procedure )
  514. Modify Index
  515. Stored procedure to return all rows in a table
  516. Reducing database size after dropping text column
  517. aliassed table trouble
  518. Losing dbobtions on clustered server failover?
  519. Query Governor Cost Limit
  520. SQL Server Views' Metadata
  521. Recompiling SPs in SQL server
  522. How to tell if a job has hung?
  523. New to Triggers
  524. xp_sendmail
  525. Inserting datetime with milliseconds in SQL Server
  526. Matching a View's columns to it's underlying table's columns
  527. Trigger-Happy
  528. Swapping out Drives on our production SQL Server this weekend
  529. Replication Between Different Versions of SQL Server
  530. CHANGED backup time, but still occuring
  531. change case sensitivity after database set up
  532. Looking for EBNF T-SQL Grammar
  533. SQL2k UDF's and Stored Procedure
  534. NULL/Varchar and extra bits
  535. Migration from VFP to MS SQL Server 2000
  536. Dynamic Cursor Generation..
  537. Please, a SQL trigger question!!
  538. 56 million records search
  539. Tool for showing what to change in DB from 6.5 to 70
  540. Creating a DTS package
  541. (Simple) SQL question regarding P/F keys and inserting data...
  542. HELP: sp_help and object browser report view column sizes differently
  543. Dumping all SQL queries.
  544. Best way to do a SELECT TOP n TO m
  545. PL-SQL LOOP equivilant in TRANSACT-SQL
  546. Strored procedure within SQL transaction executes much longer
  547. Urgent : DB-Library Error 10007: General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL
  548. Executing SP_SpaceUsed for tables in a other database with EXEC
  549. Executing SP_SpaceUsed for tables in a other database with EXEC
  550. Database sql server2000 very slow