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  1. numbering a query
  2. SQL Query Help-- Order By Clause
  3. SQL Licenses
  4. ADO client disconnects after running a long query
  5. Problem With TSQL Subscription
  6. Count if Conditions Met
  7. Generating Scripts to Populate Tables
  8. DTS document or ebook
  9. more efficient - exists or in
  10. SQL Join Statement problem
  11. Giving users specific DDL permissions
  12. Permissions for dropping & creating triggers & indexes
  13. Open stored in Hexadecimal
  14. TCP/IP Connectivity
  15. Local table and OpenQuery
  16. Drop Primary key constraint of (#) Hash
  17. Convert a Unicode Database into a non-unicode database
  18. altering dynamically a set data type
  19. Merge replication and spids left behind
  20. TSQL command to call *.sql files
  21. localization and sqlserver
  22. SQL matching two multiple valued strings
  23. Is it wrong to allow user initiated DDL commands to facilitate an extensible schema
  24. Update Trigger - Update Query
  25. DB shrink problem
  26. How to copy table from oracle database to sqlserver database ?
  27. Why it is prohibited in UDF?
  28. Linked Server from SQL-Server 2000 to Oracle 8.1.7
  29. stored procedure
  30. sql
  31. Importing .prt files to SQL
  32. Time Stamp
  33. Unique values between two tables.
  34. Triggers running slow (Update Trigger)
  35. Fill stops /timeouts
  36. network packet size
  37. order of recursion in stored procedure
  38. Please help with this tough SQL query
  39. SqlServer 2000 Enterprise Manager - Major Bug?
  40. Uniqueidentifier causing strange execution plan
  41. Finding out how many times a table is accessed
  42. Merge WAN Database (Best way to add 1 new field)
  43. How Two JOINS from one table
  44. SQL-2000 Stored procesure or function
  45. "Dynamic" sorting inside a procedure
  46. Working wth XML
  47. Fine tuning this sql-query. help!
  48. Hibernate
  49. @@TRANCOUNT difference between SQL 7 and SQL 2000 in trigger
  50. need a JDBC driver
  51. CA issues million dollar challenge to open source community
  52. Last row in select question
  53. Need help to get this query up and running.
  54. what is this erroer Message ?
  55. xp_cmdshell resulted in "access is denied"
  56. ASP returning null sized field from MS SQL database
  57. Is it necessary to order again?
  58. Triggers from one MSDE to another using DTC
  59. One more solution for a pagination
  60. SQL select statement error
  61. Blocking
  62. "Query is too Complex"
  63. Delete help
  64. Return records through a linked server that uses ODBC data source
  65. Scalability problem With .Net and Sqlserver
  66. Inserting / Updating LongText Field using WriteText?
  67. Passing Temp Table Values into a UDF
  68. Performance Tuning UPDATE Statement
  69. Disregard some parameters
  70. Uploading SQL Server database to ISP
  71. SQL mail issues
  72. question for the 'senior' people
  73. Excel automation
  74. Automatic backup of MSDE database.
  75. Japanese words
  76. Could not allocate space for .. error
  77. SQL Server invoking batch file
  78. DXReport - Generator de rapoarte pentru Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  79. collation issue
  80. (Revised)Database Design question, Header with two detail.. pls help
  81. cryptoAPI
  82. Database Design question, Header with two detail.. pls help
  83. Great new application
  84. how to preserve users when restoring a database
  85. Identifying Unused Tables
  86. Query Question
  87. DTS Import Wizard fails
  88. Does SQL Server support XML Functions
  89. user table
  90. Slow procedure using view
  91. update deadlock question
  92. moving a heap to another filegroup
  93. Prototype for a web application
  94. Memory Leak. SQL Server sp3a, VB and MDAC 2.8
  95. sp_adduser and the old question of why??
  96. Install of SQL Server 2000 dev edition over MSDE. Any advice appreciated.
  97. is it possible to use a simple ODBC config on a unix client to connect to MS-SQL server?
  98. How to insert NULL char values in SQLSERVER with a SQL sentence?
  99. A Range Query Optimization
  100. Sql Query Help!
  101. DTS Yukon beta 2 Library not registered
  102. Problem by design - MS-SQL Server 2000 and MS-Access 2000 project.
  103. Copy stored procedures to another database
  104. Stored Procedures on SQL 2000 compared to dotnet's
  105. Date inputs (UK format) in SQL svr 2000 with OLE DB
  106. invalid attribute/option identifier
  107. Bloated database wont shrink after backup/restore SQL 2000
  108. Print Attributes in Stored Procedure
  109. Help with date parameter and if/else statement
  110. Getting Memory usage through T-SQL
  111. Session memory usage
  112. Defining AS400 Linked Server
  113. Separate foreign keys with shared ID space
  114. admin realted questions
  115. passing table/column name as parameter
  116. basic sql query needed
  117. Newby: Administer a database remotely?
  118. System Monitor / SQL Server
  119. How do I select all records in one table that have NO related records in another table?
  120. Do for each - how to write it more graceful?
  121. Resources
  122. Cannot Register Instance of SQL Server 2000
  123. select statement
  124. ODBC Connection busy error
  125. Format of tables
  126. backup
  127. How to convert string to upper case using Field's Formula Property
  128. How to compare database structures?
  129. IDENTITY_INSERT Problem
  130. finding out table names
  131. SQL 2000 Q: duplicate database
  132. Locating a table using index page
  133. Converting C++ Unix time_t Julian date to SQL date
  134. is sqlserver 2000 compatible with windows 2003 ?
  135. RSS Search
  136. variable
  137. Looping through a recordser in a stored procedure
  138. How to upload more than one field?
  139. Arnold Schwarzenegger Commits Suicide
  140. Finding BINN directory for Multiple Instances
  141. CAL & MSSQL Security Question (by an ignorant)
  142. Help for a new user
  143. Size of SQLServer databases with indices
  144. device CALs
  145. Procedure performance in QA vs Sql Agent Job
  146. c++ ole DB stack overflow during sql server compilation
  147. Stored procedure permissions with xp_cmdshell on SQL 6.5
  148. Changing drive letter
  149. type mismatch : Error
  150. SQL server 2000 memory reclaim
  151. Replication Distribution Agent Does Not Start
  152. trusted SQL server connection
  153. Using BCP/xp_cmdshell as NON serveradmin
  154. Bradmark's NORAD monitoring utility
  155. SQL Server under VMWare
  156. SQL Full Outer Join
  157. Hourly batch process locking my database
  158. anyone has xp_gettable_dblib source code?
  159. replication/distributor problem
  160. UpdateText through a stored Procedure on a input parameter
  161. Server Crashed/Need to move SQL 2000 DB
  162. Delay before uncomplete transaction removed
  163. Bring Data into SQL Server
  164. INT Size
  165. Insert Trigger and xp_cmdshell with carriage return text
  166. MSDTC is unavailable.
  167. Unable to connect with Enterprise Manager
  168. Passing Parameters to Extended Stored Procedures
  169. Adding a time column to a date column
  170. Analysis Services connection "No Go"
  171. Script for SQL Agent "Weighted Job Duration"
  172. Returning # of columns with non-null value
  173. Need dynamic SQL
  174. Someone else editing record ? Only me on the server ?
  175. DTS - Dr Watson Error
  176. Pocket PC and SQL Server CE.
  177. Linked server to oracle
  178. row delimiter from osql output
  179. Distributed transaction....
  180. Code does not select any data for information from the different tables in the database
  181. SQL MSDTC
  182. Many to One with Max Date Query?
  183. password for sa was changed spontaneously
  184. Incorrect Syntax
  185. SQL syntax - INNER or OUTER JOIN vs. WHERE
  186. Text manager can not conitinue with current statement
  187. Blocking problem
  188. Script for Transfering Database Diagram
  189. horizontal positioning
  190. join 2 complex queries to 1
  191. How to get the amount of bytes exchanged during a Merge replication between 2 MSSQL servers
  192. Error... Invalid object name 'data1'.
  193. sync'ing 2 databases
  194. Transaction Log
  195. Web site with database models
  196. Math is driving me nuts
  197. Recovery SQL Server
  198. Hardware question
  199. instead of trigger example
  200. Unique Identifier Crystal Reports Parameter
  201. simultaneous updations and deletions between databases
  202. Differences between SQL Server Versions
  203. Stored Procedure to upload data from one db to remote db
  204. updating and deleting parent and child table simultaneously
  205. Pass Scope_Identity() back to the calling application
  206. Access2K Connecting to SQL Only as LocalAdmin
  207. Access2K Connecting to SQL Only as LocalAdmin
  208. Huge Imports using DTS - advice needed ...
  209. SQL 2K Security Baseline or Security Checklist
  210. SQL Solution
  211. Record insertion
  212. Table Overwrite
  213. deadlock error
  214. adding some rows to a select
  215. Scalar Function Columns
  216. problem with attach database
  217. syncronising SQL tables between seperate servers
  218. Finding Last Updated with a timestamp
  219. Problem: Replication fails over modem but works on LAN
  220. Creating a simple update trigger
  221. performance issue (repost)
  222. Update query question
  223. Stored procedure
  224. optimizing a query to delete duplicates
  225. Table Qualification in SQL Server 2000
  226. bcp within batch file
  227. SQL Server Overrides My ANSI_PADDING Setting
  228. I thought I posted this one but don't see it. Problem with querying a query
  229. Having problem with sql create
  230. Using like predicate
  231. Need Assistance Creating a stored procedure
  232. Dangers of Client batch cancellation
  233. ..\MSSQL\Data\ - Directory saturated
  234. SQL many-to-many query problem. HELP !
  235. How to Restrict all SQL Database's Size
  236. Small problem with DateType
  237. MS SQL 2000 Backup. where r my Indexes?
  238. Ageing data using Sql Server 2000
  239. Using identity to generate a primary key
  240. export (from mdb)-> import (to MS Sql server)
  241. Delete SQL Table using a variable that refers to the Table Name
  242. A better way to handle repeating dates
  243. views across databases
  244. Deployment Question, Connection string issue.
  245. Deployment Question, Connection string issue.
  246. Min pool size
  247. tool that create sql script to recreate a database
  248. How to count number of rows
  249. Is this DELETE possible?
  250. Create a file using a SQL DB Trigger
  251. count multiple distinct columns
  252. Setting up SQL Mail
  253. Complex query
  254. How do I append string to end of sql query results?
  255. New db cant be found
  256. BCP -k option - Very urgent
  257. insert into many rows
  258. Follow up to Exec..master and sp_dboption
  259. performance
  260. Problem with dates
  261. Block Port 1433 on windows 2000 server
  262. Using Unique Indexes
  263. Determine winner from two distinct lines
  264. O/R mapper
  265. Query Optimization Assistance w/ Joins
  266. Problem unauthorize deleting of primary key in SQL
  267. Inner Join question
  268. Determining if foreign key constraint exists
  269. SQL Server Lab Design
  270. Locking hint problem on multi-servers
  271. Problem with MSSQL SPRINTA 2000 JDBC Driver
  272. Problem with MSSQL SPARTA 2000 JDBC Driver
  273. mssql2000 on emc mirrorview volume
  274. Design issue
  275. SQL order question
  276. IsNull ordering
  277. IsNull ordering
  278. Using NEWID() as a parameter to a stored procedure
  279. find
  280. cant start sql 2000 on port 1433
  281. How to update using a function
  282. Fill Column with Sequence
  283. Compare and Restore Tables
  284. ISO dates?
  285. Easiest way of combining multiple fields from different records into one record?
  286. send email to me when job fails
  287. Importare txt in SQL
  288. Utilities to check for errors in stored procedures
  289. SQL Report Generation
  290. storing passwords in database
  291. Possible Bug in SQL Server 2000?
  292. SQL Server 2000 Hardware Recommendations
  293. MS Sql Server and Windows 2000/XP
  294. How can I make a SQL agent job to ignore warnings?
  295. Help with a View
  296. Script to copy permissions for all objects given to a user or a role
  297. Generating Foreign Key Script
  298. How to Identify Hot Tables
  299. SQL Query Help - - Table Normalization
  300. need help with converting old style subselect to ANSI joins?
  301. Invalid object name
  302. fastest way to insert range/sequence
  303. Stored procedure with output variable
  304. SQL Agent Job failed
  305. Loading Data into SQL Server from a SAS Dataset
  306. Compound Statements
  307. Determine closedate depending on a metatable and this closedate will be used in a query
  308. Grouping by unrelated field- SQL masters, try this!
  309. How to transfer data from SQL Server 2000 to Db2 V8 using DTS and Odbc driver
  310. Web server hardware design with SQL back-end
  311. SQL Server setting has any effect on queries?
  312. Drop tables with unknown names and unknown quantity
  313. Cursor problem
  314. how to parse a name
  315. Why, "Invalid column name"?
  316. business logic in Stored Proc VS aspx.vb page
  317. Pb to retreive max value with aggregate subquery
  318. SQL Server Backup Failure
  319. SQL Server + SSL Hangs?
  320. SQL Server + SSL Hangs?
  321. Image files and SQL Server
  322. help forms
  323. Reading rtf from an image field
  324. SQL Float Operation with Round() fails completely
  325. is ASP the only way for SQL remote access via internet
  326. SQL Profiler info req
  327. Weird Optimizer Choice
  328. CASE alias in WHERE
  329. New user needs help
  330. .exe to insert data in SQLServer database
  331. Row Handle Invalid
  333. examples
  334. SQL Game
  335. is it good idea to replicate sql server db files?
  337. Help! Sql Server 2005 kicked my Sql Server 7's You-Know-What
  338. Bug (?) in nsqlprep.exe (SQLServer 2000)
  339. Export relations from SQL Server Database to MS Access
  340. Finding if a REAL is LIKE '%[49]9'
  341. Difficult Query: is this possible in SQL?
  342. Calling methods, functions threw Extended SP in a DLL
  343. Outlooksoft
  344. Need to speed up query.
  345. Concurrency puzzle (ODBC API related)
  346. Lock Stored Procedure
  347. SQL SERVER 2000 - EXEC master..xp_cmdshell permissions
  348. question about launching an application at sqlserver startup
  349. XLOCK and ROWLOCK
  350. Null & one more table
  351. question about launching an application at sqlserver startup
  352. How to properly restore transaction log
  353. Example code for database configuration(MSDE)
  354. Dynamic SQL trouble
  355. Search Multiple Columns with REGEXP
  356. Development Environment Needs?
  357. Help with NOT EXISTS query
  358. Sending an e-mail via SMTP in SQL Server
  359. Login With Domain Account
  360. Drop Column problem
  361. Backup and Restore
  362. Aborting CALL to stored procedure
  363. SQL Checkers Game
  364. jet to sql
  365. how to get a list of configuration settings for a database
  366. Selecting Unique Record
  367. SQL Server to Oracel
  368. Eliminating Combinatorial Relationship Multiplication
  369. HELP with TIME Calculations
  370. Slow performance on ADP forms using filter
  371. SQL Syntax problem
  372. howto: calling sp_executesql from a function ?
  373. SQL Data Compare Error
  374. Fundamental help required with SQL connection
  375. Help: MS-Word apostrophes in Query Analyzer
  376. fail to configure my server for replication
  377. Replicating LDAP entries to a SQL Database
  378. Converting MS query to SQL Server 2000
  379. Linked Server request...
  380. I need BETWEEN on speed
  381. Vyas, Neil and others Please post your views ---- SAN , active transaction logs
  382. does anyones knows polyserve products
  383. sp_makewebtask
  384. Multiple many to many
  385. MS SQL 6.5 Procedure to Send Query results via Email
  386. Why the transaction log file full
  387. EMC Clarion Performance Issue
  388. checklist for moving a database from one server to another?
  389. How do I loop thru a result set?
  390. Custom SQL Server Job Schedule
  391. XML Output
  392. Parameter value from empty text box - null or 0 length?
  393. SQL update on multiple tables
  394. PRINT only takes effect after T-SQL completion ?
  395. Invalid character value for cast specification: SQL Server 2000
  396. Data Processing Script Justs Stops
  397. sqlserver7 connect
  398. View performance, linked servers, query specifiying uniqueidentifier
  399. University of Plymouth Computing Industry Perception Study
  400. Guid vs Identity
  401. parameterized queries running slower than non-parameterized queries
  402. Converting numeric data type to text data type
  403. PERC RAID Controller settings?
  404. get current table name in stored procedure
  405. sp_prepexec and compatiblity mode 7: float variables comparing to string field fails
  406. Beginner's Question on SQL-DISTINCT
  407. Database field length problem
  408. xp_cmdshell missing
  409. Running DTS through Access VBA
  410. Using MS SQL server to copy files
  411. Age Old Question about GROUP BY clause (i think) - Probably easy answer
  412. Help with 2 queries / Join problem
  413. Sccheduled packages don't run
  414. MDX Query Help
  415. Help with returning a certain # of records from a view.
  416. The size of the image data type
  417. Write Conflict.. please help!
  418. SQL Server to Oracel
  419. Very puzzling count
  420. Installing SQL Server 2000
  421. I can't restore the transaction I needed! Help!
  422. SQLAgent crash
  423. help how to create a row progressive..
  424. error 'Login failed for user sa', and the backup fails.
  425. Update, case statement and sum
  426. SQL Server ASP Syntax error
  427. DTS Package
  428. Big problem with triggers
  429. Restaurant databases
  430. SP Technique --
  431. SQL CPU Utilization goes to 0
  432. differential backup failure
  433. OT? mysql groups
  434. Deadlock Problem
  435. Modifying Sysxlogins Domain Names in SQL2000, strange result..
  436. Help with SubQueries?
  437. converting date/time to just date?
  438. SP problem with editing records
  439. SQL Server Licensing Question
  440. MS Network Monitor Utility - How to get for Win 2000 Pro
  441. Database Access Right Issues
  442. DBA guide
  443. Read Data from Cube and Dump in a SQL table
  444. Automatically Sort Table when Table is Opened in Project
  445. Vo2Ado/MSDE Create Index problem
  446. Using triggers
  447. SQL instances
  448. storing phone numbers
  449. Using User defined type instead of varchars
  450. SQL Server - Remote Command Line Management
  451. Add a second databse - benefits?
  452. Goup by clause confused....
  453. test
  454. sql
  455. MSDE 2000 Release A won't talk
  456. No default entries in SQL Server 2000 Service Manager Options
  457. Needs Help in Making Database
  458. indexing
  459. Comments on InterSystems Cache Database Platform
  460. Analyze LDF files MS SQL Server 2000
  461. sql server service pack 3 update, delete question or problem
  462. Determining if a parameter exists in a stored procedure
  463. Looping In SQL 2000 (Can it be a nested loop)
  464. Inserting few Recordsets into Temp Table containing NULL Values
  465. WARNING. A simple cut and paste of 8 records can distroy a SQL Server table
  466. Help with an MS SQL Server Query to return the latest dates against each recordID.
  467. HElp :)
  468. select between date
  469. Update rows with next higher id, if it exists
  470. SQL Server ORDER BY bug?
  471. denormalize data in a temporary table
  472. Web publishing in Visual Manfacturing
  473. Error creating linked server to Excel
  474. Syncing Database
  475. slow select statement -- please help
  476. DTS workflow problem when encountering On Failure
  477. query question
  478. Modelling large trees in SQL Server
  479. Superior SQL Builder
  480. Is this too much data for SQL?
  481. SP Error
  482. query question
  483. Different behaviours on different servers
  484. explain plan
  485. getting an int id from an inserted record
  486. Format File Easy one (not for me)!
  487. I give up on this one...
  488. Bulk Insert Problems
  489. sql date contraints
  490. Concatinating Variables
  491. Passing a specific cursor record to a function
  492. Exporting SQL to Excel Hourly
  493. SQL Server 2000 filling a key field
  494. Non sharing data cluster
  495. No Subject
  496. sp_executeSQL Syntax Question
  497. Bcp and Bulk Insert not working
  498. I need the istance name in my SQL 2000
  499. restore from different server - user (sid) does not match restored db - fix with sp_changeobjectowner
  500. Declare an array of int in SQL Server
  501. INFORMATION_SCHEMA query question: constraint columns
  502. Record lost with UPDATE statements
  503. MS SQL Server -
  504. Alter Table Alter Column
  505. sql insert problem
  506. I/O Component Bottleneck Theory
  507. Fixing my table based on Dbcc Showcontig results
  508. Scheduling a backup
  509. How do you "dump" a database with MS SQL?
  510. Problem with conversion of string
  511. MSDE and Windows 98.
  513. multiple records, only want one
  514. Example of a University database
  515. Help with multi Join or multi tier select.
  516. DESPERATE help needed....
  517. Complicated Update Statement
  518. Databases Syncronization
  519. SQL SERVER Backup
  520. Where is stored Columns Description for SQL Server Tables?
  521. Sql Server & Java. Book Recommendation.
  522. UPDATEs with multiple aggregate functions
  523. Performance Question
  524. Databases Syncronization
  525. Storing Time in SQL Server 2000
  526. Upsizing from Access Data Type Problems List
  527. Stored Procedure Question
  528. View not working SQLSERVER 2000
  529. archiving analysis server dbs
  530. connection to sql server 2000 from Solaris
  531. OPENQUERY Question. How to update using 2 tables
  532. strange problem
  533. MS SQL Server - a plethora of limitations...
  534. interupt JDBC SQL query connection
  535. Parameter Query
  536. function
  537. Please Help - dBASE
  538. Upsizing to SQL 2K
  539. Restoring Master from Enterprise Edition to Standard edition
  540. # of billing cycles
  541. Computer Books, Inc SQL Server 2000 Books - up to 80% off
  542. Replacing characters in a text field
  543. What's in a full SQL Server backup?
  544. Order by "string not empty"?
  545. Microsoft certification test 70-229
  546. Building dynamic tsql statements in a loop
  547. Problem with LEFT JOIN... please help!
  548. Duplicate Removal and Intelligent T-SQL
  549. Data script
  550. Deleting a record from a VIEW