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  1. SQL Server error '80040e31'
  2. How to compress backup files and delete old backups?
  3. What to do if temp DB Log file is growing rapidly?
  4. how to clear password in report manager
  5. How to convert system stored procedures to SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON
  6. simple question about sql server and c#
  7. I want to display record in this format PATIENT_CODE,gender,Malecount,femalecount
  8. Joining Databases with Left Outer Joins
  9. Deleting data from one table, where the date is older than a temp table
  10. How to split a string into data that can be inserted into two different tables?
  11. Ho to hide a row(s) using a radio button?
  12. How to return results grouped by date and type?
  13. Linked server: TCP Provider: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote
  14. How to see dependencies between tables and store procedures in different databases
  15. How to write a stored procedure that sends emails from db data and update when sent?
  16. what are the sql server daily activity?
  17. query oracle db, use column from Odb to run a stored procedure using VBA
  18. Is it possible to use an AND operator in a case statement?
  19. Column 't.specminutes' is invalid in the select list because.......
  20. How to get connectionstring to connect to SQL Express 2005 on the client PCs?
  21. Grouping aggregate functions
  22. why an invalid usage of the option filesize in the CREATE/ALTER DATABASE statement ?
  23. How to convert sql old outer join query to new syntax
  24. What type of join is this?
  25. How to delete double quote from a string?
  26. SQL Connection String When deploying application
  27. How to Add Membership database to sql server>
  28. How to fix error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005' ?
  29. How to the previous version of the source code using vget -r command?
  30. Noise Words And Symbols
  31. Cannot open database "DataBase" requested by the login. When Site is deployed
  32. How to export records from local table to the live server's table?
  33. call user defined sql function within sql statement
  34. How To Select All The Dates Of of a given period Even Though There Are No Records?
  35. How to and where to save self written sql function on sql database?
  36. How to write text in word document using sql query analyzer or stored procedure.
  37. Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '%' to data type int.
  38. How to concat multiple fields in query?
  39. How to use sum and cast together?
  40. How to copy and compare data?
  41. Display no records if parameters are empty
  42. How to get the average of a count field in a SQL query
  43. My SQL Remote Access?
  44. Finding missing records
  45. MS SQL - User Selected Parameters
  46. How to define Collation in SQL SERVER 2008 ?
  47. How to use two connection strings with one connection object
  48. How to get the Datediff between two fields
  49. How to get SQLSSIS100 messages back on R2 like it was on 2008
  50. How to achieve "publication" from a SQL Server 2005 Express database
  51. How to SUM values in column where values in another column match.
  52. How to connect to 2008 R2 using management studio? Getting network connection error
  53. Packing unit Calculation
  54. What is a foreign key?
  55. How to setup real time data replication to head office SQL Server
  56. Attach database failed for Server 'Server_name'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)
  57. To make content in a table to appear as heading in result... any idea?
  58. How to store youtube video hyperlinks into SQL database? And set it up on aspx page?
  59. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion
  60. How to choose the composite primary key for a table
  61. how to insert a new column between 2 column in a Table in MSSQL 2008?
  62. Abort count if given number exceeded in SQL query
  63. How to group in a left join
  64. How to create a New Record
  65. how to automate the data load
  66. Best option for analytical data currently in Access and process data in SQL Server
  67. How move data into a temp table from two tables using the innerjoin
  68. How to list all columns of tables having a certain column named
  69. using a query to return the next Sunday
  70. Which join is better, inner join or equi join
  71. Problem In Assigning Default Schema To Database User ?
  72. Set int count from datediff(day)
  73. How to create a database that will store multiple usernames and passwords
  74. Get result based on working hours
  75. how to set permissions for the new users in SQL Server 2008 ?
  76. Can not make an odbc connection to sql2008 server
  77. How to create a local database server on my machine?
  78. How to avoid duplicate records in a table for a group by clause ?
  79. Does SQL Server depend on the machine's mac address?
  80. Microsoft Reporting Server Report Display Issue
  81. SQL and SSIS updating one Table Column for each Excel Sheet
  82. is it possible to open mdf file in sql 2008
  83. import different excel sheet to ONE sql table
  84. How to run a query to ODBC connection and store results in SQL server 2005
  85. SQL server 2005 error id 8309
  86. Insert and Update statements in single stored procedure with one identity column
  87. query to find out no of employees who are getting weekOff on sameday
  88. Is there a way to do an addition withing a storeed procedure?
  89. why i could not start the sql server(MSSQL) service on local computer ?
  90. Order of retrieving fields from SQL?
  91. Error: incorrect syntax near the keyword AS
  92. Do I need these SQL Updates on my Computer ? I only use it for Graphic Design.
  93. How to calculate duration using diff function
  94. how can i get username and password by using queries?
  95. sql server stored procedure data to access
  96. How to insert DBNnull into binary column via parameter list?
  97. how to select only 2nd record
  98. Stored procedure SQL issue
  99. Can we use PIVOT here?
  100. How to restore backup from diff server to new server
  101. how to avoid user to access same Account?
  102. Data being returned with upper ASCII chars changed!
  103. MS Sql Server Express vs. Visual Studio? Embedded DISTINCT functionality?
  104. SSIS and SQL
  105. I am trying to write a SQL that uses information from two tables.
  106. How to create trigger to automatically sum fields
  107. help with cast function on sql statement
  108. failed to create database on windows vista
  109. How to convert odd date format from database
  110. How to return current status from a stored procedure to my Vb.Net program?
  111. How to query database to find date where only one employee worked
  112. How to compare two databases
  113. replacement for DFirst() function in SQL
  114. I keep getting multiple results when there should only be one, combined result
  115. replace values in a query result
  116. How to calculate the average of columns
  117. Saving function on Sql server
  118. I need help creating a query for the most recent records for unique ids in a table?
  119. SQL Server Join 2 Tables Into One
  120. why incorrect syntax near ',' when inserting multiple rows at a time in a table?
  121. Get the greater of the numbers in sql seelect statement
  122. How to Save results from query in field for WHERE IN statement
  123. Stored procedure using sql server 2005
  124. Parameter in select statement
  125. MDX - How to define the default measure in a query?
  126. Error: There is already an object named in the database
  127. append data from excel table to sql table
  128. SQL update statement with IF IS NOT NULL clause?
  129. Sequence number +1 based on query on other table
  130. Capturing Certain Text in a field
  131. how to display repeated rows on top?
  132. bcp giving error "Encryption not supported on the client"
  133. Left join with conditions
  134. mssql connection Call to undefined mssql_connect()
  135. Why am I getting bigger dataset when the first code snippets executes?
  136. Elapsed time for few SQL queries is 0 in sys.dm_exec_query_stats table?
  137. How do I dedupe my recordset?
  138. Login failed for user(null)
  139. SQL Server 2005 Express: Cannot connect to Server Name
  140. Load data from File System to Remote SQL Server but getting error
  141. How to convert time in seconds to date and time using Convert
  142. Load Assembly .Net 3.5 to SQL Server 2005
  143. BULK xml file using a path parameter
  144. stored procedure to search from a table with several condition
  145. Incorrect syntax near ','.
  146. Find duplicates, concatenate cells
  147. Building a webpage that links to SQL Database
  148. How to organize a polling thread
  149. High number of executions in Key Lookup
  150. encoding problem with MSSQL and php
  151. How to pull out the name of the primary key column(s) in a table?
  152. Change SP to Function
  153. converting rows to columns
  154. How to Use ACCDB as data source in SSRS 2008
  155. How to skip the bad record and continue the loading in SQL loader?
  156. a question about sql join
  157. why "incorrect syntax near the keyword 'IN' " in sql2008 ?
  158. How can I edit .rpt (crystal report) file?
  159. SQL Database comparison
  160. How to Decrypt the Stored Procedure in Sql Server 2008?
  161. Access 2007 to SQL server file upload?!
  162. Calculated member depended on dimension value
  163. Where will store all the users password including sa password in MSSQL 2008?
  164. How to compare a variable against multiple values in MSSQL
  165. How to get a record from 15/09/2010 to 25/09/2010
  166. what is named pipe error in SQL2005 my prog is not cooecting to database...
  167. I want to create a web interface or Front End for company so that they can edit DB
  168. SP daten aus mehere tabellen Build Select String
  169. Dbcc dbindexdefrag
  170. Copy Table From One Table To Another Table In SQL Server
  171. Convert correlated subqery to join?
  172. Display records sequentially without repetition
  173. I lost sql server password, how i can reset sql sa password?
  174. SQL server 2000 DTS import/export
  175. Converting field length to 8 by padding with a 0 on left.
  176. An Error occured while establishing a connection to server
  177. What does the line "Could not find installable ISAM" mean ?
  178. how to sum iif?
  179. SQL SERVER 2000 DataType BIT
  180. how do i concat a string with a number?
  181. Function Data from (Multiple?) Tables
  182. Update and Join
  183. How to convert sql to relational algebra?
  184. Select statement for username and userid from a table & sort userid from another tabl
  185. I want to join two queries to create a new query which will have all the information
  186. Query in sqlserver
  187. SQL Server 2005 - 'RANK' is not a recognized function name.
  188. Transpose a query result
  189. 3 table query
  190. Append Fields in SQL
  191. need sql to condense request and add an and/or statement
  192. How do I determine which tables are empty and which are not in a DB?
  193. is it possible to attach a database through a network drive
  194. JOIN to a CSV file with OPENROWSET
  195. How to convert numbers like 1217508668 to date and time
  196. Multiple Update Trigger Error.
  197. ORDER BY NEWID() Problem
  198. how create connection for windows application in c#
  199. icon at bottom right of screen shows the sql server is not do I fix?
  200. unable to run stored procedure using data from linked server via VBA
  201. Driver types for sql server 2000
  202. Date Format in SQL Statement
  203. connection life
  204. how to get data from two table
  205. are stored proc local variables safe and unique for each call
  206. How to update ODBC driver for SQL 2000 (none database)?
  207. Updating DB 2005 cannot connect with Access
  208. Converting an access query to SQL
  209. SQL Transaction... Blocking inserts....
  210. select sort and group by
  211. How to convert Signed Overpunch Characters to numeric value in SQL 2005
  212. How can I maintain Index-heavy application.
  213. Flat query
  214. Multiple Inserts
  215. Join 2 qureries
  216. Changed database context to 'xxxx'.
  217. SQL Server WHILE vs C# WHILE
  218. Designing a SQL Database For Predetermined Accounts And Possible Write-ins
  219. Comparison of two different databases
  220. SQL case substring problem. please help
  221. Login history?
  222. How to query the same table for more than one possible results
  223. Grouping Sequential Numbers with like attributes
  224. Any Insight on CREATE TYPE in management studio?
  225. missing records in mdf file
  226. How to open sql server database file(.mdf) using sql server 2000 ?
  227. Conversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type bit.
  228. what can i do when i haven't server name in my connection window in sql2005?
  229. Graph of top four products each month for last 6 months?
  230. OLEDB error in SSIS
  231. Update a column
  232. how can I query for conditions on column_names
  233. Perform a select statement to get lower values by id
  234. Sum is too high
  235. How to Pass Comma-Separated String into Query
  236. Trigger for two column recursively
  237. Bulk Insert Issue...
  238. the insert statement conflicted with the foreign key constraint fk_
  239. xp_sendmail: failed with mail error 0x80004005
  240. deploy the updated database
  241. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'current' ?
  242. How do you associate a user to a Login in SQL 2005
  243. Transactions question
  244. Help with database validation for electronic medical record
  245. Stored Procedure runs slow at first execution
  246. Updating a table starting with the first empty column in a specific row
  247. How Can I export/inport my database into and from a CSV/SQL file?
  248. Max(date) problem
  249. Database Export
  250. What does this error message mean? "Error converting data type varchar to numeric"
  251. Need training detail on SSIS
  252. How to get consecutive record number in two select statement
  253. problem with sql table updation
  254. Error Must declare the scalar variable "@Dn".? in SQL Server 2005
  255. SQL Filter Problem
  256. CrossTab Problems
  257. SQL Query Showing Total Sales by Each Person and Each Product.
  258. How to import stored procedure result to the Excel sheet
  259. Quandary: System Variables Resetting
  260. Group SUM into aliases
  261. xp_cmdshell 'dir "\\IPAddress\d$\" /b'; gives me access denied .
  262. How to find the trigger that is changing a particular column. Any suggestions?
  263. how to add in column on each day to as on day...
  264. SQL SHOWING DAY TO DAY IN HAND Transaction...
  265. Report Builder 3.0 - only one record returned when report is run
  266. User Id Generation
  267. BLOB performance impact
  268. uanble to assign a db_owner role to sa for a particular DB
  269. deploy my MSSQL database to site domain
  270. Full Outer Joins
  271. How to modify an inner join search query to return all fields even if a table is null
  272. (MSSQL 2005) - Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AS'
  273. Concat nulls in view
  274. How to call DLL file from sql server 2005
  275. SQL SHOWING DAY TO DAY IN HAND Transaction...
  276. How to change table name in sql 2000 server with alter statement?
  277. get id
  278. Issue combining 2 GROUP BY queries into one
  279. Where the triggers save in sql server 2005?
  280. Outer join behaving like inner?
  281. Trouble using JOINS, GROUP BY
  282. how to compare two dates in stored procedure?
  283. how to access Database from sql server of another computer ?
  284. Problem in HAVING Clause with Date
  285. Call a procedure
  286. Triple DES Encryption Custom Key and IV
  287. Problem with excel sheet upload into sqlserver
  288. minimum value of multiple columns as integer not working
  289. Using Excel to update a SQL table
  290. What is the benefits of using a stored procedure in sql server ?
  291. how to split value form field and drill down list
  292. How to select index column?
  293. How to replace empty cell with NULL on entire table/multiple columns
  294. How to Update fields in a record from other fields in the same record
  295. help for sql query
  296. execution against OLE DB provider "ADsDSOObject" error
  297. Combine Two Tables
  298. Union query
  299. How to look for the previous and next row in a table
  300. How to create a function with boolean parameter?
  301. How to Quiry Pivot 4 Tables
  302. SQL Trim problem
  303. How to import only new rows to MS SQL from Excel file
  304. Sybase server
  305. importing excel sheet having "Date" in Column names
  306. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MySQL REPLICATION
  307. How can i search for a unicode text?
  308. How to compare two spread sheets in an excel sheet using SQL Server?
  309. How to copy a file with timestamp using xp_cmdshell,
  310. How to Import data with leading zero
  311. sql INSERT query
  312. Combine multiple rows into 1
  313. SQL Business Hours Calculation
  314. How to Return Boolean TRUE/FALSE Values
  315. SELECT Assertion
  316. compare given period in current and previous year
  317. Regarding FOR XML Output In SQL Server 2005
  318. How do I retrieve only the row with the most recent date?
  319. min function & distinct columns selection
  320. new creation date on 2 tables
  321. Round to 2 decmial places
  322. Utility to Backup/Restore SQL Server 2000
  323. SQL Server 2005 - Restore failed
  324. Selecting count of record by hour with zero values
  325. How to pass Parameters with single quotes in it from vb6 to sqlserver
  326. Null date
  327. How to return a value from execute command
  328. Database Engine failed to install in MSServer 2008 ?
  329. How to use Trigger to update the data from linked server
  330. How to pass var value outside from exec command string environment
  331. Can i install two different versions of sql on the same machine ?
  332. Query to return customers with more than one type...
  333. SQL : sorting based on IN parameters
  334. How to fix the error "operation is not allowed when the object is open"?
  335. how to create a trigger to lock table for insertion
  336. How do I use a where statement in a query to return one value from a column in a tbl?
  337. How to fix incorrect syntax near ‘LOGIN’ in SQL Server 2005
  338. ER diagram NOT SHOWN on the screen
  339. How to generate autonumber column in a table?
  340. How to combine three tables using a Join?
  341. deleting from a child table which have two parents
  342. Problem with IN clause
  343. Row locking in a table in Remote Database
  344. SQL Express novice
  345. suser_name() returns old logon data(instead of giving changed logon info)
  346. access tables from different server
  347. IF condition in SELECT statement
  348. keep column name when exporting to excel
  349. Left Join Query Problem
  350. SQL Server 2000 Run times
  351. How to insert data into table after validation
  352. How to display 'Please select all' at top of Union Query results
  353. How to sum a field that numbers in varchar
  354. How to make a protected password field
  355. SQL Query Complete and Tone Internal PC Speaker
  356. Help please with SQL server Query
  357. Query works in Access but not in SQL Server
  358. Query with subquery returns only column names, no data
  359. How to find a Time Range
  360. How to change date of a variable which shows date in UTC format
  361. ODBC Coneection through SQL Server (SQL)
  362. SQL statement to select rows from table 1 and count rows from table 2
  363. sql replace function for xml type column
  364. Calculate Median with 2 group by columns
  365. Primary Key Sort Order
  366. Find and replace value in SQL table from an excel sheet
  367. Want to dump SQL query results to Excel
  368. Foreach Column In Row, Create New Row
  370. The isnull function requires 2 argument(s)
  371. Update Image not working
  372. Can/how sql sum returned rows then work out % of total on them?
  373. sql add record at specific row rather than append to bottom of table
  374. Would using a table variable be efficient?
  375. How do I insert data into two related tables in SQL Server 2008 database
  376. Convert NULL to blank or if not NULL, Remove Commas from string
  377. ODBC connection not working after reimage
  378. SQL Cast/Convert
  379. Data entry from an access form to the CUST_PAYMENT table is not hitting my SQL trigge
  380. hot to insert cvs file in sql
  381. Table Relationships
  382. Mean Of @ symbol In Parameterized Query?
  383. store Procedure
  384. sql join two queries in stored procedure return as one to datareader
  385. Whats wrong with this SQL Query
  386. Whats wrong with this SQL Query?
  387. update and insert help new to sql
  388. How to bulk insert because file 'C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Webfile1\Data\upload.txt' ....
  389. Export import error in sql server 2000
  390. SQL Server Training
  391. How to store text files in the database?
  392. invalid object name
  393. SQL tables' cartesian product
  394. Interesting SQL statement
  395. Copy/duplicate Database problem - help me.....
  396. How to Insert records in Two Related tables using Stored Procedures
  397. Multiple Row Into Columns
  398. sql SELECT to show multiple rows per row as required
  399. Migration to Windows 2003 Advanse server
  400. How to execute batch file from SQL Server using xp_CMDShell
  401. Find Top Items By Total Score
  402. Underlying SQL Server RAND() function
  403. Cannot bulk load because the file in "" could not be opened
  404. Replicating Microsoft Access (2000,2002,2003,2007) to SQL Server 2005/2008
  405. How to set while statement equal to the end of the record file
  406. SQL Express - Slow response time on all but one machine
  407. Convert a value to datetime type and format of HH:MM
  408. Bulk insert binary data
  409. How to use 'delete rows in destination table' using an SSIS package ?
  410. SQL server query timeout
  411. how to store videos and images in sql server database using
  412. Insert image value into table with image data type field
  413. SQL Join Multiple Tables
  414. Multiple case statements
  415. How to create table SQL STATEMENT
  416. Converting CHAR parameter to DATE for comparison with DATE variables
  417. Merging and validating data
  418. ssis package ran from sp_start_job complete before SP does next step?
  419. Configure and use SQL Sever Express
  420. How to execute a simple query... need help
  421. My Float had become Decimal (38, 5)
  422. How to use OPENDATASOURCE to read in text files
  423. Stored Procedure with parameters Vs direct Query
  424. Custom sorting in sql query
  425. connecting sql server in network using workgroup
  426. Can't insert a row to a table with identity on
  427. Weird hex number on constraints?
  428. Need Sql query
  429. Problem with dtsconfig connection string password field
  430. Date conversion problem
  431. Convert a multiple table query to Stored Procedure
  432. I am looking for a product that will count monthly server reboots
  433. How to speed up store procedure[sqlserver2005-420 Lines]
  434. Query to SQL server slow
  435. logical comparison varchar with a numeric value
  436. String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.
  437. How do I call a query results in another query?
  438. Getting Master Details info from table
  439. DB2 to SQL migration
  440. Date time datatype problem in in windows application.
  441. JOIN Excel spreadsheet to MsSQL Query
  442. Selecting substring of WHERE in query
  443. how to backup of table from database in sql server 2005 express edition
  444. How to fix ambiguous column error?
  445. Selecting distinct values from one column with casting
  446. Query is displaying duplicate records for a reason unapparent to me!
  447. Problem with 7zip unzip using exec master..xp_cmdshell
  448. Can I label the output column resulting from a SELECT query with a variable
  449. UPDATE query with an inner join
  450. Automate how to copy a DB from Server A to Server B
  451. Left join in table with subqueries
  452. Adding links to documents in SSRS
  453. Unable to add data into MySql database
  454. Sql Server causes slow
  455. Help with update statement
  456. Is it possible to run a cast function on entire table possible?
  457. Trigger raise error
  458. how to retrieve data in sql
  459. send sms when inserting a new data
  460. passing parameters using stored procedure with where clause??
  461. if statement on cast function possible?
  462. ODBC Over VPN
  463. ms sql server with Hibernate
  464. Alternatives to Query Notifications using .NET 3.5 and MS SQL 2005 Server
  465. Split one field string with a delimitter into multiple fields
  466. update gridview with stored procedure??
  467. How to run sql select statement in sql job (sql 2000)
  468. passing parameters with help of stored procedure??
  469. how to join 3 or more tables in sql server
  470. CASE Expression in WHERE
  471. Error 4104 multi-part identifier "dbo.carrier.cactive" could not be bound.
  472. Sql query gets result 7 different when it should only have 2
  473. Finding "matching" records in first table against partial words in second table
  474. Create script to copy user rights and priveleges to another user
  475. use date formats with if then else or case when
  476. SELECT CASE WHEN IN() statement
  477. SSRS Exported CSV files have the header on EVERY row
  478. SQL 2005: To store pictures (*.jpg, *png, etc.) on the database
  479. Trying to find record in one table that is not referenced in another
  480. Evaluation Period has expired. Bugs
  481. how to create rule for validating a column value
  482. how do I repair this error Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14
  483. What do I use in Sql to replace a subtraction symbol
  484. currency conversion on retrieve record from sql table using asp
  485. Excluding repeating values in a stored procedure
  486. convert year
  487. Error SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 01000)
  488. ROW_NUMBER() in SQL 2005
  489. how to get maximum value of multiple columns with where clause?
  490. A query for a growth chart
  491. View in sql server
  492. how to select sql max function value PLUS another cell from same record?
  493. SQL batch inserts into table
  494. how to split a row item n insert it in another table
  495. how to move a database file from one drive to another drive and make it working.
  496. tough going with group to get result
  497. MSSQL help using date function - to get peak range of ATIME and EndTime
  498. How do I omit weekends from a day count?
  499. How do I transform multiple columns of data to unique rows?
  500. Getting Started with SQL Server from VBA
  501. c# query to get sql server name at runtime
  502. Query for getting maximum value
  503. Error Code : 1005 Can't create table '.\test\#sql-580_1.frm' (errno: 150)
  504. Automate Query
  505. importance of normalization
  506. Retrieve Unique records from table whilst ignoring duplicates
  507. SQL Perform Relational Join To Delimited Field Data
  508. When will a LIKE expression use an index?
  509. SSRS 2005 | cangrow/canshrink = false | Columns still grow
  510. Products with Last PurchaseID
  511. Can't change authentication
  512. Convert NULL date to Y/N Flag
  513. varbinary(max) field in sql server 2005 problems
  514. invalid column name
  515. Using access forms to build SQL Server queries
  516. Database design for recruitment company
  517. data type nvarchar and varchar are incopatible in the boolean and operator
  518. Field List Returned as Data
  519. Inner join displaying data that appears multiple time in query
  520. How to update the Year in a date field?
  521. Help with Simple SQL
  522. how to move one table data to another table in sql server
  523. Table Design Question - Expecting ~1 Million Records
  524. Vertical table to Horizontal
  525. Incorrect conversion from float to decimal.
  526. Return result set for every hour of the day
  527. The multi-part identifier "Loads.STREET Name" could not be bound.
  528. Convert Microsoft Access (JET SQL) to SQL Server (T-SQL)
  529. difference of the edition
  530. viewing mdf and ldf files
  531. BCP import of special characters....
  532. Need to find rows in one table which does NOT match data in 2nd table
  533. Read all values excel as string
  534. how to print data from SQL database using c#
  535. Need to solve this problem, substring('PA-1501200', 4 , 99), sql thinks its a date
  536. Query Result Slows Down If i Use Case Statement.
  537. sql query with sum and max in two tables
  538. How can I get 2 rows as first reply when databse has more rows with same keywords?
  539. Backup
  540. Finding occurence of value in a given string
  541. Getting Total average
  542. Sum() function wont work because of group by, what to do?
  543. SQL SUM HAVING Problem
  544. Sql error 40 on client machine
  545. Conditions on outer joins
  546. How to find records that are present in one table not in another in sql server
  547. How to Query SQL Select with 2 table
  548. Joining to different tables based on a condition
  549. SQL Armenian
  550. Visual Studio Reporting Services - MultiValue Parameters